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Thursday Dinner

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It had been over a week since Stew and Sherry had their evening of sexual abandon with Stephanie and Rich. They had talked about it several times. Neither seemed one hundred percent sure if they wanted to do it again, regardless of how amazing it had been.

“I don’t know,” said Stew, “Seeing you with Rich was hot, but, I don’t know. I feel like I should be jealous. I feel like if we do something like that again you’ll get bored with me.”

“I’ve been having the same worries. I can’t see myself ever getting bored with you, I adore you and you make me feel so incredibly special…”

“Which you are.”

“Well, what I’m saying is, we have amazing sex, just us. What we did with them, damn, the next morning I kind of felt dirty when I dwelled on it, but… I’m just confused. Is that normal? I mean… Hell honestly I don’t even know what I mean.” Confessed Sherry as the two of them sat eating. Sherry was having dinner, Stew was having breakfast. He was working that night, his third night on and hadn’t gotten enough sleep this day. The construction in front of their apartment building was getting very annoying, especially for someone who worked nights. White noise was the best he could do to drown out the jackhammers and the damn back up horns on the trucks.

“Sweetie, I’m just cranky. I can’t have too honest of a conversation right now. But I feel just as confused as you are. Day after tomorrow I’m off, you’re off. How about we give Steph and Rich a call and get together for dinner. Invite them here. Maybe if we actually see them again, we can get our feelings sorted out.”

“That’s not really a bad idea, I guess,” added Sherry as she picked up the dishes and put them in the sink. “Sheesh, you’re going to have to clean this place up when you get home in the morning.”
“I have a detail, you know, Doh-re-mi. Once I get home I’ll be exhausted,” responded Stew with a yawn.

“True. How about we make it joint effort on Thursday? I’ll get some of it started when I get home tomorrow night and you finish up when you get home Thursday. While you nap, I’ll tie up any loose ends.”


Later on, Stew got dressed for work and off he went to keep the future of America safe and sound while they studied, drank and made asses of themselves. Working for a college PD had some interesting moments and Stew had experienced his share.

About 3 a.m. Stew got a call for a lock out in one of the dorms. The RA wasn’t answering the phone (typical) and the security guard had locked HIS keys in the office so Stew had to come to the rescue for two people, though he made his mind up that he’d help out the guard and the guard could help the kid; until he saw the kid. The kid was standing there, swaying with the wind. “Great, his shitfaced.” Thought Stew as he walked up. When he called out, the kid turned and Stew saw that his nose was essentially all over his face and blood was pouring all over him. Stew had intended to by-pass the kid and go to the help out the guard telling the kid help was on the way, but this kid was a mess.

“What the hell happened to you?” Asked Stew.

“I thin I gut inna fight, or I feh down or… Hey, who are you to ask me that? Fuck you.” Said the kid who, regardless of why this happened, it was definitely well beyond Stew’s medical skills so he called for an ambulance because there was no way this kid was getting in his cruiser, not with all that blood. He told the kid to stay put and he was going to get the medical kit. As he turned, he heard the kid run off. Stew turned just in time to see the kid heading down the pathway. He didn’t get far. His condition caused him to lose his footing and he did a mid air summersault and landed on his back, groaning in agony. Stew calmly walked over and shining his flashlight on the kid asked, “So, do you want some help or not?”

The kid just groaned. Stew asked for his ID and the kid said, “Izina my wallet, but iz mine so fuck off.”

Stew told the kid he needed it so he’d know who the kid was. The kid was still lying on the ground in pain but he was being very uncooperative. Stew rolled him to the side and took out his wallet, with that the kid started using every obscenity known to man and calling Stew a thief. The security guard had finally managed to make his way over and just stood there watching as the kid began to flail around and trying to reach Stew who by now has stood up and retrieved his ID.

By now Eddie had shown up as he could hear the kid in the background when Stew requested the ambulance. The dispatcher had sent him, but he had already been on his way. Stew explained what he had and Eddie looked over the kid. “I’ve had him before. He’s a real asshole. Gets drunk, starts fights and then loses them. He doesn’t look so bad this time.”

The ambulance rolled up, lights ablaze. Stew walked over, explained the whole situation and handed the kid’s ID over to the firefighter/EMT. The EMT went over to assess the kid while his partner pulled out the gurney, saying, güvenilir bahis “I can’t help but think this kid won’t go peacefully.”

He was right. As they stood the kid up to sit him on the cot, the kid tried to pull away then kicked Stew right in the crotch. Stew doubled over, let out a yell that nearly cracked the nearby windows and hit the ground.

As all this was going on, some moron in the small that was forming to watch the show yelled out, “Hey leave that kid alone. You have no right to treat him that way!”

Eddie could see the camera phones all being aimed in the direction of the little event, calmly walked over and said to the big mouth, “I guess you feel strongly enough about your cause to go to jail?”

The kid had a very arrogant look on his face when he replied, “JAIL? Bullshit, for what?”

“Inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer, interfering with a firefighter and whatever else comes to mind.”
“You don’t have that right or the balls,” replied the kid who stood there, arms crossed defiantly. He was defiant right up until the second that Eddie removed his cuffs from their holster. Then the kid said, “Ok, but this is going on YouTube.” And he ran off.

Stew in the meantime was just groaning. The firefighters had managed to get the kid onto the cot and had to use restraints. “I’m guessing this kid is now under arrest?” Inquired the firefighter.

“No, we’ll summons him. We can’t tie up the whole shift because now, this poor man must also visit an emergency room.” And Eddie called for a second ambulance. Placing him under arrest then would mean someone would have to stay with him in the emergency room and since it was only Eddie, Stew and Sgt. O’Meara working and Stew going off to the hospital, that would essentially leave no one on campus and God only knew if they could get someone to come in at this hour for some overtime. The kid did something very bad, kicking a cop, but they certainly knew where and how to find him. A summons would work.

The second ambulance arrived and it was from Bay State EMS, the local private company. The truck rolled up and the two EMTs jumped out and walked over asking where the patient was and Eddie said, “Oh he’s here. Ironballs needs some assistance.” Eddie had gotten an ice pack from the medical kit that Stew had been carrying and when Stew said, “I’ll be fine, call off the ambulance,” Eddie had just given him a stern “Harrrumph” and made it clear that things could be damaged that he didn’t know about. Stew reluctantly agreed.

As they walked up, the woman EMT’s eyes lit up, “STEW?”
Stew looked up through the pain and, knowing the voice more than anything groaned, “Steph? That you?”

They got the cot and put Stew on it. Sgt. O’Meara had come by and gotten Stew’s duty belt so the hospital wouldn’t have to deal with it. As he lay there, Steph asked, “So, how did THIS happen?”

Her partner asked if she wanted to drive or ride in back since she knew the patient. She opted for in back. “I grabbed some OT again. Got bills, ya dig? So, what in the hell? I hope the other guy looks worse.” Said Steph, partially sympathetic and partially holding back a chuckle. Stew caught that and said, “Thanks, thanks lots.” The pain was subsiding a bit, but it was still there.

“Can’t let anything happen to those balls, Stew, they’re far too valuable.” She did her assessment, took his vital signs and off they went to the hospital with Stew relating just what had happened and Steph saying he should be more careful. “Sherry’s gonna freak.” She added.

Steph got Stew a new icepack and gently placed it on his crotch. “Maybe I should open these pants up and give them a look.” Smirked Stephanie as she held the icepack in place.

“Normally I might encourage that, but not right now. I have a feeling they’re blue…blue and black, balls.” Then he added, “funny we see each other like this (then he grunted, and repeated, ‘like this’) since Sherry and I were just talking about having you guys over for dinner, maybe Thursday if you’re available.

“I have no idea what’s going on beyond tomorrow, but I can give you a call. I do believe I have your home number. Thinking of a rematch?”

“Well, we just figure it might be nice to get together and visit and talk.”
“Oh, I see. You guys having any regrets? I hope not, I understand that can happen and I would hope we could still be friends.”
“Of course, sheesh, we want to discuss our last visit, but we don’t want to not be friends.”
“Did you guys have an issue with what happened?”

“We’re not sure, we just…”

Steph’s partner called from the front, “We’re here, last stop on the St. Mark’s express!”

They brought Stew in and Steph said as they handed him over to the ER staff, transferring him to one of the hospital’s gurney’s, “You call me, OK? We’ll make time on Thursday.”
Stew just nodded. Steph’s partner explained what they had, handed over a copy of Stew’s vitals and off they went.

Once türkçe bahis Stew was released from the hospital, Sgt. O’Meara, who had gone straight to the hospital after securing Stew’s weapon, drove him back and helped him fill out his injury forms telling him that if he didn’t take at least the time recommended by the doctors and maybe a few more, he was out of his mind. Stew agreed keeping in the back of his mind that he could get more cleaning done for Thursday.

When he got home, just after 6, Sherry was about ready to head out the door. “You’re early. What’s up and why in the fuck do you have a hospital bracelet on?”

Stew told her the whole story and she hugged him tightly but as she hugged him, she began to giggle a bit picturing the whole scene.

“I’m sorry hon, I really am, but that MUST have been comical, I mean aside from the pain you were in. Did you lock the kid up?”
“No summonsing him in, the little shit. If they don’t throw him out, the kid’s fifth incident, three with us and two with Student Housing, if they don’t throw him out, I’LL throw him out…a window!”

“No, you won’t.”
“No, I won’t, but I’d like to. I’m still a little sore, what a kick that kid had.”

“Well, I’ve got to go. Remember, you’re have to call Rich and Steph about Thursday,” said Sherry as she headed for the door.

“Oh, no I don’t. Steph was the EMT that got me to the hospital. She took care of my balls…AGAIN!”

Sherry laughed at that, yelled ‘bye’ and off she went to work. Stew just rested for the day. No clean up for a bit. He felt he was being overly dramatic. It was ONLY a kick in the balls, but the doctor was right, even though it didn’t seem like much, there could be lasting side effects. He was told to play it safe for a day or two, pay attention to any swelling or continued pain and if that happened, visit his own doctor. “Great, life is just a bowl of cherries, and I got kicked in them.”

That evening he called Steph and Rich’s house. Rich answered. “Hey, how’s the nutsack?”
“Oh, isn’t that nice, Steph told you,” Stew said with a moan. “It’s fine. There’s been no swelling and my nausea has passed. I’m just keeping some ice on it for the rest of the night. The doctor gave me two days off and snuck in another one after my regular days off. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been needing some time off. Going into work has almost been like, well, a kick in the nuts!”

Rich laughed at that one, admiring that Stew could be so upbeat about his injury. Rich had been kicked in the nuts only once and it was one of the worst experiences in his life.

“So, Steph said you guys want to get together for dinner and that you wanted to…wanted to talk. Everything OK?” Rich asked.

“Fine. No really, everything is fine. We just have to talk about everything and, well, do we want to do that again. You guys said you’ve done that before, we haven’t and as much fun as we had, we’re still wrestling with the whole concept.”
Rich said he understood and that was normal. They agreed to hold off on the conversation until they were all together, set a time and that was that. Thursday at 7p.m., giving Steph a little time to get home from work, shower and change. Perfect.

Thursday came and Rich and Steph were driving over the Leary household. They were just a tad apprehensive. Would this be awkward? That was the impression Rich got and Steph said she sensed that as well. When they arrived, Stew greeted them at the door, took their jackets and offered them a drink.
“We brought some wine. We weren’t sure what we’d be having so we brought a selection,” proclaimed Steph as Rich carried in a case of assorted wines. Stew laughed and said he hated wine and only losers drank wine.

Rich stood for a second not knowing how to react then Steph said, “Is this like the time in the coffee shop when you were so damned rude and it didn’t work?”

“Didn’t work again, sorry,” said Stew apologetically. That broke the ice and the three laughed at that. Steph then asked about Stew’s injury and he assured her, he was A.O.K. and even the tenderness had gone away to which Steph said, “That’s VERY good to hear.”

Sherry had just been finishing getting ready in the bedroom and came out to greet her guests. Stew had been doing the cooking and announced that they would be having a roast beef dinner but starting with a salad and Italian Wedding soup.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m a vegetarian, I can’t eat that. It’s morally wrong, sorry,” stated Rich in a very serious tone. For two seconds Stew and Sherry just looked at each other until Stew’s memory kicked in and he said, “When we went out to eat you had lamb and for an appetizer you had calamari. I only remember because as I sat eating my dinner I thought how good that lamb looked.”

“My humor can fall flat, too sometimes, and didn’t YOU have a glass of Merlot that night?”

Everyone was at ease. They sat munching on cheese and crackers while Sherry opened one of the 12 bottles brought by the Danners. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Twelve bottles is a little much. You spent a ridiculous amount but thank you for thinking of…wait, are you trying to get us drunk?” asked Sherry as she poured the Zinfandel.

Considering the ‘talk’ Stew had mentioned, Steph and Rich felt just a little awkward at that question and hoped she was just kidding around, both denying any ulterior motives.

Rich proposed a toast, “To our lovely hosts and this friendship we have developed with them. May we be friends for the rest of our lives!” He was not just being truthful, but making a clear statement that, no matter how the ‘talk’ went, he seriously did like them both and wanted a friendship, extras or not.

Stew and Sherry both understood, but kept mum on the subject.

They ate dinner and the public servants all shared some fun war stories. Steph and Rich talked about the kids and Sherry said that she really wanted kids and even though Stew was a bit older than her, she had a feeling that even after the injury, he could provide her with at least one.

Dinner was magnificent and it was capped off with a hot fudge pudding cake with ice cream and the third bottle of wine, this one a Pinot Noir. “Variety is the spice of life,” stated Steph.

They retired to the living room and Stew picked up a bit encouraging Sherry to sit and relax. When he joined them Rich said, “Ok, you wanted to talk. Now is as good a time as any.”

Sherry started after a pause filled the air for about 10 seconds. She sighed and said, “Well, neither of us had ever done that before. I never even saw a girl naked, never mind did what I did with you, Steph. I mean, does this mean I’m bisexual? Also, I very much love Stew, he’s been the best thing that ever happened to me and I am terrified that I’ll lose interest in him if I’m with other guys, or even just one.” She glanced over at Rich. “We’re just coming to terms with everything.”

It was Stew’s turn, “I’ve had 3 girlfriends in my life. Two were short term relationships, one I was engaged to but that fell through. I was a virgin until I was almost 20 and Sherry has been the love of MY life. I don’t think I could ever become bored with her or lose interest.” This caused Sherry to see the potential slam in what she had said. Stew went on, “I’m afraid that if we did this much I’d become jealous and ruin things for everyone involved.”

“Were you jealous the other night?” asked Steph.

“A tad, but it didn’t last, I was just so getting off on everything that the idea left my head. But what if we’re with someone that satisfies Sherry much better than I seem to, and Rich, to be honest, you’re GOOD!”

“Thanks. I try, but there was no doubt for either Steph or I that Sherry wanted to finish with you. That’s huge.” Rich then went on to relate their first threesome in the hot tub and the subsequent gangbang and how, it seemed to bring them closer together. “I know it sounds weird and I admit there are those who say that but deep down, there is resentment, but we truly treat this as just a very fun physical activity that we love to share. With the exception of one little encounter Steph had with a girlfriend of hers; we’ve done it together every time.”

“Have you been with many girls?” asked Sherry.

“Three. My first was this girl Sandy…”
“Her last name wouldn’t be MAY? Would it?” interjected Sherry referring to her colleague at the PD.

“No, why?”
“Not important,” said Sherry, “please, go on.”

“Anyway, then we had a very interesting New Year’s Eve party where I had some fun with a girl, and then you. Am I bi-sexual? You know, if I’ve been with three different girls and very much enjoyed myself and look forward to more, I guess I am.” Finished Steph. “But I still like dick. Dick first and foremost.”

“Am I expected to do a guy? I mean, you’re a good looking guy and all Rich, but I’m more of an outlet guy than a plug guy.” Added Stew.

“Hell no. I won’t do a guy. Well, my motto is, ‘don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it’, I’m just not intending to try it. I will be very honest, I am not saying it could be a blast and who knows what could happen in the future, but no, you have no worries from me…and I like your analogy.” Replied Rich.

“Sounds like you have given it some thought,” said Sherry.

“Since we started this adventure, there’s nothing that I haven’t deliberated on. I just know what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not comfortable with, but we all know that people can change. I’m just realistic to know I could change. NOT that I’m implying you’ll change, Stew, not at all. Very few guys, from what I understand, do. VERY small percentage.”

Stew mulled that one over and grimaced. “Yeah, I think I’ll be in the majority, thanks.” He gulped his wine and started to wonder if Rich would ever make a play for his junk.

“I’m not interested in you.” Declared Rich, seeing the look on Stew’s face. Stew sighed, laughed and gulped what was left in his glass.

Steph then added, “I’ve been married to this guy for a long time now, he’s not interested, trust me.”

Sherry then just had to add, “I bet watching them go at it would be HOT!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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