Mayıs 25, 2021

The Waiter

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She was not a beauty in the traditional sense, but there was something about her that demanded attention. The first night he saw her sitting at his table, he was drawn to her; by the second night, he realized he was hopelessly infatuated with her. He was sure she felt it too, the sensuality that seemed to pervade their every encounter. Every look, every smile, every word she said seemed to be a subtle seduction, and he could not believe how much he wanted her.

He knew there were risks, for both of them. As a member of the crew of this luxury cruise ship, he was not permitted to interact socially with the passengers; any advances he made, welcome or not, could result in his immediate dismissal if anyone were to witness and report such actions. And she was not available – she had told him so herself, and even if she hadn’t, the diamonds on her left hand were there for all to see. But the chemistry between them seemed so very real!

She felt it too, and was a bit surprised. Having always been aware of the sexual power she had over men, she was used to using it to her advantage; but she had not expected to be so strongly attracted to anyone on this cruise ship, and especially not the waiter who served them dinner each night! She was only on this cruise to keep her mother company, and she hadn’t anticipated anything more than a week filled with sunbathing and shopping. But every time she looked at him, she realized how much she wished for a more private encounter.

He could feel her watching him, even when his back was turned. So often he was tempted to turn around and catch her eye, to go to her and whisper that they should meet somewhere later. He imagined walking on the deck one night, and finding her standing alone, looking up at the moon and stars. He would walk up behind bahis firmaları her and put his hands on her waist, and she would turn to him, smiling, knowing there was no one else it could be. He would return her gaze for a moment, savoring the anticipation and excitement he saw in her eyes; and then he would kiss her.

He knew the kiss would be gentle at first, but quickly it would become more urgent and hungry. She would wrap her arms around his neck and lean into him; he got hard even now, just thinking about the feeling of her voluptuous form being pressed up against him. She would be wearing one of those flirty little sundresses she favored, and he would not be able to keep from sliding his hands up under her dress to fondle her lovely ass. He would turn his attentions from her lips to her neck, kissing her softly there before moving to her earlobes. Somehow he knew that gently licking and sucking her ear would make her moan with pleasure, making him absolutely desperate to have her.

Brazenly hoping not to be discovered, he would turn her around and press her up against the deck rail, moving himself against her so she could feel his arousal. He would lift up her skirt and be even more turned on to discover she wasn’t wearing panties; his fingers would explore her pussy and massage her clit, doubtless finding her to be soaking wet and waiting for him. He knew that it wouldn’t take much to bring her to orgasm, to feel her gasp and shudder as she came while he fingered her pussy, and that afterward she would beg him to fuck her, and he would be unable to resist.

He would unzip his pants to release his throbbing cock, and thrust it inside her so hard that it would make her moan; she would lean slightly forward over the deck rail, and he would grab her hips and fuck kaçak iddaa her so hard she couldn’t help but cum again and again. He could practically feel her tight, wet pussy throbbing as he plunged in and out of her, his balls slapping against her, until he finally came deep inside her.

She had fantasies, too. She dreamed of him coming to her cabin late one night, having no pretense other than that he simply had to see her. She would let him in and put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign to allow them privacy, and as she turned around he would take her in his arms and kiss her. She felt the same way he did, that the kiss would be sweet at first but would quickly take on a life of its own, filled with passion. She would rip his shirt off and run her hands over his muscular chest, then pull him closer for another hungry kiss. He would pull her dress off over her head, and gaze lustfully at the red sating bra and thong she wore underneath; she would take advantage of his distraction and unbuckle his pants, pushing him onto the bed, where she would climb on top of him.

Once there, she would kiss his face, his neck, then work her way down his chest and stomach until she got to his cock. She wanted to take him in her mouth, but first a little teasing – she would kiss the insides of his thighs, then lick his balls, and by then he would be begging her to suck his cock. Happy to oblige, she would take him in her mouth and blow his mind. She knew she gave good head, and she wanted to see the look on his face when he realized she meant to suck him off. She would use her lips, her hands, and even her teeth to bring him to the most amazing climax he’d ever had, and she would top off his enjoyment by swallowing every bit of his cum, licking his cock until it was completely clean.

After that, kaçak bahis she would remove her bra and thong and climb on top of him again, relishing the feeling of their naked bodies, the sensuality of skin on skin. He would wrap his arms around her and they would kiss, deeply and almost frantically, until he found himself aroused again. Once she felt his hardness against her, she would pull away and mount him, crying out in ecstasy as his hard cock filled her wet pussy. She would ride him until she came hard, as she always did when she was on top, writhing against him as he held onto her waist and didn’t let her pull away. Then he would roll her over and take her from behind, fucking her just the way she liked it, hard and fast, until he pulled out and came all over her ass and lower back.

So many fantasies were entertained that week, and yet they never had a moment alone. The last night of the cruise, he caught her watching him yet again, and this time he approached her, putting his hand on her shoulder and asking if there was something she wanted to say. She wanted to, so very badly, but just couldn’t find the words, and so she just smiled and shook her head. After dinner she gave him a hug, and held his hand just a little too long as she told him how much she’d enjoyed meeting him; and then she turned and walked out of the dining room without a backward glance.

That night, as she walked along the deck, she wished that he would find her; what could one little kiss hurt, she thought? But she knew the chemistry between them was too strong, and it would never be as simple as just one kiss. Anyhow, in spite of her hopes, he never materialized, and eventually she went back to her room alone. The next morning, as she exited the ship via the gangplank, she didn’t know he watched her from the dining room window, wishing he had broken the rules just this once, knowing now he’d never be able to taste her lips or feel her pressed against him, and he knew he would regret that for a long, long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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