Mart 13, 2021

Tom’s parallel world – 6

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Dear Reader, hopefully by now you know the background on Tom – if not you have some back ground reading to do.

So you should hopefully enjoy this continuation of his story,

If you like this story, then please read my other stories.

I am happy to receive comments and PMs. I welcome constructive criticism.


Tom was slowly waking up with morning wood, Kitty shook him, “Come on lazy head, no sex this morning we have a lot to do and you are going fishing.” He got up and pulled on now grubby clothes, he could smell his last few days’ sexy adventures on his clothes now.

“I’ll see if we can get you some clothes Tom, but for now just get dressed and moving,” Kitty said wrinkling her nose up laughing.

Tom went downstairs to find some of the best-smelling bacon baps he had ever smelt, and Brenda saying, “I understand this is what you humans like.” He noticed Brenda smelled slightly different today, not a generic dog smell, but a warm more unique to her. The three of them sat in the kitchen and wolfed down breakfast.

The human family arrived just as Tom finished laying their table. Oddly, this morning each one seemed to have a unique odour, once again the daughter was trying to catch Tom’s eye, she smelt the sweetest. Her mother, who had a slightly sour odour, was getting frustrated that her little son just would not sit, preferring to stare out the window at what was happening outside on the beach.

Tom seeing the bright sunny morning outside suggested to the family taking breakfast outside, the young lad couldn’t contain himself and ran out cheering into the garden, surrounded by the low wall. The Mother was not happy but father and daughter helped Tom take two small tables and chairs out.

Hot tea and cereals calmed things down. The daughter wasn’t as keen as her little brother to watch the sea, so watched Tom instead. As Tom cleared their tables with an arm full of empty bowls, he felt a pinch on his bum. He spun round to catch the daughter blushing. Her parents not noticing, looking the other way, distracted by Captain Brown walking up and down, looking every part the Top Dog Captain.

After they had finished the cooked portion of their breakfast the father spoke to Tom, “We’ve enjoyed the hospitality and have booked another night, what is the chance of maybe a fishing trip, just for me and the lad, nothing too long, just an hour?”

“Well, I am off with Captain Brown today and I will ask him what is possible,” replied Tom.

Looking at his wife, Tom knew this wasn’t her idea, but the little boy was ecstatic, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Tom cleared the table and returned into the pub to find Kitty smiling, “Well you have gone and done it now. The humans are pleased with your service, the pub and `its boisterous atmosphere’. They have already posted a glowing report in the accommodation advertisers and booked to stay again tonight. You need to pull something out of that magic bag of yours.”

Tom was dumbfounded. How did they have time, with no visible telephones or computers anywhere and they had barely spoken to Kitty when they came down? With the family back upstairs, tables cleared, Tom carried all the furniture back inside and had a quick cup of tea with Kitty, finishing just as Kitty nodded to the clock.

As Tom left, the family was also coming out for a day’s walking, so he opened and held the gate for them. The daughter hung back to be last out, but it was just to grab his crotch. “Packing meat,” she whispered and smiled wickedly at him, as she passed to follow her parents.

On the beach, Captain Brown’s boat was almost ready to launch. Very typical of all the boats leaving the cove, being a small inshore fishing boat, barely 5 meters long, with a small wheelhouse at the front and a small crane to lift crab pots using a wheel. The boat was already 3/4 in the water, being held by another dog holding a rope. Tom got there and jumped aboard. The rope was released and the boat slipped down into the ocean, now free from the land.

Tom looked up and the human family was on the grass spit by the bench and the little boy was waving. Tom waved back, turned to see Captain Brown also waving with a smile, so he wasn’t all bad. Captain Brown had the motor running, spun the boat around and headed out to sea, the little boat bobbing along on the calm water.

Tom stood by the little wheelhouse next to Captain Bob, who was now puffing on a pipe. “Thanks for being prompt, Tom lad. Do you know which house is mine?” Captain Brown said, waving his pipe end around the cove.

“No, Captain Brown,” said Tom, how could he know? Although he could see Sarah’s cottage to the right of them above the low cliffs and was sure that was Sarah outside sunning herself already.

“Just Captain will be ok whilst you are on my boat. That house up there is mine.” He pointed with the end of his pipe up to a big house on the left side of the cove, higher up on a hill above the cliffs.

“Do you know why I live there Tom?” He asked but answered it himself, “I can see anything that comes around the cliff path opposite from Church Cove.”

Tom gulped, thinking he knew what may be coming next.

“Can you see my good Bitch wife waving from the top window?” As Captain Brown waved back, Tom could see her, and nervously waved.

“When I am at sea, she keeps a lookout after storms from that window and saw you two mornings ago walk along the cliff path. She saw you talk to Sarah and enter her cottage. I’ll cut to the chase Tom I know you didn’t come through our Church Cove, which means that you have come here from a parallel world and to date that has only brought danger to my village.”

The Captain looked directly at Tom, “If Sarah hadn’t come out that afternoon to sunbathe you would have been met by a pack, run down, and this would be a very different boat trip. You have won Sarah and Kitty over, and for that reason have some trust in you, both speaking out in your favour.”

Tom felt sick, but not from being at sea.

“Last night you put up a convincing act. I tip my hat off to you. Now, I can help you, I can predict which night another storm will occur for you to return to your homeworld. You would only have to take a walk, stop at the right spot and be transported back to your world.” Captain Brown was very serious and looking Tom straight in the eye.

“No, I wouldn’t want to go. Even if you could guarantee that I could return to the correct parallel world. I don’t want to go as I like it here. Last night I felt I belonged. I love Sarah and Kitty and I even like you fisherdogs. I have nothing left to go back to, no job, no girlfriend, no house, nothing.” Tom replied, thinking this may decide his future here.

“Haha, I am so glad you have said that Tom. We’ve been watching you like hawks and Sarah is alive and well. You impressed me last night. You are still on thin ice, mind you, but for now, you can stay. Stay here that is, no wandering off away from the cove, not just yet.” Captain Brown confirmed.

“Thanks, I appreciate that. So how this transporting between parallel worlds works? Especially as you can predict them.” asked Tom.

“Well, it’s embarrassing really. We travel globally using teleportation by bending space, not the dated de-constructing and re-constructing bodies at a cellular level. Well, in the early days there were mistakes made.” Captain Brown said, explaining.

“The teleportation research station nearby cut corners, and portals resulted from a lack of understanding and control. Now strict rules control the operation of teleportation stations and no new conduits are permissible without worldwide agreement.“

“We think these portals not only cross worlds but time also, scarily once these accidents happened history changed. Records showed events no one could recollect during living history, so we knew these weren’t in our original timeline. So effectively they don’t know if our timeline matches yours. Simple things were apparent, even the cove’s name changed.”

“Ah, so it isn’t called Cadgwith Cove anymore then?” asked Tom.

“No, how do you know that?”

“Because that’s its name in my world.”

“Well, about the time the problems first started, all the maps and signposts changed to Dogwatch Cove. Signalling that the conduits had appeared historically and our timeline had changed.” Captain explained

“We also know that landmasses aren’t the same between worlds. Some portals appear over the sea, sometimes depositing travellers in the sea, and we think visa versa. Some travellers aren’t mammals like us. The Merpeople also keep a vigil on the cliffs and have found lizard-like creatures deposited in the sea, thankfully the last record of this was hundreds of years ago.”

“Unfortunately, none of these travellers’ are like you. Some have been quite violent in the past. Luckily it seems technology doesn’t seem to pass through the portals, as one violent traveller was wearing some form of a military uniform with locations for weapons on his person.”

“Ah, that is why my phone and watch didn’t come with me,” said Tom. “So what happens to the souls that appear and take a fishing trip with you? Do you feed them to the Mermaids?”

“haha, that old wives’ tale. No, of course not. How barbaric do you think we are? I take them along the coast to the corporation sanitarium, although I haven’t done that trip in years. They don’t live long, even when surrounded by human doctors and nurses; they just can’t cope with the initial travel. You’re a lucky one as you’re not exhibiting any of the usual signs of lunacy!”

“Well, that satisfies me and I have a proposition, the real reason for this trip.” Captain Brown said, looking sheepish.

“You met Becky, my daughter last night. Well, all her bitch friends, she went to school with, have dog friends, ready to share university with, but not Becky. None of the dogs in the area will court her out of respect for me as her father. As a result, she has a bad temperament and short with everyone, except this morning.” Captain Brown left that hanging and looked at Tom.

Shite thought Tom starting to panic, he knows? No, he can’t do.

“This morning, she was completely different, nice, charming. We even heard her singing in her bedroom. We don’t know what made the difference, but Brenda said it was your stern command that she responded to and put her on the straight and narrow.”

Ha-ha, no it wasn’t, it was 3 orgasms and a blow job thought Tom, Jeez I know how to walk a tightrope.

“So with all the regional dogs as good as out of bounds, she will see you as some kind of trophy.”

“Trophy, How?”

“Well, unfortunately, she overheard her mother’s nickname you `Sarah’s sex toy’, as it seemed as if she had you locked in her cottage. So you know, if she wins you, she will have her own sex toy trophy. So you need to woo her.”

“Err, I am not sure what you mean Captain.” Tom was cottoning on though.

“Court her, bed her, break her virginity, for goodness’ sake do I have to spell it out?” Captain said frustrated at being forced to say it out loud, glancing away to avoid eye contact.

Shite, thought Tom, too late mate!

“Just for the summer, so she will go to university, with a notch on her bedpost, kocaeli escort so to speak. There she will meet dogs from other areas that aren’t influenced by my position, for them to take her as a mate.”

Captain Brown explained that in a few days, he and his wife are off, with almost all the fisherdogs to sea. Chasing an annual herring run, they will overnight in other ports as they chase the herring around the coast. So Becky will be home alone for a few days and he will have the opportunity to complete his mission then.

They stopped talking and Tom thought on this odd task. The cove was now well behind them. As they followed the coast along, Tom enjoyed the view, looking out at the cliffs of the coast a mile or two away and a flash of colour caught his eye.

There it was again, he focused on it, just off the cliff by 50 meters, by a larger rock, an orange flash of colour. A buoy was bobbing up and down, but not in sync with the wave motion.

“Errr, Captain, should buoys’ bob up and down, like that one over there?” asked Tom, pointing.

“Nope, no buoys there Tom, that’s Mermaid cove, we don’t crab pot or fish there, we have agreements with the Merpeople,” said the captain as he looked for the stray buoy. “I see it now. No, not even a seal will do that.” He was spinning the wheel and increasing speed, heading towards the buoy, but it was a long way off.

Captain handed Tom a tall bucket with handles on, “When we get close, lean over the rail and see if you can see the crab pot below, it is deep there so it will be dark.”

Tom looked at the odd tall bucket and realised, the bottom was glass, and he went to the bow of the boat. They slowed as they got close and Tom leant over as far as possible and dipped the glass bottomed bucket in the water. But he couldn’t see anything because of the sun glare on the bucket’s glass bottom. He leant over further and Captain held onto his legs. So Tom leant as far as he could and pushed his head as far into the bucket as possible, obscuring the sun out of the bucket. Being darker, his cat’s eyes kicked in and he could see clearly.

“It’s a large cage, deep down, with a large fish. No, it is a mermaid, her hands are tied. She is pulling on the buoy rope, she looks in a bad way.”

“That’s not a cage, judging by the buoy it is a deep ocean crab pot, they’re illegal inshore. My fishing gear can’t pull that weight, you will have to swim down and release her. I am too old to swim that deep. Save her Tom, take my knife, just cut her bonds then give her the knife. Then get back up to the surface as fast as you can.”

Tom stripped off naked and stood on the rail of the boat. The captain passed him a knife, which he held in his teeth and dived into the cold water. The shock of being enveloped by the cold ocean water tried to cause him to breathe in the cold water, in his body’s natural reflex, but biting onto the knife enabled him to control it.

He could see her and but still not hear her. He then noticed that she had a gag in her mouth. Her eyes looked relieved, but she knew it was too deep for him. She looked over 30 meters down, Tom’s lungs were burning and he was barely halfway there. Then something not human kicked in, a strong desire to save her, to win the day, but above all to do as asked by his pack leader Top Dog Captain Brown.

The mermaid’s eyes were popping out of her head with amazement when he finally reached the cage. Her bound arms were reaching through the netting, so he had unobstructed access to the rope binding around her wrists and cut through the rope bonds easy enough.

The mermaid snatched the knife off him and started cutting her bonds. Tom turned and kicked off the cage to start the return swim to the surface. But he had been down too long, he was struggling, his lungs were bursting, his muscles were burning and his vision blurring, it was too far and taking too long. Then he felt arms around him, his speed increasing surface wards, but he blacked out before they broke the surface.

He came round as he vomited water, bobbing on the surface with powerful arms around him and what must be the mermaid behind, as he could feel breasts pushing against his back. The mermaid’s skin felt almost rubbery and smooth.

Captain Brown was looking down at him from the boat. “Well done Tom, you have just saved the mermaid Pisces and then she saved you.”

“Do you feel better, can you breathe ok?” Came a soft female voice from behind. Tom nodded yes.

“I can’t thank you enough for rescuing me. I could hear the other boats pass, but none could see me bobbing the buoy. When I heard Edgar’s boat, my arms were aching, weak, and my strength was gone. I could barely pull the buoy rope many more times but then I saw you come above me, but deep down in the crevice, I was sure you wouldn’t be able to see me.”

“Edgar?” Tom said, looking up at Captain Brown.

“Ahem, that’s me, Edgar Brown, but only to my wife and close friends, so it’s still Captain to you.”

The mermaid kept a firm hold on Tom from behind. She was breathing deeply. He could feel her tail sweeping water beneath them, sometimes brushing his legs. She pulled him round to the rear of the boat where Captain Brown was lifting the rear board out, opening up the rear of the boat, so they had a simple entry to the boat deck. The captain helped Pisces lift Tom up onto the floor of the boat.

He sat there relaxed, his lungs feeling sore but recovering with each breath, his legs dangling in the sea. Sitting there, he watched the naked mermaid swimming in the sea. Her long black hair trailed down over her shoulders and ample naked breasts. Her skin had a blue dolphin like colour to it, rather than a pink human colouring.

She placed her hands onto the deck of the boat and with a flick of her tail, lifted herself up to sit on the back edge opposite Tom, tail dangling in the water. Her front torso and breasts skin was white rather than blue, at her sides and under her arms it transitioned to the pale blue of her back. Her face, shoulders and arms were also the pale blue colour. From her waist down her skin morphed into large fish scales, gradually thinning down to a large fish like tail fin, which was still in the water.

She breathed a sigh of relief and held her hand out to Tom, “Hi I am Pisces, Princess Daughter of our family pod and regional school leader, my father Triton. I will be forever in your debt.” Tom took her hand to shake it, like a human hand but her skin felt more like a warm rubber glove.

“Hi, I’m Tom, pleased to meet you.” Tom was shocked and said, “Errr, you mean I have saved a Princess? Wow, it’s my pleasure. If I had ignored that buoy and then found it cost you your life, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself through inaction.”

She explained that she was on the last of her air, having been there all night. Mermaids whilst mainly air-breathing like dolphins, their actual closer relative, rather than humans. On one breath they can stay beneath the water by 10 to 20 minutes, depending on activity. Luckily they also have tiny gills, which if they relax and meditate will allow them to stay submerged for many hours, with restricted movement. She showed him 3 slits just below and behind both her ears, barely visible being hidden by her hair – just like bonnet louvres in vintage cars. But they need water current across them to oxygenate the blood. Down in the crevice there wasn’t enough fresh current to keep her indefinitely, and she was almost at the point of suffocation.

She explained that they have agreements with the fisherdogs on where they fish, and with what, to avoid accidents like this. But this was no accident, Brock the Pirate badger tricked Pisces into a meeting where they bound, and gagged her, placing her in the cage. By placing the illegal cage here and causing her death, all fishing would be suspended until an investigation would have been carried out.

Pisces heard them talking of something important lost off Tor Rock in the fishing grounds. With fishing suspended, they could search for it unnoticed and they would be long gone by the time any investigation was finished.

Captain Brown suggested going onto the fishing grounds and talk to the other captains and suspend fishing. Then the Merpeople search for whatever Brock the pirate thinks is important enough to kill a mermaid.

“Edgar, you go. Tom and I will stay here at Mermaid’s Cove. That is, if you are happy to stay with me and help Tom?” Pisces said, looking at Tom, whilst slightly puffing her bosom out. She smiled when she saw Tom notice and glanced down, indicating to the deck. Tom looked down and there were his meat and balls laid out flat on the deck between his legs. Bloody hell, I look big despite the cold water, thought Tom.

“Er yeah, if I can be of any help that is, is it far to swim?”

“No, we are here already, look,” said Pisces, pointing to a nearby break in the cliff. Large rocks were protecting a narrow inlet and small beach with a small waterfall and stream. “Edgar, I can cut the rest of the cage’s netting away, so it won’t capture anything else. I’ll leave the buoy attached to the cage, so we can retrieve it at a later date. Tom and I can spend the day on Mermaids’ Cove beach. You can pick up Tom and your knife when you return.”

Captain Brown nodded in agreement. Pisces slipped off the rear of the boat, pulling Tom’s legs to get him to follow her into the water, laughing. Pisces and Tom swam backwards, watching Captain Brown replace the rear board, return to the wheelhouse and roar off down the coast. It was only then that Tom realised his clothes were still on board the boat.

They swam back to where the buoy was and Tom floated on the surface, whilst Pisces dove to the cage. Tom was transfixed watching her for as long as one breath would allow him to. Her hair and breasts buoyant in the water, the way she swam smoothly with her powerful tail, curving around in loops, working her way around the cage. She worked deftly with the knife, cutting all the ropes of the netting, knotting them together, bundling them up to make a large rope ball, tying it to the cage tubes.

She surfaced next to Tom saying, “Come on, I will take you to the kelp forest.” She slowly swam off towards the narrow inlet. The water’s depth was now a lot shallower and Pisces was diving to swim just below the surface. Tom dropped his head underwater and saw reaching up to them were long wide flat fingers of kelp seaweed, like a forest from the seabed 4 meters below. Soon they were swimming through the thick of it, Tom losing sight of Pisces as she swam in and out, disappearing to reappear next to him faster than he could run, let alone swim.

The kelp brushed alongside Tom. It looked slimy but felt like velvet. Pisces swam out of view, not re-appearing. Tom kept his head below, searching for as long as a single meagre human breath could manage, and popped his head up to breathe. Gasping, he felt kelp brush his sides and a warm cushion wrap around his limp, dangling dick, which didn’t feel like kelp. Holding his breath again, he dipped his head back under the water to see Pisces, upside down, with his shaft in her mouth, her eyes looking at him.

Her hands grabbed his hips and he could now feel her tongue lapping at the tip of his shaft. Her kocaeli escort bayan hair was floating around her like a vision in a painting. In the cold sea, Tom could feel his blood rushing to his growing member. Her hands were drifting up and down his legs, reaching around to tickle his naked back passage. Once again he had to pop up for air, feeling that this wasn’t fair as he wanted to watch this siren work her magic. He felt her tail-flick, and they moved forward, feeling the stroke of kelp along his body and her lips on his shaft. This was something way beyond erotic, definitely trumping shagging Becky on the kitchen floor.

She released him and slid up his body, her strong tail angling him upwards whilst tread-watering, so he didn’t have to bend his neck backwards out of the water to breathe. She surfaced face to face, grinning, kissing him passionately and saying, “You are bigger than mermen. Do you like that?” As her tail swished across, rubbing his stiffened mast.

“Yes, I do like it, you are the best princess I’ve ever saved, in-fact you are the only one,” Tom said, cringing at his poor chat-up line. She slipped back below the waves, returning her mouth to envelop his mast, Tom hoped she wouldn’t cause him to splice the main brace too soon. Her powerful tail kept him above water as she played the piper on his mast, tickling his balls and his rear passage, dipping the odd finger in. His hands no longer having to even try to maintain him afloat could reach down and stroke her head.

Just as he felt on the edge of coming, she rose up and kissed him again. Whilst her kisses were salty, they were warm, and passionate. “Now it is your turn to explore, come into the shallows,” Pisces whispered as she slowly swam on, leading him into the narrow inlet. With the kelp brushing him as he swam, he felt other bodies touching him as two seals popped up swimming alongside playfully.

“Ignore them, seals always want to play,” Pisces laughed, dipping her head in the water. Tom heard a squeaky dolphin-like noise and the seals looked at her, then at Tom, turned around but swam under along his stomach, slapping his mast aside with their fins. Tom saw Pisces head pop up, laughing. She had obviously watched them leave.

Halfway in the inlet, the water was barely a foot deep, with a shingle bed, Pisces led there on the seabed, tail bobbing up and down in the calmer water, smiling at Tom. They kissed, and she guided his hand to where her crutch would be. At first, he just felt her fish scale skin, but her fingers caught a flap, guided his fingers in and he felt a warm dampness that could only be one thing. It was awkward, like trying to excite a zip fresh sandwich bag, but as he got the knack, he could keep the fish scale from closing in on his hand. Pisces was visibly pleased. Nibbling his ear and stroking his mast. He was finding the right spots, and it felt like he was in the right place.

“Mmmm Tom, Mermen don’t seem to understand, but you seem to be more experienced,” Pisces confirmed.

Tom wished he could go down on her, but there was no way he could fight her fish scales with his tongue. With that barrier he felt he was missing a delicacy. Tom’s mast was now rigid and Pisces was panting at his fingers intrusions. Her `hips’ thrust at him and she pulled him over to straddle her. Her hands guided his hand away, then his stiff shaft in, at first it was an awkward shuffle, the fish scale skin hindering his probing, then suddenly, he felt his shaft slide in, his foreskin pull back and he was inside her.

“MMmm OOoo, my, you are big Tom, please fuck me, be my sex toy, like the others.”

“Whaaat?” Tom exclaimed, keeping inside her but propping himself up to look at her face.

“The mermen on watch saw you go into Sarah’s cottage, and then Kitty. You did not appear for over a day. They spoke with Edgar and they joked that you were their sex toy. It impressed them with you being the first off worlder to stay alive.”

“Oh jeez, there is that nickname again. Yes, if it pleases you, Pisces.”

“Yes, it does.”

Bloody hell, thought Tom, what a dampener, but looking down at her, she was sexy, this was better than any little mermaid. So long as Sebastian doesn’t turn up! He focused on his strokes, sliding in and out, but with his knees on the loose shingle seabed, it was difficult. He had to keep walking his knees back up to remain in position. Although he was having the desired results as she was panting and gasping.

She felt different, whilst he was enjoying feeling her breasts squashed beneath him and her skin was rubbery, which gave an additional kinky flavour to it. She was now more lubricated, and they were moving more in unison. He could feel Pisces tempo rising. He leant onto her, taking the weight off his elbows and grabbed what should be her hips, but with his legs either side of her, knees and feet on the shingle that kept moving he just couldn’t get enough purchase to really drive into her.

“Oh, oh, oh, Tom, Tom, Oooooooo, woooowweee,” Pisces screamed and held him in tight. He could feel the gush of her juices around his stiff mast, but he was just not there and doubted if he could arrive. So he held her back and slowly withdrew. She showered him with kisses and hugs but soon noticed he was still rock hard, “Tom, you’re not satisfied?”

“Oh yes, I am, lovely.” He lied.

“You lie, your manhood is still flying. You rescued me and yet I cannot repay you?”

“No, no, it is okay, you are beautiful, but it’s just with the shingle and the fish scales. I just can’t get it on.”

“Normally we would be in deep water, the two of us swimming together. It is wonderful, but as a human you could drown.”

“Look, it is ok, it’s not a problem.”

“No, Tom, I have an answer. This is a Merpeople secret, I don’t even know if Edgar knows, but let me show you, wait here.”

Pisces swam off, back to the kelp forest. A while later she returned, with six dead fish trapped in her fingers. With each fish being about the size of a hand. “I will need to eat these later.” She found a rock pool in one of the larger rocks and sunk the fish in. weighting them down with stones to keep them submerged in the cool water.

Pisces swam up to the waters’ edge of the little beach, heading to where the waterfalls stream ran down the rocky beach to enter the ocean. Tom could wade through the water to help her. She was moving rocks aside to flip-flop up the shallow stream bed. Tom helped until eventually she was sat in a shallow freshwater stream pool, higher up the small beach away from the sea.

“I am not sure what you are trying to do,” said Tom.

“Don’t worry, the freshwater will do the trick, it doesn’t take long to work. But whilst we are waiting, I want to ask you, when you were looking for me, down in the dark water, as you swam to rescue me. Your eyes they weren’t human.”

“Ah, well, err. Well, I think that is something else Edgar doesn’t know and it may be better that he doesn’t.”

Tom explained how he understood how nano-bots worked and that it now seemed he has cat’s night-vision eyes and cats improved sense of smell. He thought it may be better to avoid inclusion of Becky at this present time.

“Ah, that explains it, well maybe we can swap more nano-bots and see what you come up with, I can feel the freshwater is working, just a few minutes more.” Pisces was now splashing the stream-water over herself.

The sun had moved around and the inlet was now warm. Tom realised he was sat naked on a rock but as he glanced nervously around, he realised that no one on the cliff tops could see them. With the curvature of the cliffs on either sides, and the overgrown undergrowth above effectively hiding the beach. They could only be observed from the ocean.

“Err, so why is this called Mermaids Cove?”

“We like to come here to sunbathe in the shallows, it isn’t overlooked from the cliff and we can play with the mermen in the kelp forest. We like our anonymity, sometimes when you think you see seals playing in the rocks, it is actually us.”

Tom could now notice that her tail was no longer the blue colour it had been, it was almost white and around her waist; it looked as if it was peeling and ifting away from her. She wriggled and it no longer seemed to move with her.

“Nearly there Tom, splash more freshwater on me.”

So he went behind her and splashed stream water onto her back and shoulders.

“No silly, onto my tail,” Pisces said, turning to grab at him playfully.

As Tom joined her in splashing stream water on her tail he laughed, watching this beauty in the sun, topless with her hair streaming over her shoulders to almost hide her breasts, and nipples, but they kept bobbing in and out of hiding with her movements.

“Right Tom, grab my fin at the bottom tips and pull.”

Tom walked back to her tail fin, held it at the tips. It now felt fragile, totally different to the strong tail he had felt when swimming. He looked up at her and she nodded and he pulled. At first, there was nothing, then movement: it was like pulling a sticky sleeping bag off her. Her tail slipped away, it was just a skin, exposing two very strong muscular legs that had been hidden inside.

“Our tails are like snakeskin. Only a few of us can shed it like this, some never do it in their lifetimes, but I have been encouraged to practice. Don’t worry once back in the sea, within hours I can grow another tail skin. I just need lots of food as it makes you very hungry, which is why I caught the fish.”

Her legs were the same blue as her body. She was wiping strands of skin off her and washing her legs with more freshwater. Tom was aghast; she was beautiful, blue and white, naked, sat on a beach in front of him. Below her head there wasn’t a hair on her body. He had checked out her smooth pubic region as soon as it was exposed.

She slowly and tentatively stood up as Tom rushed up to stand beside her, holding her hands to steady her just in case. She was a bit wobbly as she stepped across the stones and pebbles to stand under the little streams waterfall. There they stood, initially just letting the water wash over them, and then kissed passionately.

Pisces was stunning in the water as a mermaid, but standing on two legs under a waterfall with her colouration, she was like an exotic alien. It was like showering with one of the Na’vi in Pandora from the film Avatar. Her skin was erotic, feeling rubbery but warm and smooth. His hands wandered over her entire body, her breasts were wonderful, she moaned as he fondled and kissed them. Her hands returned to his half limp mast to work it back up to full mast.

His hand dropped to her smooth hips, running around to her bonnet, running a tentative finger down, she moaned slightly. This time there was no fight for entry. He felt her pleasure palace lips and then a damp, warm slippery route inside her. He found her pleasure button, and she gasped. His finger teased around it, her hips responding with slight rotations.

“MMmmmm Tom, can we try again?”

She walked higher up where there was a dry shingle patch of beach. She sat down, pulling Tom down with her. Tom’s finger reached to her pleasure palace between her legs and slipped back in.

“Mmmmm, you know where to find izmit escort it,” Pisces invited, as Tom’s finger circled her orgasm trigger, teasing her with little encroachments to flick it and was rewarded with more lubrication from her.

”MMmm, MMMm, MMmm.”

Tom led down between her legs, tucked his arms under her thighs, reached up over to her breasts with his hands and tucked his head down, kissing her smooth bonnet. Wanting to bathe in her pool.

“MMmmm no Merman has ever done that.”

His tongue searched downwards and passed her palace lips, found that button and licked it, to result in Pisces writhing in pleasure.

”Mmmmmm, Mmmmm, MMmmm.” She tasted like no other, sweet, creamy and warm. He lapped at her rhythmically.

“MMmm, Oomm, Ummm, mMmm.” Pisces was now holding his head to her crotch, pushing him inwards. Soon his tongue had her thrusting her hip up into him, “Umph, yea, yea, yea, now Tom, I want your manhood inside me.”

Her hands released Tom as he drifted his way up her body, kissing her as he went, pausing at her little breast, kissing each one, wondering if he could express milk from her. He tried, but apart from her squealing in pleasure, no milk. As he got to her lips, they kissed, and he guided his shaft to her palace lips down below, as his tip felt her wetness she moaned and he slowly slipped in.

“MMmmm OOoooo Yeeeeesss.”

This was much better; he could slide all the way in. She was tight but lubricated, sliding his foreskin smoothly back, his bare tip tenderly feeling her inside. They embraced and ground their hips and bodies together, Tom was ecstatic. She felt completely different to his recent conquests. No fur, just a smooth, dry, rubbery, warm body outside and a wet, juicy, creamy inside. But his knees kept sliding back in the shale beach, meaning he had to put more of his weight on her.

Then Pisces wrapped her legs over the back of his and hooked her ankles behind his thighs, holding him up into her. Her legs were stronger than his and locked them together. Now he could put his hands on her hips and was able to push himself up to drive up into her.

“Umph, umph, umph, umph,” Pisces grunted, in time with his strokes.

He looked down to see her beaming up at him. Her hands flicked her hair back, leaving her white breasts and small nipples exposed. She was his blue avatar siren beneath him, writhing with the two of them clasped together by their legs.

“Tom, fuck me, yes, yes, yes, umph, umph, umph,” Pisces begged.

Tom was in the zone upping his tempo and seeing her shuffle beneath him as he drove into her.

“Tom, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck meee.”

Tom could feel her muscles spasm as she climaxed. Her strong, powerful legs pulled him deeper into her, her hands pulling his ass cheeks into her. Tom felt his familiar pre-cum twinge and gave another deep thrust as his own orgasm released, spilling into her.

“Yes Tom, I feel you, I feel you, empty yourself,” Pisces shrieked at him, grinding her hips to drain every drop of him. They released each other to flop on the beach in the sun, exhausted.

“Oh, Tom, that was wonderful. We will have to meet here at the next full moon and do this again under the stars.”

“I’m sorry there is no way I can swim here from the cove, it is way too far.”

“Haha, silly. Look under the cliff over there, there is a path and stairs cut into the cliff, overgrown with grass and bracken. You can walk along the cliff path to reach here.”

Now he looked hard he could see a narrow path edging along the side of the cliff, initially heading out to the rocks then curving back to the main cliff. He got up and looked closer, climbing up part of the way, until the debris on the cliff stairs hurt his feet. He will have to return one day to reconnoitre the route from above.

“Wow that has been there a long time.”

“It was how we used to communicate with the Cove’s top dog in the old days. Merpeople used to meet with the top dog here in the past and discuss issues. Umm Tom, you being the sex toy that you are, can I ask you something?”

“Okay, if I am to be your sex toy, as well.”

“Can you do it like dogs? Do you like it?”

“Oh, you mean doggy style? Yes, and I do like it.”

Pisces got on all fours with her blue bum in the air. Tom reached over and eased his finger into her pleasure palace from behind.

“No. Not there, in my other hole. Mermen refuse to consider it, especially with our tails and fish scales in the way, but we see dogs doing it up on the cliffs in the bushes. They say it is very pleasurable. So whilst I am bipedal, and in the presence of a genuine sex toy, I would like to experience it.”

Tom, a little embarrassed, changed tack and licked her puckered rear star.

“Mmmm, that tickles, nicely.”

Whilst licking her rear star entrance, Tom used his fingers to gather juices from her pleasure purse and then placed a finger on her rear flower. As he saw it relax, he inserted his lubricated finger.

“Mmmmm. Strange but nice.”

Tom slowly eased his finger in and out, whilst also wrapping his other arm around her leg and teased her pleasure palace with his other fingers.

“MMmmm, Tom.”

Her rear star muscle was tight on his finger, but she was relaxing and he was working both hands slowly in unison.

He licked at her star flower again, lapping around his finger as it slowly teased in and out.


Tom spat some saliva onto a second finger and introduced it to her, initially resisting but relaxing as his licking calmed her.

“Mmmmm, that is tight, but keep doing it, it is nice.”

Tom enjoyed working his fingers in stereo on his little Avatar Mermaid. She was appreciating his gentle introduction to anal sex, but then Tom wasn’t as experienced as she thought. His only experience being a furtive drunken session in his university halls, with one of his first student conquests. During freshers’ week, when all students were eager, and open, to anything new. Unfortunately, it was all rushed in a drunken stupor and not his finest hour.

“Tom, over there, that dark seaweed by that big rock, grab a handful, it is all slimy and acts as a perfect lubricant.” Pisces pointed to just beyond the waterline. Tom didn’t want to ask how she knew.

As he went to pick up the seaweed, he realised she wasn’t wrong; it was the perfect substitute. He returned with two handfuls of slime covered seaweed and squat down behind her. He wiped it generously around her beautiful blue cheeks and around his now rigid shaft. It left her glistening in the sun. He stroked her with his fingers and his two fingers now slipped in effortlessly.

“Mmmm yes, that is it.”

Tom returned to his stereo manipulation of her pleasure palace and her rear pleasure tunnel, slowly driving in and out.

“Mmmm, yes, mmm, now impregnate me.”

Tom wiped his shaft with the slimy seaweed once more and liberally on Pisces.

“Oooo, that is cold, come inside me Tom, warm me up inside.”

Tom engaged his shaft tip with the star ringed target that glistened with slime and winked at him in anticipation.

At first, he couldn’t enter, then Pisces relaxed and his shaft’s head entered her.

“OOoo, Arghh, you are so big Tom, slowly.”

Tom felt how tight she was around him and didn’t push too hard, initially just probing, gradually increasing his depth into her in slow rhythmic movements.

“Mmm, mmm, ooh, that is nicer now…MMm, oooo.”

He was still only about halfway in, but it was incredible for Tom, she was so tight. Judging from her moans and grinding hips, she was enjoying it as well. Tom’s foreskin was painfully pulling back now so on the next stroke backwards, Tom seaweed slimed his shaft again, stroking her muscle with the slime. He could now go deeper with less resistance.

Suddenly he was as deep as he could go, so he gripped her hips and started driving slowly in and out of her.

“Yes, oomph, yes, oomph.”

Pisces arms reached back to him, so he gripped her wrists, pulling her back onto him as he looked down at her glistening, slime covered, rear peaches and he increased his tempo.

“MMmph, yes, oomph, oomph.”

Then, remembering his experience with Sarah, he pulled her arms to bring her upright; she arched her back to thrust her rear into him. He released her wrists and his one hand held her upright by holding onto her breast. His other hand drifted down her front, between her legs to her pleasure palace lips, slipped inside to find her orgasm trigger and teased it.

“Eeeek, oomph, oomph, oomph.” Pisces moaned in time with his thrusts.

They were now slapping together in the slime, with each engaging thrust. Tom was excited by Pisces’s whole body’s rubbery texture at every point of contact with his body. He could feel her body give him feedback from his penetrations and his hand’s teasing on her orgasm trigger, teasing it round and round.

“Yes, yes, yes, I am coming again, Oomph, oomph.”

Tom could feel his internal pressure rising, with the tight grip Pisces had on his shaft and her rump pounding into him, as he pounded into her. Pisces then thrust herself back onto him, holding him tightly into her, as her cheeks tightened to squeeze his shaft, stopping him from releasing. He could feel his pressure being held inside his shaft. Tom teased her pleasure trigger as fast and as furiously as he could, suddenly she threw her head back and screeched in a dolphin-like chitter of clicks. Her cheeks relaxed on his shaft so he could finally release his pressure, erupting into her. He now gripped her breasts with both his hands, holding her backwards tight onto him, grinding his hips into her buttock cheeks.

“Haha, I feel your warmth; I feel your release inside me, haha, Mmmmm.” Pisces was triumphant.

They relaxed and lowered down onto the beach. Tom withdrew and led alongside her. She rolled over and wrapped her arms and legs around him and they kissed passionately, relaxing on the shingle beach, both catching their breath.

“It is no wonder dogs like it that was so different. Mermen do not understand what they are missing.”

Pisces got up and retrieved the fish and the knife, washing them in the freshwater stream, coming back with fresh fillets.

“It’s ok to eat these raw, they are quite a delicacy.”

Pisces handed Tom a few fillets and wolfed down the rest. They heard a hooting sound and saw out past the rocks and breakers was Captain Brown’s boat and the captain was waving. Tom ate his fish, not too bad, like sushi without any sauce. Washed it down by drinking water from the stream and waded back into the water to swim out to Captain Brown.

“All fishing has finished and the boats are heading to the cove. Pisces your father and brothers are now searching the area around Tor rock, to see what they can find.” Captain Brown said as they arrived and he gave Tom a hand up into the rear of the boat.

He gave Tom a wry look, leaving Tom wondering how much the Captain had seen, although he would have definitely noticed Pisces standing on the beach without her tail.

Tom was sat on the rear of the boat with his legs in the water, when Pisces rose up out of the water and kissed him goodbye.

“Okay, I will swim out there now and help, thanks Edgar, see you soon Tom, remember next full moon?” And she was gone.

To be continued………………

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