Mart 19, 2021

Undressed for Success

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Undressed For Success
Chapter 1

Good Morning, This is Jenna with T may I speak with Debbie please? Great, I am calling to see if you are still interested in a position with our company; you are, great can you be in for a second interview with my partner this afternoon about one, great, he will see you then.

Good Morning, This is Jenna with T may I speak with Ginger please? Great, I am calling to see if you are still interested in a position with our company; you are, great can you be in for a second interview with my partner this afternoon about three, great, he will see you then.

Good, we have both ladies coming in this afternoon for the second interview, and if it works out we can both interview them after that Jenna told Tom after hanging up the phone. I think that they will be good for what we have in the works if they make it past you.

Tom smiled at his partner and said I am not that bad, we both looked over their portfolios and you interviewed them first. I trust your instincts and will confirm what I think then we can talk to them together and lay the job out and see if they think they can handle it.

Chapter 2

Debbie arrived shortly before 1 pm, Tom had just returned from a nice lunch and was looking forward to the interview. Jenna showed Debbie into Tom’s office and introduced them before returning to her own office to handle anything that came up while Tom was in the interview. Tom asked Debbie to be seated and then got down to business.

After Jenna interviewed the applicants initially, we sat down and went over all the portfolios that were provided to us. Those of you that made it that far he explained, were narrowed down to the two best applicants, and we will make our choice from the two of you. There will be my interview now, and then one final one with both Jenna and I talking to you, I hope that is not too inconvenient, we would like to conclude this today.

That is not a problem at all, I was not sure how long the interview would take so my afternoon is free Debbie told Tom with a bright smile.

Tom looked over the applicant sitting in front of him, well dressed, reasonable jewelry, Highlighted light brown hair and low cut white dress, all in all a pretty young lady. Jenna, I am sure told you the nature of our business correct? Oh yes sir, she was very informative when I talked to her during the interview Debbie assured him. Good, I won’t have to go over that then; we can get right to the rest of the interview. I hope you understand that we do keep a recording of all applicants that make it to the second interview; the permission sheet was in your application package. Yes sir, I signed it and do remember that we will be recorded.

Ok Debbie, let’s get started, and move this along, Please stand up, and remove your jacket and turn in a circle for me please. As Debbie did this, I asked will you please give me all your vital statistics, starting with your height.

Yes sir, I stand just over 5’ tall, and weigh 115 # at this time. I am a 34d, 26” waist an 32” hips Debbie stated.

Are you still a virgin I asked?

No sir she said smiling, not for a while now.

You do understand that part of your job description will be having sex with various partners, all tested and free of any social diseases of course. Is that an issue with you?

Yes sir I do, and no sir it will not be an issue, I need this job and will do my best to insure you are happy with my performance.

I am sure you will I answered with a smile. Please remove your clothes, you can put then there at the end of the couch, I would like to assess your features and attributes as they will be seen. I saw a little redness in Debbie’s cheeks but she started removing her clothes as I had asked her too. When the blouse and bra came off, I was treated to a very nice set of firm full D cup tits that had normal sag to them l, and were very well rounded and symmetrical with nice full light brown areolas and nipples already standing at attention. Debbie did have some belly bulge extending to her waist, but nothing real serious, and to be honest, most of our customers would not be looking at her belly any way. The rest of her clothes were now on the couch and I asked her to turn around again. She did have a full ass, her thighs were a little thick but not excessively so, and a good looking pair of legs.

I got up and walked over to Debbie and asked her if she minded if I touched her, and she told me to go ahead, she understood it was part of the interview. I started at her neck, checking her tone, and looking for any scars etc. that we might need to be concerned about. I checked each arm, running my hands up and down them; I chuckled when I felt her shiver at one point. I slid my hands under her arms and to her sides; she jumped and told me I had hit a ticklish spot there. I slid my hands around and cupped her full breasts, and tweaked her already full nipples, smiling as she automatically moved her ass back into my groin while giving a little gasp. A low moan escaped her lips as I continued massaging them and twisting her nipples before moving my hands down and squeezing the excess flesh on her stomach.

We need to work on this I told her as I saw her cheeks redden; a little flatter would be nice for the camera. I slid my hands down further, running my hands over her outer thighs and then her ass, squeezing and feeling her ass to see how firm it was. I then ran my hands down her right thigh and leg, and then back up the left. I felt Debbie tremble during this, and as my hands reached the top of her thighs, I slid my finger between her moist lips and into her hot wet shaved pussy. Debbie gasped as I penetrated her fully with my finger, and while she did not have the tightest pussy my finger had ever been in, it wasn’t gaping wide either. I slid my finger in and out of her a few times, and then slid my finger over her now swollen clit, watching her rise on her tiptoes as I put pressure on it.

Please bend over the desk now I asked her and me without removing my finger she complied. I continued fingering her now very wet pussy and working her clit with one hand as I spread her swollen lips with the other. Moving my hand up, I spread her ass cheeks exposing her puckered star to me. Do you do anal as well I asked as I teased her asshole with my free finger? Yes sir I have she answered a tremor in her voice. I could feel her pussy grasping at my finger and slipped a second one in continuing with my fingering. I could tell Debbie was close to cumming and as I pulled my fingers back, I moved the index finger towards her exposed ass. I moved my hand forward, and one finger entered Debbie’s wet pussy and my index slipped into her ass, slick with her pussy juice. Debbie squealed and surprise and humper her ass back towards my hand as she came hard with a finger in both holes.

I wiped my hand with a handkerchief as I returned to my chair. Debbie was still bent over my desk, her breathing slowly coming back to normal. She stood up slowly, and I told her it was fine to get dressed now. Fully dressed, Debbie once again sat down at my desk. I think you are still one of our better candidates, but you understand I have one more interview before Jenna and I make our decision correct. Yes sir, I am just happy I am still in the running for the job. But may I leave you with one more thing Debbie asked standing up? Of course I told her.

Debbie started walking around my desk. Reaching my chair, she knelt down and unzipped my pants. Carefully pulling my cock out, she licked her lips and looking me in the eye, shoved my cock down her throat in one stroke, burying its length in her. She started bobbing her head up and down dragging her tongue up the underside of my cock slowly as she came up, and each time she moved forward she swallowed every inch of me until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. This girl was good, obviously she had practiced her art and who was I to deprive her of her reward. I could feel my balls churning as she kept sucking and licking, and as she started down my cock one more time, I thrust my cock down her throat and held her head there as my hips bucked and I shot my hot load straight into her stomach. Relaxing back in my chair, I watched as Debbie slowly pulled off my cock sucking it clean by the time she reached the tip. I appreciate your sentiment, and I will definitely say you are one of the top two applicants, and I will to see you again this afternoon.

Chapter 3

Shortly after Debbie had left my office, Jenna stuck her head in the door and let me know that Jenna had arrived for her interview. Jenna returned and opened the door to allow Ginger into the office, smiled at me and closed the door.

Good kocaeli escort afternoon Ginger, Thank you for coming in for a second interview. Please call me Tom; do you have any questions before we get started? Only one Tom, will I know today if I got the position or not? Yes, after I finish your interview, there will be a joint interview with both myself and my partner Jenna, whom you have already met when you brought your portfolio in. Jenna and I went over all the applicants portfolio’s and narrowed it down to two final candidates of which you are one.

First off, I want to make sure that you remember signing the release in your application packet for video and still photos during the interview process and that you are clear that your job description requires nudity and sexual interaction with other people male and female who have been tested and have no social diseases, do you remember doing that?

Yes, I signed that and have no problem with the video recording or pictured.

Great, let’s start off with you giving me all your vital statistics for the video. Also, please stand and turn in a slow circle as you do this.

Ginger stood and slowly started turning as she said; I am 5’8”, about 125 # and have a 36D chest, 28” waist, and 34” hips. Just as she finished with her dimensions, she was again facing Tom.

That’s just great, now Ginger, I would like you to remove your clothes and stack them there on the end table please. I will ask you a couple of questions while you are doing that. Are you a virgin? Not for quite a while Ginger said with a chuckle. OK, have you ever been with a woman sexually? Yes I have, during college Ginger said, and a few times since then. Have you ever been in a 3 way or more? Yes I have me and 2 guys, and a couple of times with me and another couple, and once with 2 other women, friends of mine after we had too much to drink one night. Do you do anal, and what do you think your strengths are sexually? What are your limits sexually, and please be frank with me.

Ginger looked at me, now fully nude and said, I have done anal a few times, and as far as my strength, I think you can see my strengths, as she spun around and in addition, I work out religiously and my pussy muscles are very very toned and can squeeze any man to submission she said with a smile. My limits would be I am not into pain, and I will tolerate no bruises or marks on me.

I could not help thinking how beautiful Ginger was as she spun naked in front of my desk, short blonde hair fine featured face large full tits with dark nipples centered on half dollar sized aureole in the front center of each full tit. She had a well-proportioned waist, and slim well-formed hips, tapering to very nicely shaped legs. I had to admit, if I had to make the decision strictly on body and beauty, Ginger definitely had the edge.

I dropped my hands from her tits to her stomach, enjoying the tight smoothness of Gingers hard stomach. Sliding my hands across her hips to her ass, I grasped a cheek in each hand and squeezed and lifted them. The ass was as firm as it looked, and smooth and sexy. There was no cellulite there that I could find. Gingers thighs and legs were smooth and firm as I started at her ankles and slid my hands up her legs, almost reaching her smooth pussy when she reached down and stopped my hands. I walked around my desk and asked Ginger if it was ok for me to check out her body which she said sure. I stepped up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders and felt them, there was not an ounce of loose skin to be found. I ran my hands down her shoulders, and moved them towards her sides. Ginger moved her arms out from her sides, allowing me access to those full tits, lifting and squeezing then enjoying the fullness and feel of the her large tits, she groaned a little as I lightly pinched her full nipples and pulled gently on them.

Your really don’t want to do that do you Tom she purred standing up and reaching behind her? I felt Gingers hand on my belt and smiled as she unhooked it and unbuttoned my pants. She hooked her thumbs into my pants and underpants and in one smooth motion they hit the floor. Ginger bent over on my desk and reaching back she grabbed my rapidly hardening cock and pulled me against her swollen wet lips. Now that is the proper way for you to check out my pussy isn’t it she asked with a smile. Being one of the smarter guys in my class, it didn’t take but a second for me to grab those shapely hips and drive my swollen cock deep inside the beautiful woman bent over in front of me.

Ginger wasn’t kidding her hot pussy felt like a velvet vise as I drove my hard cock into her wet folds, I had to push and force my way into her depths as she clenched and released those wonderful muscles. Ginger wiggled her ass as I pushed inside her, making it a most delicious view as I could see her pink skin stretching and holding me as I plunged in and out of her. I grabbed her shoulders and puller her up off the desk, watching her in the wall mirror behind my desk, enjoying her large tits swing each time our hips slammed together. I slowed my thrust, and pulled out of Gingers tight pussy and slid the swollen head of my cock up to her pink star, and hearing no complaint when I started putting pressure against it I pushed forward, hearing Ginger grunt as the head of my cock popped into her ass. I gave her a few seconds to get used to it being there and then started to move forward. I got a surprise when Ginger pushed back against me burying me deep in her colon. Now she moaned fuck me like you mean it. I grabbed a handful of hair and her hip and did as requested. Ginger was moaning and groaning as her ass bucked back towards me each time I thrust forward. She started saying I’m cumming I’m cumming over and over, and just as I felt her pussy heave I pulled out of her ass and spun her around off the desk to a kneeling position in front of me and started pumping my load onto her pretty face. Ginger opened her mouth and shot a string of hot cum in it, and then finished on her heaving tits.

I opened the door to my restroom and told Ginger to feel free to use it to clean up. Ginger got cleaned up and then dressed, I asked if she could be back in 30 minutes for the final interview, she said she would be here and left my office.


Jenna had both ladies were seated in one of the production sets and then came and got me. Neither Debbie nor Ginger had any idea that we were actually going to offer both of them a position with our company, and that was exactly the way we wanted it. We wanted to see what these two sexy women could do both singly and as a team. They thought they were both fighting for the same spot, so they would pull out all the stops to get it.

I walked in and set down on the chair, Jenna was sitting on the couch and Debbie and Ginger were sitting on two other chairs that had been brought in. If we are all ready, let’s get started I know it has been a long day for all of us. As you know, Jenna and I are looking to fill a spot that has come open in our company, and the ideal person will be able to work either singly, two people together, and as part of a team. That is what we hope to find in this interview is which of you fill those qualifications the best.

Let’s start out with the individual aspect, this will be a non-scripted interview, you will both be free to improvise and show us the best you have. We interviewed Debbie first this afternoon, so I think it is only fair that Ginger starts out this final interview out. Are there any questions? Ginger said just one for me, you said it was a free style audition; does it include either of you as participants? I looked at Jenna and smiled as I answered, yes I said either one of us or both as you desire.

Ginger thanked me and when Debbie said nothing she stood and started swaying to some music in her head while doing a slow sensuous striptease, alternating her gaze between Jenna and I as she did, Starting with her blouse, then skirt and finally her bra teasing and tempting with each sway of her body, unhooking the bra and working it down her toned firm arms before letting it fall to the floor, but not giving even a slight peek of her dark nipples, only letting us see some of the ample flesh of her large soft tits.

Locking eyes with Jenna, Ginger slowly made her way towards her, still swaying and teasing, slowly moving her hands so that as she stopped in front of her, she was tweaking and twisting her nipples and stretching them and letting them pop back against her swaying breasts just 18 inches from Jenna’s mouth. Ginger was totally captivating. I was entranced, watching kocaeli escort bayan her striptease and watching Jenna sitting on the couch, not missing one move by the sexy woman, slowly licking her dry lips.

Ginger slowly leaned forward placing a hand on each side of Jenna’s shoulders on the back of the couch and let Jenna’s chin slide into the valley between her big tits, the soft tit flesh warming Jenna’s cheeks as Ginger complete covered her face. She slowly moved her shoulders, rubbing my partners face with those magnificent mammeries. Ginger pushed back away from the couch and Jenna until the nipples were about even with Jenna’s lips and slowly turned, brushing her parting lips with the swollen nipple, pulling back just as Jenna tried to suck it into her mouth and doing the same thing with her right tit. I could almost see Jenna drool as those big soft tits were touching and teasing her soft lips but being continually pulled away from her.

I have to admit that at this point I was getting a little jealous, not to mention a lot hard, watching this very sexual and sensual show being put on. I know Ginger was not finished, but Debbie would have a hard time topping this show. Ginger finally let one of her dark nipples in front of Jenna’s lips long enough for her to lick and suck in it, and while she did so Ginger slowly unbuttoned Jenna’s blouse and lifter her very nice tits out of the cups of her bra and started fondling them, and playing with her large pink nipples causing Jenna to moan around the nipple in her mouth.

After getting both of Jenna’s tits out and her nipples swollen and stiff, Ginger straightened up and turned towards me. I could see Jenna watching her ass as she slowly made her way across the short distance between Jenna and me. I was busy watching her gently swaying tits and her pretty face, wondering what was coming next. Me I hoped! Ginger stopped in front of me, started doing a slow shimmy as she hooked her thumbs into her thong and slowly started pushing it down. Straight legged, she bent over and pushed her thong down to her ankles while looking back over her shoulders and looking in my eyes all the way. I was afraid my cock was going to tear right through my pants as I watched this sexy ass in front of me. Ginger straightened up and turned around, and reaching down she unzipped my pants and worked my cock out, never once breaking eye contact.

Kneeling between my spread knees, Ginger grasped her big tits and wrapped them around my swollen cock, and started moving them up and down, enveloping my cock in the softness and heat of those big soft tits. This continued for a couple of minutes before Ginger got up and knelt on my lap, and slowly lowered her hot wet pussy onto my straining cock.

Jenna still sitting on the chair had watched every second of Gingers performance, I had seen her rubbing her nipples as Ginger had tit fucked on me, and her eyes followed us as Ginger slowly sank down, taking my cock deep inside her. Ginger lifted her hand, and looking at Jenna slowly crooked her index finger in the come here motion we all use. Jenna sat for a second, then stood and slowly moved towards us. Ginger still not moving on me, only using her pussy muscles to keep milking my cock twisted and reaching under Jenna’s skirt pulled her thong down and let it fall to her ankles. Jenna stepped out of her thong and stood waiting to see what was going to happen next. Ginger turning back to me took my hands and placed them on each side of her hips and teasingly said don’t drop me now.

Leaning backwards off of my lap and still fully impaled on my cock, Ginger pulled Jenna to her and spreading her legs apart, her head disappeared under Jenna’s skirt. I heard Jenna gasp, and watched her face as she stood there eyes closed and mouth open just a hair. I could not do anything as Ginger was leaning backwards, still milking my cock with her pussy muscles and I was holding her there. I saw her hands holding onto Jenna’s waist and hips, but could only imagine what was happening under Jenna’s skirt. Jenna moaned and her hands went to Gingers tits and started massaging them.

I motioned down towards Gingers body, and it finally sank into Jenna’s mind that I wanted her to lift her skirt. She took one hand off Gingers nipple and took the hem of her skirt and tucked it in to the waistband and then went back to fondling Gingers tit. I could see Gingers mouth and tongue sucking and licking Jenna’s wet pussy, her swollen labia slick with her juices and Gingers saliva. I knew she was getting close to orgasming by the glazed look in her eyes, and the almost continuous moans that were escaping her lips. She was also starting to hump her pussy into Gingers face.

Ginger moved her mouth off of Jenna and gently pushed her back a step. Grabbing one of my hands she pulled herself back into a sitting position on my cock. She raised and lowered herself on my rock hard pole a couple of times and deftly put her feet on the floor and stood up. I am sure at this point I had the same what the hell look on my face that was on Jenna’s. Grasping my hand she pulled me to a standing position and gently pushing Jenna she guided her to the couch and sat her down, hips at the front edge of the cushion and pushed her shoulders against the back of the couch. Ginger then knelt down between Jenna’s knees and raised her sexy ass in the air. She reached back and grabbed my cock pulling me forward and placing the head against the puckered opening to her ass, wiggling against my cock in open invitation to fuck her there. Turning her head back to Jenna she dropped her face once again into Jenna’s sweet pussy.

I needed no further invitation; I pushed forward, feeling my cock slip into Gingers sweet ass. Going slowly, I was soon buried to the hilt inside her. I started pumping inside her and knew that each time our pelvises hit it shoved her face even more into my partners face was an added bonus as I saw Jenna was lost in her own world due to Gingers talented mouth. I felt myself boiling, and was quickly reaching the point of no return as I pulled out of Gingers clutching ass, and fisting my cock, I shot several streams of hot cum on her back and sexy ass.

I could hear Jenna’s moans getting louder, and her hips again working against Gingers face, and this time not taking a chance of Ginger pulling away she grabbed Gingers head and pulled her face tightly into her spasming pussy as her orgasm overtook her. I took this opportunity to suggest that we take a few minutes to collect ourselves before starting Debbie’s interview.

Chapter 5

OK Debbie, your turn, you can start when you want I said after we had all gotten ourselves back together and gotten something to drink. This is still a free style interview and I am allowed to do as I want correct she said. Of course, same rules apply as they did for Ginger. Debbie smiled and said Great.

Debbie started basically like Ginger, swaying to music in her head and stripping off her outer clothes, however that is where the resemblance ended. Debbie was down to her underclothes and high heel shoes as she swayed her way behind Ginger. Still swaying, Debbie dropped her bra, rubbing her large natural tits all over the back of Gingers head, tussling her short blonde hair with her stiff nipples. Ginger had a shocked look on her face, and I have to admit, it was a good twist, I never saw it coming. Debbie was not looking at me, but had her gaze locked on Jenna’s face.

Keeping her gaze locked on Jenna and totally ignoring me, which did not bother me at all at this point, Debbie started running her hands over Gingers shoulders and down inside her top fondling her full tits. Ginger was blushing a little, I am still not sure why, but Debbie paid absolutely no attention to her other than the physical contact, her whole attention was still locked on my lovely partner. Debbie pulled Ginger and her chair back, turning it about 45 degrees and came around in front of Ginger, slowly dragging her fingers down the front of her chest and knelt down and spread her knees, still focusing on Jenna who was looking a little flushed and licking her soft lips.

Debbie started kissing Gingers knee, and working up her inner thigh, slowly kissing and dragging her tongue up the soft skin leading to Gingers wet shaved pussy. Once she was in the area of Gingers obviously excited pussy, Debbie quickly moved down to the other knee, slowly working her way up that thigh also. Debbie was still maintaining her eye contact with Jenna, looking directly at her as she moved both hands to Gingers knees and spread then wide for all to see, she slowly slid two fingers in Gingers dripping cunt, slowly working them in and out, making sure she drug izmit escort her nails over Gingers g-spot each time she pulled them out as indicated by Ginger moaning and jumping with each stroke.

Debbie pulled her fingers out of Ginger, and licked them clean, smiling at Jenna as she did so. When she had them cleaned, she crawled slowly over to Jenna; reaching her she placed a hand on each knee and spread them wide apart. I could not help but notice that Jenna had not put her thong back on after Ginger had removed it Sliding her hands up Jenna’s thighs, Debbie spread her labia wide with her fingers, exposing her pink inner lips, and her swollen clit. Debbie leaned forward, and slowly slid the length of her tongue over the tip of Jenna’s swollen clit. Jenna gasped as contact was made and maintained, Debbie rapidly lapping at her clit with the tip of her tongue. Debbie leaned forward a little forward and sucked Jenna’s clit between her lips, still flicking it with her tongue, while sliding her hands up under Jenna’s blouse. Her exploring fingers found the release on Jenna’s bra and freed her tits for her to knead and tease. Jenna grasped the back of Debbie’s head and pulled her into her throbbing cunt. Debbie thrust her tongue into Jenna’s pussy, lapping up her juices and driving her closer to an orgasm.

Debbie pulled her face away from Jenna’s sweet pussy, and moved her mouth up to her accessible tits, latching onto one of her swollen nipples, and sucking on it eliciting a gasp from Jenna as she slid two finger inside her pussy as well, stroking and rubbing her clit as well as thrusting up inside her. Moving to Jenna’s other nipple; Debbie continued fingering Jenna, causing her to moan and rock her hips helping Debbie thrust even deeper inside her. Debbie could feel Jenna approaching her climax, and trying to time it correctly. She put her lips against Jenna just as she let out a sharp scream and her pelvis bucked against her hand, her sweet juices running down Debbie’s hand and wrist.

Chapter 6

Ladies I began Jenna and I have discussed the interview, and actually at this point you are both really too close for a quick decision. Since working with other people is such a crucial part of our business, we want the two of you to do a scene together and that will be the final part of the interview process and we will let you know who got the job from there. This part will be the same as the others except you will be working as a team and co-operate with each other to make the best scene you can. We will give you a couple of minutes to discuss it and then you are free to start.

The two ladies huddled together for a few minutes, seemed to decide what they were going to do and said ok, we are ready. Both Jenna and I leaned back and I told them to go ahead and start. Debbie stood and started, running her hands through Gingers hair, down her neck, and leaning over her shoulder, nibbled on Gingers ear and neck as she unbuttoned Gingers blouse. Pushing it over her shoulders she then unfastened Gingers bra and slid it down her arms exposing her beautiful breasts. Using just her fingertips, Debbie was teasing Gingers full breasts, Gingers nipples already standing proud became even stiffer as Debbie’s fingers danced over them.

Ginger stood up turning as she did and kissed Debbie on the lips, a slow searching kiss. While the kiss lingered Ginger slid her hands over Debbie’s full tits, causing her nipples to start rising. Breaking the kiss, Ginger leaned over and slowly one button at a time, unbuttoned each button on Debbie’s blouse with her teeth. When she had them undone she nibbled on Debbie’s neck as she pulled her blouse slowly down her arms. Next Ginger unfastened Debbie’s bra and removing one side at a time quickly sucked each nipple in her mouth as it was exposed. Kissing down Debbie’s stomach, Ginger unzipped and pulled her skirt and panties down her leg to the floor kissing her way down Debbie’s thighs as she did.

When Ginger stood back up, Debbie reached for the zipper on Gingers skirt. Unzipping it Debbie started kissing her way down Gingers stomach. Gingers skirt hit the floor as Debbie’s knees did, Debbie pushed Gingers ass back against the edge of the desk and she leaned forward spreading Gingers legs and allowing her exploring tongue to make its way up her toned thighs and find its way in between Gingers soft wet pussy lips. Ginger moaned as Debbie’s experienced and talented tongue danced over her hot pussy, teasing and probing her wet tunnel and then finding Gingers swollen and tender clit. Ginger grabbed Debbie’s head and pushed it tightly against her throbbing pussy.

Debbie pulled her head back and moved back from Gingers dripping pussy. Standing up, she took Gingers hand and together they walked over to my pretty partner Jenna. Ginger knelt down in front of Jenna and leaned forward and kissed her softly on her lips as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

Debbie walked to me and taking my hands, she pulled me to a standing position and led me to the unoccupied end of the couch. Kneeling down Debbie unbuckled my pants and dropped them and my shorts to my ankles. Debbie leaned forward and sucked my semi hard cock into her hot mouth. Moving her head back and forth, Debbie soon had my cock ready for action again. Debbie gently pushed me down to a sitting position, and almost sitting on my lap but not quite started running her swollen pussy lips back and forth on my hard cock.

I could see Ginger licking and sucking on Jenna’s swollen nipples as Debbie kept sliding on my cock, not stopping until the swollen head of my cock was in between her soft full ass cheeks pulling her wetness with it. Jenna’s head was lying back on the couch cushion as Ginger started working her way down Jenna’s body, leaving a trail of soft kisses behind as she went. Debbie was sliding a little faster as she also watched what Ginger was doing. I was beginning to think she was going to get me off just by this and watching the show Ginger was putting on.

Jenna moaned as Gingers mouth reached its target and her tongue snaked its way inside her soft lips. Jenna looked at me and smiled as Ginger continued searching inside her with her tongue, teasing and toying with her. She let out a gasp as Ginger started flicking her clit with her tongue, then sucking it in with her lips and teasing the tip of it. I could see Jenna’s hips starting to move against Ginger’s face, and watched as Ginger moved her tongue a little faster.

Debbie had started slowing the speed of her strokes down, and lifted her ass up just a little off of me allowing her to reach between us and get her hand on my cock. Debbie pulled my cock up under her and I could feel the tip against the little star opening of her ass. Looking back at me, Debbie pushed herself down onto my cock, stretching her ass over the swollen head. I thrust forward a little and Debbie moaned as the head of my cock slid past her sphincter muscle and it snapped closed on my cock. Debbie moved down on the shaft a little at a time my cock sliding deeper and deeper inside her hot ass. I finally reached up and with a hand on each shoulder I slammed Debbie down fully onto my hard cock burying it deep in her ass.

Ginger had Jenna squirming now, and she slowly slid back pulling Jenna with her. Keeping Jenna’s pussy in contact, Ginger slid down until she was flat on her back on the floor with Jenna kneeling above her lapping tongue. Ginger reached up and grabbed one of Jenna’s full tits in each hand teasing and tweaking them as Jenna rode her face with abandon.

I saw Jenna and Ginger on the floor, and inspiration hit. I leaned forward and soon Debbie and I were on the floor also, however Debbie was facing directly towards Gingers wide spread legs. Debbie leaned forward and started to lap at Gingers pink pussy while I started to pump in and out of her upturned ass. Jenna was moaning louder now as her orgasm approached, and just the scene in front of me had me close to cumming. Every time my hips slammed into Debbie’s jiggling ass it shoved her that much harder into Gingers pussy, and that continued the chain reaction of feelings into Jenna’s throbbing pussy.

Jenna started to moan and groan, and seemed to freeze in place on Gingers pretty face as her orgasm took over her sweet body. I couldn’t take the squeezing and milking of Debbie’s talented ass on my cock any longer and started shooting my load deep in her bowels while holding myself deep inside her. Finished cumming, and tired from the workout these talented ladies had put me through; I leaned back against the couch and relaxed.

After a brief rest, we all cleaned up once again and resumed our places in my office. Ladies, I said, Jenna and I have talked, and we feel that there is just one fair thing to do. We would like to offer you both a job with our company, and feel that both of you will make a great asset to it in the future.

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