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Tommy Awakens Ch. 01-04

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Chapter One — Priscilla awakens my sex life

“Life is sweet,” I was thinking to myself as we laid together, Sarah spooning from behind me, her carefully manicured bush rubbing against my right cheek. It would be just a matter of minutes before our love making moved from hugs and caresses to blissful, awesome sex.

Once again I began to think of how I got to this place, where sex was so powerful and engaging. Sex was always important to me, even before I knew what it was. But it wasn’t very rewarding beyond the three children my ex-wife bore for us. I was drawn to sex so strongly, but somehow unfulfilled.

Part of it was my ex-wife — when she gave up drinking nearly 15 years ago, which she had to do to survive, she gave up sex. “I only enjoyed it when I was drunk,” she told me on numerous occasions. My sex life had been relegated to my left hand and my imagination; it was gone from my marriage.

But somehow, God, I believe, intervened. I developed a prostate condition which required consultation with a urologist. We met four times a year, and he began to sense something was wrong beyond the obvious medical condition. He scheduled a battery of blood tests without explaining why.

“Just as I thought,” he said a week later. “Your testosterone level is half the minimum of the normal range.” He began a long term treatment program to increase my testosterone level to high normal.

My weight began to drop; I just didn’t eat as much junk food. I began to notice women all around me. My interest in sex provided by my left hand was more intense and less frequent. I wanted sex with a woman. It was like being a kid again. But my psyche was still damaged. Fear still rampaged in my mind. During my next appointment with the doctor, he gave me samples of Viagra and Cialis.

“Why? I’m not having sex with anyone right now?” He suggested I try it on my own once to see what happened and encouraged me to approach my wife again. I understand now that he was trying to remove my fear of sexual performance.

Finally, as I was leaving the examining room, he handed me a sample bottle of a sexual lubricant. “Men being treated like you are often need to lubricate — to keep from hurting their partners,” he said as he walked out the door of the examining room.

My wife agreed to try sex again, but it was a huge failure. She pushed me off after a few minutes and called me a pervert. I knew she was wrong, but couldn’t fully dismiss her claims. A very intelligent person, she was usually right on.

But God intervened three more times. The very next day, I arrived at work to learn that the company had been sold to an outfit out east and that our department would not be required after the end of the year. When I got back to my office, there was a phone message from an old friend in Florida about an exciting job there. He could not have known what was going on.

My wife and I owned a Florida vacation townhouse just a few miles from this job. It was more money, better benefits and they offered to pay my travel back to Chicago for a year. The kids were all grown now, I just couldn’t say no.

Finally, God introduced me to Priscilla. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met, and here she was pushing her thigh into me while we were sitting on a bench at a company family picnic. I’m still not sure why she chose to sit on the few inches of the bench next to me, but I’ll always be grateful. She was 5′ 5″, a hundred and ten pounds, long blond hair up in a pig tail and lips like Angelina Jolie.

Priscilla smiled, flirted and answered every question that I asked. Over twenty five years younger than me, she had completed five years in the army and had just received her discharge. She was living with family friends who worked at the company.

Priscilla shared some great stories about her time in the military. “I was asked by my sergeant if he could arrange for me to room with someone who would it be? I thought about it, and said, ‘I’ll room with any one except Janice;’ a really fat woman who had a serious body odor problem. Of course, she immediately became my bunkmate.”

I laughed and thought that she seemed to have taken that well. “Let’s see, when I was in the service, cell phones didn’t exist. How about cell phones?”

“Toward the end of basic training, I was selected as the outstanding member of my unit. One of the privileges I would get would be the right to have a cell phone — before anyone else. As I was called up; my cell phone I had purchased that weekend rang in front of the whole company!!”

We both laughed. “What happened?”

“They kept the award and cancelled all my leaves for a month,” she said laughing..

After several hours and a couple of beers, she asked me about my townhouse, how far, did I live alone, that kind of stuff. “Do you have any beer there?”

“Of course, and everything needed to make margaritas too.”

“Let’s go NOW,” Priscilla said, placing her hand on my thigh as she rose from the bench. She said her good bye’s illegal bahis and climbed into my car for the short drive to the townhouse. She turned on her favorite hip hop music and placed her hand again on my thigh.

I tried to place my hand on her bare thigh, but she just giggled and said, “Not while you are driving.”

We dashed into townhouse, holding hands and giggling. We never made it to the refrigerator for those beers.

Her hands were on my face, pulling it down to hers, our lips met, our tongues intertwined. My hands went to her firm breasts through her tee shirt and I played gently with her nipples. She pushed me away, pulled off her tee shirt and began to pull off my clothes. Her breasts were small but firm, her nipples stood out saying “Suck me”.

Looking backward, it was a matter of seconds between when we opened the door and I first saw her fully shaved pussy with a patch of blond hair just above it. She was the aggressor; I just followed her marvelous lead.

Once I was naked, with my dick out harder than ever in my life, Priscilla maneuvered me to my king size bed and pushed me down on my back. “Scoot up, put your head on a pillow,” she said. She licked her right hand a few times, rubbed her pussy for a second, then climbed up on the bed, threw her leg over me and impaled herself on my dick with a yelp. Instantly I could feel her clit on the skin above my pubic bone. It was swollen and out. Her hands were on my chest and her face just a few inches above me. If I’d leaned forward I could have kissed her forehead.

Then she began to fuck. I mean fuck with all the strength of someone who was 25 and worked out every day. She would rise up and slam down again and again. I heard strange noises and realized that the bed was really moving on the ceramic tile floor. I began to raise my hips to meet her thrusts, her groaning was rising. Her pussy was so tight, I could feel it stretching the head of my penis and pulling the skin up and down with her amazing strokes.

She began to call my name, “Tommy, Tommy, fuck me HARD.” I never wanted this to end. But my testicles were collecting upward, I could feel the spasms beginning and suddenly I was shooting the largest load of my life into Priscilla’s tight pussy. Before the spasms ended I was worried because she hadn’t come yet.

My penis was feeling that sensitivity you get after a great orgasm — but I wasn’t shrinking! The sensitivity was ADDING to my pleasure. It was a new phenomenon for me. I was groaning loudly and I could feel and hear my come squishing in Priscilla’s wonderful pussy.

She slid down about an inch so that my cock was rubbing on her clit as she continued to bang away, not letting up a bit. By now the room seemed askew and I realized my king size bed had moved half way across the room! Suddenly she was biting her lower lip and pushing down harder, maybe a bit slower as her orgasm overtook both of us. I made a final upward push and came for the second time — a first for me.

Priscilla lay on top of me as my penis finally began to soften. We were both covered in sweat. I never wanted this to end, but I just had to go to the bathroom — the beer you know. Now that I really understand great sex, it seems obvious that sex improves with a bit of a need to go, but not back then.

Finally, I gently rolled Priscilla off me. She pulled my head down to her right breast. “Suck it for me gently,” she purred. How could I say no? A minute later she pulled my left arm down to her pussy. “Put a finger in, Tommy, please!” Moments later as my finger moved around her pussy, my thumb found her clit and gently rolled it upward. “Uggghhh,” came from Priscilla as she pushed her pelvis into the air, easily six inches off the bed.

“Lick my pussy,” came softly from her lips. I moved down the bed, put my arms under her legs and drew her pussy to my mouth. It smelled so wonderful. I knew it would taste great too. As I moved my tongue up and down her slit, into that fabulous hole, I suddenly realized I was tasting my own cum for the first time. The realization just energized me more. I found her clit in its sheath and started licking in earnest. She was pulling my head to her pussy with both hands.

What was this? I was already getting hard again. How could that be? What a miracle for me. Her hips began to move up and she rubbed her clit on my tongue, I just kept it still. I felt her body begin to shake, her voice was quivering and suddenly there was her fluid all over my face. I kept my tongue quietly in her cunt as her spasms quieted.

Not one to lose control of any situation, Priscilla showed surprise when I pulled up on top of her and began to enter that tight space again. “Oh my God, put some saliva on it, Tommy!”

I licked my fingers, just like she had done earlier, rubbed it on the head of my cock and slowly pushed into her, with her legs pulled up, her knees not that far from her shoulders.

“Put it in ME!”

No matter how hard I slammed into her, she slammed back harder. The illegal bahis siteleri bed didn’t move for me like it had for her! Which was going to happen first? Her orgasm, mine or would my 55 year old body just physically wear out? I began to experiment with my dick and my body, trying to grind her clit, feeling the lips of her pussy, first one side, then the other, as I pulled out and carefully but firmly slammed back.

It seemed like I was going to wear out first. Then Priscilla let out a yelp as her body shook yet again. Probably sensing my fatigue, she pushed me off to her side, got on her knees and swallowed my 7 inches, right down to my body. Her tongue was licking my slit, her Angelina Jolie lips were tight and rubbing in all the right places, but even after several minutes, I hadn’t come again.

My need to pee was creeping back into my mind when Priscilla stopped sucking me for just a second. She licked her middle finger, slobbered over it really, and dove her face back on my dick. Suddenly I felt that finger probing my ass; then sliding in, then up right below my prostate. Priscilla was rubbing my prostate! I felt my testicles swelling again; she pulled her finger out as I exploded my third load into that marvelous mouth.

This time my penis really did shrink and I kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh God, thank you Priscilla,” I said. “I’ve gotta go pee.” As I quickly moved to the bathroom, I noticed the Viagra bottle on the bathroom counter … and I hadn’t used any in a week!

When we both settled back down on the bed we sat up and talked a bit. “I’ve got to leave in a few minutes,” Priscilla said.

“Why?” It had a double meaning, I was wondering if she had enjoyed the past hour any where like I had.

Priscilla hemmed and hawed for a few seconds and then quietly said, “I have a date with my boyfriend… I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Are you sorry you did it?” I asked quietly.

“Oh, no, this was the best sex I have ever had. You are much better than my boyfriend,” exclaimed Priscilla.

I became silent. As we both began to dress, I finally asked, “Will I ever see you again?”

“How about tomorrow night? I can come and stay all night.” Now I knew that Viagra would finally fit in beyond improving my confidence.

“But your boyfriend?”

“I love him, but I need to fuck you. Can you handle that?” I decided within 1 second that I would handle it, even though it would probably mean the end of my 25 year marriage.

I got to know Priscilla’s boyfriend John, pretty well. She introduced me as her “Uncle Tommy” and he seemed to buy the story. We went fishing and drinking together many times and had plenty of laughs.

He had more sex with Priscilla than me, but she always said, as she was putting on her clothes, “I wish you could teach John how to fuck. I have the best orgasms with you.”

No one had ever said anything like that to me, and here I was hearing it week after week.

Priscilla eventually broke up with John and her next boyfriend was basically evil. But Priscilla was helplessly in love. When she felt that her new beau, Hillbilly, might somehow hurt me, she broke off with me — with many tears and a goodbye blow job in my car.

Chapter Two — An Afternoon with Sarah

Where was I? Oh, yes, I’ve got Sarah spooning up to me as we lay in our bed. It’s just a few minutes before we get it on again. Her legs map right up to mine. Our feet are gently playing with each other. It is so sensual. Not better than sex, but relaxing, loving and endearing.

How had we met? A few months after losing Priscilla, I opted to join Adult Friend and Adult Friend Finders resulted in dating two hookers and an interior decorator, who liked to think she was into sex, but was really into herself.

My fantastic sex life with Priscilla was not a daily kind of thing. We always found a few hours once or twice a week. That was “normal” to me. I met two great women through; both ladies were clearly interested in sex. I still looked and acted much like I had for all those sexless years — just thinner and a bit more buff. On the second date, both ladies questioned me about my views toward sex. I answered, “a few times a week,” thinking suggesting more was too forward. Looking back, I should have realized that was not the answer they wanted to hear. “At least once a day,” is more likely what they hoped for. Neither ever returned a phone call after the second date.

Then I met Sarah, tall, thin, blondish redhead, beautiful, a former model who was now a high school teacher and about 8 years younger than me. She had been divorced for about ten years and I, by this point, had been divorced for a nearly a year. On our first date we had a wonderful dinner together. She was better looking than her picture. We laughed at the same jokes, enjoyed talking politics, religion, movies, history — everything except sports. It was a fun time. She moved her chair next to mine.

When we started canlı bahis siteleri to leave, I could see her beautiful, long thin legs and got a hard on. This was new to me. Usually I need to believe sex is eminent before I get hard. We made a date for the following night before leaving the restaurant.

The next evening I took a Viagra before heading out. I normally didn’t expect anything on a second date, but she had come on to me just a bit the night before. I arrived at her home fully expecting to take her out to dinner. She had a smile and a very strong “kiss me” look on her face. She was dressed provocatively showing her legs to their full advantage — they were prettier than Priscilla’s.

I know we kissed a bit and then Sarah took the lead suggesting we just get to it. It’s a blur to me now, I know we undressed ourselves and without foreplay she laid on the bed on her side, looked over her shoulder inviting me with her eyes to spoon up to her. As soon as I was next to her, she pulled my hard dick up to her entrance.

Instantly I was moving in and out of her warm, tight pussy. This was the first time I had ever had sex without any foreplay. Her pussy was not only tight but she knew just how to squeeze it around my dick. We spent the night together.

Within a week, I was living with Sarah. We were fucking every day — sharing our favorite movies every evening. Sarah loves comedy movies, even has some memorized: “Cone Heads”, “Soap Dish”, “Bank Dick”. I love romantic comedies: all versions of “Pride and Prejudice”, “Love Actually”, “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. It just got better and better.

We went on a week long cruise where we had hot, noisy sex many times everyday and watched “Walk the Line” half a dozen times.

We danced every night of the cruise. Whenever she dances, Sarah’s smile becomes enticing. We always get encouraging; positive comments when we dance, I think it isn’t so much our skill as Sarah’s beautiful smile, dazzling legs and her doting on me. There were plenty of coy remarks from the crew.

One day, returning from the beach at Costa Maya, we found towel art on the bed, clearly a big dick with balls and a pussy! One crew member came on to Sarah, but she declined his advances.

Priscilla brought me raw, fun, unfettered sex. I thought I loved her, but was wrong. Sarah brought me love, fun, companionship, sensuality and great sex.

Back to today. Sarah rolled over on her back. It was our signal that she wanted attention. Foreplay had become an important part of our love making. I moved slightly and leaned over to begin kissing and sucking on that astonishing left nipple of hers. Sarah’s boobies were just the right size for my hand, enough to grab with a bit of spill over. She loves having me suck on one nipple and pinch the other lightly.

She began to moan softly and pushed my hand down from her right nipple to her neatly clipped pussy. My middle finger slipped right in, like it was home. Sarah’s body began to clutch quickly; I had never known a woman who could orgasm within about a minute of careful attention to that soft lump in her cunt, her G spot.

“Now, Tommy, now,” she whispered into my ear as I continued to gently suck on her nipples, erect and hardening. I grabbed the long lasting German lubricant from the night stand [thanks again Dr. D.]. Even though Sarah’s pussy was wet, she preferred the lubricant. So did I. When you fuck non stop for half an hour, nature’s lubricants just aren’t always enough. I poured an ample amount on my dick.

Reaching under her legs at her knees; I pulled her legs up in the air. With her pelvis a few inches off the bed, I placed the head of my dick at the entrance to her incredible pussy. Sarah placed her hands on my cheeks and pulled me in firmly. And so began another round of superb sex.

For a minute or two, I just slammed straight in with Sarah pushing upward to meet each stroke. I slowed down and pushed from the left, feeling her pussy lips, then the right, then from the top to feel her clit and resumed a more urgent pounding straight in.

My skill had advanced enough for me to pull all the way out and push back in gently, feeling the opening of her pussy pull back the skin all around the head of my pulsating dick. The open slit of my dick pulled along the side of her cunt giving me such great pleasure; like pushing her into my dick.

Grinding my pelvis on her clit brought groans. I wanted to cum the first time quickly; that just increased my pleasure as my extremely sensitized dick slid in and out as she noisily worked to her first orgasm.

By this time the base beats from the hip hop music from the adjacent bedroom had become louder as Stephanie tried to cover up the sex noise her mother and I were making.

Once I was certain we had both cum, I pulled up from her body and began to kiss my way from her mouth to her neck, on to her nipples, boobies, stomach. Spreading her legs, I kissed her thighs and then her pussy. My tongue began at the bottom, opening those soft lips and slipped into her hole; then sliding up and down, on the left side, then the right, finally up the center. Her clit was still engorged, surrounded by its protective hood. My tongue worked the hood open and began to lick her clit.

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