Mayıs 28, 2021

Two’s Company… Four’s a Crowd

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Jo was about to cum when she heard the knock on the front door. She tried to ignore it and kept thrusting her vibrator inside herself but the moment was lost. Distracted for a second, the image in her mind of her husband towering over her and thrusting his hard cock into her was gone, Frustrated, she slipped the vibrator from inside herself and switched it off. Tossing it onto the floor beside the bed, she slipped from under the covers, donned her dressing gown and padded her way to the front door.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” said her neighbor Carol, smiling.

“I was just about to cum, but it doesn’t matter.” said Jo without enthusiasm, opening the door and walking back down the hallway with Carol in tow.

“Anything I can help you with.” asked Carol hopefully, the thought of getting intimate with a certain part of Jo’s anatomy making her tingle between the legs.

“Nice try.” replied Jo, her back still to her friend as she walked into the kitchen to put on coffee. Carol was a dear friend and a devout lesbian and had never hid the fact that she lusted after Jo. They had slept together on and off over the years and Carol never missed an opportunity to be in Jo’s bed licking the pussy that she found so irresistible. It had all started at one of their drunken parties and all seemed like a good idea at the time. The last three standing at the end of the night, Jo had invited Carol to join them in bed. It was soon evident where Carol’s preferences laid. Instead of her husband Steve fucking them both, he was sidelined, forced to stand back and watch as they hungrily ate out each other’s cunts. Not that he minded, the sight of his wife’s face buried between Carol’s legs with her ass in the air, had him stroking his cock and so fucking excited. Eventually, the sight of his wife’s wet pink lips nestled under her ass beckoning to him was just too much and he was on her, thrusting into her hard from behind, his straining swollen cock filling her completely as he pushed hard against her rear. Excited beyond belief, he lasted only seconds, slipping out of her as he fell backwards watching his cum dribble from his wife’s pussy down onto the sheets between her legs as she furiously tongued her neighbor’s cunt to a loud shuddering orgasm.

“Tell you what. how about you make the coffee while I run through the shower.” said Jo.

“Aye aye Captain.” Carol said saluting mischievously.

Wrapped in a towel and drying her hair, Jo stepped from the on-suite bathroom into the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks. There, propped up on her side watching her was Carol, naked between the sheets in their bed. Stunned, she could only stand there with her mouth open, not sure whether to be angry or what.

“Come on lover, let’s sort you out.” said Carol, sliding back the covers and opening her legs seductively, her freshly shaved cunt open and wet, the soft pink lips glistening, so inviting..

Seconds ticked by and then, “What the fuck.” thought Jo, dropping the towel wrapped around her and sliding into the empty side of the bed.

“Seems like I’m going to get to cum this morning after all.” she thought as she pulled the covers over herself and snuggled up to her waiting neighbor.

“You poor little frustrated thing, isn’t hubby giving you any.” Carol whispered as her hand slipped between Jo’s legs, delving between swollen wet lips and onto a nice hard clit.

“No, that’s all fine.” she said, her mind slipping back to earlier in the morning. How they woke up late and Steve, without the usual time to finger her to orgasm had licked his fingers and smeared his saliva all over her waiting cunt before mounting her and thrusting his hard cock into her until he came moments later, leaving her with a belly streaked with cum and an aching pussy, unsatisfied and desperate for an orgasm. “Fuck” she had thought as he pulled out of her wet cunt and made for the shower. Her fingers rubbing his cum down over her belly and over her excited clit.

“Yes, don’t stop!” Jo groaned, as Carol’s fingers teased her throbbing clit and stroked her relentlessly towards orgasm, her hips starting to buck up hard against her neighbor’s fingers in her desperate need to cum.

“Don’t worry; Aunty Carol is here to make it all better.” Carol hummed as she slid down the bed and pressed her mouth between Jo’s legs.

The eager tongue dipping deep in her vagina and lapping at her throbbing clit soon had Jo quivering and her back arching in ecstasy, her hands pressing Carol’s head hard between her legs, grinding her face on her aching pussy.

“Yes!” she cried out, ramming her exploding cunt hard up into Carol’s face as she came, only to fall back on the bed, her stomach jerking bahis firmaları in hard spasms from deep within. Not done, Carol scooped up the discarded vibrator off the floor and rammed it unceremoniously inside Jo’s cunt, pushing it deep, just like a stiff hard eager cock, turning it on to full vibration.

“Oh God!” cried Jo, catapulted into another massive orgasm, her whole body thrashing on the bed, cumming again and again with the vibrations inside her.

“Stop!.” she wailed, unable to take any more of the unending orgasm wracking her body.

“All better?” asked Carol, switching it off and slipping it out of Jo’s drenched pussy. Tossing it aside, she crawled back up over Jo’s quivering body, her mouth and cheeks still glistening wet with Jo’s delicious pussy juice.

“Oh yes.” Jo sighed, pulling Carol down and crushing their mouths together. Excited by the taste and smell of herself on her lover’s lips, Jo reached up between Carol’s legs. Her pussy was so wet, so aroused and swollen. Still kissing, she sunk her fingers into that wet warm cunt, forcing them deep. Carol moaned and pushed back onto her hand as if she was being fucked. Reaching up with her other hand, Jo rubbed Carol’s throbbing clit.

“Fuck!” Carol gasped cumming hard and throwing herself down onto the lover she desired more than anything. Her chest heaving, she clung to Jo, her hands stroking up and down the body she wanted so much but would never possess.

Jo’s fingers slipped from inside Carol and as her body gyrated on the bed in a lingering hard orgasm, she couldn’t help but put them to her mouth and taste them, God, she tasted so good and the smell was so exciting.

“Stay for lunch?” Jo asked, as she rubbed her hand gently over Carol’s belly, loving the feel of the occasional spasms as her orgasm subsided.

“Do I get to fuck you afterwards?” Jo asked mischievously.

“You never know, there may be some dessert.” said Jo, laughing, as she ran her hand down her lover’s side and sat up on the edge of the bed.

“C’mon, let’s get something to eat.” She said, standing up and walking naked from the room.

Carol watched as Jo’s cheeky behind disappeared out around the door. Fuck, she wanted her so bad, wanted to rub cunts with her, feel her pussy cumming on her own, and make her cum like she had never before. Tingling between her legs at the thought, she got up and followed Jo out the bedroom door.

They sat in almost silence, eating their sandwiches and sipping on their glasses of wine, both eyeing up each other’s nakedness, the tension building second by second.

“I’m done.” said Jo, putting the remains of her sandwich back on the plate and standing up.

“Me too.” said Carol, eager to have her body once again. Walking around the table, she slipped her hand between Jo’s legs, gliding her hand over the soft smooth lips of her shaved pussy,

“Bed?” she asked, her finger sliding between Jo’s soft swollen lips and then slipping up inside her warm wet cunt.

“Yes! bed.” said Jo, starting to pant with the fingers inside her once again aroused pussy, her own hand reaching between Carol’s legs for a quick feel. Withdrawing her hand, she picked up the open bottle of wine on the table.

“Bring the glasses.” she told Carol and walked naked out of the room towards the staircase.

As Carol entered the room, she saw Jo placing a camera on the dresser.

“What are you up to.” she asked.

“Just making a little present for Steve, you don’t mind do you?” Jo asked.

“Not as long as I get a copy.” Carol replied grinning mischievously.

Steve sat at his desk, his eyes glued between Laura’s legs. His secretary was another one of their drunken party threesomes, but one that had gone wrong. Jo was all for it at the time but, when she saw his enthusiasm fucking her, the little green giant had raised its ugly head. Talking about it afterwards, they had decided that Steve could fuck her anytime he liked as long as Jo wasn’t there to watch. It was right now they were clearing the diary ot have their once a week roll in the hay.

“All done.” said Laura, a slight tingling between her legs at the prospect of a nice lunch and his hard cock inside her afterwards. She knew what the go was, she was just his weekly fuck but she enjoyed it, her pussy getting to cum with no strings attached.

“This afternoon is free.” she said to him smiling, leaning back in her chair, spreading her legs and pulling her panties across her shaved pussy, giving him a good look at what was on the menu for later.

“I should just lock the door and fuck you right now.” he replied, rubbing the bulge in his pants under the desk, impatient for the tight gripping pussy kaçak iddaa he couldn’t wait for. Rising from her chair, she walked around his desk and sat on the edge of it, spreading her legs wide, her fingers once again, sliding her panties away from her bare shaved snatch.

“Maybe just a little taste to go on with.” she said, her free hand grasping the back of his head and forcing it down between her open thighs.

“So?” asked Jo. “How was the little secretary, is there anything left in the tanks for your wife?”

“Definitely.” said Steve, lolling back on the couch, taking the dink she offered him.

“How about your little carpet muncher.” he continued. “Was she around today?”

“That reminds me.” she said, sitting next to him, putting her drink on the table and reaching forward for the remote.

“I have a little present for you.” she said as she reached forward, picked up the remote and pressed PLAY.

Carol’s smiling face came up on the screen and then withdrew from the camera, her naked body turning and walking over to the bed, climbing onto it between his wife’s open legs.

As he watched enthralled, Jo nestled into him, her hand sliding up and down his groin, rubbing at the rapidly hardening cock inside his trousers.

He knew that body on the TV screen, the nice parted slit under that curvy bottom as Carol bent to suck his wife’s pussy. Jo’s fingers gripped his zipper and slowly slid it down, reaching inside his pants and releasing his now rigid cock and started to stroke it’s entire length. His breathing deepened and his cock strained with the combination of his wife’s hand and the memories of fucking Carol’s slippery wet pussy and how it gripped his cock hard as he slid in and out of her, Lesbian or not her pussy loved being filled. He wished that rear was right there in the room so he could thrust his hard cock into her again.

Her own memories of earlier in the day revived and her pussy humming, Jo reached down with her spare hand and slid it up under her dress and inside her panties, her fingers groping for the aroused erect clit that had her soaked and needing to cum bad. Scooping up wetness from her drenched opening, she lubricated it and rubbed it hard, her other hand furiously tugging Steve’s cock, already coated in precum.

Steve thought he was going to lose it watching the image of his wife on the screen cumming hard, her legs quivering and her hips pushing up hard into Carol’s face. It was only his wife’s hand freezing on his cock and squeezing him tight as she came beside him that stopped him from spraying them both with thick ropes of cum. Next to him, Jo sat frozen, gushing into her panties as her stomach spasmed in orgasm. Cum she had, but she was not done, her contracting cunt was demanding something more.

“Stick it in me.” she cried out in a desperate need.

Steve pushed her back along the couch and she scrambled to rip off her panties as he wrestled with his belt and rid himself of his trousers and pants. With his cock spewing precum and bent up at an insanely aroused angle, he covered her, pressing the head against her pussy, parting her lips and seeking out her wet opening. Finding it, he thrust hard into her. It was no time for slow and gentle, he needed to fuck her and cum.

She gasped, both in pain and pleasure at being filled so fast, but with her dire need to be satisfied, she spread her legs wide for him. Consumed with animal lust, he thrust into her hard, forcing himself as deep inside as he could. She reached up, gripping his arms as he took her, thrusting her wet cunt up, meeting each deep stab of his rock hard cock.

“Yes, Oh God, fuck me.” she cried out, her pussy gushing with each thrust of his stabbing cock.

“Jesus, oh fuck.” he yelled, slamming into her hard and freezing, as the numbness overtook him and he felt his cum squirt from his cock, flooding her insides. Beneath him she was convulsing, her legs shaking and her whole body jerking uncontrollably. Her pussy squeezed his cock hard as she came, her hips raising and lowering, moving him inside her, milking the cum out of him.

“What the fuck was that?” she asked breathlessly as they lay there panting.

“No idea, bed?” he replied.

With panties and trousers still littering the living room floor they both walked hand in hand up the stairs. Back in the living room on the TV, Jo was moaning and close to cumming as Carol knelt between her legs, thrusting a large cock-like dildo in and out of her bulging wet cunt.

They were both totally naked by the time they reached the bed and Jo was right in the mood to suck some cock. Steve had no objections, as long as she did it beside him so he could finger her super wet kaçak bahis pussy at the same time. In minutes, she had him hard again and lost no time climbing on top of him, his cock grasped firmly in her hand, guiding the swollen head to her waiting tingling slit, gasping as she thrust down hard on it, filling herself with every rigid inch of him. Desperately, she rode him until she collapsed, her legs and body trembling in orgasm and what cum was left in him now deposited deep inside her.

Spent, she rolled of him and snuggled into his side. They were both asleep in seconds.

Steve had left for work by the time Jo woke. She lay there remembering the previous night, the sense of urgency in their love making that they had not felt for a long time. Suddenly she found herself missing him along with a familiar stirring between her thighs. Reaching under the sheet she touched herself. She was still wet and slippery with his cum. She used it to lubricate her clit as she slowly rubbed herself, getting more and more aroused as the images of last night ran through her head. Suddenly, she was cumming, gasping, her fingers rubbing madly at her cunt as her legs stretched wide, her hips jerking up hard against the fingers she was now thrusting deep inside herself.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned as she lay panting, her stomach in spasms, an intense orgasm wracking her body as it pulsed deep inside her. She may have come but she was not done yet. Rolling onto her side, she reached over and opened her bedside drawer, reached inside and retrieved her trusty dildo. Even as she pressed the tip of it against her wet pussy, her insides were demanding to be filled. Pulling her knees up and spreading her legs wide she pushed it in, deep and hard.

“Fuck me Steve.” she cried out as she began ramming the hard dildo in and out of her aching cunt.

Jo wasn’t the only one thinking about the previous night. Alone in his office, Steve leant back in his chair, thoughts of his wife and how he had fucked her going round and round in his head. When Laura walked in looking flirtatious, he could hardly look at her, even though she was looking particularly sexy in a short skirt and hugging top that showcased her large rounded breasts perfectly. Instead, he asked her to sit down and spent the next 15 minutes explaining that their time together was at an end and that he was promoting her to assistant head of accounts. It came as no shock to her, she knew it would happen at some time. She understood and wasn’t disappointed; after all, it was purely a physical thing they shared. Her only real regret was that now she would have to find another big cock with a nice looking guy attached to it to fulfil her needs. On the bright side she thought, accounts had plenty of willing young men that would be more than happy to partake of the delights between her legs. It might even be fun watching them vying for her attention.

“One for the road?” she asked smiling cheekily.

“Get out you devil, I’m taken.” he told her grinning and waved her away.

Jo was in no mood for visitors when the doorbell chimed. Pulling the door open, she stood shocked at the sight of her husband, silly grin on his face, clutching a huge bouquet of flowers.

“These are for you.” he said, kissing her on the mouth and pressing the flowers to her chest. “I have news.” he told her, brushing past her into the hall.

“How did she take it?” Jo asked as they slumped on the couch, drink in hand.

“OK.” he told her. “In fact, I’m sure she’s probably trawling accounts right now looking for a suitable candidate.”

“Poor accounts lads.” she replied laughing.

“What about you and Carol.” he asked.

“She’s going to be disappointed, but she will get over it. I’m sure she will find some other nice piece of pussy to lick.”

“I wouldn’t burn all your bridges.” he told her. “I have a birthday coming up and wouldn’t mind a present like the one yesterday.” he said laughing.

“Bloody men.” she sighed to herself.

“OK, we’ll see, but special occasions only.” Even though they were going to be monogamous, the thought of the odd encounter with Carol, even under the auspices of making a clip for her husband still made her tingle between her legs. Old habits, it seems, are hard to break.

“Hey!” she continued, as if having a brainwave. “Maybe we can introduce Laura to her. She loved licking my pussy last time she was in our bed.”

“Oh. I don’t remember that.”

“I know, you wouldn’t.” she retorted. “You were too busy fucking her eager little cunt at the time.”

“Oh. yeah.” he replied, smiling and pretending to look dreamily into nowhere recalling a nice memory.

“Hey!’ she rounded on him in false indignation, slapping his face softly.

Before she could retract her hand, he had grabbed her wrist and slowly forced her hand down to the bulge at his groin.

“How about we make our own film?” he asked seductively.

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