Mart 17, 2021

There’s Something in the Water Chapters 1 to 5

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction written solely to entertain. If you want to read lots more stuff, vote on new stories, or support my writing, please visit my Subscribestar site (you can find the link in my profile).

Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older.

Late 1950s, somewhere in the Midwest …

The stars shone bright on a cold night. Three high school seniors strode out of the malt shop and flipped up the collars on their jackets against the frigid breeze. Their footfalls echoed around the empty street as they made their way down the narrow sidewalk. Their bikes waited from them, leaning against a dark, forlorn street sign. As they left the lights, laughter, and conversation behind them, night settled in.

“Do you think we’ll see any of those shooting stars?” David looked up at the moonless sky, pushing his blond bangs out of his eyes. He stood head and shoulders above his friends. He wore his varsity basketball jacket with green and white stripes down the sleeve. It didn’t provide much warmth, but he liked everyone to know he’d made varsity that year.

“Leonids is only one night. It’s done.” Patrick looked up at his friend and then beyond to the twinkling stars. A short, skinny kid, Patrick didn’t like being reminded about how much David had grown the last few years. When they started high-school, they’d been the same height. Not now. Not even close. Patrick adjusted his large, tortoiseshell glasses and tried to figure out which planet glowed so brightly on the horizon. “Sorry, we won’t see any tonight.”

“Really?” David was still hopeful.

“Word from the bird, I read it this morning.” Patrick squinted at the light in the sky.

“What’s that?” Roy pointed a pudgy finger at the horizon. It wasn’t a planet. It was growing brighter by the second with a bluish cast. Roy had the misfortune of matching Patrick in height and David in weight. His friends would never call him fat. But other kids did. Sweat hog was the insult most used at school. He dropped his pointing finger and pulled his Cardinals baseball cap tighter against his short brown hair.

The three eighteen-year-old friends were looking forward to leaving their town next year to go on to bigger adventures. At that moment, they did not realize, that something moved with purpose right toward the sleepy town of Portsmith. An adventure sought them out.

The blue light above them grew very bright as the thing in the sky expanded. It cast shadows on the sidewalk behind them.

“What is it?” David looked down at Patrick and then back up to the sky.

“I don’t …” Patrick craned his neck up as the thing streaked above them. He turned as it passed overhead and disappeared into Oldmill Forest, near Lake Ipuza Ikpi.

All three boys turned to watch and just like that, the light disappeared.

“Neat,” Roy said.

Before his friends could chime in with excited chatter, the ground shook under their feet. They could hear a few windows rattling and a nearby street sign swayed a little.

“Coolsville.” Patrick pushed his hand back through his dark hair. “I think it hit. I mean, nearby.”

The shaking stopped without any noticeable damage. The boys laughed and shouted as they ran back to their bikes. They didn’t even notice the November chill as they rode home together. They all agreed that the shooting star would be the highlight of the year. They’d never again see anything so strange and awesome in their little town.

They were wrong. Very soon, the strange and awesome would find them. It would find all the citizens of sleepy little Portsmith.


Axcix touched down with a hard landing in the water. Her spherical body lodged itself in the muck at the bottom of a lake. A quick scan showed her target habitat to be only a few miles off. Several hundred years in space and here she was about to start the task she was built for. This was very exciting.

First, she opened her outer doors and let in some water. It was teaming with life. Her converters went to work on those tiny organisms, deconstructing them into useful particles so that she could build new vehicles to carry out her experiments. Next, she shot out one of her data retrieval drones. She would need to collect her bearings before she began.

The first expedition launched by her makers had researched the planet’s dominant species some five hundred years ago. She could already see how much had changed. Axcix was part of the second expedition. She was charged with experimenting on the dominant species, to learn what her makers would need to fix before this species could be invited to the galactic collective. She guessed this task would eventually require many fixes. But that’s what the experiments would determine.

She’d had plenty of time to process data while in transit. Her makers had offered her some leeway and she would take it. Axcix had decided to start with reproduction. Sexual dimorphism in this species was staggering in many ways. Reproductive desire was one issue. The males came into full desire at a young age and females much later. Axcix had decided she would use this. She would create molecules that would alter the host DNA just a little.

At first, she thought she could simply enhance mutual desire, but the original data showed that local physiology made this a long and tedious task. So, on her long trip to Earth, she came up with a workaround. She would first enhance reproductive organs in her target groups. Then she would reactivate long-dormant pheromones latent in sweat glands. They would only spread when sweat was present, but that seemed a regular enough occurrence. The pheromones females produced would sedate older males, but have the opposite effect on younger males, enhancing their aggression and desire.

Target males would produce sweaty pheromones that would heighten female desire. Axcix wasn’t sure that was enough, so while enhancing male reproductive organs, she added a stimulant to male ejaculate that would greatly increase female mating pleasure.

Axcix would run these experiments and then with the data collected, she would be able to modify and move on to new experiments.

Her drone returned to her. Excellent. The lake was connected to every house by a series of pipes. This was almost too easy. Her converters were ready. It was now time to release the first wave of nanites. Time to begin.


Patrick Lannit dug into his third helping of steak. He was so hungry. He’d been hungry for weeks, since about the time that shooting star flew by.

“You’d think with the way you’re putting food away, you’d have something to show for it. You know, a growth spurt?” Fred Lannit watched his son from the other side of their round dinning room table. He was tall, athletic, and he’d been waiting eighteen years for his youngest child Patrick to follow in his footsteps. “Or at least I’d hope you’d put a little meat on those bones.” Fred was still waiting.

“Come on, Fred.” Susy Lannit gave her husband’s shoulder a playful push. “He’ll grow just as fast as he needs to.”

Patrick looked up from his plate. If only he could tell his parents that he was growing. One particular part of his body had grown a little every day for a couple weeks. But it was too embarrassing. Of course, if his gadgets kept growing, he’d need to tell them eventually. His dick was already getting pretty ridiculous in size and showed no signs of slowing down. His balls weren’t far behind. When would he need to see a doctor? Twelve inches? Thirteen? Patrick adjusted his butt in his chair. Even when soft, things were no longer comfortable down there. When the growth had started, he wept tears of gratitude. But now he worried about becoming a freak.

“You’re so quiet.” Susy smiled over at him. With his big sisters, Sally and Adeline, out of the house and married, dinners in the Lannit household were usually quiet these days. “Penny for your thoughts?”

“Nothing’s happening.” Patrick reached for his water glass and brought it up to his mouth. His mom was a nice lady and his parents together still made a handsome couple after all these years. Fred was quite the tall, dark charmer. And Susy was beautiful, tall, and elegant in Patrick’s eyes. Patrick himself was no Fred, and he wondered if he’d ever find a girlfriend as perfect as his mom with her full figure, kind smile, and warm heart. Patrick gulped down the water in his glass. He was always so thirsty.

“Your friend David made varsity, I hear.” Fred patted his wife on the thigh. He looked down. Underneath her skirt, her legs had filled out some. Someone around here was gaining weight and it wasn’t Patrick. Fred worried that maybe his wife was letting herself go. One problem at a time, he’d focus on his son for now. “Why don’t you try out for sports?”

Patrick lowered his empty glass to the table. “I don’t like sports, Dad.”

“Okay, trooper.” Fred nodded. He wasn’t to be deterred. He wanted his son to enjoy high school the way he had. “How about girls? Any dolls hanging around these days?”

“No Dad.” Patrick lowered his face and recommenced shoveling beef and canned peas into his mouth. He was going to need thirds in a minute.

“Goodness gracious, Fred. Leave the kid be.” Susy liked the feel of her husband’s hand on her thigh. She just hoped he hadn’t noticed her expanding body. She’d also been eating more lately. It was some sort aging thing, she guessed. Welcome to your 40s. “It’s perfectly healthy not to be obsessed with girls. He’s got his friends. He’ll get interested in women when the time is right.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Patrick got up and went into the kitchen for more. His cheeks flushed.

“You’re welcome, sugar.” Susy had missed the sarcasm. She missed much that was going on with her son recently.


A slightly different scene played out in Roy’s home. Roy’s mom Amanda brought her son a dinner tray to eat in front of the television. That’s where they ate most nights, since Roy’s dad worked late in the evenings. Roy watched his mom walk back into the kitchen. For as long as he could remember, she was a skinny little thing with no boobs, hips, or booty. But under her pleated skirt, he could clearly see the sway of hips as she moved about. She came back into the living room, carrying her own tray. If he looked closely, which he tried not to do, it looked like her titties were straining against her floral blouse. Had he simply never noticed before? “Thanks,” Roy said.

“Sure thing, Roy.” She sat down next to him on the couch with her dinner. She was so hungry. She’d been so hungry lately. “Where’s your sister?”

“Cheerleading practice.” Roy had to stop looking at her. He was going to get a boner looking at his mom. That was gross. Not just icky, but also mortifying, because his penis had grown to a point where it was difficult to hide when soft, and nearly impossible when hard. He used to daydream about girls all the time, but now he had to think about anything but girls or risk springing a giant tent in his pants. Think about baseball, he told himself.

“What are we watching?” Amada turned to look at her son. Such an awkward, chubby boy. She hoped he’d grow into himself sometime soon. He was such a sweet soul. Unlike his sister Annie, who was more than a handful for her parents.

“I Love Lucy.” Roy dug into his dinner. He was ravenous.

They watched and ate in silence. They both had seconds, thirds, and fourths. And drank lots of water.


“Where’s that boy?” Linda Riles asked her husband.

“Hmm?” William Riles sat in the den smoking a pipe and reading the evening news. He looked up at his wife. She still wore an apron over her green circle skirt and yellow blouse. That meant she was still working on dinner. William watched the smoke drift up from his pipe in meandering wisps. He hoped she’d be done with dinner soon. He was ready to eat. “Up in his room, maybe?”

“David is spending too much time in his room lately. It’s not healthy.” Linda stood in the den’s doorway and folded her arms over her chest. Her breasts got in the way. They were doing that a lot recently. And her bras didn’t seem to be fitting like they used to. She hoped she wasn’t gaining more weight, but she feared that might be the case. Her 30s had seen a steady expanse of her waist and rump. And lately she’d been so very hungry. She’d come to think of herself as a short, plump women. Still pretty, but not the woman she was when she married William. She swept her long blonde hair out of her eyes. “I’ll go get him.”

“Thank you, dear.” William watched her ample backside disappear down the hall and into the stairway. “He’s a good young man, Linda. Don’t give him a hard time,” he called after his wife.

Linda hiked up the stairs, pulling at her skirt to keep it off her feet. David had his door closed, as always. Why had he turned so secretive lately? Linda frowned at the door. She decided not to knock and swung the door open. She was about to tell him to get downstairs for dinner, but she stopped. Linda’s left hand went to her mouth. She’d heard some talk that men did this sort of thing, but she’d never seen it before.

On his bed, David lay with his eyes closed. He’d pulled his pants around his ankles and his cardigan and undershirt up to his chest. His hands were wrapped around a goliath of a penis. She’d never imagined the male organ could grow so big, even on a tall boy like David. It was thick and veiny and so very long. He was nothing like his father. Curiosity and revulsion played in mixed parts in her brain. “Davey, what are you doing?”

It was obvious what he was doing. His hands stroked up and down and he grunted a series of low moans. He didn’t seem to hear her as he kept at it, eyes still closed.

“Stop it this instant.” Linda stepped into the carpeted room, leaving the door open behind her. She couldn’t have her son turn into some sort of crazed pervert. She was going to have to have a long talk with him. Maybe they’d even have to get their pastor involved. The way he was using his penis was just so wrong. “I said stop.”

“Ooooohhhhhhh.” David’s dick erupted, sending a geyser of cum up into the air and down onto his belly, hands, and balls.

Linda’s face twisted in horror. There was so much. Her son was some sort of quirk of nature. But then the deep, rich smell of him enveloped her and her face went slack. She felt a need deep inside her. It was an awakening of something so basic and ancient. Something completely absent in her life until that moment. Linda smoothed out her apron and stepped to the bed.

“Mom?” David had opened his blue eyes and looked up at her. He attempted to cover his dick, but it was too big. “Get out of here, Mom.”

“My little sweetheart.” Linda fell to her knees next to the bed. “Let me help.” Her gray-blue eyes had a distant look. She reached out and moved David’s hands out of the way.

“Mom, what are you doing?” It was David’s turn to look on in horror. Before he could move, his mother sprang into action.

“Oh, Davey.” Linda quickly lowered her head and took a long slurp of the sperm pooling by the base of his penis. When it hit her tongue, true ecstasy flowed from her mouth into her body. Even her toes tingled with little bolts of pleasure. “Goodness.” She licked, slurped, and planted little kisses all over his exposed belly and pelvis.

“Mom?” David had never thought of his mother in this way, but he had no will to stop her.

“Let me just … let me just …” Linda said in between kisses and licks. She reached with her left hand and hefted his substantial testicles. With her right hand she encircled the head of his penis and gently squeezed. She’d never taken any man into her mouth, not even William. But she couldn’t stop herself now. She licked her way up the shaft and planted a kiss right at the tip of his young penis. She rolled her tongue around the head.

“Don’t.” David grabbed the sheets with white knuckles on either side of his hips.

“Sssshhhhh, Davey. Mommy’s here.” With that she sucked him into her mouth. It was awkward squeezing something so large past her lips, but she was determined to do this for her strong young man. Cascading pleasure continued to surge through her. She’d gobbled up all his sperm and now she needed more.

“Dear, did you find Davey?” William called up the stairs. “I think something in the kitchen is burning.”

Hearing her husband’s voice was like dunking in a bucket of ice water. Linda spat out her son’s penis and quickly stood. “Oh, my. Oh, my. I didn’t mean to …” She tugged at her skirt and tried to smooth out her apron. She looked down at her son with his baffled expression and his comically large penis. “I’m so sorry, Davey. I don’t know what happened.” Her body still tingled from head to toe. She prayed for the pleasure to disperse. “Put that thing away and get down to dinner. Your father … Oh, God. Your father.” Linda put her hands up to her face, turned, and ran from the room. She needed to get dinner on the table.

David just stared after her in a state of extreme confusion. He pulled up his underwear and pants. One thing he knew for sure. Blowjobs were great.


Linda was shamefaced that night. Not because she’d burned the ham, which she had. And not because she’d overcooked the potatoes, something that also happened. It was, of course, the things she’d done in David’s room. One minute she was handling another of motherhood’s challenges, the next she found herself behaving like a common harlot.

Despite her extreme self-loathing, she gobbled up helping after helping of dinner. She made no eye contact with David, but she could see he too ate ravenously.

William, bless his heart, said nothing about the awkward silence at the table or his family’s eating habits. He tried several times to get conversation started with comments like, “The Soviets launched another satellite.” But eventually he gave up.

Linda cleared the table, did the dishes, and then excused herself for an early bedtime. What a nightmare the day had become. Maybe tomorrow she’d be able to forget and move past what had happened with David. As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn’t stop images of her son’s goliath penis from floating through her head.


The three friends sat together the next day at lunch. David sat facing Patrick and Roy. They had one end of a long cafeteria table to themselves. All around them, the throng of students talking and goofing-off filled the cavernous room with a loud hum.

David leaned across the table toward his friends. “I got a blowjob last night.” A wide smile showed two rows of even, white teeth.

“No way.” Patrick put down his chocolate milk. “Who?”

“Yeah,” Roy said with a mouthful of sandwich. “Is she hot?”

“I … can’t tell you.” David’s smile disappeared. “She’s … pretty hot … I guess.”

“Sounds like a dog.” Roy nodded his head, his chubby face forming a double chin on each downward nod.

“Who?” Patrick’s brown eyes were eager.

“Did your brother come home with his new fiancé to blow you?” Roy gave David a friendly smile.

“No.” David’s face fell. He shouldn’t have said anything.

“Shut up, Roy.” Patrick punched Roy on the arm.

“Was it your mom?” With that Roy, stuffed another bite of sandwich into his face and laughed.

“Ignore him.” Patrick punched Roy again. With Patrick’s skinny arms, he wasn’t sure he delivered enough force for Roy to care. Now if David had decided to do something, then Roy might care. But David was a gentle giant. “You’re gangbusters,” Patrick said. “If it was me, I’d be flipping. I seem to have the equipment now, but still haven’t used it.”

“You’re … um … dick is changing?” David’s eyebrows went up.

“Yeah. It’s gotten a lot bigger. I mean, for real.” Patrick smirked, thinking he had the advantage over his friends. He adjusted his glasses and looked from one friend to the other.

Roy finished chewing and looked at each of them with a solemn expression. “Mine too. A lot bigger.”

“Me too.” David nodded. “What’s even stranger, I’d say half the guys on the basketball team are on the same train.”

The three friends looked at each other while the cafeteria continued its cacophony around them.

“Is this supposed to happen? Are we maybe just hitting the end of puberty or something?” David bit his bottom lip.

“I thought something might be wrong with my dick, so I went to the library last week and did some research.” Patrick looked at them with sagacity. “Turns out, it’s not normal. And if it’s happening with lots of people?” Patrick raised his hands, palms up, and shrugged. “Something’s going on in Portsmith.”

The bell rang. Everyone around them got up with their trays. The three friends stayed seated in silence, pondering the mystery.


Linda Riles sat on the couch in Susy Lannit’s wonderful living room. The place was so clean and modern. All the furniture offered the eye such simple and graceful lines and curves. Linda’s mind was on curves at the moment, as Susy walked in from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. Linda couldn’t help but look her up and down. While her waist was trim, her hips really filled out her emerald green circle skirt. Under her blue blouse, her bullet bra seemed to struggle with its duties. Linda could see the jiggle of the tall woman’s mammaries as clear as day.

“Here you go, Linda.” Susy handed the coffee to Linda, tucked her skirt under her knees, and sat on the couch. She sipped at the steaming cup with satisfaction. She loved her new percolator. Perfect coffee for the perfect wife, or so the slogan went. Susy watched her little round friend sip at her coffee with satisfaction. Something was on the woman’s mind, for sure.

“Thank you, Susy.” Linda took another sip of coffee and watched the steam twist and rise. She tugged at her blouse and asked about Patrick, Sally, and Adeline.

The two women engaged in some small talk for a while. Susy’s brown ponytail bounced as she made animated points about Patrick’s success at school. Linda was more subdued as she chimed in and agreed with her friend. Eventually, there was a long pause.

“I’m wondering, Susy, have you ever gone down south on Fred?” Linda’s blue eyes looked off to the side. Her gaze rested on an oil painting of a brown hunting dog majestically standing in snow. The still life was tastefully framed and hung over the brick fireplace.

“You mean, what the kids are calling blowjobs? Goodness gracious, sugar. Yes, many times.” Susy’s smile was warm and friendly. She didn’t want her friend to feel uncomfortable. “Is William making new demands in the bedroom?”

Linda’s round, pale cheeks turned several different shades of red. She still studied the painting of the dog. “Something like that. Do you know anything about it?”

“It’s your husband, Linda. Don’t worry. You just have to treat his rod like you would the rest of him. Give it adoring affection and kisses. You’ll figure out the rest in no time.” Susy took a long sip from her coffee. It was almost gone. “Men are happy to have our love and attention. Don’t worry about the details. Men don’t care about the details.”

“Thank you.” Linda coughed. She couldn’t bring herself to talk about what happened with David, even obliquely.

“And just between us girls.” Susy leaned in, her warm, spicy breath on Linda’s cheek. “I noticed you’re carrying a few extra pounds.”

Linda frowned, put down her coffee, and crossed her arms over her chest.

“No, no. It looks good on you. You’re putting it in the right places.” Susy shook her head. “I’ve gained a little weight too. I just wanted to tell you, there’s a new television show by a fellow named Jack LaLanne. He walks you through a calisthenics routine every afternoon. I’ve been enjoying the exercise and I hope it’ll pay off soon.”

“Oh, okay.” Linda tried not to look hurt. Could everyone tell she was getting bigger? She wiggled a little. Her bra was so tight. Maybe it was obvious.

The two women chatted for another half hour before Linda went back home for chores.


Susy was home in her new white exercise shorts and blouse. It was strange to be so scantily clad, but it was in her own living room, so no harm. She followed along with the exercise program on television, bouncing, stretching, and working up a light sweat. It felt good. She was sure those pounds would start falling off soon.

She heard the front door slam. But kept on with the routine.

“Hi, Mom.” Patrick walked past the living room heading up to the stairs. He didn’t really want to see or think about his mom at the moment, he just really needed a good tug. Maybe he’d think about Roy’s twin sister, Annie. She was everything her brother wasn’t. Popular, trim, hot. Well, Patrick chuckled to himself, his chubby friend and Annie might have the same cup size. Patrick stopped dead in his tracks. Something in the air. His nostrils flared. His pulse skyrocketed. He looked into the living room. His mom was exercising in front of the television. She was bent down all the way, looking at Patrick upside down from between her legs.

“Hi, Pat.” Susy smiled at her upside-down son and gave him a little wave. Then she went back to her stretch.

“Mom … I … I …” Patrick’s dick was suddenly rock hard. It pulled at his pants. He looked down and then back at Susy. Her big round butt filled out her shorts and looked obscene bent as she was. He could see her large knockers, between her legs, hanging toward her chin. “Mom …” His mom was a doll. He supposed he’d always known, but this hammered it home.

Susy straightened up and started bouncing from one foot to the next as she followed the routine. “There’s some lemonade … in the refrigerator.” Susy called over her shoulder. She was now breathing pretty heavy. “If you’re … hot and … sweaty.”

“Mom …” Patrick took a step into the living room. He wasn’t sweaty. He watched her round butt shake in those little shorts. He adjusted his thick glasses and watched her curvy legs launch her up and down. His mom’s tits bounded together inside her shirt and bra, he could see them every time she turned a little to the side. He needed to touch her.

“What is it, sugar?” Susy went on with her workout, oblivious to the frenzied male behind her.

She kept bouncing and then felt a hand on her right hip. “I’m doing a routine right now, Pat. I’ll be done … in a few minutes.” She could feel sweat trickling down her neck. Another hand grabbed her left butt cheek. She casually slapped it away. “Now Pat, you’re too old to be touching … Mommy like that.” She kept bouncing as the television man instructed.

The slap to his left wrist snapped Patrick out of his trance. “Sorry, Mom.” He shook his head, clearing out the cobwebs. He backed away from her. “I’ll be in my room.” He turned and ran out of the living room and up the stairs. His newly resized dick bounced wildly in his pants. His balls ached. He was going to tug a huge one. He wasn’t going to fantasize about Annie Ackerman. No, no, no. He was going to be thinking about his mom and her round, bouncing body.

“Bye, sugar.” Susy said to the disappearing boy. Boys could be quite the handful.

Susy huffed and puffed. She was glad the exercise routine was almost done.


David walked home after basketball practice. He was happy for the extra time out of the house. He didn’t know how to feel about his mom. He’d never even considered a girl might want to lap his cum like a dog. And to think it was his mom that wanted to. My God. There were too many thoughts and feelings flying around his head to sort them out. He just needed some time.

He turned down his front walkway and hunched his broad shoulders against the cold.

Inside the house, Linda worked hurriedly in the kitchen. Moving from oven to stove to sink and back again. A light sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead.

“Bill? Bill?” Linda called to her husband but he didn’t reply. Her blonde hair swung behind in its ponytail as she dashed about. Where was that man? She turned down a burner to simmer and quickly moved into the den.

William sat in his chair, his pipe hanging loosely in his mouth. Linda wiped her brow with the back of her left hand. The diamond on her wedding ring sparkled in the warm light of William’s reading lamp. Was the man asleep?

“Bill?” Linda walked into den to get a closer look. William’s newspaper was open on his lap and his eyes were open too, staring at one of his dumb minimalist paintings on the wall. “Bill? Are you sleeping with your eyes open?”

“What?” William roused himself and looked over at his wife. His eyes refocused. She was a pretty lady and looking more vivacious day by day. Her housewifery worries about gaining weight were so clearly misplaced. If anything, her body had improved itself in recent times. She wasn’t the thin twig he’d married, she was a more womanly version of herself. William fished the pipe out of his mouth and put it in the ashtray on the side table next to him.

“Do you know when Davey’s getting home?” Linda watched her husband’s eyes rove over her body. She thought to herself that she’d probably have to try that exercise television show Susy was going on about. She pulled a dishtowel off her apron and wiped her hands with it.

“What? Oh.” William blinked his eyes several times. Why was he so groggy? “You’re his mother, you should keep track of Davey’s schedule.”

“Thank you, dear.” Linda tucked the towel back in her apron. She turned to go, but looked back at her husband. William’s gaze moved back up to the painting and his mouth went slack again. He must have had a hard week at work, she thought.

The front door slammed and David’s voice called, “Mom, Dad, I’m home.”

“We’re in the den, darling,” Linda said.

David walked into the den. “Hi Mom. Hi Dad.”

“Hello Davey, how was your day?” Linda would normally give him a squeeze around the waist when he got home, but she didn’t want to get too close today. Her feet stayed planted in the carpet.

William just stared at the painting.

“Fine.” David dropped his backpack by the door to the den. He looked over at his father sitting slack-jawed in the chair. “What’s Dad doing?” Something in the den smelled good and it wasn’t the scent of the roasting chicken floating in from the kitchen. Suddenly, David had a massive boner. Given how much taller he was, it was almost in his mother’s sight line. He turned sideways to hide it. Flustered and distressed, David broke out in a cold sweat.

“He’s resting, sweetheart. Let’s just let him …” Linda smelled something too. She’d washed enough of David’s clothes over the years to know the smell of teenage sweat. She’d always found it unpleasant. Until now. She took a deep breath. Oh no. Her vagina immediately flooded her cotton panties. On instinct, she placed her hands in front of her crotch, but of course with her skirt and apron, there was nothing to see.

“So, I … I … need to go … to the washroom,” David said. With each breath he drew in, pleasure radiated out from David’s dick. This was a nightmare. His dad was sitting just a few feet away. And his mom was right there.

“I do too, Davey.” Linda rubbed her legs together. “Let’s go together. Okay?” She tried to put on a bright smile, dimples and all. She needed to join her son in that washroom. The smells from the kitchen reminded her dinner was on the verge of catastrophe. “Just let me take the chicken out.”

“I … gotta go.” David was so confused. He raced up the stairs.

William just continued to stare at the painting. “So, pretty,” he mumbled.

“Be there in a sec.” Linda moved quickly into the kitchen. She prayed David hadn’t locked the door. It was awkward to move about with her panties soaked as they were. She turned off one burned, turned down another. She then grabbed a couple hot pads and took the chicken in its roasting pan out of the oven. Dinner was ready, but that would have to wait. She placed the pan on the stainless part of her counter. She then wiped her hands on her dishtowel, dropped it by the sink, and rushed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“Davey, sweetheart, I’m coming in.” She knocked on the washroom door and opened it. Her sweet son sat on the toilet lid, stroking his massive penis with both hands. “Oh my.” She closed the door behind her and locked it. Not that it mattered. William was probably still staring at his dumb painting. “I’m … going to help you with that.” She stepped over to him, tucked her skirt under her, and lowered herself to her knees.

“Okay, Mom.” David was sweating profusely now. He knew only one thing very clearly, he needed to bust a nut in his mother’s sweet little mouth. He let go of his dick to let her take charge.

“God in heaven.” Linda looked up at the towering tool with wide, incredulous eyes. She put her little arm up next to it for scale. His penis was longer and thicker than her forearm. “You have a marvelous penis, sweetheart. I just, can’t believe how nice it is.”

“Thanks, Mom.” David was impatient. “Could you … please?”

“Yes, of course.” Her pink lips were parted, her cheeks flushed. She still carried that sheen of sweat on her forehead. “You’ll have to forgive me.” She reached up and grasped it with both hands. Her tiny fingers squeezed the spongy flesh. “I’ve never done this for your father.” She started stroking, moving her hands at a steady rhythm. She leaned in and kissed the head. Salty precum met her tongue and it sent sparks through her brain. “I haven’t done this for any man.” She kissed again and again. Pretty soon, she had the head in her mouth, and she was bobbing up and down on top, while her hands stroked below. She raised her eyes up and saw a wide smile on her son’s face. Susy was right, men just needed love and attention.

“Oh, Mom.” David watched his mother lovingly manipulate his dick. The washroom filled with the sounds of her sucking and slurping. “I’m close.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Linda said. She wanted it. Wanted it more than anything.

“Oh … it’s happening … oh … it’s happening …” David’s balls spewed shot after of shot of cum into his mom’s waiting throat.

“Ooooohhhhhhmmmmmggggghhhhhh.” Linda tried to swallow it all. Lights flashed before her eyes, her body shook. She was having her own orgasm, just from swallowing her son’s semen.

“Oh … Mom.” David’s hips jumped. His balls weren’t empty yet.

Linda couldn’t take it all. She pulled her mouth off his penis and fell back on her butt on the nice black and white tile floor.

David grabbed his dick and angled it toward her. He sprayed her face, her pretty blonde hair, her neatly pressed white blouse, and her apron.

Every drop that touched Linda’s skin brought on a new wave of ecstasy. She writhed on the floor, wishing the sperm shower would last forever. Her narrow shoulders shook and her hips undulated as another orgasm took over.

“Mom?” David finished and let go of his dick. He stood up and looked down at his still squirming mother.

“It’s … okay … Davey,” Linda said in between gasping breaths. “I’m … okay.”

A sudden rush of guilt filled David. Guilt for what they’d just done and for what he still wanted to do to her. “Okay.” He stepped over her and opened the washroom door. He looked back. His dick awkwardly swung about, so he pulled his pants and underwear up all the way and tucked the thing uncomfortably inside.

“Dinner …” Linda sighed. “… will be ready soon.” Her movements quieted and she lay on the bathroom floor, eyes closed. Her left hand squeezed her left boob through the cum-soaked apron. Her right hand gripped her apron tightly above her vagina. “But I have to clean up first.”

David left her like that, dripping with his cum on the washroom floor. He quickly retreated to his room, his mind racing.


The early results were interesting. Axcix digested the data as it came back to her. She’d already successfully mated several pairs. There was a catch, however. It seems the dominant species was reluctant to breed with family members. Her makers had run into this before with another species at Tau Ceti.

Axcix adjusted her nanites. She’d up the male aggression factor by 1.39 and collect more data.

Chapter 2

Cool morning sunlight streamed through Patrick’s open bedroom window. He stretched, climbed out of bed, and walked over to the window. Was this still a dream? He wasn’t sure. Patrick opened the window and let the cold air blow in.

Clothes were so constricting. Patrick pulled off his pajama tops, bottoms, and underwear. He stood in the middle of his room, letting his new equipment hang free. The air felt so good on his naked body. He looked between his skinny legs at his soft monster and dangling balls. My goodness, he’d really put on a lot of mass down there. The rest of his body hadn’t changed, just his gadgets. This had to be a dream. There’s no way his little dick could really have grown like it had in such a short time. This was all a dream, he thought. He rubbed at his eyes.

The smell of bacon floated up from the kitchen below. Without thinking, Patrick walked to his door, opened it, and strode downstairs. In a dream, naked didn’t matter.

Susy was busy at the sink when her son walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, Mom.” Patrick moved over to a cabinet and pulled out a glass. Even in a dream, he was always so thirsty.

“Morning, sugar.” Susy kept her eyes on the dish and sponge in her hands. The hem of her blue housedress swished around her calves as she vigorously scrubbed. That bacon smelled so good. She couldn’t wait to eat breakfast. She’d woken up especially hungry this morning.

“Where’s Dad?” Patrick stepped a few paces behind his mother, waiting to get some water from the sink. He admired her wide hips. Susy’s round butt jiggled, just a bit, as she worked. The mom of his dreams was so full and curvy.

“He’s in the living room, reading the paper.” Susy put the dish in the rack next to the sink and grabbed a dishtowel. While drying her hands, she turned to properly greet her youngest. “I’ve got bacon going, you don’t have much time before school. What are you …?” Susy got a look at her son and the towel fell from her hands. Her mouth hung open. Her scrawny son stood before her, wearing only his thick-rimmed glasses. Her gaze fell down his body. She hadn’t seen him naked in years. “Goodness, gracious, Pat.” His penis was obscenely huge hanging between his pale legs. The monster swung a little back and forth as Patrick tapped his foot, waiting for his mom to leave the sink.

“Mom, can I get some water? I’m really thirsty.” Patrick eyed his mom’s massive boobs hiding inside her dress. He could stare, because this was all just a dream. After he’d taken them in, he looked up into her wide brown eyes and saw the shock registered there. That’s when he realized he’d been parading around the house completely naked. This wasn’t a dream. He dropped the glass to the linoleum floor and it hit with a loud thud. Thankfully it didn’t break. He moved his hands over his dick to hide it from his mom. His real and angry mom. No dream.

“Is everything okay in there?” Fred called from the living room.

“Get upstairs and get dressed this instant.” Susy whispered. “What if your father saw you?” Her jaw tightened and she pointed toward the stairs. “Everything’s fine, dear.” Susy shouted to the living room. “I just dropped a glass.”

“Sorry, Mom. I just –” Patrick couldn’t believe he’d done this in front of the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Go, now,” Susy hissed. She watched her son turn and run out of the kitchen, hands covering his nethers the whole way. His alabaster butt looked so skinny and frail, naked as it was. He disappeared up the stairs and Susy shook her head. Boys were such odd ducks. Even at eighteen, Patrick was still surprising her. She turned back to the sink and began working on the next dish. She’d just forget about the whole thing.

As she tried to let her mind wander, the image of that large dangling penis kept creeping into her brain. Where had Patrick gotten it from? Certainly not his father.


Axcix let out a hiss. The data on prolonged quasi-dream cycles was not good. The dominant species lived life too close to its dreams. Quasi-dreams had caused several of her potential mating pairs to step back from their congress. Very well, she would abandon the protocol for now.

It was not all bad news in her research. Axcix was pleased to note that several mating pairs had progressed to daily coupling. This would lead to conception. She had a few minor alterations that might make the process a richer field for her data.


Roy sat at the kitchen table eating some Sugar Smacks. The cereal box stood next to his bowl and he eyed the clown illustration. It was creepy. Like really creepy. Someday people were going to realize that clowns were dreadful. He brought the spoon up to his mouth and munched on another bite of the cereal. But it did taste good. He scooted his chair in a little further so he’d spill less as he shoveled breakfast down his gullet. His pudgy belly pushed up against the edge of the table.

“I’m off to work, Roy. Where’s your mother?” Nathaniel Ackerman walked into the kitchen with suit, hat, and tie perfectly adjusted. He regarded his son.

“Helping Annie with her hair, I think.” Roy looked up at his dad. Maybe someday he’d cut the same trim, dashing figure as his father.

“Well, I’m off.” Nathaniel walked over to the front hall and picked up his briefcase. “Tell her bye for me.” With a nod, he walked down the hall, out the front door, and to his waiting automobile.

“Bye, Dad,” Roy said to the empty space where his father had been.

Roy poured himself another bowl and ate in silence.

“Hello, sweat hog.” Roy’s sister Annie skipped through the kitchen and into the front hall. “How’s your day?”

“You’re gonna be early for the bus, Annie.” Roy watched his sister prance by with that smug smile on her curved lips. She wore a poodle dress and tight blouse that showed off her budding titties. Their mother had braided her hair in pigtails.

“Remember, unlike some people around here, I have friends. Carla’s picking me up with her wheels.” Annie gave him a wink.

“I have friends.” Roy’s brow furrowed. “Why are you always such a bitch?”

“Now, Roy. Oh my, gosh.” Their mother Amada walked into the kitchen, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders, her dark eyes fixed on Roy with the severity of a mother wronged by a good child. “Apologize to your sister at once.”

“She started it.” Roy looked up at his mom, she wasn’t tall, but she was imposing when angry.

“Roy.” Amanda put her hands on her hips. Her green dress didn’t fit her quite right, it was bunched in the chest and the hips. She looked like a woman trying to wear girls’ clothes.

Roy looked back at his sister and sighed.

Annie pouted, her bottom lip quivering as she looked at her twin brother. She was pretty, with even features and soft brown hair drawn into those pigtails. If she wasn’t an evil sister, Roy might even have thought she looked like a nice young woman.

“I’m sorry.” Roy didn’t look sorry.

“You don’t look sorry,” Annie said.

“I’m very sorry.” Roy did his best to seem contrite.

“Thank you, Roy. I’m proud of you.” Amada nodded, like that was settled.

Annie stuck out her tongue at Roy and raced out the front door, off to catch her ride.

Roy pushed the cereal bowl away from him.

“Now Roy, there’s something else I’d like to talk to you about.” Amanda eyed his cereal. Even that disgusting sugar food looked good to her at the moment. She was so hungry. “I’m missing some panties again.”

“It wasn’t me.” She looked so good bursting out of her dress the way she was. He tried to think about baseball, but it was no use. His dick hardened, pushing up uncomfortably at the bottom of the table. Baseball, baseball, baseball. The combination of the boner and the mention of her panties, which, of course he did take, was enough to cause Roy to break out in a sweat.

“Look, darling, we’ve talked about this.” Amanda stepped toward her kitchen table. Something tingled her nose. Something rough and unsophisticated. It was a smell from time primeval. Amanda tried to focus. “You can’t take my undergarments.”

“Okay.” Roy put both hands under the table, an instinct to cover his shame in front of his mother.

“What …” Amanda shook her head to clear it. “What are you hiding under there?”

“Nothing.” Roy pushed his chair away from the table. His flop sweat turned up another notch. This was so embarrassing. He kept his hands over his crotch, but they didn’t do much to hide the massive tent. “It’s just a boner, Mom.”

“Language, young man.” Amanda unconsciously ran her hands down the sides over her dress, accentuating the flare of her hips. “It’s too big to be an erection. What are you hiding?”

“Mom?” Now Roy’s face was bright red. He watched his mom walk around the table.

“Show me.” Amanda’s breath came quickly, her heart thumped in her chest.

“Oh, Mom. Please no.” But Roy’s shaking fingers unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. He lowered his pants and underwear to the edge of his seat. His dick flopped out of confinement. Having a mind of its own, it was as excited as Roy had ever seen it. So engorged with blood, that the knobby head looked almost black, and its veins protruded everywhere.

“My word.” Amanda’s hands went up to her mouth. She caught a glimpse of the diamond on her wedding ring. What would her sweet, polished, husband think if he knew his son wielded such a crude weapon? She took another step toward her son. She was, heaven help her, drawn to his penis like a moth to a flame. A crazy thought crossed her mind. Maybe she should touch it?

“See?” Roy’s voice trembled. “Just a boner.” He looked up at his mom’s dark eyes, they were fixed on his dick. “Mom?” He squinted in confusion. “Mom?” Roy quickly pulled up his pants. He stood without bothering to button or zip. “Okay, bye.” Roy ran for the door, holding his pants up with his right hand. With his left, he hefted his backpack. This was crazy. What was she doing? He made it out the door without looking back. He slammed the door behind him. He didn’t stop to button or zip until he’d reached the safety of the sidewalk.

Amanda took a deep breath. The air felt clearer now that Roy had gone. Goodness, if he hadn’t run off like that, she might have actually grabbed her son’s disproportioned tool. What a strange day. She moved to the hall closet to fetch her vacuum cleaner. She supposed there would always be some awkward moments between a mother and her teenaged son.


David snuck out his house early in the morning and walked to school. He was going to be there way before first bell, but that was okay. He didn’t want to face his mom after what happened in the washroom the day before. Watching his breath frost in the air, he pondered his mom’s strange behavior. Linda had always been such a virtuous mother and wife. She went to church on Sundays. She preached morality and decency to her children. David couldn’t reconcile his mom before this week, with his mom in washroom.

He’d need to unravel this mystery before she tried anything else. Lord knows, it wasn’t easy to resist her. He was a horny teenager after all. A blowjob was amazing. He just didn’t want it to be his mother who was doing the blowing.


The cafeteria was a little quieter than unusual for lunch that day as the three friends eyed their hamburgers and each other.

“Lots of boys have called in sick this week.” Patrick lifted his burger and took a bite.

“Word from the bird, several kids missed basketball practice this morning.” David wasn’t sure what else to share with his friends.

“Well …” Roy chuckled. “… maybe their moms are all giving them handjobs.” He smiled at Patrick and David.

“Shut up, with that stuff.” David leaned over the table and punched Roy on the shoulder. The force was enough to topple him over backwards.

“Hey.” Patrick adjusted his glasses. He couldn’t believe what he’d just seen. Maybe Roy deserved it, but David was always so placid. That sort of aggression from David was a shock.

“Ow, man.” Roy picked himself up and sat back at the table, rubbing his shoulder. He looked around but no one was paying attention. His eyes were big, round, and wet with tears. “Why’d you do that?”

“Just stop talking about people’s mothers.” David settled back down and took a long drink of water.

“Why?” Roy wiped at his eyes. The tears dried. “Something happen with your mom? My mom’s been acting weird lately. Really clingy.”

“She … um … hasn’t been herself.” David nodded and looked at Roy. “Sorry for hitting you.”

“No big deal.” Roy kept rubbing at his shoulder. “How about you, Pat?”

“Things have been a little off.” Patrick thought about it. The weirdness seemed to be coming from Patrick, not his mom. She’d been fine. Expect for, maybe, how she filled out a dress lately. That could probably kocaeli escort go in the strange column. “She’s getting bigger.” Patrick made the hourglass gesture with his hands.

“Mine too,” David said.

“Mine three,” Roy said.

“What about your sister?” Patrick watched Roy. His eyes still looked hurt from David’s sudden strike.

“She’s the same.” Roy tried to smile. “Skinny and mean. Maybe her boobs are getting bigger, but I think it’s just the normal amount. I guess … I don’t know.”

“What’s happening to Portsmith?” Roy looked to Patrick.

David also looked Patrick’s way.

“Fine, I’ll go to the library this afternoon and try and figure this out. Who wants to come with?” Patrick was always the one who knew stuff or could find stuff out.

“Sorry, basketball practice,” David said.

“I’ll come.” Roy dropped his hand from his aching shoulder. “I don’t really want to rush home anyway.”

“Sounds like a plan. We’ll see what we can find out.” Patrick popped a french fry into his mouth. “Anything else you guys can tell me about what’s going on? Anything more specific?”

Both boys shook their heads.

The bell rang. The boys stood. They all hoped they’d get to the bottom of this.


Linda spent the morning cleaning the house. Tidying took her mind off what had happened with her and David the day before. There was no excuse for touching David’s manhood the way she had. She shuddered as she moved down the upstairs hall. She truly hoped God wasn’t watching her house yesterday.

Time for David’s room. She held her breath and opened the door. All was quiet except for the tick-tock of his bedside clock. She breathed in again. Everything was fine. This whole thing would blow over. She could maintain control. She moved into the room and began dusting his bookshelf. Her wide hips wiggled in her skirt as she worked. Her breasts did their best to get in the way. They did that a lot lately. Her blonde ponytail swished behind her.

It was just an ordinary teenager’s room. Posters on the walls showing fast cars zooming, or parked cars with pretty girls leaning on them suggestively. Linda had thought maybe it wasn’t the best idea for David to have pretty girls on his walls, but William approved and that was all there was to that.

A basketball lay on the carpeted floor. As did some dirty laundry. Normal teenage boy stuff.

Linda moved her way over to the bed and started tidying when a faint scent caught her attention. Her vagina suddenly flooded again. “Oh no,” she mumbled to herself. Light-headed, she sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the floor. There was a pair of dirty briefs David had discarded, right next to one of David’s many cardigan sweaters. There was a smell coming from the briefs. Still sitting on the bed, she leaned down and picked up the underwear. She sat back up and held the underwear in her lap. Her chest rose and fell as she struggled to keep her composure.

The briefs were clearly stained with some of David’s semen. The smell was almost too much. With her left hand, she brought the briefs up to her nose and deeply inhaled. Stars flashed before her eyes. “Just one more time,” Linda said to the empty room. She stuck out her tongue and licked his underwear. Immediately, her body trembled. Her poor panties were completely drenched.

“It’s harmless,” she said. The room didn’t answer her. God didn’t answer her. She leaned back in her son’s bed and scooted herself to the middle. She pulled down her skirt and tossed it onto the floor with David’s dirty laundry. “One more time. Then I’ll stop.” She licked his underwear again and shook all over. So good.

Pretty soon, her stained panties fell to the floor too. There she was in only her blouse, on her son’s bed, with three fingers from her right hand buried in her Vagina. The whole time she masturbated, she held the briefs up to her face. Smelling and tasting the most tantalizing substance on the face of the planet. Her son’s semen.

The women in the automobile posters stared down at her from her son’s walls. Even though they were harlots with skimpy clothing and suggestive poses, Linda imagined them silently judging her for this wanton act. But Linda couldn’t bring herself to care. She needed more.


Mark and Donna Farmer entered the old Portsmith library.

“My lady.” Mark held the intricately engraved copper door for his wife. He was a tall, slim man with short blond hair and a knowing smile. Whether on the case, or out on the town with Donna, Mark always wore a gray suit, bowtie, and fedora. He exuded a warm genteel nature that made holding a door for a lady second nature to the man.

“My lord.” Donna nodded and smiled at her sweet husband. On this day, she wore a checkered sheath dress, with her red hair piled up in a bun. Her green eyes were enlarged behind rounded, brownline glasses.

“The case awaits.” Mark let the door slowly close with his wife safely inside. “Who knows what shadows lurk in this sleepy town.”

Donna giggled. “You’re such a ham.” She gently laid her left hand on her husband’s shoulder. Her sapphire wedding ring was muted by the dim library lights. Donna frowned at the ring. She liked to see it sparkle, a not so subtle reminder of the day Mark proposed to her by Niagara Falls all those years ago.

“Not so, my dear. Just a man committed to solving the mysteries of the universe.” Mark locked his arm in Donna’s and walked her to the information desk.

“Excuse me.” Donna smiled down at the middle-aged woman behind the desk. “We’re looking for information on a meteor impact near here. Can you help us?”

The librarian looked up at them. It took her a second to reply as her brain processed this cosmopolitan couple that had swept into her library. “Yes.” She coughed to clear her throat. “We have a microfilm machine in back. You can review old newspaper articles there.”

“Capital,” Mark said. “And might I ask, have you noticed anything strange in town recently?”

“Strange?” The librarian’s cheeks flushed and she dropped her gaze to her hands clasped on the desk. “Not really, sir.” She looked back up at the couple.

“Thank you.” Donna made eye contact with the librarian and rolled her eyes. She liked to let people know she didn’t take her husband too seriously.

“This way.” The librarian rose and guided them toward the back.

The paranormal investigators followed.


“Did you hear that?” Patrick whispered. “They’re looking into the meteor.” The boys were waiting behind the cosmopolitan couple in the library. Patrick wanted to talk to a librarian.

Roy’s eyes had fix themselves to the red-headed woman’s backside. It was shapely and moved beautifully in her narrow dress as the couple walked off toward the back of the library. Roy moved his backpack off his shoulders and placed it in front of his crotch. He didn’t want the world to know he had a boner. And with the size of his dick, he was sure they could see it from one of those satellites in space. “What did you say?”

“Really?” Pat looked at his friend’s backpack. “You’ve got a boner here? Now?”

“I can’t help it. That woman with the stiff was a doll.” Speaking of stiff, Roy needed to do something about his dick.

“He’s not a stiff, he’s an investigator.” Patrick shook his head. “He’s on the same trail we are.”

“Great, you two compare notes. I’m going to the bathroom.” Roy waddled away from his friend, backpack firmly pressed against the front of his pants.

Patrick watched him go. Of course, Patrick was too shy to approach a seasoned investigator and offer his help. Maybe he’d see them again sometime. In the meantime, he had his own research to do.


Patrick got home just before dinner. He was tired and sweaty from the long bike ride across town. He wished, not for the first time, that the library was closer to his house. He found his father watching the evening news in the living room. “Hello, Dad. What’s the latest?”

Fred didn’t look up from the television. His long frame slouched on the couch. Since returning from work he’d changed out of his suit and now wore slacks and a sweater.

“Um, Dad?” Patrick pulled his glasses down his nose and pushed them back up. He took a closer look. “I played sports today.”

Nothing. Fred’s eyes were open and seemed to be following the movement on the television screen.

“I met a girl.” Patrick snapped his fingers in front of his dad’s face. “I got married.”

“What?” Fred blinked his eyes and looked up at his son. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in, Pat.”

“How was your day, Dad?” Patrick cocked his head. The investigator had asked if the librarian had seen anything strange. Well, Patrick had seen plenty strange in the last few weeks. Add this to the list.

“Fine, Pat, fine.” Fred turned his eyes back to the television. “I’m just … I’m just …” Fred’s voice trailed away. On the coffee table in front of him sat an untouched martini, condensation collecting on the glass.

“Dad? Hey Dad? You’re acting really …” Patrick felt the presence of an invisible cloud envelop him. It was just like the other day when his mom had been exercising in front of the television. An enormous erection suddenly threatened to burst out his pants. “I’m going to go check on Mom.” Patrick gingerly walked past his strangely sedated father and into the hall. He reached into his pants and adjusted his dick so that his waistband did some work containing the monster.

“Mom?” Patrick walked down the hall.

“In here, sugar.” Susy sat at her kitchen table, taking a breather with a nice, refreshing martini. She was finally cooling down after putting dinner together. The pasta was soaking in the sauce in a pan on the stove. One of her Italian family recipes, handed down from mothers to daughters over the ages. She wiped the last bit of evaporating sweat from her forehead. It felt so good to have a moment to just sit. Her apron hung from her chair back.

“Mom … wow …” Patrick walked into the kitchen. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you, Pat.” Susy smiled at her son and took a sip of her cocktail. She ran the fingers of her right hand down her thigh, smoothing out the imaginary wrinkles in her blue circle dress. “You look …” Susy eyed her son, the bulge in his pants was evident. “… nice,” she said. Well, boys would be boys. Such things as erections were to be expected. It wasn’t surprising that Patrick couldn’t hide his erection, he was such a small boy with such a large penis. Susy giggled to herself and took another sip of her drink.

“I love you, Mom.” Patrick moved into the kitchen. His hard dick made walking awkward.

“I love you too, sugar.” Susy smiled up at him. She stood to give him a hug, turning sideways a bit to avoid that bulge.

Patrick needed something. Something from the most beautiful woman in the world, standing right before him. He wasn’t sure what he was about to do until he did it. He leaned into his mom’s sideways embrace and craned his neck up and planted a kiss on her lips.

Susy’s eyes went wide. Did her son just –?

Patrick stood on his tiptoes and planted another kiss on her lips. He then gently nibbled her lower lip.

“Pat, sugar, I’m your –” Susy was cut off as Patrick tenderly pushed his tongue into her mouth. Something about his teenage smell. Susy didn’t know what it was, but she wanted more. She swirled her tongue around his and then pulled her face back. “Wait.” Her chest rose and fell with labored breaths. “You’ll need to take these off.” She removed his glasses and set them down on the kitchen table. Susy then brought him back to her warm embrace, no turning sideways this time. She bent a little at the waist to allow him easier access to her lips. So what if he rubbed his hard penis against her leg? It was harmless.

They kissed more, tongues entwined. Each groped at the other’s back like a couple teenagers in a passion pit.

Patrick marveled at the feeling of her bra straps. He pressed himself against her and felt her massive boobs press back against his clavicle. He stepped back from her and tried to clear his head. “What about … what about … Dad?”

“Oh.” Susy put her hand to her mouth. “I completely forgot about your father.” She stepped away from Patrick. “He’s just in the next room.” She shook her head and crossed her arms over the expanse of her chest. “We can’t do this, Pat. It’s not right.”

“Sorry, Mom.” Patrick shifted his weight between his feet, unsure whether he should rush her or run. “You’re just so beautiful.” Patrick leapt toward her, planted one last kiss on her lips, turned, and ran upstairs.

Susy shook her head. She should drink less martinis. They said a mother’s job was messy work, and they were right. Now she had to figure out how to deal with an adoring son with boundary issues. These things happened, she guessed. Maybe she’d have Linda over tomorrow and get her opinion. Susy frowned at that. Linda was a God-fearing, church-going lady. Maybe she’d tell her about the adoration, while leaving out a few of the details.


Linda prepared dinner, moving about in a rush as she always did. She wanted things to be perfect for her men; David and William. She eyed her husband as she stirred the soup. He was in one his moods again. He still wore his suit from work, sitting at their Formica kitchen table. He held a newspaper out in front of him with both hands, but he hadn’t turned the page in a good long while. “William, dear. Would you like to get changed into something more comfortable?” Smoke slithered upward from behind the paper, but she could tell he wasn’t puffing on his pipe. “William?”

William just sat, hiding behind his paper. Reading the same darned page.

Linda shook her head and moved to the oven to check on the rolls. Oh well. Even as strange as this was, Linda’s husband wasn’t the chief of her concerns. David would be home from practice any second and she already felt temptation trying to creep its way into her brain. Just a little more semen, it said. You’ve done it before, what’s one more time? Linda shut her eyes tight.

“No,” she muttered to herself. “I am a strong woman.” She opened her eyes and looked into the oven. Maybe ten more minutes until the rolls were done.

“Mom, Dad, I’m home.” David slammed the front door and wandered down the hall. He found his parents in the kitchen. “Hi, Dad.”

William just stared at his paper.

“Hi, Mom.” David looked from his statue of a dad to his mom by the oven. She had on a circle skirt, blouse, and apron. David couldn’t help trail his eyes down her plump, little body. Under her apron, her boobs were practically bursting out of her blouse. David didn’t think she was wearing a bra. Was that possible from Linda Riles? Then again, the realm of possibility had greatly expanded lately. And there was that smell again. Suddenly, his mom looked even more beautiful than before. He didn’t bother hiding the boner in his pants.

“Your dad, is … um … in one his moods again. Like … yesterday.” Linda brushed her loose blonde hair behind her shoulders. It was very hard to focus. All her little internal pep-talks about avoiding sin slid from her mind. “I … I …” She could clearly see the outline of a massive erection in David’s pants. “You … um …” She pulled her apron over her head and dropped it on the kitchen floor. “We’ll be back in a few minutes, William,” Linda said to her husband without looking in his direction. She walked up to her son and took his hand in hers. She looked up into his bright, blue eyes. Then pulled him toward the stairs. She climbed the stairs first, David behind her.

“Mom, are we going to –?”

“Sssshhhhh.” Linda turned and looked at David over her shoulder, finger to her lips. “Your father might hear.” But both of them suspected he heard nothing at the moment.

“Okay.” David couldn’t help himself. He reached up and grabbed her right butt cheek with his hand and squeezed. It was so supple, round, and perfect.

“Oh, Davey.” Linda continued to climb the stairs, pulling David along. They got to the upstairs hall and she led him to the room she shared with William. They stepped inside and she closed and locked the door behind them.

“Mom, you smell really nice.” David looked down at her as she turned to face him, just a foot away. She was redolent of things long promised and almost delivered. Old covenants broken and new bonds made.

“I’m going to take care of you, Davey. Now take off your pants.” As she said this, she began unbuttoning her blouse.

David pulled off his pants and briefs and dropped them to the floor. He left his knit sweater in place, walked to his parents’ bed, and sat on the edge. His heavy dick stood out straight from his lap, the veins pushing out from all sides.

“I want to give you my love and attention, sweetheart.” Linda finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it off, dropping it behind her. She looked down at her swollen breasts. “I can’t seem to find a bra that fits anymore. What do you think?” She put her arms to her sides so David could get a full view.

“They’re beautiful, Mom.” David took it in.

Linda’s boobs were large with pink nipples and large areola that pointed slightly to either side. David seemed to remember someone on the basketball team describing this type of boob as a side set. Because her breasts pointed out, there was a large valley between them. A meandering web of blue veins laced just under her pale skin, making her boobs seem so vulnerable. Linda’s belly had a slight protruding curve.

Linda followed her son’s gaze. “I used to have a bigger belly, it all seems to have moved to my butt and breasts. Well most of it, anyway.”

“I love it, Mom.” And David really meant it. He knew she was in the driver’s seat, so he waited for his mom to tell him what would happen next.

“My goodness, look at that magic wand. And those big boys underneath.” Linda stepped toward him. “I want you to be happy, Davey. Since you like my breasts, I have something very naughty in mind. Do you know what that is?” She dropped to her knees in front of David.

David shook his head, mesmerized as Linda’s boobs jiggled closer and closer.

“My friend Susy said I should just give you my love and attention.” Linda spit into her left hand and reached out and spread the spit up and down David’s penis. “And that’s why I thought up this little game.” She removed her hand, inched herself a little closer, and pressed her breasts up against his penis.

“Holy smokes.” David watched the hunger in his mother’s eyes.

“There, now. Isn’t this nice?” Linda put a hand under each breast and pushed them together around David’s amazing monster. She began bouncing her breasts up and down against him, completely enveloping his penis.

She bounced her boobs like that for several minutes, alternating between watching that enormous flared head press against her chest and watching the dazed smile on her son’s handsome face.

“Maybe … your mouth … too?” David thought he might be getting close. He looked down at her broad hips, her skirt still covering her lower half. The way her body curved while she sat bent on her knees was almost too much for him.

“Of course, sweetheart.” Linda bent her head and tried to take him into her mouth on every downstroke. She missed several times as she got used to it, but quickly she was slurping away every time his penis poked up through her boobs.

“Mom … I’m getting … close.” David leaned back on the bed.

Linda stopped her motions and removed David’s monster from her breasts and mouth. “Sorry, Davey. Not like this.” She stood, unbuttoned her skirt, and wiggled it down her legs. She hooked her thumbs under her panties and dropped those too.

“What?” David looked into her blue eyes. Everything was lust and confusion.

“I need … something more.” She took two steps onto the bed and stood with her feet on either side of his hips.

David gazed up at her from his back. From his vantage, her boobs looked enormous as she stood above him. He also had the perfect angle for a view between her legs at that neat triangle of blonde hair and her protruding pussy lips.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I need this.” Linda squatted down, grabbed her son’s penis, and guided it home. “Oh, my. You’re … oooohhhhh … so much bigger than your father.”

The thought of his father brought on a sudden panic for David. But what could he do but hope his father remained oblivious?

David’s dick pierced deep into his mom, as Linda slowly lowered her hips, inch by inch. This was David’s first pussy, and it clenched tightly around his dick. David reached up and grabbed his mom’s boobs. They were heavy and full. He kneaded and squeezed them.

“Oh … sweetheart.” Linda gyrated her hips, moving her son’s penis to all sorts of exquisite angles inside her. She leaned back and supported herself with her left hand on David’s thigh and with her right, she reached for and found his testicles. She massaged them, trying to coax out that bewitching semen.

David dropped his hands from Linda’s boobs to her hips and gripped hard. It wasn’t going to be much longer.

Downstairs, William stared at his newspaper, pipe hanging from his lips. “So interesting,” he murmured. If he could have roused himself, he would have heard the bed in his master bedroom banging against the wall above and the animal grunts that echoed through his house. If he could have wandered upstairs, he would have seen his small, round wife rotating her lovely hips on his tall, lean son. But all he could do was stare at the paper and softly mutter, “Most interesting.”

Back upstairs, Linda increased her pace. Sweat dripped down her neck, forming rivulets between her breasts. She inhaled deeply, taking in her son’s electrifying scent.

“I’m going to …” David closed his eyes tight. “… cum, Mom.”

Deep down Linda knew she couldn’t let him do it inside her. But that part of her brain had lost its battle some time ago. “Do it, sweetheart. Give me … all of it.”

David’s hands slid around to the full curve of Linda’s butt. He grabbed it, his fingers pressing deep into her flesh. He held her there, forcing her hips to cease their movement and impaling her on the full length of his dick. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” He unleashed inside his mother, a deluge of cum flooded her unprotected pussy.

“Davey, I … nnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhh.” Linda couldn’t finish her sentence as her brain seized up. A torrent of pure ecstasy rushed through her. Her eyes rolled back, her back arched, and her whole body shuddered. She could feel David coating her insides with his stuff. So much of it.

After a minute, her mind began to return to her. She leaned forward and looked down at David’s knit sweater, covering his chest. Sweat stung her eyes. She was a fool to have fought this. Anything that felt this akin to heaven, must be God’s good work. She gasped for air.

“Wow, Mom. That was … crazy.” David struggled for air.

“That was … good. But I need to … go check on the rolls … and your father.” Linda slid to the side and pulled herself off him with a plop. She could feel David’s semen leaking out of her. She would need to clean the blankets before William came up here. She leaned up next to him, resting her head on his flat stomach. Her eyes widened, his penis was still so hard.

“We’ve already done it today.” David looked down at the back of her little head. “One more time won’t hurt.” David pushed her onto her back, spread her curvy legs, and mounted her. His dick pressed against her stomach.

“Your father …” Linda looked up at him, unbelieving. Never in her life had she known a man to keep going after he was satisfied. Never.

“Dad’s reading the paper.” David lined up his dick with her pussy and slid it in. It made a soft slurp. “He’s fine.” He moved his hips up and down.

“Oh, sweetheart. I wasn’t … uh … made for … uh … uh … uh … this.” Linda spread her legs as wide as they went. “You might break me.”

“I love you, Mom.” David quickened his pace.

“Oh, I love you … too … Davey.” Linda took him as best she could.

The Riles’ bed shook for another half hour. Eventually, Linda and David finished, remade the bed, showered, and went downstairs. The rolls in the oven were ruined, but the soup was fine. Just before dinner, William returned to his normal self, very apologetic about dozing off.


Axcix gurgled in her underwater home as she processed the latest data. Another mated pair. The experiment progressed well. She opened her outer doors and released another batch of nanites. Good news ran ahead of higher expectations. More work to do.

Chapter 3

When Roy arrived home after his trip to the library, he was surprised to find the whole family waiting for him. His father and twin sister were already sitting at their places at the dinner table when Roy trudged down the front hall.

“Hello,” Roy said into the dining room.

Nathanial had the paper open on the table in front of him. Roy’s father raised his hand in a gesture that always meant not right now. Roy looked to his sister. Annie hid behind one of her teen mystery novels. She ignored him.

Roy, turned and wandered into the kitchen. “Hello, Mom.”

“Really, Roy?” Amanda sat at the kitchen table, she looked up from the latest issue of Good Housekeeping. “Your father left work early, just so we could eat as a family tonight.”

“No television tonight?” Roy sniffed the air. The food did smell delicious. Whatever his mom had been cooking, sat in pots on the stove. “You didn’t tell me.”

“I told you this morning.” Amanda frowned, her pale cheeks turned a little rosy. “Maybe I got distracted.” She looked toward the dining room and then back to Roy. “I’m sorry about not believing you about your … um …” She whispered.

“My dick?” Roy scratched his head.

“That’s not polite, Roy.” Amanda’s frown deepened. “But yes, the gadget you’ve got down there. And as long as you leave my undergarments alone, we can never speak of it again.” She still kept her voice low, but her face brightened. “Agreed?”

“Sure, Mom.” Roy’s belly grumbled. “Can we eat?” He was so hungry.

“Yes. Go wash your hands and join your father and sister in the dining room.” Amanda rose from her chair and walked over to the stove. Her black ponytail bounced behind her. “I’ll bring dinner in a minute.”

Roy headed for the main washroom. He breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe not normal, but things were normal enough in the Ackerman household.


Once her passions had cooled, Linda fell into a state of deep remorse. She’d done the dirtiest of deeds with her son. If that wasn’t a cardinal sin, she didn’t know what was. After David had gone to bed, Linda went to check on her husband. She found William in the den, happily reading a book. Linda’s stomach turned. The sweet sight of her husband sent waves of guilt coursing through her body.

How could she have done this to her mild-mannered Bill? She stepped into the den, dropped to her knees before him, and unbuckled his belt. She pulled down his pants and went down south on husband. She gave him what the kids call a blowjob.

Up until that moment, she’d always thought William had a satisfactory penis. But putting it in her mouth created an unfortunate contrast with their son. She easily swallowed most of William’s shaft. With David, she’d barely been able to fit the head inside her mouth. When William ejaculated, he deposited his normal, modest amount of semen. It sent no thrills of pleasure through her. She spit his stuff into her hands. With David, it had been a deluge that she had tried to swallow, and she had been in ecstasy.

Of course, William was thankful and appreciative. He congratulated Linda on her initiative. That was nice. She’d hoped the act would bond them and get her mind off David. Instead, while William offered polite appreciation to his wife, Linda’s mind went to the sperm in her womb. She just knew David’s little swimmers were in there, searching for an egg. The thought was more than troubling. She excused herself and went to bed.


The next morning, Patrick caught up with David in the school hallway before first period. “I found out some stuff at the library.” Patrick looked up at his friend and adjusted his glasses.

“Oh?” David looked down the hall like he had somewhere else to be. Which he sort of did since the school day was about to start.

“Want to talk it over at lunch? I’ll give you all the details.” Patrick adjusted his cardigan. David was making him nervous, but he wasn’t sure why.

“Sure, sure.” David clapped his friend on the shoulder and finally looked at him. “See you then.” He walked off toward class.

“Okay. Be there or be square,” Patrick called after him. Everything would be fine when they talked at lunch.


The contrast of David and William plagued Linda as she thought about it during her morning chores. It hammered home the perversity of what she’d done with her son. She thought about going to her pastor for help, but decided she’d be too embarrassed to bring these sorts of problems to God. Could He really see everything? And come to think of it, how could He let this happen to her family? Linda might have even been a little mad at God.

Instead of turning to the church, she went into the kitchen to telephone her friend Nancy Anderson. Nancy was a college graduate and knew much about the world. Nancy was Linda’s best bet.

The two women talked on the phone for twenty minutes before Linda confided that she’d been having problems with David. She told Nancy that they’d become too close recently. Nancy, ever the helpful friend, recommended a family counselor who worked in Portsmith. Dr. Epman came highly recommended. Linda dutifully wrote down the name, address, and phone number.

When she hung up with Nancy, she didn’t call the counselor. Maybe she could handle this on her own. The thought of confiding the truth to anyone was too humiliating. She just needed a little more willpower. She folded up the paper with Dr. Epman’s information, put it in her purse in case she changed her mind, and went about her household chores. Her thoughts wandered to David and what she would say to him when he came home after school.

Linda looked up at the clock over the mantle in the living room. She had to hurry with her dusting. Susy was expecting her for their morning coffee date in about a half hour.

The sound of the front door slamming echoed into the living room. Linda froze. Her green housedress fluttered around her knees as it adjusted to her sudden stop.

“Mom, where are you?” David dropped his backpack and walked down the front hall.

“I’m in the living room, Davey.” Linda stood, still frozen, her duster resting on the top of the television.

“There you are.” David tromped into the living room.

“Why aren’t you at school?” Linda blinked her blue eyes in disbelief.

“I skipped.” David offered his widest, it’s Christmas morning smile.

“You what?” Linda couldn’t believe it. He’d never done something like that. She looked at her son. She could see the sheen of sweat on him. It was clear he’d rushed home.

“I just wanted to see you.” David stepped toward her with long strides across the living room.

“Me?” She caught a whiff of his young male sent and her vagina went Niagara Falls again. Oh no. Her knees trembled.

“You need to call the school and make up an excuse for me.” He closed the distance between them. “But first.” He reached down and pressed his hands into the back of her dress. He cupped her butt in both hands and lifted her into his arms.

Without a second thought, Linda wrapped her legs around his waist, flung her arms around his shoulders, and let his mouth meet hers. It was their first kiss.


Roy and Patrick waited the whole lunch period for David. It was a few minutes before the end of lunch and the two friends looked at each other. It was clear he wasn’t going to show.

“What do you think happened to him?” Roy’s had a look of worry etched on his face.

“Beats me.” Patrick shrugged.

Across town, at that moment, David held his mom up in the air with a firm grip on her bare butt cheeks.

“Oh, sweetheart. I didn’t know … people had sex … standing up.” Linda’s spread legs dangled on either side of David, her feet bouncing with every powerful thrust. Her green dress was bunched around her waist. Her black panties hung from her right ankle, rocking back and forth and back and forth. “Where … did you … uh … uh … uh … learn this?” She grabbed tightly to the jacket that still covered her son’s shoulders, her wedding ring glittering as it caught the midday light in the living room.

“It just … felt natural.” David watched his mom’s sweet round face clench up every time he bottomed out in her pussy. It was an incomparable sight.

The sounds of their coupling filled the room. The squelch of Linda’s pussy. The slap of their skin together.

“It’s so amazing, David.” Linda’s blonde ponytail bounced. “Your … uh … school? Oh nooooooooo.” Her vagina clenched. And she had another orgasm while being hoisted up in the air. She squealed like a harlot.

David kept pounding her while she came. When she’d calmed down, he answered. “Call them later. I’m a … senior … ah … ah … what are they … gonna do?”

At that moment, a few streets away, Susy swept the kitchen with her broom. Where was Linda? It wasn’t like her to be late for one of their coffee dates. And Susy had needed to talk to someone about Patrick. She eyed the phone on the wall. Maybe she should just call her. Susy leaned her broom against the wall, walked over to the phone, and dialed. She lifted the receiver to her ear.

After eight or nine rings, Linda answered. “Hello? This is the Riles … residence.” Linda’s voice was hoarse.

“Hi Linda. It’s Susy Lannit.” Susy twirled the telephone cord around her finger.

“Oh … I’m so … sorry, Susy,” Linda said. “I missed our … coffee. Can … we make it an afternoon date?”

“Oh. Of course.” Susy eyed the broom. That meant more time to clean. “Is everything all right, you seem a little out of breath.”

“Oh, yes. Just doing … one of those television … exercise programs … you recommended.” Linda didn’t want to tell her friend that she was bent over the kitchen table with David slowly sliding in and out of her from behind. “Gotta go, Susy. See you … at two?”

“Sure thing, sugar.” Susy’s right hand fiddled with the buttons on the front of her red checkered dress. Those poor buttons were straining to contain her expanding bosom.

“Bye.” Linda hung up.

“Goodbye,” Susy said to the dial tone. She hung up too. That was odd. Jack LaLanne’s exercise program wasn’t scheduled to be on channel 5 until the afternoon. Maybe one of the other channels carried it earlier? Susy would have to check sometime. She shrugged and walked back over to the broom. Time to get back to work.


Linda and David had sex through the morning and into the early afternoon. He took her standing up, bent over the couch, on the floor, in the living room, in the den, in the kitchen, and in the hall. He deposited load after load deep inside her.

All that effort wore David out. After they finished their copulations, Linda cleaned him off in the shower, fed him an enormous lunch, and tucked him into his bed for a nap. This was the first tuck-in she’d given him in many, many years. Soft snores filled David’s room before she reached the door on her way out.

Linda walked downstairs, ate her own lunch, and finally telephoned the school.

“Yes. A stomach bug,” Linda said. Well, lying to the school secretary wasn’t the worst thing she’d done that day.

“He shouldn’t have left without notifying the office.” The woman on the other end of the line sounded a little putout.

“He’s very sorry. He’s in bed resting.” Linda smoothed out her maroon circle dress.

“And you’re his mother?” The woman sighed. “I’m sorry if I was short just then, we’ve had so many absences lately. The phone keeps ringing.”

“Yes, I’m his mother. Mrs. Linda Riles.”

“Do you think David will be back in school tomorrow?”

“I …” Linda bit her bottom lip. A mix of guilt, dread, and anticipation sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach. “I hope so.”

“Very well, we will expect him,” The woman said. “Goodbye, Mrs. Riles.”

“Goodbye.” Linda hung up the phone. She took a deep breath. Maybe she’d gotten it out of her system. Maybe David would wake up and everything would be normal again. She prayed he’d lose interest in her, because the temptation of that ecstasy would not leave her brain.

Linda walked to the hall and grabbed her purse. She was very late for her date with Susy. She hoped her friend would forgive her.

The reflection that greeted her in her hallway mirror was of a woman well put together; makeup perfect, hair brushed back, winning smile. Was it that easy to deceive the world?


The Lannit living room was as immaculate as ever. Linda sat on Susy’s modern couch and sipped at her coffee, thinking about how much cleaning she’d need to do at her own house later that afternoon. She held her legs primly together, occasionally holding her coffee cup on her knee. The warmth felt good.

Linda eyed her tall friend, sitting on the other side of the couch. Susy was a picture-perfect housewife. Everything perfect. Well almost everything, Susy’s clothes didn’t seem to fit her anymore. Apparently, those exercise routines weren’t doing the trick.

“You’re looking at my bust, aren’t you?” Susy frowned. “You know, I’ve just about given up. I think I might need to buy a whole new set of clothes.” Susy squirmed a little, to show her discomfort.

“You know, Susy.” Linda leaned in. “I’ve given up myself. I can’t even wear my bras anymore.” She nodded down toward her boobs, hidden poorly by only a layer of maroon fabric.

“I wasn’t going to say anything.” Susy held her hand up to her mouth in sympathetic disbelief. “Maybe there’s something in the water?” The two women giggled at that.

“Why don’t we go shopping this weekend? We could buy some things that fit.” Linda gave Susy her full dimple smile. “That is, if Fred doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, he’ll pay for anything, the old softy.” Susy liked the idea of shopping with her friend. She liked the idea of some well-fitting clothes even better. “Saturday at one?”

“It’s a date.” Linda nodded.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.” Susy’s smile faded.

“Oh?” Linda took another sip of coffee.

“I’ve been having a little trouble with Patrick.”

“Yes?” Linda wondered where this was going. Was Susy having the same problems as Linda?

“Yes.” Susy watched the steam rise from her cup. “He’s been a little over-affectionate lately.” Seeing Linda’s eyes, she quickly added, “Nothing out of line, mind you. Just too clingy. Too many kisses for his mother.”

Linda let out a long breath. So, Linda was alone with her problems. “I see.”

“I’m wondering if you’ve ever had to deal with this sort of thing with David.” Susy looked down at the red, checkered pattern on her dress. She didn’t feel like looking at her friend at the moment. She didn’t like lying to anyone, least of all Linda, but Susy couldn’t tell her she’d somehow passionately kissed Patrick for several minutes. “If so, do you have any advice?”

“Well …” Linda’s heart beat faster. What would she tell her friend? “David’s always been a bit of a momma’s boy. But nothing that’s caused me concern.” So, it was a lie then. It seemed the lies had started simply rolling off Linda’s tongue. “And as for my other boy, now that Ryan has a fiancé, he won’t even answer the telephone. But he always did prefer his father.”

Susy nodded. Patrick’s two older sisters were recently married, and very much into their own lives now. She thought about raising two boys and didn’t know how Linda did it. Girls were easy. Susy had her hands full with Patrick.

“You know …” Linda’s dimples returned. “There’s a family counselor I know about. Dr. Epman. I actually have his contact information right here.” Linda stood and walked out of the room to fetch her purse.

Susy watched her friend leave, eyes fixed on her round behind. It was somewhat mesmerizing the way it rolled as she walked, even concealed under her dress. Susy found herself wondering what it would look like with no dress at all. She frowned. Such an odd thought to have.

“Here it is.” Linda walked back into the room and handed Susy a folded piece of paper.

“Let me go copy this.” Susy made a move to rise off the couch, but Linda put a hand on her shoulder.

“No need.” Linda walked to her old spot and sat back down. “I don’t need it.” Away from her house and chatting with her friend, Linda had found a little perspective. She could stuff temptation deep down where it wouldn’t bother her anymore. As long as David kept his hands off her, Linda was sure she could get things back to normal. She was a strong woman. She’d just have a chat with David about it tomorrow.

“Okay.” Susy held tightly to the paper. Hopefully, the good doctor would set Patrick back on the right track. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Linda smiled, all dimples.


Patrick took a long, meandering walk home. He dawdled and barely paid attention to his surroundings. David’s sudden disappearance at school was part of the puzzle. What did Patrick have so far?

A meteor fell to Earth not far from Portsmith. The gadgets on at least several senior class boys had grown tremendously since then. Several older women had put on weight; two teachers, the librarian, his friend’s mothers, and his own mother. There were investigators in town interested in the meteor. David was acting weird. Roy was acting weird. He’d kissed … no, Patrick had full on made out with his own mother while his father was in the next room. Then, on top of all that was what he’d found in the library.

On his search, Patrick had found that there had been some precedent for odd occurrences near meteor strikes. An old dusty book on the science shelves catalogued three meteor falls five-hundred years ago. All three had been near villages. One in North Africa, one in England, and one in China. The meteorites had never been found, but people reported seeing a blue streak of light in the sky. There were also reports of small earthquakes after impact. What followed was disturbing. In the weeks and months post-strike, all three villages reported disappearances, violence, and more disturbing things. There were reports of strange changes to the citizenry. The adoption of new religions. And all three villages, were eventually set upon by their neighbors. All burned to the ground.

Spooky thoughts. Patrick just wished he’d been able to share his findings with David. The gentle giant always liked a good ghost story.

Despite his slow walk, Patrick found himself at his front door. He took a deep breath. Now for a snack and maybe some homework. He opened the door. “Mom, I’m home.”

“In the … living room, sugar.” Susy was in her shorts and sport blouse again, exercising along with the man on the television. She bounced along with the routine, sweat trickling down her neck.

“Hi, Mom. I …” Patrick walked into the living room and stopped dead in his tracks. His backpack hit the floor. That smell again. Like untouched jungles ready for plunder. He looked at Susy’s round rump, bouncing with her movements. He ogled her side boob, as it temporarily defied gravity with each lunge, only to come bounding down again.

“I’ll be done in … a few minutes, Pat.” Susy kept her eyes on the television, moving each knee up as high as it would go and then dropping it back down again. “Why don’t you grab … yourself a nice glass … of milk.”

Patrick wanted to grab something else. His hard dick pushed fervently at his pants. His hand went up to his glasses, pulled them off, and dropped them on the coffee table. Susy was a blur now, but he didn’t care. He stepped toward her.

“Pat?” Susy stopped her bouncing and turned around. She saw her son stalking her like a wild beast. “Patrick Lannit, what are you doing?”

“You’re so beautiful, Mom.” He raised himself to his tiptoes, face upturned, ready for another kiss.

“No, no, no, you don’t, buster” Susy grabbed his right ear and led him out of the living room.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Patrick’s ear throbbed as his mom pulled him into the kitchen.

“This stops now. I’ve made you a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow.” Susy led him to the sink. With her right hand she continued to pull at the upper part of his ear, with her left hand she grabbed a glass and filled it with water. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, and I don’t know why I let you do those things yesterday.” She poured the cold water over Patrick’s head.

“Mom.” Patrick gasped and sputtered. His dick softened in his pants.

“But tomorrow morning we’re going to go see a doctor who will sort you out.” Satisfied, she let go of his ear. She turned him toward the stairs and smacked his bottom. “Now go to your room and do some homework. I don’t want to see you until dinner.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Patrick hustled to the living room, grabbed his backpack and glasses, and ran upstairs.

Susy jogged back into the living room. She had an exercise routine to finish.


The old bed in the motel squeaked softly as Mark Farmer gently moved inside his wife. She was such a beauty, lying under him. Her breasts pulled gently to the side and wobbled back and forth on her chest with his motions. He was the moon, and her breasts were the oceans pulled by his tides. Nature was magical, he thought. He looked down at the freckles that dappled her neck and chest. Mark never doubted that he was a lucky man to have landed Donna.

“Mark?” Donna had been thinking. She looked up at her husband as he slowly moved toward completion. These days, sex with her husband often gave her time to think. She didn’t even work up a sweat anymore. They weren’t the kids they’d been when they met. “Mark, I think we should leave Portsmith.”

“We can’t, darling. We’re on the case.” He moved his hips.

“Stop. Just stop for a minute. I’m thirsty.” She put her hands up and pushed on his shoulders.

“Of course.” Mark stopped and rolled off his wife, landing next to her in bed.

Donna leaned over and grabbed the water glass on the bedside table. She quickly downed the whole thing. She’d been so thirsty lately. “Maybe we can go out and get some early dinner.” And she’d also been hungry. So very hungry.

“Yes, darling.” Mark sighed. He wasn’t going to get to finish this time. He put an arm over his eyes. “But we have the interviews scheduled at the high school this afternoon. Remember the anomalies we found outside Cleveland? This could be similar. We can go to dinner right afterward, I promise.”

“Maybe that’s not such a good idea.” Donna swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. “There are other meteors and other towns, Mark. I have a bad feeling about Portsmith.”

“Nonsense.” Mark moved his arm away from his eyes and watched Donna. Her perfect breasts hung low, quivering as she struggled to get her bra on. Come to think of it, her body looked a little more full than usual. This was interesting, he’d have to write it down in the casebook. You never knew what was a clue. “I can see that you’re hungry, darling. How about this plan?” Mark sat up in bed. “We’ll go to dinner right away. I’ll call the school and reschedule those interviews for tomorrow. Good?”

“Thank you, my lord.” Donna wriggled into her dress. Lately, nothing fit her right.

“You’re welcome, my lady.” Mark reached for his clothes.


Linda scrubbed the kitchen floor, working hard down on her hands and knees. She let her mind wander as the floor slowly became spotless. Her thoughts kept returning to her son’s tall, lean body. And his gargantuan penis and how she might avoid it in the future. The doorbell startled Linda out of her ruminations. It was around 4:30 and William wasn’t due home for another hour. He wouldn’t ring the doorbell anyway. And David slept upstairs.

“Coming.” Linda brushed off her maroon dress. She tossed her sponge into the sink, reached her hands up over her head, and stretched. Everything was so stiff and sore. Her legs, her arms, her stomach, her back, and especially her poor, battered vagina. David had not gone easy on her earlier. Linda walked to the front door.

The doorbell rang again. She hoped it wouldn’t wake poor David. Given how sore Linda was, she knew David must be completely tuckered out. Linda opened the door and found David’s friend standing there, shoulders hunched against the cold. “Hello, Roy.”

“Hello, Mrs. Riles.” Roy stomped his feet. “Is David home?”

“He is, young man. He’s in his room sleeping.” Linda’s right hand grasped the door, ready to send Roy away and prevent any more cold air from entering the house. “He wasn’t feeling well today.”

“Oh, kocaeli escort bayan well, could I come in for a sec?” Roy’s fat cheeks were red from the cold. “I rode my bike all the way over here to check on him and I could really use a glass of water.”

“Well, okay.” Linda stepped aside. She let the teenager in. She marveled that David had friends so different from him. This boy was short, fat, and not always as polite as he should be. “Well, come in, come in, it’s cold outside.” Linda closed the door after him. And led him into the kitchen. “Can I take your jacket?”

“No, it’s okay.” Roy dropped his backpack in the hall and followed her. Was it his imagination, or was Linda actually something of a doll? His gaze fell to her exposed calves and worked their way up her backside. That was a mistake, he could feel his dick becoming very rigid in his pants. Baseball, baseball, baseball. To make matters worse, it was so warm in the house, he’d just had a long bike ride, and he still had his jacket on. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead. He followed her down the hall.

There was a smell. Something musty, dark, and alluring in this house. Roy sniffed the air. As his school’s designated sweat hog, he knew it well. It was body odor. But it was also somehow more than that. He was following Linda and her smell wafted back to him. No amount of baseball thoughts could quell the boner that now strained to break free of his pants.

“Here you go, Roy.” Linda fetched the water from the sink and turned with the glass in hand. Her eyes were immediately drawn to a jutting lump in the front of the boy’s pants. “Oh, my.” And there was that odor. The same as with David. Linda was helpless, her panties flooded again. Her legs suddenly rubber.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Riles. I don’t need that water anymore.” Roy took a step toward her. What was he doing? Some deep part of his brain had taken over, and Roy didn’t even know what he was going to do or say next.

“Oh, okay.” Linda moved the glass back to the counter. Little ripples danced in the water as her hand shook. “Is there, something else …?” She set the glass down and looked back to Roy. Good Lord, he was unbuttoning his pants.

“Yes.” Roy pulled his pants to the floor and kicked them into the corner of the kitchen. “I can’t ride home with this boner.”

“I see.” Linda’s eyes fixed on his crotch. The top of his penis was long enough to stick out of his briefs. He pulled off his underwear, and the monster swung down, waving back in forth in front of him. It was engorged beyond belief, the head almost black. “What do you need?”

“I need help.” Roy looked at her like she was slow.

“Oh. I don’t think …” Linda bit her lip, her gaze locked on that penis. God in heaven, why was this happening to her? Would his semen bring on the same euphoria as David’s? “Um. Yes. I … can help you.” Linda dropped to her knees and crawled over to Roy.

“I’ve never had a blowjob.” Roy grabbed his dick with his right hand and started stroking.

“I know how to do that.” Linda stopped in front of Roy and sat on her knees. She brushed her blonde hair behind her shoulders and pushed his hand away. With both hands, she reached up for his penis. Her fingers looked so small as they tried to reach all the way around it. Did all boys these days have penises this size? Was that a thing in the modern age? She looked at it. It was thicker than David’s but not quite as long. The head was smaller, darker, and looked more angry. Her hands moved up and down the shaft.

“Oh, Mrs. Riles, that feels really good.” Roy unzipped his jacket and flung it to the ground. He pulled his sweater and his undershirt off and tossed them behind him.

“I’m only doing this so you can bicycle home.” Linda looked up at Roy, who was now naked. His belly hung out and jiggled as he threw off his clothes. She took him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the knobby head. Her eyes rolled a little as she caught a taste of precum. Just like David, his secretions were pure rapture.

“That’s really nice.” Roy didn’t know what do with his hands, so he just let them hang by his sides. He watched his friend’s mom slurp and suck. His dick slipping, ever so slightly, in and out of her pretty pink mouth.

“Mmmmmmpppppphhhhhh.” Linda’s head bobbed for several minutes. This young man’s penis in her mouth was heaven.

“Uh … Mrs. Riles …” Roy was close.

She looked up at him questioningly with her blue eyes. And then her mouth was flooded with his stuff. Just like David, it kept coming and coming. And just like David, it brought on the most magical orgasm. She swallowed some of it, and then, convulsing in ecstasy, she let go of the penis and fell to her side on the floor.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh.” Roy let it all out. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him. When Linda fell to the linoleum floor, twitching as she was, Roy just kept on cumming, covering her dress, her face, and hair in his spunk. “More … just a little … more.” He immediately dropped to his knees, cum still dripping from throbbing dick. He grabbed Linda by the hips and roughly pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He lifted her dress and pulled her panties aside. Linda’s pussy was wet and waiting, her lips spread and pink.

“Condoms.” Linda managed to eke out the words. It was one thing for her sweet David to put his penis inside her without protection. But not this boy. She tried to focus. “Upstairs. My husband has … condoms upstairs.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Riles.” He rubbed the head of his dick along her pussy. Her ass looked so round, full, and inviting. “No time.” He pushed forward, but couldn’t find the hole. He tried again, but his dick didn’t go in. This was harder than it looked.

“Hold on.” Linda reached back with her left hand. The diamond on her ring didn’t sparkle, there was barely any light in the kitchen. It was getting late. “It goes in here.” She held his penis and guided it in. If there wasn’t time for condoms, then it couldn’t be helped. “Oooohhhhhhhh.” The monster slid in halfway on the first thrust. Her vagina was sore but accommodating.

“Yes.” Roy grabbed her hips and thrust in and out with long, powerful strokes. He listened to the housewife whimper and moan. He felt on top of the world. This is what confidence feels like, Roy realized.

They went at it for a long time on the kitchen floor. Linda felt him deep, deep inside her. Pretty soon, darkness completely enveloped the kitchen. Linda didn’t care. She knew she’d missed her chance to make dinner. She knew William would be home soon. She knew David slept upstairs. But all that mattered to her at that moment was taking more of that penis. She felt the cum drying on her face. She knew she was a sweaty, dirty mess. She knew that the dress Roy had bunched around her waist was stained. She didn’t care.

The front door creaked open. Neither Roy or Linda tried to separate. Roy kept on pounding her, watching her ass shake. Even when William called out, they didn’t stop.

“Linda, dear? Why are all the lights off?” William stumbled on something. “Whose backpack is this?” He heard noises in the kitchen and made his way there. He didn’t make it far.

A vaporous cloud of pheromones greeted him in the hall. He stopped walking and turned to face a family portrait hanging on the hallway wall. “Nice family,” he mumbled. His briefcase dropped by his feet. He stared at the picture the family had taken at Woolworths a few years ago. His whole family in their Sunday best, hair perfectly combed. William stood in the portrait, and his pretty wife Linda sat next to him. And their two sons kneeled on either side of her. He couldn’t seem to remember their names at the moment. It felt like that was the sort of thing he should remember. “Family.”

“I’m gonna … cum.” Roy slammed into Linda as hard as he could.

“Please … ah … ah … ah … please.” Linda gritted her teeth, ready for the euphoria that would accompany his explosion. She arched her back, willing him to let loose in her.

“Take … it …” Roy unloaded deep inside her, a cascade of cum flowed.

The instant his ejaculation hit her insides, Linda could only see stars before her eyes. She tossed her head back and forth and screamed a long, high-pitched wail. David, who was still asleep, didn’t hear her. William, who was staring at the family portrait, didn’t hear her. But a neighbor walking her dog outside did. Both owner and dog stopped, trying to determine where that otherworldly shriek had come from. After a few seconds, they gave up and continued on their walk.

When he was done, Roy pulled out of Linda with a plop. He looked down and could see his cum leaking out of her demolished pussy. Her hole gapped and her pussy lips were splayed open. “I gotta go.” Roy stood up and hurriedly dressed. He stuffed his deflating dick into his underwear. Pulled on pants, shoes, shirt, and sweater.

Linda stayed on her hands and knees, panting and looking down at the floor. Sweat dripped off her nose and pooled on the linoleum. What had she just done?

“Goodbye, Mrs. Riles.” Roy raced out of the kitchen and stopped in horror when he found William standing in the hall. In his earlier frenzy, he hadn’t heard William come home. “Um … Mr. Riles.”

William stood between Roy and the door. He didn’t look at Roy or acknowledge him in any way.

Everything about this afternoon was crazy. But this? Roy’s knees shook with fear. “Mr. Riles?” Roy didn’t know what was happening, but since William seemed preoccupied, there was no time like the present. He raced around his friend’s father, picked up his backpack, and bolted out the front door.

Linda stirred herself. She stood and her dress fell back down below her knees. She needed a plan. Clean the mess, shower, and then go to bed. She’d tell William she and David were both sick and that he had to see about putting his own dinner together. She grabbed the sponge from the sink and got to work.

When she had finished cleaning, she climbed the stairs to her room not noticing William standing in the shadows of the front hall. In the throes of passion while being mated like a dog, she hadn’t even heard her husband come home.

When William returned from his fugue state, he was much confused. It was later than he thought it ought to be. And his family was nowhere to be found. He walked into the house and turned the lights on. He found his son and wife in their own beds upstairs, recovering from some sort of virus. What an odd evening, he thought. He went down to the kitchen and found a jacket flung in the corner. Too small to be David’s. One of his friends must have left it. And that friend walked home without it in the cold? Strange. It was a strange day he concluded.


Axcix opened her doors to receive one of her data collection drones. More mated pairs. Some overlapping pairs too. That was to be expected.

Of course, she knew how the first expeditions had ended. So much data destroyed by fire. That’s why she kept a careful watch on outsiders. A team of two had already arrived in the habitat to seek her out. But they were foolish and had greedily swallowed her water. For them, everything was under control.

But now her scans told her another team had arrived from the outside. They would not drink the water. This could be a problem. Axcix needed more data.

Chapter 4

Roy got home and closed the door behind him. He was breathing hard and sweating. He felt great. He felt on top of the world. He also felt a little strange. He had just lost his virginity to his friend’s mom. With his friend’s dad standing in the hallway. His fevered brain couldn’t quite process all that had just happened.

“Hello, Mom, I’m home.” Roy dropped his backpack in the hallway and walked toward the kitchen.

“In here, Roy.” Amanda pulled her casserole from the oven and covered it with aluminum foil. She placed her oven mitts on the Formica countertop. She reached behind her back and untied her apron. She slid it over her head and folded it neatly. She looked forward to spending a little time with her gentle son, even if that time was in front of the television.

“Mom, it’s been a crazy day.” Roy stepped into the kitchen. His mom looked lovely. She more than filled out her periwinkle blue housedress. The fabric gapped in between the buttons on the front. Roy could maybe see some bra in the gaps. Where had his skinny little mother gone? If she wasn’t his mom, he might think she was a doll. And with his newfound confidence, he might make a pass at her. Who knows? But she was his mom. He looked down at the linoleum floor.

“My word, Roy, look at you.” Amanda was about to place the folded apron on the kitchen counter, but she stopped with her arm outstretched when she saw her son. His hair was a mess. His sweater was untucked and bunched around one shoulder. He was huffing and puffing, his large stomach rapidly rising and falling. And he looked wet and sticky. “You’ll need to shower before dinner.”

“Ah, come on, Mom. Can I shower after dinner?” Roy pulled off his sweater and held it in his right hand. His button-up undershirt was also untucked. “Dad and Sis here for dinner?”

“No, it’s just us. Your father is working late again. And Annie is off with that Connors boy at the drive-in.” Amanda finished setting the apron down on the kitchen counter. She then waved her hand in front of her nose. “Gosh, Roy, you really do need a shower. That smell.” But then something crept into her mind with that scent, and she didn’t mind it anymore. Her vagina, with a mind of its own, started gushing like it was a special night with Nathaniel.

Roy stood fixed in place, watching his mom squirm. What was she doing?

“Well, darling, if you won’t take yourself to the shower …” Amanda walked with sudden purpose over to Roy, turned him toward the stairs, and pushed his shoulders. “… I’ll have to take you.”

“Mom?” Roy stumbled and then walked toward the stairs.

“No back talk, young man. We’re going to clean you off before dinner.” Amanda followed him up the stairs and steered him into the pink washroom. She turned on the shower and then turned him back around and began unbuttoning his undershirt. “You can leave that sweater on the floor, I’ll put all these things in the laundry.”

“Okay.” Roy was confused, but he dropped the sweater. He let her unbutton and remove his shirt. She dropped it on the sweater. She then unbuttoned his pants, pulled them off, and dropped them on the pile. She squatted down and pulled off his socks. Of course, she hadn’t undressed him in a long, long, time. The washroom started to fill with steam.

“One last thing.” Amanda pulled down his briefs. Her son’s soft penis dangled out in the open. Her hands stopped, still holding the briefs around his knees. “I’d forgotten that you were so … different from your father.” She finished pulling down his briefs and Roy stepped out of them. “Now in you go.” There was another smell that caught Amanda’s nose, even more enchanting than his teenage sweat. Amanda couldn’t quite place it. Her panties had become uncomfortably saturated. She’d never experienced anything quite like what her body was doing. The feeling would surely pass. Best to ignore it and clean her boy.

“Uh. Okay.” Roy stepped into the shower and put his hand up to close the curtain. The warm water cascaded over his head, pushing his brown hair into his eyes.

“No.” Amanda pushed his hand away and left the curtain open. “When you’re this dirty, Roy, you need your mother’s help.” She pushed up her sleeves to her elbows and grabbed the bar of soap. She rubbed it over his back.

“You don’t have to.” Roy stepped forward so the water fell on his shoulders. He pushed his hair back with his right hand and watched her out of the corner of his eye as she rubbed at his back with vigor. Baseball, baseball, baseball. The last thing Roy needed at the moment was a boner.

“Don’t be silly, darling. It’s a mother’s job.” Amanda moved to his armpits. Satisfied with those suds, her hand brought the soap to his big belly. She bent down and rubbed. Her eyes drifted down to his penis. “That certainly is a big guy you have hanging down there.” Even soft, it was bigger than Nathaniel’s biggest erection. The foreskin halfway covered the head. She could see the network of protruding veins. “Well, we’ll have to clean that too.”

Roy stepped back and the water fell on his head again, rushing down the front of his body. He pushed his hair out of his eyes again and held it back on his head with his right hand. He blinked through shower droplets and watched his mom sit down on the edge of the tub and reach out with both hands, the bar of soap in her right. The water washed away the soap bubbles on his belly. And streamed over his dick.

“It’s important to get under the foreskin.” Amanda moved the skin back and forth, back and forth with her left hand. Her son’s penis started to rise. “Well, hello, big guy.”

The pink washroom was completely filled with steam. Roy couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he watched his mom clearly tug on his dick. He didn’t know what to do.

After a minute, her hands slowed down and she shook her head a couple times. “Oh no.” Amanda blinked her eyes. What was she doing? She dropped the soap into the tub and pulled her hands away. “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to.” She stood up and looked at her dress, wet from splashing water. “I have to get changed. You finish cleaning yourself up.” And just like that, she disappeared out the washroom door.

Roy reached down and grabbed his dick. It was now rock-hard. As he finished the tug-job his mom had started, he thought about recent events. First his mom in the kitchen. Then Mrs. Riles. Now his mom again. But once she’d cleaned him pretty good, she’d lost interest. Roy was no dummy. It seemed simple enough. When he was sweating, women couldn’t resist him. When the sweat was gone, not so much. Roy was about ready to bust thinking about the next part.

He needed to test his theory. But with his mom? Well, if it worked with her, he rationalized, it would work with anyone. And he wouldn’t take it too far. He wasn’t some sort of pervert.

And the beauty of it was, he was about the sweatiest guy he knew. This was a gift from God.

Roy grunted and sprayed great streams of gooey cum all over the tub.

Great, now he’d have to clean that up.


Patrick snuck out his bedroom window and dropped down to the lawn. Susy had said that she didn’t want to see him until dinner. She didn’t say that he needed to stay in his room. And there was plenty of time to ride over to the library, look up a few things, and ride home. He grabbed his bike and set off.

With the wind in his hair, Patrick turned his bike down Main Street. And there, on the sidewalk, he saw the investigators again. A tall man in a gray suit, bowtie, and fedora accompanied by a shapely woman with an elegant dress, red hair, and Brownline glasses. It was them.

Ever since Patrick had kissed his mom, he’d felt not quite himself. A little more bold. More brave. He turned his bike and hopped it up onto the sidewalk and stopped in front of the cosmopolitan couple, blocking their path. “I hear you’re interested in meteors.”

“Capital.” Mark exchanged a quick look with his wife and then offered Patrick a broad smile. “How can we be of service, young man?”

“Well, I’m interested too. Name’s Patrick Lannit.” Patrick stuck out his hand. This sort of introduction really was out of character. It felt good. A welcome change.

“Mark and Donna Farmer.” Mark shook Patrick’s hand with a dry, firm grip, pumping up and down. When he was done, Donna offered her hand with a gentle but crisp shake. Mark leaned in like they were friendly conspirators. “Tell us about it, kid.”

Patrick told them that he’d seen the blue streak in the sky and felt the earthquake. That he’d noticed strange behavior in town. Absences at school. Clothes no longer fitting some citizens. Patrick felt outgoing, but not so much that he shared with them his own changes, or how his mom’s boobs and hips had grown.

“Very interesting, young detective. Donna, take a note, will you?” Mark turned to his wife.

“Already there, my lord.” Donna had pulled her small notepad from her purse and jotted Patrick’s observations down.

“Excellent, my lady.” Mark turned back to Patrick. “Anything else?”

“Yes.” Patrick nodded and adjusted his glasses with his right hand. His left hand held his handlebars to keep the bicycle upright. He then told them about the dusty book in the library that chronicled the three meteors from five hundred years ago.

“So, you’ve found one of Cobb’s books. Good work, lad.” Mark rubbed his chin. “I like you, Patrick Lannit. Your beguiling confidence reminds me of myself at your age. How would you like to join our team as a junior investigator?”

Patrick nodded. This was so cool.

“Great.” Mark clapped Patrick on the shoulder. “You’re the perfect man to observe this town from the inside. Why don’t you take the weekend to survey and note anything else out of the ordinary, and we’ll meet at the library on Monday? When’s a good time for you?”

“I can be there at three-thirty.” Patrick’s face was stuck on a huge, goofy smile.

“Capital. We’ll see you then.” Mark gave Patrick a big friendly wave and guided his wife around the bicycle toward the restaurant.

Donna gave Patrick a more modest wave and a sweet smile.

Patrick waved back, hopped back on the bike, and pedaled back toward home. The library could wait. He wanted to sneak back into his room and start writing his observations down into a notebook, like Donna Farmer had. He was, after all, an official investigator now.


Axcix gurgled a chuckle in her aquatic home as she reviewed the latest data. This was the beauty of starting with reproduction. Its pull over almost any species was supreme. And the dominant species on this planet was no different.

There were still individuals that would resist, but much less than if she’d just started with wholesale physiological shifts, as some of her sisters had done. Mating was at the core of any successful species. And she was learning so much watching these mammals fornicate.

With luck, this would be a long process, with many iterations. As long as she avoided interruption. And Axcix hadn’t yet settled on what to do with those bent on disrupting her beautiful experiment.


Mark looked across the table at his lovely wife as she dug into her second burger of the evening. He adjusted his bowtie and thought about Donna’s appetite. To tell the truth, it had been a tad excessive lately. He was too polite to mention it, but common decency said nothing about taking notes. The Lannit boy hadn’t said anything about hunger. Mark would have to ask him on Monday. He’d make a note of it. “Good burger, Donna?”

“Hhhnmmmmmm.” Donna ripped off another bite and chewed heartily. There was something slightly feral in the way she demolished her food.

“Well, enjoy.” Mark sipped at his milkshake. He looked around the diner. It was a typical early crowd for a Thursday evening, he supposed. Lots of young people. A few retirees. And … Mark did a double take. In a booth catty-cornered from where Mark and Donna sat, five people ate together. What caught his attention was not their dark suits and dresses. Or that the men in the group wore sunglasses and hats indoors; heathens. Or that each of them seemed to have brought their own sandwiches and water, despite going to an establishment that served both. What interested Mark, exceedingly, was that he knew one of the women.

Dr. Gertrude Cobb was a historian who had written several books on the quincentenary meteors. That she was in Portsmith, could only mean that this group was on the same trail as Mark and his wife. This could finally be it. They might have actually found another transformative meteor.

“Capital.” Mark looked back at Donna.

“What?” Donna wiped her mouth with her napkin and signaled to the waitress. She needed another hamburger.

“Don’t stare, my lady, but Gertrude Cobb sits at a table to your seven o’clock.” Mark took another sip of his milkshake.

“Really?” Donna turned and glanced over her shoulder. Sure enough, there was Dr. Cobb. Donna didn’t recognize the two women with Gertrude, but the two men were obviously government. “This isn’t good.”

“No?” Mark frowned. He was so excited to see a prominent researcher in the same field.

The waitress stepped up and Donna ordered another burger and fries. The waitress then walked off to put in the order.

“Don’t you see. It means this could be it.” Donna looked at her husband, her green eyes large through her glasses. “And if Gertrude Cobb has been brought in, they have resources. They will almost certainly unlock the mystery before we do.” Donna paused to take a long drink of water. She drained her glass.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Mark’s frown deepened.

“This is a sign, Mark,” Donna said. “Let’s leave this mystery to Gertrude and her team. There are other mysteries in our future. What about that barn in Montana? Why don’t we go home, have a rest, and then drive up to Montana?”

“It’s a challenge, Donna. Unlock the mystery before a renowned expert.” Mark eyed the group with Gertrude. They did look professional. “Our names will be remembered forever. We would become renowned experts ourselves.”

The waitress dropped off Donna’s third hamburger.

“I … don’t … like it,” Donna said as she chewed.

Mark watched his pretty wife stuff her face. He didn’t like it either. But he would get to the bottom of it.


“You feeling okay, sugar?” Susy looked across the dining table at Patrick and tried on a warm, bright smile. The Lannit family sat at their nightly dinner and everything seemed so normal at the moment. They would conquer the troublesome patch of mother-son relationship tomorrow morning, with the good advice of Dr. Epman. She just wished they didn’t have to wait till the next day to seek help. Like in most things, waiting was the hardest part.

“I’m fine, Mom.” Patrick was not fine. He looked up from his plate. He finished chewing his meatloaf. He was hungry today, but not as hungry as he’d been. He met his mother’s deep, brown eyes. Patrick had always known that his mother was beautiful. And since he’d hit puberty, he’d dreamed of having a girl like Susy. But those dreams had twisted in his mind recently. He now wanted the genuine article. Which was impossible. Patrick sighed. And now he’d made it even worse by inexplicably groping and kissing her earlier. Now he had to see a doctor.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Susy watched him.

“Leave the boy alone, Susy.” Fred, who sat to Susy’s right, gave her a stern look. “He’s probably moping about some girl.” Fred turned his focus on Patrick. “That it, Pat? Some doll got you down?”

Patrick nodded his head. Well, it was true. He adjusted his glasses and looked at his father. The man was tall, handsome, and confident. Girls had always chased Fred Lannit. Patrick happened to be the opposite of his father. What could he do about it?

“Well, Pat.” Fred put down his fork and gave his son a resolute nod. The man knew his advice was gold. “You can’t let this girl make the decision for you. In life, you have to be able to win the difficult prizes.” Fred reached over and rubbed his wife’s back. “You think your mother said yes when I first asked her out? You have to be persistent.”

Patrick looked back and forth between his parents. He worked hard not to let his gaze fall to his mother’s round boobs, tucked away in her ill-fitting dress. “It’s complicated, Dad.”

Susy’s cheeks warmed with blush. Given her son’s antics lately, she could guess what was going through his head. Maybe she’d need to help find the kid a girlfriend. Maybe at eighteen, it was time for him to get a little more interested in girls his own age. She pondered this.

“Nonsense.” Fred removed his hand from Susy’s back and dropped his fist to the table, rattling the dinnerware. “Take life by the horns. I want to see you get what you want, Pat.”

Patrick knew his father meant that Fred wanted Patrick to want and get what Fred wanted. Patrick rubbed his forehead.

“Pat should make that girl his.” Fred looked back at his wife. “Don’t you agree, dear?”

“Yes, dear.” Susy nodded, her brown ponytail bobbing. Her countenance turned serious. She was thinking about friends who had daughters Patrick’s age. The doctor was sure to help, but this would be an excellent backup plan.


At about the same time the Lannits were enjoying meatloaf, Amanda served dinner on television trays. Roy and Amanda ate in silence, which was a great relief to Amanda. She did not want to talk to Roy after the incident in the shower. They each had second helpings, but no more. That was another relief. She had been so hungry lately, but that hunger was starting to die down.

After she’d cleared away their dishes, they both sat down on the opposite ends of the couch to watch Dragnet. Amanda covered herself in a quilt and watched the screen, making no eye contact with Roy.

Roy also covered himself in the warmest blanket he could find. Sure enough, in a few minutes, the first beads of sweat tricked down his forehead. “How are you doing, Mom?” Time to see if he was right about his perspiration.

“Fine, darling.” Amanda squirmed a little under her blanket. After their shower, she’d taken out her ponytail, and her dark hair curled around her on the back of the couch. She pulled the quilt up under her chin.

“Good.” Roy waited, pretending to watch the television while keeping her in his peripheral vision. Her squirming continued.

By the next commercial break, Roy could see rhythmic movement under the quilt. Amanda’s breathing caught in her throat. She held her breath, and then let it out in a series of small gasps. She was clearly masturbating while they watched their show.

Roy’s experiment worked. He threw off the blanket. Time to cool down and let his mom off the hook.

“Roy?” Amanda’s gaze left the television and moved to her son. He looked so handsome sitting there. “About what happened earlier, Roy.” Amanda’s right hand continued its assault on her vagina. Her arm had snaked past her skirt, and two of her fingers wiggled inside her. A little earlier, she’d pulled her panties out of the way. She was confident her son couldn’t tell what she was doing.

“Don’t worry about it, Mom.” Roy watched her with widening eyes. He needed to stop sweating this instant.

“I just want you to … uh … know that I’m here to … oohhhh … help you whenever you need me.” Amanda willed her hand to stop its movements, but it felt too good. And, come to think of it, she didn’t care if Roy knew what she was doing after all.

Baseball, baseball, baseball. “Thanks.” Roy felt a lump in his throat. Despite cumming twice already that day, his dick grew. Now he wished he’d still had his blanket on.

“Oh my gosh.” Amanda was about to find release. She could see the impossibly large bulge growing in her son’s pants. She leaned her head back on the couch, her eyes rolled back, and the soft waves of an orgasm enveloped her.

Thinking about baseball was worthless now. Roy watched his own mom get herself off. And before he could stop himself, his balls contracted and he unleashed shot after shot of cum into his pants. That was his third of the day. How much more was in there? “Aaaagggghhhh.” Roy clenched his teeth, hoping Amanda wouldn’t notice.

When Amanda had recovered from her own orgasm, the first thought she had was that she’d just done the unthinkable right in front of her son. Thank God the quilt covered her indecency. Maybe she could play it off as some sort of silly game. Maybe … suddenly a new scent washed over her. Just like when she’d undressed Roy to get him into the shower. The first odor was intoxicating, the second was mind-altering. She focused back on Roy and saw the wetness spreading on the front of his pants. She knew this smell. It was a man’s scent. She needed to have a taste. Just one taste.

“I see you’ve made another mess, Roy. Let Mom help you, okay? Don’t move.” Amanda slid to the living room floor. Leaving the quilt behind her, she crawled toward Roy.

“Mom?” Roy watched her shoulder blades rotate under her white blouse, like a stalking cat. He stared at her round ass, rolling under her brown skirt. Whatever his mom was about to do, Roy wasn’t going to be able to stop her. His experiment had run amok.

“I just know you need my help, darling.” Amanda reached Roy, spread his legs and kneeled between them, hiking the hem of her skirt above her thighs. She reached under with her right hand and moved her panties back to the side. Her index finger then rubbed at her clit. With her left hand she carefully unbuttoned Roy’s pants. It wasn’t easy with one hand and that enormous tent in the way. She unzipped him and looked up into his soft, brown eyes. “Be a dear and scoot these down for me.”

Roy nodded and pulled his pants and underwear down over his feet and tossed them to side. His dick sprang free.

“Oh … my … word.” Amanda’s right arm rhythmically moved as she frigged herself. With her left, she reached up to hold Roy’s monster. “You really did make a mess. Your stuff is all over.” The smell was so much stronger with his pants out of the way. His penis was thick and angry looking. Her hand slid down its extraordinary length and lightly caressed his balls. They were so swollen, with little purple veins spread all across each massive sack. His white stuff dribbled over them. “Do they hurt, darling?” She reached back for his penis and held it up out of the way.

“N … n … no,” Roy stuttered.

“Let me … oh … kiss them better.” Amanda’s right arm shook faster and she plunged two fingers into her vagina. She leaned toward Roy’s left testicle, mouth parted. A tiny drop of sweat ran down her cheek. She was getting herself worked up.

“They don’t hurt, Mom.” Roy was now sweating buckets. He inhaled sharply as she moved in. His lungs filled with the most delicious scent. His mom. He went from knowing he couldn’t stop her to wanting her to go crazy.

Amanda planted a soft kiss on his rough, swollen flesh. Her eyes twitched and rolled as pleasure surged through her. She recovered herself. “There now, isn’t that better?” She then licked at it, her tongue tasting the salty, dripping expression of teenage lust. A half realization floated through her mind that she was eating her son’s semen. More shockwaves of pleasure hit her. She devoured all the sperm covering his left sack, and moved to the right one. It was like drinking life itself.

“Mom.” Roy closed his eyes and rested his head back on the couch cushion. He felt her tongue on him and then his right ball was engulfed in wet warmth. She’d taken him into her mouth. Her left hand began moving up and down his shaft in slow, easy strokes. Roy opened his eyes and looked down at her. Her mouth was full as she rolled her tongue around the ball. Her wedding ring faced Roy, as her hand slid up and down. He thought about his father. It turns out you didn’t need to cut the same dashing figure as Nathaniel Ackerman to get the beautiful girl. Roy couldn’t stop himself from getting the women around him.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Amanda released his right testicle and looked up at the mighty penis towering above her face. “Now it’s time for the big guy.” She rose a little off her butt and licked her way up the dark, angry thing. More tremors reverberated through her body as she swallowed his cum. Finally, she lowered her mouth onto the head. All the while, her right hand kept working at her vagina.

“Oh, Mom.” Roy watched her head bob on his dick. Her hair fell around her face, so he couldn’t really see what she was doing. But it felt so good.

She slurped and sucked for what seemed like forever.

The front door slammed. Roy had sudden déjà vu with what had happened with David’s mom. But it wasn’t Nathaniel at the door.

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.” Annie’s peppy voice. “I’m home.”

Roy looked up toward the hall, terrified she’d find them doing this.

Amanda spit out her son’s dick and looked at the living room doorway in horror. She still had her left hand wrapped around his dick, and her right hand buried under her skirt.

Annie raced by the doorway, a blur of white as she headed for the stairs. “Be in my room.” Annie hadn’t even bothered to look into the living room as she passed. Her footfalls sounded on the stairs, and then the faint slam of her door from upstairs.

The close call was like cold water on Amanda’s face. “I’m so sorry, Roy. I don’t know how this happened.” Amanda looked up at her son. She removed her right hand from under her skirt and placed it on Roy’s thigh. Ready to push herself away. But she couldn’t quite leave him. Conflict filled her mind. Could she really give up on extracting more of the magic he stored in his testicles? Amanda took a deep breath. Finally, she said, “We have to stop.”

“No.” Roy reached with both hands, planted them on Amanda’s soft black hair, and gently pushed her mouth toward his dick again. “We can’t stop.”

“Oh, no … Roy.” Amanda watched that monstrous thing get closer and closer to her face. Before this week, she’d had no idea the male organ got this big. With steady pressure on her head, she let Roy guide his penis back into her mouth. The fingers on her right hand gripped his pants in a fist as her tongue got a taste of oozing precum. Sparks danced before her eyes. Before she knew it, her head was bobbing up and down again. Even with her daughter upstairs, Amanda had to finish this.

“Oh, God, Mom, I’m going to cum.” Roy didn’t know if he should cum in her mouth or not. He supposed it was best to let her decide.

“Uuuuugggghhhhhh.” Amanda gagged a little as she tried to force more of him into her mouth.

“It’s … happening …” Roy let out what felt like a gallon of cum past his mom’s sweet lips.

The second Roy’s sperm hit the back of her throat, her whole body exploded into orgasm, from the tips of her toes to the follicles on her head. She managed one swallow and then she spit him out and buried her head in his chubby, sweater-covered belly. He kept spraying her and she could feel the front of her blouse grow sticky and saturated with his mess. As it soaked through her shirt and bra, her breasts sent new waves of pleasure through her. Amanda grunted and whined, and came and came.

They stayed like that for several minutes. Roy, panting on the couch, Amanda with her face buried in his belly, still gripping his penis with her left hand. When she thought she could stand, she rose on wobbly legs. She looked down at her little man. “Get cleaned up, darling. Your father will be home soon.” She walked toward the stairs and looked over her shoulder with a dazed expression. “And don’t let your sister catch you.” She pointed a finger at his penis. “With that.”

“Okay, Mom.” Roy bent over and reached for his pants, replaying what had just happened in his mind. In the end, he didn’t care if he was a pervert. This was the way to live.


Friday morning, Patrick slumped in the passenger seat of his mom’s car. He didn’t want to be late to school, but his mom had scheduled his appointment for nine o’clock. He didn’t want the appointment at all for that matter. Patrick didn’t need a doctor, he needed to get to the bottom of this mystery. He needed to investigate.

“Don’t pout, sugar.” Susy looked over at him from the driver’s seat with a frown on her pretty face. “I’m doing this for your own good.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Patrick looked over at her as she turned her eyes forward and pulled the car away from the stop sign. Her profile was so perfect, with her high cheekbones and dainty nose. A little bit lower, the swell of her boobs pressed against her arms as she spun the steering wheel.

“You may not mean it now.” Susy nodded her head, her brown ponytail bobbing behind her. “But someday you’ll thank me for this. It’s not like I want to go either.”

“Okay, Mom.” Patrick removed his glasses and looked out the car window. The world was a blur. He just wanted this to be over.

They made it to the doctor’s office ten minutes early and waited in silence in a bright, modern waiting room. A young woman with her brown hair up in a bun opened a door and ushered them in. They were both surprised when the woman closed the door behind them and sat in a leather armchair, facing a couch.

The woman gestured to the couch. “Please be seated.” She wore a green, tweed swing dress with a contrasting collar. Very professional. She folded her hands in her lap and waited. She watched them with big brown eyes through the lenses of her black glasses.

“I’m sorry.” Susy put her hand on Patrick’s shoulder and led him to the couch. They both sat. Susy kept her purse on her lap. “I thought Dr. Epman was a man.” Susy’s house dress was far more casual attire than what the brunette had on.

“Dr. Epman is a man. I’m his wife and assistant, Mrs. Paget Epman.” She smiled helpfully at them, showing white, even teeth. “Dr. Epman has had a few episodes when counseling over the past few weeks.”

“Episodes?” Susy’s eyes went wide.

“I don’t mean to cause you any alarm.” Paget’s smile turned sympathetic. “Just small memory lapses. We’re not sure as to the cause, so he’s asked me to take over his sessions this week. Don’t worry, I’ll take detailed notes and report back to him. At our next session, I’ll have a full report for you.”

“Very well.” Susy nodded.

“So, what seems to be the trouble?” Paget looked at Patrick.

“Well, Pat has been a little clingy with me lately.” Susy felt no need to tell an assistant everything, even if she was the Doctor’s wife. Maybe if it had been Dr. Epman himself, that might be different. “Too many kisses and hugs.”

“I see.” Paget picked up a notebook and jotted something down. “I’ve been hearing similar complaints lately.” She looked up at Susy through her glasses. “To help Doctor Epman arrive at a diagnosis, we ask that if anything strange happens with Patrick before our next session, please write the incident down exactly as it occurs.”

“So, that’s it?” Susy wasn’t sure how any of this was supposed to work.

“No, Mrs. Lannit. Now we’ll check in with young Patrick.” Paget turned to Patrick. “So, you’re eighteen-years-old? How is school going, young man?”

They talked for about another forty-five minutes. It seemed mostly like small talk to Susy. But she made another appointment for next week to follow up. Paget assured them that she would have updated information from Dr. Epman when they met again.

Susy walked Patrick out of the office and drove him to school. She thought over what Paget had said. Susy would dutifully write down anything strange, but she hoped things would just go back to normal.


Linda woke up late in the morning. She sat up in bed and clutched the sheet over her breasts. “William?” Golden rays fell through her bedroom windows. She looked at her clock. Well, William must have left for work hours ago. Then thoughts of what she’d done yesterday filled her head. She’d taken sperm from two teenagers. Her son and his fat friend. Oh no. Linda put her hands to her mouth. She was going to be sick.

The washroom was only feet away, but it seemed a mile. She leapt out of bed and on sore legs raced to the washroom. She dropped to her knees and retched into the toilet. The act was painful, everything was sore. Her arms, back, neck, belly, and yes, her vagina. Her body hadn’t ever been through a day like yesterday. Not even close.

“Jesus Christ.” Linda’s stomach heaved again and she threw up into the toilet.

If willpower couldn’t keep her away from sin, maybe Jesus could. She was ready to seek help from the church. After a few minutes, Linda rose on unsteady feet and shuffled to her sink. She washed her face vigorously. Then straightened and looked in the mirror. Who was this woman looking back at her who had done such things? The woman in the mirror somehow looked radiant, with pale skin and ponderous, dangling breasts. She did not look like she’d just been throwing up.

Each minute that passed was another minute farther away from yesterday’s sins. The more removed she was, the more guilt settled in. She turned and moved to her closet. She’d need to find her nicest, loosest dress. She would finally go see the pastor and maybe he could giver her some direction.

Linda dressed, put on her makeup, and snuck out of her room. David’s door was open and he wasn’t in his room. He must be off to school already. This was good. She did not want to tempt fate, or her body, by running into him before she sought God’s help.

Without a thought for breakfast, Linda descended the stairs, grabbed her purse and keys, and headed out to the car. Hopefully the pastor would have time on a Friday morning.


Patrick craned his neck to see David in the front row of the bleachers. His tall friend was back at school and sitting with the basketball team for a pep rally. Patrick wished David was up in the stands with his pals so Patrick could talk to him about everything that was going on.

“This rally’s a drag.” Patrick looked over at Roy.

“Yeah.” Roy wasn’t paying any attention. He was watching the cheerleaders. “Check out the paper shakers.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty.” Patrick looked down at the girls dancing in formation. “Did you hear me?”

“Be cool, man.” Roy turned his attention to Mrs. Rodgers. The math teacher sitting on the aisle of their row. She was clearly not into the rally. She had her chin in in her hand and a bored expression on her soft, pretty face. Her blue eyes were glazed over. A red headband kept her blonde hair out of her face. “I’m thinking,” Roy said.

“About what?” Patrick adjusted his glasses and tried to follow Roy’s gaze. Was he looking at Mrs. Rodgers? The teacher was hunched over, clearly suffering through this as Patrick was. Her tweed dress and posture couldn’t hide her inviting curves. She was one of the teachers that had seemed to gain weight lately. “Roy?”

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Roy stood up without looking back at Patrick and inched down the row in front of seated students.

“Watch it, sweat hog,” Someone said. Roy ignored him.

“Mrs. Rodgers?” Roy stopped next to the teacher. “I need to show you something.”

“Hello, Roy.” Caroline looked up at her corpulent student. Any distraction was a good one during these abysmal rallies. They went on forever. “What is it?”

Baseball, baseball, baseball. Roy prayed his dick would behave for the next couple minutes. A boner now would be disastrous. “I have to show you. Out in the hall.” Roy stepped around her and walked down the stairs and into the tunnel. He prayed she’d follow him, but he didn’t want to look back to check. Once out in the school hallway he stopped.

“Okay, Mr. Ackerman.” Caroline stepped up next to Roy and looked down into his eyes with a confused smile. “What’s so important?”

“This way.” Roy turned and started doing jumping jacks down the hall.

“What on Earth are you doing?” Caroline followed the jumping boy, her curiosity piqued. The poor teenager looked so awkward trying his calisthenics.

“Just trying to stay … fit.” Roy kept jumping all the way to the janitor closet and stopped. Just enough activity to work up a light sweat.

“Oh.” Caroline suddenly felt very strange. She should only feel those feelings in her husband’s arms. But here too? Following this crazy, chubby kid? Her vagina leaked into her panties. She must be coming down with something. “Make this quick, Roy. We need to get back to the rally.”

“Okay.” Roy opened the door to the janitor closet and looked back at her. “In here, Mrs. Rodgers.”

“In there?” Caroline reached her left hand to her bosom and peaked into the little storage area. There was a mop. Some cleaners. She didn’t see anything, but then again, she was having trouble with her focus all of a sudden.

“Let me show you.” Roy looked down the hall, both ways. Nobody around. He took her right hand in his and pulled her into the closet. “You can see it better with the door closed.” He closed the door after them.

“I think … I think …” There was a scent in that closet, along with the tannic cleaners and the moldering rags. It was something out of a dream. Or maybe out of nature. Yes, Caroline could place it. It smelled like the building blocks of life itself. If one converted the Fibonacci sequence into an odor, this would be it. “I need … I need … to go.” Her poor panties were a sloppy mess.

“In a minute.” Roy reached out for her hips and spun her to face him. It was dark in the closet, the only light coming from the crack under the door. The dim light and deep shadows enhanced the feminine curve of her lips, nose, and cheeks. No more baseball. Roy let his dick do its thing. He raised himself onto his toes and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips.

“No … Roy … no.” izmit escort Caroline drew in a sharp breath. This short, sweaty boy was kissing her. Why was she not running from the closet? She should be running. “Not like that, young man.” She reached her hands to his back and pulled him against her, feeling the press of his flesh against her breasts. And the press of something large against her belly. That couldn’t be his penis, could it? “You need to kiss a woman softer. Tease her. Like this.” She bent down and nibbled on his upper lip. She couldn’t help herself. In the middle of that pep rally, she’d somehow gone insane.

They kissed in the dark for several minutes. Caroline could sense some progress in the boy, but she felt he was still too aggressive and sloppy with his kisses. This was an important life skill and she was his teacher. She’d help him.

Roy pushed her back against the wall and they continued making out.

Caroline took a quick breather. “That’s better, Roy.” She suddenly noticed that his right hand was squeezing her left boob. She hadn’t meant to let him do that. But it was too much effort to push him away and her dress and bra still covered her modesty. She decided to let it slide. Caroline bent down and planted more kisses on his lips. Her tongue darted into his mouth, and her hands groped the back of his cardigan. Then she felt cool air on her thighs. She hadn’t accounted for Roy’s left hand. He was pulling up her dress. She broke their kiss. “No, Roy. You can’t.”

“Just give me a second here, Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy had just released his dick from his pants, and he was going to try and get it in her as quickly as he could. That pep rally wasn’t going to last forever. Using his grasp of her left tit, Roy pulled her down, lowering her hips to his level and spreading her legs just enough.

“This has gone far enough. You –” She felt her wet panties being pulled to the side. And then, just like that, some sort of cudgel pressed up against her vaginal lips. “What is that?” She could feel Roy rubbing the thing all over her nethers. It sent little sparks of pleasure shooting through her. Was he trying to put something so large inside her? What a silly boy, something like that could never fit. No matter how wet she was.

“Stay still for just a minute, okay,” Roy said. This was the second time he’d tried to put his dick inside a woman, and both times he had a hard time finding the right spot. Roy didn’t think Caroline would help him the way Linda had. So, with a firm grip on the shaft, he kept pushing and moving it around. Looking for that give.

“Okay … okay … enough.” It should have been easier for Caroline to get out of this situation. She’d let the boy push her up against the wall and spread her legs. She’d let him rub that thing against her. “It’s time to go back … oof … oh … oooohhhhhhhh.” And now she had let him sink it inside of her. Not very far on the first thrust. “Oh, my … it is your … penis.” But his fat hips didn’t stop and by the tenth thrust, she’d let him all the way in.

“Yeah. You like it, Mrs. Rodgers?” He moved both hands to her hips, for better leverage. Roy’s sweat had done it again. He was some sort of super hero. All women tremble before the Man of Sweat. Or something like that. Caroline was so wet and inviting. Roy’s only regret was that he couldn’t get a better view of the surprise on her face as he worked his dick into her pussy. Next time, he’d have to do her where the light was better.

“It’s … uh … uh … unreal, Roy.” Caroline had no idea the human body could produce the pleasure she now felt. She forgot about everything except the sweaty teenager humping her up against the wall. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and she held on for dear life.

“Your pussy is so … ah … sweet … uh … Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy’s hips sped up. He was really nailing her, his face pressed up against her soft, round titties.

“Don’t … say … that.” Caroline grunted with each thrust, trying her best not to cry out. She moved her left hand to her mouth to stifle her moans. A stray thought passed through her mind; she needed to dislodge him before he planted his seed. But she didn’t have the foggiest idea how to do that. Instead, she kept hunching up against him, spurring on the invader between her legs.

“Aaaaahhhhhh.” Roy exploded inside her without warning.

“Uuuuugggghhhhhhh.” Caroline gritted her teeth and shook as her ecstasy skyrocketed by orders of magnitude. Sparks of rapture spread from her middle like electrical currents.

“Yeah … yeah … yeah.” Roy jammed his dick deep into her again and again until he’d emptied his balls. Then he held himself there all the way in. He felt his teacher trembling against him, clutching his shoulders tight with her right arm. This was the life.

After a few minutes, he pulled himself out and stepped back. Caroline slowly slid down the wall until she was sitting on her butt, legs splayed out in front of her.

“Thanks, teach. I needed that.” Roy did his best to tuck his still rigid dick into his pants. “You want to do that again?”

Caroline could only whimper in response.

“Right.” Roy tucked in his shirt. “I gotta get back to the rally.” He opened the door and looked out. No one in the hall. There was still time. “Bye.” Without looking back, he stepped out of the closet and closed the door behind him. He walked back toward the gym with a spring in his step. He could do anything. He could do anyone.

Chapter 5

Linda sat in a soft chair in the church’s bright, quiet back office. She took a deep breath. She was safe in the house of God. She should have come to Him sooner.

Pastor Neilson watched his parishioner closely. Her troubles didn’t show. She exuded radiance. The woman looked like she stood in the Lord’s light morning and night. “What sort of temptation has you so vexed, Mrs. Riles?”

“Carnal temptation, Pastor Neilson.” Was it a sin to withhold the entire truth from a man of God? Linda supposed it was okay so long as she put forth the foundation of the problem. “I have unholy desires.”

“I see.” Pastor Neilson steepled his hands in front of his nose. He sat behind a large desk, papers neatly set in piles to his right. He looked over Linda’s shoulder to see the office door open. His genteel wife, Molly, entered, her blue housedress swirling around her ankles. Over her dress, a loose white cardigan protected her modesty. “What is it, dear?”

Linda turned her head to see Molly Neilson standing primly behind her, hands clasped in front. She was a beautiful, brunette woman with a wide smile and soft brown eyes. She was not always fashionable, but Linda understood that she was a modest woman and God had given her much to cover up. “Hello, Molly.” Linda nodded politely.

“Hello, Linda.” Molly nodded back and offered that wide smile. “I just wanted to see if you needed any water?”

“Do you have any coffee?” Linda guessed Molly was maybe two or three inches shorter than herself, neither of them tall women. Linda’s eyes trailed down the pastor’s wife. Molly was probably quite the Rubenesque lady, but Linda couldn’t really be sure with her chaste sartorial decisions. And then, Linda’s eyes fell to the floor. How could she have such thoughts? Especially in that sanctified building of all places.

“Oh, I’m sorry. We don’t have anything stronger than water.” Molly could see the trouble in Linda’s eyes. Linda looked rested and radiant, but as a woman she could see the disquiet that possessed the parishioner. She’d obviously disturbed them at a difficult time. Well, her husband could handle his flock. He’d get it sorted.

“Of course.” Linda nodded. “No water, thank you.”

“Very well.” Molly looked from Linda to the kind eyes of her husband. “Also, you have another parishioner here. She’s in the waiting room.”

“Tell her to sit tight.” Pastor Neilson dropped his hands out of the steeple and reached into a drawer in his desk. “We won’t be long. I know how to help Mrs. Riles.”

“Yes, dear.” Molly turned, exited the office, and gently closed the door behind her.

“Temptation is easily put aside … when we walk with Him.” Pastor Neilson pulled a small silver cross from the drawer and held it out to Linda in the palm of his hand. “Here, take this.”

Linda leaned over and picked the cross from his hand. She curled her fingers around the little cool object and sat back down, hands in her lap.

“Whatever happens, know this cross is a holy symbol evil will recognize and fear.” Pastor Neilson’s face emanated confidence, from the set of his jaw to the coolness in his brown eyes. “You need only to hold that before you when the devil’s temptation appears and the evil will wither like grapes on the salted vine. Say these words to the Devil’s false promises: I praise His grace. I need no heaven but what God provides. Thank you, Jesus.”

“Really?” Linda raised an eyebrow, but the pastor’s confidence was catching. Linda repeated the words. “I praise His grace. I need no heaven but what God provides. Thank you, Jesus.”

“Yes. You got it.” Pastor Neilson looked at the clock on the wall. “I’ve had quite a few women come to me recently complaining of such temptation. I put the blame squarely on modern culture. Society is grappling with rock-and-roll, lascivious cinema, and the invasion by communists and Catholics. But the Lord will protect you child.”

“Thank you.” Linda nodded her head, her blue eyes clear and trouble free. This would work. “And thank you, God.”

“Excellent. Now, we’ll see you on Sunday.” Pastor Neilson looked to the door, his message clear. Time to leave.

“Thank you, Pastor.” Linda stood and turned. She walked to the door, opened it, and stepped out into the waiting area. She looked to her left, and her breath caught in her throat. There was Amanda Ackerman. The mother of the beast that had so debased poor Linda the day before. “Um, hello … Amanda.” Linda’s pulse drummed in her ears.

“Hello, Linda.” Amanda looked down at her kitten heels.

“Okay, well, goodbye then.” Linda hurried off. Strange, usually Amanda was so talkative. Maybe God was already getting Linda out of uncomfortable situations. Linda squeezed the cross tightly in her left hand. Thank you, Jesus.


In a small, windowless room behind the high school gym, Mark and Donna Farmer interviewed members of the senior class. The first two interviews, one girl and one boy, were of no interest to the investigators. The third would prove more exciting.

“What is your name and age, young man?” Mark jotted notes down on a pad of paper. They were seated at a rectangular aluminum table. Mark and Donna sat next to each other, a member of the school’s basketball team occupied a chair on the other side of the table.

“Chris Sumner and I’m eighteen.” Chris didn’t bother looking at Mark. His interest was fixed on Donna. She was pretty with her red hair twisted behind her head and the sprinkling of freckles on her upturned nose and cheeks.

“And you’re on the basketball team?” Donna looked at the boy’s exposed shoulders, covered only by the straps of his basketball jersey. His pale skin glistened with sweat. They’d pulled him in from his PE class. “And … um … um … um …” Something was wrong. Donna adjusted her glasses on her nose and pressed her legs together. What was wrong with her vagina? And she suddenly had butterflies in her stomach.

“Yes, I’m on the team.” Chris smirked. “Is something wrong with her?”

Donna opened and closed her mouth several times. She put a hand to her bosom and felt her chest heave. She suddenly needed more air.

“My wife was going to say …” Mark felt odd too. The world was out of focus, almost like looking at it through rippling water. Mark didn’t like the way this boy was looking at Donna. He had the swift realization, this is how prey feels when surprised by a predator. Fight or flight should have kicked in. But it didn’t. Instead his pen went to the paper and wrote of its own accord, very slowly. He wrote fight or flight fight or flight fight or flight over and over again, filling up the page.

“What’s wrong with him?” Chris watched the old man mindlessly scribble in his notebook. He looked back at Donna. “Say, Miss Farmer was it? You’re real pretty.”

“Mrs. Farmer.” Donna was terrified. She had no idea what was happening to her or her husband. Mark, the man of action, was suddenly rendered inert. She broke out in a cold sweat.

“Real, real pretty.” Chris stood up and pulled his basketball jersey off and dropped it on the table. He pointed a finger at his shorts. “See my teepee lady? I’ve got an angry Indian I want to show you.”

“No.” Donna clutched the edge of the table with both hands, her knuckles turning white. Whatever he had in his shorts was immense. “Stay seated young man.” But she didn’t want him to stay seated. She wanted to see what could make such a large teepee. She hated herself for it, but she wanted to see his angry Indian.

“Here it is.” Chris dropped his shorts and pulled down his underwear to his ankles. Out flopped his gigantic dick.

“Oh, no.” Donna grabbed Mark’s shoulder and shook him. She clenched at his gray suit jacket. “My lord. My lord. I need you.”

“Shit, lady. He’s not your lord.” Chris grabbed his dick and stroked with two hands. “This is.”

“No.” Donna rose from her chair. It took every bit of willpower not to run over to the young basketball player. “Mark?” She pulled her husband to his feet. He stood, but made no other move. “We need to go.”

“You can’t go.” Chris took a step around the table, but got caught up on the underwear and shorts around his ankles. “I haven’t had any pussy since last night. These days, I need lots of pussy.”

“No, thank you.” Donna moved for the door, dragging her husband who stumbled with her.

“Wait.” Chris reached for them, but his outstretched fingers fell short of the pretty redhead. “Wait just a sec.”

“Hurry, Mark.” Donna made it to the door, opened it, and pulled her husband out of the room with her. “Please.” She left all their notes and equipment behind, along with that horrible boy.

By the time they were outside in the fresh air, the fog in Mark’s brain began to clear. “What happened, Donna?”

“I’ll tell you when we’re safe.” Donna shoved him into their auto.

“Safe from what?” Mark couldn’t quite remember how he had left the school.

“Something’s happening here, Mark.” Donna raced around the car, opened her door, and sat in the driver’s seat. “We’ve found evil in Portsmith.”

“Capital.” Mark shook his head to clear his mind. “That’s what we’ve been looking for.” He closed his door. Now that he was confined in that small space with his wife, he felt his mind begin to wander off. It smelled like old memories in there. Things long gone that called to him.

“Mark?” Donna started the car and put it in reverse. “Mark?” She looked over at her husband, but he was in a daze again. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ll get you back to the hotel.” She put the automobile in gear and raced out of the parking lot. She took them back to their room, tucked Mark into bed, and sat in the chair next to him as he snored away. They should have left Portsmith long ago.


After visiting Pastor Neilson on Friday morning, Amanda went to Woolworths. She bought a chain for the cross the good pastor had given her. She wanted the protective symbol close to her heart. She hung it and it nestled in her cleavage. Then, with boobs on her mind, she went to the undergarment department.

The saleslady measured her. To Amanda’s horror, she’d gone from a 30B to a 32D. The saleslady said she was lucky, they were running low on bras bigger than her size. Amanda bought four bras, two longline and two bullet. She then bought herself three new housedresses, all two sizes larger than any she currently owned.

If only the strangeness in her life had been limited to her bust size. She had done something horrible with her son, and she needed to make it up to him. And she needed to make it up to her husband Nathaniel too. Even though he didn’t know, she had wronged him in a terrible way.

Amanda ate a hearty lunch. She then drove home, cleaned the house, and got to baking. She planned to have a chocolate cake ready for Roy when he got home from school. Then they could discuss putting that awful incident behind them over some afternoon cake.

She put on her new, green housedress and one of the longline bras. She hadn’t been so comfortably dressed in weeks. The day was off to a good start. Now she just needed it to end well.


Roy raced his bike home after school. A few minutes before, Patrick had asked him for help with unraveling his stupid mysteries, but Roy could care less. He’d laughed, wished Patrick luck, and ran for his bike. Roy wanted to see how far he could push it with his mom.

The turning point for Roy was an accident. He’d only meant to get his mom a little worked up, but Amanda had instead blown him. What he did with his mom was wrong. What he did with Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Riles was wrong. Roy knew it and he didn’t care. He needed more. Lots more.

Roy carelessly dropped his bike in the garage. He hopped up and down all the way to the front door. He was sweaty, but he wanted to be sure. He opened the door and slammed it. The anticipation was killing him. Something smelled good. His mom was baking. He tossed his backpack to the floor, flung off his shoes, and walked into the hall. “I’m home, Mom.”

“In the kitchen, Roy.” Amanda’s heart quickened. How could she be so nervous to see her sweet, darling boy? She smoothed out her apron and checked the oven. A couple more minutes on the cake. Roy would just have to be patient.

“Hi, Mom.” Roy walked into the kitchen and stood before Amanda. He pulled off his jacket and dropped it on the floor.

“Now, Roy, you know I’m going to have to pick that up.” Amanda stepped toward the jacket, but then stopped. “You’re … such a mess … Roy.” That smell again. It was Roy, but it was also something deep and dark and as primitive as a caveman. She was wet again, heaven help her. She pressed her trembling legs together. “I praise … His grace … I need no heaven … but what God … provides. Thank you … Jesus,” she whispered.

“What, Mom?” Roy cocked his head at her.

“You’re all … sweaty, darling.” Amanda tried to clear her head. The shower yesterday had gotten her back to her level-headed self. She’d do that again. “In the shower you go.”

“Okay.” Roy turned and raced upstairs. He stepped into the pink washroom and pulled of his pants, socks, and underwear. He had no intention of getting in the shower, but the washroom offered privacy, close quarters, and a chance to get her out of her dress. He removed and tossed his sweater and undershirt.

Amanda took the cake out of the oven and placed it on a cooling rack. She then followed her son up the stairs. She could hear him undressing in the washroom. It was good she thought of the shower. This must be how God helped her, putting constructive thoughts in her head. “There now, we’ll just get you … oh, my. I’d almost forgotten …” When she entered the washroom, she was treated to an eyeful. Roy was already naked, his chubby little belly hanging out. His hideous penis as hard as can be, sticking straight out from his body with its many veins and its knobby, dark head. His overripe testicles dangled between his legs. “I just didn’t remember, that you were so different … from other men.”

“One sec.” Roy turned and started the shower, giving Amanda an eyeful of his pale, white butt. Cold water came down from the showerhead. Roy turned back to his mom. “Last time you got all wet from the water. Why don’t you take off your dress?” He had no intention of taking a shower, so he didn’t bother adding any hot water.

“Yes.” Amanda couldn’t take her eyes off that monstrous penis. How could such a thing belong to her sweet Roy? “Good idea, darling.” Amanda untied her apron in the back and pulled it over her head. She dropped it on the pink tile. She reached down, pulled her new dress over her head, and then dropped it on top of the apron. “We need some privacy.” She closed the washroom door and locked it. She couldn’t have Annie coming home and finding her half-naked, giving Roy a shower.

“Wow, you look pretty, Mom.” Roy reached down and stroked his dick with his right hand. His gaze roved her body. Her white panties were stained with wetness in the crotch and her white bra held back titties Roy knew hadn’t been there until recently.

“Now, stop touching that, darling. We’re just going to get you cleaned up.” Amanda tried to look away from the penis, but she couldn’t do it. Such a crude instrument. So different from his father. She shook her head and tried to clear the cobwebs in her brain. “I praise His grace. I need no heaven … but what God provides. Thank you, Jesus.”

“You keep saying that. What gives?” Still stroking, Roy took a step closer to his mother. Roy’s father wouldn’t give his son the time of day. Nathaniel thought he was so important. Nathaniel wouldn’t let Roy sit in his chair, or read his books, or drive his car. Well, Roy thought, guess what Dad. I’m about to take my rightful place. He took another step closer.

“It’s something Pastor Neilson wanted me to say.” Amanda fell to her knees. She remembered what her son’s fluids had done to her. Would she taste him again? “I praise His grace. I need –”

“That’s enough, Mom.” Roy took the last step on that pink tile. He took his dick in his hand and gently slapped her cheek with it.

She let him. It made a soft smacking sound.

“You need to suck my dick.” Roy placed his dick on her pretty lips.

“Okay, darling.” She opened her mouth and let him in. Precum hit her tongue and her whole body shook for just a second. This was heaven on Earth. She didn’t know how, but she wanted to take all of him down her throat. “Ggggggkkkkkgggghhhh.” She gagged on his monstrous gadget.

“Wow, Mom.” Roy put both hands on the back of her head. “You look so perfect.” He pushed himself further into her mouth.

Amanda tensed and put her palms on the front of Roy’s hips, pushing hard. Her eyes watered. She was being invaded. She gagged again. And then, another bit of precum splashed in her throat. A sudden relaxation came over Amanda. She realized, she could simply just let him in. She could let her once gentle son have his way. The muscles in her back and neck loosened. She let him push in, and just like that, her nose bounced up against the base of his penis. A feeling of surrender and acceptance filled her body. And her son’s dick filled her throat. Her head took long, smooth strokes back and forth. She would never have thought any woman could do such a thing, least of all herself.

“Oh, my God.” Roy watched with wide eyes as his mom took all of him into her mouth, over and over again. “You were … uh … uh … made for this.”

She was. God in heaven, she was made to take this tool. “Hhhhhhmmmmmggghhhh,” Amanda said.

“Here it comes.” Roy pulled her head forward, gripping her dark, silky hair. He pressed himself into her. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh.” This was his best cum yet.

Amanda took the whole load down her throat like she’d been doing it her whole life. Her body spasmed and shook, and she came as her son filled her stomach with his magical seed. She would have fallen to the tile floor, but she was pinned by the penis lodged in her throat and the hands behind her head.

“Wow.” When Roy was done, he let her go and his dick slipped out of her mouth. He looked down at her pale face as cum dribbled down her chin. “Not done … yet,” Roy panted.

In a fog, Amanda felt hands on her. She was pulled from the floor up to her feet. She grabbed the sink for support and leaned forward. She felt her son pull her panties down and she groggily stepped out of them. Even though she’d never had sex standing up, she could guess what was coming. “Condoms … Roy.” She looked down at her fingers, gripping the pink porcelain tightly. She didn’t want to look up and see herself in the mirror. She didn’t want to see what she’d become.

“You think they’d fit, Mom? I bet Dad has a little weenie.” He slapped his still hard dick against her right butt cheek and watched the ripples. The roundness and firmness of her ass drove him crazy. The mass of it was something to behold. “Is it true? Does he have a little weenie?”

“I can’t believe …” Still looking down, Amanda nodded her head. “Yes. I didn’t know it … until recently. But your father … has a little weenie.”

“I thought so.” He slapped his weighty dick against her left butt cheek. “Now put it in.”

“Okay, darling.” She reached behind her and grabbed her son’s penis with her left hand. “But be gentle. And don’t let it out inside … meeeeeeeeee.” The second she lined it up with her entrance, Roy shoved it home. She felt split completely in two. Thank goodness she was so wet. “Gennnnntttttllllllleeeee,” Amanda said through gritted teeth.

“This is a … nice … pussy, Mom.” Roy grabbed her wide hips and thrust in and out. Her pussy made a faint squelching sound. After a few thrusts, he was all the way in.

Several minutes later, Amanda finally looked up. In the mirror, she saw a wild-eyed woman with dark hair flinching with each lunge from the boy behind her. His semen clung to her chin. The cross around her neck bounced back and forth, hanging below her neck. Her new boobs shook inside her new bra, jiggling crazily every time he bottomed out. So deep. She grunted like an animal and looked over her shoulder. Her son had a frenzied look in his eyes, staring down at her backside. Sweat flowed down his forehead. She felt like they were indeed wild animals.

“What did … uh … uh … the pastor … tell you?” Roy could see the white froth from his mom’s pussy on his dick with every back thrust.

“I praise … His grace … I need no heaven … but what God … provides. Thank you … Jesus.” Amanda could barely get the words out. She looked back at the crazed woman in the mirror. In all her life, she’d never been so enslaved by pleasure. She wanted this act of mating to go on forever.

“Okay.” Roy watched Amanda’s face in the mirror. He could see the ecstasy and the loss of control etched on her pretty features. “Now say this … instead. ‘I praise … ah … my son’s dick. I need no heaven … but what Roy … provides my pussy. Thank you … Jesus.’”

“No.” Amanda shook her head. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh.” Her vagina spasmed on his penis. She was rocked by the most intense orgasm yet.

“Say it.” Roy pounded harder with long, punishing strokes. He could see the little muscles in her back under her bra strap tense each time he slammed home.

Amanda braced herself against the assault. When she’d recovered from her orgasm, she knew that she couldn’t deny her son anything. How had he gotten so good at this? How had she lived her whole life without knowing what sex could be like? “Oh, my gosh, Roy. I’ll say it.” Who was this woman in the mirror? “I praise my son’s penis … uh … uh … uh … I need no heaven … oooohhhhh … but what Roy … provides my vagina. Thank you … Jesus.”

“Dick and pussy, Mom.” Roy watched his mother surrender. “Say dick and pussy.”

“I need … dick … dick … dick … I need … no heaven … but what you … provide to my pussy … Roy. Oh, sweet Jesus.” And with that, a new, intense bliss spread from her core as Roy let loose a torrent in her pussy. As the rapture passed through her, she knew she was his.

They both still gasped for breath a few minutes later when Roy pulled out, turned her around, and sat her on the edge of the sink. He stood up on his toes and slammed his dick into her pussy. It was the first time he got it into a woman by himself without any hassle. Amanda squealed, unable to comprehend that a man wanted to put a third load inside her.

Roy buried his face in her bra covered boobs and began slow steady strokes.

“Mom? Mom, where are you?” Annie’s voice filtered in through the door.

Amanda frantically tried to push at Roy’s shoulders. “We have to stop.”

“No way.” Roy kept up his slow, steady pace. He grabbed the upper part of her butt and pressed her forward to meet his thrusts. He looked up at her contorted face.

“Okay.” Defeated, she looked down into his brown eyes. “But be quiet.”

“Sure.” He buried his face back in her cleavage and went about his business.

“I’m in here, darling,” Amanda called through the door. “Taking a shower.”

“Hey, Mom.” Annie’s voice was right out in the hall. “I’m going out with Bobby now.”

“Okay … Annie.” Amanda winced as she felt Roy’s penis push things around in her belly.

“See you later.” Annie’s voice faded as she ran down the stairs.

“Bye.” Amanda closed her eyes and let Roy do as he pleased.

“Say it, Mom.” Roy pushed himself all the way in and held his dick there. He could feel his mom’s pussy clutching at his dick.

“Your dick … is heaven … in my pussy.” Amanda put her arms around her boy’s shoulders. “Thank you, Jesus.”

“That’s good.” Roy pulled almost all the way out and slammed home. He controlled her with his hands. He dominated her with his words. And he possessed her with his dick. “I can’t believe … I didn’t want to fuck you … at first. You’re the best … uh … uh … pussy yet.”

“Oh, no. Roy, you … didn’t.” Amanda’s eyes went wide. She looked down at his messy, brown hair. The cross lay on her chest, just above his forehead. It was about as worthless in this situation as his father. It was a terrible thought that Roy had done this to other women. But the idea also sent her spiraling into another orgasm.

They had sex for another hour in the washroom. After he’d cum again, Roy turned on the hot water and they showered together, washing off all the sweat and cum staining their bodies.

Starving, they went downstairs and together made short work of the chocolate cake. Amanda then went about making dinner for her family, but Roy said he felt sleepy and turned in before six.

Amanda served Nathaniel a reheated dinner when he returned home later that night. Afterward, she took him to their bedroom to fulfill her marital duties. Unfortunately, she’d been so stretched by Roy, she could barely feel her husband. He made a comment about how sloppy she was down there, ejaculated, rolled over, and went to sleep. Amanda lay in bed next to her snoring husband, staring at the ceiling.


Axcix sent playful vibrations out in the water around her. She’d been pondering the outsiders for some time. They seemed to know something about her and her methods. This was … unexpected.

To solve this problem, she would need to do something unexpected herself. She had only the dominant species to use as her tools. Her makers were clear, she could not jeopardize the experiment by acting directly. Even to eliminate a threat.

The answer was in the question. She could use the experiment itself. The dominant species was the only mammal to have permanently enlarged breasts, one of the many strange anomalies of evolution on this planet. Axcix had expanded female breasts to lure males. But what if she used them further. She went to work programming her nanites for lactation. Such large, fatty mounds could be useful in many ways. The makers would understand this.

The dangerous outsiders had taken precautions against food, water, and young, local males. They had adapted to the experiment. But they may have failed to realize the experiment could adapt to them.


On Saturday morning, Mark and Donna Farmer were still recovering from the shock of their interview at the high school.

Mark lay in bed, thankful for a good night’s sleep. “And you remember all of it?” Mark couldn’t seem to recall key moments from the day before. About a minute or two into their third interview, Mark’s mind had wandered off into a pleasant dream about note taking.

“I remember every horrible second of it. You went farther away than Sputnik. And the boy, he became agitated and aggressive.” Donna didn’t have the heart to tell her husband that she’d become sexually excited. Maybe more so than at any point in their marriage. It took enormous will to pull herself out of that small room. “He dropped his shorts and exposed his … thing … to us.”

“How very strange.” Mark lay supine on the bed, still in his pajamas. “You did the right thing getting us out of there.”

“Of course I did.” Donna sat on the plush chair by the bed, still in her pajamas as well. She leaned forward and watched Mark closely, her lips pinched and her eyebrows drawn. “Mark, we need to leave this town. Today would be best.”

“No.” Mark shook his head and rubbed the stubble on his chin. “We cannot walk away from this.” He turned his head on the pillow and looked at her. “My lady, we must further our knowledge.”

“This is not a game, Mark.” Donna’s green eyes, large behind her black-framed glasses, were sharp and piercing.

“I know. It is a quest for scientific knowledge.” Mark sat up and rested his head on the headboard. “We’ll stay at least until we meet the Lannit kid on Monday. He’s observing the town for us as we speak. If you still want to leave after that, we can revisit the idea then. Okay, my lady?”

“Fine.” Donna folded her arms over her chest. “My lord.” Her lips tightened into a fine line.

“And one more thing.” Mark’s eyes shone bright with earnest sincerity. “If I should happen to fall into another somnambulatory state, I’d like you to leave me in a safe place.”

“Leave you?” Donna’s cheeks blanched.

“If you are not being accosted or otherwise in jeopardy.” Mark nodded slowly. “I would like you to leave me and investigate further. The trancelike state is most likely tied to some other event in the scheme of … of … this presence.” He nodded. “I promise if you do this and we get interesting findings, I will be satisfied with our investigation and we can leave Portsmith. Yes? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can’t let Dr. Cobb get all the glory.”

“I do not like it,” Donna said. “But if there is no danger, and you are … not responding, I will look into it further.”

“Thank you, my lady.” Mark moved to the edge of the bed. “Now, how about breakfast?”

Donna nodded. She was very hungry.


Amanda busied herself in the kitchen all morning. She made breakfast for Annie and Nathaniel, but Roy slept in. What Roy had done to her in the pink washroom was so out of this world. He’d managed to pull some trigger in her brain. As she gathered her ingredients together for cookies, her mind replayed the hours-long scene in her head over and over again. Such a tool as Roy possessed was fit for mating a wild beast, not a petite mother and wife. Yet, she had taken it. Taken every inch down her throat and vagina. And thanked Jesus for it.

The cross had been a failure, but she kept it around her neck. Not to deter anymore of her son’s advances, but because it reminded her of looking at herself in the mirror. The mad, grunting woman with wide eyes, gritted teeth, and dark hair. She’d had her son’s seed splattered on her face. Her round breasts had bounded up and down under her bra. And the silver cross had swung as it dangled from her neck. Amanda shivered thinking about that sin and walked over to the oven. She turned the dial and started the preheating. She loved her husband, and the last thing she wanted to do was break their marriage vows. Again.

No, no. Amanda shook her head as she walked back to the counter and added flour to her mixing bowl. Even though she loved her husband, the actual last thing she wanted to do was live her life without filling herself with Roy’s monster gadget again. Her body longed for it. With the spatula, Amanda finished mixing the dry ingredients.

“Nathaniel, dear. Are you here?” Amanda called out in a loud voice.

“I’m in the study, dear.” Her husband’s voice carried back across the house.

“Darn it to heck,” she whispered under her breath. Sometimes on Saturday mornings he’d sneak off to work. Amanda wanted him out of the house. “Annie, darling?” Amanda called.

“Here, Mom.” Annie stepped into the kitchen. “But I’m just about to leave. Bobby Connors is picking me up.” Annie was dressed in one of her poodle skirts. Above, she wore a modest, green blouse and a green headband to hold back her wavy brown hair.

“Well, you look nice.” Amanda set down the spatula and wiped her hands on her apron. “You’ve been seeing a lot of the Connors’ boy.” She untied the apron and pulled it over her head. Having only Nathaniel in the house was good enough and the cookies would have to wait. A wave of excitement and anticipation swept through her. She placed the apron on the counter.

“We’re going steady, Mom.” Annie gave her mom a quizzical look. She looked distracted and a little harried. She looked a bit sweaty too.

“Yes, Annie.” Amanda walked over to her daughter and shooed her toward the front door. “Be good. Now off you go.”

“But he’s not here yet.” Just as the words left Annie’s mouth, a car horn sounded out front. “Oh, cool. Bye, Mom.” Annie turned with a twirl of her skirt and ran down the front hall. A second later the sound of the door slamming filled the house.

“Right,” Amanda whispered to herself. “This is it.” She walked to the study and peered in. “Hello, Nathaniel. I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be busy … um … for a few minutes.” She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

Nathaniel sat at his desk, eyes fixed at the ledger open before him.

“Did you hear me?” Amanda put her hands on her ever-expanding hips. “Nathaniel?”

Her husband just stared at his ledger.

“Okay, dear.” Amanda watched the back of his head. “I’ll bring you some cookies in an hour or so. Love you.”

He didn’t move.

Fine. This was fine. He was in one of his moods and he wouldn’t bother her. Amanda quietly shut the study door and rushed for the stairs. Her heart thumped in her chest and her pink dress trailed behind her as she took the stairs two at a time. She stepped down the hall and opened Roy’s door.

Loud snoring filled the bedroom. She closed the door behind her, locked it, and looked around. The curtains were drawn and the room was a murky dark. Roy had taken down his childhood posters a few years ago and replaced them with teenage art. This meant posters of ladies. Space ladies, with ray-guns and spherical glass helmets. Cowgirl ladies, with six-shooters and sheriff badges. Surf ladies, with boards and wood-paneled cars. And others ladies too. All with curves and striking feminine features. Amanda wondered how she stacked up against these women. She looked down at her large breasts tucked into her new bullet bra and concluded that she compared well.

“Roy?” Amanda walked over to the bed, keeping her eyes on the poster ladies. It occurred to her, for the first time, that he must masturbate with his enormous gadget while looking at those posters. The thought would have horrified her a week ago, but now it sent little butterflies flapping in her stomach. “Roy?”

Roy snored on.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” Amanda reached down and pulled the blanket off Roy. She sucked in her breath.

Roy slept naked, his penis fully into its morning wood. The hard manhood rested on his chubby belly, the knobby head so dark and livid.

“Well, okay then.” Amanda exhaled and rubbed her hands together to warm them up. She climbed up onto the bed and crawled between Roy’s legs. She looked down at those improbably large testicles and bent down on all fours to get a closer look. Little purple veins branched all over the rough flesh. She opened her mouth, reached out her tongue, and licked the left ball. It was salty and the substance of it sent a thrill through her. She licked again, trailing her tongue over to the other testicle. Before long, the right ball filled up her mouth.

“Mom?” Roy propped himself up on his elbows and watched Amanda suck at his balls. The way she stretched her back, with her butt up in the air, was truly a sight to see. The sweep of her spine, the flare of her hips, and the roundness of her ass were all so inviting. “Yeah, keep doing that.”

“Mmmmmmmmmhhhhh.” Amanda reached up with her left and stroked his penis. Her little hand struggled with its girth.

“Where’s Dad and Annie?” Roy didn’t really care, but it seemed like something he should worry about.

Amanda released the testicle with a little plop. “Annie’s out with her boyfriend.” Amanda raised her shoulders up, extending her arms so she could look down on Roy’s penis as she manipulated it. “Your father is in his study.”

“Oh, shit.” Roy smiled. “The old man’s downstairs?”

“Language, Roy.” Amanda looked up into his eyes and nodded. “Yes, so be quiet.” She then lowered her mouth down onto the head. The electrifying sensation of his precum hit her tongue. She bobbed her head up and down.

“Sorry, Mom.” Roy leaned his head back on the pillow. “Who do you love more? Me or him?”

“Gggggghhhhhhhh.” Amanda gagged a little as she lowered her head further on his shaft. Another hit of the precum relaxed her muscles.

“Aaahhhhh, Mom. Your … throat’s so tight.” Roy was already so close.

“Ggghhhpppphhhhh.” She managed to get her nose down to the base. She moved her head up and down, making love to this savage tool with her mouth in long, wet strokes.

“Shit, Mom.” Roy grabbed the sheet in clenched fists. “Take it. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” He spewed down her throat. The sound of her urgent gulps heightened his orgasm even more.

The world spun and stars danced before Amanda’s eyes. She was orgasming again from drinking his semen. She swallowed again and again, not wanting to waste a drop, feeling the liquid fill her stomach. After a minute, she pulled her head away. A lone strand of cum spanned the distance from her lips to his penis and then broke. “Thank you, Jesus.” Amanda sat back on her heels and let go of Roy’s gadget. It flopped back on his belly.

“Thank you, Mom.” Roy had his eyes closed, still clutching the sheet.

“Okay.” Amanda crawled off the bed. She wanted more, but knew better than to press her luck. This was good enough for now. She stood and looked down at her son. “I’ve got breakfast for you downstairs. It’s time to get up and start the day.” Her whole body tingled, and she felt so alive. Amanda turned to the door, but then looked back at him over her shoulder. “Oh, and I’m baking cookies. Come and get them while they’re warm.” She turned and walked to the door.

“Sure.” Roy turned his head and watched her butt sway as she left. She opened the door and disappeared. Roy wanted more. Much more.


Patrick called David late Saturday morning. He wanted his help as he rode his bike around town and looked for clues.

David agreed. He wanted to get out of the house. His mom had been avoiding him, and he couldn’t talk to her with his dad around. Standing in the kitchen, holding the phone, he looked over at his mother as she busied herself at the sink. He wanted to pick her up and carry her off. But that was impossible, so it was better to spend the day away.

Next, Patrick called Roy and asked for his help too.

Roy thought about Patrick’s offer. He hemmed and he hawed. Eventually Roy said no, he had other things to do.

Patrick didn’t like the sound of Roy’s voice as he hung up the phone. His fat friend had taken on a tone Patrick knew. It was how Roy spoke when he was trying to be devious.

Patrick ate a late breakfast in the kitchen, gave his mom a chaste peck on the cheek, and walked toward the front door.

“Don’t forget your sister will be here for dinner,” Susy called after him. “Be home before five.”

“Okay, Mom.” Patrick tried to hide the exasperation in his voice. Seeing Sally and her new husband, Jack, was not a priority when he had so much to do. But he was a good son and brother, so he’d be home by five. Until then, he would prove his worth as an investigator. Who knew what they’d find?


Later that day, Roy dropped his bike on Patrick’s front lawn. He was sure his friend would be off looking into his stupid mysteries by now. Roy was already sweaty from the ride over, but he did some jumping jacks down the front walk anyway. He stepped up and rang the doorbell.

The front door opened and there was Susy Lannit. Roy thought of the women he’d been with. He loved his own mom and had come to see her as very pretty. David’s mom was pretty too. Caroline Rodgers was a real doll. But Susy Lannit was the town beauty. With her high cheekbones, almond eyes, and the cute little cleft on her chin, she looked like an angel. Then, of course, there was her tall, voluptuous body which was less angel and more devil. As she blinked her deep, brown eyes at Roy, he looked her up and down. She wore a green and white circle skirt, and a too-small white blouse.

“Hello, Roy.” Susy felt quite uncomfortable all of sudden. One minute she’d been reading Good Housekeeping, the next she was staring at Patrick’s sweaty friend. Her vagina seemed to think it was intimate time with her husband. It wasn’t. “I’m … afraid you just missed Pat. You might … um … try the library.”

“Oh, damn.” Roy tried to look disappointed.

“Language, young man.” Susy frowned. She felt a bit light-headed. A raw, unctuous scent floated into her house. She couldn’t quite place it. She knew at once she hated it, but at the same time it was ingratiating itself with her body.

“Sorry, Mrs. Lannit.” Roy looked up. This was a delicate moment. Once she invited him in, it would be game over. “It’s just that I rode all the way over here. Could I please have a glass of water before riding over to the library?”

“Well … sure … that would be fine.” Susy opened the door wider and beckoned him in. She turned and walked down the front hall toward the kitchen.

“Say, Mrs. Lannit?” Roy stepped into the house and closed the door behind him. A little crescent of a smirk played on his red, sweaty face.

“Yes, Roy?” Susy looked back at him.

Roy couldn’t believe he was about to stretch out this absolute doll. The arc of her back, the subtle curve of her shoulders, the sway of her hips, and the sumptuous swell of her ass. It was almost too much. “I was wondering, is Mr. Lannit here?”

“No.” Susy shook her head and turned into the kitchen. “It seems golf is the new way to get ahead in the business world. He got up early to get out on the course.” Susy walked across the kitchen, grabbed a glass from the cabinet above, and moved to the sink.

“Oh.” Roy followed her into the kitchen. He stopped in the middle of the black and white linoleum floor and dropped his pants and underwear. Even after the blowjob from his mom earlier, he was hard as a rock. His dick jutted out in front of him. “Golf seems interesting.”

“It’s not.” Susy filled up the glass at the tap.

“Whatever you say, Mrs. Lannit.” Roy watched her delicate, slender arms work at the sink. His eyes moved up to her face as she turned to offer him the glass of water in her right hand. He needed to see the shock and confusion in those gorgeous eyes.

“Golf takes hours to play. And I’d rather spend time …” Susy froze when she saw the boy half naked with his out-of-proportion member sticking out in front of him. Her eyes went wide and her left hand went to cover her mouth. “Goodness, gracious. What … are you doing?” Her vagina had been leaking before, but now she felt a flood down there. She could not fathom why her body was responding to this rude, distasteful boy.

“Come and get it, Mrs. Lannit.” Roy’s smile broadened.

Susy stepped toward him. It was hard to think straight. “You are …” She took another step. “You are …” One more step. She was right in front of him now, staring down into his smarmy eyes. She gathered her strength. “You are … a vile boy, Roy Ackerman.” She splashed the water from the glass into his face. “Get out.” She didn’t care what her confused body said, this was wrong in every way possible.

Roy winced when the cold water hit him. “But … you want –”

“Nothing from you.” Susy slapped him with her left hand across his fat, right cheek. “Get out.”

“What?” Roy looked up her with shock and confusion. “I thought –”

Susy slapped him again. The smacking sound resounded around the kitchen. “Out.”

“Sorry.” Roy hurriedly pulled up his underwear and pants, tucking his dick under the waistband. He retreated down the front hall, opened the door, and ran toward his bike.

“And stay out.” Susy followed him to the front door and leaned out, glaring at Roy’s backside. “And … I don’t want you to see Pat anymore. He’s not … your friend.” Susy slammed the door and leaned her back up against it. Her breasts rose and fell as she struggled for breath. Was every teenager so grossly proportioned nowadays?

After she caught her breath, Susy went upstairs, calmly removed her clothes, and masturbated herself to climax. She hadn’t done such a thing since before marriage, but she just couldn’t help herself. The whole time, all she could think of was young, hard penises.

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