Haziran 13, 2020

Threeway bliss

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Threeway bliss
It took you a while but you finally got around to asking Sammy to prom. You didn’t expect her to say yes, but to your surprise she agreed right away. She didn’t even have to think about it. You thought fro sure she would have had a lot of offers as she had no boyfriend and she was one of the cutest girls in school.
Sammy is a petit dirty blonde with a tooth filled smile and deep smoky eyes highlighted by black rimmed glasses that are both flirty and soulful. She was very nerd hot, looking like a sexy geek with those glasses. She had a tight ass and a flat stomach that you wanted to lick and kiss as you work your way down to her pussy to eat her till she came on your face. Now you were one step closer.
She always looked like she was having a great day and never went too long without a smile on her face. She was so cute you wanted her to yourself. But she was always your second choice.
Three days before prom she sent you a text of a pair of black shiny high heel shoes. All it said was she had found the last piece of her outfit. She had been teasing you like that for days. Sending you images of parts of her outfit. You were already jerking off thinking of how sweet it would be to have her to yourself. You made reservations at a great restaurant for a meal before the dance. You even made reservations at a nice hotel for after not just for prom night but for the night after as well. You were confident you could get her naked by the end of the night. When you told her about it she just smiled and said since you were spending on a nice night she would pay for a limo, so the two of you could arrive in style. Then she kissed you on the lips and smiled a smile that told you she would not disappoint on the night.
Then the day before prom she pulled you aside out into the hallway out of sight and sound of people and said she needed to talk. That to you made you think the plans were all going to shit. She looked concerned and a little down. Even biting her bottom lip making her look like a nervous little girl.
“Whats up Sammy?”
“ I have a favour to ask sweetie” She held your hand tight, even put a hand on your hip. But you were excited because she called you sweetie. Something you say to a boyfriend.
“what is it? Your kind of freaking me out right now”
“you know my friend Markell?”
“Yessss. What about her?” It was Markell that would have been your first choice but she was spoken for.
She looked right into your eyes and told you about how Markell had been dumped by her boyfriend so he could to go to a prom with another girl. Sammy being her friend was upset that her bestie had been dumped the night before prom. She wanted to know if it was okay if the two of you altered your plans a little to include Markell into the evening.
“She won’t be a third wheel. I swear it. She’ll ride with us after dinner to prom then go off on her own, leaving us to do our thing”
You really did not need too much convincing. Maybe you would even get to dance with the girl you really wanted. You have had a thing for Markell as long, if not longer than you have liked Sammy. You didn’t have to asked her out to prom now. She lost her first choice too but she had and Sammy didn’t mind sharing. Her being a sweetheart and good friend. Markell was a stone cold fox. Dark hair, brown eyes and a nose ring. She had small tits but they were firm, bouncy and she never wore a bra. She wore tight shirts to show off her nipple ring bars too. You thought the only thing that would make her hotter would be a tongue ring. She was pretty, bubbly and a bit of a free spirit.
It would be awesome to walk into the place with a smoking hot girl on each arm. You played it cool not wanting to look to eager. You could see Sammy was willing to help her friend anyway possible. You soon learned how far she would go to help her friend.
“Listen” she said. “I can show you her dress” She opened her phone and scrolled through the photos and showed you a photo of Markell in a very tight black dress with a white sash and lace trimming. It was open shoulder and the neckline went pretty low, and the slit in the dress went almost to her thigh. She wore a double string of pearls around the neck. She looked hotter than hell. “thats what she’s wearing. She is having her hair put into an updo so you’ll be able to see her slender sexy neck. Her Mom is a beauty consultant at the pharmacy and is doing hers and my makeup”
She was making you sweat talking about how hot her friend (and her) will look.
“I don’t know Sam” You faked indecision. “I really wanted you to myself. I want to dance with you, then take you to the hotel and fuck your brains out. All night. Maybe two or three times”
“oh babe you are still green lit for that. I want you as much as you want me. I am going to trim and landscape so you can enjoy all of me. I am so wanting you.”
“I want to believe you…..”
Sam smiled a smile so sexy that it could melt frozen butter and took your hand and led you into an empty classroom. Once the door was closed she pushed you up against kaçak iddaa the wall and stuck her tongue in your mouth. You two kissed hard and heavy until you were both breathless and panting.
“say yes to my little request and you won’t have to wait a day for the fun to begin.”
“well then. Let Markell. The hot and sexy Markell know she is welcome to come to prom with us.” Sammy smiled a devilish smile and undid your pants as she crouched down and took your dick out and began licking the tip.
“you think Markell is hot I will show you how fucking sexy I am” She opened her her mouth and slid you into her mouth and began sucking slowly. She picked up the pace and moved her head back and forth as you leaned against the wall and held the back of her head as she slurped and sucked you. She moaned approval as you came in her mouth.
“holy shit Sammy that was amazing”
“I am going to make you so happy tomorrow night” She licked her lip as she zipped you back up. Pushed her glasses back up on her face and smiled as she walked away. You watched her tight ass as it sauntered down the hallway. No panty lines!
The next day started out as planned. You checked into the hotel and got ready for Prom. You dropped off a bag Sammy had given you as well as one of your own. Changed of clothes to wear the next day. Sammy’s seemed awful large for one night.
You rented a Black tux with tails and a purple bow tie and cumber-bunt. You even had on a vest with a pocket watch. Sammy had the limo pick you up at the hotel and you then picked her up at her place. Her dress was royal blue. It looked like a corset on top with a frilly, lacy, tulle like skirt. Her shoes were the familiar black stiletto heels you saw the photo of. Her necklace was a silver chain with a pewter dragonfly on it dangling between her perky tits. She had her hair down and given them curls and waves. She looked so fuckable you weren’t sure you could wait to after the evening to tear her clothes off and fuck her.
After photos and putting her wrist corsage on you two went to dinner and had a great meal. After you went to Markell’s and picked her up. Markell looked like she did in the photo Sammy showed you. Except her hair was in the updo with some of the bangs swirling down her forehead. She wore black shiny heels. You acted the gentleman and gave her a corsage for her wrist as well. After more photos, you all got into the limo and drank champagne as you drove to the venue. Both girls had emptied three glasses each and were feeling really good as you entered the hall.
Markell quickly peeled away to see other friends as you and Sammy started dancing. For the next couple of hours the two of you slow danced holding each other tight. The teachers watching to make sure nothing inappropriate was happening. But her perfume was intoxicating.
Sammy excused herself and went to the bathroom. Thats when Markell cut in and the two of you danced slowly. She was giving you a look that was making your cock swell even tighter. She was wearing the same scent.
“thanks again for letting me tag along tonight.” She was rubbing your back as you slowly embraced closer and closer. Your hands drifting to her ass like they were magnets on her steel buns “ If Sammy wasn’t going to fuck you I would let you have me tonight. You look really good. And you are being so nice to me. I know all you want to do is fuck Sammy”
“No matter what, I will never be as sexy as you Markell, and given the chance you can have me too”
That is when Sammy came back and saw how close you two were dancing there was a very naughty smile on her perfect red lips. Instead of forcing her way in she put an arm around your waist and around Markell’s and the three of you slow danced together.
That’s when you realized that both girls had a hand on your ass. Where you had a hand in the small of Sammy’s back and one on Markell’s ass. You could not believe you had two hotties primed and ready to screw. It was tearing you up you couldn’t have both.
Or so you thought.
“I know he is suppose to take you back to the hotel soon Sam. But I was wondering if you would indulge me a little longer”
“whats on your mind Merk?” Sammy asked. Looking back you now knew Sam and Merk had a plan of their own for the evenings festivities at the hotel.
“weeellllll if you and the boy wonder are interested, I could accompany you to the hotel.”
“you mean make a twosome and threesome?” you blurted out in a less than suave way.
The girls looked at each other and giggled at your stammer. You pulled yourself together and moved your hand to Sammy’s ass as well.
“Markell your such a fucking tramp” Sammy said.
“ I am not a tramp, I am just really horny. I so wanted to get laid tonight. big deal. You want sex too my dear.” Both ladies squeezed your ass. “If I don’t go home with you two I might have to seduce one of the teachers trying to keep us from having an orgy right here on the fucking dance floor.” Markell laughed at the thought. You thought she might actually do it too.
Then they stepped in closer and the three of perabet güvenilir mi you were in a tight group.
“fuck it.” Sam said. “ I am in if you are” She kissed you on the lips. How could and why would you say no?
As the night went on they took turns dancing with you and with each other. Eventually the evening wound down and you were back in the limo and they polished off the rest of the champagne. They took turns kissing you and rubbed your dick through your pants. You were done waiting. It was time you became a man of action.
“alright ladies” You said in a commanding voice. “Which one wants their pussy licked first?”
“Markell told me she is not wearing panties. Why don’t you go down there and see if she is lying”
You shrugged your shoulder with a smile and kneel in front of Merk as Sam closes the glass between you and the driver. You slide her dress up and past her knees and push her legs wide apart. You her Sammy giggle as you expose Markell’s trimmed pussy. You say nothing as you begin licking Merk’s clit. She leans back on the soft leather as Sammy squeezes her tits through the silky fabric of her dress. Soon the girls are kissing each other as you push the legs farther apart and snake your tongue into her sweet damp pussy. She puts a foot up on the seat and begins to grind on your face.
“oh shit we’re pulling into the hotel parking lot!” Sammy squeals.
“fuck that was fast” Merk complained breathless and on the verge of orgasm.
So you stop and pull her dress back down. “guess we’ll have to continue this in the room.”
The limo dropped you at the front of the hotel and after you all got out Sammy sent the driver home for the evening.
You guided them to the elevator and up to the room one on each arm.
As soon as you were in the room they both turned and the three of you kissed and groped each other. Sammy and Markell continued kissing as you un-zipped Sammy’s skirt sending it to the floor leaving her in only a corset and black stockings.
“Looks like I wasn’t the only one who don’t wear panties, hey Sam” Merk said with a slap to Sam’s ass. She squealed at the sting of the spank as Merk pulled on the front of her corset letting her perky little tits escape their stiff confines. Sam was quickly enjoying the feel of Markell,s tongue on her nipples and the feel of three fingers in her pussy.
You walked around to the back of Markell as she licked and fingered Sammy. You unzip her dress and it too falls to the floor easily leaving her in only black stockings as she had already kicked off her shoes. Leaving you with two mostly naked babes. You told them to leave the corsages on. It added refinement and elegance to the two of them you said.
You kissed Markell on the neck and wrapped your hands around her and played with nipple rings as she continued fingering Sam.
After a minute or two she stuck her fingers in your mouth and you tasted Sam’s juices. The girls turned their attention to you and slowly undress you throwing your jacket and vest on the floor. Merk undoes your pants and yanks down your pants and underwear as Sammy undoes your shirt and pulls it and your undershirt off and starts licking your nipples and Merk begins sucking your cock.
“fucking hell ladies” you groan. “I think I need to finish what I started in the limo”
“I have a better idea” Markell says as she directs Sammy to lay on her back on the bed. She then guides you to your stomach and directs you as you begin to eat Sammy. Her pussy is mostly bare except a small landing strip and you easily put your whole mouth around her little pussy and slide your tongue in and out of her. As you look up you see Markell kneeling over Sammy as Sammy eats her pussy and has three fingers buried deep inside her. She is reaching down and kneading Sammy’s tits as she got her twat serviced. You are glad you are concentrating on eating Sam’s pussy otherwise you may have come on the spot.
You sucked and tongued Sammy to a huge orgasm and her come was all over your face as you sat up and kissed Markell.
She then laid you down on your back and started riding you as Sammy knelt over your face. Clearly Sammy needed more pussy licking. So you went back to eating Sammy as Markell was riding your cock hard and fast.
“oh fuck yes” was all Markell kept repeating as she leaned back wrapping her hands over your ankles and arching her back as Sammy twisted and turned the nipple rings. “I’m coming. Oh fuck I am so fucking coming!!” Markell cried loudly as you felt her already tight pussy squeeze your dick like a vice. That is when she squirted all over you and even hit Sammy. But she didn’t stop she kept riding you through the orgasm.
Sammy moved to laying on her side and licking Markell’s come off your chest. She decided it was her turn and pushed Markell off of you and took her place.
“You have hogged his cock long enough. After all he is my date Merk.”
“You said yes to the right guy Sammy. He is a fuck machine”
“nice cock too. I do say.”
You watched as Sammy rode your dick and played with her own tipobet giriş tits.
“Maybe I should get nipple rings too. What do you guys think?”
“Sammy” you say. “get a tongue ring instead. So your blow jobs go from awesome to amazingly unforgettable.”
“I agree with him I know for a fact that tongue rings feel great on my clit too.”
You finally realize that maybe these two have been getting each other off before. “so you two have been lovers for while right?” You ask as Sammy slows her pace and kisses Markell before answering.
“He is onto us Merk”
“I guess he is” Markell then begins playing with your balls as she tells you about how the two of them had planned for this night to be a foursome before Markell got dumped. They planned on having sex with their dates and then after getting off switch partners to go again. But when one of the dates backed out they went to plan b. Which was what was happening now.
Then Sammy leaned forward and kissed you, with lots of tongue and took over the narrative. It seems that the two of them have not only been best friends but since they were twelve they were friends with benefits. They went through puberty with raging hormones and raging lust for each other that has never went away. Though they have both had boyfriends they have remained lovers. After that Sammy gripped my stomach and stopped moving as she was rocked by another orgasm.
When the two women got off the bed you knew what they were going to do. Markell un-zipped the back of Sammy’s corset and tossed it aside. Sammy’s skin was imprinted with the marks of the corset. Now both were in nothing but their stockings and oddly enough the corsages were still on both their wrists.
They knelt in front of you and took turns sucking your cock. Sammy was the most into it sucking hard and fast like a porn star. Merkell was more slow and felt like she was more a cock worshiper than a dick crazed slut. It was nice having two different techniques at once.
You wished you were actually recording this as you knew no one will believe you when you tell them about this. Two of the most sweet and seemingly innocent girls in school both sucking and fucking you at once.
I almost did not believe you! At least until Sammy confirmed it. Bragged about it actually.
You knew you were close and you knew Sammy had already had a taste of your come so you put your cock on Markell’s lips and came all over her face.
You were all soon snuggled into the center of the king size bed. It smelt of sex and fine perfume but it did matter. All three of you were exhausted and you fell asleep with a naked hottie snuggling on each side of you.
You awoke and Sammy was on her side facing away from you. Sound asleep and snoring a little. Markell was not in the bed. But you heard the shower running so you went in and climbed in the shower with her.
“don’t worry I will leave as soon as I finish showering and get dressed.
“Don’t rush off just yet Merk” you say as you put her face first against the wall. “I want a little one on one time with you”
“hmm sounds nice.” She sticks her ass out for you as you grab it. “what about Sammy?”
“oh we have lots of time. Because the room is ours until tomorrow. I will be fucking her all day”
“mm you are a fuck machine horn dog you” She spreads her legs and puts her hands out farther on the wall. “when you have your fill of Miss Sammy. I want to be your girlfriend. Sammy can play with us once in a while though.”
“why would I chose you over her” you ask as you slide your morning wood into Markell as the hot water pours over you. ”Maybe I will just keep having you both. That sounds like better fun!” You thrust hard pushing her into the wall.
“because” She pushes back against your dick and you two start fucking hard. “ I will take it up the ass. Sammy hates that. At least she did when I used the strap on, on her.”
“Jesus you two really are fuck buddies aren’t you”
“Shut up and use me before we run out of water.”
So you did. You slid your dick right into her tight asshole. Her pussy was tight but her ass was tighter. You knew you would come sooner than later. You grabbed her hair and pulled as she worked her hips on your throbbing dick. She screamed in delight as you pushed her face into the wall and came as hard as you had the night before.
You two finished cleaning of in the shower. Fingering her to an orgasm of her own.
Markell then went to the bag Sammy had asked you to drop off when you checked in. Merk pulled out a pair of jeans, t-shirt, flip flops and her wallet and phone. She dressed and called a cab.
“hope to see you soon” was all she said as she snuck out of the room. Leaving you with a still sound asleep Sammy.
That is when you decided not to choose Sammy over Markell. Not just because she offered anal but it still rang true that if she had been single a few weeks ago you would have asked her out anyway. You spent a great day with Sammy hanging out, ordering room service and porn movies and going down on each other and you two fucked a couple more times too but as you checked out, you had, had your fun with Sammy and wanted to go find Markell, you told her you wanted to be with Markell. Sammy smiled and said she knew. But said she would still like to fuck from time to time.
Neither you or Markell have a problem with that I am sure.

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