Mart 22, 2021

The Virgin Bride

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I was raised in a small village called Ramnagar, in India. At the age of 18, I was married off to a man twice my age, because he did not ask for a dowry.

He was an Indian living in Africa. Immediately after our marriage we flew to Africa, and in those few hours my husband never even touched me. I had heard from married ladies in India how a husband touches our private parts and how he fingers the pussy and chews the breasts. The anticipation of all this was too much for me to take and I noticed that throughout that journey my pussy kept getting moist.

We soon reached our home in a small town near Nairobi. The home was like a palace. We had 7 servants, 9 maids and 5 drivers. But I was put in a bedroom next to my husband’s. I questioned him about it and he told me that since I was so young he did not want to scare me. He would go slowly with me. He also told me that he was used to sleeping alone all his life and we might disturb each other if we slept in the same bed. He said he would visit me every now and then. He jokes the way Indian king’s used to do.

He did not come to me the first or the second night. The third night he sent a maid to my room to prepare me for our wedding night. The maid did not speak English, so I could not ask her anything. Many strange things went on around me. For instance, no one spoke to me, and I did not see my husband for 2 days. The most peculiar thing was that my meals were served to me in my bedroom. “Masa is busy,” was the answer I got every time I asked about my husband.

My maid massaged my body with various oils and gave me a manicure and a pedicure. She shaved my body, and even my pussy. She then washed me with exotic soaps and body shampoos and washed my hair. All the while I had strange feelings rising from my belly. My whole body antalya escort tingled and my skin took on a red glow. After rubbing me dry the maid made me wear red sheer lace panties and a matching bra, which barely covered my butt and breasts. She put some kind of sweet smelling perfume under my arms and on my breasts and wrists, then gave me a flowing gown of sheer black silk. The bodice hugged my breasts and the skirt hugged me down to my hips and then it flowed like a river the rest of the way down. It had most intricate work on it. When I looked myself in the mirror, I gasped. It was as though I was covered from head to toe. I looked sexy. My red garments showed through the sheer gown and the skin underneath glowed, giving a glimpse of my sexuality.

After I was ready my maid smiled and said, “Bride,” and laughed, hugging me and to my surprise kissing me full on my lips. I was confused when instead of to my husband’s bedroom I was shown to a room in another wing of the house where I never been before. The room had a huge bed with a mirror hung above it and four posts. Next to the bed was a stand like a gymnastic horse. Also there was a rocking chair with more room than necessary for one person. I could see a long pole reaching from the ceiling to the floor. I learned later that it was the same kind used in strip clubs.

I found my husband in a far corner of the room. He too was dressed in black: in a tunic that left his legs bare, and I could see that he wasn’t wearing anything under the tunic. The maid who accompanied me said something in Swahili to him. He smiled and then nodded at her and then she left the room.

My husband led me to the corner of the room he was sitting in. There was small table with lots of fruits on it. There were bananas, cherries and grapes. fethiye escort The Bananas were red skinned and huge. My husband sat next to me and put his arm around me, he brought his face next to mine. He smelled of aftershave and he slowly pressed his lips to mine and in no time his tongue was exploring my mouth. I was feeling so hot and very nervous. My body trembled so badly that he had to hold me tighter.

“Virgins,” he muttered under his breath. His hands moved to my breasts as he kissed my neck, leaving a trail of saliva from his tongue. Suddenly the room lit up, as if with a thousand bulbs. As I flinched he said to trust him and not to worry. He started kneading my breasts with both hands, pinching them every now and then. “I like huge breasts” he said. “But do not worry. Kneading them every day will make them grow in no time.” My panties were getting wetter and wetter. He then moved on to my stomach and navel, planting small kisses as he went. Finally he reached my pussy, just touching it lightly. He looked into my eyes and gave a very strange laugh and then to my horror he tore my gown down the front, tearing it in two pieces. He made me stand and parade in front of him in just my see-through bra and panties.

Suddenly he pulled me to him, threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me. He pulled at my bra and panties and I found myself naked in a few seconds. He kneaded my breasts and said, “Nice, but I need bigger ones.” I was confused. He laughed and said, “Don’t worry; I will make sure that they grow. I will arrange for them to be kneaded every day and night by my men and I will also knead them, and once you get pregnant, they will grow on their own.”

While talking his hands moved to my pussy and he had started to pinch my clit. I kaş escort screamed as he pushed his middle finger into me and started to finger fuck me. His mouth assaulted my nipples, biting them and sucking hard on them. I was feeling as if liquid fire was running through my entire being. I came and my juices gushed on his fingers. He pulled them out and tasted it and said, “Ah, this is a virgin cum, I must call my staff.” He shouted something in Swahili. Two men and two women appeared. They immediately bent to me and took turns licking my pussy, all four tongues slurping my juices and making sounds that made me cum over and over. My husband continued to suck on my nipples and after what seemed like hours, he said something to them.

All four left me and stood aside as my husband ripped his own tunic and took out his hard cock, standing like a piston. One of the maids took it in her mouth and made it wet with her saliva, and then both men pulled my legs apart and held me tightly. My husband pushed his hard shaft into me. At last my virginity was broken! He was ruthless and kept fucking me hard and fast, his servants holding me and his maids licking my clit and nipples time and again. He fucked like a horse, for hours, and came inside me three times before he finally went limp. And me, oh I was faint with pleasure. After he finished, all four servants, once again licked me dry. “They love your cum and from now on you may cum for them, whenever they want,” said my husband.

From that day, all my servants licked me day and night whenever they wanted and made me cum, bur only my husband could fuck me. The servants were also asked to knead my breasts every hour so that they would grow fast, and indeed after two years they are huge 44 D size, with huge nipples. I have given birth to twins and now my servants enjoy my milk along with my cum.

I love my life here, I live like a CUM Queen.

What more could a woman ask for?

This is my first attempt at writing erotica. Your feedback would help me improve. so please do give your views. Thanks.

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