Mayıs 28, 2021

Trilogy Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: Girl From Class

This girl had been in several of my classes at college, but she never paid much attention to me. Either she was playing hard to get or was flat out not interested. After a while I had just decided she was merely class eye-candy; fun to look at, looks tasty to the eye, but probably something I’ll never have on my tongue. I size her up every day before class, taking off one piece of clothing at a time. 5’6″, firm breasts, nicely sized ass, great legs, and the way she walks… Reow. Few weeks later I noticed a new diamond and gold band on her left hand. Oh-well… One more addition to the list of women never to have.

It’s a weekend now, about mid-semester, and I head to a club to unwind. Few double drinks and little sweat from dancing makes life better for the minute. The DJ is spinning a good high-energy mix when I spot the girl from class grinding with a guy I could only assume was her fiancé; he’s good looking, little taller than me and a lucky son of a bitch. She’s in a tight black skirt, a matching tight top with a little mid-drift showing. The bra she has on really shows off those wonderful breasts of hers. And from the looks of her skirt, there’s no underwear lines; she grinding out there with no underwear on. On that note, it’s officially time for another drink.

I’m off to the bar which is completely packed with people looking to put more alcohol in their system. As I’m leaning over the bar trying to get the attention of the bartender, someone gets my attention with a feminine hand down the front of my pants. A girl’s voice whispers in my ear, “Oh, you ARE as big as I thought you were” as she squeezes my hard-on güvenilir bahis in her hand. “I see you in class all the time, sitting there trying to calm down the hard-on you seem to always have.” If I wasn’t hard before, I for sure am now. I ask her if she’s interested in seeing more, and she says that she’s up for it for sure but that her fiancé is here. I suggest that she could drive me home, claiming to be taking an intoxicated friend home real quick; after all, there’s still a few hours before last call. “Ok” is the answer, and the hand leaves my pants. I turn around to see her walking away. God I love that ass; it just looks so good regardless of what angle you see it from.

A few hard minutes later, she’s back and alone again. She signals ‘come here’ with her forefinger, and I head her way. She leads me outside and into the neighboring parking lot; as we get there she presses me up against a light post and rubs her entire body against mine. The back of my brain screams this isn’t happening, but the rest of my body is enjoying it all. It’s a rush that’s just started and I don’t want it to stop. My left hand finds her hip, my right finds the back of her neck. As my left had creeps up I’m proved right: she’s not wearing any underwear. And wow is she wet. She grabs me by the shirt and drags me off to the grass on the side of the lot.

My left hand unsnaps her bra while my right helps the bra and shirt off all at once. Free of her shirt, she grabs each side of my shirt and pulls, ripping several buttons. Her lips find my exposed nipples causing my back to arch while unbuckling my pants. My hands unsnap the skirt, tossing it to the side. I’m türkçe bahis down to just a ripped button-up shirt with her completely naked and gorgeous body on top of me, rubbing and grinding furiously. Her wet crotch is dripping onto my hard-on, making me even more crazed. I roll us over, putting her on the bottom. I go down on her, licking that clit furiously, loving the taste and the smell. It fills my nostrils like a drug, and it’s hard to take. I come up, licking her nipples each in turn while beginning to thrust into her. She cries out, wanting more.

Another man and woman are leaving the club, talking a little loud. The woman from the couple turns her head and sees me fucking this girl’s brains out; she smiles, and keeps walking. I don’t think her date even noticed, but I know the girl beneath me didn’t. Her back is arched high, eyes closed, mouth open. Every time she orgasms she cries out slightly louder, and that only spurs me on. I pound into her again and again, gyrating my hips as I go. Her nails claw into my back, pushing me closer to the brink of orgasming. I try all I can to push it off, but it’s no use. I start to slow down, but she claws harder and looks me right in the eye.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

“I have to,” I reply as I thrust slowly.

She says, “Why?” Her eyes plead with me for an answer.

“You on birth control?”

“No, my fiancé always pulls out.”

“Then I for sure have to stop.”

She grabs me tight and rolls me to the bottom; once on top she starts of with a slow, purposeful pace. Her hips rocked back and forth, bringing me almost all the way out of her before slamming me back in to the hilt.

“No, güvenilir bahis siteleri you are going to cum inside of me.”

“But your not on any birth control. I have to stop.”

“NO, CUM IN ME.” Her hips started moving faster, and I had to fight for control.

“Is it a safe time of the month?”

“No, right now it’s mid-month. It’s the perfect time.” I started to speak, but she put a finger to my lips. And damn it she started to move me into and out of her warm, welcoming opening even faster. “My fiancé doesn’t want a child, but I do. I love him, but he won’t give me what I want. I need you to give me what I want right now. CUM. Cum HARD.”

Her tight cunt is wrapped firmly around me, pumping viciously. I managed to say, “You sure?”

“Yes. Please, cum deep inside of me. I’m ready.”

Just when I thought I really couldn’t hold it back any more, she squeezed her legs together causing her pussy to be even tighter. She saw me arch my back and claw her thighs as she tilted her head back and cried out, her own orgasm racking her body. Feeling all this was too much, and my entire body tensed as the rushing cum from deep inside set off a massive orgasm in me. I too cried out, still not believing this was happening. My cum burst out of me, emptying deep inside of her where her own seed awaited mine. My body convulsed with each tremor of my orgasm as she kept her murderous pace going, each shudder pushed more of my hot seed as far into her as possible. She looked down at me, smiling, slowly bringing her hips to a stop. A kiss on the lips, a “thank you”, and she was up to collect clothes.

“That’s exactly what I’ve wanted. I can still feel you, warm inside of me. Thank you.”

We parted as she returned to her fiancé she has a glow on her face now that just won’t go away. She’ll wink at me, but that’s all. Maybe one day she’ll have reason to thank me again…

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