Mayıs 26, 2021

This Was It!

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This was it. The delicious instant before the penetration. That fantastic millisecond when the tip of his circumcised cock was resting gently in the folds of my spread labia and he was about to thrust into me.

He was waiting for me to say the magic word.

He’d been kissing me. He’d kissed me gently. He’d kissed me strongly. He’d kissed me thoroughly and I’d kissed him back. Hungrily, passionately and urgently. I’d tasted him and urged him to taste me. He’d nibbled all down my throat and across my breasts. He’d taken each of my nipples into his mouth and gently sucked them. Then he’d sucked them firmly. Then he’d sucked them strongly and I’d moaned and arched and gasped and demanded more. He’d sucked my nipples out into long points with his mouth and released them with a plop. Each time my pussy had rewarded me with a mighty spasm and I was riding higher and higher with every kiss. He’d taken my nipple into his mouth and bitten me with his teeth. Quite gently. And my mind had screamed at him for more. I wanted him to bite me fiercely. Strongly. I knew that he would tease me like this. I knew that later, when he wanted to make me come, he would bite my nipple again. Hard. I would want him to. Very hard.

His cock quivered slightly at my entrance and the tension between us was electric. I could feel the tightness in the muscles of my thighs as I spread them wide for him. My heels were held wide apart and my toes turned out. My back was arched and my breasts were held upwards to reach to him. My neck was tense güvenilir bahis as I held my head steady. My tail muscles were flexed and ready to thrust back at him as soon as he began his assault. He was waiting for the magic word.

I had already said all the early words.

“I love you”

“I love the feel of you.”

“I love the smell of you.”

“I want you to love me.”

“I want to feel you inside me.”

But not yet the magic word. The word that would start that magic movement of the man who wanted to be deeply within me.

I was aware how wet I was. God I was wet! Had I ever been so wet? Somewhere inside me was a little factory, making lubrication. A clear, slippery, sweet smelling fluid that seeped out of my pussy. Coated my labia from clitoris to perineum. Seeped out of me down the divide of my bottom and must be wetting the sheet beneath me. God, I was ready. I was so wet, so ready and so open to his beautiful long, thick cock.

Another millisecond.

There was a fine sheen of sweat on both our bodies. We glowed. The muscles in his arms as he held himself above me must have been tense. He was looking down at me. I had my head turned slightly away. I couldn’t look directly at him or I should have been completely lost in love and lust and needing. Reflected in his own eyes. I didn’t look. I waited.

Another millisecond.

He waited for the word. He loved this teasing. Yet hated it. He was so ready to enter me. His cock was huge and stiff and straight. The veins stood out türkçe bahis and his own lubrication dribbled out of him and mingled with my own wetness. He waited for me. Ready.

It was time. I couldn’t wait any longer. I knew so well the delicious feeling of what that first, long, powerful thrust would be like.

Now I said it-

“Fuck me!”

He waited just a millisecond more, then with a great clenching of his buttocks he thrust his cock into me in one long, smooth, powerful thrust. All the way into me. I screamed and screamed and screamed.

He’d filled me completely. All the way. I could feel my tissues stretched. Deliciously. His pubic bone was pressed tightly against my pubic bone. He was all the way inside me. I could feel the tight ring of my vaginal entrance clasping the very base of his cock. Holding on tightly. Gripping him and loving him. I could feel the muscular tension as he forced himself against me. Into me. I was aware of how my bottom was pressed into the mattress under us. The pressure was intense. I was still screaming.

The he began to move.

All the way out.

Then all the way in.

He thrust and thrust and thrust. More and more strongly. I screamed and screamed. Again and again. He fucked me hard. Really hard. And I loved it. I screamed at him to fuck me harder. He did. His hips were a blur as thrust repeatedly into my wet, delicious, wanting hole. I was rigid. My head was twisted back. My back was arched tight up to receive him. My elbows dug into the bedclothes to güvenilir bahis siteleri hold my chest and breasts up towards him. He thrust into me with hard, long deep forceful movements and as my voice grew hoarse from the squealing and moaning and I thought that the sensations could not get any better. Any more delicious, Any more intense. He leaned down and took my left nipple into his mouth and without pausing from his powerful pistoning of me, he bit my nipple. Hard. Very hard. Very hard indeed. Brutally.

I came. I came at once. Strongly. Gloriously. Noisily. Deeply. All consumingly. I fainted. Just briefly and still he thrust into me. And I continued to come. Wave after wave after wave. Now in time to his thrustings. My moans were in time as well. Twenty more thrusts. Then he reared back, went quite rigid, paused and then exploded into me. Deeply. I came again at once. Of course. Our voices joined. Our bodies were joined. Our lubrication was joined and our souls and spirits and our very identities were deeply, irrevocably and permanently joined. My man. My lovemaking. My senses. I was aware of my whole body quivering and with a great sigh he lowered his body onto me and I could feel that delectable feeling that all women love. That wonderful, hard male body. Firm on top of me. His hard muscles pinning me to the bed. His skin wet with exertion. The smell of our love-making filling the air around us. The feeling of his cock still deep within me. The wetness of his gift of love beginning to trickle out of me. His breathing ragged and heavy. Matching mine. The all consuming feeling of love. Of possession. Of oneness. Of satiety. Of completeness. Of the wonderful joy of having made love with the most beautiful man in the world. Right here in my own bed!

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