Mayıs 24, 2021

The Tent

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Finally I went down the hill. The tent flaps blowing in the strong gusts made enough noise to hide the sounds of my footsteps.

Wind at my face, I closed my eyes with each assured footstep landing square on the tufts of overgrown grass. He did not hear me approach.

I hoped he would poke his head out for a quick drag of one of those hand-rolled cigarettes. It would have spared me the anxiety as I stood outside with my decision. Instead, I stood for what seemed like an eternity waiting, breathing deep and finally after a long exhale, I did it. Tap tap tap on the thick aluminum pole with the bottom of the bottle of red.

He peeked through an opening at the edge of the tent before greeting me through the doorway. Watching secretly, he saw me with my eyes shut in what may well have been a meditative panic. More nervous than I’d ever been, the seconds felt like hours until suddenly, he called out that he was coming.

Hat neatly tilted to one side, the scarf around the brim was new. An old-new, but it was still different than this morning at breakfast. The t-shirt was also a very different one than I’d seen on his tall slender build the past week. The blueish gray tint brought out the brighter tones of blue in his deep eyes.

Pulling the door flap to one side, he extended his hand in a sweeping motion to invite me inside. The two foot thick mattress was the centerpiece. Portable tables and chairs accented the perimeter, but only to make it feel like home. Home away from home it certainly was. Clothing strewn across a chair, candle burning in the corner and a small lantern on a bedside table. Well-worn slippers tossed in the corner waiting for nightfall. So as I entered, he accepted my offering of wine and placed a kiss on each cheek to greet me.

Immediately he began opening the bottle. After pouring a glass for güvenilir bahis each of us, he handed one to me and raised his hand in an extraordinary touching toast. The words he spoke filled me with an emotion not recently felt.

Looking into his eyes, his feelings were reflected. Mesmerized by his voice, words were a blur. Weak knees and trembling insides, he offered me his hand as he guided me to a sitting position.

Our eyes never parted. We sipped many sips before placing our glasses on the floor. Sitting beside me on the bed, he placed his hand behind and with just one finger, traced a random design on my ass. One shoulder ducked into his side as I face him more squarely. Our eyes locked. I smiled with any non-paralyzed muscles I could find. He tipped his hat to me. he then tipped his head and our faces neared.

More pressure on my backside brought on a sensation of increased desire towards him. Leaning his direction brought my shoulder tight to him. His hand slid upwards along my hip to my waist and around the curve of my rubs. Gently. Slowly. Caressing every inch as he traced shadows on my body until his hand slinked up around me. His long fingers against the underside of my breast brought a gasp and a smile and a rush of dampness to my pussy. He pressed harder, wrapped his arm more snugly around me and brought my face to his.

His breath was a warm welcome on my lower lip. The slightest lean forward was met with his slight lean back. I sat straight again and his face and body followed. Three more tries from each of us at a kiss, and his hand was now at the back of my head. Cradled in his hand, he clenched a tuft of hair and tightened his grip around it. One firm and steady pull let him control that amazing kiss.

AT first, gentle. Feeling his lips touch mine for the first time. Tasting his breath as he neared. türkçe bahis Soft tender lips which had days ago invited me to visit him were now up close and personal. HIs long arms knowingly cradling me, holding me close and tender. Finally feeling more sensations in other parts of my body, I realized his leg was draped over mine. When his right hand left the bend of my jaw, his touch was enjoyed as it moved down along my breast, stopping for a moment to cup my breast, massaging it through my blouse with just his palm. Making his way down to find my hand, he interlocked our fingers and brought our hands together to rest on his thigh.

The kiss grew more passionate. The taste of his tongue, the warmth of his breath…our bodies drew closer. He lowered me to my back, easing me all the way. Kiss after kiss. We were lying side by side with his leg still draped over mine. I lifted my hips to press to his body. When he pressed back, I knew.

Fingers tightly gripped my hair again. He felt my nipples harden more than they were already. He found his cue. With one adjustment to his position, his body pressed to mine so that his knee was now pressing a special point between my legs that I didn’t know I had! An uncontrolled moan escaped our connected lips. He withdrew from our kiss to look at me closer. A soft smile greeted him, just as it did the day we met. Kisses planted on my cheeks, on my forehead, on my lips as a tender yet quicker peck.

As he pushed the hair away from my face, he pushed his cock against me. Slowly in response, my eyes closed and I breathed deep. Quietly. Eyes still shut, he kissed me more passionately. His hand was soon beneath my blouse massaging my stimulated breast. One fingertip on my nipple. Pressing, swirling, flicking the hardness, he quickly knew.

As I reciprocated and mimicked his hand motions upon güvenilir bahis siteleri my breast, I realized he was equally sensitive and turned on by the same feelings. His body again pressed hard against mine showed how turned on all the rest of him was as well.

Kisses grew more passionate. More intense. More meaningful. His hands on my body were inquisitive. He felt the quiver as he traced over those special areas. Goose bumps and a giggle brought on a youthful excitement in us both.

Slowly our bodies entwined. Legs wrapped around one another, rib to rib, mouth to mouth we felt the energy grow. One by one, our shoes were kicked off and pushed to the tent floor. Rubbing feet to one another and sliding a tickling toe up a leg and down brought us both back many years…wondering if our parents would soon be coming through the door. Each smile ended as it dissolved into another passionate kiss.

Embracing with the tightest hug, he rolled to his back and brought me along. Now on top of him, he parted from the kiss to look closely at what may be behind my eyes. Deep thoughts of him were silenced yet he was already getting the message through each dance of our tongues.

Deep piercing stares to the depths of his eyes told of the passions we had yet tapped into. Many more touches ensued. Finding all the right spots in a methodical fashion was the game that afternoon. We touched and caressed and lay side by side listening to the wind howl outside as the temperatures changed.

He reached out towards his side table, making me wonder nervously about what he was grabbing for. I did not want for it to go that way. Not now. Not this soon. The moments were tender, peaceful. They needed to remain innocent. I closed my eyes as I slowly rolled off him to his side. Lying on my back, head planted hard on the pillow, with my arms folded across my chest I forced my eyes closed in a refusing sort of way.

“hey” he whispered as he touched me lightly, high on my cheek, with just one fingertip. When I finally opened one eye, he was offering me another sip of wine.

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