Mart 27, 2021

Trouble in New Orleans Ch. 04

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The Midnight Muse

Fucking in the shower was everything Jane had hoped it would be. There was a convenient table-height wall next to the showerhead that overlooked the tub. Vince bent Jane over it and was fucking her from behind as warm water poured down their bodies. It was relaxing and erotic. Jane was twitching and gasping as Vince skillfully fucked her sore body.

He groaned in delight as he leaned against her soft back so he could massage her clit. There was a mirror over the tub that Vince could see Jane’s beautiful face and tits in. His body was ebbing closer to orgasm as he watched her breasts bouncing against the tiles of the wall. Her mouth was open as she panted in ecstasy on his cock. Whoever designed the bathroom knew what they were doing.

“Oh god, Vince. Fuck me harder,” she groaned as she clutched at the edge of the wall. She was really close to orgasm.

“I thought you were in pain,” he whispered with a smirk as he watched the pleasure on her face.

“A little pain feels good sometimes,” she confessed with her insides tingling madly.

“Do you want me to experiment a little?” he whispered against her ear.

“Sure, just fuck me harder while you do it,” she half begged.

“As you wish,” he groaned as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Then he started pounding her.

“Ah! God, yes,” she whimpered as he roughed her up.

Her tits were shaking wildly as he drilled her like a machine. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she trembled on the edge of orgasm. Her tits were too enticing for Vince. He released her hair and quickly grabbed her breasts and used them as handles as he continued to pound her.

“Holy fuck,” Jane whimpered as a toe-curling orgasm tensed every muscle in her body.

Vince’s cock pounding through her sore muscles was like being stabbed with pure pleasure. She gasped hard and made many ecstasy wrought noises as he worked her through the orgasm. He groaned loudly a few seconds later and slowed his fucking as orgasm stole his breath for a moment. His body twitched and jerked with pleasure as he filled Jane’s cunt with cum for the third time that evening.

“Holy fuck is right,” he panted with a shudder as he squeezed her beautiful tits and kissed her sweaty back.

“Oh my god, that was wild. I need a nap,” she groaned as she laid her head on the wall to rest.

“Me too. Let’s get cleaned up and find you some ibuprofen. I think you’ll need it after that,” he said with a smirk as he pulled out of her cunt. She was very red and swollen. The sight of her made him tingle even though he was spent.

“Oh shit, I’m really sore,” she chuckled as she slowly raised up and stepped into the shower to wash the sweat and cum off her body.

Once they were dry, they curled up in bed together and fell fast asleep. Jane woke the next morning when she felt something tickle her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Vince’s beautiful face inches from hers. He smiled at her as he continued to run his fingertips over her soft skin.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered.

“Good morning, handsome,” she said as she scooted forward and kissed his inviting mouth.

He moaned softly as he ran his fingers into her hair and pulled her lips tighter against his. Jane smiled against his kiss as she enjoyed his warmth and smell. She had discovered a whole new world of pleasure on her vacation.

“Damn,” Vince chuckled a second later as he drew away from her.

“What?” she asked in confusion.

“My ass muscles are sore. You gave me an excellent workout,” he said with a huge grin.

“Wow, I feel accomplished by that,” she said in approval.

“How does your body feel this morning?” he whispered as he leaned in and kissed her again.

“Sore all over,” she mumbled against his kiss.

“So, no morning-fuck?” he asked in disappointment.

“Sorry, I think I should at least wait until the afternoon,” she sighed as she reached between her legs and touched her tender skin.

“Don’t apologize. I’m disappointed that I can’t pleasure you again this morning. You deserve so much pampering,” he whispered as he massaged her beautiful breasts.

“Vince, you’re making me horny again,” she groaned as she touched her clit and gently massaged it. She was sore there too.

“Sorry,” he said with a smirk as he leaned in and kissed her.

She moaned against his kiss as she massaged herself a little harder. She slid a finger between her lips and spread her growing arousal over her sore skin. It eased the ache a little.

“I like watching you play with yourself,” he whispered as he lifted up the sheet and looked down to enjoy the show.

“I like you watching me,” she whispered with a smile.

“That gives me an idea,” he said as he tossed the sheet off of them. “Lie on your back and rub yourself for me,” he said as he sat up and stroked his erection.

She smiled and rolled onto her back and spread her beautiful legs. She looked at Vince as she began massaging her clit again. He bahis firmaları smiled and quickly crawled between her legs and stood on his knees. She watched in surprise as he began stroking his cock over her cunt. She tingled at the provocative sight.

“Hmm, I like this,” she whispered as she slid her finger into her cunt right along with Vince’s stroking.

“I think I have the best view,” he admitted. His face and neck were covered in blush.

“Vince, will you massage my cunt with your tip as I massage my clit? You know, like you did in the hot tub that night.”

“Sure,” he said with a grin as he lowered himself down enough to touch his tip to her red opening.

She moaned as he pressed his soft skin against her sore pussy. It felt good on the outside. She shuddered as she massaged her clit. He was gently rubbing his tip up and down along her opening, slipping between her lips a little each time.

“That’s really nice,” she sighed with her body tingling.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered as he admired her tits and cunt. “How else do you want me to pleasure you, Jane? What would make you hotter right now?”

“Hmm, I really liked it when you came just inside my lips that first night. It makes me hot just thinking about it,” she said with a smile.

“That also makes me hot,” he confessed as he began stroking himself harder. He pushed his tip firmly against her opening.

Jane shuddered as she felt him pumping his cock, intending to soak her cunt again. She rubbed herself harder as she watched his unsteady breathing. His eyes were glued to her pussy as he worked himself closer to the edge.

Vince groaned loudly a few seconds later and his body tensed as he worked himself to orgasm. He pressed his tip into her wet opening, allowing his cum to explode inside her. Jane groaned in delight to feel his heat flooding her cunt again. It quickly pushed her over the edge. She gasped and tensed as orgasm crashed through her body. She quickly buried her fingers in her cunt and rubbed Vince’s cum deeper. She massaged her inner muscles with it until she was breathless.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Vince breathed as he admired her lewd display.

“Your cum is hot. It makes me very slippery,” she said with a smile as she continued to finger herself.

“Your pussy is so red, it looks angry,” he said as he watched her. He was still gently stroking himself to the show.

“It feels angry. I’ve abused it for two days straight,” she sighed as she ceased her rubbing and relaxed.

Vince smiled and plopped down next to her to rest.

“I’m hungry. Would you like to go somewhere for breakfast?” he asked.

“I’m feeling lazy. Let’s just eat in the room. I budgeted some extra cash specifically for room service since I’ve never gotten it before,” she said with a smile as she reached for the menu on the nightstand.

Twenty minutes later, they were enjoying a breakfast feast. They had chocolate crepes with strawberries, eggs Benedict, French toast, and a fruit tray. They also had a small collection of boutique coffees that came with the in-room breakfast.

“Holy shit. This is the life,” Jane mumbled with her mouth full of crepe.

“Seriously, you know how to show a man a good time,” he said with a grin.

Suddenly, Vince’s phone rang, and he jumped up to answer it. He excused himself into the bathroom to take the call, closing the door behind him. That sparked Jane’s curiosity. She jumped off the bed and stuck her ear to the door.

“What is it, Julian?” he grumbled in a hushed voice.

Jane smashed her ear tight against the door and stopped chewing her toast so she could hear better.

“Why?” Vince continued in irritation. “Are you fucking serious?” he demanded in disbelief. “Fine. I’ll meet you at the club in an hour,” he grumbled.

Jane gasped and scrambled back to the bed where they had been eating before he emerged from the bathroom.

“Sorry about that. Work crap,” he sighed as he returned to the bed and picked up a piece of toast.

“No problem. What would you like to do after breakfast?” she asked.

“I would love to show you around the French Quarter, but I need to head to work. Tory hurt his ankle and can’t train the new dancer. This really sucks. I was hoping to have the day off for once,” he sighed.

“Oh, that does suck,” she grumbled in disappointment.

“I should be free tomorrow, though. Caleb will be back in town to help with training.”

“I guess that’s good. It will give my pussy a rest day.”

Vince laughed and leaned over the breakfast tray for a sticky kiss. They finished breakfast and had a long kiss goodbye before Vince made his exit. Jane cleaned up her bed and relaxed on it with her phone. She texted Diane to see where she was before she texted her mom with a vacation update. She had been lying through her teeth about her daily activities. Diane texted back, saying she and Collin had just entered the hotel. She arrived in the room a few minutes later, wearing a huge smile. She kaçak iddaa looked completely bedraggled.

“I fucking love New Orleans,” she sighed as she fell on her bed to rest.

“No kidding, there’s some leftover breakfast under that tray on the table. Vince had to leave early for work and didn’t finish his crepes.”

“Vince was here?” Diane asked as she sat up and looked at Jane with wide eyes.

“All night,” she said with a huge grin.

“Tell me everything,” she insisted as she hopped up and retrieved the breakfast tray.

Diane finished Vince’s breakfast as Jane told her what happened at the strip club after the show.

“Holy shit… Julian fucked you, too?” she asked in astonishment.

“He did. I agreed to do it for Vince. Apparently, fucking me is worth five thousand dollars.”

“Oh my god. I leave you alone for a few hours, and you turn into a complete slut. I’m proud of you,” she chuckled.

“My cunt is so sore. Being a slut is painful. I also have a favor to ask. Can you pick Collin’s brain about Vince and Julian’s relationship?”

“Sure. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I overheard Vince talking with Julian on the phone earlier. I was eavesdropping, to be honest. Julian is making Vince meet him at the club for some reason. Julian implied Vince was off the hook with him for a few weeks after he fucked me, but him calling Vince first thing this morning makes me think otherwise.”

After a nap and a shower, Diane was ready to escort Jane to the hotel pool. They were hoping to lure Collin over for a conversation with their skimpy bikinis. He took the bate and brought them some drinks five minutes after they arrived.

“So, Collin, I’m curious. How do you and Vince know Julian?” Diane asked as he sat on the end of her sun chair.

“God, where to begin? He’s been bossing us around for years. Vince got in deep with Julian four years ago. He hasn’t left him alone since. Julian is a liaison between all the major clubs in the quarter. He’s a talent scout of sorts. He can take a random person off the street and have them working the next day. He’s a great person to know if you need money, but you’ll eventually regret meeting him,” he grumbled.

“What do you mean by that?” Jane asked.

“Well, look at Vince. He was dumb enough to borrow money from Julian and get on his shit-list. Julian’s goons will beat the shit out of Vince if he doesn’t drop everything when Julian calls. Sometimes, Julian will simply demand we do shit for him to get himself out of a tight spot. If a random wealthy client wants a male stripper in the middle of the night, who do you think Julian calls?” he asked as he looked at Jane.

“Vince,” she sighed.


Jane and Diane wrapped up their pool visit once Collin went back to work. Jane wanted to get dressed and head straight to the Golden Rule Strip Club to look for Vince and Julian. Diane was preparing to talk her out of it, but Vince called Jane as soon as they arrived back in their room.

“Hey, Vince. What’s up?” Jane asked as she sat on her bed.

Diane waved at her and mouthed, “put it on speaker mode.” Jane rolled her eyes and hit the speaker button so Diane could listen.

“Hey, beautiful, sorry I rushed out so fast earlier. Julian invited Collin and me to a formal party for some new clients tonight. He does stuff like this for local clubs a few times a year. This particular party is going to be posh. He requested that we invite you and Diane for a champagne tasting. Would you ladies be interested in something like that?” he asked.

Diane threw up her hands and gave Jane two enthusiastic thumbs-up as she bounced up and down in front of her. Her left tit bounced right out of her bikini in her excitement. Jane had to stifle a laugh.

“Oh, um, sure. That sounds fabulous,” she said with a huge grin.

“Great! Uh, you two should wear something a little nicer than what you wore to the Golden Rule. Nothing crazy. If you need extra cash for some new outfits, I can have Julian send it over.”

Diane squealed with excitement as Jane ended the call.

“God, Diane, act like a toddler much?” Jane laughed.

“This is going to be amazing! We’re going to a champagne tasting. How fucking swank is that?” she chuckled as she stripped to put on some normal clothes. “Get dressed, Jane. We’re going shopping. I want a red dress this time.”

Later that evening, Jane and Diane were rocking their new outfits as they headed down to the hotel lobby to meet up with Collin and Vince. Jane was wearing a tiny silver dress that rode high on her thighs and low over her cleavage. Diane had a similar style dress that shimmered with tiny red sequins.

“Girl, we look delicious,” Diane said with a huge grin as she admired their dresses in the elevator mirrors.

They stepped out of the elevator and stopped short to admire the handsome men waiting for them. Vince and Collin were dressed in different kinds of tuxedos. Collin had a traditional tux with a black bow-tie and white shirt under kaçak bahis a black suit. Vince had a black satin shirt and bow-tie under a deep burgundy suit.

“Oh, we’re not the only ones that look delicious,” Diane said as she stepped over to Collin and kissed him in greeting.

Jane blushed as she approached Vince. He was staring at her with a look of amazement on his face.

“You look more beautiful every time I see you,” he whispered before he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He drew away a few seconds later and sighed. “We should get going. The club is two blocks northwest from here. Can you walk that far in those heels?” he asked with a smirk as he examined Jane’s tall silver pumps.

“No problem. Any further than that, and you’ll have to carry me,” she warned.

They made their way through the ruckus of Bourbon Street and along the less busy streets of the French Quarter’s northwest side. Jane was confused as they entered an unmarked door on an unremarkable building next to an old church.

“A swank club is in here?” she asked doubtfully as they walked down a homely stone hallway.

“Wait and see,” Vince said with a smile as he pushed a squeaky door open at the end of the hall.

They stepped into a remarkable stone room with arched ceilings. It had moody inset lighting that cast sweeping shadows over the pale stones. It looked like an old wine cellar that had been renovated into an entertainment room. Luxurious dark couches were set in a circle around a large cushioned ottoman. The over-sized round ottoman held two trays of champagne glasses. A few well-dressed people were chatting in the back of the room.

“This is fucking awesome,” Diane whispered over Jane’s shoulder as they admired the room.

Julian stepped away from the people in the back and approached their group.

“Good evening, my friends. It’s wonderful to see you again,” he said with a smile as he walked over. “It’s especially good seeing you again,” he whispered as he picked up Jane’s hand and kissed it.

Jane blushed as she admired Julian. His sharp tuxedo made him look just as handsome as Vince and Collin.

“Wow, Julian, you have excellent taste,” announced a beautiful dark-skinned woman as she walked up beside him.

“Thank you, my love,” Julian said as he wrapped his arm around her. “Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Vivian. Vivian, this is Collin, Vince, Diane, and Jane,” he explained as he pointed everyone out.

Jane looked at the elegant woman in amazement. She had large dark eyes and a small featured face. Her hair was jet black and styled around her head in a beautiful pixie cut. She was wearing a simple black sequin dress that hugged her luscious curves perfectly.

“It’s wonderful to meet you all. I’m hosting this champagne tasting for some new clients. Julian helped me throw it together. Come with me. I’ll introduce everyone,” she said before she turned and led them over to the men in the back of the room.

The handsome men greeted their group with smiles. Vivian introduced the blonde man as Dylan and the dark-haired man as Tony. They were both fairly attractive but much older than their group. They looked to be in their mid to late thirties. There was also a handsome waiter in their company holding a tray of delicious looking snacks and champagne. Vivian politely introduced him as Jake.

“Jake will be serving us tonight. He’ll also be keeping track of our favorite champagnes,” Vivian explained. “Please, everyone, find a seat and get to know each other.”

The small party gathered on the couches around the ottoman to enjoy their first bottle of champagne. Everyone chatted about a range of different things. The conversation mostly centered around the French Quarter and its many attractions. Dylan and Tony seemed interested in the Golden Rule Strip Club and how well it was generating business. Jane and Diane bragged about their amazing experiences there. Jane left out the part where Vince and Julian fucked her in the back room.

Vivian had been consistently smiling at Jane that night. It made her wonder if Julian had said something about their interlude at the strip club.

Vivian eventually gave Julian a knowing smile before she excused herself, Dylan, and Tony from the party. They were going to select the next bottle of champagne from Vivian’s personal collection. Once they were out of the room, Julian stood to face everyone.

“Are you guys enjoying the drinks and company so far?” he asked curiously.

“I am. This is awesome! Thanks for inviting us,” Diane said as she finished off her second glass of champagne.

“This is really nice. Thanks, Julian,” Jane agreed as she munched on a chocolate-covered strawberry.

“Excellent,” Julian said with a pleased smile. “I have a proposition for you all. Dylan and Tony have offered Vivian and me a substantial amount of money to help them put together a new club in the French Quarter. We’re thinking about calling it The Midnight Muse. It will be a champagne bar like this one but on a larger scale. They’ll be more private rooms like this one inside a bigger building. The clients get to select who they want to hang out with before the more lucrative entertainment begins,” he said with a devilish grin.

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