Mayıs 24, 2021

The Sorority Sisters: Jenna No. 03

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Jenn No.3, Finger fuck and blow job with a stranger. Dare No. 3.


You’ve seen Jenn prep her ass for a fucking, and confront a stranger about the toys in her ass (Jenn No.1). Then you saw her give her body to a stranger for his enjoyment, in a public mall. She had her pussy caressed and her breasts fondled (Jenn No.2). Now she has moved up a step and has accepted a third dare: to give herself to another stranger for intimate sexual contact. Jenn is moving along nicely, taking a bit more risk each time. Here she is, first in an email to tell me she has done it, and then with the full account of what she did.

Jenn was a newbie up till now. And now her trajectory is heading for real sexual fun and depravity. Ya gotta love a girl like this.

Susan James


An email from Jenn:

My dear sexy Mistress,

I hope everything is well with you during the holidays.

Sorry, it took me a while to report back to you about my third dare. I have been so busy during the holidays. Actually, I really wish it was over.

I am still so excited about my trip and the events with Rick. He was really hot. I have never cum so hard from a man’s fingers. He was good. That little scissor motion he did with his fingers was awesome. It sent me into orbit. You should really have someone try it on you. My pussy gets wet and tingly every time I think about it.

Finally, I was able to get it all written down for you.

I know I have told you so many times, but you make me feel so sexy, so confident, and so erotic. Thank you so very much!!

Your sexy exhibitionist,



Dear Mistress Susan,

I so much wanted to accomplish my next dare. You wanted me to approach a stranger and have him masturbate me to orgasm, or give a stranger a blowjob, or if possible do both. The more I thought about the challenge, the more turned on I got. The thought of a strange man fingering me to an orgasm is intense and extremely erotic. I definitely like the thought of having an orgasm, but I think it is only right that if he gets me off then I should offer to blow him. So my goal was for both of us to orgasm.

Well, I just got home and wow what a trip. It was so incredible, Susan. I still can’t believe the day and night that I had. First of all let me explain that I had a business trip coming up. I was going to be traveling alone so I scheduled an extra day for myself, maybe do a little “shopping”. My boss would not know the difference. I thought this would be a great opportunity to do this dare. I would be away from home, no chance of anyone recognizing me. It would be a perfect setting. I packed some extra “sexy” clothes and headed out.

When I left my last business appointment I was feeling really good. Everything had gone well. I ate dinner, then was going to the room and passed the hotel spa. I noticed that they had a Jacuzzi isolated in the corner of the pool area. It really looked inviting, and the thought of relaxing in the warm water after a long day was irresistible. The only problem was that I had not brought a swim suit. It was getting late and there did not seem to be anyone else in the pool area, so I went into the locker room, stripped down to my bra and panties. What’s the difference right? I grabbed a towel, turned the jets on and crawled into the Jacuzzi.

Wow, the hot water really felt good. I laid my head back and began thinking of my dare. (It was your dare when you gave it to me, and when I accepted it, it became mine.) I played it over and over in my mind. Finding the right guy, approaching him, and how he would react. Where would we go so that we would not get caught? I was getting really nervous again. I relaxed a while longer and then climbed out of the water. I was feeling a little frisky, so I took off my wet bra and panties, wrapped the towel around my breasts, grabbed the rest of my clothes out of the locker room and headed for my room with nothing on but the towel. The towel was enough to cover my breasts but only covered about half of my ass. Anyone catching me in the elevator or hall would definitely get a nice view of my naked bottom.

Susan, I was actually thinking of you at that moment. You would have been so proud of me. Something I would have never done before you came into my life. By the time I got to my room, my whole body was tingling. I was high on adrenaline; it was such a rush.

I woke the next morning, got up and headed for the bathroom to get ready for my day. I took a little extra time shaving my legs and pussy. I wanted everything to be soft and smooth for my stranger’s hands and fingers. After a nice warm shower, I fixed my hair and makeup. I got dressed, pulling on my short skirt but leaving my panties lying with my bra. I would not be wearing them today. I had packed a nice button-up blouse with a low cut neck line that is very good for showing my cleavage. I even left the top couple of buttons undone so that my bare breasts were not hard illegal bahis to see as I moved and turned. Everything looked perfect. I checked myself in the mirror. A hint of my nipples was already visible through the thin fabric of my blouse. I was getting excited and I hadn’t even left the room yet.

I headed for the local mall. The weather outside was cold and brisk. Obviously my outfit was not one for winter, but was perfect for what I had planned today. I wore an overcoat but left it open in the front so that all my assets would show. Speaking of ass-ets, the air was nippy on my bare bottom and pussy.

After shopping a while and checking out potential candidates for my dare, I finally picked a guy that I was going to approach. He was a very nice looking guy, probably in his thirties. Everything was going well; I took a deep breath and walked up to him. Excuse me sir, I need your help. I am trying to complete a dare. If I do not accomplish it, I will be punished. I am not wearing any panties. Would you be willing to rub my pussy and finger me until I orgasm?

He looked at me with a shocked expression and said, “Are you crazy”, turned and practically ran off. Wow, that was not what I was expecting. I guess it had to happen sometime. I was not sure if he would notify security on me or not, so I quickly left the mall.

After that disaster, I decided to stop in at a little coffee shop in a small shopping center not far from my hotel. I needed to regroup anyway. When I walked in, I looked around the room noticing that it was not very crowded, and saw a very nice looking guy seated at a table by himself. I located a table on one end of the room that would let me flirt with him or any other person in that general area. This might be the opportunity I had been waiting for.

I removed my overcoat and situated myself so that when he looked in my direction he would have a great view of my bare pussy. I reached into my purse and pulled out a book. I pretended to read while observing him and a couple of other men in the room who seemed to have noticed the view under my skirt.

My nipples were beginning to tingle, and I could feel a warmth and wetness starting to develop between my legs. I was getting hot, but I was also very nervous. I had never so blatantly exposed myself to a room full of strangers. As I reached for a napkin I had “accidentally” dropped, I spread my legs a little farther apart.

There was a conflict going on inside me. On one hand I was really getting off on exposing my most private parts to the gaze of strangers, and on the other I felt shame and fear for doing it. My stomach felt like it was full of butterflies, pardon the cliché. My hands were trembling slightly and my underarms were damp. I felt a single bead of perspiration run down my rib cage.

As I sat there staring blankly at my book (it could have been upside down for all I knew), I realized I had finally gotten my guy’s attention. He was staring right up my skirt at my naked pussy!!! It took all I had to not slam my thighs together. His stare felt like a laser, heating my labia with its power. More juice leaked out of my slit and I wondered if he could see that, too.

I realized after a few moments that I was not breathing, and I inhaled sharply. His glance jumped to my eyes, but he didn’t look away as most men would. But I did, and felt my face instantly heat up with my flush of shame. But steeling myself, I not only didn’t clamp my legs closed, I slowly widened the distance between my knees. Oh god, this was incredible. I was so excited that I worried for a minute that I might wet myself.

Here I was, sweet ‘virginal’ Jenn, sitting in a public café, wantonly exposing her naked and now wet cunt to a perfect stranger sitting not more that six or eight feet away. And he was openly and casually ogling my swelling sex.

Taking a deep breath, I started to really pour on the act. Still pretending to be engulfed in my book, I started to rub my nipple through the fabric of my blouse. It was now very hard and erect, not to mention the effect it was having on my pussy. It felt so wet. Glancing over my book, I could tell that he was smiling and watching my every move. This was getting really exciting for me as well. The other guys that had noticed were straining, trying to watch without me catching them.

For the next several minutes, I continued to pretend to read while rubbing my breast and opening my legs for their view. At one point, I lowered my book a little, looked over at my guy and gave him a wink. I could not stand it any longer. I reached into my purse, grabbed a pen and started to write a note on a napkin. After I had finished, I got up, pulled on my overcoat, letting my tits really show for my audience. As I passed his table on the way to the cashier, I laid my note in front of him, smiled and walked on. My note said, “If you are interested in a little fun, meet me outside”. I paid the cashier and walked out the door. When I got outside, I was so excited illegal bahis siteleri my hands were trembling, and my heart was thumping away in my chest. My nipples were still tingling from the attention that I had given them. I looked around the shopping center and noticed a clothing store a couple of doors down. I was starting to walk in that direction when my guy walked out of the coffee shop. He walked over to me. I smiled at him, and said, “Hi, my name is Jenn”.

He returned the greeting, “Hi Jenn, my name is Rick.”

We chatted there for a few minutes. Rick seemed to be a really nice guy. From the short time that we chatted, I could tell that this was one of those things that had never happened to him before but he was going with it. It was starting to get a little chilly.

He said, “What kind of fun did you have in mind?”

I said, “Rick, I have been challenged with a dare from my mistress. You already know that I am not wearing any panties. I need for you to finger my pussy until I orgasm. Are you interested?”

I am not sure who was breathing heavier, me or him. He looked at me, then down at my breasts that were now showing nicely the way my blouse had opened up. He looked back up at me with kind of wide eyes, grinned and said, “Sure Jenn, but where?”

I looked around and saw the clothing store. I grabbed Rick by the hand and told him we were going into the clothing store and use one of their fitting rooms.

When we entered the store, we passed through the Men’s section, randomly picking out some shirts and pants. I knew the men’s fitting rooms would not be as busy, especially during the day, so we would be less likely to be disturbed or caught. We stepped through the door into the fitting rooms and went all the way to the last one in the back. Thankfully, these fitting rooms had full doors on them and not just curtains. I threw the clothes over into the corner, took off my coat and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. I told Rick to sit down on the bench.

My mind was racing, my face felt flushed and I was breathing so heavily I thought I was going to pass out. I slowly pulled my skirt up around my hips letting Rick get a close up view of my smooth, bare pussy. I moved up and sat on his lap facing him, straddling his thighs. My pussy had been wet for the last hour and I could smell the aroma of my arousal as my legs were spread wide across his. Rick laid his hands on my legs and slowly ran them up my thighs to my hips. He softly rubbed my thighs, then ran his hands around to grip the cheeks of my ass. His hands felt so good on my skin.

Rick asked to see my tits so I moved my hands from his shoulders and began to finish unbuttoning my blouse. I opened my blouse letting my tits hang freely in front of his face.

“Oh god, your tits are beautiful” he whispered and immediately grabbed them in his strong hands and began squeezing and massaging them. I love strong hands and his felt really good on me. He leaned forward and began kissing my breasts and sucking on my hard nipples. I was letting out soft moans letting him know that he was definitely doing the right thing. I could not stand it any longer. He had me so hot. I wanted to feel his fingers in my pussy.

I took his hand and moved it down to just above my smooth mound. The first touch was very light as he moved his hand under and completely cupped my already very wet and very aroused pussy. I moaned out softly as he began rubbing his fingers back and forth across my engorged lips. I was already so turned on and excited that his fingers were easily slipping between the wet folds of my inner lips. He was making me crazy with desire. I wanted his fingers in me so bad. He rubbed a little harder back and forth between my lips and then I felt him insert a finger deep into me.

I let out a low, guttural moan, “Oh Yesss” and started to move my hips with the movement of his finger.

Then I felt him insert a second finger into me. I exhaled a deep hot breath into his ear, “Ummmmmm, Oh yesss, it feels sooooo good.”

He started moving his fingers in and out in a fast, but smooth, rhythm. I was pumping my hips on his fingers faster and harder. I was trying to push his fingers deeper into my burning pussy. My god, he had me on fire. I was breathing hard and loud. My head was spinning. I knew I was about to explode. Then, holding his fingers deep inside me, he moved his fingers back and forth in a scissor motion. I had never felt that before. Oh god, what an incredible feeling. That was it. I exploded. I held on around his neck and buried my face into his shoulder to keep from screaming. My whole body began to shake, my legs trembled, and I let out a moan of pleasure that I am sure was heard out in the store if anyone was even close.

I sat there straddling his thighs, my body trembling, for several minutes. I was breathing hard… panting actually. As I began to regain my composure, I reached down and took his hand as he slowly pulled his fingers out of canlı bahis siteleri my tingling pussy. His hand and fingers were soaked with my wetness, a combination of my lubrication and my thicker cum. The aroma of my sex and arousal filled the small cubicle, surrounding us. I was a little embarrassed by the state I was in, but aroused by it, too. I lifted his hand to my mouth, and while staring into his eyes, started to lick the gooey mess from his fingers. He groaned as I continued to lick and suck on them until I had nearly cleaned his fingers. I smiled at him, “Rick, that was absolutely incredible! Thank you.”

I slid off of his lap, straightened my skirt, and then knelt on the floor between his spread thighs. I reached up and started unbuttoning his pants. Looking up at him, I told him “Sweetie, I would like to repay the favor if you will let me.”

He just nodded, so I continued unzipping his pants. I could feel he was already hard as a rock which was good because I knew we could not have much time before someone would come back and check on us. Actually, I was surprised that they had not already, knowing that I had made more noise than I should have. But gosh, it is hard to be quiet when you are being finger fucked to an incredible orgasm. The whole scene was scarily erotic.

I quickly reached up and began to pull his pants down. He raised his butt and helped me push his pants and shorts down around his ankles. I spread his legs again and moved between them. The floor was cold and hard and hurt my knees, but it felt oddly erotic to accept some pain and be positioned submissively before this sexy man. I took his cock into my hand and guided it toward my mouth. Ummmm, he had a nice cock. It was long and smooth, with a wonderful, swollen head. I went down and took him in my mouth for a nice long taste, and then slowly back up ending with a soft kiss on the tip.

I looked up at him briefly, smiled, and said, “Sweetie, when you get ready to cum, let me know. I want you to shoot your cum on my tits, OK?”

Again, without a word, he just nodded his agreement. Then, without a pause, I slid my mouth down the length of his dick and started pumping. I bobbed up and down his length, gripping the base of his shaft in one hand and holding his balls in the other as his body squirmed and writhed beneath me. It suddenly dawned on me what I was doing. I had trouble making this go into my head. I was kneeling before a stranger who had just finger fucked me to an orgasm, and I was sucking his engorged cock. His breath was fast and heavy. He was trying so hard to be quiet. I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Susan, I could not believe what I was doing. I was out of control. And I was so fucking hot I thought I would explode right then and there. I was in a daze, and loving every moment of it.

He started matching each bob of my head with an upward thrust of his hips. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and knew he was close.

With his hands braced wide out to his sides, he pressed his hips upward and said “Oh god, Jenn, I am going to cum. Oh god, yes, Oh yes!”

I pulled my mouth off of his cock, kept pumping his length with my hand and leaned up closer getting my breasts into position. My blouse was still hanging widely open. He held his breath for a second then groaned deeply and jerked as he shot his cum hard onto my waiting chest.

He pumped and pumped, covering my upper chest and breasts with a huge amount of his hot, pearly ejaculate. When his cock stopped spasming I stopped stroking. Then I leaned down and took him back into my mouth. I very lightly held him on my tongue as he calmed down. As he relaxed back onto the bench, I slowly worked back up his shaft and sucked what cum was left off the end the head. I lightly kissed the tip, looked up at him and smiled my sexiest smile. The smell of sperm now joined the aroma of fucked woman to fill the cubicle.

I stood in front of him, examining his cum all across the top of my tits. Some of it was starting to run down in my cleavage and across my belly, and a little dripped off my nipples. Following your instructions Mistress, I buttoned my blouse partially, leaving the cum on my breasts. Rick was slowly pulling his pants back up. I finished straightening my clothes, leaving plenty of cum-wet cleavage showing for anyone to see.

I leaned close, kissed him lightly on the cheek, and said, “Thank you so much Rick. You were incredible.”

I turned to leave the dressing room. Rick spoke up and said, “Jenn, can we get together again?”

“I don’t know, maybe. Do you go to that café often?” I winked at him, wished him a Merry Christmas, grabbed my coat and walked out of the dressing room into the store. Luckily there were only a couple of other customers on the other side of the store.

I could smell the strong aroma of his cum as I walked down the aisle toward the door. I looked over at the clerk who was straightening clothes on a nearby rack. She looked up at me with a knowing smile. She was definitely close enough to see the white wetness on my breasts and the stains where the cum was wetting the fabric of my blouse. She smiled her approval. I breathed a sigh of relief, smiled back at her and left the store.

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