Mart 19, 2021

The tennis lesson

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In high school and college, before I got a real job, I had always worked as a tennis instructor on my own, doing private lessons and such. I worked with a lot of people over the years, but mostly with high school girls. Many were classmates while I was in high school, then the girls became younger and younger to me. In high school, I was always hopeful that this would get me closer to these girls, but nothing ever came of it. I just collected my money and they sped off. I fantasized about sex with them, with my favorite being getting paid in blowjobs in the shed where the tennis equipment was stored. No luck.
As I was nearing the end of college, I was no longer interested in the girls I was coaching. I was 21, they were 14 and 15. It was too big of a gap, for the law and for myself. I noticed some of their attributes, breasts coming to perky fruition and asses and legs that were firm and smooth. But no girl appealed to me overall. Then Nikki called me.
Nikki was an incoming freshman into high school, and I had seen her hit from a distance. She hit a good ball, harder than I was used to working with and I was excited to coach a player with real potential. Her father was anxious to get the lessons started and I was happy to oblige. Our first lesson went very well, just as I liked my lessons to go. She made improvement. But what struck me about the first lesson was that some of my old lust was returning. She wore a white tank top with her nipples just barely poking through, her top a little damp from sweat. Below she wore small, tight athletic shorts that were folded over at the waistband. The fabric reached down just below the swell of her ass, which I imagined to be tight, judging from her legs. Her legs glowed brown from a summer in the sun, save for the small band-aid from a recent shave. She was inexperienced.
Her breasts were B cups, which pointed attentively below a cute little face, complimented by a brownish blonde ponytail. Two diamond studs accentuated her delicate features. She was not shy as a lot of high school girls are around me when they first took lessons; she chatted excitedly and seemed very much at ease with me. I was intrigued. I had to make sure to keep my erections in check while coaching her. It was easier said than done.
In the third lesson, I began dropping hints. Following the advice of sex columnists, I began dropping sexually suggestive words. I told her that her backhands needed more penetration, told of matches I had played that had reached a climax, of the need to pound certain balls, and of the necessary balance between power and finesse. While showing her technique, I would position myself behind her and put my hands on her hips and stomach to demonstrate. When I did this, she would look behind her slightly and give a sheepish smile. I made it seem like all coaches did this. She was new to coaching; she had nothing to compare me too. Her father was equally oblivious.
This continued for a number of lessons until I believed I was close, but I was afraid to go any further without some kind of reciprocation from her. The breakthrough lesson came on a scorching summer day, the kind where the shade provides no refuge except for the mosquitoes. I had made it a hard lesson, wanting to see her sweat. She wore a light colored shirt and white tennis skirt, which I was delighted to see her in. At the end of the lesson she was drenched in sweat, and she proclaimed it was the most she had ever sweated in her life. It certainly looked it; her top looked transparent revealing a tight white sports bra and her skirt had been completely sweated through, and she had chosen to wear a thong to practice. She moved a couple courts down and hit with her father after removing her shirt. It was hard to imagine her father not noticing, or even more, him being okay with me standing right there, watching his scantily clad daughter sweat and grunt. She was petite and she was perfect.
The week after, she was on vacation. I lived in fear that I would lose my progress. When she arrived for her first lesson since returning, her father asked me if I could take her home after the lesson. I assured him that I would bursa escort and he drove off. Nikki and I were alone after months of having her father watching. I was 6 years older. She was young and smooth. I hadn’t wanted anyone like this in a long time. For fear of making a move too soon after her father departed, I led her onto the courts as always.
“What do you want to work on today, Nikki?” I asked.
“Well, I have been gone for a while, so I am little rusty. But there is one thing we never worked on that I would like to go over,” she replied.
“What’s that?”
“We never went over the scoring in tennis. Could you help me with scoring?” she asked coquettishly, her fingers twirling the gum in her mouth.
“Sure, what would you like to know?”
“Well, I have played a little bit, but I have never scored before. I was hoping you could show me the ins and outs.”
A deaf, dumb, and blind man could have told you that Nikki had no interest in tennis that day. I told her there were some scoring standards in the tennis shed, and that she should come with me to get them. We could go over it together, I said. The shed was dark hadn’t been cleaned in a while. I started to make a clear spot in the middle of the floor, pretending to be searching for scorecards. Eventually I “found” some in the back.
When I turned around to face Nikki, searching for my innuendo line, she was one step ahead. She was in the middle of peeling off her black halter top, which had been pushing her small teenage tits together. She was wearing no bra underneath. Her tits looked magnificent over her matching black skirt, tightly hanging to her ass. Her nipples were erect and they were very long. I had imagined sucking them so many times, but they were more amazing than I had hoped.
“Your tits are amazing,” I told her, as I started to move towards her.
“Take your shirt off,” she commanded.
I did as I was told and threw it on the floor as I continued to walk towards her. I asked her if she was always so aggressive, as if I hadn’t seen it coming. She didn’t respond, but instead kneeled on the floor and pulled me down with her.
“Let me take care of you,” she purred, as she slid my shorts off. “Looks like you have been hoping for this,” she smiled as she glanced down at my erect 7 inches.
I assured her that I had been and I reclined backwards on the floor, my elbows propping myself up. Nikki slithered up from below, with me watching her approach my cock, which pulsed hopefully. I asked her if she had ever sucked a dick before. She was young enough that I wasn’t sure. She replied by defiantly smacking my cock. It stung a little, but it felt good to finally be touched by her.
“Of course I have! I used to suck off my boyfriend after gym class. I dumped him when he wouldn’t go down on me.” I was glad to hear that I wouldn’t have to teach her how to suck me. I love a girl who knows what to do with her tongue.
Coyly, Nikki gazed up at me and began to do what she loved to do. She started her work low, slowly licking the area between my balls and anus. This is an incredibly sensitive area, and I rolled my head backwards and closed my eyes. The sensation was incredible.
“Ooh, can I suck your balls now, baby?” she purred.
“Is that your favorite, Nikki?”
“I love sucking balls.”
With this, she worked her way up until her mouth hovered above my sac. Sticking her small, pink tongue out, she placed the tip of it and the bottom of my right nut and slowly, painstakingly slowly, worked her way up to the top, right below the shaft of my aching cock. The sensation was incredible and she lightly ran her tongue over both of my balls.
After working me over with her tongue, Nikki decided to get dirtier. She pulled off for a minute, worked her tongue around her mouth, and let a huge strand of spit fall onto my balls. “Do you like how that feels?” she asked as she worked it around with her hands. I moaned and she slipped my right nut into her mouth. After a few minutes of ball massaging, I was ready for more.
“Baby, I want you to suck my cock now,” I commanded.
“Whatever you want, Will. This is how I am paying you today,” she laughed.
Employing bursa escort bayan her previous tactic, Nikki let a string a spit run from her soft lips to the tip of my cock. Flicking her tongue against the tip, she rubbed my balls with her hands, kneading them and rolling them between her fingers. Whoever her boyfriend was had enjoyed some fabulous blowjobs. Still in her tight black skirt, Nikki slid my cock in and out of her wet mouth, which sucked voraciously. She continued to work everywhere with her hands, but it was her mouth that was incredible. Only 15 years old, her mouth was still small and tight, and her pursed lips wrapped tightly around my cock felt as if it was trying to squeeze the jizz out of it.
Reaching down her back, sliding my hands around, I found the zipper on the back of her skirt. I slid it down fiercely and ripped her skirt off and cast it aside. She moaned and continued to suck my cock while clad in only her red thong. Using my size advantage on her, I turned her around until we were ready for 69. I reached down again and put my hands on her head and began to thrust her head up and down on my cock. She gagged and pulled her head off.
“I am not used to the rough stuff. I like it though,” she grinned mischievously.
I didn’t respond, but instead grabbed her head and resumed my throat fucking. Her dirty blonde ponytail bobbed up and down and her saliva escaped from her mouth with her inability to control her swallowing. My cock filled her mouth rendering her practically incapable of swallowing. Meanwhile, I feasted on her pussy. It was unlike any other I had sampled.
Her pussy was tiny and as tight as a grip. The lips were still small, as her pussy had yet to develop fully. My tongue flicked it rapidly and lightly, prompting an appreciative groan from Nikki. Her sound caused my cock to vibrate, which felt incredible. I shoved my tongue into her pussy hard, harder and harder, and she screamed.
“What’s the matter, Nikki, doesn’t that feel good on your tight pussy?”
“It feels SO good. I have never had anything in my pussy before,” she replied. She was a virgin. I could not believe my ears.
“You have NEVER been fucked before?” I asked incredulously.
“No. I always wanted my boyfriend to fuck me after I sucked him off, but he never wanted to. He was such a pussy,” she replied.
She was promiscuous, but she was just learning the craft. She was anxious to fuck, yet had never felt a cock inside her. I slid her tiny red thong off of her thighs and prepared to become the man to pop her sweet little cherry. She was acting like she was in charge, but she didn’t truly know what she was doing, so I decided that I would be the one to call the shots.
“Get on your hands and knees,” I commanded.
“How are you going in first?” she asked.
“Doggystyle. My favorite, I replied. Most girls lose their virginities in classic missionary, but it seemed fitting to be that a budding slut like Nikki would take it submissively from behind. In addition, I had other ideas in mind for the rest of the hour-long lesson.
From the 69 foreplay, Nikki’s pussy was already pulsing and wet. I slid my dick in and the fit was tight. My 7” pushed deeper and deeper inside her, slowly to allow her to get accustomed to the feel of a cock in her twat. I asked her how it felt. She grimaced and moaned. Clearly, it felt good but she was not used to it. It hurt. It was now that I had to make a decision. Nikki was obviously not going to get used to a decent-lengthed but wide cock sliding in and out of her in one day, which is almost surely all I had with her since I was going back to school soon. If this was how she was going roll from here on out, she was going to need to learn to take a cock. I decided I would be the teacher. I would give it to her hard, like it or not. I convinced myself I was doing her a favor, but I really just wanted to fuck her hard. After seeing her body glisten with sweat from our lessons and seeing how the beads shone on her tanned skin (I imagined her laying out by the pool in a tight bikini), I wanted all I could get from her.
“I am going to fuck you harder now,” I told her. “It’s a escort bursa good thing you’re so wet, you little slut.” I started pumping my dick into her tight wet pussy harder, her ass getting slammed by me. Her ass was just as I would have hoped from a 15 year old. It was perfectly round and smooth and firm, with no blemishes and certainly no cellulite. She was not full grown, so her ass was still small, but I had seen from her tight shorts that there was still a gorgeous swell. And now I saw it in person.
Her ass shook slightly as I jammed my throbbing cock in and out of her pussy. It was feeling so good for me, and it seemed to be feeling better for Nikki, but her pussy was not used to being stretched out like this. She was used to fingers maybe, or vibrators. But those are all thin, not as wide around as my cock was. And she was finding it out, as my cock slid in and out, accompanied by her moans and occasional squeals.
“Oh my God, Will, your cock feels so good! Is that what it feels like to get fucked?” she yelped.
“Talk to me later, just take it now,” I ordered. And I continued to pound her tight fresh pussy. It felt incredible to fuck where no man had ever stuck his cock. Her pussy walls were so smooth. She would be so sore later, but I didn’t care. I was using her as my fuck toy. She could deal with the soreness on her own time. As for me, I was getting paid by the hour for this.
“Have you ever been touched here?” I asked, as I rubbed my finger around the rim of her asshole.
“Oh my fucking god, no. Do you have to stick it in there?” she asked imploringly.
“It just wouldn’t be a good fucking if I didn’t stick it in your ass,” I said.
“Oh my god,” she said as she faced forward and braced herself.
I spat on my own cock to get it lubed up (there was no lube in the tennis shed of course), and pushed it into her ass. There was an invisible wall preventing my from penetration. However, this to me proved an obstacle that I was driven to overcome. After some intense pushing from me, I was able to slide it in. However, her ass was so tight, that it was actually uncomfortable for me to be in there. I pulled out and had a better idea.
“When your boyfriend got off with your blowjobs, where did he cum?” I asked.
“In my mouth or in my hands sometimes,” she panted, out of breath from the past half hour.
“I want to come on your face,” I told her. “And my load is going to be huge, I haven’t gotten off for almost two weeks.”
“Do you want to jack off on my face?” she said seductively, sucking on her finger after running it down to her red pussy.
“I have a better idea baby,” I said. “I want to fuck your face.” As I said this, I positioned myself in front of her, her kneeling with her face at cock level.
Before she had a chance to respond, I grabbed her head with both hands and thrust it towards my cock. Though she was only able to fit about 5” into her mouth last time, she was taking all 7” by force as she gagged on my meat. Her eyes began to water from her gag reflex as she made the hottest noises with her mouth. She pulled off and started to protest, but my cock would not be denied. I would jam it back into her mouth and pump. Her saliva slid out the corners of her mouth.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled her off my cock (which she now seemed to be enjoying a lot more), took aim, and shot my load all over her. Some went straight into her mouth, but I made sure to hit other parts of her face too, and managed to jizz her cheeks and chin, where a thick string of cum hung down, reaching towards her teenage tits. I moved my cock towards her mouth once more.
“Suck the rest out.”
Nikki took hold of my cock and milked out the last off the cum. After bring instructed to, she lapped up the cum off of her, running her finger over her face and tits and swallowing up all of me.
“How was it?” I asked.
“I loved it. It hurt but I really liked it. And your cum tasted so good,” she said.
We threw on our clothes with about 10 minutes to spare in the hour, and her dad arrived only a couple minutes after we had spread the balls all over the court to make it appear we had hit them. With a sly look, Nikki assured me she would call to fit one more lesson in, and drove off with her Dad. Like usual, she was drenched it sweat. I gathered my gear, and went home to wait by the phone.

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