Mart 15, 2021

The World of Erasthay – The Son of Lust Chapter 6: Breeding His Mermaid Sisters

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The Son of Lust

Chapter Six: Breeding His Mermaid Sisters

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: This story was commissioned by Ultrasound 7 and has allowed me to share it with you. This may contain scenarios and acts that I normally wouldn’t write. There will be a strong sex slave/domination theme. I will keep this from violating any cannon established in the world and I developed the mythology that drives this story.

Kurtis – Coral Isle, Jyou Sea

“Save our father?” I asked, shocked by the words of my three mermaid sisters—and they were my sisters, they looked identical to Lasla and Pyrriah.

But instead of answering me, the three mermaids stared at my dick. I didn’t know their names, only about to identify them by the color of their hair and scales. Purple was on the left, Blue on the right, and Breen in the middle. They licked their lips as the incoming surf washed over their tails. They supported themselves with their arms, thrusting their tits forward. Blue had the smallest and Green had the largest, big and lush. Purple’s were round and delicious.

“A cock!” breathed Purple.

“Finally!” moaned Green.

“Yum!” squealed Blue.

They were definitely daughters of Las.

The lusty mermaids all nuzzled into my cock. My sexy half-sisters pressed their cheeks tight and kissed right on the tip of my dick. I groaned at the pleasure that rushed through my body. Their tongues swept over my crown with naughty caresses. They fluttered up and down, bathing me with their naughty licking and lapping.

It was incredible to experience.

I squeezed my eyes tight and groaned at the delight that bathed over my cock. It was incredible to feel. To experience. They were doing such naughty and wicked things to me. Their tongues danced over my spongy crown. They licked and lapped over me.

“Gods, yes!” I moaned.

They purred, their fish tails witching. They raised up and then slapped down into the incoming surf. The warm water swept over them and bathed my feet. The stars twinkled overhead as they delicious beauties loved my dick.

My balls tensed from the heat of their naughty licking. They did such wicked things to me. My balls tightened as they caressed over me, fluttering their tongues with such hunger. Three pairs of them… It was incredible. Green kissed right on the tip, with blue and Purple nibbling and lapping at the sides.

“Las’s mighty dick, you three are definitely my sisters.”

“Yes, we are!” moaned Purple.

“Mmm, such a wonderful cock,” moaned Green.

“Right!” Blue squealed, then she gasped as Green swallowed the entire tip of my cock. “Hey, you cheater, Anemone.”

So busty Green was Anemone.

“Right, Coral,” gasped Purple.

Blue, with her small tits, nodded, clearly Coral. “That’s right, Starfish.”

Sta fish. What a delicious name. I groaned, loving knowing the names of these three beauties. Purple-haired Starfish pouted while Coral huffed. Anemone just ignored them and sucked on my dick like it was such a yummy thing to enjoy.

My balls tensed as Anemone sucked with hunger. Her wet hair clung to her cheeks. Her green eyes stared up at me, almost glowing in the moonlight. She winked at me as she nursed, giving me such pleasure.

“Mmm, that’s great, but you should share,” I panted. “Your sisters deserve a taste, too.”

“Yeah!” nodded Coral.

Anemone sighed and then popped her mouth off with a wet plop. “Fine, Brother.”

“Brother dick!” Coral cooed, ducking her head in.

But Starfish was faster. By not speaking, she didn’t waste that precious heartbeat. The purple-haired mermaid sucked my dick into her mouth, nursing with the same hunger her sister Anemone had. Her mouth was so similar to Pyrriah’s and Lasla’s. It was amazing. I groaned, my nuts tightening.

This was what I needed. To find and fuck my other sisters out there. Those monster girls descended of Las’s cum. Werewolves, lamia, duallahan, naga, lampades, maenades, undines, rakshasas, harpies, and more. So many of them needed to be fucked by me. Bred by me. I could breed these three just like I had Pyrriah and Lasla. That sent such a wild thrill through me. I groaned as Starfish sucked.

“Come on, let me suck on our brother’s dick!” moaned Coral.

“Mmm, or me,” Anemone said.

Coral glared at her sister. “No fair, you had your turn!”

Anemone giggled.

Starfish swirled her tongue around my dick. Then she passed it to Anemone. She went to suck while Coral squealed in outrage. Then Anemone stopped and handed it over. She kissed her blue-haired sister on the cheek.

Mollified, Coral sucked the dick into her mouth. Her blue eyes burst with joy.

She nursed hard. She suckled with hunger. My balls reveled in the feel of her mouth working up and down my cock. She bobbed, sliding those warm lips down my shaft and back up it. The pleasure rushed through me. This wonderful heat that would have me cumming in her mouth.

Her tongue danced around the crown of my dick. She caressed me with such passion. She was my sister. That was for sure. I reveled in it. My balls tightened as the other two kissed each other, tongues dancing and fencing.

“Yes,” I growled. “Now don’t hog it. Anemone deserves another turn.”

Anemone broke her kiss with Starfish and nodded. Coral squeezed her eyes shut. She sucked hard as she popped her mouth off of me, sending a burst of delight racing down my shaft. She handed it over to our sister. The green-haired beauty sucked me into her mouth. She nursed hard.

It was so incredible. They passed me back and forth. Anemone sucked on me for a few times, then Starfish worshiped me, her purple eyes shining. Coral sucked me back into her hot mouth, moaning in delight as her tail fluttered in the surf behind her. Then I was back in Anemone’s hungry maw. The green-haired mermaid sucked with such passion.

I came closer and closer to cumming with their every suckle. My balls grew tighter and tighter. Anemone would kiss her sisters when they didn’t have a dick in their mouth, kissing Coral than Starfish, their tongues dancing and wet hair swaying.

It was so hot. My orgasm rose. I stared at them. I couldn’t just cum in one of their mouths. They all needed my jizz. And they were all so beautiful. So I had to jizz on all three of my sisters. I had to just hose them down. Coat them in all my spunk.

“Fuck,” I groaned at the delight of their mouths nursing on me. “Grab my dick. All of you, jerk me off. My sisters deserve a facial.”

Coral popped her mouth off my dick and moaned, “Yes, we do, brother!”

“Big brother!” cooed Anemone as she fisted my dick. “You’re so huge. You have our father’s cock.”

“Yes, yes, Daddy’s dick must be at least this big,” moaned Starfish. She grabbed my shaft and fisted me.

“Fuck,” I groaned, savoring that wonderful sensation. My dick throbbed in her stroking hand. She had such a wonderful grip. The heat swelled and swelled in me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

Their hands were warm and wet, with a slickness to them. I shuddered as they each worked a hand up and down my cock, Coral’s massaging the tip while she gave me such a mischievous grin.

“Cum on our faces, big brother!” moaned Coral.

“Yes, yes, jizz on us, big brother!” gasped Starfish.

“Big brother!” whimpered Anemone, her green eyes fluttering.

“Gods, yes!” I growled and erupted.

My cum fired out and splashed over their faces. I basted them with my spunk. I coated them with my jizz. I painted across their features with pearly delight. The seed splattered across them. I unleashed all my passion and then loved the sight of them dripping with my seed.

It was such a hot delight.

“Yes,” I growled, savoring the look on their faces as I coated them with more of my jizz.

They all were moaning as they thrust out their tongues. My cum landed on those pink appendages and then vanished into their mouths. They all whimpered as I spurted more and more of my spunk onto them. I coated them.

“Big brother!” Coral whimpered, my jizz running down her nose past her blue eyes.

“So yummy, big brother!” Anemone moaned, a large line on her forehead and more adorning her green locks.

“Ooh, that was delicious!” gasped Starfish, her purple eyebrows soaked in jizz. More graced her chin and lips. “You’re amazing!”

“Yes,” I groaned, the pleasure hitting that peak in me. My heart pounded in my chest. The pleasure rushed through me. I fanned my face as I savored every minute of the bliss surging over me. I sucked in deep breaths. It was incredible to feel. My body buzzed from the rapture. My fingers twitched from the bliss that covered my mind. “Damn, that’s good.”

“Yes!” squealed my sisters.

Then the other two, Starfish and Coral, turned to lick up the cum off of Anemone’s cheeks. She just had the biggest grin in the world as her sisters licked her face clean. They were all moaning as they lapped up my cum.

Even if I didn’t have the stamina to fuck and fuck and fuck, that incestuous sight would have made me hard. My three mermaid sisters were savoring my cum. Anemone turned and kissed Coral, their tongue swapping my jizz back and forth. Starfish leaned her head out, smearing the seed on her cheek onto Anemone in her quest to lap up the cum off of Coral’s cheek.

The three of them feasted on it while I watched in delight. My toes curled in the wet sand. Their tails splashed in the water as they shared the feast of my cum with each other. It was so hot watching pink tongues dancing together decorated with my white spunk.

I grinned with such pride. I was their brother, and they loved my dick.

“Fuck, Coral,” I snarled. “You’re first. I want to fuck that cherry pussy.”

“Me?” gasped Coral, pulling her lips from Anemone’s.

“You had to go last on sucking my dick,” I said. “Only fair, right, little sis?”

She beamed at me. Gods, she was so adorable. She twisted around and then she dove into the water, her tail splashing. She popped up in the surf, floating on her back. She fluttered her tail, kicking up water in a playful fashion.

I grinned and headed out into kocaeli escort the lagoon after her. The water surged around my legs. Out at the coral reefs, the larger ocean waves crashed against them and broke, keeping the lagoon far more placid. I dove into the water, the warmth engulfing me. I swam with strokes of my arms and legs.

Carol appeared beneath me. She moved so agile beneath the water. Her blue hair fanned out. I could just see her in the moonlight. She grabbed me and kissed me. As her lips sealed tight, she breathed air into my lungs.

It was more than just a kiss, it was life my sister gave me.

I grabbed her back and slid my hands down to squeeze her scaly rump. I gripped her as my cock slid into her scales. I felt along her, and then I found her pussy’s entrance. That slit that I had to ram my dick into and fuck her hard.

I felt her hymen guarding the entrance. She breathed more air into my lungs as we drifted through the lagoon. I pressed on her virginity. She kissed me harder, her tongue playing with mine. She whimpered, her webbed fingers gripping the back of my neck.

Her cherry popped.

My cock slammed into my sister’s virgin depths. I groaned, loving that I was the first cock to enter her body. It deserved to be her brother’s dick. Her tail fluttered against my legs. The water moved around us while her twat welcomed me into her depths.

“Gods,” I growled into our kiss, a fountain of bubbles bursting from my lips and distorting my words.

She kissed me again and breathed more air into my lungs.

My legs gripped her tail. Her scales felt slick and cool on my flesh. I thrust my hips, fucking into her pussy. It was different than burying into one of my sisters or mothers. Her pussy was on the front of her. It was a straight plunge into her cunt. Lacking legs, I couldn’t lie between them. I had to hold her with mine to fuck into her.

But her pussy felt amazing.

Tight and hot. I reveled in the incestuous delight of plowing into her. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her over and over again. Her cunt clenched about me. She held me so tight. I reveled in it. I loved her twat clenching about me. She was incredible, her pussy gripping me as I buried into her over and over again.

Beside us, Starfish and Anemone drifted. They were eating each other’s pussies. Sixty-nining as my sisters and I had named it. The two mermaids were devouring each other’s virgin pussies as they drifted through the water.

I pumped away harder at Coral’s cunt. She squealed into the kiss. Her tail undulated, flexing against me and stirring her cunt around my dick. The water flowed over us as we drifted, weightless and tumbling.

Her hair fanned around us. It caressed my face, so alive. Her finger stroked my back. She held me tight as I thrust my dick over and over into her hot and silky cunt. I kissed her with such passion, breathing in the air she gave me.

I loved every second of it.

I pumped away at her twat. I buried into her with powerful strokes. I slammed into my sister’s cunt, my balls smacking into her scales. My fingers dug into her rump. She moaned. Groaned. So did I. She felt amazing.

Gods, I loved being in her.

Starfish and Anemone drifted by, their bodies rotating as they loved each other. Their breasts pressed into the other’s stomach as they devoured the other’s virgin twat. They looked so sexy. I groaned, slamming into Coral’s cunt.

My orgasm swelled.

Every thrust into my mermaid sister’s cunt brought me closer and closer to erupting in her. To filling her up with all that cum. I would fire so much into her. Just baste her with every drop of spunk I had in my balls.

I pounded her with passion. With force. I buried into her over and over again. She groaned, kissing me with hunger. Our tongues danced together as I buried to the hilt in her. I thrust harder and faster. Then I plowed into her with passion.

“Gods, you’re amazing!” I moaned, my words distorted.

She just grinned at me and kissed me hard. Wonderful, sweet air filled my mouth. Her tongue danced with mine.

I groaned, loving every moment of burying into her tight and juicy pussy. Her snatch grew hotter and hotter. Her fingernails clawed at my back as we drifted through the lagoon. I slammed my cock to the hilt in her.

Her pussy went wild.

That hot cunt spasmed around my dick. I groaned at the heat of her snatch rippling around my cock. The pleasure shot through me. I groaned, slamming to the hilt in her convulsing cunt. I felt her passion shuddering through her flesh.

She squealed into the kiss.

Her deflowered pussy sucked at my thrusting cock.

Her small tits rubbed into my chest as her pussy massaged my shaft. I groaned and slammed to the hilt in her. I buried deep into her cunt and erupted. My cum fired into her pussy. Hot spurts of jizz spurted into her. Ecstasy slammed through my mind.

I broke the kiss and howled out my rapture in a burst of bubbles.

Her tail flicked hard. We surged through the water as her pussy writhed around my spurting cock. Stars burst around my eyes as I basted her cunt with my incestuous seed. My little sister’s pussy milked my cock.

We broached the surface.

“Big brother!” she cried out as her pussy drained my balls. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Gods damn!” I growled. “Oh, gods damn, that’s amazing.”

Her pussy wrung my cock dry. I savored the pleasure of emptying my seed into my mermaid sister’s deflowered pussy. And I had two more virgin cunts that needed my seed. My balls quivered in delight.

Then I heard laughter.



“So that’s where you went,” I called as I stood on the beach. “We were getting worried.”

Kurtis glanced over at us, a woman around him. It wasn’t anyone we knew. I frowned. Who was that? Pyrriah waved at our brother. My brother and the girl were little more than dark shapes peeking over the water.

“Are you fucking a mermaid?” Pyrriah asked, her red hair almost glowing in the moonlight.

“Yeah,” he said. “And she looks just like you two. She’s our sister. There are two more around.”

Just then, two more heads breached the surface. Their hair was matted about their faces. They were closer to the shore. They floated in the water as our brother and the mermaid he fucked swam closer to shore. Then they were spilling onto the beach.

“Oh, wow,” I said. She looked just like Pyrriah only she had blue hair and such small tits. And a tail.

“You’re my sister!” squealed the blue-haired mermaid. “Mmm, want to lick out my pussy. It’s full of our brother’s cum.”

“Of course,” I said without hesitation.

“I knew you’d say that,” she said as she rolled onto her back on the sand, her tail just in the surf. Her pussy was right on the front of her amid her sapphire scales. A slit of pink bubbling with salty cum. I fell to my knees and nuzzled my face into her snatch.

“Mmm, Anemone, why don’t you eat out her pussy while I fuck Starfish,” Kurtis said, taking charge just the way he always did.

He owned this island and all the pussies on it.

“Yes, big brother,” moaned one of the mermaids.

“I’m Lasla; who are you?” I asked as I straddled the blue-haired mermaid’s tail.

“Coral,” she said. “Lasla, huh. Mmm, you’re named after our father. I bet he’s sexy.”

“Just like our brother,” I said and buried my face into her pussy. She had a salty cunt, and not just because of the seawater or my brother’s cum. It was a delicious flavor, just the right type to make it exciting to lick.

My tongue dug into her folds and scooped up our brother’s jizz. I savored it. The surf washed over my feet and around my legs straddling her fishtail. I scooped up more, my nose nuzzling into her clit. She whimpered in delight as I did it.

Then hands grabbed my rump. Webbed fingers held me. I shuddered as Anemone nuzzled in. That was the green-haired one because our brother was straddling the purple-haired one’s tail as she lay on her back like Coral did. Anemone nuzzled her lips into my bush.

“Ooh, having hair down on your pussy is different,” she said, rubbing through my folds. “But I like it. And you smell different. All spicy. I love it.”

“Mmm, then lick,” I moaned.

She did.

“What about me, brother?” asked Pyrriah. She stood, quivering. Pussy cream gleamed on her thighs in the moonlight, her round breast swaying before her.

“Why, sit on Starfish’s face as I fuck her,” our brother said. “I wouldn’t forget about my twin.”

“Twin?” gasped Starfish. “Coral, Anemone, and me are triplets.”

“So are we,” Pyrriah said. “Lasla our other twin sister even if she had a different mother. We were born at the same time.”

“That’s right,” I said and thrust my tongue into Coral’s cunt to fish out cum. I swirled around in her, savoring the naughty flavor of cum and her salty cunt.

As I feasted on her, and Anemone took her first licks at my cunt, I watched our brother out of the corner of my eye. He pressed his cock into Starfish’s slit, rubbing up and down her flesh. She squealed in delight as he pressed on a barrier.

They were virgins!

She gasped. Our brother groaned. His cock slammed into her pussy. He sank into her cunt and grabbed her round breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them. Her tail fluttered, splashing the water as she savored his cock being in her.

“That’s such a special moment,” Pyrriah said. “Ooh, little sis, I’m so glad that I got to watch your deflowering.”

“Mmm, big sis, sink that pussy on my face,” Starfish moaned. “Let me eat you out while our brother fucks me.”

“This is so hot,” Coral moaned, my tongue scooping out more cum.

Pyrriah straddled Starfish’s face and a flare of light washed through the redhead’s hair. She squirmed, her round tits jiggling. Kurtis pumped away, fucking the deflowered mermaid’s pussy. Anemone dug her tongue through my folds, licking at my cunt. My nipples throbbed, my breasts filling up with milk.

I sealed my mouth over Coral’s pussy and sucked. She gasped. Her hands squeezed her little titties. Her cum rose up and up and then spilled into kocaeli escort bayan my mouth. I tasted that seed and knew that she had been bred by him. She would be having our brother’s mermaid daughters. It was such a thrill.

My pussy clenched around Anemone’s tongue as I sucked out more and more of the cum from Coral’s pussy. The pleasure fluttered through me. Anemone had such a naughty tongue. It caressed all the spots on my pussy, teasing me.

My orgasm swelled with her every lick and lap at my twat. Every swirl of her tongue through my sheath. I moaned, humping my face against my mermaid’s sister pussy as I sucked so hard on Coral’s cunt.

“Oh, big sis Lasla,” Coral moaned, her hands kneading her tits. “Ooh, ooh, that feels so good. You’re making my pussy just melt.”

“Good,” I purred as I licked at her pussy. “That’s what I want to hear. I’m going to suck out all the cum and make you explode.”

Her tail fluttered, the wet scales brushing my inner thighs. “You’re just the best big sis in the world.”

“She’s amazing,” groaned Curtis as he pumped away at Starfish’s pussy.

“I love her so much,” Pyrriah moaned, her red hair’s glow growing more and more noticeable. At night, she would shine almost from the moment sex started. By the time she came, she would be a bonfire lighting up the night.

I thrust my tongue into Coral’s pussy and wiggled it around. I tasted only the salty flavor of her pussy. No more cum left. I had sucked her clean. That sent a naughty thrill through me that built the growing orgasm that Anemone’s tongue stirred through me.

Her webbed fingers dug into my rump. She kneaded as she devoured my cunt. She fluttered her tongue up and down. Her wet hair brushed my legs, clinging to my skin. I moaned, my pussy drinking in her attention.

Coral pinched her nipples. She twisted those little nubs while her cunt squeezed down around my dick. I groaned, loving that feeling. I danced my tongue around in her snatch. I swirled it about, loving the taste of those salty depths.

My excitement built and built. I groaned, my hips undulating. I ground my pussy against Anemone’s mouth. She thrust her tongue into my cunt. She danced it around in me, teasing me. Building me towards that orgasm.

“Oh, Gods,” I moaned between licks at Coral’s pussy. My hands stroked her sides. I loved the feel of her scales beneath my touch. “Ooh, that’s good. That’s going to make me explode. Yes, yes, that’s so good.”

“Make her cum, Anemone!” Coral moaned, stretching out her nipples. She twisted them, her fingers rolling them between her digits. “Ooh, because I’m going to explode. So she has to cum, too.”

“I’m getting her there,” moaned Anemone.

Her lips sealed about my clit. She sucked.

I groaned.

My pussy burst with orgasmic pleasure. My cunt convulsed, the juices gushing out of me. The heat swept out of my twat. I squeezed my eyes shut. The pleasure rushed through my body. Juices gushed out of me. Hot waves of delight that carried the rapture throughout my body.

“Las’s mighty cock!” I moaned and then sucked on Coral’s clit.

This incestuous rush ran through me as I nursed on one of my mermaid sister’s bud while another sucked on mine. Waves of bliss drowned my mind. My pussy convulsed, gushing juices. Coral’s tail fluttered beneath me.

“Oh, that’s so good!” she moaned. “Foamy cum, that’s good! Yes!”

Salty pussy cream gushed out of her pussy and bathed my face. I licked it up. I lapped and drank up that fountain of delight. It was so good. So yummy. I shuddered, savoring every moment of the hot cream bathing my face. I drowned in it.

So good. So delicious. I would have such a huge orgasm from all this wonderful passion. I rubbed my face into her snatch as my own orgasm hit that wild peak. Anemone lapped up my cream as I drank down our sister’s juices.

“Oh, Lasla, you’re amazing.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Pyrriah gasped. Red light flared from her, bathing over Coral’s pale flesh. “That’s it.”

“Gods, yes!” growled Kurtis. “That’s my cum breeding your pussy, sister. You’re going to have my mermaid daughter.”

“Yes,” squealed Starfish, her tail splashing in the surf. “I am.”

I shuddered and smiled, so glad everyone was having so much fun. This was one hot orgy. All of us siblings. All of us loving each other with incestuous fervor. I took a final lick of Coral’s pussy and knew more fun was to come.



The double-headed dildo appeared in my hand. It looked to be made of gold, but it wasn’t. It was some celestial metal that Lasla could create. They didn’t last for long. She had to focus on them to keep them around, like the collar and chastity belt around my dragon-mother.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard with this,” I purred to Starfish as I slid one end into my pussy. “You’re going to melt as I pound that ass.”

“Ooh, pound my ass,” the mermaid said. She had bent herself over one of the large rocks on the beach, her tail draped across the sand. She had a slit in her scales that held her sphincter. She looked sexy bent over like that, hugging the rock.

In the background, Anemone gasped as Kurtis took her cherry. Lasla had conjured a strap-on around Coral’s waist, and our mermaid sister drove that golden shaft into Lasla’s cunt with powerful strokes. They looked so cute together.

My red hair flowed down my back as I fell to my knees behind Starfish. The purple scares covering her rump were delicious. Bent over like that revealed that mermaids did have asses. A delicious curve back there with a hole just begging to be violated.

And I was so eager to do all the violations I could.

My pussy clenched down on the dildo as I guided it to her backdoor. The golden shaft was flexible, which proved it wasn’t gold. It had the feel of it. Cold and smooth. So smooth, lube was not required to sodomize a mermaid’s asshole.

“Fuck me, Big Sister Pyrriah,” she moaned, wiggling her hips. Her tail twitched on the sand between my knees. “Ram that dildo into me and fuck me hard. I need it.”

“Mmm, after our brother’s bred you, right?” I asked, pressing the tip of the double-headed dildo into her scaled rump, dimpling the purple segments. It shifted the toy around inside of my cunt. Heat rushed through me.

“Right!” she moaned. “Ooh, fuck me. Pound my asshole.”

It sounded like a lot of fun. I was so ready to pound into her. To fuck her hard.

I moved the dildo down and found the entrance to her asshole. I nuzzled it right against her sphincter. I loved the way she gasped. Her tail smacked the wet sand while she squirmed. She hugged the rock tighter and threw a look over her shoulder.

I could see the begging need in her eyes. She had to have my dildo reaming her bowels and fucking her hard. Just pounding her. it would be incredible. I groaned as I pressed forward. I pushed at her anal ring.

“Oh, oh,” she moaned. “Foamy cum, that feels different. Ooh, ooh, yes!”

Her anal ring widened and swallowed the dildo. The toy pressed against my cunt lips. Part of it rubbed on my clit. My pussy drank in all these wonderful sensations as I delved deeper and deeper into her asshole. I drove that dildo into her bowels. I sodomized her. It felt incredible. My back arched. My breasts swayed before me.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s it,” I groaned. “Oooh, your asshole is swallowing that toy. You are our father’s daughter.”

“Because I’m a horny slut that loves being sodomized?” she moaned, her tail smacking into the sand over and over again.

“Yes!” I gasped.

“So true!”

Her asshole swallowed every inch of the toy. My crotch rubbed into her ass. I shuddered and planted my hands on either side of her. I drew back. She whimpered as the dildo emerged. It shifted around in my cunt and massaged my clit. Pleasure flowed through me.

Then I slammed back into her. I fucked my dildo to the hilt in her. I buried deep and hard. She gasped as my crotch smacked into her scaled rump. Her tail thumped even harder on the sand, smacking it as she trembled against the rock.

“Foamy cum, that’s amazing!” she moaned. “Oh, Big Sis Pyrriah, your dildo is so much fun to feel in my asshole.”

“They’re so much fun to use!” Coral moaned. “Ooh, ooh, Lasla, I love fucking with a strap-on. Yes, yes, you’re taking my big dick, aren’t you?”

“Just like you took Kurtis’s,” Lasla moaned.

“Yes, yes!” Anemone moaned. “I love taking our big brother’s dick. Kurtis! Kurtis! You feel so amazing in me. “I’m going to cum on this dick.”

“Good,” he growled. “Las’s mighty dick, I want to feel you explode on my cock. Just going wild.”

“Breed her,” I moaned, pumping away at Starfish’s asshole.

Already, my red hair was glowing again. It was so obvious at night. Strands of fiery red danced around the edges of my vision as I buried the dildo into Starfish’s ass over and over again. I slammed deep into her bowels.

My crotch smacked into her scaled rump. My breasts heaved from every impact. Pleasure swelled through me. That wonderful bliss that would burst inside of me grew and grew with every inch of the dildo that I threw into her asshole.

I pounded her hard and fast. I slammed that dildo into her cunt. She moaned as I did. My own pussy drank in the friction. My hair grew brighter and brighter. Dancing reds played over her back as my head moved.

“Yes, yes, yes, Kurtis!” moaned Anemone. “Slam that dick into my cunt. Oh, you’re going to breed me.”

“Breed her!” Coral panted from where she fucked Lasla.

“Ooh, yes, pump her full of all that cum,” I moaned, my tits heaving. I thrust with all my passion at Starfish’s asshole.

“Yes, yes, give her a baby!” gasped Starfish. She shuddered on the rock. “I know you gave me one…”

I slammed into her, the moment of my orgasm hurtling closer and closer. I whimpered, my breasts heaving. I leaned over her, pressing my boobs into her back. I slammed the dildo into her bowels, the shaft teasing my pussy lips. My clit sparked.

I licked at her ear. I nibbled on it. Wet strands of her hair clung to my cheek. Mine grew so bright. My orgasm was izmit escort almost on me. The others were moaning in the background, hurtling towards their own climaxes.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Lasla. “Coral!”

“Are you cumming?” Coral asked.

“Big time!”

“Me, too!” Coral howled.

I slammed into Starfish’s asshole and hissed, “Are you about to cum?”

“So hard!” she answered. “So hard, big sister. I… I… Yes!”

She bucked beneath me, her supple back rubbing into my nipples. I drank in the friction as I slammed hard into her. I fucked into her with fast strokes. The dildo rubbed on my clit. I gasped out and buried the dildo to the hilt in her.

My hair burst with a fiery light.

My orgasm rippled through me. I threw back my head, my cunt spasming around the dildo. Rapture flooded out of my twat and raced through my body. The wicked waves of delight washed over my thoughts.

“Oh, Starfish, yes!” I moaned, my orgasm drowning my thoughts.

“Big brother!” Anemone howled. “Cum in me. Breed me. Pump all that cum in me.”

“Yes!” I moaned, my orgasm shuddering through me.

“Las’s mighty cock, yes!” growled our brother. I heard the smack of flesh. Then he grunted. He pumped our mermaid sister full of his cum. He bred her.

I shuddered, hitting the peak of my own orgasms. I swayed there, my hair dancing over my shoulders. The glow died down as I descended into panting bliss. I sat up, my cunt clenching on the dildo.

“Oh, my, I am glad you mermaids found us,” I purred as I pulled the toy out of her asshole.

“Me, too,” Starfish mewled.



Anemone’s pussy milked out the last of my cum. I had fucked and bred all three of my sisters.

I sank down on the sand, panting. Lasla and Pyrriah came up beside me, both flushed and happy. Our mermaid sisters settled in the surf, their tails folded beneath them so they could sit up. The water flowed around them. They looked stunning. Gorgeous.

“So what is going on?” I asked. “You said something about our father.”

“Our father?” Lasla asked.

“Las has been imprisoned for years and years by his daughter, Throwia,” said Coral. She shivered.

So did I. Throwia, Goddess of Suffering, was one nasty deity. Capricious and cruel, she liked to spread pain around the world. Violent storms were caused by her whipping her wife, Vedr, into a fury. I would not want to be held prisoner by Throwia.

“That’s terrible,” Lasla gasped.

“Yes,” Pyrriah hissed. Her hair flared bright red for a moment, spilling light across the mermaids’ faces.

“That’s why our father created us,” said Anemone. “He fired his cum into the stormy waters outside of the Coral Palace. We had to swim and swim, finding our way to this world and then locating you. It took us years.

“Like two or three,” said Starfish, her purple hair clinging to her pale cheeks. “Right?”

“I think,” Coral said. “Lots of swimming, but we finally found you. You have to save him.”

“From Throwia?” I asked, stunned. My brow knitted. “Why did she capture him?”

The three mermaids shook their heads. “We just know that you have to save him. It’s your destiny.”

“Destiny?” I arched an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Pyrriah pressed tighter against me. I felt her breast rubbing into my arm. “It is. It’s why you were born. Our father must have seen this coming. He prepared for being captured. When has he ever fathered children on women? Goddesses, yes, or just firing his cum throughout the world, but not with mortal women.”

“I’d have to leave, wouldn’t?” I said, excitement brimming in me. The solution to my inability to breed my sylph step-mother and half-sisters was out there in the world. The magic that I needed to find. I had to go and find it. This was the excuse I needed. I had been putting off leaving for so long.

But could I do that and save my father from being imprisoned by Throwia? Taking on a goddess, or any deity, was a challenge. Slata had interfered with Angela’s quest and nearly derailed it a few times. Though Angela overcame them all, she never directly confronted Slata. Just through her agents.

I didn’t know if I had the power to do it.

“Our father believes in you,” Anemone said. “That’s why he sent us to you.”

“We know you can do it, big bro,” Coral said. “You’re so strong and virile. I can feel your cum soaking my womb. I’m going to have your daughter.”

Starfish nodded. “You can do this, big brother.”

Something swelled inside of me, bolstered by their words. “Okay.” I bit my lip. “I need to see an oracle.”

“What?” Lasla gasped. “That means you’d have to leave here?”

“I know.” I glanced at Lasla. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Our daughters are getting old enough that your mother and our half-sisters can take care of them without us. We even have the mermaids. They can live in the lagoon and help out, too.”

“Of course,” Coral said. “This lagoon is amazing.”

“We have nieces?” cooed Starfish. “I’ll be such an amazing aunt.”

“We have nowhere else to go, “Anemone said. “Yes, we shall stay here, brother. Watch over your spawn as you search for a way to free our father.”

“Leave?” Lasla asked, her voice tight.

“It’s the only way,” I told her. I cupped her face, staring into her blue eyes. “I have to leave to discover how to breed your mother. Our half-sisters.”

“He’s right,” Pyrriah said. “He can’t stay here. He’s too much for this island. He has to go out into the world.”

“And find all our other sisters and breed them, too,” I declared. I stood up. “Come on, it’s almost dawn. We need to tell the others what we’re doing.”

“Doing?” Lasla asked.

“We’re leaving with him,” Pyrriah said, standing up and joining him. “We can’t let him go off without us. We’re together, the three of us. It wasn’t just Kurtis that Las fathered. Me and you, Lasla, are important in saving our father.”

“Okay,” Lasla said, voice sounding tight. “I mean, we have to save Las, and I want you to breed my mother and the sylphs, too, but…”

“Our children will be here when we return,” I told her. “They’ll be safe and loved. We won’t be gone long. Maybe a year at most. But this is what we have to do. You know that.”

She sighed. “I know. It’s just… This is so sudden. You’ve been thinking about this? For how long?”

“A few years. Before you gave birth.” I glanced out at the sea. “There’s a whole world out there. We can’t hide here forever. Our family will outgrow this island.”

“Yeah,” she said. “You’re right.” She hooked my arm. “Let’s go wake up the family and tell them.”

“Then send them to the beach so we can lick their pussies,” Coral said. “Sylphs sound sexy. I don’t know what they are, but I want to eat one’s pussy.”

I chuckled. Coral was adorable.

We headed back to where our huts were. The horizon was turning leaden as dawn approached. Smoke started to rise. Mother Sianili was at the central fire, fanning the coals to cook breakfast. She was kneeling naked before it. She glanced over her shoulder.

“What are you three doing up so early?” she asked, a smile on her slender face. “Swimming in the lagoon?”

“Fucking mermaids,” Lasla said. “Ooh, Mom, mermaid pussy is amazing.”

“Mermaids?” She arched an eyebrow. “In the Jyou Sea? I didn’t know there were any around here.”

“These are special ones,” I said. “Get your daughters and wife. We have to talk.”

My dragon-mother emerged first, rubbing sleep from her eyes. Her blue hair fell around her shoulders, her large tits heaving. She stumbled up and sank to her knees before me with a murmured, “Master.”

After her marched clear-eyed Frelia. My oldest sister’s violet hair swayed in a slight breeze that whirled around her pale body. She knelt next, a big smile on her face. Iliasa stumbled out last. My busty half-sister rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she meandered in a drunken line before falling to her knees on Frelia’s left.

“Master,” she mumbled. “S’early.”

“I’m leaving,” I said bluntly. Jaws dropped. My dragon-mother’s blue eyes widened. Iliasa blinked sleep from her eyes. “Tomorrow. Lasla, Pyrriah, and I have to go on a quest. We need to find an oracle and…” I explained everything that the mermaids had told me.

My dragon-mother swallowed but didn’t object. I could tell she wanted to.

Finally, I looked at her. “You’ll have to fly us to where we can hire a ship.”

“What?” she blurted. “You want me to leave here?” Her face paled. Her lower lip quivered. “I’m a dragon.”

“I know,” I said patiently. I knelt down before her.

“They kill dragons out there. There’s a reason I went into hiding. Now you want me to expose myself. It’s dangerous.”

“We need to get to a city and hire a ship,” I told her. “You’re the fastest way. You can fly us to Remna. You can put us down on the sands outside of it in the Rathay Desert, okay?”

Mother swallowed, the gold collar about her neck flexing in the process. “If that’s your command, Master, then I’ll obey.” She glanced down at her chastity belt. “I’m your dragon-mother. No matter what. If… If I have to leave, I will.”

I nodded.

“But how are you going to pay for the ship?” She looked up, hope dawning in her eyes. “There’s no money on this island. We didn’t keep any valuables.”

“We could plunder an antlion lair,” Pyrriah said. “They have treasure in them. You’re a dragon. It should be easy for us to do it, Mother. We might even run across a lampades.”

Lampades were an all-female race birthed by Las. In a way, they were all my nieces. Great-great-great-great-great-great-grand nieces. They needed to have my cock in them. They needed to be fucked like all the other female races my father created.

“That’s what we’ll do,” I said, excitement rippling through me. Tomorrow, I would be going on a quest to save my father and to find a way to breed every type of female. I would be a hero.

Like Thrak. I would have my sisters at my side and rescue Las.

We worked all day. By the next morning, we had our supplies assembled. We were ready to leave our home, the small island that my sister and myself had lived on all our lives. The vast and open world awaited us.

I was ready to conquer it with my cock.

To be continued…

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