Mart 26, 2021

Triad Ch. 02

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Licking Pussy

“What was that all about?”

“I’m not sure. She didn’t say anything all the way home. Just ‘Thank you I had a good time’ before she ran inside. I tried calling this morning, but just got voice mail.”

“Did I blow it for you two? I mean — she seemed to want us both. If she’d given any indication — I’d have gone home. But she acted like she wanted me there.”

“Yeah, I’m confused too. One minute I’m getting turned on, the next I’m driving her home.”

“I was too. I mean she had me hot, and then that was it. Do you think it was because she realized I was there? Or was that some kind of tease?”

“I really don’t know. At first I thought she liked both of us. It’s funny — I can see she likes you too, and oddly, I don’t feel jealousy. I suppose she’ll let us know what that was about when she’s ready.”

It was Sunday and the men were on Phil’s boat enjoying a sunny afternoon on the Sound. “I’ll call her again when we get in.”


“June of ’76. Mom said she’d gone to a party in Riverside and things got out of control. She never did say how many men she had that night. Just a lot. Maybe she never knew. But she went back to Philly and had me. That ended her college life. I guess Dad knew the truth when they married … he must have, ’cause Mom had me just months after they eloped. God, he really loved her.”

The nursery business was reasonably brisk into August and she was able to bury herself in work. Frank had called the next day, but she had cut the call short. He tried calling a couple more times, only to be rebuffed. The truck came back a month after the accident and she caught up on chores.

“Mom never said, but she must have regretted not finishing college. Look how hard she pushed me. I didn’t understand back then, I just thought she was trying to run my life …why did they start feeling me? Stop thinking about it – that was wrong … but, um, it felt good. Both of them, their hands … God, I got so wet! And their … cocks! Phil had something nice growing there. And the smell coming from Frank was, um, wow, what can I say?”

The concrete paths needed power washing and now that the truck was back she could rent a machine.

“Why did I get so turned on? Either man could turn me on, but two? Hmm, maybe Mom wasn’t as drunk as she said; just a little careless. Phil had me squirming and if that hand had gone any lower, I’d have been done. But I don’t know anything about him, a boat? Who has a boat?”


She heard a car pull into the yard, and an odd sounding horn. Curious, she walked around the building: there sat Frank in his sports car; a huge grin on his face. “Come on! I promised you a ride and I just picked her up from the shop. Let’s go see how she feels.”

“But the business …”

“It’s Wednesday, no one is shopping, and it’s a beautiful day. Come one, you know you want to.”

“Ohh, alright. Give me a few minutes while I clean up.”

A few minutes turned into twenty; and cleaned up became shorts and a blouse, light makeup and brushed hair.

The whistle that greeted her as she stepped out brought a smile to her lips. “So, do you think this is appropriate for a drive?”

“You may want a hat and sweater for later; but otherwise you’re perfect.” “In every sense of the word.”

“Oh you’re just saying that.” “What are you doing? If you get in that car…”

But she did get in. And they drove north and east into the hills. She was thrilled when they found the two lane roads with their twists and turns, the abrupt hills and short straights where Frank would hit the throttle, then slow for the next turn. He handled the wheel surely, and flicked the gears deftly. The “Braaap” of the exhaust sending shivers down her spine. Several times they stopped to admire a view out over the tree covered hills, the Cascades in the distance. At first they stood apart, then close, and soon Aurora found herself in Frank’s arms, and not long after that – kissing him longingly.

They stopped in Arlington for dinner, sitting in the corner of a tavern patio. Over succulent burgers and craft beer they talked; “Why did you suddenly want to go home that night?”

She sat quietly for several minutes; finally drawing her eyes back from the hills and scanning Frank’s face. “I ran because I didn’t want to stop … and that scared me.”

She held up a hand; halting Frank’s response. “I’ve never been in that situation before; two men turning me on – and I liked it. I liked it. And that is what scared me. Frank, I barely know you — And Phil not at all — but I’ll go anywhere you take me. Either of you. And that scares me. And thrills me.”

She scanned the hills again, then went on; “My mother conceived me one night at a party. She was never sure who the father was, and you’d think she’d be ashamed by that, but she wasn’t. The few times it came up — but not around my dad — the few times she talked about it with me; there was a note of wistfulness in her voice. Almost like bahis firmaları she missed having a bunch of men making love to her. I never understood that … until that night at your house. God help me, I know what she felt; the power of more than one man loving you. I don’t know how else to phrase it.”

“So what I’m hearing — you ran because you liked it too much?”

“Frank, in one more minute, if you’d rolled me over; I would have opened my legs for either of you. Not to be crude but I get wet every time I think about that night.”

“Even now?”

“Oh God, you have no idea!”

“So what now?”

“I’m trying to put that behind me. I need to. But at the same time I want to see you, to be with you, literally be with you. And Phil — him too. Don’t take this wrong — I’m just being honest here -the moment we touched at the ball park I felt something with him, and every time he touches me I feel it again.”

She sat quiet again, staring nowhere; “And then there’s you. By the time you dropped me off that day, you know, when I hit your car. You treated me so gently; I’d ruined your car and you were kind to me. And then you came back a few days later, and again after that. Frank … you have my heart. Anywhere, anytime. But I have a big favor to ask; please, don’t rush me. I know it sounds contradictory, but I want us being a long term item. Please?”

“Aurora, I love you. I know it. Since I dropped you off that day I’ve loved you. I wasn’t sure at first, but that Saturday I came to invite you to my place — seeing you standing there, so liking what you were doing; it hit me then. But what about Phil? He’s as confused as I, probably more so.”

She sighed; “I don’t know. I’m confused … Really. Since this is a moment of honesty … I love him too. Dammit! I don’t even know him that well! How can I decide? Which one? What if I can’t decide? What then? Frank … I’m really confused right now. Please … have patience with me. Okay?”

“Patience is not one of my strong suits, but …then you’d better spend time with him. Damn, I can’t believe I’m saying it, but get to know him. I think he’s a great guy.”


On the drive back to Seattle both were involved in their own thoughts: Frank puzzling how he felt sharing Aurora, She running a decision back and forth. At her place she invited him in; “It’s too early to end such a nice day, come in, have some wine with me.”

Her apartment had a warm, homey feel to it; the owner’s personality reflected in warm colors, lush paintings, and small sculptures. The main window in the living room looked out over the nursery, the city’s skyline in the distance. A large comfortable couch was against one wall, two chairs and a small table against another. Her computer desk filled a corner near the big window.

“There’s wine in that cabinet,” she said pointing; “why don’t you open a bottle? The opener is in that drawer. I’m going to change and freshen up.”

Selecting a Pinot Noir, and seeing glasses, he poured two and carried them to the coffee table. Sitting back and staring out at the city, he lost himself reflecting on the day; it had gone from wary acceptance to romantic closeness to … what? A threesome? He had no idea where this was leading, or even why he was going along with it, except he wanted to be with her.

“Ah, that’s better.” She said stepping into the room. “Oh good, you found the Pinot, I like that vintage.”

He mentally shook himself and looked up gasping when he realized she was nude! “Uh, wha … I thought you wanted to wait?” She stood framed in the doorway, one arm over her head. Her blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders; framing her face. Then his eyes traveled down to her pink tipped breasts, her tapered waist, and the small tuft of naturally blonde hair over her mons.

“Yes, I know, but then I thought while we came back that I didn’t really have to totally wait. And the more I thought, the wetter I got. When I went to change, I just didn’t want to put clothes on again. Frank … feel … I’m so wet. Feel me.”

She stepped before him, spreading her legs, thrusting her pelvis forward. His hand reached out, two fingers extended; sliding into her folds. She moaned and reached down; forcing the fingers deep within her. Then she pulled the hand back and up to her lips. Inhaling deeply, she smiled into his eyes and then licked one of the fingers clean, the other she directed to Frank’s mouth where he slowly drew it in.

Even as she cleaned her juices from his finger, she was tugging at his shirt; pulling it from his pants, up and over his head. He bent to kiss her, a hand grasping her breast. Meanwhile, she was loosening his belt, forcing his pants down, all the time moaning into his mouth. When they finally broke for air she pulled him back down to the couch and knelt before him; stripping him bare.

As soon as the last piece of cloth fell to the floor her mouth dropped to his cock and she swirled her tongue over its head. She inhaled the scents rising kaçak iddaa from his crotch; a heady mix of perspiration and pheromones stirring her senses ever more. She lay a series of kisses around the shaft; working her way down. Her hands played with the muscles of his thighs; forcing them open so she could lay another line of kisses, this time across his scrotum. Gently she nibbled at his balls; sending little shocks through his system, causing him to arch up and present them to her even more.

Suddenly she stood, and looking down at him with fire in her eyes; straddled his legs. Reaching for his cock with one hand and opening herself with the other, she impaled herself; dropping to his lap in one steady move. She looked into his eyes and with a slight smile and a definite quaver in her voice asked; “Do you think this will help you be patient?”

His response was instantaneous and definite; grabbing her by the waist he lifted her and dropped her several times on his raging hardon. A guttural roar formed in his throat as he pounded her up and down. She grabbed his head, pulling him to her, almost drawing blood from the collision of their lips. The squelching of her juices was echoed by the rasping of her breathing. Faster and faster she rose and fell until her legs began to quiver and she just sat in his lap; cumming and cumming, stomach muscles aching, legs frozen.

When she stopped, Aurora slumped against her new lover, gasping for air. Returning to the present, she could feel his rod buried deep within her; still rigid, still hot. “You haven’t cum yet?” When he shook his head, she sat up and began clasping and relaxing her cunt muscles around him. It took only a few minutes, and with a roar, he came; arching back into the couch and forcing himself even farther into her. He held steady for several seconds, and then slowly relaxed. Pulling her back down, they exchanged soft kisses, hands running over each other.

With one hand on his shoulder, she twisted and leaned to pick up a glass; “Wine?” She said, offering him a sip.


Aurora spent the next month bouncing between the two men – in addition to running a business. Frank spending time with her, both in bed and out. They were insatiable with each other in bed, and couldn’t keep hands off the other when out. He discovered her love of anal sex one night when she rose off his prick, repositioned it slightly, and slid back down. His cock popping through her rose bud confirming the new gateway. She rode him slowly at first, but quickly increased her speed. Neither lasted more than a couple minutes before they froze together. Drenched in perspiration she collapsed on his chest.


On their first date Phil wanted to take her to the Space Needle restaurant. “No thanks,” She said; “I want to be impressed by you, not some over the top restaurant. There are plenty of very good small places where we can have great meals and be able to talk. Show me those places.”

Phil was nonplused: No woman had ever turned down one of the top (literally) restaurants in town before. He couldn’t think of an alternative choice; all the places he took dates to were similar; expensive and impressive.

“Pick me up tomorrow night at eight, dress casually,” She told him; “I’ll decide where we go.”

He arrived at eight and she was ready; stepping out as he reached the door. “My, you look nice.” She said; “Hungry?”

“Yes, certainly. You look very good yourself. Where are we going?”

“Just drive up the street, I’ll tell you where to go. By the way, you’re not allergic to peanuts are you?”


She studied him as he drove: smooth shaven with a firm jaw, a well formed nose and lightly tousled blondish hair. Smooth hands gripped the wheel easily, and muscular arms flexed as he flicked the wheel. “Do you work out?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes, well, somewhat. We have a gym at the office and I use it a couple times a week, but just to keep in shape for the boat.”

They turned into the parking next to a Thai restaurant, and were greeted by the owner when Aurora led the way through the door. At their table she asked if he liked Thai. “I’ve never had it. You’ll have to guide me. I have heard it’s very hot, and I’m not comfortable with that.”

“Soo, what do you normally have?”

“Oh the usual, you know; steak, prawns, salmon, things like that.”

“No veggies?”

“Oh sure. Potatoes, peas … a salad maybe. I’m not real picky, you know.”

“Um hmm, Phil … you may be in for some really new tastes, if you stay with me … I can’t remember the last time I had steak. There are a dozen different restaurants around here; everyone has a different cuisine, I can go two weeks easily, eating totally different every night. I like that. Variety is good.”

“Is that why you’re seeing Frank and me? Variety?”

“Yes dear,” she said patting his hand; “I’m forming a harem and you two are my first candidates. I hope you can pass the test.”


“Relax dear, I’m just joking. kaçak bahis The other three guys passed, so you can coast in.”

“Other three?”

“Phil, I’m still joking.”

He was saved by the waitress. “Good evening Miss Aurora. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Min! How have you been? This is Phil … we’re going to teach him about Thai. Why don’t you bring us green tea while I walk him through the menu?” She noticed him watching Min walk away; “Gorgeous isn’t she? Too bad she’s still in high school, isn’t it?”

“What? No, um, … okay, busted. She is gorgeous. Thai, isn’t she? Whew! High school, huh?”

“Let’s start you easy. Min, will you bring us a Chicken Satay for start, then let’s go with the Crystal Noodle Pahd. And finally, let’s have the Beef Green Curry.”

They chatted as they ate: she telling about growing up in Philadelphia, getting a degree in business management. Aurora touched on her marriage, and divorce, how she’d inherited the nursery, some of the difficulties she faced.

Phil responded; “I grew up in Medford, Oregon. You know, the usual things: bike riding, playing baseball. My mom is a middle school teacher; she taught me about art. My dad is an accountant, but really loves jazz, and he taught me the guitar. I spent a lot of time listening to records by Wes Montgomery, Django Rheinhart, Charlie Williams.”

“Then I went to Oregon State, studied hard, played a bit, hung around for a degree. I came up here; to the University of Washington, for my MBA and then got a great offer right here. I’ve been with the company five years now, but sometimes I wonder if there isn’t something more to life.”

“I know. I was with a fairly large company in Boston, but when my grandfather died and left me the nursery, well it didn’t take me too long to make the move. Except for slow business lately, I haven’t regretted my decision.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, that’s why we’re here.”

“What happened that night? You seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

“I just felt things were going too fast.”

“Too fast? Or too intense?”

“That, Mr. Blussey, will be my little secret.” “At least for now.”

When he dropped her off, he asked if she’d like a sailing lesson. “I’ve never been on a boat, well, the ferries sure, but not a sail boat. It’s not dangerous is it?”

“No, no.” He laughed; “I’ll make sure you’re safe. Besides, the weather for the next week is going to be mild.” They agreed on the following Wednesday.


Sitting in the stands, watching all the hopefuls taking batting practice, Phil and Frank commented on the various players; “if it wasn’t September, he’d never see this field.”

“Oh, I don’t know. He was in Double A just six months ago. Sure he needs seasoning, but getting up here will give him incentive for next year. He’ll probably spend most of next year in Tacoma; if he can get his bat under control … Say, what’s going on with you and Aurora?

“I’m taking her out on the boat Wednesday, we went to dinner last night … she was a lot of fun. She showed me foods I’d never had before, we laughed and talked — hey, did you know she has a business degree? Yeah, who knew? She went to the U of Penn. That’s a tough school to get into — somebody told me they only take about ten percent of their apps. What’s happening on your side?”

“Look, I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that if she decides to love you … well you better be prepared to do the same.”

“”You love her?”

“Yeah, truth be told, I do. The crazy part is that I don’t mind her seeing you. “

“No matter what?”

“Yeah, I know, I said it was crazy.”


“Hi! It’s going to be a beautiful day. Are you ready?” It was ten am Wednesday, and Phil was at her door, ready and waiting.

“Come in, I’m almost done. I thought I’d get new shoes — my old ones were too dirty to take on your boat.”

“Thanks, it’s amazing what can show up on fiberglass decks. Sometimes I think I spend more time cleaning than sailing.”


He helped her step aboard, guiding Aurora to the cockpit as he unlocked the hatch and the seat lockers. They laid out the cushions, and he stepped below flipping on the batteries before moving back to the cockpit and starting the auxiliary engine, letting it idle while he removed sail covers and undid half the mooring lines. She sat in a corner of the cockpit — out of his way — and admired his athleticism as he moved about the boat. The muscular legs led her eyes to his firm butt and trim waist, which in turn led her to his broad shoulders and firm arms; “Not bad for an office type'”

“C’mon, I’ll give you a quick tour below, and then a walk through up here; it’s always nicer if you have some idea what’s going on as we sail.” He led her below, automatically tapping the barometer as he passed it — it remained high. In the main cabin was a large settee to port set behind a table. To starboard was a full galley with a propane stove and overhead cabinets. Aft of the main cabin, the engine was directly under the cockpit, and single bunks extended farther back on each side. “Quite often I sleep in one of these; they’re handy to the cockpit.”

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