Mart 22, 2021

Twice In One Night

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My names Rob, I’m 19 and I’ve been at uni a year now. You don’t find many virgins in university, but there have been one or two. However, the best virgin I ever met was before university. Even the wildest parties I’ve been to here haven’t been as crazy as the one I finally bedded Laura Hillson at, and I’ll never forget the time we had that night.

It was the night after my A level exams. I was quite pleased with how they’d gone and I was ready to finally chill out and enjoy the long summer. Although I lived in a little village in the south, we still knew how to party in the area. I had just split with my long-term girlfriend and although during school time this would have made me a no go with her friends, I sensed now that those rules had gone out the window. Anyway she wasn’t going to be out tonight because she’d gone on holiday the day before so I was definitely up for a good night.

The party was being held at Laura Hillson’s house in town. Laura was an enigma. She had come to sixth from at my school when we were all 17. She had lived out in Spain for most of her life and although both her parents were English, she looked very Spanish. She had a round face, with a huge smile and perfect teeth. Her light brown hair matched her light brown eyes and she had full lips and a cute little nose. Her hair was about shoulder length and slightly curly, in the light it looked golden and in shadow she looked darker. Her neck was slim and led onto two tanned shoulders. She was slim and had small pert breasts with nipples that constantly seemed to be erect and were visible through almost any thickness of top. Although she had no fat on her stomach at all, it curved out beautifully to around her naval, before curving back in as it sloped down between her hips. These were narrow and her ass, although not tiny was extremely firm. Her thighs and calves were similarly toned, which she attributed to a youth spent practicing gymnastics. All year round she looked tanned and displayed this with tops cut high at the stomach and trousers slung low. Your eyes were instantly drawn towards the curve of her stomach and drawn down to the point where it entered her trousers. Here, her pelvic bulge was clear, showing the point that you knew must lead down to the hot regions between her thighs.

The big mystery around Laura was her sex life. When she first came to the school she was quiet and only told us about herself when we pressed her. I first saw her in the common room and there was something about her Spanish looks that instantly attracted me to her. She wasn’t perfect, just hugely sexy. We started talking and I couldn’t believe my ears. She had spent the last 5 years of her life in an all girls’ school, boarding with several hundred other girls. She confirmed that the stories of electric toothbrushes and lesbian dorm mates were all true but said that she had never gone in for it herself.

I wasn’t the only guy who found her a huge turn on. Soon she was going out with a guy who was also new to the school. They seemed really close and saw a lot of each other outside of school. His name was Si and I played rugby with him for the first XV. In such a jock environment, sexual conquests were always announced and I waited fro Si to tell us all that he’d popped Laura’s cherry, (and I expect his own.) However they broke up after a couple of months and according to their friends, they never slept together. Laura had a longer relationship with a good friend of mine later that year. This time I was sure I would find out if anything happened. Secretly I was hoping it wouldn’t. although I was in a relationship, I fanaticised about spreading those tanned legs and finding Laura’s hot pussy ready for me to enter. So inwardly I was pleased when Dunc revealed after they’d split, that not only was Laura a virgin when they started going out, she still was now! He certainly wasn’t happy about this.

By antalya escort the second year everyone knew about Laura’s past education and seeing as she admitted that it had left her with a real appetite for men, we couldn’t believe that she was yet to go all the way. She kept on seeing guys from out of school, meeting them in bars and clubs and often going home with them, but her girlfriends reported that she hadn’t slept with a single one of them. My girlfriend at this point was close to Laura and so I was kept up to date with all the developments or lack of!

So by July of that year I was ready to see if Laura was still the sweet virgin I expected she was. She had phoned me personally to invite me to the party. These parties were never on an invite basis. I was hoping that she was making sure that I turned up, because she had her own agenda planned. Anyway on the night I certainly felt ready to find out. I checked myself out in the mirror before I left and felt I was, looking pretty good. I’m about six foot one and quite broad shouldered. I’m not hugely muscular, but my arms and legs are larger than most guys and I keep them immaculately toned, along with my stomach. I have very short shaved hair, which is dark brown and my eyes are green. That night I was feeling good after a long session at the gym. I was dressed ready for action and had a bag of weed Laura had requested in my back pocket.

As soon as I got to Laura’s house, she found me. She came down the stairs into the hall looking fantastic. She had a black knee length skirt on and no socks or shoes. Her top was a loose white t-shirt, which displayed her gorgeous nipples brilliantly. She linked arms with me, asking about my exams and what my plans where. After we’d had a drink she whispered in my ear, asking if I’d brought her some pot. I whispered back that I had. Laura had revealed when she phoned that she’d wanted to try pot for ages, nut didn’t want anyone else to know, in case her parties became drug infested. She’d said that she thought she could trust me to keep it a secret if we had some at her party and I agreed.

Laura’s room was always locked during parties. Every so often she let a couple use it but tonight it was empty. We locked ourselves in and I rolled us a good joint. We sat on Laura’s bed and talked as we smoked the joint and I laughed when she coughed up the first few pulls. She started to ask me about smoking weed and I told her all the different way that I’d done it. I noticed as I was taking that she was edging her way more and more onto the bed. Eventually she was lying down on her back on the bed and I started to lie back with her as I rolled another joint. We carried on chatting and when I looked up from rolling I noticed her hand had slipped down to her groin. She knew I could see, and made it obvious what she was doing as she softly rubbed the material of her skirt against her groin. Every so often she’d buck her hips slightly so that she could rub harder. Her skirt started to work itself up her tanned leg and I could feel it making my cock hard in my trousers.

As I talked to her I fantasised about her hot wet pussy and tight asshole and it made me think of a story I’d heard about a singer in the sixties who’d had cocaine blown up her ass hole to save her voice. I turned to Laura and recounted the story. I though she’d laugh but instead she looked shocked and asked me if I was suggesting we tried it. The pot had gone to my head, so I told her I was. ‘You’re the expert,’ she said, jumping off the bed.

It took me by surprise for a second and I didn’t know what to say. Before I could say anything she turned round and asked my how I though we should do it? That was when the real fun began. I told her we would need a biro and some lubricant first of all. She gave me the pen and I took the nib and ink out so I had a hollow tube. She rooted around in her bedside alanya escort draw and found a jar of Vaseline and handed it to me. She watched as I covered the pens outside with Vaseline, and then finished rolling the joint. ‘You’re going to have to bend down for this,’ I told her. By now my dick was throbbing. I wants to get it out and make her suck it first, but I knew I couldn’t yet.

She bent over, placing her hands on the bed. The hem of her skirt rode up her thighs until I could almost see the bottom of her cute ass. As I lifted her skirt I couldn’t help giving my cock a squeeze that came so close to making me lose control. I let her skirt fall over her arched back and inspected her fantastic arse. Like the rest of her, her ass was tanned, except right inside her crack, where her cheeks usually touched. Because she was bending over her ass cheeks were split apart and only a black lacy thong hid her anus from me. However around where I knew her tight little socket was, I could see the area of darker skin that surrounded it. Underneath it, the mound of her pussy bulged in her thong. As I slid her thong down, the sweet, heavy smell of her wet pussy hit me. Again I wanted to get out my now sorely bulging cock and thrust it in either of those tight little holes. As the thong slid from her ass crack it revealed first her tight round little anus. It was tiny, dark brown and puckered. I let my finger caress it as I pulled at her thong, it felt firm and springy to touch and I could smell its aroma over the smell of her pussy. As she felt the string of her thong slide out from between her tight lips she let out a little moan, then a giggle. Her arsehole tightened for a second than relaxed, still staying pert, almost as if she were trying to force it open for me.

Next her pussy appeared from under her thong. She had dark pink pussy lips that led to her large throbbing clit. Between her lips was already soacking and I could see her juices start to flow out and slick the bit of skin that led down to her asshole. I let my finger slide over that piece of skin and again gently pressed her anus. This time my finger entered her asshole, just the tip, then pulled it out. She sighed again and bent a bit further over. I stripped her thong down her legs and she lifted her feet so I could pull it off. ‘This might sting a bit,’ I said. I could smell her hot pussy again. She said nothing but glanced over her shoulder and grinned at me. I took the pen and gently pushed it against her puckered little hole. It slipped in easily and she gasped slightly as I slid it into her hot hole. The rim of her anus gripped tight round the pen, but the Vaseline let it slide in easily. When about four inches had slid in, I stepped back and lit up the joint. She looked so hot, bent over like a naughty schoolgirl ready for a sound spanking, with the pen lid splitting her tiny anus. ‘Ready?’ I asked her.

‘Go ahead,’ she said, turning her head to grin at me again. I knelt down, so that my face was level with her bare ass. Taking a long drag, I leant forward and blow a tight-lipped jet of smoke down the pen. I could see it through the transparent pen, as it billowed down into her ass. I repeated it again and again till I’d blown the whole joint up her. She moaned with pleasure, obviously feeling the effects of the weed already. ‘That felt so good,’ she moaned.

Then she lowered her self onto the bed, still face down, with her legs hanging over the side of the bed and spread a little. Her pink lips were pulled apart by this and I could see how wet they were. Pulling her self further onto the bed, she tucked her knees up under her stomach so her ass was in the air.

I reached out and pulled the pen from her anus. She moaned again as it slid out. I decided now was the time to really take over. As the end of the pen slid out, I replaced it with the tip of right index belek escort finger. I pressed and the Vaseline let my finger slide gently into her ass. I felt her tight walls grip my finger and her rim close round it. She wriggled her ass, moving my finger in further and I carried on sliding it into her till it was in way past her knuckle.

I started to fuck her ass, in and out, with my finger, circling my finger slightly to widen her asshole. She lay there, softly moaning in pleasure and as she did so, I unzipped my flies and dropped my trousers, letting my cock, completely erect still, free itself from my boxers, as they slid with my trousers, down to my ankles.

I carried on fingering her ass for another few seconds, and then slowly pulled my finger out, enjoying the feeling of her rim gripping my finger, trying to hold it in. As my finger slid out, I moved my cock towards her now gaping asshole. She pushed her anus out like she had before, widening the hole even more. I pressed the head of my cock into the deep brown hole and almost came with the sensation. My cock slid down into her ass and I stood on tiptoes to help myself slide in further. She moaned louder than before, as I thrust my hard dick down into her hot slider anus. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled them together to make her ass a crack again and hold my cock even tighter. I stated to pound her asshole, pulling her into me by her buttock. ‘Fuck me Robe, that’s so fucking good,’ she cried out, as I continued to ram my cock in and out of her.

I felt myself start to climax and she seemed to be doing the same. I let one hand slide between her legs as I felt her ass tighten in pleasure. I felt around her shaved little pussy that was now sopping wet all over. Finding her swollen clit I began to gently rub it in time to my thrusts and she started to cry out even louder. After a few seconds I was ready to shoot, and I could feel her ass tighten even further around my pulsing cock. My fingers were dripping and the smell of her pussy mixed with the smell of her ass as my dick slid in and out of it. Suddenly she bucked her head up and cried out in orgasm and I felt her rim tighten so much, that I was sure I was going to shoot straight into her ass.

I had other ideas though and as she lowered her head, letting out a final long moan, I quickly pulled my cock out in one movement had a second to gaze at her fantastically split anus, now a gaping hot wet hole. A drop of cum shot from my dick and landed just inside her ass rim and I could see it start to slide down that wet brown passage.

Then I grabbed her leg and roughly flipped her over onto her back. She grinned up at me and laughed as I yanked her legs wide open and pulled her skirt up again. My cock was crying out to be unloaded and I aimed it at her tight little pussy hole. As I thrust towards her she yanked up her top and bra, revealing her pert tanned breasts. Her nipples were dark pink and by now stood out half an inch. She pulled her top off over her head and let me collapse onto her sweet warm chest as I sunk me dick between those fat pussy lips.

She was so wet that I slipped easily in. She let out a sharp gasp as I broke through her barrier, the n she grabbed my ass, pulling me all the way into her. Her pussy was almost as tight as her ass and just as hot. None of my girlfriends had had virgin pussies this tight. I pinned her arms against the bed and sucked each breast in turn deep into my mouth, biting the nipples. She bucked against me, but I forced her hips down and she got the idea and lifted her legs high in the air. This let my dick have total access to her steamy tight hole. I fucked her so hard that we shook the bed, and rattled it against the wall. Then I felt myself climax as I unloaded five jets of steaming hot cum into her pressing tight pussy. She moaned as she felt my cum slide down her pussy and I leant down to bite at her neck.

We lay there together, both half naked and sweating. We must have nodded off together because we woke up the next morning to the sound of someone banging on the door. As we dressed I gazed at Laura’s tight little ass and pussy again, now longer a mystery.

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