Mayıs 25, 2021

The Train Ride

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Ass Squirt

I glanced up from my book and looked over at you, sitting on the other side of the train. You were looking out of the window, watching the scenery glide silently past us. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was just setting below the horizon. There were 3 people sitting in our compartment – you, me and a teenaged boy, who was listening to music on his ipod. I looked back down at the book that I was reading and tried to concentrate on the words that my eyes were skimming across. I had re-read the same paragraph 4 times now, but couldn’t tell you what it was about. I glanced over at you again. This time instead of looking out of the window, you were starting directly at me. I smiled and looked back down at my book, too shy to hold your gaze.

I re-read the same paragraph again – something about a hot guy on a train who wanted to kiss my full red lips. No wait, that wasn’t right. Why couldn’t I concentrate? I looked up again. You were still staring at me. My eyes slid over to the teenaged boy who had gotten up from his seat as the train slowed down, approaching the next station. He was standing in front of the doors, waiting for them to open. I looked over at you. You were smiling at me. I smiled back and looked down at my book again.

The train stopped and the teenaged boy stepped off the train and onto the platform. I looked over at you again but you were busy with something on the seat next to you. I took this moment to take in your features. You had light brown hair, toned arms, a long, kissable neck and broad shoulders. I couldn’t see the rest of your body though because the seats where in the way. You stood up and hoisted a bag onto your right shoulder. Were you leaving? But the train had already started moving away from the station, so you couldn’t be getting off. You turned your head, looked towards me and started heading in my direction. I glanced down at my book again.

“Is this seat taken?” you asked pointing to the seat next to me, even though we were alone in the carriage. I looked up at you and noticed how beautiful your eyes were.

“No.” It was all I could muster. You sat down and put your bag next to mine on the seat opposite us. You smelt delicious. Once you were seated, I glanced over at you shyly but you were staring straight ahead smiling. I wondered what you would say to me next, but you just sat there with a big grin on your face. You still weren’t looking at me. I noticed that you were taller than me, but not by too much.

“What are you smiling at?” I asked you.

“Just the fact that I’m sitting next to the most beautiful woman on the train.” You replied. I turned around to make sure there was still definitely no-one sitting in our carriage.

“I’m the only woman on the train.” I retorted.

“Well…” you turned to face me. “Lucky me.” You still had a big goofy smile on your face. I laughed at your sense of humour and thought that maybe I would be the lucky one if I could manage to get your phone number before the end of the trip. I couldn’t stop staring at your eyes. They were mesmerizing. I didn’t want to look away.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Glen. But you can call me whatever you want.” You didn’t take your eyes off mine.

“Really? How about cheesy?”

“I prefer something along the lines of honey, babe, hunkalishous, or just plain – Oh God.”

I rolled my eyes, but my mind was thinking that you were pretty hunkalishous. I looked out of the window. It had gotten dark outside and I was faced with your reflection, which was still staring at me. I watched it as you raised your hand up and traced a circle on my shoulder with your finger, hooking it around my neckline and slowly pulled it back towards you. I watched as you bent your head down towards my exposed skin and gently kissed my bare shoulder with your soft lips. I watched as your other hand landed on my thigh and you gently squeezed it. I felt my heart starting to race as I let you – a total stranger – touch me in ways that I hadn’t let anyone touch me in months. I kept watching your reflection as I felt your lips getting closer to my neck, my chin, my lips. I closed my eyes and turned my head towards you ever so slightly and your lips landed on mine. You kissed me softly. So softly.

I felt your hand move from my neckline to the back of my neck where you caressed my hair with your fingertips. You cradled my head in your hand and turned my head towards you more. I felt your tongue push against mine ever so gently and I opened my mouth wider to encourage you.

Your hand was still on my thigh, but you had hooked your thumb underneath my skirt, around my leg and underneath me, which made me realize how large your hands were. You made me feel calmly safe and excited, both at the same time. How was that possible? I felt you casino siteleri grab my leg and slide it across the seat towards you, parting my legs slightly. My mind started racing now. What was this guy going to do to me? Surely he wouldn’t start fondling me in a public place? Isn’t that the sort of thing teenagers do?

You continued kissing me gently, as your hand started sliding up my thigh towards my crotch, taking my skirt with it. Did you realize that you were making me wet? Usually I was the one in control. As a rule, I was the type of woman who made a man wait months before he got the chance to sleep with me, but I couldn’t make myself stop you. It was usually me who would make the first move, but being submissive seemed to excite me even more right now. You seemed to know exactly what you were doing and our mouths seemed to fit together perfectly. It was like your lips were specially made to kiss mine.

I could feel your hand getting closer to the top of my stockings. Soon you’d be able to feel the lace at the top of them where they had a little bow sewn on for decoration. They were the kind with elastic at the top as well, so that they stayed up on their own.

You started nibbling my bottom lip and this distracted me for the slightest moment, while your fingers grazed over the lace of my stockings and then gently over the lace of my knickers directly between my legs. I could feel your fingers softly caressing my clit through the material. I sucked my breath in with surprise. I couldn’t believe I was letting you do this to me in a public place. And I didn’t even know you! … I didn’t stop you though.

I felt my clit start to enlarge as my pussy became wetter with each stroke. Surely you could feel how warm it was getting down there? And you must be able to feel my knickers getting damp too. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the stimulation that your fingers were giving me, while your lips where still massaging mine. It felt so good!

Suddenly I heard the train doors open and I opened my eyes and broke away from your lips as I looked up to see an older gentleman walking into our carriage. I didn’t even feel the train slow down at the oncoming station and now there was someone intruding on us and I felt so exposed. I realized he probably couldn’t see what we were doing because of all the seats in between him and us, but I still felt like he was invading our space.

At that moment I felt one of your fingers slip underneath the elastic of my knickers and plunge deep inside me. I cried out in surprise and the elderly gentleman turned to look in our direction. Both my eyes and mouth were wide open as I stared at him and I froze, not sure what I should do. He gave us a look of disgust and started walking in the other direction. You slid your finger in and out of me as he opened the door to the next carriage and disappeared from my sight.

I turned to look at you, still not sure what I should be doing or saying. I was shocked at myself for letting a stranger finger me in a public place. This was not how I usually acted and I wasn’t sure whether I should be enjoying it or disgusted at myself. I placed my hand on yours and was about to remove your hand from between my legs when you started stroking my clit with your thumb. You still had my head in your other hand and you returned my lips to yours. There were your beautiful eyes again, locked on mine as you kissed me deeply. I felt myself melting into your arms. Ready to let you do as you pleased to me. How could a man that I’d never met before have such control over me in such a gentle way? I felt totally captivated by you. You had my full attention.

My hand was still atop yours as you moved your finger in and out of my wet pussy. Each time you thrust it inside me, I felt the pressure of your thumb close in on my clit.

I wanted to touch you too. I reached out and placed my hand on the bulge in your jeans. I grabbed the material in the palm of my hand and tried to circle your dick in my palm. Your cock was huge!

“I want to taste you.” You whispered in my ear. I watched as you removed your hand from inside my pussy and slid off the seat and onto the floor of the train, right between my legs. You grabbed my arse and slid me forward so I was sitting right on the edge of the seat. You turned your head and started kissing my thigh through my stockings, still holding onto my arse cheeks. Slowly you slid your hands down onto my thighs and slid my skirt up so that I could see the lace of my knickers sticking out from underneath. You grabbed one of my legs and placed my foot on the seat opposite me where our bags were, then did the same with the other one so I was in a semi-laying down position, sprawled across the two facing chairs. Your face was centimeters from my pussy. canlı casino I rested my thighs on your shoulders and watched you as you eyed off your prize.

You moved my knickers to one side and just looked at my pussy. My pulse was racing. I watched your eyes move up and down my slit. You were probably noticing how I had shaved my pubic hair into a small landing strip that morning. You couldn’t take your eyes off my pussy. What were you waiting for? Lick me already! But you just stared at me. Slowly you ran one of your fingers along the folds of my pussy, down one side and then up the other resting your fingertip at the top of my clit, not moving it again. This drove me crazy! I wanted your tongue to follow the route that your finger did. Then I wanted you to suck on my clit and I wanted it now!

“You have the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen.” You looked up at me and smiled. I looked into your eyes and felt bad for wanting to rush you. You broke your gaze and looked back down at my pussy again. You removed your finger from my clit and replaced it with your tongue. You started licking me ever so softly, barely brushing the tip of me. I started to squirm in my seat. I’d never had anyone touch me as softly and gently as you did. It felt absolutely amazing!

You trailed your tongue along my inner lips and then my outer ones and back to my inner ones again. You alternated between licking my clit and gently taking it into your mouth and sucking on it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed having your mouth on me. I felt my clit enlarge when you took it into your mouth and sucked on it and then move it between your closed lips. I flung my head back and opened my eyes as I felt the first wave of my orgasm slowly building up inside of me. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that someone had written some graffiti on it. I brought my head back down and caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Someone in the next carriage was watching me. The top of my head was still visible above the seat and as the train went around the corner, I saw a guy in the next carriage over, just staring at me through his glasses.

“Someone’s watching us.” I whispered as I slunk lower in my seat.

“I don’t care.” Came your reply as you pulled me down closer to your mouth. You opened your mouth wide and took my whole mound inside it and sucked on me hard.

“Oh!!!” I cried out, feeling my pussy pulsing inside of you. My arse was hanging off the seat now, but you were still holding me up with your shoulders. My clit was trapped between the lips of my pussy and it was absolutely throbbing now.

“Fuck that feels good!” I yelled, not caring about who heard me. “Don’t stop!” You inserted your finger inside my pussy again, hooking your finger up, feeling for my g-spot. You found it and put pressure on it. “Fuck!!!!” I could feel my body tensing up, getting ready to explode.

You started running your tongue along the slit of my pussy while still sucking on it inside your mouth and that tipped me over the edge. I thrust my hips back and forth in rhythm to the waves that were overcoming my body.

Clickety clack, clickety clack, clickety clack. The train rocked in smooth motion, in time with my thrusting.

“Ahhh!! Fuck!!!” I screamed as I came into your mouth. You looked up at me as I was pulling myself away from you. You had my pussy juices all down your chin. I grabbed your arms and pulled you towards me so I could kiss your mouth and lick myself off your chin. As I was kissing you, I reached down and unzipped your jeans, setting your cock free. It was rock hard. I also slid my knickers off and threw them onto the floor beneath us. I grabbed your arse cheeks and guided your throbbing dick towards my wet pussy so that the tip of it was resting just inside my opening.

“I want you inside me.” I pulled you closer so you would slide inside me, but you hesitated. “What’s wrong?” You turned around and reached out for your bag. You pulled your wallet out and fished a condom out from one of the compartments. You ripped it open and slid it onto your cock with what looked like one smooth motion. Where was my head? Why hadn’t I remembered that one small, but important step? You swiveled me around so I was lying down on the seat and positioned yourself on top of me, resting your weight on your elbows. You placed your cock back at the entrance to my pussy.

“Try again?” You smiled at me. I placed my hands on your bare arse cheeks and guided you where I wanted you. I felt myself stretch as your cock slid slowly inside me. I wasn’t used to having such a large dick in my pussy and my muscles contracted around you. I watched your face as you pushed yourself all the way inside me. I could see one of the veins in your forehead pulse as your eyes rolled back. You must be enjoying kaçak casino this as much as I was.

You looked into my eyes as you started thrusting in and out of my pussy. I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy the sensation, but I couldn’t seem to make myself look away from you. Absolutely mesmerizing!

I wrapped my arms around your shoulders and my legs around your hips as you pushed deeper inside me. I couldn’t take it much longer. I let out a low moan and closed my eyes, tilting my head back once again. You took this as your cue to move my hair away from my face and then started kissing my neck.

One handedly, you unbuttoned the top button of my blouse and then the second one and then the third, revealing the bra that matched my knickers. You shuffled your weight onto your right arm and used your left to take one of my breasts into your hand. You pushed the material of my bra out of the way and ran your fingers over my nipple. It hardened instantly. You arched your back and bent your head down and took it into your mouth. I moved my arm so I could grab a handful of your hair and opened my eyes and watched as you started sucking on me carefully.

“I want to see you come.” You glanced back up at me. I felt the train slow down as it approached the next stop and hoped that no-one would step into the carriage that we were in, even though they wouldn’t be able to see us unless they accidentally walked in our direction.

You repositioned yourself so that you were squarely on top of me again and continued thrusting your hard cock into me. The train slowed down as you sped up and it came to a stop at the station. I heard the door hiss open and then footsteps heading towards us. My eyes widened. We were going to get caught!

You kept thrusting in and out of me, getting harder and faster each time. The footsteps stopped and I heard someone sit down a few seats in front of us. My heart raced as I wondered if they could hear us. I remembered the last thing that I had said to you before the doors opened and I realized that would be the last thing that would be uttered between us, until we had finished. I looked at you and smiled.

You smiled back and thrust yourself deep inside me. I felt your cock pushing against the back wall of my pussy and I wanted to let out a moan, but knew that if I did, we would get caught! I kept my mouth shut as tightly as I possibly could and rocked my hips in motion with your movements. I could feel your pubic bone rhythmically smash against my clit each time you thrust into me. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut. I just wanted to cry out like I did every other time I had an orgasm.

I gripped your hair with one hand and your shirt with my other. I could tell you were close to coming because your face had tensed up and you were trying hard not to make any noise too. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to come. I contracted my pussy muscles, gripping your cock as tightly as I could and came as you bent your head down to kiss me silently, to contain my pleasure. I felt your arse cheeks clench underneath my legs and I felt you thrust one last time before you came hard inside me. I felt my body twitch as my orgasm kept going, longer than what yours did. I had to moan, cry out, scream… anything, but you were still kissing me. Hard. Trying to keep the passion inside of me. Just between us.

The feeling between my legs finally subsided and I let myself relax a little. You were still kissing me, softly now though. And you were still inside me.

You looked down at me and whispered in my ear.

“Do you think they heard us?” I almost burst into laughter. You quietly slid off me and crouched on the floor to take the condom off and tie it in a knot. You poked your head over the top of the seat to see who had walked in on us. You looked at me and smiled your lovely smile. I knew that whoever was sitting a few rows in front of us hadn’t heard a thing.

I buttoned my blouse back up again and retrieved my knickers from the floor before sitting up in my seat. I noticed the back of an old lady’s head, a few rows up. I turned to watch you zip up your jeans. I wondered what the next stop was and whether I had already gone past my own. You sat on the seat next to me and grabbed my hand. The train started slowing down again and we both looked out the window. The station sign read “Beenleigh”. I had missed my stop by more than 3 stations.

“This is where my car is. Do you need a lift anywhere? Back to my house maybe?” I looked into your beautiful eyes again and grinned.

“Yes please!” We grabbed our bags and headed towards the train doors. As we neared the old lady, I noticed that she had hearing aids attached to the back of both her ears. She jumped in fright as we walked past her. Probably because she thought the carriage had been empty.

As we waited for the train to come to a complete stop, you wrapped your arm around my waist, pulled me close and kissed me again.

“Lucky me.” I said to you and we both stepped off the train together.

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