Mayıs 28, 2021

Truffles with a Tryst

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My amazing editing beta readers deserve most of the credit for providing so much honest, valuable feedback on this piece. Thank you, my friends; I am truly grateful for all of your time and effort, and hope you’re proud to see your hard work come to life.


Julia shrugged the robe off of her shoulders, letting it slip to the floor, and stepped through the curtain of steam into the shower. The current of hot water hitting her was shocking at first, but she soon relaxed into it, allowing her body to be caressed, embraced; her mind slipping into the dream-like state that made this her favorite time of the day.

Massaging shampoo into her hair, her thoughts slid to him. They hadn’t seen much of each other lately; overloaded work and social schedules added a distance that made Julia ache. She longed for him to be there, tangling her hair in his strong fingers, capturing her full lips in a kiss, trapping her between his body and the shower wall. Tilting her head back, her long neck was exposed to an oral assault while the stream cascaded down her chest-length blonde hair.

As Julia finished cleansing her body, she envisioned wrapping her arms around his neck, her sudsy breasts gliding around his chest. A moan escaped her lips as his slick, pulsating manhood pressing against her belly urgently, making her feel so desired, lustful.

Stretching a long leg out and resting it on the shower wall, she smoothed a handful of shaving cream along the length, and began to shave from ankle to hip with practiced strokes. Giving the same treatment to the other, she couldn’t help but think how he would love seeing her on display in this position.

Her cheeks burned. The thought of exposing herself so brazenly was something Julia could sail through confidently in her fantasies, but could never take action when the opportunities presented themselves. The decidedly irrational fear and shame were source of dissatisfaction and conflict for both of them.

Last time they were together he had said something like, “I know you want to be truly carefree and intimate, so I just don’t understand why you don’t take more steps to overcome this,” and sometimes took her unwillingness to try personally. She didn’t have a good answer for him then, or now.

Julia bit her lower lip in frustration and positioned her mound under the water, allowing the heat to prepare her skin. Picking up the shaving cream once again, she turned around and rubbed a dollop onto her mons and labia, waiting for a moment before picking up the razor she had dedicated to this task.

She started at the top, shaving carefully around the small, neatly trimmed patch of hair. Stretching her skin upward slightly and working by touch, Julia ran the razor up vertically, then horizontally across each lip to ensure every bit would be smooth for his tongue. She could almost feel its slightly rough texture gliding along her now-silken skin, the shocking sensations fanning out and instantly making her lubricate.

Finished, she removed the showerhead from its cradle and began to rinse her body, starting with her shoulders. Julia moved the stream down slowly, delighting at the feel of the water licking at her tits and catching her nipples just right. She continued down to wash the shaving cream residue off of her pussy, gasping as the jets stroked her ultra-sensitive, bare skin.

Julia allowed her mind to wander back to him as she parted her labia to make sure each bit was clean. She could feel the slick juices at her opening, just starting to spread. Changing the setting on the showerhead to Pulse, she imagined the water was his tongue, probing her folds, lapping at her clit with fury.

She could almost see him there, kneeling between her open legs, the water making his dark hair, strong shoulders and back glisten. His eyes were closed, and he murmured sounds of enjoyment, like he was savoring a fine meal. She pressed against his lips, her clit straining against its hood as his tongue circled and flicked with astounding agility.

Julia’s heart was hammering, her breath coming rapidly, as she repositioned the stream to include her opening and tight little bud, imagining he was stroking each, preparing her for his cock. He knew she wanted to be invaded, taken and possessed by someone who wanted her more than anything.

She pushed her head back against the wall and allowed the feeling of his power and desire to wash over her. Clenching her muscles tightly brought her to the brink, but she relaxed, holding off for a moment longer, as she relished the experience of dancing on the edge, her body screaming for release.

Taking a deep breath, she imagined him standing and thrusting into her, her entire body spasming in time to the contractions of her pussy and womb.

Julia dropped the showerhead; with water flying everywhere, she moved her hand to her pussy to feel the result of the fantastic interaction with her lover. She brought her slippery, juice-coated fingers to her lips, licking and sucking them illegal bahis clean, just as he would do.

Physically satisfied for the moment, but still yearning to be with him, Julia replaced the showerhead, rinsed, and shut off the water. She slid open the door just enough to grab a fluffy towel, quickly closing it again so the heat wouldn’t escape. With a combination of soft patting and brisk strokes, she dried her body and wrapped the towel around her head.

Upon opening the shower door fully and feeling the cold air bite at her still-stiff nipples, Julia chastised herself for dropping her robe on the floor across the bathroom, instead of hanging it on the hook next to the shower as she usually did.

She quickly made her way to the robe and slipped it on as fast as possible. Turning to face the large mirror, Julia noted her flushed cheeks and chest with a satisfied smile. She gave the towel on her head a quick rub and removed it to reveal a mess of darkened, fragrant hair.

Julia faced the mirror again and began her quick ritual that started with untangling her hair with her fingers, and ended with a touch of powder, eye shadow, lash tint and lip-gloss. She’d always been embarrassed at being called a ‘classic beauty’ and complimented on her nearly perfect skin; the praise didn’t match her poor self-image, and struck her as pure flattery. However, she didn’t see the point of piling on a lot of makeup, and instead chose just a few products that accentuated her features.

Satisfied with the result of her work, she sauntered out of the bathroom and entered her walk-in closet to dress. Looking through her huge drawer of lingerie, she thought about what her lover would enjoy seeing her in most. Her eyes settled on the new red satin and lace bra and panties, which were a perfect match to the heat that was burning inside of her. She slipped them on, positioning her breasts for maximum cleavage and shivering as the thought of him stroking her rounded ass through the panties ran through her mind.

Julia moved toward the full-length mirror in the back of her closet. She appraised her image carefully, skimming her fingertips over her shoulders, circling around the large twin mounds, tracing the indentation of her waist, and finally grazing over her full hips and thighs.

Usually, she saw her curvy body negatively, picking out and magnifying flaws until she was filled with self-loathing, but now she was starting to view herself through his eyes: luscious, huggable, perfectly beautiful. He pulled her out of the maelstrom of self-doubt, making her feel liberated, comfortable, confident and incredibly sexy. Today she found those qualities with just the thought of him, realizing they were starting to come from within.

Smiling at this breakthrough, Julia considered what she would wear to meet her lover. She decided her tailored, wine-colored, button-down shirt and a simple black silk skirt that was roomy enough to be flipped up at his whim, matched her sexy mood perfectly and would make him long to rediscover her body.

Julia rubbed a dab of her favorite perfume on her wrists, neck and cleavage to release its true aroma before donning her outfit. Finally, she chose some elegant jewelry and stepped into her sexiest black high heels to complete her look.

A final inspection of her reflection revealed a striking young woman ready to tantalize and gratify her lover like no other. What was it about him that stirred these feelings in her, even after they had been apart for some time? Was it the tension created by their dissimilar, yet complementary, personalities, or the way he often led her into new territory, nudging her to push her limits?

“Ugh…limits. I have to overcome this stupid fear of him truly seeing me. I don’t want to make excuses or hide anymore. I can’t—I won’t—do that to us,” she whispered to the grimacing woman in the mirror.

Snapping back to reality, Julia grabbed a black purse and transferred the essentials into it. With confident strides punctuated by the click of her heels on the hardwood, she made her way to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water before setting out.

Driving through her neighborhood, Julia reviewed the call that had woken her up this morning.

She’d grabbed the phone just before the voicemail had picked up, mumbling, “Hello?” sleepily.

“Good morning, Gorgeous!” he said in his usual chipper tone, which was mildly irritating this early.

“Um…” Julia cleared her throat. “Um, hi. Good morning to you, too,” she said, trying to muster enthusiasm she didn’t feel.

“I’m sorry to wake you, Sleeping Beauty, but my afternoon meeting downtown was just cancelled, and I was wondering if you were free for a meeting of our own,” he said in that deep bass that made her melt. He lowered his voice, adding, “Too many things have conspired against us spending time together lately. I miss you terribly.”

Julia’s heart jumped, and she wondered how he could have such an effect on her with so few words.

Taking illegal bahis siteleri a deep breath, she calmed herself and said, “I know, and I miss you too. It’s just that neither of us has been able to get away from work and…” She trailed off, not wanting to step further into the minefield of issues and guilt. “Anyway, I’m working at home this morning, and have a few errands to run downtown, but can be free after that.”

“Fine. Great! I’ll grab a room at the Hyatt on Fourth so we don’t waste a bunch of time commuting.”

“Perfect,” she replied, fully awake and smiling.

“Meet me in the hotel bar at 2:30 then.”

“Yes, I’ll see you there,” she confirmed with a nod, excitement welling up in the pit of her stomach.

“Good. I love you,” he lowered his voice, “and I can’t wait to show you how much with my mouth, hands and cock.”

“Is that right?” she challenged with a throaty laugh, the effect of his words evident to both of them. “Well, as long as you’re prepared for me to love you back…”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll see you soon, Julia.”

“Yes, you will. Bye.”

She’d laid back and thought about the possibilities for their rendezvous until her alarm tore her from her fantasies.

Now, Julia realized she was nearing the city and him. She ripped herself away from those thoughts and focused on planning her route for the errands. She had to drop off some materials for her graphic design business at the printer, and add a finishing touch to a gift basket for a girlfriend.

After a few laps around the block, she snagged a great parking space, gathered her materials and set off down the sidewalk. Julia usually got attention from men, but today many of the women passing by looked at her and smiled as she strode toward the printer, her confidence increasing with each step.

She finished her business at the print shop, and walked to a nearby shopping complex, still attracting plenty of glances and smiles from passersby.

Once inside, she headed to her favorite chocolate shop.

“Would you like to sample our newest Café au Lait truffle?” the woman at the counter asked and held out a tray of white chocolate-coated bonbons topped with a bit of gold leaf.

“Do you have to ask?” Julia queried back with a grin and reached for one. Taking a small bite and letting it melt in her mouth, she discovered it was filled with a smooth, espresso-flavored ganache. The white chocolate coating provided the perfect balance to the coffee’s punch. She immediately thought of her lover, a coffee and chocolate aficionado, and asked the saleswoman for a small gift box of the new truffles in addition to those she’d chosen for her friend.

As they moved to the register, Julia realized it was already 2:00 and she’d have to move quickly to meet her lover at the hotel on time.

Shopping had been a nice diversion, but she couldn’t wait to see him, and now felt some butterflies as images of the possibilities for their upcoming encounter flashed through her mind. Would he spend hours exploring every inch of her body with those eyes, hands and hot, talented mouth?

Was he going to torture her with pleasure, giving her one orgasm after another until he knew she couldn’t take it anymore?

Would he rub his cock up and down her soaked pussy, giving her a satisfied smile as he moved up to focus on her clit, teasing her entrance with the tip until she begged him to bury himself in her?

Or, maybe he would be overcome by his lust, tearing her clothes off without his mouth leaving her body, hands exploring her urgently, pinning her against the wall before thrusting his engorged cock into her passionately?

However it happened, Julia knew it would be incredible; she was already wet with anticipation. She arrived at her car, and settled behind the wheel for the short drive to the Hyatt.

Navigating through the downtown traffic always set her on edge. Today was no exception, and the anticipation of seeing him heightened her tension. She practiced her yoga breathing as a black Mercedes cut her off and pedestrians continued to cross well after her light turned green.

‘In…two…three…four. Hold…two…three…four. Out…two…three…four. Wait…two…three…four,’ Julia repeated in her head, feeling the extra stress dissolve as she arrived at the entrance to the hotel parking garage.

In a few minutes, she had slipped the chocolates in her purse, secured her car and was riding the elevator to the lobby. Julia grabbed her compact and lipstick out of her handbag, quickly checking her makeup and hair before the car settled to a stop and the doors glided open. She smiled as she disembarked, secure in the knowledge that she looked as good as she had upon leaving the house, and her lover was anxiously awaiting her arrival in the bar.

Guests and staff eyed Julia as she made her way across the marble lobby, the staccato clack of her heels commanding attention. Instead of avoiding eye contact out of self-consciousness canlı bahis siteleri as she sometimes did, she looked back at them boldly, grinning inside.

Reaching the entrance to the bar, she scanned the sparsely populated, darkened room to find her lover. As her eyes settled on his familiar, character-filled face, her heart leapt – this was the man who had consumed her heart and mind, and now the thought of him devouring her body shortly was almost too much to bear. ‘This is sheer desire,’ she thought, feeling her nipples stiffen.

Julia took a deep breath; approaching the intimate booth tucked in a little corner of the bar with a distinctly feminine gait, her gaze focused on him. He glanced at his watch, her movement capturing his notice as he looked up. She froze a few feet from him as their eyes locked and he rose.

She watched him examine her from head to toe, taking note of how his gaze paused at certain features: the ‘Fuck Me’ heels that accentuated her high arches and strong calves; the treasure chest that was her soft, black skirt; her voluminous breasts, which could only look more perfect with his cock nestled in the crevasse between them. His brown eyes blinked and moved back up to her heart-shaped face, complete with soft lips and cheeks that flushed as he looked at her hungrily.

Still staring into her eyes, he stepped forward, took her hand and spun her around slowly, giving her ass a playful spank as it came into view. Julia was smiling as she turned back to face him.

“Hi,” she said with a quiet intensity.

“Hi, back,” he replied. “You look incredible. Delicious.”

Noting his stylish business attire and recent haircut, she looked into his warm eyes, and said, “Thank you, so do you,” genuinely.

“Well, as much as I want to bend you over right here, let’s have a drink and get reacquainted,” he said, finishing his thought.

Julia’s heart skipped a few beats. “Hmm, I can’t wait to drink you, but for now…” she paused, her notorious indecisive streak rearing its head. “For now, I’ll have a…”

“You’ll have a Cosmopolitan,” he completed her sentence and signaled to the bartender.

“I suppose that’ll do,” she said, winking, as he placed his large hand on her lower back and guided her into the plush booth.

They were silent until their drinks arrived a moment later, the anticipation and attraction getting to them. Taking a sip of his fine scotch, he covered her hand with his, stroking her silken skin with his fingertips. It was such a simple touch, but the little things like that sent shockwaves through her body and spirit.

Julia tested the Cosmo, her tastebuds dancing as the sweet and sour flavors in the icy liquid melded, savoring the way the warmth spread, echoing the heat of her lust. She was terribly anxious to be alone with him, but had to admit the added expectancy of being forced to wait was a nice touch on his part.

“How did your errands go? Did you get everything done?” he asked as he placed his hand on Julia’s knee, pulling her out of her thoughts.

“Yes, they went very well. I even got a treat for you,” she said, eyes sparkling.

“Is that right?” He took a small sip of the scotch, hand creeping up to her mid-thigh. “It isn’t under here, is it? Hmm?” With a raised eyebrow, he started stroking her warm inner thighs teasingly, causing her to gasp and part her legs just enough for his hand to slip in between.

Julia grinned. “Good guess, but, no. It happens to be in my purse, and you’ll have to wait until later. Good things come…”

“In small packages?” he interrupted.

“Well, yes, sometimes, but…”

“In you. In your mouth. In your dripping pussy. In between those amazing tits. In your hands. In your tight ass,” he fired off and stared at her in amusement.

She rolled her eyes and muttered, “Oh God,” melodramatically in an effort to hide the shiver his words sent rippling through her body. In reality, this was one of their favorite games; she adored his sharp mind and their verbal sparring.

“…to those who wait!” he proclaimed with a hearty chuckle.

“You’re incorrigible!” She beamed. “And, just for that, I may make you wait for your good things a little longer.”

With that, his fingertips found, and started stroking, the crotch of her satin panties. They moved up and down the ridge of each sensitive lip, brushing her clit, before settling in the valley. Her eyes squeezed shut and she tilted her head back involuntarily as he applied a little more pressure, the material slithering between her labia. She knew his fingertips were becoming damper by the second and his hardened cock must have been jumping eagerly by the change in his breathing pattern.

“From the feel of it, Luscious, neither of us are in a position to be waiting,” he said with a mischievous grin when she looked back at him.

He pressed her buttons like that expertly whenever he could; fortunately, she had learned where his were as well. Nearly finishing her drink, Julia reached over, circled his balls with her fingernails and firmly gripped his erection. Her lover flinched and pressed his tingling member into her hand. Giving him a few more squeezes for good measure, she removed her hand and brought it up to his ear.

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