Mart 25, 2021

Three in the Music Room

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It was right after a performance and me and Adrianna were changing from our white shirts and black skirts back into our regular clothes. The only room available was the music room.

I was the last to enter and of course I forgot to lock the door. I was so preoccupied with the realization that I might get to see more of her.

I couldn’t understand my feelings and the way I would catch her looking at me from time to time. I’ve changed in front of other women before and never felt this way. As she unbuttoned her white cotton shirt I couldn’t help but stare. My nipples grew hard as I peaked at her black lace bra that I had wanted to see all day. The black of her bra was noticeable through her white shirt and caused me endless frustration.

She caught me looking at her and half smiled at me. It made me feel all liquid warmth inside as if something very important was about to happen.

“Do you like it?” Adriana asked.

I was stunned for half a second as I processed her question.

“Y-Yes,” I stammered thinking I liked her very much whatever she was talking about.

“It’s new I just bought it. Do you want to touch it? Feel the lace? ” She moved closer to me and my heart raced. I felt liquid pool in my panties and the sensation of it’s heat. Her breasts were so close to mine and as I looked at her mouth she licked her lips. God I wanted to kiss those lips and feel her tongue against mine.

Her blonde curls were tickling my arm and I felt her hand on mine as she guided my fingers to the embroidered lace of her bra over the swell of her generous breast. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I touched her bra and felt the sensuous curve. The lace was so sheer you could see everything through it and my hand shook as my fingers glided over it. Her breathing was heavy now as was mine and she finished unbuttoning my shirt so she could have better access.

I izmir escort bayan had never been so turned on before as she let my shirt fall to the floor. We were both now standing so close to one another only in our bras and skirts. Our hands were on each other’s breasts only separated by the thin material of our bras exploring and touching as if our lives depended on it.

I needed our bras gone.

Every time we took a breath our breasts pressed against each other and we would both moan. My fingers were first to explore under her bra and touch the soft skin and her hard nipples. I heard a tiny yes escape her lips. I pulled down her bra and squeezed. The feel of her unlike anything I had ever touched before, so different than my own.

Her hands found the clasp of my bra and unsnapped it. I felt her glorious hot mouth on my nipple and I almost died of pleasure. At that precise moment we heard a noise and looked up at the door that I had left unlocked. It was John and he had a crooked smile on his face as he leaned back against the door and locked it. “What are you ladies up to?” He asked. His voice was so deep and raspy that I felt it vibrate inside me.

Adrianna looked right at him as she asked,

“Isn’t she pretty?” I was too stunned and too turned on to care if he watched in fact I wanted him to do more than watch.

“Yes ,” I barely heard him say over my racing heart but then I distinctly heard him say, “Kiss her.” It was more like a direct order coming from his lips. I thought I might fall to the floor if not for the stool I felt suddenly underneath me and music sheets scattered all about.

Her soft fingers brushed my hair away from my neck with an almost feather like touch. I shivered from it. She looked at me and smiled. Then her soft lips lightly kissed the sweet spot right where my shoulder and neck met. I wanted more. Her tongue danced against my skin escort izmir as she licked tiny circles further up my neck. She knew exactly what I needed and I swear I was almost panting. Finally she found my mouth and kissed me so tenderly. Her tongue licked at the seam of my lips and I instinctively opened my mouth. The first touch of our tongues was electric.

Our bodies were pressed tight against each other and my whole body tingled with desire. We deepened our kiss as our hard nipples rubbed together. The friction alone could take me over the edge. I wanted to get deeper inside her and closer to her every second. The kiss went on forever. I wanted to taste every part of her. To know every part of her.

The outside world seemed to drift away until I felt John press himself against us. His shirt was gone and the heat of his skin seemed to ignite the heat between my legs. He put his hands on the small of our backs and said, “That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” We broke the kiss just long enough to take a ragged breath and John took Adrianna’s mouth in a rough kiss.

I watched them together and felt no jealousy just an urge to be a part of them at this moment. It was beautiful. John’s fingers pinched my one nipple while Adrianna played with the other. John turned to me and kissed me as his tongue pushed in and out mimicking what was to come.

Four hands on me, two mouths sucking kissing and licking. John pulled my skirt down as I unbuttoned his pants. Somehow in the frenzy we lost the rest of our clothes. I needed to be filled. My pussy was dripping and pulsing with need.

I grabbed John’s cock and stroked him eagerly. I felt his precum drip on my fingers. I wanted to taste him and was about to do just that when John decided he had other plans. He was suddenly impatient and with a groan he lifted me and sat on the stool. He turned me away from him and in one izmir escort swift move he entered me from behind. I braced myself with my hand on a nearby shelf as I adjusted to his size. I screamed in pleasure as he pushed me up and down on his hard cock.

I could see my cream on him each time he pulled out. He spread my legs open for Adrianna who was kneeling on the floor in front of us. It felt so good and as I looked at Adrianna I knew she wanted to taste me. She licked my inner thighs slowly as I continued to ride John. His grunts and moans just ratcheted up my desire even more. I was already close to orgasm.

“That’s right lick her pussy,” John encouraged with his deep voice. Adrianna’s tongue licked my clit and pressed down flat against it. The slurping sucking noises were so sexy. Every time John lifted me up Adrianna would lick the base of John’s cock all the way up tasting my juices. When I would slam down on him Adrianna would start her onslaught on my pussy again. John, then me over and over. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I screamed out both their names as the climax washed over me.

At that point Adrianna climbed on top of me as if we both were in his lap. His strong arms supported us both. Adrianna kissed me passionately as John continued to pump in and out of me frantically . I could tell he was close and Adrianna positioned her legs around me so that her sweet clit rubbed mine. I reached down and played with her pussy to help her along.

She made some unintelligible noises as I felt her come. I loved watching her. Right behind me I felt John’s orgasm and he turned my head to kiss me. He pulled out of me and his come was still pulsing with his cock in between me and Adrianna’s pussies all our juices mixing together the sight so hot it sent me right over to another climax. It was a big one and my whole body seemed to be humming.

We all collapsed in one sexy naked pile. The room smelled of sex. We heard a gentle knock on the door and a sweet voice asked, “Are you guys done in there yet?”

The three of us laughed but I devilishly thought to myself. We can handle a fourth can’t we?

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