Mayıs 25, 2021

The Things Money Can’t Buy Ch. 02

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Less than 24 hours after I’d thoroughly spanked my bound and gagged customer, I was back at her house with more ideas and more hardware.

Karen’s husband wasn’t back from Dusseldorf for another four days, so she and I decided that we had enough time for her to pay her next instalment before he returned. If we’d been sensible, we’d have left it until he was next away; but we weren’t sensible, we were full of lust and convinced ourselves that the red marks the paddle had left on her bottom would have time to vanish.

When she’d opened the door, we’d both smiled with recognition and instantly blushed helplessly as the memories of last night flashed through our thoughts. Neither of us could maintain eye contact, and we looked away shyly. We knew we’d been naughty, but we knew it had been good – amazingly good.

‘Item 1: Small Talk’ and ‘Item 2: Dinner’ were immediately scratched from the evening’s agenda, and the order of business moved straight to ‘Item 3: Karen Making Her Next Payment’. We eyed each other nervously, circling each other in our minds; I wondered what was going through Karen’s and whether I’d be able to maintain my ‘hands off’ approach to sex with this atypical housewife. I was fairly certain Karen was thinking something similar; we both knew that we wanted nothing more than to clasp each other, tear clothes from bodies and fuck there and then.

I think we both also knew that the pay-off from not doing so last night had been, frankly, fantastic, and that craving that high again would help us keep the agreed distance between us.

“We can do this,” Karen said, confirming everything that I thought. She eased into a calm smile but was betrayed by the hand fidgeting with the string of pearls round her neck. Her nipples poked insistently at the sheer white material of her blouse.

“We have to do this,” I said holding her gaze for the first time since I arrived. My cock was already hard, as it had been for most of the day; I’d got very little done, to be honest – apart from deciding that I was going to have to be steadfast if I was going to pull this off. My word would have to be law, and Karen would have to obey it. Now, however, I looked away again knowing what I was about to say to a married woman.

“Did you cum last night?” I blurted. It’d been driving me mad all day.

Karen smiled, my question putting her right back in her element. Her confidence and mischievousness returned in an instant.

“What do you think?” she said.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I thought you might have when you, you know, when you…”

“You ‘thought’ I ‘might have’?” Karen said, her eyes glittering as she teased me. “You’d better make sure you know tonight.”

She turned on a cream heel, and I followed her up the stairs, making absolutely no attempt to not look up her similarly cream skirt.

In the spare bedroom, I dropped my new purchases on the bed beside Karen.

“New toys?” she said, crossing her white nylon-clad legs.

“One or two – hey!” Startled by my shout, Karen looked round at me. I smiled at her in mock reproach.

“Hands off ’til I tell you otherwise.”

“Yes boss,” she laughed, a genuine and intimate sound that reassured me of her complicity.

My preparations finished, I took my jacket off, throwing it onto the chair behind me.

“OK; you ready?”

“Oh yes,” Karen grinned.

“You’re wearing everything else that I asked for?”

“Wait and see.” She winked and I smiled broadly.

“I’m not waiting – stand up.”

She stood, managing to do so sinuously with her legs still crossed, and faced me, only an inch shorter than me in her heels.

“Yes, boss,” she said.

“Pack it in, Karen” I said, smiling at her refusal to take this seriously. “You’ll make me laugh. Unbutton your blouse.”

She raised her hands to her chest, and started unfastening it.

“What’s wrong with laughing?” she teased. “We’re having fun, aren’t we?”

She pulled her separated blouse free of her waistband, and I caught my first glimpse of her well-filled white bra.

“I certainly am,” I said, “but this is important and I’m concentrating.” I wrench my eyes away from her exposed abdomen and raise them to meet hers. “Take your skirt off.”

“‘Please’,” she said reproachfully.

I raised my eyebrows. Saying nothing, I picked up a riding crop and held it in front of Karen’s face. She got the message.

“Sorry,” she smiled as she turned to present her rear to me. She found the zip in her skirt, and bent slightly as she pulled it down. “…boss.”

I couldn’t help but snort with laughter, but I was now in absolutely no doubt that Karen wanted whatever was coming to her.

“That’s two extra smacks you’ve earned. Now, stop it.”

Facing away from me, she pushed her skirt down over her hips and let it drop. This was where I really needed to keep concentration; I had Karen before me, slightly bent over, exposing the firm curve of her buttocks and her lacy white panties to me. A similar white pattern on her hold-up stockings encircled the top of each tanned and toned thigh. It was illegal bahis all there for the taking, and I took a deep breath. ‘Restraint, Ken,’ I thought as I unconsciously bent the crop I held in my hands, ‘it’s all about restraint.’

And release.


“OW!” Karen yelped, feeling the crop on her bare skin for the first time. She put a hand to the stinging skin on her buttock. “What was tha-“


“OW!!” She looked at me, but this time said nothing.

“That’s the two extra smacks you’d earned.”

“But that wa-“


“OW!!” Her eyes widened, and she uncrossed her legs. She smiled and turned back away from me.

“Good; now take your knickers off,” I said, resisting the urge to smack that ass again, “slowly.”

Without turning round, Karen lifted her hands to her waist and started to pull the strips of material running over her hips downwards. I didn’t move, I just watched as her bottom moved in front of me and the white material gradually descended. She stooped and lifted her right leg out before doing the same with her left. She straightened and turned to face me dangling her delicate panties from one finger, smiling wickedly.

“Put them in your mouth,” I said.

She raised an eyebrow at me, and then looked at her panties.

I took the crop to one lacy white breast.



“See – you can open your mouth,” I said. “Put them in.”

Holding my gaze, her fingers stuffed the material in, filling her mouth completely.

“Now the ring-gag,” I said nodding at the pile of things on the bed behind her.

She looked quizzically at me. I realised that just because I’d been researching bondage all day, didn’t mean that Karen knew what I was talking about.

“There,” I said, pointing, “the red ring with straps attached to it – that’s it.”

She picked it up, and resumed eye contact as she placed the stiff red ring behind both sets of teeth and on top of the white knickers filling her mouth. She bit down, holding it in place, and the material of her panties bulged through slightly.

“And fasten it, Karen,” I smiled.

She pulled the straps round behind her head, slipped one through the buckle and managed to fasten the buckle underneath her pony-tail. She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at me again.

“It’s not very tight, is it?” I said looking at the slack straps. “Have another go.”

Karen did, and managed to pull another two notches through the buckle before refastening it.

“That’s better, Karen,” I smiled encouragingly. “Now put your hands on your ass cheeks.”

“‘ike ‘i?”

“Yes, like that. Now keep them there. See those nipple clamps?”

Karen turned, saw them and nodded.


“You’re putting those on next…”

She looked puzzled.

“…but we need to get your nipples hard first,” I said and stung her left tit with my crop.



SMACK! SMACK! I slapped both of her breasts through the fabric of her bra.



“AAAAAAGGGGH!!” Her face reddened and her right nipple hardened. One hand lifted off her bottom but she put it straight back. In fact, she took firm hold of a buttock in each hand, occupying them so they didn’t lift off again.


“OOOAAAGH!!” Karen’s eyelids fluttered part-way down and her eyeballs rolled back. Her right nipple now poked proudly through the white material covering it.



Both nipples were now erect and Karen was squeezing hard on her own ass, desperate not to let go.

SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK! SMACK!! Four blows on the beautifully round, soft and full part of Karen’s tits below the nipples.


SMACK!! Very hard directly on Karen’s right nipple.


SMACK!! The same on her left nipple.


Karen’s knees buckled, and she folded sensuously before me.


Her nipples were huge, I almost believed I could see them pulsing beneath her bra. Red skin erupted from each cup, her breasts were aflame.

“Let go, Karen, and get the clamps.”

Breathing hard through her nose, she gently released her grip on her bum, and turned to find the clamps amongst the other items on the bed. Looking at her bottom, I could see where her nails had dug into her flesh as she’d used that as a distraction from the sharp blows stinging her breasts. She bent over, rooting through the ropes and shackles covering the bed; I couldn’t resist.


“MMM!” She straightened slightly, and so did my cock.

Karen found the clamps, two rubberised metal pegs connected by a chain; she turned and offered them to me.

“After you, Karen.”

Truth be told, I’d never put a nipple clamp on anyone before, and I was little concerned that I’d really hurt Karen, so I’d figured it was safer to let her put them on herself. That and the fact that it was fucking hot watching her grab her own breast, watching her catching her breath and seeing her eyes narrow as she illegal bahis siteleri semi-closed the clamp over her proud left nipple as it poked through her bra.

“M!” Karen squeaked as the pressure bit. She took it straight off, and turned the little thumb-screw to widen the gap a little. She re-applied it, and this time she closed her eyes and moaned.


Now she knew what she was doing, she adjusted the second clamp similarly; before she put it on though, she looked up and began squeezing her right nipple between her finger and thumb. She pulled it, she twisted it and she squeezed harder; her eyes widened.

“Oh,” she groaned. She fastened the other clamp in place and sat on the bed, parting her legs as she did so. I looked at the tuft of blonde hair above her pussy and then up at the clamps pinching her nipples over the material of her bra, the chain hanging down under her tits. I was glad to see her hand starting to slide down to touch herself, but I couldn’t let her.

“Ah-ah,” I said, raising the crop. Karen stopped.

“Put on the leather cuffs, Karen – legs and wrists, please.”

She spent the next couple of minutes putting all the cuffs on, pulling the straps through and fastening the buckles. I watched her do so, not quite believing that Karen was tying herself up again, and letting me have my way with her again, because I said so. I was so turned on I think I’d have messed my pants at that point if Karen had reached forward and touched me. As I watched her tighten the last strap of black leather over her white stockinged leg, I wondered at my willpower, and could only assume that I so wanted to be in this position of doing something sexual to Karen, that I would do whatever it took to do so, even if it meant denying myself.

“There are four ropes there, Karen; tie one to the D-ring on each cuff.”

She picked up the first black rope, pulled her foot up to her groin and tied the end of the rope to the cuff’s D-ring.

“Nice and tight, Karen.”

I’d never really thought about this sort of domination sex, really. I liked pretty, busty girls, just like most people, and I’d seen the odd picture of pretty, busty girls tied up that I could see the attraction in, but I’d assumed that was just the sort of thing cynical porn producers paid desperate whores to do; I’d never considered that real people actually did it, too.

Karen had finished on her ankles and was now undertaking the slightly more difficult task of trying to tie ropes to her own wrists.

After I’d had my idea of ‘no touching’ though, I’d gone online to see how easily it could be achieved, how I could satisfy Karen without standard, penetrative sex. Relatively simply, I’d been pleased to discover.

Karen had got the rope attached to her left wrist, and was now attempting to do the same to her right.

In a little more than a day, I’d discovered more about spanking, bondage, forced orgasms, and submission than I’d encountered in the entirety of the first ten years of my sex life.

She was struggling to tie the rope with her left hand; her brow was furrowed behind the black frame of her glasses as she concentrated.

Then I’d gone to the Private Shop, and had an even more illuminating half hour with a heavily-tattooed and pierced girl with pink hair called Jade, who relieved me of half of a week’s wages with the promise that – if what I’d told her about Karen turned out to be true – it would be the best two hundred quid I’d ever spent.

Karen finally got the knot done up and looked up at me proudly.

I smiled. “Lie in the middle of bed, please.”

She climbed on and did so, her legs slightly parted and the chain joining her tits together resting on her torso. I took hold of the rope tied to her right leg and pulled it over towards the corner of the mattress. Being careful not to touch her leg, I tested the knot she’d tied: it held. Kneeling, I pulled the rope as far as I could, pulling Karen’s leg over, and then tied the long, loose end round the leg of the bed’s frame. Then I went to the other side of the bed and took hold of the rope attached to her left leg.

I checked that she was lying in the centre of the bed and then firmly pulled that rope down under the corner of the bed, spreading Karen’s stockinged legs wide, giving me unhindered access to, and unobstructed views of, her pussy. As I tied the knot, Karen wriggled slightly, getting herself as comfortable on the bed as it was possible for her to do so with her ankles four feet apart.

“You know what’s next don’t you, Karen?” I asked.

She nodded and laid her arms out flat, each pointed towards the ends of the headboard. I picked up the rope she’d tied to her left wrist, checked another effective knot, and pulled her arm tight, in doing so stretching her body as well. After tying the rope to the frame of the headboard, I rounded the bed and picked up the final loose end.

This knot, the one she’d struggled to do with her left hand, came undone when I tested it. I shook my head.

“Tut, tut, Karen; we don’t want you having to pretend you’re canlı bahis siteleri tied up securely.” I tied a better knot and pulled the loose end firmly over towards the right edge of the headboard.

“Unnnngh!” Karen grunted as I pulled her body tight; the tighter I got her, the less scope for wriggling there was, and the more complete her restraint was. The last knot was done and she was ready.

“There we are, Karen: stripped, gagged and tied – with your assistance – to your own bed. You can’t get away – I could do whatever I wanted to you now and you could do nothing about it.”

Karen struggled slightly, testing her bonds.

“I could leave you here, leave you to struggle and wonder what was going to happen to you, or when I might come back – or if I was coming back at all,” Karen’s head snapped round to look at me. I was going to have to judge this.

“Or you could be about to find out that all this about not touching you was just an elaborate ruse to get to this point, and that now I am going to touch you – quite a lot, and roughly too.”

Her eyes widened.

“Mmmph!” she moaned. ‘I think I’m on safe ground,’ I thought.

“I could flop my dick out right now, shove it straight up you, and fuck you senseless – and there’d be nothing you could do to stop me.”

“MMMM!” Karen nodded eagerly.

“…or I could tighten those clamps and spank every inch of your body, causing you untold pain, and no-one would hear a thing with your panties stuffed in your mouth.”

Karen hesitated.

“Or I could just untie you and go home,” I smiled.

“OH!” Karen shook her head.

I laughed and stood at the end of the bed, looking over her glorious, bound body. She looked amazing with her glasses on and that gag in her mouth. I decided I’d made a good choice with the ring gag.

“Nice pussy, Karen,” I said, and leant on the bed with my elbows between her spread legs to look at it properly for the first time. It was a nice pussy, with a neat rectangle of blonde hair, and a clitoris I could make out. I wondered what it looked like when she was cumming; and then wondered what I could fill it with next time without touching her. “I bet it tastes nice, too.”


I looked at it for few seconds longer, wondering if I should slap her clit with the crop. ‘Maybe later,’ I thought.

I stood up, and came to sit on the left-hand side of the bed beside Karen. I picked up the last item remaining on the bed: a rectangular box about 15 inches long. Wordlessly, I opened it at the end, and slid out the transparent extruded plastic that held the contents in place. I pulled the two halves apart and held the device above Karen.

“Do you know what this is, Karen?” I asked.

She furrowed her brow.

“It’s a massager; this is what I’m going to do to you and your helpless body, Karen – I’m going to plug it in and massage you.” I plugged the lead into the extension at the side of the bed. “Thoroughly.”

I thumbed the control wheel and the massager hummed in my hand, the rounded rubber head just about visibly moving.

Karen’s eyebrows lifted, and she looked at me with what can only be described as eager anticipation.

“Where shall I massage first, Karen: your thighs?”

“OH!” She shook her head.

“How about your ribs?”


“What about your…” I hovered the wand over her belly. “…nipples?”

I touched the vibrator to one of Karen’s clamped and aroused nipples. Her body tensed suddenly, but she moved only the tiniest amount on the bed.


“Is that a good place to start?” I said as I held it there.

“MMMM!” Karen nodded vigorously, her eyes closed.

“What about this one?”


I removed the wand as suddenly as I’d applied it.

“No – there must be somewhere better to massage.”

“MMM!!” Her eyes pleaded with me, begged me to stop teasing.

“Your scalp; Indian head massages are all the rage these days.” I shifted position and lifted the vibrator above her head, out of her sight.

“OH!” Karen screamed, her whole body tensing with frustration. “‘EN!”

“Not your head? Oh.” I relaxed, resting the buzzing tool in my lap. “Where then?”

Karen screwed her eyes firmly shut and screamed loudly into her gag.


‘Now,’ I thought, and slapped her clitoris with the crop.

“AAAAAAARGGH!!” Karen screamed and her eyes flashed open.

I touched the wand to her pussy, and pushed firmly.

I couldn’t believe we’d done what we had last time. It felt wrong, but I’d convinced myself I wasn’t cheating – how could it be? I hadn’t touched Ken, so how could it be cheating?

Semantics, I knew, but it felt so dangerous and so exciting: I had a secret from my husband, something that I shared with someone else, something incredible. I’d really wanted to fuck Ken from the moment I met him, I still did, but I had to respect his views on my marriage vows if I wanted to get anything out of him, and I was thrilled with his solution. I’d felt guilty again when I realised that Ken maybe took my vows more seriously than I did, but I kept telling myself that this was just harmless fun; there was no intimacy no real affection, and I wasn’t forsaking Gareth’s love or giving mine to someone else: this was animalistic lust and a means to an end.

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