Mayıs 29, 2021

Up for Seconds

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The offshore breeze gently swayed the blades of grass as he prodded the glowing coals on the ‘barby’, smarting as embers singed his body. He nodded then smiled; reaching for the fish he had caught and gutted that afternoon he placed them on the grill then stood back as they sizzled and spat before giving off their delightful aroma. Now sitting back on his haunches he scanned the beach, anticipating the approach of his lover.

His lover for several years was a young woman who exuded special charms. Today she wore just a wrap-around skirt with a simple halter-top tied at the front, which only served to accentuate the firm roundness of her hips and swell of her breasts. He was mesmerised as she slowly walked towards him, the evening sun penetrating through the light fabric of her skirt revealing the outlines of her limbs, her hips swaying gently as she strolled ever closer, his body twitching at the thought of what was to come.

Her long, blond curls moved in the wind as she smiled at him, her green eyes on his blue ones. Around her neck hung a gold pendant containing a lock of hair. Her naturally tanned skin showing signs of ‘goose bumps’ as she slowly approached him.

He picked up the skewered vegetables and placed them on the grill, along with the fish before standing to greet her, taking her in his arms and kissing her. She returned his kiss, pressing her breasts against him, her hips butting up against his hardening manhood.

“Did you have a good walk?” he enquired. “Yes, thank you. Dinner smells wonderful. Shall I get the drinks,” she said pulling away reluctantly. He wore only a pair of baggy shorts; she slowly traced her hands over his tanned torso as she moved away. She walked into the hut set amongst the trees; from the cooler she took out the juice and some ice before making their drinks, tall cool ones with sliced fruit and a large splash of white rum.

Bringing over the frosted glasses they both took a sip before kissing, their mouths refreshed by the drinks. She smiled at him as he turned the ‘barby’ over, basting it as he did. She turned, gathering the plates and cutlery before setting the small table in front of the hut as he finished the barbeque.

Placing the fish and vegetables on a platter he then took them to the table where she sat. There he portioned the meal out before sitting and sharing a silent toast with her. They ate their meal whilst talking about the day and their plans for the future. He looked up and saw her nipples slowly rising then poking through the thin material of her bahis firmaları top. He thought of what they tasted like and knew he would have them in his mouth very soon.

Finishing dinner they sat on some old deck chairs, their hands intertwined as they watched the sun sink slowly on the horizon whilst finishing their drinks. Finally, as the sun disappeared they stood and walked, arms around each other, up to the privacy of their hut.

The hut had large open windows with screens in them, allowing the cool sea air to past easily through its only room. A large futon filling its centre beckoned them. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, his hands ran slowly over her body, her hands first took to his shoulders before running down to his ass before slipping into his shorts. She eased them down slowly kneeling before him. Stepping out of the shorts, he smiled down at her as her soft hands stroked his rising manhood. He felt her breath on it as she slowly caressed him. Her warm, wet mouth engulfed him then as he groaned aloud her skilful tongue wrapped itself around it, teasing him a little as she pulled back, just the tip of her tongue running lightly over the tender underside of his cock. Her hand caressed his balls as the other ran over his thighs and neither region causing him to shudder with anticipation.

She started sucking in earnest, her mouth taking almost his entire cock in with each stroke. The sound of her mouth working on his cock, slurping and sucking, filled the hut. She pulled back, stopped then kissed his balls.

Lifting her up, his hands undid the knot between her breasts. The top fell away, exposing her tanned, soft breasts with their brownish nipples. He caressed them, pinching them gently caused her to gasped and shudder. He stooped in front of her, his hands gently grasping her waist whilst he kissed each nipple then sucked and nibbled them hungrily as she whimpered.

“Oh, god, that feels so good,” she said, her hands running through his hair. Her nipples tasted sweet and tender, her breasts smelled and tasted of salt spray and her own musk. He kissed and licked their undersides; his hands now active undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor. His fingertips ran over the incredibly soft skin of her ass, feeling her warmth. Kneeling slowly he planted kisses on her body.

She sighed and pushed her hips against him as he kissed her belly and thighs, the heavy musk of her sex reaching his nose, a heady, potent scent of sex and need. His hands ran up and down her firm thighs, touching kaçak iddaa the soft, pliant skin. He kissed her at the top of her sex, his tongue just touching her. She shuddered and pushed against him, her hands pulling his head to her as she whimpered.

He finally succumbed to her need and parted her pussy lips with his tongue, flicking it across her clitoris as she cried out. First one, then two fingers, slipped into her hot, wet slit, parting her lips as he licked her. His tongue worked at her as his fingers slipped in and out of her. Suddenly he stood; grabbed her, turned her toward the bed then gently lowered her onto it. Again he knelt between her legs, spreading them wide as he dived back into her, his tongue spreading her lips as his fingers re-entered her, making her moan and arch her back.

Her head moved from side to side and her legs quivered as he devoured her, sending feelings up her spine through her belly to her breasts, she lost all track of time as he delved into her being with both his hands and tongue. She grabbed her breasts massaging them before pinching her nipples hard until she could no longer take the pain, her hips gyrated madly and her loins were on fire with their passion. She wanted him to never stop what he was doing, but knew it would, she only wanted his cock in her when she reached her peak. Suddenly she screamed out, “OH, fuck, I need you in me now!” before forcefully grabbing his hair and pulling him towards her.

He helped her move to the centre of the bed then climbed up and over her, looking down at her as she grabbed his hips and pulled his hard member towards her hot cunt. He held himself back, kissing her neck, his hands digging into the mane of curly blond hair, his thighs spreading her legs wide while he just rubbed his hardness against the opening to her deep, hot insides. She moaned and grabbed his hips, trying to make him enter her. He looked down at her in the dim light then and only then did he enter her, meeting her passionate, needful gaze with his own burning look of desire.

His cock slipped gently into her hot wetness, he groaned as he pushed it in a little at a time, pulling it out and then back in. Finally he was all the way in then, holding her head in his hands he kissed her as he pressed harder, his cock seeking the bottom of her love tunnel. She groaned through his kiss, her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him in before her legs automatically wrapped around his ass to continue the containment. She met his thrust with her own strong thrust, their pubic kaçak bahis bones grinding together as they slowly started fucking. He pulled his cock only half out, then in then out, hitting her clit with his pubic bone each time, rocking his hips to grind it into her. He lifted himself up then and started to fuck her faster, his cock pistoning in and out of her hot, wet cunt, her cunt grasping and sucking at him as he fucked her, luxuriating in the feeling of her.

They became one organism then, their bodies melding into one creature, their minds seemingly together as their bodies met, combined and joined. She arched her back, her entire being concentrating on the feeling between their bodies, the feeling in her groin and belly taking over as she neared her orgasm. It was coming faster than usual, but it was intense and incredible as it grew and overwhelmed her… He joined in her rising passion, feeling her heat, the shuddering in her breath, the shaking of her legs as she neared an earthshaking orgasm.

Finally she could not keep it back any longer and started to moan and then scream as she came and came, her cunt wrapping around his cock, sucking on it, willing him to cum, which he did as well, his hot, white spunk shooting into her hot, wet cunt, filling her as she cried out and he answered her with a groan and a shout of her name. It took several moments for them to stop fucking but finally they were done, their bodies spent, as they held one another and kissed a long, hungry kiss, their juices flowing out of her together.

With a heave he rolled off of her, his proud cock once erect and throbbing now having felt the cool light wind blowing across his body now gently succumbed and dribbled as he lay there, his heart however continued pounding and his breath still came in short gasps. They lay there for a time, catching their breath. She turned towards him, draping an arm and leg over his body in a form of embrace then kissed his cheek before stroking his chest with her free hand.

“That was great for an old man,” she said softly as she whispered to her father’s ear. “Best one yet?” he quizzically enquired.

“Come one, let’s clean up,” she said, dragging him off the bed. Naked they made their way out of the hut to the beach, wading into the surf until the water was to their waists, where they embraced and kissed, letting the salt water wash them clean as the moon reflected off of the sea, silhouetting their bodies.

Later following a swim he took her in his arms and kissed her. Returning his kiss, her hardened nipples pressed lightly against his chest hardening his manhood. “So you think you’re up to a second round——you randy old git?” She said whimsically, with that they laughed then slowly returned to the hut.

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