Mayıs 28, 2021

Try out a Tantric Massage

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The Internet is quite amazing. It provides a channel to easily access experiences that one would not have been able to without. I was surfing around and I found a site that looked like a dating site but was more than that. It had postings from men looking for women and women looking for men, offering all sorts of sexual liaisons. I discovered the abbreviation “NSA,” which means “no strings attached,” in other words two adults getting together for casual sex or the like without a relationship or commitment required. I was shocked that it was so blunt, but then the idea of anonymous sex with a stranger you don’t even know the name of sounds kind of kinky, the sort of thing one fantasises about. Well maybe it should stay that way, but now that I had discovered the whole new world I had to at least find out more.

I dragged my mouse down the column of adverts under the section M 4 W (men for women) and I read some really dirty adverts some of them even had pictures of guys posing semi and totally nude. This was too much for me. I was about to hit the X and close this site when I saw this advert.

“Tantric Massage on Offer- Masseur is tall dark and handsome.” Who wouldn’t want a massage? I clicked this header and opened the whole advert.

“Tantric Massage is all about rebalancing your chakras and restoring harmony to your body and soul, through sensual touch. It will awaken your Kundalini energy (your inner serpent coiled deep within your root chakra /pelvic floor) and elevate this powerful energy throughout your body. This is an incredible out of body experience. You will feel optimistic and positive and rejuvenated. Free trial on offer!”

Wow! I am a person that loves to go for relaxation massage and be pampered. Maybe I should give this a try. It sounds great and I am always ready to try new experiences.

I clicked the “reply to post” button and emailed this guy. His name was Adam.

“Hi Adam, I prefer to remain anonymous. I am interested in your offer, but would like to know more. What does it entail? Where is your studio?”

Adam replied by the next day.

“Hi there! this massage is about total indulgence. You will be made to feel like a goddess. It’s all about you and I work at your comfort level and I guarantee total discretion if required. You will get a full body massage applying the art of the sacred teaching of Tantra. It is very sensual but not sexual. Its something you need to try out. I don’t have a studio, as this is only a hobby for me. I can either come to your place or meet you at a hotel. If you are still unsure about it we can meet up for a drink and if you can decide then.”

This reply did comfort me. I felt less threatened about meeting some stranger who is just interested in casual sex. I did not want that, but I was keen to try out tantric massage.

We agreed to meet at a pub.

“Please email me what you are wearing on the day so that I can recognise you amongst all the other strangers at the pub,” he wrote a few days before the date of my massage.

“Also, its imperative that you feel relaxed and sensual so do a yoga class beforehand and remember to dress sexy for out meeting.” He ended the email.

The day arrived. I was anxious, had butterflies all over my stomach, but was quite excited in a naughty sort of way- meeting an absolute stranger to receive a full body massage, which is tantric and sensual.

I did my agreed activities, which were to buy massage oil with a scent that I liked, organise an aromatherapy burner and purchase a bottle of red wine.

It was 2 hours to go. I had a bath and shaved myself, trimming my pubic bush to a clean short strip. I then could not make up my mind what to wear. I put on a pair of jeans and a crop top. It seemed too casual. I put on a some of my new shiny spandex leggings with a silky, strappy top. I looked far too provocative. I finally put on a white summer dress, with strappy high heels. I decided güvenilir bahis it was a good mix of elegant and sexy. I sprayed some perfume, grabbed my handbag and set out to hail a cab to the pub we were meeting at.

I walk in to the pub as nervous as can be, almost shaking. A guy with dark hair, wearing a brown striped shirt and jeans walks up to greet me.

“Hi there, I am Adam, are you Rachel?” he asks.

“Yeh, that’s me,” I answer.

“How about a glass of wine?” Adam offers me.

“Sure, thank you,” I reply as we walk to a table to sit down.

We spoke for about 20 minutes. Adam answered all my questions about Tantra and the massage. I felt comfortable with him. He seemed quite casual, young and energetic and was quite good looking. He was tall with dark hair, olive complexion and a slim athletic yet toned physique. We decided that we had sufficiently acquainted ourselves and it was tine to go back to my place for the massage.

I had set up a mattress with towels covering it in my lounge room. The oil burner was already on and the ylang ylang sensual oil was on the side table.

“Ok this is how it works,” Adam stated.

“You get undressed to your undies, cover yourself with a single towel and lie down facing the mattress”

I unzipped my summer dress and placed it on the chair. I unhooked my blue denim bra and placed it on the chair on top of my summer dress.

I had on a pair of silky white thong undies. I took the white bath towel wrapped it around my torso and lay down on the mattress. Adam re-entered the room. I could smell the strong citrus lemon scent of the aromatherapy burner. Soft relaxing yoga meditation music started playing. I then felt hands being placed on my upper back. Adam lathered warm oils up the full length of my back and then started to slowly massage and knead my tension knots out of me. It was soothing and relaxing. I was in heaven. He continued massaging with long flowing strokes up and down, and up and down my back. I felt myself starting to relax and get comfortable despite all my anxiety and nerves that consumed me when I entered my place with this strange guy I picked up on the net.

He lifted my towel and started to massage my legs and thighs. All my tension was melting away with each stroke of his strong firm yet gentle hands. I then had my first foot reflexology experience, as Adam pressed his fingers tightly into my pressure points at the bottom of my foot. It ached and burned but then felt wonderful afterwards.

So far the massage was remedial and relaxing like any massage I had received from therapists and physios

“Rachel, the massage is going to become more sensual now, please stop me if you are ever feeling uncomfortable,” Adam requested.

“Ok!” I blurted out feeling very relaxed and tranquil and not thinking much about things.

“By the way I don’t want to get my clothes full of oil so I normally give the massage in shorts, but I forgot my gym bag at home so if you are ok I will wear only my undies,” Adam stated.

“I don’t mind.” I answered while lying down on the mattress still facing the downward.

I then felt my towel being pulled up and away from my body. I knew he would be looking at me in my thong. Although its normal for one to strip down to ones undies for a massage I still felt self conscious, probably more so because I had missed my waxing appointment and although I may only have a small growth of pubic hair I always got those curly hairs and fluff just on the outside of my thong and they would be visible to the masseur.

Adam then continued the massage. This time his palm was stretched wide and his strokes were long, starting at the bottom of my legs and moving upwards over my thighs and up to my butt, over my gluts and around down the side of my hamstrings and back down to start again. I felt his hands massaging my gluts, his fingers tracing around my thong undies pushing deep into türkçe bahis my muscles. This was much more sensual now. On the return massage stroke his fingers slid down the back of my inner thighs. Feeling his fingers closing in on my panty-line got me instantly aroused. He repeated this cycle a few times. Each time his hands landed on my butt, turned outwards and slid down ever so close to my panties but never touching them I felt my breath being taken away. He was teasing me into a total frenzy. I felt my pussy start to heat and moisten. I so wanted those fingers to get closer to me, to touch me, to hit the target and pleasure me.

On the next stroke he kneaded my butt muscles deeply and then slowly slid his palm down my hamstrings with his fingers spread wide. I without realising opened my legs wider as his firm hold moved down and then I am sure I felt his one finger on both hands actually touch my panties. My skin was extra sensitive to his touch, with every cell racing. I genuinely had goose bumps as my body awakened and every nerve fired up.

“Rachel, its time to turn over,” Adam commanded.

I was disappointed. I was enjoying the intensity of the build up. Was this the end — an anti-climax after all the teasing?

I turned over and then realised that I was topless. My areolas were a deep purple and shriveled up in little knots surrounding a pointy pink hard nipple.

I couldn’t peer over at them- it felt too strange; instead I looked over at Adam, in his tight white boxer undies. He had a cute round butt, with its cheeks pushing the tight material outwards like a ripe round apple. As he turned I saw his penis. It looked erect sticking out in front. I noticed its ridge at the top and the round balls at the bottom.

My imagination was running wild. I wondered if I was allowed to touch his body I dare do so I though to myself. It would be too forward and I don’t know where it would or could lead.

Adam lathered his fingers in oil and then pinched my nipples hard, pulling them outwards like he was pulling spokes out of a wheel. He repeated the caress by rotating around my breast and massaging outwards from my nipples in different directions. I closed my eyes to take in the experience without thinking too much about it other than the flowing sensations of sexual excitement, which like sharp knives cut through my body, leaving it tingly and extremely aroused. The skin all over my chest went a bright red almost like a rash.

Adam moved off my breasts and then massaged my stomach and thighs. He then pulled my legs wide apart and he slowly applied light strokes just inches from my panty line. He was so close but managed not to touch my panty covered mound and pussy. I was throbbing and on fire. By now I was soaking wet inside.

“Are you ok with me taking off your panties now?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to reply so I put my hands on the waist to slide them down, but Adam took over and peeled them down my torso and legs. At this point I didn’t care anymore that an obvious wet spot running the length of my pussy was visible. I looked down my legs as I arched my butt upwards to enable my panties to come off my butt and I noticed a thin string of white creamy stringy substance stretch in the air between my pussy lips and the panties as they were removed. It looked almost like a spider web but this was my pussy juice oozing out of me from continual stimulation.

“I am going to give you a sacred yoni massage now. You must just let go and go with the flow. Enjoy it and let me indulge you. I want you to breath in deeply sucking up all your breath deep inside yourself while tensing your pelvic floor, hold your breath and tense even stronger and then let out quick exhales as you gently rock your hips and push the breath upwards through your body letting it out in gasp. Your Kundalini energy will then move through your body elevating it into a high Tantric state. Repeat this cycle güvenilir bahis siteleri for the next few minutes.” Adam instructed me, demonstrating the way to breathe for me.

He then moved close to me. He finally touched me on my pussy, grasping my outer labia folds, ever so gently, between his index finger and thumb and very slowly he slid his fingers up and down the folds. This felt incredible. I had never been so sexually excited before. I could feel my pussy getting more and more damp and its muscles just opening up as if making itself ready for to take in a big cock for a really good fuck. Adam, continued to caress my outer folds on both sides and then my inner folds slowly taking a lot of time and not rushing along. I clenched my facial muscles as my heart raced and my breathing quickened. I was riding a wave of pleasure willed with tingly sensations all over. My pussy was throbbing like a taught spring ready to jump and uncoil.

A minute passed by as he massage me, teased me, caressed me, aroused me to new heights. I opened my eyes and looked on at Adam. He had a huge erection poking out of his undies. I put my palm against it feeling his bulging hard-on. I had broken the ice. He quickly pulled his undies off and stood there totally naked. I put my hand under his penis and I cupped his hanging balls. They were hairy by sexy. I then put my hand around his waist and I felt his butt cheeks. I was having an affect on Adam. I was arousing him even more.

He stopped massaging my vulva and then suddenly landed a finger on my clit. I actually jumped from my hips and I let out scream. I could not hold it back. I wanted more. My clit was a knotted end of a live high voltage wire. I took his cock in my hand and grasped it tightly and I started to masturbate him.

His circled my clit with his finger applying just the right pressure. I was gasping for air. I wished for that cock to enter my pussy and feel it fuck me and pound me hard inside again and again until I felt the warm cum spurt out and explode against my vaginal walls.

I continued to pull up and down his cock. It was red from arousal and pointed up sky high. I then felt a finger or two penetrate into my pussy and massage my g-spot deep inside. I immediately had an orgasm. He continued to rub as I enjoyed wave upon wave of pleasure wash over me.

“I want you to experience an emotional release. It’s from a deep anal massage. Not everyone is happy to try, but I highly recommend it,” Adam spoke as he withdrew his hands off my body.

“Ok!” was all I could muster at the time.

“Turn around on all fours and bend forwards like in a yoga pose while keeping your knees close but opening your feet wide apart,” Adam instructed.

I did this and then I felt some gel being lathered around the entrance to my butt holed.

I then felt a finger penetrate me and it went deeper and deeper. I first felt discomfort but as my muscles relaxed it got better. He then massaged me deep inside. This was a very new sensation to me but absolutely unbelievable. I could not help my sound affects. On every push I had to let out an expression of joy and pleasure. He massaged me deep in my anal canal for about 10 minutes. I felt myself starting to cum again, but this time it was 1000 times more intense. I just let go of my inhibitions and I put my one hand in between my open legs and I rubbed at my own clitoris as he continued to massage my anus. I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I arched my back upward and lifted up my body with sweat just dripping down me. I turned around and I put my mouth over his cock and I pumped it up and down until he spurted cum right into my mouth. I didn’t even spit it out. I swallowed it all up as we both smiled at each other and our body’s just melted away from the experience.

Adam only stayed another 5 minutes as he changed. I didn’t know what to say to him. I was in a surreal state — almost like an out of body experience. I never saw Adam again, but if I could find another tantric massage I will run for it. Its really as good as it’s described and the funny thing is nobody seems to know about it. Its like a secret ancient art.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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