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Big Dick

Holly was on vacation by herself and while a lot of people worried about her being lonely, she didn’t feel lonely at all. The only time she felt a tad out of place was in restaurants. She did not want to stare at other people as that was not polite so she usually brought a magazine or book with her.

That night, Holly was in a quiet restaurant, with only two other couples there. The hotel, in this middle of week night, was rather quiet. Midway through her meal, Holly felt stared at and realized that one of the other couples, Asians, were looking at her and saying things she could not understand. While they would look down every time she turned their way, she got the distinct impression they were talking about her.

When she was finished, Holly paid and then got up to leave. The Asian woman ran up to her and asked “May I speak to you?” Her English was not perfect yet with her separating every word, it was understandable.


“My husband, he really think you pretty.”

“Thank you”

“My husband not speak English but I speak a little. May we have a private conversation?”


Holly was wondering what this was all about but figured there was no harm in speaking to them. They made their way to a secluded area in the huge lobby of the hotel and Holly finally got a good look at both of them. The woman was petite to say the least. Her face indicated she was no young chick but the rest of her was so tiny, she could be mistaken for a teenager. The man was tall for an Asian and had a touch of grey beginning to appear on his temples. He was quite good looking and appealing. He said something to the woman in some Asian language that Holly had no clue about.

“My husband likes your breasts.”

Holly was stunned but wanted to remain polite.

“Thank you.”

“My husband want to take you to room.”

“Excuse me?”

“My husband, he want you to join us in our room. Okay?”

“What about you?”

“Me too.”

“You want me to join you, the two of you, in your room?”

“Yes. You. Me and husband.”


“My husband want to make sex with you.”

That was direct!

“And how do you feel about this?”

There was no response. So Holly insisted “You’re okay with this?”

Suddenly, the woman understood that Holly was worried about her being jealous.

“Yes! Yes! Me want you too. No jealous. Just fun. One night stand!”

The husband was waiting expectantly, looking at Holly and smiling. Holly pondered for a moment and figured that they were all away from home, nobody knew them here and that this was an opportunity to try something different. So she nodded.

They made their way to the couple’s room in quiet. Once in the room, the husband spoke rapidly to his wife. Holly looked around the room. They had a bigger room than she had. While Holly had a queen sized bed, they had a king which would come in handy if they were going to have a threesome.

The husband went to the window and pulled the drapes shut so they would have privacy and the wife turned on a few lights. Holly wasn’t sure what to do so she just stood avcılar grup yapan escort there. The husband talked to his wife and she translated.

“My husband, he want us to undress. He want to see breasts. He say he never see big ones like that before.”

Holly walked up to the woman and started undoing the buttons on her blouse.

“It’s more fun if we undress each other.”

The woman translated for her husband and he nodded emphatically. Holly resumed taking the woman’s blouse off and then taking her bra off, revealing her small but perky breast. Holly gently caressed her breasts and said “They are beautiful.”

The woman blushed and said “Small”

“Yes, but nice and perky.”


“Firm, up.”

“Ah. Thank you!”

Then, she let the woman and her husband take her blouse off. She helped them with the bra and when her large breasts were freed, the man eagerly touched them. Then, pointing to them, he asked his wife to ask Holly if it was okay to kiss them. Holly nodded and both the man and his wife bent down to kiss her breasts. Holly put her hands on their shoulders and arched her back to push her breasts out towards them, inviting them to continue. They kissed her breasts and tentatively teased the nipples with their tongues. Holly moaned and lifted her hands to their heads, running her fingers through their soft hair and encouraging them to keep going.

Their attention to her breasts was quite the turn on for Holly and she reached down and started caressing the woman’s breast. The woman straightened up and allowed Holly access. Holly caressed the woman’s breasts, teasing her nipples. As she did so, the woman’s nipples grew until they were the size of a pencil eraser. Holly sat on the bed and the man adjusted his position to continue playing with her breasts and that gave Holly an opportunity to pull the woman up on the bed and into a position where Holly could herself suck on her breasts. As the man lavished her breasts, Holly lavished his wife’s breasts, enjoying both immensely.

The man stopped what he was doing and pushed Holly down on the bed. He started taking her pants off and she stopped him. She turned to the woman and said “If he wants to penetrate me, he has to wear a condom.”

Seeing that her words weren’t really registering, Holly got up, grabbed the purse she had set down next to the writing table across from the bed and found a condom in it. Showing them the condom, Holly pointed to it and then to the man’s crotch. The man nodded and, taking the condom, he set it on the table next to the bed. Then, he stuck out his tongue and pointed to Holly’s crotch, indicating that he wanted to taste her.

Taking her pants off, Holly laid back down on the bed and allowed him access to her trimmed pussy. While the man started to lick her, his wife positioned herself over Holly’s head in a manner that allowed her to pay much attention to Holly’s breasts while her own small breasts dangled above Holly’s mouth. Holly teased and licked and sucked on the woman’s breasts as she did the same to Holly’s breasts. avcılar masöz escort The attention to both her breasts and her pussy was really turning Holly on and she moaned loudly as the man focused on her clit. Soon, Holly was nearing climax and, tensing up, she stopped paying attention to the woman’s breasts. The woman smiled and teased Holly’s nipples with more intensity. Feeling Holly’s hips lift off the bed, the man also increased his tempo. This was the final straw for Holly and she groaned her release loudly. The couple gave her a minute to recover.

Sitting up and sliding off the bed, Holly motioned for the woman to come and help her and they undressed the man, finally revealing his erection. Although Holly had heard stories that Asian men were not as well endowed as western men, this Asian had nothing to envy of western men. His cock stood straight up as soon as it was released, standing proud at 8 inches in length and quite large in girth. Holly licked her lips and knelt down in front of the man. She immediately put her hand around the one eyed beast and took it in her mouth. Meanwhile, the couple was busy kissing each other. They stopped for a minute and spoke their language. Then, they pushed Holly back onto the bed and the woman asked

“Okay if husband rub between breasts?”

Holly nodded and allowed the man to straddle her chest and lay his cock between her large breasts. She then pushed her breasts together, creating a tunnel for the man to move in. Judging by the expression on his face, he was enjoying this and seemed amazed that her breasts were large enough to wrap completely around his cock. His hands replaced Holly’s hands holding her breasts together.

Meanwhile, the woman opted to go down on Holly. Feeling the woman’s tongue on her slit, Holly moaned. The man continued to push his cock between her breasts. Grabbing the pillows, Holly put them under her head and then managed to get her lips around the tip of the man’s cock. The man stilled to allow Holly to lick the tip of his cock and tease him. He played with her nipples, teasing them as he enjoyed Holly’s tongue on his hard cock.

At one point, thinking that the man was getting close, Holly focused on his cock but to her surprise, he pulled away and got off her. He spoke to his wife and she translated.

“My husband say he put safe on now and do from behind. Yes?”

Holly flipped over and got on her hands and knees on the bed, watching the man put on the condom. He positioned himself behind her and slowly penetrated her. Holly closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of feeling a large cock enter her. As the man started moving back and forth inside her, creating delicious friction, Holly realized his wife was just watching.

Holly called her over and said “take off your pants and come here.”

The woman took off her pants and with some hand gestures on both women’s parts, the woman laid down sideways in front of Holly. Holly started kissing and sucking on the woman’s breasts while she ventured a hand to the woman’s pussy. There, she found it totally shaved. Holly caressed avcılar otele gelen escort the woman’s pussy and found that the woman was very reactive to touch. Holly rubbed the woman’s clit and found that it enlarged almost as big as her nipples. Holly caressed it and found that if she gently squeezed it, the woman would moan more, almost like a crying sound.

Meanwhile, the man was busy moving in and out of Holly’s tight pussy. Soon, he was pounding in and out of Holly’s pussy, making it difficult for her to concentrate on what she was doing. Holly looked at him and pointed to his wife. Understanding, the man stopped moving, and Holly resumed her attention on the woman’s pussy. Holly treated this eraser shaped clitoris like a mini penis and stroked it between her fingers, squeezing it slightly. The woman’s breathing was quickening, her squeals increasing. Soon, Holly had the woman lifting her hips off the mattress in a huge orgasm.

Then, the man withdrew and turned Holly around and pushed her up on the bed. He then positioned himself between her legs and, in the missionary position, penetrated her again. In this position, he was able to play with her breasts again and play he did, teasing her nipples with his tongue and his fingers. When he got closer to his release, he got off, pulled Holly toward the edge of the bed and put his hard cock back into her once more. Holly motioned for the woman to come close and started playing with the woman’s pussy again. The woman got bolder and straddled Holly’s head, pushing her pussy onto her face. Holly licked a woman’s pussy for the first time in her life and, finding she didn’t dislike it, licked some more. The woman was soon starting her high pitched moaning. Holly slowed down and paid more attention to the man. The man was fucking her, holding onto her hip with one hand and holding one of her breasts with the other, rubbing his thumb on her nipple.

Holly squeezed her pussy muscles around his cock and he moaned. Encouraged by his reaction, Holly repeated the squeezing action rhythmically as he fucked her faster. Then, not holding back this time, the man let go of her breast and grabbed her hips with both hands, fucked her hard a few more times and then groaned his release. He withdrew and Molly returned her attention to the woman’s pussy. Taking the clit between her lips, Holly teased it with her tongue and sucked on it gently. The woman, already panting, was getting louder with her moaning and squealing. Holly reached up and pushed two fingers in the woman’s pussy and rubbed in and out while still teasing the sensitive nub between her lips. Increasing her tempo with both fingers and tongue, Holly pushed the woman over the edge in another huge orgasm. Holly was impressed with how strong the woman’s orgasms were.

Without hesitation, the woman got off Holly’s face and went to Holly’s breasts. The man knelt between her legs and ate her pussy while the woman lavished her breasts. They brought her to orgasm once more and then all three took a few moments to recover.

Then, Holly got up, got dressed and as she was about to leave, was stopped by the man who handed her a wad of money. Holly tried to give it back but the woman stopped her, saying “You make husband’s dream come true. Please accept gift.”

Both the woman and the man put their hands together and bowed slightly. Holly decided to do the same and then left. Holly waited until she was back in her room before looking at the “gift”. She had been given $500.

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