Mayıs 29, 2021

Unexpected Surprises Ch. 03

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Unexpected Surprises

These stories may be true or just a fragment of my warped mind, that’s entirely up to the reader to decide. The events are pretty much as I remember them adapted into a story to spice them up a little. Happy reading.

Natalie again.

I really wasn’t looking forward to this trip, but I’d agreed to help and with mixed feelings I sat waiting patiently in the car park. My task today was simply dropping and collecting Natalie at Crawley. I’d been doing staff shuttling all week, but Natalie, was the girl I’d had sex with, in the stock room six months ago, and that was before I learned of my wife’s infidelity, something she continued weekly, not that I was any different, having had sex with Rachel, a cousin of my wife’s.

As I said previously, Natalie wasn’t pretty at the best of times. She always wore excessive black make up that made her to be something out of a horror movie and her short brown hair put up in a small ponytail gave the impression of an alien antenna. Thankfully, she wasn’t alone, scruffy Sandra was also going so I felt a little bit better. Both girls sat in the back whispering and chatting, and both eyed me in the mirror and gave little smiles every so often.

My thoughts of that day six months ago kept coming into my mind, little Sandra displaying her camel toe, then having sex with Natalie produced the usual erection and I was glad to get rid of them to be honest. I spent the day at home doing little odd jobs here and there.

I made my way back to Crawley and waited. Natalie came out the entrance with Sandra and I didn’t recognise her at first. Natalie looked so different. Gone was the black make-up that she’d had on in the morning and instead wore a smudge of green on her eyelids and that somehow made her look pretty, also gone was her alien antenna in favour of güvenilir bahis flowing loose.

She smiled when I told her she looked good, I nearly said she looked sexy, but stopped myself. I told Sandra she looked good too, to make her feel good too. Natalie sat herself in the front passenger seat telling me to drop Sandy off first. I headed for Brighton. I was surprised that Natalie was chatting to me, she hadn’t said a word in the last six months other than a basic hello or goodbye if I’d gone into the store to see Ellen.

I had the strangest of feelings as Natalie asked if I liked the way she looked. Yes, she looked good I told her and blurted out she looked sexy. That pleased her and more questions on what I was doing after I’d dropped them home and what time I was expected home. I gave honest answers and swung the car into the curb to drop Sandy off outside her parents’ house.

The girls said goodbye to each other, and Sandra told Natalie to phone her later and tell her what happens. I didn’t give it a thought at the time, but the looks Sandra gave me may have given me a clue that something was about to happen.

Natalie had a serious look on her face as I pulled away from Sandra’s. ‘You have no rush to get home then?’

‘No, Ellen’s gone to bingo why?’ I lied, knowing full well she was going to meet her threesome partners.

She seemed a little nervous now, ‘Will you do me a favour?’

‘If I can.’ I answered.

‘You don’t have too, but I want you to do what you did in the stockroom, eat me out and fuck me. I’m not going to suck your cock though’.

‘God yes of course Nat, love too, have to stop off and get some condoms though?’

‘Okay’ she said with an excited grin.

I headed for Devil’s Dyke and parked in a secluded area. Natalie lifted her skirt and pushed her knickers down türkçe bahis and kicked them off onto the floor. I showed her how the seats went down, and she relaxed after undoing her blouse.

I could smell her already. Her aroma hit my nostrils and my cock sprang to attention. I tease her pussy with fingers and a breast with my mouth. I thumb her lips apart and work a finger inside and work in a circular motion causing Nat to gasp and moan. I give her breasts lots of mouth and tongue attention and slowly kiss down her body to her pussy.

I lap her pussy hard and flick it inside her. She starts shaking as I eat her out good and hard, sucking on her clit and pushing fingers deep into her squelching pussy. Her juice drips out of her pussy encouraging me to increase my work. Natalie moans how fucking great it is and grabs my head as I delve deeper into her pussy pushing two fingers deeper into her inners and licking hard.

I want her now. One handed I extract my cock and find the box and slip a condom on. She watches with interest as I get between her legs. I push the head of my cock onto her pussy lips and she gives a deep moan as I push in and squeeze her open and like before I push all the way in making her grasp for breath.

I plunge in and out of her pussy hard increasing pace causing her to deeply gasp and moan. I know I can’t last long but despite that continue thrusting hard and telling her how sexy she is and a good fuck. I am getting to the boiling point and stop and pull out. She is confused as I roll off her and pump two fingers deep into her pussy.

I squeeze on a breast again and take the other into my mouth and suck on it. I kiss and bite each in turn suckling and nibbling the nipple delicately. She is loving it. I kiss down her soft skin before lapping at her pussy again, she is moaning as I suck güvenilir bahis siteleri on her clit and force my tongue and fingers hard inside her pumping it for all I am worth. I keep going and don’t stop even though she’s squirming and shaking wildly.

Her pussy is soaking wet and ready for cock again. I get between her legs; her fingers feel my cock and she guides’ it into her excited pussy. Wrapping my arms around her body, I pump her pussy hard slamming her into the seat. Our lips meet and we kiss with tongues and then I feel the urge and a moment later cum bursts and I feel relieved.

‘My god that was so nice’ Natalie tells me, breathing heavily. I slip the used condom off and make myself decent before I exit the car and dispose of it in a nearby bin. Natalie is still recovering. Slowly she straightens her seat and inspects her pussy. ‘I’m so sore and stretched, take a couple of days to get back to normal.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry Nat, didn’t mean to be that rough with you.’

‘Oh, don’t be sorry,’ she said, starting to button up her blouse, ‘I’m not used to a big cock being shoved up me.’

We hugged and kissed, chatted, and smoked before making our way. Natalie then began to panic, what time is it she asked. I told her.

‘Oh, I’m going to the station, can you drop me there, my boyfriend is picking me up in ten minutes, he thinks I’m coming home by train.’

My god, now she tells me. I zoom up to the station. Natalie wipes her make up off as we drive and puts her hair up into antenna mode. Usually, he waits out the front Natalie informs me, I drive around the back, I pull up and spot her knickers still on the floor. ‘Natalie’. I point to her underwear. She smiles guiltily and grabs them. She pulls them on giving me a view of her pussy.

Exiting the car with a kiss and farewells she asks how she looks. I inspect her. Her blouse is crumpled, her hair messy, her face flushed, her skirt displaying signs of damp patches and she looks like she’s just been fucked. ‘You look good babe.’ I lied, watching her walk gingerly away

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