Mayıs 27, 2021

Twin Sisters On A Black Campus

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At 21, I was a little older than most of the incoming freshmen when I started college. I went to work after high school, because I wanted my own stuff. No way was I going to be going to Female State University living in some cramped dorm under some B.S. dorm policy. I went to an H.B.C.U. (Historically Black College or University) on the east coast. We knew it as Female State University because the female to male ratio varies from 7:1 to as much as 14:1 like it was in my first year. Because of this, I made sure I had my own place and a hard line on my first car. I was one of the few that could come and go as they pleased. One thing I didn’t have yet was a computer. So I was bound to the university in that regard. But the upside of this was that I was introduced to the Internet and chat rooms.

That first semester I spent nearly as much time on-line as I did in-class. Don’t get me wrong I was just as social as the next cat and not a bad looking dude if I say so myself. I went about 6 feet 240, brown skinned, with a shaved head. I was a linebacker in high school and I kept that physique. So I know I could pull a hunie the old fashioned was but this chat room stuff was intriguing. Anyway, for about a month or so I found myself in the same sites and in the same rooms as these 20 year old twins. They went by wondertwinz1 and wondertwinz2, I know corny but what you gonna do. Number 2 seemed to be a little prudish. Number 1 one the other hand was off the hook. The stuff she would say, the stories she would tell. I wondered if they were even related let alone twins. Number 1 and I were drawn to each other. She wanted to meet but I was skeptical. After about a month she started to let me know where she lived, here phone number and what not. I was a little put off at first, but I thought what the heck, I might as well see where this goes. I assumed that people who were chatting did so at home, I was wrong the twins were in the same boat I was in. They were chatting güvenilir bahis at school.

“Oh really” says I

“What school”


“Get the FxCK outta here”

Things went from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds from there. I let them know that not only was I also a student but I was on the same campus at that very moment. They let me know they were just across campus. I pulled a Dick Tracy and I was on my way. Number 2 wasn’t that exited about meeting, but I figured that she would deal with it. On my way over there I wondered how much of the game number 2 kicked was true. Everyone is a star in a chat room. I got there in short order and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

They were twins alright, but not identical. Hah-that explains it. There were even dressed alike. Yeah, that’s what I said. Here’s the rundown, Number 2 was 5’6″ 140. She was built like a track star, 34-24-34. She had a dark complexion and was trim and toned. Her hair was shoulder length and braided. Her face seemed to have a glow about it. She was the first one I saw and at first I thought she was ‘My” twin. I was wrong and she pointed her sister out to me and I was done. Number 1 was 5’9″ 165 or 170. She had a caramel-honey skin. And mommie was fat. And I mean phat. Baby had bod—die, and a smile to die for. She had curves and more curves. 38-30-44. Yeah I said that too. It was spring so they were wearing the same skirt and baby doll outfit. Number 2 was very fine, but Number 1 could have been a Luke dancer. It turns out that number 1 was the oldest and she naturally got the most attention. I also turned out that that number 2 was a virgin and number was a freak, but more on that later. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I made some small talk, then got out of there and went for a walk.

The twins were majorettes in the band so we walked toward that building. I was allowed in because I was with her. Like I said, we had such a repertoire that if felt like we knew türkçe bahis each other for years instead of weeks. We ended up in one of the practice rooms overlooking the auditorium watching the horn section rehearse. We jammed with the band and talked for about an hour. We hadn’t noticed, but eventually the band left, and we were alone. We both long missed a class and didn’t care. Right then we began to kiss, and kiss very passionately. She was a very purposeful kisser and she did so with her eyes open. Her eyes would vary while she kissed me, from slightly squinted to wide open as if she were speaking to me. Oh yeah, and I understood every word, She was aggressive, rubbing my head, and my chest. She even started to unbutton my shirt, so I started to the same to her. I began to lick her neck and kiss her caramel chest while tracing a finger up her thy. I began to trace her panty line. She was soaked. I freed a nipple about the same time I slipped a finger into her pussy. She stopped me. Initially I thought I blew it by going too far. But instead she hit me with the college girl preamble I’m sure you’ve heard it before or at least how it begins.

“I’ve never done this before– blah blah”

“And I’m not that kind of girl that —blah blah”

At this point Barry Bonds could have hit
15 with my dick and I wasn’t gonna blow this.

I figured she hit all the guys with this line, but I could care less about her resume, it was her on the job performance I was concerned about.

“Look mommie I understand and if you wanna stop now I won’t be mad we can just blah blah”

I didn’t hear her voice again for about an hour.

She leaned me back and started to lick my neck. She licked me down my chest and she started to suck my nipples. Man I just love that. I didn’t know how far she would take it our first time out so I just let her drive. She kept going down until she got to my belt, which she immediately unbuckled. Now I have described my güvenilir bahis siteleri dick to her before but I guess actually seeing my 8 inch long and 2 and a half inch wide dick stopped her, but only for a second. She looked at my face smiled a devilish smile and then went to work. She began by licking my balls, and I mean long licks too she even licked my asshole. She licked her way up my shaft all the while she traced my pre-cum with her finger. Once she got to the top, we made eye contact as she slowly possessed my dick head. She put her hands on my thighs and she began to stand up, but she never stopped sucking, she began to move her neck like a snake slowly at first, but then she got faster.

She seemed to know when I was getting because she would release me and go back to sucking my balls. Just then her beeper went off. She checked it and it was her sister beeper 911. We were running out of time but she seemed more determined to finish me off. She went back to work with vim and vigor. She pumped it with her hand, while she polished with her talented mouth. Obviously she was nobody’s rookie. I began to feel my balls swell, and I guess she could too because when I tried to tell her that I was going to cum, she briefly pulled off and put a finger over my lips. She stopped pumping with hand and began to try to deep neck me. She couldn’t but she didn’t stop. I couldn’t’ take it any more and I began to cum.

I felt like the biggest nutt of my life. She never stopped sucking. She kept going up and down on me with the same speed the whole time I was cumming. She took it all and didn’t miss a beat. She not only licked me completely clean but she licked me completely dry, shaft and balls. I was leaning back in the chair barely conscious, when she finally released me. Now mind you, she was wearing a skirt so she just stood up and buttoned her shirt. She said she had fun but she had to meet her twin. She licked my dick one more time and said nothing. She just smiled as she went to meet her sister.

She left me like that. She spun on her heels and walked out of the room. I watched that fat ass of hers jiggle as she left. From then on I knew the true value of a college education.

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