Mart 25, 2021

The Story of Debra Ch. 04

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She was early as she pushed open the back door to the club. However, Johnny was still there to leer at her from the office doorway and to grope her butt as she stood at her locker on his way to the door. The guy really was a creep and he couldn’t take a hint. She picked her outfit for the evening, the white chiffon baby doll that she loved. She loved the way that white set off the colours in her hair and eyes, it made her seem all the more exited.

She stood watching at the corner of the stage. It used to turn her on watching the other girls dance. Seeing their lithe bodies moving in an unbroken rhythm in time to the beat, not that she ever looked like that. Her legs were long for her frame but she was not as graceful. Despite what she felt about bringing guys home from work she couldn’t stop thinking about her encounter with the guy form the night before. Chris, the name on the paper had said. He wasn’t the best she had ever had but he wasn’t bad either! As she watched from the darkness of the wings she tried to make out if he was there. A little part of her inside was really hoping that he was, and it wasn’t just the part between her legs.

The lights went down and she strode out onto the stage. She’d changed her repertoire for the evening, hoping to prove that she could do more than just the average, in case he did show up. The lights came up and she balanced atop the pole, gripping it tight between her thighs. Slowly she slid down it, her legs forming a stiletto’d V. Slowly she knelt up with the pole sliding between her breasts. She tried to survey the room but the spotlight was too bright. Her hips thrust up against the pole and her buttocks strained at the white lace of her thong as she wiggled up against the pole. Gripping it tightly she pulled herself up and began kneading her breasts as she thrust backwards into the pole. The cold steel brushing up against her sex was exhilarating and turned her on a little. She began sliding up against it and the steel seemed to become more slippery. She wasn’t sure if it was from her sex or from her sweat. She jumped up again and slid herself slowly down the pole. Suddenly she saw him. Sitting at the bar. At least she thought it was him. She came round again and looked, but there was no one there. Damn, she thought beşiktaş escort to herself, all heated up and no one to cool her off. She carried on gyrating against the pole. But she’d lost interest.

The music finished, and slightly disheartened she made her way backstage., to be greeted by none other than Chris. “A little different from last night wasn’t that?” He enquired. “Think I’ve seen it before too.” She was too flustered to answer. She almost expected him to pull out some roses! “DEB!!” came a scream from the office. She rolled her eyes and excused herself as she went in. There, on the desk, was the biggest bunch of roses she’d seen. Red ones.

“You got a secret admirer. These came for you. Shall I trash ’em?” Enquired Johnny with a bit of a sneer. “No, I need them to counteract your looks” She chimed as he brushed past.

“Friend of yours?” Asked Chris as he stepped into the office. She didn’t even bother answering him, but clamped her mouth on his. His tongue gave her the response that he was as happy to oblige as she was. His arms slid around her waist and he pushed her up against the desk. God he felt good. His hands moved to her breasts, kneading them as her nipples strained at the sheer chiffon fabric. She was still wearing her costume, and the thong was dripping wet between her legs.

Without any regard for what she was doing she grabbed him, and unzipped his pants. Yet again she was pleased to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He pulled her legs upto his hips. “Guess you’re not worried about getting caught?” He asked. Her response was to stick her tongue down his throat as a resounding and most definite no. He pushed aside her thong and drove into her. The feeling of his engorged cock stretching her pussy as his weight pushed down on top drove her mad, she almost cried out with the pleasure of it. He clamped his mouth over hers to stop her from crying out as he thrust into her. Her legs gripped his buttocks as he rode into her. The lace was driving her crazy as it rubbed against her clit with each of his thrusts. Her buttocks were sliding on the desktop and she was bucking against his hips making him thrust into her as far as his large cock could possibly reach.

“Now beylikdüzü escort bayan that’s hardly fair”. Chris jerked himself up, and Deb sat up with the same shock. Johnny was standing leering in the doorway. Neither of them had heard him there, but from the look on his face, and the bulge of his pants he’d been enjoying watching them. “Now Deb, how comes you’ve never let me do that to you’se?” He grinned, knowing that she was in an awkward position, having been caught in the act so to speak. She debated for a minute whether or not to reply. Chris’ cock twitched inside her, reminding her of its presence. She looked at him hoping for some inspiration as to what she should do.

“Maybe we could share?” He said, his face breaking out into a manical grin. She was sure he was joking. He couldn’t be serious. There was no chance Johnny was going to say no to this one! Chris withdrew, and as he stood up he pulled her up with him. Johnny couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. She looked him up and down. His cock wasn’t bad, but it didn’t hold a torch to Chris’. Chris lay down on the desk. His cock was standing up, it was still glistening with her juices from the unfinished fucking they had been engaged in. She took off the costume. It seemed a bit superfluous. She climbed up onto the desk and straddled him. She looked down at Chris.

She really wasn’t sure what to make of this situation. He made an attempt to look apologetic but the grin in his eyes was unmistakable. She teased him a little by letting his cock slip against the outside of her slit. She felt the head inside her and pumped against it, letting it slip in and out. This drove Chris mad, and she pinned him to the table. She felt Johnny move up behind her as she slid herself all the way down on Chris’ engorged cock. She was getting even wetter feeling his body beneath hers, the sense of power she felt as it was he that writhed beneath her sent a rush through her leaving her almost as dizzy as he had.

She’d almost forgotten Johnny until she felt his hands on her hips. His hands slid over her round buttocks as they slid up and down Chris’ cock. She felt one of his fingers sliding into her ass. She flinched automatically, bostancı escort bayan this wasn’t something she had really tried before. He squeezed some jelly from a tube in the desk onto his cock, rubbing it and making it slippery enough to slide into her ass. The feeling wasn’t exactly uncomfortable as he slid one and then two fingers into her ass in unison with her thrusting down onto Chris cock, who was moaning loudly as she sat deeply onto his balls. Johnny’s hands circled her hips, and she felt his cock against her hole. She slowed her thrusts to allow him to slide inside her. It hurt a little as he slid his engorged head inside her. He was trying to be gentle and slide it in inch by inch, but the fact that he had been dying to fuck her for so long made him impatient and he impaled her ass on his cock with a hard plunge. The two men pumped at her and as strange as the feeling of having Johnny’s cock in her ass had been, the two cocks working in unison between her wet pussy and tight ass sent shocks through her and she came over and over.

Chris’ hands were working hard at her right breast while he sucked at her left one. The sensitivity of her nipples was giving her enough pleasure almost to equal that of Chris’ cock inside her once more. Johnny was really going for it in her ass, he was pumping so hard that the desk was rocking. His momentum lifted her off Chris cock and thrust her back onto it hard, Chris was breathing hard and the sensation overtook him as he came with a great moan. The feeling of his hot cum inside of her sent Debra over the edge as well and her contractions made Johnny shoot his load deep inside her ass. The three stayed there breathing heavy for a moment. The two men savouring the feeling of their cocks inside her wet and well fucked holes.

It was Johnny that withdrew first. He picked up her costume from the floor and wiped his cock with it. Debra looked down at Chris, he had a grin on his face. She was exhausted from the experience, she’d never had anything like that. Johnny patted her on the ass. “That was great darling, maybe next time should keep it to just us eh?” The door clicked shut behind him and the two were once again alone. Debra climbed off. Her knees were red from the desk and she had the two men’s cum dripping between her legs.

Chris sat up on the edge of the desk. “I don’t suppose the lady would be interested in coming out to dinner with her plaything by any chance?” He asked with a rather knowing grin on his face. Gathering up her costume and her roses off the floor she promised to think about it and went to go change. She’d think about it all right. All night long probably!

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