Mayıs 25, 2021

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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The First Day of Christmas

Today was Claire’s last day of teaching before break. Since I work at the college, I’ve been off for a week already. I suggest we go out to eat to celebrate the end of the semester. Once we are done we go to Target to do some last minute Christmas shopping before we leave to visit family in a few days. However because it is Target, Claire has to look at and want to buy everything. She claims she needs more teaching clothes. She always claims she needs more teaching clothes.

It is early in the evening on a weekday and the store is surprisingly mostly empty. On days like this, I just get in the dressing room with her that way she doesn’t have to come out and show me. I sit on the little bench and watch her try on various articles of clothing. After she takes off an ugly sweater, she turns to me.

“Want a blowjob?” she asks.

“Now?” I ask in response.

“You know it would be hot,” she says and takes step closer to me before getting on her knees.

She starts to unbuckle my belt and pull on my jeans. I start to pull them back up and then look into her sexy eyes. She’s put makeup on today for some reason. Maybe this is the reason and this was her plan all along. Her lips look extra soft and luscious. I switch to helping her pull my jeans down. She pulls my boxer briefs down and my already hardening cock flops free. She grabs it in her hand and her nails painted green for Christmas standout against my skin. She strokes my cock a few times to get it harder before looking me in the eye and licking the tip of my dick.

I let out a sigh and she runs her tongue along the underneath of my now completely hard cock. She slowly wraps her lips around me and begins to suck me off. She works her way down and back up my shaft. I put my hand in her hair and grab some of it between my fingers. She reaches the base of my dick again and this time holds it for a moment before coming up for air. I release her hair and instead cup one of her tits in her bra since she has no shirt on. She sucks faster and closes her eyes revealing her sexy sparkling eye shadow.

I think about how cute she looks with my cum running down her face, but we have nothing to clean it up with here and I don’t want to force her to swallow it. I gently push her face away from my cock and after a moment she gets the message to stop. She quietly protests but I stand up and pull her to her feet. Then with my hands on her shoulders I twirl her around so she’s facing away from me. She starts to protest again, but I pull her tights down and her words turn into quick breaths. I pull her panties down before I sit back down on the bench.

I pull her towards me still facing away and she lands in my lap. I grind my hard cock still wet with her spit on her ass for a moment. Then she stands up a little, spreads her legs, and reaches behind her to guide my cock into her pussy. I slip in between her wet pussy lips, and we both sigh perhaps a little too loudly. She begins to bounce her ass up and down riding my hard cock. The angle puts a lot of pressure on my head and I know it won’t take long for me to cum this way. I put my hands on her hips and start thrusting as much as I can myself.

We grind and rock and fuck causing the dressing room mirror to rattle. She moans louder and louder before putting her hand over her mouth. I kiss her sexy back to stop myself from being too loud as well. She puts her hand between her legs and starts rubbing herself, and I know she will come too. She starts to shake and shudder and her pussy tightens around my cock. This sends me into my own orgasm and cum erupts out of me into her hungry pussy.

“Fuck,” she says before dismounting me.

I just sigh in response. We quickly get dressed, and my cock twitches with the knowledge that my cum will soon be slipping out of her pussy and making her panties wet. As we leave the dressing room with all the clothes she wanted to convince me to buy forgotten, we pass a worker. She is one of my college students from a previous semester.

As I look over at her and smile to acknowledge I know who she is she looks away embarrassed. Could she have heard? I thought we were quiet enough but maybe not. Just as we turn the corner to leave, I see that the front of her shirt is untucked as if she’d had her hand down her pants. At least, if we were too loud, then someone enjoyed it.

The Second Day of Christmas

The next day, Claire wants to leave to visit her parents right away, but I convince her that she needs the break. We can leave after lunch if she really wants to. Then I suggest we do a photo shoot. As long as I’ve been thinking about sex, I’ve gotten off to pictures. I love taking pictures of Claire, and even though she doesn’t always want to see them, I know she gets turned on by it. Sometimes she doesn’t take as long getting ready, and we do a more natural look, but today she spends at least an hour of the morning showering, shaving, drying her hair, and putting on makeup.

While güvenilir bahis she does that, I get the camera out and make sure it is charged. This takes about two minutes, so I spend the next hour in agonizing anticipation. I break up the wait by taking another two minutes to get up and put on my red thong. I know she likes seeing my bulge in it, and it gives her something to enjoy too while she poses. Then I open a private internet tab on my phone and start browsing through pictures. I already know what poses I like, but this wastes the time and maybe I’ll get some new inspiration.

Eventually Claire walks into the bedroom where I’m waiting and I stare at her nakedness. Her hair is long and straight. She’s put extra eye shadow on so it really shows in the pictures and shimmers with gold. I didn’t ask, but she’s shaved her pussy completely, and it’s the smoothest I’ve seen it. My cock swells and the tip of my penis pokes out the top of my thong. She walks over and gives it a quick kiss and lick before straightening up.

“What do you want me to wear?” she asks.

“You pick,” I tell her.

She thinks for a moment and then says, “Since it is Christmas how about a sexy Santa theme? Oh, wait, I remember you said that wasn’t a turn on for you.”

“It’s not something I fantasize about, but would you like it? We can do it if it would be hot for you.”

“I think it would be cute and sexy,” she says.

“Then do it,” I say and she smiles at me before heading to her dresser. “But wait, we don’t have an outfit for that.”

“I can put one together,” she says.

She pulls out a pair of red lace panties and slips them on. Her ass looks amazing in them as she walks to the closet. I watch her go to the corner where our sexy stuff is kept. She looks back at me and smiles mischievously before closing the door so I can’t see. I wait patiently some more and soon she opens the door.

Apparently, she had done some shopping at some point. She didn’t buy a sexy Santa costume or anything. Instead, she bought a few pieces that could be used at any time of year, but when put together equal one sexy holiday outfit. In addition to the panties she put on, she has put on knee-length white stockings that contrast beautifully with her tan skin, black heels that make her look even more naughty and seductive, a red bustier that hugs her waist and accentuates her already sexy hips and lifts her large breasts into a perky position, and a Santa hat.

“I love it,” I say.

“Do you?” she asks stepping out of the closet and toward the bed.

“So damn sexy.”

“Mmm. That’s what I like to hear.”

With the new found Christmas theme I lead her into the living room. I herd the dog into the second bedroom and close the door, so he doesn’t interrupt us. I return to the bedroom and grab a plaid blanket that will be perfect for the holiday pictures. I lay it out on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. She immediately lays on it and starts to pose.

We spend the next hour taking as many sexy photos in as many positions as we can. She spreads her legs wide for me. She lifts them in the air. She gets on her hands and knees and looks back at the camera begging to pounded from behind. She fondles her tits in the tight bustier. She pulls her panties to the side and spreads her sweet pussy for me. She takes off the panties and gets herself off in front of the camera. She does everything I ask and adds a few poses of her own.

“Now what?” I say as I put the camera down. We always end these photo shoots with sex because how could you not?

“I want you to get off for me,” she says, sitting up from her last laying position,

“You mean like jerk off? You going to take pictures?”

“No pictures. I just want you to jerk off to me right here like you would to one of my pictures. I came for you, and now I want you to cum for me.”

I go to the bedroom and grab a bottle of lube. When I return, Claire is still waiting for me in front of the Christmas tree. She asks me how I want her, and I direct her to get on her knees in front of me just like if she was blowing me. I instruct her to look up at me with her cutest fuck me look. I pull my thong down and lube up my cock until it is slick and shiny. I start slow with long strokes as Claire looks up at me hungrily. Her green eyes sparkle with her gold eye shadow. Her tits are thrust up and out by her red bustier.

It doesn’t take long until I’m about to bust. I increase the speed of my stroking. The sexual tension of the past few hours—waiting for her to get ready, taking the pictures, and now this—is driving me crazy. I normally ask before I cum on her face because she doesn’t always like it, but she told me to treat her like one of the pictures, and this is exactly how I’d do it.

My legs shake and my white cum spurts out. The first jet lands on her left cheek. The second one her lips. The third one hits her chin. I keep stroking until every last drop has dripped onto her upturned face. türkçe bahis She looks so cute and sexy with my cum dripping down her face. I grab the camera and take a picture. As I do, my jizz drips down and starts to glaze her tits. I take a picture of this too.

I hurriedly put the camera to the side and she sits back down. I get a towel for her to wipe her face off with. After we’ve both cleaned up, put the blanket and towel in the washer, and let the dog back out, we sit down on the couch. We talk for a bit before I get on my phone to check what time the hockey game starts that night and if we’ll be to her parents house in time. When I unlock my phone, the screen fills up with the image of a woman bent over on her hands and knees exposing herself. Claire sees it before I close it.

“What was that?” she asks, but I can tell she isn’t upset.

“I was looking at pictures while you got ready. For inspiration.”

“Let me see,” she says and holds our her hand.

I hand over the phone. She scrolls through the images a moment before looking up.

“These are all on Reddit.”

“Sometimes I go there to see more amateur stuff like we do. Sometimes the professional glamour shots are just too over the top and unrealistic.”

“Why do they all say would you fuck my wife?”

“That’s the group they were posted to.”

“Do we have any pictures of me without my face in it?” she asks and the glint is back in her eye.

The Third Day of Christmas

After the photo shoot and lunch yesterday, we did end up leaving to drive the five hours to visit her family. After spending the day with her parents and siblings, I’m lying in bed naked having just finished showering and enjoying the cold air on my skin. We’re staying in the basement bedroom and no one else is ever down there at night. I’m a little surprised that when I hear her get out of the shower in the bathroom next door that I also hear the blow dryer going. Eventually I get a little too cold and slip under the covers.

When she finally walks into the room, she tells me to close my eyes. I comply and hear her unzip part of the suitcase. My cock twitches knowing that she is probably picking out lingerie. When she tells me I can open my eyes she’s in my favorite extra-strappy blue lingerie. I find lingerie with straps super sexy, and I love how she looks with all the blue straps pressed against her tan skin. She only wears that lingerie when I ask, or she wants to be super sexy and drive be wild.

She rips the covers off the bed exposing me and immediately lays on top of me. She kisses me hungrily and our tongues meet in the middle. Her hands run all over my body and pull my hair. I snap the straps of her panties and entwine my fingers in the straps of her bra. I squeeze her ass and give it a gentle slap. She rubs her pussy against my rock hard cock, and I can feel the heat radiating off her. Her panties already feel a little wet. She breaks off the kiss and kisses her way down my chest until she reaches my cock. She runs her tongue up and down the sides of it before quickly slipping it in her mouth. She wraps her lips around it and bobs her head a few times, but then she stops abruptly.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she says.

“What?” I ask taken aback. We’ve played with butt plugs, but that has been the extent of our ass play. Neither of us has been very interested in anal, and I figured if we ever did try it would be in the comfort of our own home not her parent’s basement. However, maybe that turns her on and is part of the reason she suggested it.

“I just decided I want to try it,” she says and swings her ass around to my face. She pulls her panties to the side and reveals she has black butt plug in.

“When did you do that?” I ask.

“Right after your shower when you were brushing your teeth,” she says and shakes her ass in my face. “I’ve stretched it out for you.”

For a confirmation, I slap her ass, and she squeals before scampering off the bed. She goes again to the suitcase in the closet and returns to bed with a bottle of lube and a condom. I stay laying as she unrolls it on my cock. I’m not sure if I’m excited to try anal or just excited by the idea of it, but my dick seems extra hard. She tells me to use lots of lube, more than I think I need. As I rub the lube all over my wrapped cock, she gets on her hands and knees and pulls on the end of the butt plug. Her asshole puckers and clings to it as it pops out.

“You sure?” I ask.

“We’re just trying it,” she says and grabs the lube from out of my hand. She spreads her ass and rubs the lube all over it. She uses the butt plug to lube her asshole and then says, “I’m ready. I think.”

I get on the bed behind her and rub her asshole with the head of my cock. I hesitate a moment before she reaches back and grabs my dick guiding it to her back door. I gently press the head of my cock into her asshole. There’s a lot more resistance than penetrating her pussy, but there isn’t as much resistance güvenilir bahis siteleri as I thought. She drops to her face and uses both hands to spread her cheeks wide. I continue to push my cock into her until my entire tip is in her. I ask her if she is doing okay and she moans a soft yes. Apparently she likes it okay so far.

I continue to push my cock deep inside her asshole. It is tight. Way tighter than her pussy. There’s a softness to it that isn’t like the softness of her pussy. The biggest difference is that I can tell it isn’t wet and I’m only relying on the lube. It seems like we used enough and when I’m halfway in her I begin to rock my hips back and forth gently fucking her ass. As soon as I do she moans a bit more. The more I fuck her the more relaxed she gets until I’m almost balls deep in her ass. I start fucking her faster, but not nearly as fast as I sometimes pound her pussy.

“Fuck, this feels good,” she says and flings her hair backward as she goes back to resting on her hands.

She reaches between her legs and I know she’s rubbing her clit as I take her ass.

“You like me fucking your ass?” I ask emboldened by her pleasure in it.

“Fuck, yes,” she says. “Slap my ass.”

I give her ass a few good slaps and a small red welt emerges. I continue to work my cock in and out of her ass, but the tightness is doing its work and I know I won’t last long. I grab a handful of her hair and start fucking her harder. Now, my cock is going its full length and she moans with each thrust.

“I’m going to cum,” I say.

She just whimpers and rubs her pussy harder before saying, “I’m coming. Cum for me, Jake. Cum fucking my ass.”

I hit the wall and crash through it. I feel my hot load work its way up and out. I can feel three distinct bursts as I cum for her. She shakes and shudders before slumping down. Normally, this would cause me to slip out, but since I’m in her ass I have to slump down with her. I ease my cock out of her ass and give it a squeeze before using a tissue to remove the condom.

“How do you feel?” I ask.

“Fantastic,” she says and snuggles into my arms once I lay down. “Let’s keep that extra special.”

I squeeze her ass again to confirm my agreement.

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Today we had to ride with her family to Wichita for part of her extended family’s Christmas. After spending the day with them, we get back in the early evening. Claire and I decide to take a shower in her parent’s large walk-in shower before they go to bed. The thing is so big it has two showerheads—clearly designed for joint showering. We get naked and stand for a minute waiting for the water to heat up because like idiots we didn’t turn it on before we undressed. She shivers and I tease her for it.

Soon the water is warm enough and we get in. After we both have washed our hair, I turn to her with the soap bottle in my hand. I squirt it onto her tits and she yelps at me because she wasn’t it expecting it. I put the bottle down and start to rub the soap across her ample chest. The soap lathers up and she stands there letting me wash her. I switch to soaping up her back and then she leans into me.

I reach back around and fondle her tits. My cock throbs and twitches so that it hits her butt. She reaches back behind herself and strokes it. The feel of her warm, wet skin under my hands and the sight of her body glistening has gotten me aroused. However, my erection begins to recede by the time I’m done rinsing the soap off her. She looks at my lowering pole in disappointment before grabbing the soap herself.

She uses it to wash me off as well. Although, I think I did a better job of washing than her. I played a little bit, but that seems to be all she does as she runs her hands over my chest and squeezes my ass. She takes extra care to wash my dick by stroking it repeatedly until my erection returns. She kisses me as the steam rises around us before stepping out of the stream of water. I start to turn both showers off.

“Don’t,” she says. “I’ll be right back.”

She steps out of the shower, and I see her wrap a towel around her a she stands on the bath mat.

“Don’t go anywhere,” she says, and I don’t know if she’s talking to my dick or me.

I turn up the heat on my shower just a bit and stand there enjoying the warmth reddening my skin. In a moment, Claire returns with something in her hand. She quickly jumps back under the shower and shivers.

“Cold out there,” she says and closes her eyes as she warms herself back up.

“What’s that?” I ask and point at what looks like a bottle in her hand. Maybe some face wash?

“Just a little something I slipped into my toiletry bag,” she says and holds it out to me.

It is a little bottle of silicon based lube. “Great for water play,” it says. I had bought it at least three years ago. Right around the time we first got married, but we had never used it. Despite her warning, my cock had started to go limp, but now it was surging back to attention.

“Let’s test it first and see if it works,” she says and flips open the little black cap. She holds it over her tits and squeezes some out onto both of her large mounds. “Well?” she says and points at them.

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