Mayıs 26, 2021

Thinking of You

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I had been thinking of you all day. Here it was mid afternoon and I couldn’t help myself anymore. I needed some release from the teasing thoughts that had raced through my mind all day. I went upstairs, drew the curtains, and put in my favorite sexy CD. Slowly, I undressed, letting my clothes fall to the floor. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at what I saw. Slowly swaying to the music, I made my way to our bed. I lay down on your side of the bed and took in your smell.

Slowly my hands caressed my body. I started gently massaging my breasts, paying extra attention to my hardening nipples. Teasing them, I tweaked and rolled them in my fingers. Moaning at how good it felt as I thought of you. My hand made it slowly down to my tingling sex. I rubbed my mound gently. Soft moans escaped from my mouth as I imagined your light kisses teasing me. I could almost feel your lips on me before you would lick deeper into me.

I stroked my outer lips slowly yet firmly. I could feel the pressure of my hand spreading throughout my pussy. Opening my lips with my hand, I rubbed my clit just a little. I moaned as one hand played with my ripe nipple and the other on my clit. The feeling was overwhelming as my body reacted to my gentle rubbing. Softly circling my clit with my finger, I felt it swell. I was thinking of how you could drive me crazy by doing that with your agile tongue. It was as if you were there licking me and playing with my breasts at the same time.

I felt my dampness increase to wetness as I stroked from my clit to my warm sex. Drawing the wetness up to my clit, I rubbed it with more urgency. My body squirmed from the touch of my hands. I massaged my breast roughly, rolling and pinching my hard nipple between my fingers. I thought of how you love to play with my breasts. It always makes me hotter when you suck on them so hard. Thoughts of you raced through my mind as my moans got louder and my body quivered.

My bahis firmaları fingers made their way back to my wet spasming hole. I felt my warm walls expand around my finger slowly penetrated me. Slowly, I worked my finger around, massaging the most sensitive areas. My back arched a little as my moans increased. Gradually working another finger into my wet sex, I twirled and twisted them around. Finding that engorged sensitive spot, I curled my fingers to massage it slowly and softly. My body shuddered harder as my excitement increased. My fingers worked more frantically probing and thrusting deeper within my walls. I felt my juices running down to my ass as my body responded to the pleasure. My body writhed with ecstasy. I found myself gasping for air and my heart racing as my entire body shuddered from the fantastic feeling.

As my orgasm was building, my hand moved from my breast to your pillow. I gripped it tightly, matching the clenches of my walls around my fingers. My chest heaved with my ragged breath as my fingers probed hard and deep within me. My wet pussy tightened around my fingers as my body shook in pure ecstasy. My hand clenched your pillow, pulling it close to me. Groaning as I came, I had gotten the release that I needed.

My body twitched as my orgasm subsided. Moaning at the great release, my heart and breathing slowed. I laid there, thinking of you and how easily you could get me hot. Smiling to myself, I soon fell into a blissful sleep.

When you had gotten home and found me asleep, you woke me gently, softly asking if everything was all right. I smiled and answered “I was thinking of you today.”

Noticing the stress and tension in your face, I offered to draw a nice bath for the both of us so I could massage it all away. I felt you watch me as I made my way to the bathroom. It made me happy to know that you still enjoyed watching my naked body after so many years.

As kaçak iddaa our warm bath ran in the oversized claw foot tub, I asked you to come and join me. Wearily you climbed in with me, telling me that you weren’t sure that it would help. Despite your weak protests, I pulled you back into me so you were leaning back on my breasts. Slowly, I began to massage your tense shoulders, working the knots out. Hearing quiet moans and feeling you begin to relax; I worked my way down your back. As I ran my hands over your back, I kneaded away all of the tension. I rubbed my breasts over your back softly and kissed your neck and shoulders softly.

It was obvious that you were enjoying the special attention as I began to lather you up to bathe you. My soapy hands making their way down your back and chest as you leaned back into my firm breasts. With my legs wrapped loosely around you, I made my way down to your thighs. Gently, I massaged your thighs as I kissed and nibbled on your shoulders.

Softly I wrapped my soapy hand around your cock. You moaned as it twitched in my hand. I stroked you delicately, working my hand around your cock and balls. Feeling you getting hard in my hand and your relaxed body pressing back into mine, I made my way around your hardness. Soon I felt your twitches become throbs.

As you reached for me, I whispered for you to just to let me do everything and for you to enjoy. You pressed back into my breasts as I continued working my hand around you. Your throbbing cock felt so good in my hand, soon I was softly moaning in your ear as my kisses became firmer on your neck and shoulders. Hearing my moans only excited you more as your strong throbs gave way to your intense release. Your groans of cumming filled the room as I pumped your spewing cock. You leaned harder back into me, feeling drained from your release.

As your cock twitched in my hand, you suggested that we move back into the bedroom. We both kaçak bahis got out of the bathtub and dried each other off slowly. We gently worked our ways around each other’s bodies with the plush towels. Randomly kissing each other’s bodies, we made our way down our naked bodies.

We slowly made our way back to the bedroom, holding and kissing each other.

We lay down on the bed, kissing and whispering to the other. As we caressed each other’s bodies, our need for each other deepens. Soon our tender kisses and touches became more urgent. Your long, deep passionate kiss added to my pleasure as your hand fondled my mound. Your hand teased me before you finally rubbed my swollen clit. You found that I was already wet as your hand explored my sex. I moaned quietly into your mouth.

I took your stiffening cock in my hand once again. Slowly, I teased you by twisting my hand around you and touching your most sensitive parts. Your moans encouraged me more as I guided your hand away from my wetness. Slowly, I mounted you and worked your hardness into me. As I impaled myself with your cock, you massaged my breasts and hard nipples. I sank down deep onto you again, feeling your cock pulse in me. I leaned down and fed you my breasts as I rode you harder. The feeling of your hard sucks on my nipples sent shock waves throughout my body. I moaned loudly as my walls clenched your thick pulsing cock.

Your ragged breathing told me that you would soon cum again. I wanted us to cum together and ride out each other’s release. My tight walls milked your cock. As I watched you, I knew how close you were. I drove myself down harder on you, clenching your throbbing cock. Your intense release pushed me over the edge. I climaxed with you, our bodies shuddering against each other. Your hot cum exploded into my quivering pussy and sent waves of ecstasy throughout my body.

Our releases subsided as I lay down beside you. You wrapped your arms around me and nuzzled my neck. Quiet murmurs left my lips while I lay there taking in your smell and the wonderful feeling of you holding me. We basked in the afterglow and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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