Mart 29, 2021

Two Conventioneers Ch. 02

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OK, now the clothes come off…

“Everyone OK?” I asked.

Kim slid the card into the lock and swung the door open.

Debbie gestured us through and we stepped into the perfect anonymity of a Marriott double room. The queen beds had been made up, and their suitcases were neatly set in front of the closet, which was filled with hanging clothes.

We stood and awkwardly looked at each other, until I couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing.

“What now?” I asked.

Kim and Debbie looked at me then at each other.

“We want to watch you two,” Kim said.

I gestured at Gail and asked “Watch us? Uh…?”

Debbie blurted it out “…watch you fuck.”

Her southern accent made the word roll and float in the air.

She flushed as she said it, but she didn’t take her eyes off me.

Gail walked beside me and put her hand around my waist. She looked at Debbie and smiled. “OK.”

Then she turned to me, put her arms around my neck and pressed herself to me, whispering “Oh, we’ll give them a show.”

She knelt down and unzipped her boots, then pulled off her socks. She unzipped her sweater, and dropped in in a pile. She turned her back to them and unzipped her jeans and slowly rocked her hips back and forth as she pulled them off and daintily stepped out of them, giving us a flash of her bright blue undies underneath her shirttails. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and dropped her panties to her feet.

The bright red shirt hid her, and she turned to face Kim and Debbie and slowly unbuttoned it from the top. I saw Kim and Debbie’s eyes run up and down her front, I’m sure following the exposed skin to the tiny patch of black hair I know so well.

She dropped the shirt off her shoulders onto the ground, and I saw her beautiful back, slender waist, short sleek legs and perfect pear-shaped ass. She struck a pose for Kim & Debbie, hands in the air hip cocked, shoulders thrust back to push her tiny round tits forward, then she turned to me and stepped in grabbing me and pulling me close to her.

We kissed and she did the thing some women do when you hold a kiss and they suddenly soften their entire bodies and turn liquid against you.

Suddenly my jeans bahis firmaları were very uncomfortable as my cock grew and was trapped under them. Gail rubbed my bulge with one hand and said “Oh, poor baby!” She turned her head to Kim and Debbie, who were lounging on one of the beds watching us. “What should I do?”

“Free him!” came from their bed. I couldn’t tell who it was.

Gail unzipped my jeans, then stopped and unlaced my shoes and took them off along with my socks. She made a show of unbuckling my belt and opening my pants. She stopped and took off my shirt.

Kim got off the bed and walked to the minibar behind me, opened it and pulled out two little bottles. She checked us both out as she walked by. Gail made a point of cupping my underwear-covered cock as it sprang from the opening in my jeans.

Then she pulled down my jeans and underwear, and I stepped each leg out and stood naked.

I’m not a model, but I’m a decently fit guy for 50. Gail has a much better body than I do – she’s petite, has light bronze skin, a tight, perfect ass, slightly rounded belly and an impossibly thin waist, then strong shoulders with small perfectly round breasts with small brown areolas and tiny hard nipples.

I have got a thick cock; when she’s mad at me, Gail says it’s the best thing about me. She cupped my balls and gently caressed the base, and now I was fully hard.

I looked at the other bed and saw the women staring at me. They were laying back on their elbows.

Gail pulled me over to the bed. She lay back and pushed me up so I knelt over her face. I took my cock and ran it over her lips, and slowly opened her mouth and sucked me in. She lay back, open legs facing the women on the other bed, and as looked back at her and them, began touching herself.

They got quite a show. She has one of the prettiest pussies I’ve ever seen; inner lips that change from pink to dark red as gets aroused and open like some kind of orchid revealing the liquid deep pink inside. She’s Asian, so has just a fuzz of thin straight hair on her mound which she trimmed back then into a straight strip.

She’d been sucking me in and out of her mouth and rubbing herself and she began to groan around my cock. She turned her kaçak iddaa head and let it out of her mouth and said “I’m ready…”

I wanted to put on a show, so I lay back on the bed, and pulled her on top of me in reverse cowboy so they could watch her.

Debbie was leaning forward watching and biting her lips. Kim was laid back, head on her elbow.

Gail grabbed my cock, wet with her spit, and slid it over the wetness and then drove herself down onto me making us both moan and making me drive up into her. She grabbed my ankles and drove herself up and down on me harder and harder.

I rocked my hips up to meet her, and felt the sweet friction of her soaking pussy as it slid the length of my cock, then the cool air on my wet shaft followed by her tight warmth. And again, and again.

I moved, grabbing Gail’s waist and spun myself so that I was now kneeling behind her, and held her hips as I drove into her slowly, controlling the penetration and then pulling out just a millimeter at a time. After a few strokes like that, Gail was starting to get vocal and I began to wonder if she’d have one of her rare orgasms from just fucking.

We could feel the attention from the other bed, and when I looked up, Debbie was rubbing one of her breasts, and Kim had unzipped her pants and had a hand inside her panties.

I watched them and felt my cock swell inside my wife.

Fucking Gail felt so good; she is so perfectly fitting so warm and slippery and alive as she fucked me back. She reached back and caressed my balls as I thrust deep into her, and the pleasure began to climb through the center of my cock and I threw myself deep into her as it reached my tip and I spasmed and felt myself pumping come deep into her pussy. I’m sure I made noise as I came, but I didn’t hear it, I was just lost in the pleasure. Just as I finished coming and pressed myself gasping into her, Gail shoved herself back to me and started coming herself, yelling “OhGodOhGodOhMyGod…” as she softly clenched around me, rhythmically shoving her ass toward me.

Between the basic pleasure of fucking my wife and the attention and pherenomes of our audience it was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

I lay on Gail’s back and kissed her kaçak bahis neck.

Debbie walked up to us. Her shirt was open, revealing a filmy bra. I pulled out of Gail and walked on my knees on the bed over to her taking her by the hand and pulling her to me and kissing her.

Gail stood up off the bed and took her by the shoulders. As I kissed Debbie, Gail stripped off her shirt, then opened her bra and tossed it aside. She had big soft breasts that hung on her chest, with giant dark pink areoles and tiny hard nipples. I took one in my hand and it overflowed, I softly kneaded it and kissed her, and she slipped her tongue down my throat.

I stepped back and saw that Gail was holding her by the waist. Gail looked at her and leaned in for a short kiss, and then looked up questioningly. Debbie bit her lip and took one of her breasts in her hand and offered it to Gail, who leaned down and took the nipple gently in her teeth. Debbie’s eyes closed in pleasure.

Gail turned to Kim and gestured ‘come here.’ Kim stood up and slid her unzipped slacks off, standing there in her underwear and blouse.

There was a moment as she stood there that everything was somehow in question. Debbie stiffened away from me for a moment and Kim stood stock still a few feet away.

I stood up off the bed and pulled Gail and Debbie to me. Gail wrapped her arm around Debbie, and after a moment, Debbie wrapped her arm around Gail as well. I gestured for Kim to join us and suddenly we were a little scrum circle with our arms around each other and feeling poised to leap off into some unknown.

Debbie reached down tentatively and touched my half-hard cock, slippery with come and Gail’s sticky juices. Gail put her hand on Debbie’s wrist and gently stroked it.

Gail rolled her head onto Kim’s shoulder and nuzzled a bit. Kim turned to her and asked “Is this the kind of thing you guys do all the time?”

Gail said “No, well, occasionally…we had a girlfriend for a while, and that blew up. I’m certainly more attracted to women – I just happened to fall in love with a guy.”

Kim looked at me. “Have you ever gone to bed with three women?”

Once,” I replied. “In Jamaica. It was way weirder than this. Tonight just feels like we’re out having fun.”

Gail and Debbie looked at me, and Gail said “You never told me that story…”

“Later. And I’m not going to bed with three women. Three women and I are all going to bed with each other.”

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