Mart 22, 2021

The Tug

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At first I was sure she was joking.

We were in bed together after yet another wonderful night of passion. Me and Heather, my dream girl. I felt so lucky to have her as my girlfriend. She had everything I would describe in my perfect woman – intelligence, a wicked sense of humour and a body to die for. She was a petite redhead,aged 23, 5 foot tall with lovely pale skin, deep green eyes, small pert breasts and a tight little bum.

We had been together for 6 months and life was just perfect with one minor irritation. That was her very best friend Sandra, or “The Tug” as my friends described her.

She and Sandra were so close and as she seemed incapable of getting a boyfriend she spent a lot of time with us and coming out with us. I had begged some of my friends to take her out, to give us some space, but they laughed at the idea.

Sandra would not hear a bad word about her.

So on that lovely morning when she told me Sandra had a new boyfriend I was delighted and already looking forward to more time alone with Heather.

But then the serious stuff started!

The boyfriend was a lecturer in her college, quite a bit older and a divorcee.

They had been out on a couple of dates and he had made it clear that he was looking forward to sharing her bed. While she wanted that too, she, at 24, was still a virgin and really didn’t want him to know that or to let herself down when they finally got it together.

“Thats where you come in” Heather smiled up at me, her hand tracing patterns on my chest.

“You want me to fix her up with one of my friends?” I asked

“I wouldn’t trust any of your friends to treat her right”

“So?” I asked

“If you love me as you say you do, you will do this big big favour for me, and teach her how to make love”

One hour later, after much heated discussion, she had convinced me she was serious. Thats why I found myself, the following Friday evening, with Heather gone home to her parents in the country for the weekend, sitting in my car waiting for Sandra to come out of her house and join me.

I thought about driving off but too late the car door opened and she was sitting beside me.

We made small talk on the way, I could tell she was very nervous and tense.

At my apartment I suggested a walk before we went in which seemed to relax her a bit. We walked through a park, chatted, relaxed a bit. I asked her about her boyfriend and about previous men she had been with. The extent of her experience was some rushed groping of her breasts by a guy outside a night club and a less rushed caressing of her breasts the previous weekend in a cinema by her new man.

I looked at her antalya escort as we walked to assess what I was getting myself into. She wasn’t fat, but certainly had a big build. My friends sometimes joked about the size of her bum! Her best feature was her smile which rarely appeared. At 5’10 she was nearly as tall as me. Today her long black hair was tied up in a pony tail and to her credit she had done a good job with her make-up. She was wearing a loose pink sweater and a blue knee length skirt.

Soon we could put it off no longer and we were in my apartment. I lit a fire and poured us both a glass of wine as we sat on the setee.

“I really appreciate you doing this. I’m sure you are dreading it” she said

“Thats OK. You are a good friend to Heather” I said, wondering why I had agreed to this.

“So I suppose we should start” I continued. “As you have never seen or touched a mans cock, maybe we could start there”

“Ok” she whispered

I was being a bit selfish I thought, as I removed my trousers and shorts, but what the hell, I might as well get some pleasure from this.

I sat beside her, my cock sitting limp between my legs. Then I took her hand, put it on it, told her to get used to it, to feel it. I sat back watching as she touched me tentatively at first then with a bit more confidence.

She was doing OK and I could see she was pleased with herself when I started to swell and harden in her cool hands. When I was fully erect I told her what to do, guided her hands to stroke and pump me up and down.

I was starting to enjoy myself and could tell she was waiting for me to start touching her. But my selfish side took over and I moved her gently to the floor until she was on her knees with my cock in front of her face.

“Lick it and suck it for me” I said

Again she was tentative at first but soon she was getting into it and instinct seemed to take over. Her wide mouth was licking, sucking, kissing me like she was used to it. Before very long I was throbbing and I pushed further into her mouth as I told her I was coming. She gagged slightly then swallowed some of my cum as the rest dribbled out on to her sweater.

“That was good” I said, as we both sat back and relaxed.

I got up, cleaned up in the bathroom, put my shorts back on and brought her some more wine. We sat for a while, made small talk, then I realised it was time for the next stage.

“How about you get a bit more comfortable” I said “and slip off your skirt for me”

“OK” she said ” When I do, I know you mightn’t want to, but it would help me so much to relax, if we could kiss, like we were doing this for real, rather than in a sort antalya rus escort of clinical way”

I hadn’t envisaged much kissing but I told her that it would be OK. She stood up, slipped off her skirt, revealing a pair of tight black bikini panties stretched over her wide hips. She sat back down beside me, trembling. I moved across kissed her gently on the lips.

As we held the kiss my hand moved over her big thighs and up to touch her through her panties. She tensed, but I opened her mouth let her feel my tongue in her mouth and I felt her relax as she returned my kiss. To her credit she knew how to kiss and she was getting quite passionate as I started pulling off her panties. She helped me a bit and kicked them away. My hand returned to her pussy and when I touched her mound I had to look down to confirm that hers was certainly the hairiest bush I had seen. A mass of thick black hairs filled her triangle. I returned to kissing her as my hand explored the black curls then she moaned as I stroked her clitoris and discovered that she was already extremely wet.

If I had been turned on I probably would have entered her straight away rather than prolonging the experience but although I was enjoying exploring her my cock lay limp in my shorts.

She was enjoying herself, moaning and squirming as I fingered her so I decided to increase the pace, rubbing her clit and fingering her wetness. She started moving against my hand, panting and moaning and then I watched as she cried out and felt her pussy flooding my hand as she orgasmed.

We sat for a few minutes as she wound down. Then she smiled, slipped her hand into my shorts.

“Can you make love to me now” she said “I’m ready to have you inside me”

I looked at this big woman beside me, comparing her in my head with Heather. As she fondled me I was aware that she wasn’t getting the desired reaction and that my cock remained lifeless.

“Lets go to the bedroom” I suggested ” And if you use your mouth like you did earlier I’ll be ready for you too”

In the bedroom, we kissed, then she headed to the bathroom. I lay on the bed, naked.

I had never considered myself a ‘tit’ man. All my girlfriends had been petite and I always liked small sensitive breasts. I had never considered Sandras assets in that department. She always wore loose tops which never really gave any clue as to her size.

That was until she came out of the bathroom, naked. Her breasts put the rest of her body in proportion. Very full, but firm and topped with the most perfect big pink nipples. She stood by the bed, dark haired, full glorious breasts and her mass of black antalya ucuz escort hair between the sweeping curves of her hips. She was watching me and I realised why. As I was admiring her my cock had swollen and was now pointing at the ceiling.

“I guess you like what you see” she said

” Come here baby” I muttered, as she climbed into my arms

I pulled her on to me, straddling me, my cock brushing against her thick bush.

“Are you ready” I asked

“Yes, be gentle” she said

I rubbed my cock against her pussy lips, letting her juices lubricate me, then positioned myself at the mouth of her hot pussy. I pushed in slowly letting her adjust herself as I did, then when I met a little resistance I let her weight moving on to me push me the rest of the way in. She let out a brief cry than breathed out as I settled inside her.I was surprised at how despite her big frame her pussy felt so tight.

We sat like that as I felt her breasts, running my hands over them. Then I started kissing them at the same time starting to move inside her. She had her head back, was moving with me in rhythm. I was lost between her breasts when I heard her moaning then felt her pussy gripping my cock as she reached her second orgasm. Again I let her relax until she opened her eyes smiling.

“That was fantastic.I never dreamed it could be so good” she said

She kissed me as my cock remained rigid inside her. The kiss was different, gentle but very passionate, full of deep meaning. I responded, my kiss equally deep as I realised that I was now doing this because I really wanted to, that I loved the feel of this womans body.

My hands were running over her bum as we kissed. It felt so good, soft white flesh.

“Sandra, you are so beautiful” I heard myself say “Your body is magnificent”

I moved out of her, then moved behind her as she lay forward, her glorious bum raised in the air. My cock swelled further at the sight of it then disappeared into her tight wet pussy. I was massaging her bum as I moved inside her then reached under her to squeeze her heavy tits as I buried myself deep inside her.

“Oh my God, I’m coming again” she giggled as I felt her nipples hardening like bullets between my fingers. Then she was pushing back against me, meeting every stroke of my cock. I buried one finger into her ass and that put her over the edge and she cried out as she came again. I moved harder, faster, pumping into her then pulled out and let my hot semen spray over her big white ass cheeks.

We awoke in each others arms next morning. Without talking she guided my erection into her. One hour later we were still moving slowly together, kissing, exploring and learning.

2 weeks later I split with Heather, her skinny body no longer turned me on. Sandra let her lecturer be her second man, he came within 6 strokes of entering her. 2 weeks later she moved in with me, 15 years later the mere sight of her body still arouses me completely.

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