Mayıs 29, 2021

Unlocking Tally Ch. 03

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“So here’s the plan, Tally,” Rei said. “After the show, you can run interference with the boy while I try to get my mack on with the ginger hottie.”

At least she had a plan. All I had was an objective.

When Rei had invited me out to this concert, I’d thought for sure that it would be the next stage of my whole “broaden my sexual horizons” initiative. What had started with me getting my very first ever vibrator as a gag gift had morphed into something much bigger. Whereas before I’d been a sexually frustrated girl in her mid twenties that was stuck in adolescence, I’d started to open up in new ways, both physically and mentally. That’s why, after seeing a picture of the guitar-playing, two-piece musical act we would be seeing tonight, I’d decided that I was going to try to get some actual physical sexual activity with the male half of the group.

Problem was, I had no idea how I was going to do that.

Rei, on the other hand, came prepared. She was a rather voluptuous woman, and proud of it. Tonight, though, she was flaunting her best assets, with a tight skirt and a low cut top that didn’t have to work hard to draw people’s attention. Whereas I didn’t think far enough ahead to dress in anything fancier than a pair of shorts and a Minecraft shirt, her outfit had a purpose. I knew she was hoping in particular to get the attention of Courtney, the red-haired singer of the group. Their music was alright, but Rei’s entire motivation for coming to this small, coffee-shop concert was less to do with auditory stimulation and more to do with tactile fun.

Not like I had a better reason to be there.

When Rei had shared the band’s Facebook page with me, I’d taken a shine to Dylan, the guitar player, almost immediately. He had the sort of scruffy, scrawny look that I hated myself for being so into. The green eyes you could get almost lost in didn’t hurt either. I saw him right after my little excursion into the produce department, and was already in a sexual mood. Seeing him, though, pushed me over the edge. I wanted him. In that moment, when I first read Rei’s invitation, I knew that I would have him in some way

There weren’t many people in Java Jerry’s as we walked in. The duo wasn’t exactly rocking Madison Square Garden, so I doubted that many people were here to see them. Instead, there were a few customers milling about the small coffee shop, getting drinks and engulfed in either their phones or laptops. Over in the corner was a small stage, laden with various bits of audio equipment.

And there he was. Dylan.

Truth be told, I didn’t really know anything about the guy. I just liked the way he looked, and he seemed to have a decent voice on one of the songs on the band’s Facebook page. But I’d built up this moment in my head. Something was going to happen tonight. Between me and him. I was going to assert myself, goddamn it. No more shy Tally who obsessed over the cute guy in IT for three years before he eventually left which resulted in a solid week of crying. That Tally was gone now. This was New Tally. Like New Coke, but hopefully better received.

Oh, and his red-headed band mate was up on stage as well. Hopefully they didn’t have a thing going.

I tapped Rei on the shoulder. “There they are.”

“Excellent,” she said. “Let’s find us a seat. You know, something not too conspicuous, but where she can still notice me.”

“If you say so,” I said, shrugging.

“Like I said, a plan,” she replied. We ordered some drinks, a coffee for her and a bottle of water for me, and sat down at one of the tables. On stage, the duo were tuning their instruments. I looked over at Rei, who had her eyes fixed straight on Courtney. There was something to admire about that level of directness.

The red-headed object of my friend’s affection tapped on her microphone. “Hi, out there. I’m Courtney, and this is Dylan, and we’re Social Stigma.” Her voice reverberated throughout the establishment. A few people turned to look, curious about what was going on. “We’re gonna play some of our songs for you tonight, and I hope you dig ’em.”

With a rhythm count, they began to play.

It was a fairly decent show. They were the sort of folksy act that there seemed to be a million of these days, all of them fighting for the chance to be featured as the song over the closing montage of some earnest TV drama. These two weren’t bad though. My attention was mostly focused on Dylan. He did look hot while he played that guitar. While Courtney was clearly the frontman, or frontwoman. Frontperson of the band, Dylan still got a chance to sing every once in a while. When he did, there seemed to be a passion in his voice that I found enthralling. I’d set some ground rules in my head about how far things could go tonight, but, given how physically drawn to him I was, I wouldn’t have minded if, say, tomorrow night, even, things went even further.

They played a few songs I recognized from their Facebook page. While the rest of the shop didn’t seem to be as into it as Rei and I were, I couldn’t imagine illegal bahis anyone having a problem with their abilities. The only hiccup in the show came about during the third song, where Courtney seemed to lose focus for a moment while looking in the direction of Rei and I’s table. I happened to notice that, at the same time, Rei was sitting with her legs open in a way that my mother would call “unladylike.” Something told me that Rei’s skirt and posture had put on their own show for the singer.

Eventually, they finished playing, and Rei began applauding. She was the only person in the room to do so, which made me sort of slink back into my chair a bit. Rei’s a great friend, but her boisterousness could unintentionally cause embarrassment to the socially inept like me.

“Alright,” she said, turning to me. “I’m going to chat her up. You should go talk to Mr. Guitar. Buy me some time.”

“Sure,” I responded, and watched her walk away. Courtney, her voice no doubt tired from all the singing, had gone to the counter to get a cup of water. Rei was on the intercept path. I looked back over at the stage and saw Dylan gathering up the various instruments and audio equipment from the show.

Deep breath. It was time to talk to him.

I stood up out of my seat, the scuffing of the chair against the floor making an uncomfortably loud noise as I did so. Okay, Tally. Now was the time. Time to take action. Time to be bold! And fierce! And other adjectives that all the inspirational songs on the radio liked to use.

Oh. He was talking to one of the baristas. I sat back down.

And they were done talking! The barista went back to the counter, and he went back to putting up the equipment from the set. Right now, he was rolling up some microphone cables.

“I’d like him to roll my cables,” I thought, before realizing that didn’t make any sense.

Hands shaking, I made my approach. My heart was beating at a rate that could not be healthy, but I didn’t care. I wanted this. One foot in front of the other, Tally. That’s all it takes. Finally, I was standing right next to him, although he was a bit busy setting a guitar in its case.

“Um…hi!” I chirped, sounding a bit less casual than I’d like. He turned to look at me.


Friendly enough. Might as well proceed. “So…I really liked your songs. You guys were good. You know, at the singing part.”

“Thanks,” he said, with a smile. I could see his eyes darting toward the equipment still scattered about. Clearly he hadn’t intended for this to be a drawn out process.

“And the other stuff, too. Like, with the guitars and all that,” I tried to give a flirty chuckle, but no actual sound came out. It was more like a smile and a sigh. Come on, body. I know you’re nervous, but work with me here.

“Well…thanks…again, I suppose,” he said. “I’m glad you-“

“AndIthinkyou’recute!” It burst out of me all in one word, interrupting him.


“I…think you’re cute. Like, pretty and stuff. But in a dude way.”

“Thanks?” It was as much a question as it was a statement. There was a long pause where we just sort of stood there, neither one of us daring to look each other in the eye. He began to move back toward the equipment he had been putting away.

It was looking more and more like this wasn’t going to get any less awkward any time soon. Smooth had utterly failed me. So…screw it. Direct approach time. This is what I was here for. I lowered my voice to a whisper.

“I…would like to give you a blow job.”

This got his attention. He stopped in his tracks, a confused expression on his face. “I’m sorry, what now?”

“A blow job,” I repeated, still whispering. Maybe the terminology was too square. “I…want to suck your dick. If that’s okay.”

The look of incredulity continued. “Why?” he asked.

“Because…it’s something I want to do. And I think you’re cute and…” I was stammering now. “I just want to, okay?”

“No offense, but most girls don’t just offer that sort of thing. And the kind that do…” He made a gesture that seemed to assume I was In The Know about what he meant. But I wasn’t, and raised a questioning eyebrow. He continued, “They might…have something.”

“I don’t have an STD!” I said, just a bit too loud. I looked around the coffee shop, nervously. Only the barista seemed to have heard me, and gave an intrigued look before going back to wiping down the countertop. I turned back to face Dylan, whispering once more. “Look, I’ve never done it before. I wanted to try giving one, and, you know, I thought you might enjoy it. Do you want one or not?”

He seemed to think on it a bit, before sighing. “Okay, I guess. I just really hope you don’t have herpes or something.”

“I don’t!” I insisted. “I’m going to head into the girls bathroom. You wait a little bit, then meet me in there.”

“Why the girl’s bathroom?”

“Because it’s cleaner, probably! I know how you boys are.”

“Hey,” he replied, slightly offended.

“Look, do you want this illegal bahis siteleri or not?” I said. “Just meet me there.”


Looking around to see if anyone was noticing me (although, why would they), I started making my way toward the back of the coffee shop. Rei and the singer girl seemed to be having a pretty casual conversation over at one of the tables. Obviously, her seduction technique was a bit more smooth than mine. Although, honestly, a hedgehog with a piece of sandpaper was smoother than me. But it worked! This was happening! I was going to give my first blowjob. To a stranger! I clenched and unclenched my hands, working through the excitement.

After walking for what seemed like hours, I reached the girls bathroom and headed inside. The room was tiny, housing only a single toilet and sink. There was a place where a mirror should have been, but it looked like it had been taken down. The smell of ammonia was definitely present. Not the most romantic place for a sexual first, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to be…slutty. But in a good way. In the “Slut Walk,” take back the word, in charge of my sexuality sort of way. I was going to be whorish. I was going to be dirty, despite the fact that I was right, and the room was reasonably clean.

Still, I didn’t love the idea of kneeling down on that floor. It was a hot day, and while my shorts might have kept me cool and showed off my nice set of gams, they did nothing for knee protection. I went over to the paper towel dispenser, grabbed a few, and laid them down as a protective layer on the floor.

Now…to wait.

The seconds seemed to tick by at a snail’s pace. Maybe he wanted to give a nice long wait, just to make it inconspicuous. Maybe he was just freaked out and wouldn’t come at all.

Hee, “come.” My sense of humor was still age fourteen, apparently.

No! No more doubt. This was happening. I was going to do this.

Okay, Tally. Get in the mood. Time to be sexy. Which was difficult, given the location. But sexy things were about to happen. After all, to this guy, that’s all I was. Sex. Well, sex and awkwardness, but still.

I wiped my hand off on a spare paper towel, then eased it down the waistband of my shorts. Given my hard and fast rule about how far this was going to go tonight, I was wearing the most basic set of cotton panties imaginable. My fingers dipped down to my crotch, and I began rubbing myself through the fabric. No wetness yet, probably due to nerves. But I could get there. I applied pressure to my mound through the fabric, and began running my fingers back and forth. It felt nice. A light, pleasant sensation. It was a good start.

With my other hand, I began groping my breast over my shirt. That helped, and I began to get into the right mindset. I bet Dylan would like to be feeling this right now. I might not be the smallest girl, but my weight did give me a nice set of tits. I grabbed myself harder, enjoying the rough sensation. Yes, that’s it. I bet he wants to feel me up. I bet he’s outside, waiting for his nerves to calm down. Because he can’t believe he’s going to get head from someone like me.

There was the wetness I was looking for! I could my pussy starting to get hot and damp through my panties. I began rubbing even faster.

That’s it, Tally. He wants you. Because you’re sexy. Look at you. You’re touching yourself in a public place! He wants to fuck you. He’ll try to offer after you’ve sucked him off. He’ll invite you back to his place. But you’ll say no. Because you got what you wanted, and you’re done with him. You have that power. You’re in control of your sexuality. But he’ll want you. He’ll want to fuck you so bad.

Okay, now I was getting there. I shifted the crotch of my panties out of the way, and moved my fingers toward my aching pussy.


The sound at the door made me jump with fright. My hands darted away from my erogenous zones at lightning speed, and I quickly moved to compose myself. It was an instinctual reaction, one built up from years of shame-filled masturbation while living under my parents’ roof. Okay, though. I’m good. Go time.

“Yes?” I said.

“Um…it’s me,” Dylan’s voice said from the other side of the door. “This is the blonde girl from earlier, right?”

“Yeah, it’s me. Come in.”

He quickly opened the door and darted inside. “I don’t think anyone saw me.”

“Good, good.”

There was another awkward pause as he looked around the room. He’d probably never been in the girl’s bathroom here. I mean, why would he. That would be weird. My thoughts were all over the place, because of nerves.

“So, how do you want to…” he trailed off.

I gestured over to my makeshift paper-towel floor covering. “Just stand over near here.”

“Okay,” he said, and did so. I followed him over.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly got down on my knees on the hard bathroom floor. My heartbeat echoed off the tile walls. This was it. I was on my knees. For one reason. I looked up at him. This canlı bahis siteleri was the view. A floor level view. Because I was going to be giving him a blowjob. This was really happening. I gave him a quick smile, and he returned it, albeit shakily. He was still cute, even from this position.

Okay, Tally. Go time.

“I’m just gonna…” I began, gesturing toward his jeans. I reached out toward them, and slowly began lowering his zipper. Grabbing the metal tab with my hand, I made sure to hold it away from his crotch. It wouldn’t make for a fun night if I accidentally got his junk caught in there. Once that was taken care of, I moved up to the button on his pants, and started to undo it.

I started to undo it.

I was…it was…

It was stuck. Or I was having problems.

“Um…can you?” I said to him, motioning toward the button.

“Having trouble, there?” he asked.

“Hey, I’ve never unbuttoned from this side before.”

He managed it fairly quickly. Taking another deep intake of breath, I grabbed on to the side of his pants and lowered them down to the floor. I looked up at his crotch, and saw…Garfield the cat.

“Garfield boxers?” I asked him.

“They were a gift!” he retorted. “It’s not like I thought anyone was going to be seeing them tonight.”

I gave a quick chuckle. “It’s cute,” I said. Probably not what a guy wants to hear about his crotch region, but still.

Slowly, I began lowering his boxers as well. After they were a few inches down, I saw it. There it was. An actual penis. Cock, maybe. I needed to get back into dirty girl mindset. A cock. A real man’s cock. It currently hung limp which, hey, was understandable. Kind of a weird situation. But I’d fix that.

Once his boxers were fully lowered, I reached out my hand to touch it. My heart gave a little leap as I made contact. It was warm, and soft to the touch. I ran my fingers along the shaft of it from the bottom up. When I reached the tip, it gave a little twitch. Hopefully that meant I was doing something right. I began running my fingers all along its length.

“Is…is this good?” I asked, looking up at Dylan.

“Yeah,” he said, his breathing sounding just the slightest bit heavier than usual. “That’s good.”

I turned my attention back to his crotch. It did seem to be getting a bit harder. The head was peeking out a bit more. With my free hand, I reached up and gently cupped his balls in my hand. I knew this was a delicate area, but, at least in the slash fics I read, guys apparently liked to be touched there.

As I continued stroking him, started to see results. His cock began getting larger and larger in my hand. It was fascinating, really. It’d be like if my boobs got bigger when I got excited. Must be inconvenient.

I was getting sidetracked.

A few strokes later, and it looked like he was ready. He’d extended to about five inches or so, and was completely rigid now. I was now able to wrap my hand around the base of the shaft, and began stroking him.

“Still good?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean. You can probably tell,” he said. “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

My right hand continued to move up and down his length, while my left continued fondling his sac. After a few more moments of this, I noticed a drop of liquid had appeared on his tip. Pre-cum. That’s what the fanfics called it anyway. My curiosity began to flare up. Now was the time. I needed to get my mouth involved.

I stuck my tongue out, and began slowly lowering it to Dylan’s cock. I knew what to expect from the taste. Salty. I’d heard enough jokes about it to know. And, sure enough, when my tongue made contact with the pre-cum, I was proven correct.

“Mmmmm…” he groaned from above me. The tongue was obviously a good idea. While still stroking his shaft with my hand, I started licking around the head of his dick, running my tongue all along its surface and around the ridge area. It probably had a name. I didn’t know it. But, judging by the heavy breathing I was hearing, my efforts were having a positive effect.

Okay, next step.

I stopped licking, and began taking the head of his cock into my mouth. Fortunately for him, I’d read up on the subject beforehand, and wrapped my lips around my teeth to prevent any biting from happening. Before I knew it, the head of his cock was inside my mouth. I began lowering my mouth down his shaft, feeling his hot harness running along my tongue. Oh my god, this was happening. There was a penis inside me. Inside my mouth, sure, but inside me nonetheless. I was doing this. Me, Tally. And it felt so dirty. So good. I could feel myself getting wetter as my mind took in the situation.

I continued lowering my head, until, finally, I hit a resistance at the back of my throat. There was still an inch or so left outside my mouth, but still. I’d managed to fit most of him inside. I glanced upward. Dylan had a look of pleasure on his face, which filled me with a sense of pride. His eyes were closed, though. Maybe he was savoring the moment, or maybe he was thinking about someone else being here. Who knows, maybe him and the singer girl had some sort of unrequited thing going on. I didn’t care, though. It was my mouth around his cock right now. I was in control, and he was here for me.

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