Mart 27, 2021

True Squirter

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Hey all you dudes and dudettes out there – Marcy here with yet another “true story from the Squirter.” A lot of you have written some very favorable responses and I thank you so much. This is so much fun. Keep’em cumming. This is my first story that will include my husband. (Sorry guys but believe me, it’s cool.) It’s about our recent trip to Florida, last May. If any of you haven’t been to a “real good,” on-premise swing club, well you should really enjoy this. So do that, enjoy – Marcy.

My husband, love that guy. But, he’s such a horny fucker – then again so am I. Occasionally we need an escape. You know, sew a few wild oats – go wild. We must “plan” these excursions. Between our professional and family obligations there isn’t much time for fun of any kind, let alone “the wild kind.” So maybe once a quarter or when we get the chance – we plan our deviant fun.

We’re corporate, Fortune 500 type of professionals, junior executives. He works for a large insurance firm and I do right nicely in the Advertisement business. We live in Manhattan. Believe it or not the “swinging scene,” here is not all that great – at least when compared to, oh let’s say Florida (land of swing clubs) or California. This city, which used to be the home of Plato’s Retreat, now has nothing like it. Not really. Mayor Rudy has taken care of that. Yeah, there are a few clubs, some even have a bit of notoriety – but they aren’t like Plato’s and they aren’t like the larger, “on premise” clubs, found in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania or on the back by-ways of Boca Raton.

We’re thirty’ish, I say that because it’s easy to do so, actually I’m just under thirty and my husband’s 34. We’re relatively fit and trim without being all muscled up. We look great. My name’s Marcy. I’ve filed a story or two here before. I’m a squirter – I ejaculate. I’m proud of it too. And so is my husband by the way. Oh, he’s not a squirter – hmmm(?) – well yes he is, like all me but what I’m trying to say is – he’s proud of my squirting ability. Whew. His name’s Paul. Paul’s tall at 6’2″ and about 185. I’m 5’6″ and 125. Paul’s light haired and fair skinned like me. We’re this very, “Irish Spring like,” good looking couple.

This is a story, a typical story really – of one of our wild adventures. It was just a few months ago and it wasn’t here in Manhattan – it was in Florida. We went down there for a little rest and relaxation. We flew down and rented a car. We drove to Miami for a day and generally had typical Florida fun. Paul had found some club listings in a sex boutique at a Deerfield Beach strip mall. The club he picked was close to our hotel, an easy drive in our little convertible rental car. The place was simply called Deena’s. Deena’s Hideaway. It claimed to be the oldest such club in Florida. It also claimed to entertain many couples on any given night. Well, we’d see about that.

Now I must explain, I’m a bit uncomfortable with a “new club.” You never know what you’re getting into really. You can imagine, you don’t know the décor, what kind of people run the place, what kind of patrons are showing up that night, etc.. So I’m always a bit ill at ease. I never know, if after paying the entrance fee and entering – if I won’t simply find the scene distasteful and walk right back out. So it helps to have a little drinky-poo before we even go in. Paul and I like to prime ourselves with Miller Light and a couple of shots of Tequila. Does the trick every time. So that’s what we did.

We like to dress up a bit too – look clubby you know. Paul wore black – NYC black. Slacks, T-shirt and Calvin Kline jacket. I went red, out loud and red, in a sleeveless cocktail dress, very short and black high heels – and nothing else. We looked hot. I always wonder what the bartender thinks or other folks think who spy us, all dolled up and drinking shots of Tequila. I mean, I think we look like we’re lovers having a blast – literally. I only wish all couples could have what we have.

Well, properly primed we made our way to Deena’s. It looked pretty much like any bar along the road except that it stood alone between intersections that were nearly a mile a part. There was a golf course across the street and it was flanked by some type of construction business on either side. Oh yeah, it was two stories tall too. It had a simple neon sign that said Deena’s. We pulled into the rather large, gravel parking lot, parked and made our way to the front entrance. At that time, early, there were about twenty cars in the lot.

The entrance cubical was only about 10′ by 10′, with a coat check (don’t know why, it’s Florida) and a booth with a doorman. He had us sign the prerequisite disclaimer, explained the rules, took our seventy dollars, led us into the club and introduced us to our guide. They always want to give you a tour of the facilities when you’re a newbee – and it’s a good thing too. Our guide was Tim, he was older but not bad – in the end though, not my type. Right off the entrance way, where the tour started, was the bar/lounge, dance floor area – not bad. Clean, didn’t smell, nice and dark, TV at the bar showing the standard, bad, hardcore porno. Tim then showed us the locker area, the pool table, the huge hot tub – these were all downstairs – then he took us bahis firmaları up stairs. There was a private group room with a closeable door. The idea was for this room to be set aside for invited guests only. There was a free for all room where anyone or anything could happen and then there were the private mini-cubicles with curtains, probably six of those. Tim’s tour finished, we headed back toward the bar. We always lay low, scope the action – and wait and see, if anything or anyone good starts to happening. Besides it’s nice to get used to the place and add to our buzz.

Paul and I were siting there a while – a gorgeous young couple was dancing on the dance floor to a slow number. He was dark, Spanish looking and broad shouldered. She had long light brown hair and was in great shape. She had on high heels and a silver sequined dress. Frankly as hot as we looked, I thought that they were probably out of our league. But I began to feel the first stirrings of tingles between my legs. Right about then a good looking fellow named Ron smilingly introduced himself to both of us. He was wearing only a towel. Ron was stocky but in very good shape. He looked to be about my age and had light reddish hair and freckles. He was a local. He was married but not here with his wife. I got the strong impression that his wife probably didn’t know that he was there at Deena’s. I don’t much care for that, but to each their own – and it’s really none of my business. He was cute and I’m sure he had a nice, stubby, wide cock but he’d have to really be a charmer to get anything from me. We exchanged pleasantries. He invited us up for some action. We said maybe later and he went on about his way. Paul and I gave each other a glance – it was time to stalk the scene and be seen.

We shed our clothes, put them in our lockers, wrapped a nice big fluffy towel around ourselves and – hand in hand – headed toward the hot tub. It was a bit dark, and quiet steamy but I could make out a couple lounging in the bubbly water. Ah, I thought, too old for me, a little too much body weight maybe – nobody else in the tub – we moved onward and upward. Hell it was early but I was getting eager. As we went up the stairs Ron was coming down. I’m sure he was glad to see us in our towels and wondering the premises. But we just glanced and smiled at one another and continued up the stairs. The first room we came to – the big open room – was completely empty, a lone TV flickering porno. The tube showed some black guy giving it to some white chick good. Interesting I thought. Not wanting to look too eager or too voyeuristic we decided to sit on the couch and watch the flick on the TV. I snaked my hand under Paul’s towel and fondled his balls and stroked his dick. It quickly went semi and popped out of his towel. Paul is very comfortable with being nude – he doesn’t give a shit. Besides, right now the room was empty.

We sat there for a moment or two and a couple of other fellows walked by us. Nothing special. Ron appeared again. He seemed a little eager to me. What little charm he had was fading in my mind fast. Then Paul and I heard a moan. From a female. It was coming from one of the private cubicles across the room and down a hall. All of a sudden, all the single males anywhere within ear shot launched toward the cubicle and the moan. Paul and I slowly, coolly, got up and made our way toward the others. There were three guys, one was Ron, peering into the sheer fabric that curtained the play box. Paul and I could see through and around the three men. In this small area the couple, the good looking ones from the dance floor, they were playing with another man – a private threesome with a new friend, a stranger. She was sucking on her guest lovers big prick, spit oozing from around her mouth. She was moaning muffled as her other lover, the one she came with, was stuffing his handsome member deep into her wet pussy.

Those three voyeuristic men standing outside the cubicle, they noticed I was there watching too. I know the way the male mind works, especially when it comes to sex. Noticing me, they had hi hopes. They graciously parted so I could get a better look. They wanted me turned on and that I was. They wanted me to loose control. We’ll see, I thought. I held Paul’s hand and we inched forward. One of the guys gently pulled back the curtain ever so little giving Paul and I a better view. The threesome was changing positions. The girl was getting up and straddling her invited lover, she grabbed his healthy prick and plunged down moaning, “uuuuuuhhhhhh.” Her Spaniard lover moved to suckle her ample breasts and I could see him gently teeth her enlarged nipple. I was getting fucking hot now. My upper chest was tightening and my breathing was getting labored – my heart pounded and my knees were getting week. As I let go of Paul’s hand and habitually reached for his dick, still under his towel, I felt a hard fleshy probe moving against my towel draped ass. Paul was clueless, he was enraptured watching the greedy threesome – his cock hard in my right hand. I looked over my shoulder. The dick on my ass belonged to Ron. Couldn’t I have guessed? I thought what the hell and reached back with my left hand and fondled this strangers rod. It felt nice. Maybe he was charming enough. kaçak iddaa I felt my wetness leaving my pussy and making its way down my leg. I focused on the threesome the beauty rising up and down on her lovers cock. The Spaniard had now moved around behind her. He pushed her upper torso forward, bent down and rammed his tongue deep in her ass. As she gasped, so did I. The two cocks I held, one in each hand jerked at the same time. I felt wonderful.

Paul’s left hand made its way back toward my pussy. He turned and looked me in the eyes not believing how wet I had become. His hand easily slipped two fingers inside. Now I was nearing a point of no return. Ron too began to paw me from behind. His hands lifted the hem of my towel and massaged my ass. The Threesome in the cubical were starting to climax the girl bucking wildly and nearly screaming and moaning as she humped her temporary lover. Her Spaniard lover still piercing her asshole with his tongue. As she came so did the cock inside her pussy but she was humping so wildly the cock sprang free and began to bath the underside of the Spaniards chin. This sent him over the edge. With man cum dripping from his chin the dark Spaniard quickly made his way to standing position in front of his girl friend. Jerking his cock close to her lips he let fly a huge stream of his own chism straight onto her eagerly awaiting face. She, still moaning loudly, winced as cum shot into one of her eyes. Below her cum oozed out of her gaping wet hole the lover beneath her spent and smiling.

As all this took place in front of Paul and I nearly came too but the other men, jerking there hard dicks, quit and broke into applause. The now bewildered threesome who had no idea they were being watched turned and grinned, excepting the applause. I then let go of my man meat and put my hands together, just regaining my composure. Paul’s hand left my bush and he applauded to. My first orgasm of the evening would have to wait.

Paul tugged at my hand. I adjusted my towel and winked at Ron leaving him in the revelry. We rounded the corner. More people had arrived upstairs. We made a left into the semi-private, couples only, group room where we closed the door. There were two large beds and a big sofa there. The light was low but not too low. A boogie box/radio played some nice sexy jazz. On one bed was an older woman, thin and not unattractive with short blonde, choppy hair. She, facing us as we entered was lowering herself onto the absolutely huge dick of a black man. Not an African American black man. An African black man. He was tall, thin, very muscled and dark – real dark. His dick, when exposed and not in this white woman’s gaping pussy almost looked purple. It was wet and shiny. A sticky purple/black dick. The short haired blonde rode him, her back to him, her eyes wide, first following us entering the room then back to her husband who was at the foot of the bed and whacking himself off. On the other bed a rather strange couple lounged, reclining and watching the goings on. I say strange because there was an rather pronounced age difference, The girl, who had medium length, dark hair, great medium sized slopping tits with great pointed nipples and a thin well proportion body – was very young looking, maybe 20 at the most. She had wonderful olive skin and appeared to be Greek. Very pretty. The man was about 53, at least. He had a thin body but it wasn’t in great shape. Hell, he had tits about as big as hers. He also had dark hair but get this – he had a wig or at least a big ass hair piece on. A gold chain added to his strangeness. Paul and I sat down on the couch and took the whole thing in.

It was just about a minute when this hair pieced gent turned to me and said, pointing at his apparent partner, “you are beautiful and my lady would like to be with you.” Heck, she was cute – and I still needed my first nut. I turned to Paul and asked him with my eyes. He just pushed me toward her, taking my towel off as I went . Her eyes sparkled as we kissed. Her tongue and mine softly fighting for feeling flesh. She pushed me down and my back and was between my legs in no time. Her mouth felt great on and in my pussy. I just closed my eyes and moaned. Paul got up and holding his member came over for a closer look. He stroked his cock with his left hand and rubbed the back of the pretty girl between my legs with his right hand. All the while the African and the blonde in the other bed kept going at it – she was moaning loudly now, her husband continued to beat off. My new female lover pulled her knees up under her for a better angle. I pulled my knees up and spread them wide. I saw Paul run his hand down the crack of her ass and stick a finger in her pussy. I could feel her moan into my wanting pussy.

Right about then “the couple,” entered the room. Yes, that couple, the great looking ones. They were completely naked. They too started by sitting on the couch but I guess my little Greek beauty’s ass, sticking up like that with my husbands fingers embedded in it was too much for “miss great looking,” to handle. She got her brunette headed body of the couch, leaving her dark haired lover, came over to the bed we were on and got down and started eating out my Greek babes ass. Paul had to remove his kaçak bahis fingers. I was a little miffed, a little jealous. But, I still had the Greek girls mouth on my pussy. I still was climbing toward my first orgasm. Paul took advantage of the situation. He now had a new and very beautiful ass in front of him, just a little further reach. Still standing and stroking his meat, he leaned in and put one knee on the bed – he later told me he tried to fist fuck the long, dark haired beauty. I heard her muffled moaning but could not see what Paul was doing to her. I glanced to my left and noticed that the hair piece guy was siting right next to me. I tell you – I was so fucking horny. I saw his dick, it could have been any dick at that point. I bent up, moved a little to the left and sunk my lips over his scrawny cock. It sprang to life under my masterful manipulations. About that time, this all seemed like it was happening at once – it was building toward a grand climax – the dark male over of the long haired brunette got off the couch. He grabbed his girl friends legs and spun her over onto her back. Paul’s hand again lost its favored place. The dark one simply grabbed his ver large dick and rammed it into the brunette.

You got the picture? The dark guy screwing his babe of a brunette girl friend – she on her back eating away between the legs of the young Greek beauty who had my legs up in the air and her tongue in my pussy – as I suck the old wig hatted fart while my husband is just standing there and beating off. All the while the other threesome in the other bed, the blonde, the African and her husband were going at it too.

Moans of ecstasy filled the room. Single men kept opening the door for a peek or more. Paul would shoe them away reminding them that this was an invitation only room. They were polite about it.

Even though I desperately wanted to cum, I was thinking about Paul, just whacking himself. I gave up on the old guy, her was cool and tried to concentrate on the cute mouth between my legs. That’s when babe bitch brunette took over and flipped the Greek cutie over and away from me and my pussy, my needs. That bitch. Paul cam to me to cuddle. We watched them go at it for a while – until the Greek cutie came all over the place. The close cropped blonde came over and told me that she just had to suck Paul’s beautiful big dick. I said, “go ahead.” She attacked him with her mouth, sucking hard, too hard. Paul made a cross eyed look at me but was polite and let her go at it for a couple of minutes. What a man.

Finally, we found ourselves alone on the bed. Most folks had left the room. Only the African guy, now siting on the couch was there. And another couple, a new couple, I don’t know when they got there – they were in the room on the other bed. Paul was fucking me. I was on my back and he was pulling me toward him onto his waiting rod. He motioned to the African whose dick was still limp yet still fat. He came on over and knelt to my left side. He moved his cock closer to my mouth. I grabbed it and put it between my lips – it grew. He started to move, to pump into my eager mouth. Paul was fucking me good now. Paul knew I’d never had a black dick. Oh, I’ve had big dicks – just not black dicks. Paul nodded toward me and cocked his head in the direction of our new partner. I motioned that it was okay with me. Paul asked the guys if he wanted to trade places. He said sure. This magnificent black African stud was between my legs but he’d gone soft. He’d had a pretty good work out earlier. I kind of made a frown at him as he tried to stuff his huge limp dick into me and he said, “hey, I’m sorry I think I need a little rest,” in a thick accent. Gosh! I began to think I wasn’t going to cum on this fun night.

The African left the room leaving just us and this new couple. Paul and I went back to the couch. They asked if we wanted to play. They looked good. Not unlike us but darker and he had a bit more weight than I usually like. None the less, I was still super horny and neither I, nor Paul had cum yet. It was time to cum.

I started right in on the guy – orally. Paul rubbed her back, fingered her pussy (Was this his favorite thing now?) and she orally nuzzled up my ass and pussy. It felt great and I was getting high again – on sex. Finally I really needed a dick in me and I needed it – right fucking now. The girl knew what I needed and she turned to Paul and said, ” Would you please fuck this woman, fuck your wife, fuck the shit out of her?” Paul got between my legs and started pumping his wonderful dick into my juicy love hole. I loved it. The husband, the guy I was sucking off (I presumed that he was her husband) he sort of “got lost.” He was watching somewhere. She (the wife) now was rubbing Paul’s back of all things, kissing him and whispering to him to fuck me, make me cum and for him to cum – she wanted to see his dick spurt. Paul was feeling good, I guess all her coaching was pushing him along. Paul announced that he was about to cum. She said, “Let me see, let me see baby.” Paul pulled out and started stroking his super hard reddened cock. I love to watch my husband jerk off and cum – I was delighted, I began to rub myself. Paul was all there, all of a sudden he said, “Here it cums ladies.” Big jets of sperm spurted from the end of his big pink dick. Our guest partner, she bent down and licked at the head of his dick. She rubbed his balls until he was completely drained. And, as it goes, things quickly cooled down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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