Mayıs 28, 2021

Trixi Visits LA

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Trixi feverishly pushed him onto the couch. Knowing he would take too long, she quickly lost her shirt and was working on her bra as he stared at her in amazement. Never had a girl taken the reigns with Jordan, he had always had to do the work… most of his girlfriends just laid there moaning. I mean, he was good, but never had he had someone push him onto anything, let alone something other than a bed. By the time he got his memories out of his head and started to focus on what was currently happening, he looked up to see Trixi, naked, and trying to get him out of his pants. Her breasts swayed as she mischievously unbuttoned his pants and earnestly tried to lower them. Jordan lifted his hips as a smile spread across his face. She pulled his boxers down, his cock springing free and slapping his firm abs. Trixi reached up and thumbed over the tip before continuing removing his pants and boxers in one fail swoop. He moaned and let his head fall back onto the couch. Soon he felt her hands massaging his thighs, her hot breath on his thick dick. Her tongue darted out to touch the base of his erection; he lifted his head to see her smiling face looking at him. She winked as her tongue, pressed firmly against him, continued toward his head. Swirling her tongue around the tip, he groaned nodding at her. She took her cue, pulled his cock until it was straight up, kissed the head and opened her mouth to slide it in. Just after the head was engulfed in Trixi’s hot mouth…

“Good morning LA! It’s a hot and sunny Wednesday at 6am! For all of you heading to work, there are several accidents on-” Jordan slapped his alarm clock.

“Fuck. Couldn’t that once not be my ex-girlfriend, or at least can you please God, let me get my blow job??” Sighing, Jordan kicked off the sheet and climbed out of bed. Looking down at his hard-on, he whimpered as he walked to the bathroom. Twisting the doorknob, he opened the door to find his long curly haired brunette roommate Roxanne, stepping out of the shower naked. Jordan scanned her body, her breasts hanging slightly but still perky. Her nipples were hard from the cold and as his eyes dropped, he could see that she had decided to shave herself into prepubescence. Reaching for her towel, she saw his reflection in the mirror. Her face turned red as she glanced in Jordan’s direction, as to see if he was really standing there.

“Oh, my God,” he whispered looking abruptly away after their eyes locked. Jordan’s face flushed red while he tried to cover his still hard cock with his hands. A naked woman about 3 feet from him wasn’t helping.

“Damn it, Jordan! Fucking knock!” Roxanne screamed as she grabbed her towel and jumped back into the shower.

“Um, I’m sorry Rox. I’ll, uh, wait until you’re done.” Jordan yelled through the door he just closed. He sat on his bed waiting until he heard the other door slam as Rox called him every name she could think of. He closed his eyes as if to clear his mind, but all he got was pictures of Roxanne and Trixi jumbling in his mind. “Cold shower it is.”

Standing and walking to the shower, he sighed as his view of his feet was obstructed with something he wished every woman would love to have thrusting into them. Then smiling as his dick swayed back and forth as he walked into the bathroom. The little things in life, he reminded himself. Making his way to the bathroom, he swiveled his hips, making lightsabor noises has his penis cut through the air. Turning on the water, he shortly found that he would actually have to take a cold shower because Roxanne had used all the hot water. Groaning as he forced himself under the ice cold stream of water, “Thanks God! I get it now.”

Dressed, full (although breakfast was more awkward then not), and ready to face another 2 hours in traffic, Jordan grabbed his keys and briskly walked down the stairs of his apartment. Once on his Ninja, he tore out of the parking lot trying to not think of naked girls. By the time he made is 25 mile commute to his small cubical he could call his, and only his, Jordan had 17 emails. No he didn’t want to enlarge his penis, but thanks for asking. Really? Bigger boobs, please! If he wanted an erection to last more than 3 hours, he would have asked. One, however, caught his eye:Hey, hey stranger! How’s Cali??Intrigued, he opened the email. It was none other than his glorious cock-sucker of his dream, Trixi. Karma was not on his side. Apparently, she was coming to visit him, because she thought that friends should see each other once a year, and their deadline was quickly approaching. Hitting the reply button, he expressed his happiness to see her once again and reminded her that she could also bring her boyfriend or a friend, if she should so chose. Time couldn’t go fast enough; waiting for work to end was boring! He wanted to be home and work off some of this… tension… he was definitely feeling. Soon, during the scheduled morning caffeine break, Jordan decided a nap would be much better than a cup of joe that was sure to give his already racing bahis firmaları heart a heart-attack.

She wrapped her hand round his cock, “Mmmmmmm, is this for me?” Trixi whispered in his ear. He nodded and waited for her moan. It came in a soft growl that made him jump in her hand. “I know where that would feel great…” He arched an eyebrow, no longer willing to be passive.

“Where would it feel great?” He whispered back to her.

“Here, here, and please here.” She said as she sucked on her finger, then let it trail between her perky breasts. She squeezed and kneaded her breasts while thumbing her nipples. Lastly, she landed between her legs, alternating between rubbing her clit and slamming her fingers into her pussy. If he could get any harder, he did. He replaced her hand with his own.

“Here?” he asked as he thrust his fingers into her.

“PLEASE!” she moaned as her head rolled back. She slowly lifted her head back up, bit her lower lip while trying to not show her sneaky smile, and asked in such an innocent way, “Fuck me?”

“Dude? You ok” Shawn asked. Jordan’s eyes flickered open to a sight he really didn’t want to see. His cubical neighbor had poked his head above the wall and caught him napping. Good thing he couldn’t see under his desk; that would make it to the water cooler in about point five.

“Uh, yeah. Fine. What’s up?” asked Jordan.

“Boss called a meeting 10 minutes ago, he sent out reinforcements to get you.”

“Nah, that meeting wasn’t until 2pm.”

“It’s 2:12 now. How about I tell him you were up-chucking in the toilet and I told you to go home?” Shawn suggested.

“Great. I’ll sneak out after I get shit together to work on at home.” Jordan responded.

“Okay, bye man. Get some rest or something. You look like shit.” Shawn said over his shoulder as he walked to the conference room. Jordan moaned and logged onto his email before shutting down the computer. Trixi had replied that she was, in fact, single and was going to be flying in that very night.

“Great!”He thought.”Not only do I have to put up with her in my dreams, she’ll be her in the flesh in… less than 3 hours? Do I have to pick her up? Should I meet her at the airport? Ah! Time to ask the roomie.”The thought of his roommate made his cock throb harder. Not that he had any interest in her, she was a raging bitch most days, but her body was a ticking bomb. Curly hair, perky breasts that begged to be sucked. He stopped himself from daydreaming and stood up. Good thing everyone was in the meeting because there was no denying the tent in his pants. Readjusting his cock, he grabbed his keys and made a hurried run to the door.

Out in the bright afternoon sun, he squinted and started toward his bike. He didn’t have much time; and with traffic, let’s just say he’d have to call Roxanne on his drive there. Taking out his cell, he punched 3 and listened to the speed-dial go through.

“This better be fucking good.” Roxanne hissed into the phone. Little did he know that he was interrupting her afternoon masturbation session. Seeing him this morning had her worked up more than ever.

“Good afternoon to you too. Um, I had a quick question. If your friend was coming into town, flying that is, would you meet her, or him, at the airport?” He stammered.

She let out a sigh and then said, “Depends on the friend. If it’s someone I want to screw, then yes. Or if I know they weren’t renting a car. Why? Someone coming?”

“Yeah… Trixi is visiting. Just found out this morning.” Jordan almost whispered.

“Please tell me she isn’t staying here…” Roxanne almost pleaded. Jordan knew the two never got along. Roxanne used to have a thing for him and he dating Trixi put a huge dent in her plans. He thought it was just an old grudge. Roxanne, however, thought living with her might change his mind. She enjoyed the accidentally peeping-Jordan this morning, although she would never let him know that.

“I don’t think so. I’m swinging by the apartment to pick up my car then heading to LAX, the plane arrives in about,” he glanced at his watch, “about 2 and half hours. I’m hoping to make it on time. Traffic is, well, you know, a parking lot.” Jordan told Roxanne as he mounted his Ninja.

“Good luck with that, Mr. Peeping Tom. Let me know if I’m going to have to entertain two people staring at me after my shower, k? I’ll be sure to shave.” Roxanne purred disdainfully into the phone. Jordan rolled his eyes and said his goodbyes. As he shoved his phone in his pocket and put on his helmet, he concentrated on the task ahead: getting to LAX in a little over 2 hours.

Sitting right outside the security gate, Jordan glanced again at the TV screen displaying the flights. Her flight was right on time and people were spilling from the concourse, but no Trixi. He started to laugh, he actually felt slightly sad. Is hopes had be up, even without him really knowing. Jordan walked to get a quick drink from the fountain and then started to walk back to his seat. kaçak iddaa Sitting, he people watched, a past time both had shared. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a pair of sexy legs attached to a magenta mini skirt with black poka-dots. He didn’t know whether to laugh or wolf whistle. He looked higher, seeing a chest-hugging World of Warcraft t-shirt. Jordan’s draw dropped as he finally saw Trixi’s smile and blue eyes coming into view.

“Hiya, Jordan.” Trixi said once she was in earshot.

“Hey, hey Trixi. How was your flight?” Jordan asked. Trixi gave him a hug and a knowing smile crossed her lips.

“You know how I looooove to fly.” She said as she rolled her eyes. “It’s good to see you though. I didn’t think you would pick me up or be on time.” The Mario Brothers theme trilled from Trixi’s phone. Sighing, she took out her cell phone and huffed, “my mom.” With that, she flipped open her phone and continued to walk toward baggage claim. Jordan took this opportunity to fall behind her and watch her lovely legs and ass. Trixi was never aware of her womanly curves or ability to unknowingly shake her ass as she walked, both of which he was drinking in as she talked to her mom. Too soon, Trixi snapped her phone shut and glanced back at Jordan. “Am I going the right…” She giggled and his face turned a little red, he was busted. He shrugged and guided her toward the baggage claim.

“So, ya look good, but some things haven’t changed, huh?” She said, slowing to meet up with him.

“Well, you look good too. Looks like you are wearing skirts now?” He asked.

“I thought it would be hot outside.” Trixi retorted. “How cold is it?”

“Eh, about 65 degrees, a little chilly to be wearing a short skirt.” Jordan said with a smile.

“It’s not that short, annnnddd I lost a bet. Never make a bet with the person taking you to the airport. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to my jeans and t-shirt in no time.” Trixi teased. They chatted about how life had been for them as they collected her suitcase and walked to his car. Once on the road, Trixi’s eyes were glued on the scenery around them, shivering every so often. She looked over at Jordan, “there is no way it is 65 degrees.”

He checked the temp on his cars dashboard, “you’re right, it’s only 61 degrees.”

“So, how long until we get to your apartment??” Trixi asked.

“Well, about 2 hours with this traffic, welcome to LA!” He stated. He glanced over and saw the wheels turning. “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing, just keep driving.” She said. Trixi reached into the backseat where her luggage was sitting. Keeping her seatbelt on, she turned her body around in the seat and bent over the center consol. As she opened and dug through her suitcase, Jordan couldn’t help but look at her ass, inches away from him.

“Uh, Trixi?”


“You know that you are wearing a skirt?”

“Yeah, so?”

“… and black boyshort panties?” With Jordan’s observation, Trixi reached back and pulled her skirt down.

“Fixed.” She stated as she grabbed her jeans and a zip-up hoodie she finally found in her suitcase. Jordan eyed her suspiciously. Trixi just smiled and answered the unasked question floating in Jordan’s head. “It’s cold, and I’m not sitting in here for 2 hours. So, I have jeans and a hoodie in my suitcase and I’m not driving, so I’ll change.”

“That’s never stopped you before.” Jordan remarked, bringing up her ability to change while driving. “But, Trixi, I don’t think-“

“Jordan, you’ve seen me naked. You’ve been inside me. I don’t think we should be coy. You?” She said, ignoring his pointed remark of what she could do behind the wheel, besides driving. At that, for the first time in a long time, Jordan was at a loss for words. “That’s what I thought.” Trixi finished as she lifted her hips and started to slide off her skirt. Jordan did his best not to stare, but he was a guy and a hot girl was getting close to naked in his front seat.

Trixi looked over and winked, “Just don’t crash, please.” Slowly pulling her skirt down to her ankles, she then bent to her feet to untangle her skirt and shoes. This gave Jordan a wonderful view of her ass. He forced his eyes back to the road. Putting her jeans on one leg at a time, Jordan tried to catch a peek at Trixi. As she pulled up her jeans with her hips lifted, her tits jiggled under her tight shirt as she squirmed into the snug jeans. Once the jeans were on, she slipped her shoes back on and slipped into her zip-up hoodie.

“There, much better! How’d ya like the show?” Trixi humorously asked.

“You’ve given me better.” Jordan said, easily taking a low-blow. Trixi arched her eyebrow in surprise. Now she had to win. Leaning close to whisper in Jordan’s ear, an idea came to Trixi.

“Well, let me see if this is better. What’s the other thing I do while driving?” Trixi asked in a sweet, sexy whisper.

“You wouldn’t…” Jordan asked, trailing off. He glanced over to see Trixi unbuttoning her jeans that she just put on. Lifting kaçak bahis her shirt until he could see the matching black bra, Jordan’s breath caught in his throat as she snaked her hand down her body and under the thin black material.

Trixi let her head fall back onto the headrest. He couldn’t see her fingers dance, but he could see her body twitch and a small moan escaped her lips. His cock swelled in his jeans as she lazily looked over at him. Her other hand mauled her breast as she arched her back. Between the gasps and moans, Trixi asked, “Is… this show… ooooh, better?”

Jordan gritted his teeth and willed himself to not listen. “Sure, why not?” He said calmly, letting his acting training help him seem unaffected. This didn’t go unnoticed by the almost orgasming Trixi. Attacking her clit beneath her jeans, her moans and jerks got louder and more pronounced. Jordan just looked ahead and sung classic rock in his head. Trixi would not let him get away with it. Looking down, she found one part of Jordan that couldn’t resist her. A smile grew on her lips as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“I wish my hand was your dick.” Trixi breathlessly said. Jordan stifled a moan. Trixi reached over and squeezed his cock, feeling it throb in her hand. Jordan moaned and his hand shot from the wheel to cover Trixi’s hand.

“Not a good idea.” Jordan said through gritted teeth. She released his penis and he released his hold on her hand. As he returned his hand to the wheel, he slightly wished that the drive would go faster. Trixi slyly returned to his crotch and this time, was lightly rubbing him. “Trixi…” he pleaded, “please…”

“I’ll stop, I’ll stop.” She responded, “just wanted to see if I could still get a rise out of you.” With that she zipped up her pants, lowered her shirt and turned on the music. “What was the radio station you were telling me about?” Jordan couldn’t take this. When did she learn to turn it on and off like a switch? He was the thing that could do that, not her. What was wrong with him? Her saw her for less than two hours and he was already ready to start everything all over again. He flicked the radio over to the rock station and the hour left of the drive was spent in silence as Trixi just watched out the window.

Pulling into his apartment complex, he prepared Trixi for what was to come. “So, um, my roommate Roxanne is at work. She gets off in about an hour or so. She doesn’t like most people, but she’ll act nice. Just thought I would let you know.”

“Thanks for the heads up. You can still see the mountains from here! I love it!” Trixi said, looking to her right.

“Yeah, it’s kinda cool.” Jordan said, parking and getting out of his car. He grabbed her suitcase and asked her to follow him. She protested all the way to the door. Jordan turned and looked pointedly at her. She sheepishly looked away. He unlocked his apartment door and ushered her in. “Make yourself at home, um, grand tour?”

“Sure!” Trixi yipped, dropping her carryon bag next to her suitcase. She headed straight toward the small kitchen. Jordan chuckled at her.

“How did I know?” he laughed. “Um, as you’ve clearly found, here is my small kitchen. Over here is the dining room and living room. Bathroom is straight ahead down here.” Jordan pointed out and started down the short hallway. Trixi followed along, trying to take everything in as he made comments about each room. Her eyebrows arching only when he explained the joining bedrooms, via the bathroom.

“Cool. I like it.” She encouraged, flopping on his bed. “Sounds like Cali fits you pretty good.”

“Yeah, I think it does.” Jordan responded as he sat beside her. “I enjoy the sunshine, I mean, how much did that ever happen in Indiana? Although I miss the storms and rain.” They both laughed.

“Oh, darn on all this sunshine and happiness. Damn.” Trixi teased.

“Hey, it’s not always fun. I have work and such.” Jordan retorted.

“Oh yeah, doing what you love with computers, such hard work!” Trixi playfully chased. Nudging his shoulder with hers.

“Like you have anything to say about that, little miss teacher.” Jordan teased, pushing her back. Trixi let out an “hmpf” and pushed him back. He playfully pushed her back. She pinched his side. He laughed and began tickling her. It had been too long since they just got to be goofy with each other. Everything that had happened felt as if it didn’t for a couple minutes. The tickling turned to wrestling and soon, Trixi took a cheap shot while being tickled, and gave his package a quick squeeze. Jordan’s face was that of a shocked one, he made a small squeeze play on her tit and laughed as she became determined and struggled against him more. She backed up away from him, even though he still held her wrists, making her way away from the edge of the bed to the center.

Trixi fell backwards as Jordan pushed her hands toward her. Now it was full on wrestling. Trixi squirmed as Jordan laughed in his envisioned victory. Trixi ground her hips into his pelvis that happened to be hovering right about her. Jordan stopped laughing and his eyes closed. His grip loosened slightly, leaving just enough time for Trixi to wiggled her way out, flip them over, and straddle him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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