Mayıs 26, 2021

There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 10

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Wednesday Night

We went back downstairs to grab a few things including a clock and then headed back up to test out the king size bed. Pillow talk 3 way style is much more comfy on a king size. When the alarm went off the next morning, Ellen hit the snooze button. We were in the new standard configuration. I was spooned up against Ellen and Carolyn was spooned up against me. It was very cosy and nobody was too adventurous so no morning sex occurred. We all agreed the bed was fine and that we wanted to move to the new apartment. I gave my girlfriends quick kisses on the way out the door.

Ellen sent me an e-mail while I was at work to let me know they were basically done moving already. The landlord and his son helped the ladies move everything. I was just to go straight to the new place after work. I opened the door with the combo. I was totally surprised at what I saw when I walked in. Stella was just getting up from the couch in the living room. She rushed to meet me at the door. Her huge tits were flopping every which way as she hurried over. She definitely was not wearing a bra and her shorts might as well have been panties. She obviously remembered the outfit that turned me on last time. She smiled at me sexily and grabbed me for a hug and a kiss.

“Hi Stella,” I said as I backed away from her hug.

“Hi Don, I have a message from Carolyn and Ellen. I am your 5:30 constitutional.”

“Really, well hello Stella for real then,” I said with a smile.

I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. My hands were all over her tits and she was thrusting them up into me hard.

“Who’s Carolyn by the way?” she asked.

“Carolyn is Ellen’s older sister and she is also my girlfriend.”

“You mean they are both your girlfriends at the same time?”

“Yup, I am officially the luckiest man alive.”

“If Carolyn looks anything like Ellen I would have to agree with you,” she said with a smile.

“Stay here for just a sec hun,” I said.

I hurried over to the entrance to the hallway and then turned around and smiled at her.

“Right this way my dear,” I said.

Stella realized the whole point of this was for me to get a good look at her tits wobbling as she walked up to me. She strutted over sexily. To be honest, in this outfit, she would be ultra sexy no matter how she walked. Her tits had a mind of their own. We kissed some more and I slipped one hand to her crotch. Stella moaned.

“I’m so horny Don, please just fuck me hard.”

We headed for the bedroom and stripped along the way. My cock was inside her in no time. We were in the missionary position. Despite her plea for me to fuck her hard, I wanted this session to last so I didn’t pump too hard at first. I let her do most of the work and I slobbered all over her funbags.

“Ohhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhh, yes, fuck me, aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.”

Stella came and she went limp. I continued to play with her melons as I thrust into her gently.

She looked up at me with a smile. “I don’t know what it is about you, but I would do anything for you, you know. If you dropped Ellen and Carolyn, I would be right there for you.”

“I’m not planning on dropping them. Sorry. They are both very special ladies.”

She smiled and kissed me. “I know, I figured that, just letting you know your options.”

I pulled out of her and tapped her knee. We switched to doggie and I slammed into her good.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

I popped two fingers into her asshole and then let loose for a while. Her tits were truly amazing as they flopped around. I kept pounding and pounding. She was moaning and cumming almost non-stop. I took a break and spit into her asshole. She looked back at me with an adoring smile. She knew what was coming. I slammed my cock into her ass as hard as I could.


She was bucking like mad and so was I. Her tits were taking a beating as they flopped everywhere. I couldn’t hold out for long and left buckets of cum in her ass.

“Wow,” she said.

“Yeah, wow,” I replied.

We got dressed and I was going to escort her out, but we bumped into Carolyn and Stephanie in the living room.

“Stella, this is Carolyn and her daughter Stephanie. Ladies, this is Stella.”

Stella looked over Carolyn and Stephanie and said to me. “I officially agree Don. You are the luckiest man alive.”

Carolyn and Stephanie both blushed. Stephanie was not in a good mood though. She was very envious of Stella. She knew it could have been her being royally fucked a few minutes ago. She stomped off to her new bedroom.

Carolyn said, “Wow Stella, Ellen never mentioned that you were so beautiful.”

It was Stella’s turn to blush. She had an obvious just fucked look to her and she looked divine. I gave Stella a quick kiss and she left.

Carolyn turned to me and said to me with a sexy grin. “I bet you had fun with those monsters didn’t you.”

“I did,” I said with a smirk.

Carolyn leaned in for a kiss.

I grabbed her ass with one hand and bahis firmaları pulled on her top with the other. She looked at me funny but she removed her top.

“To be honest though, I would much rather be grabbing your ass and licking your mini titties than I would be playing with hers.”

“You’re serious?” said Carolyn with a surprised look on her face.

“Very serious, let’s head to the bedroom shall we?”

I licked every inch of Carolyn’s body. I spent a very long time on her back side. She was quivering with mini orgasms at a regular rate. She licked and gobbled my cock until I was rock hard again. I slid into her and we kissed passionately. We had a long leisurely fuck. Eventually I came in her ass and we both collapsed.

“It’s official Carolyn.” I said.

She turned to me with a confused look. “What?”

“I love you. I love you with all my heart.”

Carolyn looked at me and then she broke down crying.

“Oh Don, Oh Don, I love you too. I love you so much.”

We kissed each other passionately and the tears kept streaming down her face.

“Ahem.” We heard from behind us. Ellen was there and she had a funny look on her face.

I left Carolyn for a second and rushed up to Ellen.

“Hi honey.” I gave her a passionate kiss. She kissed me back hard.

“I still love you just as much as I always have, trust me.”

She smiled and broke down crying as well. All 3 of us were kissing each other passionately. Both ladies were still crying and I was also having trouble keeping my eyes dry.

“Wow,” said Carolyn.

“Yeah, wow,” said Ellen.

“There oughta be a law,” I said.

Carolyn got a devilish look in her eye and she dropped down to suck my cock. Ellen noticed and joined her. It wasn’t too long before I was rock hard again.

Carolyn stood up and kissed me passionately. “I’m going to go make some dinner. You guys have fun.”

Ellen smiled and kissed her sister passionately. “Thanks hun.”

Carolyn left and Ellen and I looked at each other.

“I love you Ellen, I love you so much.”

She kissed me hard.

“Then fuck me Don, I need a Donnie special.”

“One Donnie special coming up.”

She got on all fours and I slammed my cock into her cunt. I stuck two fingers up her ass and pounded her hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss.”

After 3 or 4 minutes of furious pounding I paused for a second to switch holes. She looked back at me with love. I slammed it into her ass as hard as I could for a few minutes and then came hard. I collapsed on the bed.

“I love you Don, I love you so much.”

“I love you too Ellen.”

We smiled and just stared at each other for a while. Stephanie knocked on the bedroom door.

“Dinner time lovebirds,” she said with a giggle.

As we were eating, Carolyn said to Ellen, “You never mentioned that Stella had monster tits. I might not have agreed you know.”

Ellen replied, “Hey, I figure if Donnie here gets to play with funbags like that, it will keep his mind off of other breast temptations like Crystal for example.”

“Crystal? Who’s Crystal?”

“You tell her Don.”

“Crystal is a sexy lady who also happens to be a good friend of mine. We used to have lunch together almost every day. She’s smart and funny and an overall wonderful person. I wanted our friendship to progress to the next level and we both knew that. I asked her out to a movie a month or so before I met you two. She said she didn’t want to get serious with anyone. I guess she realized if we hooked up, it wasn’t going to be a casual thing, and besides she’s the kind of lady who likes to be pursued. I was pursuing her pretty hard. Anyways then I met these two sex goddesses who happened to be as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside, and I stopped fantasizing about Crystal. “

Carolyn and Ellen both blushed prettily.

I continued, “I showed up at work on Monday a new man according to Crystal. She says I was so confident, that I oozed sex appeal that wasn’t there before. She started flirting with me big time and she was using those beautiful breasts that Ellen mentioned to tempt me. I was no longer interested in Crystal though and it showed. She quickly figured out that I got laid on the weekend and that I was serious about the lady involved. Ellen and I met for lunch on Tuesday and Ellen and Crystal clashed. It wasn’t pretty.”

Ellen laughed, “Oh it wasn’t all that bad. I just marked my territory and she got huffy.”

“Yeah well, now Crystal flirts with me outrageously and I enjoy the attention but it’s obvious that I am not going to go for her. Our roles are totally reversed. She has a new regular lunch partner though. She has one of my coworkers following her like a puppy dog. I hope I didn’t look like that.”

All 3 ladies at the table laughed.

“Let’s have lunch together tomorrow honey. I want to meet this woman,” said Carolyn.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Carolyn, Ellen and I had some very nice 3 way conversation in bed that night. It was obvious that all 3 of us loved kaçak iddaa each other. We kissed passionately but there was no more sex.

Carolyn rushed up to me in the food court at lunch time the next day and gave me a passionate kiss. Again some coworkers of mine were giving me the thumbs-up. They probably thought that Carolyn was the same woman I was kissing last week. Crystal, however, noticed right away that this wasn’t Ellen.

She marched up to us. “Two timing Ellen already are we Don?”

“Carolyn, this is my friend Crystal. Crystal, this is Ellen’s sister Carolyn and she’s also my girlfriend.”

“You mean they are both your girlfriends?” she said with wide eyes.

“Yes, that’s what I mean. I am officially the luckiest man in the world.”

Crystal gave Carolyn a good look and then said with a saucy grin, “You just might be.”

Carolyn gave Crystal an obvious ogle and said, “Why don’t you join us for lunch honey?”

Carolyn was getting flustered. I was a little confused but I wasn’t complaining. Crystal was looking fine. She’s tall, maybe 5’10” but she’s not really slim like Ellen and Carolyn. She has got some meat on her. She’s almost muscular but in a very feminine way. Her large firm breasts were busting out of her sweater, and it looked like she was wearing a bra made with thin material today because her nipples were prominent under her sweater. Crystal flirted madly with both Carolyn and I through the whole lunch.

Carolyn surprised me by flirting right back at her. These two ladies looked like they were hot for each other. I had never seen Carolyn like this. Every once in a while Carolyn leaned in to stroke my thigh or give me a kiss and then she looked back at Crystal and grinned. She was driving me crazy. When it was time to get back to work, I could barely walk, my cock was so hard. Both Crystal and Carolyn stared at it and laughed.

“Are you gonna be OK there you poor boy?” asked Carolyn.

“I’ll get through it. Somebody better be there at 5:30 though,” I growled.

Carolyn laughed again. “Ellen and I will arrange something don’t you worry.”

We had a passionate kiss. I kneaded Carolyn’s ass hard and she moaned a little. Crystal watched us with envious eyes. I headed back to work. I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the afternoon.

I opened the door to our apartment at 5:30 and I was very surprised. Crystal was waiting for me.

“What the heck? How’d you get in here?”

“Carolyn gave me the combo, and she told me to tell you that yes, Ellen is ok with this. I am your 5:30 constitutional.”

I leaned in and kissed her passionately then. She returned my kiss fervently.

“Wow, I can’t imagine that Ellen is all that happy about this. They must have made some sort of a deal.”

Crystal smiled at me. “I hope you don’t have any objections Don?”

I reached out and stroked Crystal’s breast through her sweater. She moaned. “Objections? I’ve only been fantasizing about you for months and months now.”

“Yeah well, I’ve been fantasizing about you for a week or two now.” She replied.

We headed for the bedroom and we kissed passionately as we removed our clothing. Crystal looked magnificent. She was 35 but her breasts didn’t sag at all. They stood out like two fat bowling pins.

“Are these babies natural?” I asked in awe.

“100% natural Crystal flesh for your enjoyment,” she said with a grin.

I dove in and started licking and slobbering all over them. Crystal reached for my cock and started stroking me. I had to pull away from her.

“My 5:30 constitutional is strictly a one-cum affair, I don’t want to waste it. Sorry hun.”

She smiled at me. “Let’s get down to business then.”

She lied back on the bed and spread her legs. She had a very sexy ‘come hither’ look on her face. I slid my cock up into her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I can’t believe I’m actually inside you.”

Crystal laughed and said, “Give it to me big boy.”

I proceeded to do just that. I couldn’t drag this one out. I’d been looking forward to it for too long. Thankfully I didn’t come right away. I was able to pound into her hard for 5 minutes or so.


Crystal came and went limp. I pumped into her gently and slobbered over her bazooka breasts. She eventually came back to earth and realized I was still hard.

She smiled at me. “Now I see how you keep two ladies satisfied.”

I pulled out and tapped her knee. She got on all fours and I studied her naked ass. It was bigger than Ellen’s or Carolyn’s but it was still firm. There wasn’t any flab there. My cock got even harder. I slipped my finger in her asshole and she squealed and looked back at me. She wasn’t expecting that. I slammed my cock into her cunt and she moaned loudly

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck ya.”

I gave it to her good then. I fucked her hard. Her tits were pistoning back and forth like crazy.

“Oh god, Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh, Yesssssssssss.”

I watched her tits bounce and I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled out kaçak bahis of her. I came and came all over her backside. My dick was throbbing and throbbing. I collapsed on the bed.

“Wow,” she said.

“Yeah, wow,” I replied.

When we got to the living room the whole crew was there.

“Crystal, of course you know Ellen and Carolyn and this is Carolyn’s daughter, Stephanie. Steph, this is my friend Crystal.”

Crystal scanned all 3 women and then turned to me. “OK Don, You are officially the luckiest man alive.”

All 3 ladies blushed prettily. Crystal looked magnificent herself. She had ditched her bra and her nipples were poking out of her sweater. Carolyn was almost panting for her. Again, Stephanie was jealous and she ran off to her room.

Ellen said, “Well Crystal, you got what you wanted, but here are some ground rules for you. You listen here too Don. There will be absolutely no touching at the food court or any other spot outside of this apartment. We know people who go to that food court on a regular basis and they will keep an eye out. Got it?”

Crystal nodded and I spoke up, “Ellen honey, you two are the keepers of my cock. I remember that and I won’t forget it.”

“That’s fine Don. We trust you. I just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings.”

I gave Crystal a quick kiss and she left.

“So it’s Friday night. Let’s eat out,” I said.

“Where do you wanna go?” asked Carolyn.

“We could go to that Italian place again, or we could go to that steakhouse again or we could try something new. I’m easy,” I replied.

“Let’s go to the steakhouse again. It was so much fun teasing Ashley last time,” Ellen said.

“Ashley? Who’s Ashley?” asked Carolyn.

“She’s this gorgeous blonde waitress. She was very attentive and then Don mentioned that he thought she was hotter for me than him. We tested the theory and she blushed every time I looked at her. She’s a doll.”

“Is she a total dyke then? ” asked Carolyn.

“I’m not sure. Maybe. She flirted with me a little but she obviously wanted Ellen more,” I replied.

“Let’s go there then.”

Ellen slipped into a new slinky dress that I had never seen before. She looked absolutely scrumptious. Carolyn squeezed into her tight dressy slacks. They looked great on her and showed off her butt wonderfully.

“You two just put your clothes on and all I want to do is rip them off,” I said with a leer.

Ellen and Carolyn both laughed and shook their fingers at me. I guess Stephanie had plans with her friends so it was just the three of us.

We walked up to the restaurant arm in arm in arm. I proudly had one arm around each of my girlfriends. The girls had big smiles on their faces.

Ashley stared at Ellen and Carolyn in awe. Then she turned to me. “You dirty dirty dog.”

I made sure nobody was around except for us. I turned to Carolyn and kissed her passionately while grabbing her ass forcefully. Carolyn thrust herself up at me and kissed me right back. We pulled apart and I looked at Ashley. She was very flustered. I did a quick scan around the room and then pulled Ellen to me. I kissed her hard and grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up so her panties were flashing. I kneaded her ass and kissed her some more. Ellen was pushing herself up into me hard. We separated and her dress fell back down. All 3 ladies were flushed and blushing. I must have looked like the cat who had just eaten a canary. Then a busboy came out of the kitchen and made a noise with the dishes and we all stood up straight and tried to act casual. And then we all laughed.

We ordered our food and Ashley came over to our table whenever she had a free moment. She had pale white skin and a lot of it was on display that night. Her dress clung to her asscheeks lovingly. She had curly blonde hair and a beautiful face. Her tits were average sized but her dress showed off a nice cleavage. I had trouble keeping my eyes off her. Then I realized that both Carolyn and Ellen were following her every move with me. Ashley had all three of us bewitched.

“Next time there’s nobody around and Ashley’s here you two should kiss each other. That will drive her wild.”

Ellen and Carolyn smiled at each other devilishly and nodded.

Eventually there was a good moment and Ellen and Carolyn stood up and frenched each other for a bit. They also grabbed each other’s asses. Ashley couldn’t keep her eyes off them. She was obviously in total lust with them. Ellen and Carolyn sat back down just as somebody entered the room.

Ellen laid it out for Ashley as we were leaving. “Honey, you are gorgeous, and we would love to invite you into our bed, but that means a four way fling. You will get to play with me and Carolyn as much as you like, but Don has to have his fun with you as well or the deal is off.”

Ashley turned to look at me. “I haven’t been with a man for a while, but any man who can keep both of these two sexpots happy is worth a shot. I’ll see you guys around 10:30.”

We went home and we had to let off some steam. We ripped each other’s clothes off and I slammed into the nearest hole. We all kissed each other and licked each other and I fucked all 4 holes and ended up in Ellen’s ass. Carolyn licked out the cumdrops.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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