Mart 22, 2021

The Start of Something New Ch. 02

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This is part two, hope you enjoy!


The feelings rushing through this new young couple were totally unexpected; both of them have never been in a relationship before. But wow, they were learning a lot! Jake was realizing that his touch could drive Abby crazy; he loved the way she reacted to his soft touches on her pussy. How he loved the moans she let out as his fingers played with her wet pussy, wow it’s so wet and he was doing that to her. And Abby well she didn’t know what to expect, maybe she was a bit naive but she seemed to be doing things right, she continued stroking his cock, juices were flowing out of Jakes cock, leaking over Abby’s hands, Jake was encouraging her and saying how good it felt. Abby smiled and laughed as she felt Jake shiver, his whole body jerked, his cock throbbing in her hand, she wasn’t sure what had happened but after it passed he looked at her and all she could see in his eyes was a hunger. A hunger for her, for her body that she had never seen before that look turned her heart inside out. Wow Abby thought he wants me, I just gave him pleasure and he looks at me like he just wants to take all my clothes off!

Abby grinned at Jake and he pulled his hand away from her wet pussy, and pulled her close to him. ‘I need a minute’ said Jake, not because he had cum, but because he had never felt that before. The rush of pleasure that had swept over him was just a taste of what could come, he knew that but wow no women had ever wanted to make that happen for him. Abby looked at Jake he was quiet all off a sudden, she wasn’t sure what to do but she asked him ‘what was that, when you started to shiver,’ Jake answered ‘it was like a rush of pleasure, I haven’t felt anything like that before’ he leaned his head onto her shoulder and said ‘wow.’

The sun had now set and it was getting dark, Abby couldn’t remember seeing the sun antalya escort set. But she figured it was time to head of somewhere else. She asked Jake if he wanted to go get a drink at a local cafe and they packed things up and walked back to the car. Jake wasn’t sure how to act now, after he felt the pleasure rush through him they suddenly stopped making out and now it seemed they would go to a cafe and then go home. He really didn’t want the night to end like that, he was so horny he had to adjust the bulge in his pants as they put the picnic things back in the car. All he could think about now was wanting to see Abby beautiful boobs and her cute bum and well everything, he had clumsily groped her boobs before but he wanted to actually touch them, feel the soft skin and taste them. He wanted to make her feel loved, he wanted to take all her clothes off and touch her skin and kiss her everywhere. Jake hoped in the driver seat and watched as Abby sat herself in the passenger seat.

When she had closed her door he leaned over and kissed her, it was a kiss that made Abby feel the heat in her pussy again. It was dark outside now and everyone who had been sitting in the park had packed up as well and left. They were the only ones in the carpark, Jake loved it that no one could see them, they weren’t being watched it was just him and her. The kiss drew Abby in, it was like her body was humming and she moved to put her hands onto his chest and around his neck. The kiss swept both of them in again, and their mouths moulded together. Jakes tongue pushed its way into her mouth, but this time he took it slowly he tasted every part of her mouth oh she tasted so good. He moved his tongue under hers and she moaned as he moved it in and out of that warm little area. Abby’s moan made him realize that his penis was pushing against his pants just asking to be let out, he wanted antalya rus escort her mouth on his penis wanted her to take him deep inside her throat.

Abby’s body was buzzing again, from her toes to her head she couldn’t control her urges anymore. The feel of Jakes tongue darting in and out of her mouth made her so wet, she knew that the wetness must be dripping out now. Jake stopped the kiss and they looked at each other, they were both breathing heavily. Jake asked Abby ‘take your undies off’, Abby looked at him a bit shocked but did what he asked, he helped her pull it down from her knees and over her toes and he threw it onto the back seat. She laughed at him but looked back at Jake a bit shyly not knowing what to do next. But Jake knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to taste her, he wanted to lick her pussy, and suck on her clit and make her feel what he had before. He pulled her skirt up slowly so that he could see the little patch of short black hair, he asked her ‘did you shave it’ Abby just nodded, she didn’t want to admit that she had waxed it and shaved it hoping that this would happen. Jakes hands started to roam her legs and her thighs not touching her hot pussy but teasing her. Abby automatically spread her legs wider wanting him to touch her pussy, which he did. With his gentle hands he glided over her warm clit and opened her up so that he could push his finger very lightly into her opening. Abby moaned a little as he did this wanting to feel something inside her.

Jake moved in his seat and bent over so that he was breathing over her warm pussy, and he started to lick her clit every so lightly. Abby held her breath as she felt for the first time his warm tongue licking her. The sensation was incredible and she moved her hips up slightly just that she could feel his tongue more. Jake moved his tongue antalya ucuz escort deeper into the folds or her warm pussy and moved his hands up and down her legs, she felt so smooth and tasty, he could taste her juices now so he dipped his tongue in her pussy and lapped her up. He knew this was driving her crazy as her hips started to push up against him. Jake loved to taste of her and the feel of her flesh so warm and he sucked on her clit and licked her until she moaned loudly in his ear and her body started to shake. He didn’t stop, even when she started to relax again, he decided he wanted to know when it felt like inside her.

So he slowly moved his hand to her pussy teasing her with his fingers and slowly he pushed a finger inside her. Abby sucked in a breath and he quickly looked at her wondering if he had hurt her but she just closed her eyes and sighed. He pushed his fingers further in loving the feel of her so warm and wet and tight inside her, but as he kept pushing he felt a barrier and he quickly thought to himself that must be her hymen. So he pulled back his finger even though Abby was again pushing her hips against him, and he said to her I don’t want to break that seal, not yet. Abby just nodded she wasn’t too sure about doing that yet either, but it felt so good having something inside her. She kissed him, knowing that they had just shared something very special and knowing that she wanted more and more to be with him and to know his body as well. Jake put his arms around Abby, hugging her, comforting her, respecting her. He took Abby’s head in his hands, looked into her eyes, and kissed her, showing Abby his love for who she is.

They cuddled for a little longer, both slightly dozing off, Jake said, “time for bed?” Abby agreed, but not wanting to stop cuddling, Jake kissed her once again and said ” lets go, ill drive home” Abby rested her hand on Jakes thigh, as they drove home. What an amazing day together, Jake walked Abby to her front door, kissed and hugged her goodnight, not wanting to leave, but he had too, and Jake promised to see her again tomorrow, saying “ill pick you up in the morning” Goodbye!

To be continued…

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