Şubat 11, 2021

To Whom It May Excite Ch. 01

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Hi. My names Kitten. (It will suffice.) I’m a writer? A poor one if i’m honest. Not for any lack of trying. I have a Language processing disorder. Which is exactly what it sounds like, for those of you wondering. I guess this is a bit of a disclaimer. Writers put in a lot of unpaid hours… Yadda yadda yadda. I write for myself as a hobbyist, i never intended to post but the thought kind of excites me. Alright… kinda of REALLY excites me. Constructive criticism is welcome. Abuse is off putting and will prevent me from posting (Is posting correct?) my writing in the future.

Tuesday, 13th June 2017

Dear Diary.
Or should i write, To Whom it may Concern.

To Whom it may Excite.

This is my first submission. To be honest. I wasn’t planning to submit anything. But the Fantasy running through my head. Of girls, (i’m gay sorry fellas) knowing my masturbation habits. Really turns me on. I mean, i like to write. But usually its non-erotic, sci-fi and/or Fantasy. I have had a few sex scenes evolve naturally, and my god they were hot! And i love to read bahis firmaları Erotica. Here, side by side with you. Often alone, sometimes public.

Which really begins my first Public Diary entry. (I was going to write Public masturbation Diary entry, but that implies something different.)

I was sitting on the train. Reading a story about a woman in the shower discovering a more intimate function of the handheld shower head. An old lady sitting beside me as i scrolled slowly down the screen, my nipples ached. Thank god i wore a padded bra. Otherwise my tight black long sleeve shirt would not hide how turned on i was. I crossed my legs, forcing myself to keep reading. I sure i looked flushed, as i tried to control my breathing. I sure my mouth hung slightly open a few times in my self inflicted heat. I had to close it consciously. My Yoga pants felt a little too tight and a little too intimate. I hope i wasn’t showing through. I finished my story a few stops before i had to get off and sit there, in heat. When my stop arrived i made the decision of heading home kaçak iddaa and then to Gym. Rather than the other way around. (Ha! ‘Get off,’ i just realized!)

To add chaos to carnage, in my car i started playing a Literotica Audio, Chikadeelittles ‘quick cumpilation’. Imagining i was the one fucking her, pretending she was saying mummy not daddy. It was only a ten minute drive to my apartment, but i couldn’t help but squeeze my breasts through my shirt every now and then when i was safe from prying eyes. And bite my lip even if it wasn’t.

I was a hot mess by the time i got home. My short blonde hair dishevelled. I parked, rushing up the stairs into my apartment, shutting the door. I was so sweaty that i needed a shower. If you wondering, no i don’t have a detachable shower head. I dragged my top up over my head, toed off my shoes, and stripped on my way to the shower.

Wait… I haven’t described myself yet have i? Im Five foot Ten, 60 kg or if you’re so inclined, 130 lbs. Fairly fit, 10C, and i’ve had laser hair removal so km nice and smooth all over. White kaçak bahis but lightly tanned skin, Shoulder length Auburn hair. And yeah i like to work out. Mostly my ass. What?! It’s my favorite feature. I mean sure i love the rest of my body. And i take care of my body, with pride. But i LOVE my ass. Owe yeah! piercings! Two sets on my ears, standard lobe and Helix, (Helix is the top back of the ear, by the way.) Tongue, both nipples and my belly buttons.

My hand grabbed the tube of lube splattering some into my hand. Hitting myself as well, but uncaring. The dildo still mounted on the window of the shower screen. Clean of course. But left in the shower for whenever i needed it on a whim. Naked in the shower, i lube the dildo liberally and turned lining the dildo up behind me, i pressed my hips backwards. The cold glass meeting my ass cheeks and back. Leaving home, buying my own house? I loved to moan without restriction. I started thrusting my hips backwards. One hand on my Clit, the other grabbing my breast. Twisting my nipple and nipple ring.After thrusting madly for a long while i came hard my hands against the tile, painting. Driving the dildo deepest for the finale.

I showered slowly, letting the hot water ease the tension in my muscles. Ready for Gym.

XOXO Kitten.

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