Mart 13, 2021

Training Samantha

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I had just finished putting on my ruby red lipstick when I heard a knock at my apartment door. I grabbed my heels and put them on as I headed to answer the door. Drew was standing there in a button down top and jeans that hugged his body in all the right places. He gave me a hug and quick peck on the cheek before escorting me out to his car.

“So what’s the big surprise?” I asked as we rode to the restaurant.

“If I told you what it was, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore,” he said, squeezing my thigh right below where my dress ended.

He pulled the car into the parking lot of The Crown, one of the nicest restaurants that didn’t cost an arm and leg. The host led us to one of the back tables that was set for two and had a candle as the centerpiece.

We ordered our food and the waitress poured us two glasses of Pinot Nior before Drew reached across the table and took my hands in his.

“Baby, we’ve been dating for awhile now and there is something I want to say,” Drew said, squeezing my hands.

My heart began racing. If this was a proposal, I was nowhere near ready to accept. But as my thoughts flew around in my head, he got a gleam in his eye that told me it wasn’t something that serious.

“I want you to go to the bathroom and come back with your panties in your hand. You’ll give them to me after you sit down,” he said with authority in his voice that I had never heard before.

My heart began pounding even faster as I stood up silently and walked to the bathroom on the other side of the restaurant. I locked myself in one of the stalls and lifted up my dress and slowly stripped off my black lace thong and held it in my hand, a sensation of pleasure pulsing through my pussy as I walked out of the bathroom with my panties hidden away in my fist.

I sat back down at the table and reached my hand under the table, searching for his.

He didn’t say anything, only put both of his hands in front of him on the table.

I pulled my clenched fist from under the table, heart beating out of my chest as I slowly moved my hand above the table towards his. He made no move to take them from me, just sat there with his palms up, a grin on his face. I put my fist in his hand and unclenched, letting the black lace fall into his hand.

I brought my hand back to me, cheeks burning red as he failed to close his hand around the fabric, letting them rest in his hand for anybody to see. I saw our waitress walking across the room with our food.

“Our waitress is coming,” I told him, hoping he would take that as a hint to put away my lingerie.

He looked me in the eyes as he set the delicate lace next to the candle in the middle of the table. The waitress was almost to our table now and I reached my hand out to take them back before she saw. I had them in my hand when Drew grasped my wrist harshly, causing me to instinctively unclench my fist. I was mortified as I saw them flutter to the ground and land right in front of the waitress who was now at our table.

She served us our food, but gave me a strange look, indicating that she had seen my panties on the ground.

“I’m sorry, miss. My girlfriend is a little clumsy. Samantha, pick them up,” he said, speaking to her first and then to me.

I froze, looking at him with pleading eyes, asking him not to make me embarrass myself even further. His hand clenched around my leg under the table, squeezing it hard as he kept his gaze on me.

I leaned over, picking the black lace up from the floor as my face burned with humiliation. The waitress hurriedly left our food and retreated back to the kitchen.

“Don’t disobey me like that again,” Drew said firmly.

“What… where did this come from?” I stuttered.

“Put them back on the table,” he said, ignoring my question.

This time I did as I was told quickly.

We ate silently and quickly, my eyes scanning everyone that passed our table, wondering if they saw my panties lying on the table. A couple passed by our table, the man’s eyes drifting to our table and then to me, a smirk crossing his face.

“Can I take them back please,” I begged him.

“No, you’re not allowed to wear any panties. When we leave, they stay here,” he told me, sipping the rest of his wine.

“You’ve never done anything like this before,” I said to him, trying to make sense of the situation.

“Well, when I borrowed your laptop last week, I came across some information. You should really clear your web history. Now I know,” he said, making my heart stop cold.

I didn’t ever think that he would look at my browser history. I had never told him that I watched porn. Let alone the type of porn I watched.
I wanted to be angry that he invaded my privacy, but I felt the burning pleasure taking over my body and I began to feel wetness between my legs.

“Let’s go,” he said, standing up, placing his hand on the small of my back and guiding me out of the restaurant and to the car.

He helped me into the passenger seat and climbed into the driver’s side. He reached into the back seat before turning on the car and grabbed something. He had a scarf in his hands which he brought up to my face, tying it around my head so that I couldn’t see anything. Then I felt something close around my left wrist and click into place. He pulled my other wrist towards the one entrapped and secured it around that one as well.

He had handcuffed my wrists together in my lap. I was helpless to him. I couldn’t see and my hands were restrained. I heard him turn the car on and felt kocaeli escort us start to move down the road.

My pussy was pulsing with the pleasure of the unknown and with the knowledge that I was under his control now.

I felt his hand on my leg, his fingers moving my dress up and exposing my pussy to the cold air in the car. I felt his fingers move between my thighs and a finger move from my clit to the folds of my pussy. He pulled on my pussy lips, moving them to the side as he used his middle finger to rub around the opening to my pussy, dipping his finger in only as far as his fingernail.

“I knew you would like this. You’re so wet,” Drew said with a smile in his voice.

I let out a little moan as he pushed his finger farther into me.

“Tell me you like it,” he said, using his thumb to rub lightly on my clit.

“I… I do like it,” I answered.

I felt his hand abruptly move away and come down hard with a smack on my sensitive pussy.

I yelped in pain and shock.

“When you talk to me, you will call me sir or master. Is that clear?”


I felt another smack land on my pussy.

“Yes what?” he demanded.

“Yes… sir,” I responded, my pussy burning from the impact.

“Good girl,” he said, pulling his hand away from me, leaving me wanting more of his touch. I was so horny now, all I wanted was for him to delve his fingers deep inside and pleasure me.

I felt the car come to a stop and heard the engine turn off. He opened his car door and got out, leaving me in the quiet. I waited for him to open my door and help me out, but he never came. Minutes passed with nothing. I tried to move my hands to get my blindfold off to see what was going on, but I was met with resistance. He had put the handcuffs around my seatbelt so I wouldn’t be able to move them. I couldn’t even get the buckle of the seatbelt undone. I was blind and immobile, waiting for Drew to come get me with my skirt lifted up and my pussy out in the open.

Five more minutes passed and I jumped as his door opened.

“Where were you?” I demanded as he got in.

He smacked me hard on my thigh, making me cry out.

“Don’t question me. You answer my questions, slut.”

“Yes sir,” I answered quickly this time to avoid being smacked again.

“I got something for you,” he said as I felt his hands come up to my neck.

I felt soft fur encase my neck and tighten as he locked what I assumed was a collar in place.

He moved his hand back down to my now drenched pussy and rubbed a thumb over my clit. I let out a loud cry as I felt him pinch my clit between two of his fingers.

“When I give you something, you thank me,” he said, still pinching.

“Thank you. Thank you sir,” I cried and he let go, leaving my swollen clit throbbing.

He rested his hand on my pussy, not moving it or playing with it at all, but just putting pressure on it, making me want some sort of stimulation.

He put the car into park and turned the engine off again. This time after he climbed out, he opened my door. He undid my seatbelt and I felt a tug on my neck, indicating that he had a leash attached to it. I turned to the side and stepped out of the car, being led blindly wherever he wanted me to go.

I stepped inside his house and he closed the door behind us. He gently took off my scarf and let it fall to the floor. He kissed me gently on the lips and then roughly pulled on my leash, bringing me down to my knees.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled his already semi-hard cock out of his pants.

“Open,” he said, cupping my jaw.

I did as I was told and put my lips around his dick. He held my head to his body and I felt his dick growing inside my mouth. It was soon so hard that it was to my throat, making me gag, but he held my head there.

He finally released his grip and I pulled back, gasping for air before he shoved it back into my mouth. I coughed and gagged as he continued to do this, tears pouring down my face.

He let his dick fall out of my mouth and cupped my chin again with his hand. He wiped the tears from my cheeks with his fingers.

“You’re doing very good, slut. Stop crying,” he instructed, pulling me back up to my feet again.

He led me to his bedroom, a route I had taken often before, but never in this fashion. When we got into his room, he took a key out of his pocket and undid my handcuffs. He unzipped my dress from the back and let it fall to the floor around my ankles. Then he undid my bra and threw it to the side, leaving me completely naked except for the collar.

“Lift up your arms,” he instructed me. I did as I was told immediately.

He put the handcuffs back on me, this time above my head. I hadn’t noticed when we walked in, but there was a hook on the wall that a rope was attached to. he looped this rope through my handcuffs, suspending my hands above my head.

After I was secured in this position, he gently ran his fingers down my jaw to my belly button, my nipples growing hard from the gentle sensation.

He cupped my boobs and took my nipples between his fingers and gently rubbed. And then pinched, causing me to yelp. I was surprised when I was given a swift slap on my face.

He didn’t tell me what that was for, only walked out of the room. I was left standing naked in his room, face burning and pussy throbbing.

He came back in a minute later with a bag in his hand. He put it on the dresser behind me so I couldn’t see what he was taking out of it. He came from behind me and kocaeli escort bayan pinched each of my nipples before I saw what was in his other hand. He pulled my left nipple taut and attached the nipple clamp to that one first and then the other.

He moved around to the front of me, pulling the chain that attached the clamps together. I felt my nipples pulled towards him, the painful sensation causing the wetness in my pussy to grow even more.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed and as I did, he put the chain into my mouth, clamping my jaw shut.

“So sexy,” he murmured, moving his hand between my legs again.

“Spread,” he said, tapping my legs apart. I moved them open.

“Farther,” he smacked my thigh.

I opened my legs even farther so that they were shoulder width apart. He patted my pussy.

“You’re just dripping wet, aren’t you? You like this pain, don’t you?” he grinned.

“Yes sir,” I said through the chain in my mouth.

He went back into his bag and stayed behind me. A second later I felt a hard smack land right on my ass. I let out a little cry, as hard as I tried not to. He smacked me again. I had figured out that he was spanking me with a leather paddle, the stinging pain on my ass only greeted with more hits.

My ass was burning with pain when I felt his lips gently kissing the red hot skin.

He grabbed something else from his bag and moved to the front of me. It was a flogger. He ran the leather through his fingers before striking the front of my thighs.

“This is for disobeying me at the restaurant,” he said, landing a hit on my chest, making the clamps move painfully and causing me to release the chain from my mouth.

He stopped with the flogging and took a step back.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I whispered, referring to letting the chain go.

He reached up and untied the rope from my handcuffs, taking my leash in his hands, pulling me behind him. We walked down the stairs and through the house, down to the landing above the basement. The only place in his house that I had never been.

He stopped and put a blindfold on me before leading me down the stairs. He undid my handcuffs when we got to the bottom of the stairs. He lead me further into the basement and stopped me when my thighs hit something in front of me.

“Bend over,” he instructed.

I did as I was told and found myself laying on something that put my ass in the air, and left my boobs hanging off the end. He tied my hands to something on the floor and cuffed my ankles to the end of the table, rendering me immobile.

He landed a few smacks on my ass and tugged on the nipple clamps, reminding me of the sensitive pain. I felt a cool liquid dripping onto my ass, followed by his hands massaging it. He spread my cheeks, running a finger down over my asshole and down to my pussy, pushing it inside gently and swirling it around. I moaned in pleasure and again in frustration when he took it out again. He moved his finger back up and spread my asscheeks even more harshly. He dripped more of the lube, landing it right on my virgin hole. He rubbed it around the opening, pulling my cheeks apart to give him easier access.

I murmured in protest as I felt him pushing his finger on my hole, trying to open it.

“What’s wrong, slut?” he asked, still pushing his finger.

“I don’t like anal,” I told him.

He stopped pushing and landed a hard smack on my pussy.

“You’re going to do what I want you to do and the more you complain, the worse it is going to be for you,” he said, bringing his finger back to the hole.

I cried out as I felt his finger enter my tight asshole. He moved it around, pushing it in even farther and putting another finger up to the opening.

“No sir, I can’t take any more,” I begged him to stop.

He roughly pushed a second finger in, ignoring my request.

He slowly removed his fingers, holding it spread before taking his hands away. When he came back, I felt cold metal pushing against the tight hole.

“No, I can’t take a butt plug sir!” I protested as soon as I realized what it was.

“You can and you will,” he said, pushing it against the resisting hole.

I felt it open up and the first ball go into my hole. I didn’t have any chance to get used to it before another ball began to enter, this one a little bit bigger. With more resistance this one went in as well. I moaned in protest as I felt another even larger one beginning to enter me. The cold, heavy metal felt strange in my ass and I moaned as a fourth ball entered me. This was the end of it. I felt the tapered end rest along my crack.

I had no time to adjust to this before my nipple clamps were yanked off, leaving them throbbing in pain. I felt him pull on my pussy lips, spreading them to the side and exposing my pussy to the cool air. There was a sharp pinch on the lip as a clamp was attached. He put one on the other side, evening out the pain.

He flicked them both, surprising me with the sound of bells.

“Shake. I want to hear them,” he told me, stepping back.

I hesitantly moved my ass which was difficult because my legs were restrained.

“I’m not hearing much,” he said, spanking my ass hard as I shook it even more, making the lips move and jingle, the pressure of the clamps causing pain on my sensitive area and the heavy buttplug moving around in my ass, giving me a reminder that he had violated my virgin hole.

He laughed as I shook my ass for him, listening to the jingle.

“That’s a good slut,” he izmit escort said, giving me a pat on the butt.

He flicked the bells and pulled on the clamps, stretching my lips.

I moaned as I felt him attach another clamp to each lips. These were the ones that were on my nipples and I felt him pull my lips apart with the clamps on the chain. He kept them pulled apart, looping the chain over the end of the butt plug, pulling them back and open.

“So fucking pretty,” he murmured as I felt his warm breath on my pussy, and I felt myself drip with wetness.

He spit on my pussy, letting that drip down on the floor mixed with my juices. I felt something come to rest against my clit and send a shock as it began to vibrate. I felt him tape the vibrator to my leg so that it was resting on my clit and no matter how I moved, it would always be on my clit.

He took my blindfold off and stood in front of where my head was, smacking my face with his cock. I opened my mouth for him and he pumped it into my mouth. The sensation on my clit was so strong, it was hard for me to focus on pleasuring him with my mouth at the same time.

I moaned on his dick as I felt myself building to an orgasm. I came to the edge and exploded with pleasure as I felt myself cum more than I ever have before. I was so focused on my orgasm, I was surprised when I felt him cum in my mouth, something I had never let him do before.

He pulled out and held my mouth shut, forcing me to swallow as the vibrator still was assaulting my clit. I felt another orgasm building and cried out when he turned it off.

My clit was so sensitive that I screamed when he smacked my pussy, making the bells jingle again.

“Don’t you ever cum without my permission again,” he reprimanded me.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I cried.

I felt him detach the clamps with the chain and put those to the side. Then I felt him pull on the buttplug, stretching it as the balls came out one by one. I was relieved to have it out, but a moment later I felt something rubber pushing against my tight hole again.

This one was smaller than the biggest ball of the last one and went in without as much pain. But instead of getting smaller at the end again, it stayed the same size, forcing my hole to stay open. He slid a ribbed dildo into my pussy, pumping it in and out slowly as I felt it pushing on the butt plug. I gasped in surprise as I felt the butt plug grow in my ass.

“Didn’t know it was inflatable, did you?” he laughed as it got bigger again. He stopped fucking me with the dildo and replaced it with his dick. With the butt plug in, his dick felt even tighter than normal. Every time he pumped, the bells jingled and pulled on my sore pussy lips and pushed against the butt plug. He pumped it up even more, making both of my holes feel so stuffed.

He reached under and held my clit between his fingers, squeezing every time he filled me with his dick. I moaned in pain and pleasure as he began fucking me harder, pulling on my tits which were very swollen and sore. I felt another orgasm building and remembered his warning from last time.

“I’m gonna come,” I told him.

“Not yet you aren’t,” he responded, spanking me hard and pumping up the plug even more.

I held myself on the brink of an orgasm, crying in ecstasy that I couldn’t release.

“Please let me cum sir!” I screamed.

“Cum. Now,” he instructing pumping up the plug once more as I shook uncontrollably from the force of my orgasm, cumming all over his dick and feeling him cum inside me at the same time.

He pulled out and went in front of me.

“Clean it,” he instructed.

I opened my mouth dutifully and took his cock into my mouth, cleaning off the mix of both of our cum.

He undid my hand and leg restraints but left the clamps on and the plug in and the collar on. He pushed me to my knees in front of the puddle of cum on the floor behind where I had been.

“Clean up your mess,” he told me, pushing my face into it.

I licked it up as he watched me, stroking my hair.

When I finished, I tried to stand up and he pushed me back down to my knees.

“You get to stay down there, slut. I might want you to suck my dick and I want your mouth right there.”

“Yes master,” I answered obediently.

“You can request one thing, slut,” he told me.

“Can you please take this butt plug out, sir?” I asked timidly.

I was surprised when he actually deflated it and pulled it out. But he went into his bag and pulled out a sizable butt plug that had a tail on the end.

“You’re going to be my little pet. You will have this in unless you are going to the bathroom. I don’t want you to forget that you are my slut and your holes are for me to use however I want whenever I want,” he instructed.

He took ahold of my leash and started to walk out of the room. I tried to stand up to follow.

“Down. You can’t walk. You will crawl behind me,” he said, spanking my ass hard.

I crawled behind him, the tail swinging as the butt plug move around inside my ass and the clamps rubbing and jingling.

We got to the kitchen and he told me to sit in the corner and wait for my food. He brought his salad to the table and set a plate next to him on the floor for me.

“Pets don’t get to eat at the table. I’ll let you use your hands this time because you’ve been good,” he explained.

“Thank you, master,” I answered, using my fingers to gather up some lettuce and cheese and dressing.

“Now that I know your little secret, you’re my slave. If you don’t want to be, you can leave right now,” he said, giving me the choice.
I responded by shaking my ass, wagging my tail and jingling for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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