Mart 22, 2021

Touch Class Ch. 05

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“Then” didn’t turn out to be too far in the future. That afternoon I sauntered over to the Jacuzzi and lo and behold, a few minutes later Shiri and Christine showed up. “Fancy meeting you here!” I exclaimed. They laughed and joined me in the warm frothy water.

We all had knowing smiles as we lounged in the soothing pool. So much had happened since our chance encounter there not that many days before.

“If you guys aren’t busy later, I’d like to reciprocate your recent hospitality,” I said in a low voice, to keep the conversation private.

“We’re free, and that would be wonderful,” said Shiri.

“If you want, bring the video we made,” I said.

“Great idea! I’ll do that,” she replied.

“I can’t offer a fancy dinner, but would pizza be alright?”

“You bet. That sounds yummy.”

So, a couple of hours later my doorbell rang, and there were my favorite females, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. “I brought the video and a few other goodies, in case we want some of the toys we were employing last night,” Shiri said.

“Good thinking,” I replied. “I may not have the equivalents of the devices you have.”

We sat at the dining room table, eating pizza, then moved down to the living room. I popped in the video and we sat back to see what we’d captured on film.

There was Shiri with her undone blouse, us getting naked, her sitting on my boner, Christine dildoing our butts, Shiri getting off and Christine getting on my cock, Shiri dildoing our asses, me fisting her, Christine getting her ass filled by me, Shiri licking the dildo that had just been in Christine’s ass, then sucking my asshole clean, Christine squirting cum and me licking it up, then Shiri trying some, and finally, the girls swapping my cum.

By the time we got to this part of the video, we were all groping each other, stripping each other’s clothes, and fingering various antalya escort orifices. Goo was mobilized, though their pussies hardly needed it, toys were unloaded, and the ladies were snacking on each other’s snatch in a 69, and getting very vocal with expressions of pure ecstasy. I didn’t know whether to dildo the holes I was seeing or use my built-in battering ram, so I opted to first climb on Shiri’s exposed behind while she was on top of Christine, and plunged my solid shaft straight up her snug ass-tunnel. Christine, underneath her mom’s pussy and munching Shiri’s clit, reached an arm up and found my butt. She inserted a finger in there, jerking it in and out rapidly. I pulled out of Shiri, Christine disengaged from Shiri’s beaver, and I stuck my dick in Christine’s mouth and fucked it.

Shiri took this opportunity to start fisting Christine. Christine returned the favor, using her free hand to fist her mother. I shot a load into Christine’s throat, fell back, and watched the two them fist each other into a frenzy of flying hair, flailing tits, and squealing outbursts. Finally they both came so strongly that girl-jism squirted all over the three of us.

We lay back and started watching our video again. It had left off with us having dinner, then the whipped cream dessert session. We licked it off Christine, she pulled my dick, then blew me, Shiri fingered my ass and Christine’s pussy, Christine fucked Shiri with a toe, then we moved to the bedroom. Shiri showed off her new toys, sticking the three-pronger in their pussies and my ass, then got two ends both in Christine, then a two-pronger in both her own holes, sucked Christine’s foot, ate my cum while I ate her out, swapped my cum with me, and was sneak-fisted by Christine.

We were all idly fondling and fingering each other while happily reviewing all these sexy exploits. “These are the best times lara escort I’ve ever had,” Shiri revealed, leaning over to French me, then worked her way down to take my flaccid cock in her mouth.

“Me, too,” I averred, as she skillfully drew her tightened throat from the base of my dick to the head, licking around the head once she got there. Soon enough I was fully extended again.

“I love the way your dick widens about two-thirds of the way to the head,” she admitted.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” I grinned.

Christine nuzzled up near my crotch and stated “I love that about your dick, too, Jimmy.” She started licking my balls, then Shiri let her share the sucking of my joystick. Fortunately I can hold back orgasm for extended periods. Otherwise I would have come quickly and would have needed a refractory period to rest and recharge. Instead I carefully flipped Shiri on her back and entered her eager pussy, to fuck her in and out the old-fashioned way.

I leaned down and bit her nipple tips and sucked her areolas as we rocked. Christine got two two-prongers, connected Shiri’s butt and mine with one, and her own two holes with the other. She worked a two-pronger with each hand. She worked herself to a climax, pulled out the dildo as she moved over and squatted over Shiri’s face, and let loose a squirt of cum into Shiri’s waiting mouth. Then I bent down, kissed Shiri, and she swapped Christine’s cum with me.

I swirled it around my mouth for a bit, then dribbled some out onto my hand and smeared Christine’s ass with it, pulled out of Shiri and plugged into Christine’s bumhole. I pumped her furiously and grunted as I jetted into her bottom.

“Jimmy, now that our video is done, let’s look at more of your exotic erotic illustrations, you know, the hot chicks with big dicks,” Shiri suggested.

“Coming right manavgat escort up,” I answered, and fetched some. We sat back and marveled at how horny it made all of us to see these pretty young girls with big tapered tits with big nipples squirting secretions, humongous dicks that sometimes reached up between their tits, and which they could suck or at least shoot sperm into their own mouths from, and who jerked and sucked and fucked each other silly, ejaculating large amounts all over everything.

“Of fuck, Jimmy, I have to fuck you now,” Shiri said, strapping on a dildo. Christine lubed my ass, which I stuck up in the air, and Shiri proceeded to ream me good. Christine then strapped another one on and got behind her mother and shoved it up her ass. Both their pussies were currently unoccupied, so I suggested a two-pronger to fill those voids. Christine followed up on that idea. Shiri reached around and stroked my now awake pecker, and Christine played with her mom’s huge tits.

I oozed a little pre-cum, which Shiri captured on her fingers and had me suck off them. She and Christine were both coming copiously every couple of minutes. We slowed to a standstill, the girls unplugged, and they lay down side by side. I went down on them both, alternating from one dripping swamp to the other, blowing their clit boners, then fisted both of them simultaneously. They squirmed, skewered on my forearms, to turn partly sideways, kissed passionately, and reached behind themselves to finger their own asses.

I finally pulled my fists out, and lay down between them. They both toyed with my cock, and I allowed myself to come, shooting straight up in the air, the cum landing on my stomach and legs. The girls licked up every last drop and the three of us kissed, swapping my jism.

We were royally spent and drifted into a night of blissful sleep.

In the morning we came to, licked and sucked each other’s genitals to climax, and hopped in the shower, where we of course took liberties with each other as we ostensibly soaped each other.

The ladies then took their leave to get home, change into fresh clothes, and get on with their day.

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