Mayıs 24, 2021

The Slumber Party Ch. 08

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The meeting was scheduled for a Friday night, and Rod would come over to Audrey’s apartment—she had a small place off-campus—and stay over into the morning. Unless, of course, things went really bad and he was ordered out of the house.

He was tingling with emotion as he approached the building. He had to admit that Audrey really was pretty—and much more than pretty. He liked petite girls; and although he’d never say it in a million years, he sometimes found Melissa’s plump physique just a tad difficult to deal with. Audrey was incredibly svelte—she was two inches shorter than her sister, and exquisitely proportioned in every aspect. But she was not too thin: her curves at bust, hips, and butt were luscious, and Rod had to catch himself to make sure he wasn’t staring at them while Melissa was around.

And the other thing was that he really did like Audrey. He could talk to her unaffectedly and at length, and he appreciated how she gazed intently at him when he was talking, as if drinking in everything he said. There were times when he had to resist bending over across a table and planting a kiss on her mouth.

Melissa wouldn’t like that at all!

He was amazed that she had agreed to what was really a pretty obscene proposal. I mean, what woman gives her man permission to sleep with her sister? And especially to do the particular act he had come over to do? He had a sinking feeling that Melissa had felt pressured into it, and he made sure to let her know that nothing in their relationship had changed, or would change, afterwards. He loved her, and that was the end of the matter.

So he rang Audrey’s buzzer and was instantly let in.

As he climbed the stairs to her second-floor apartment, the gravity of the moment almost overwhelmed him. This was not simply a rendezvous with an attractive girl; this was almost tantamount to him being a male whore brought in to service an importunate and sex-crazed female. The role reversal amused him, but also troubled him. Okay, I’m not actually getting paid for this—but is this really something our society wants to condone?

But those considerations fell from his mind as Audrey opened the door and ushered him in.

It should have been no surprise to him—but, in fact, it was—that she was dressed in nothing but a thin, brightly colored robe. There was no doubt in his mind that she had nothing on underneath.

She took him by the arm—and his suspicions were confirmed by his detection of a breast nudging his bicep—and led him to what appeared to be a sideboard with a few bottles of liquor arranged elegantly on top.

“Would you like something to drink?” she cooed.

“Um,” he said clumsily, “I don’t drink—not that stuff, anyway.”

“Well, maybe you should start.”

And with that, she doled out a small amount of Scotch in a heavy glass in which she had dumped several ice cubes. In his heightened state, he fixated on every motion on her part—the slim fingers that scooped up ice from a nearby container, the intensity of her expression as she poured a fairly small amount of the golden fluid into the glass, and then the frank gaze she gave to him as she handed the beverage to him.

She led him to the couch and urged him to sit. He sipped the strong drink and almost coughed as the initial drops slid down his throat. At first he didn’t care for the taste, but the warm glow that radiated from his throat and stomach proved both stimulating and comforting, and he sat back and sipped several more times.

She herself had drunk nothing but seemed content to watch him finish. When he did so, she said, “I’m sorry, Rod, I just can’t wait any longer. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”

As his nervousness returned in a rush, she led him willy-nilly to the tiny bedroom, where a queen-size bed took up nearly the entire room. As she placed him next to the bed, she began undressing him—not hastily, but with systematic precision. It was obvious she had done this many times before, and Rod wondered idly whether the number of her bedmates had already reached triple figures.

Well, maybe they have—but none of them have done what I’m going to do!

When she got to the point of taking his underwear off, she became a bit agitated. The removal of his pants had hinted at something she was somehow not expecting, and the exposure of his organ after she peeled off his briefs caused her to gasp in something close to shock.

“Oh, my goodness!”

He was not even fully hard, and yet Audrey could tell that his length and girth were exceptional. An expression of alarm, even fear, flitted across her face, but quickly gave way to delight and excitement. She had already lowered herself to her knees, and without delay she plunged the huge member into her mouth. Now it was Rod’s turn to gasp, as her warm mouth and wet tongue expertly brought him to full erection. She had to struggle to keep his cock horizontal, as it exhibited a strong tendency to stand straight up against his belly.

She bahis firmaları didn’t ignore his balls, knowing that most guys love to have them gently stimulated during oral sex. In fact, she popped his cock out of her mouth to direct special attention to the large, heavy sac underneath it, placing first one, then both of his testicles in her mouth, as if she were swallowing two particularly large meatballs. She of course took care not to injure the delicate organs, rolling them around on her tongue in a way that made Rod come close to spurting right then and there.

When he couldn’t take this stimulation anymore, he lifted her up and peeled the robe off of her. She was gloriously naked.

His impressions of her beauty, derived from the occasionally revealing clothes she wore, were thoroughly confirmed. Below that heavenly face he saw her soft shoulders, perfectly firm and rounded breasts, flat stomach, sturdy but shapely thighs, tapered calves, and best of all, a thick dark bush covering her sex. Rod couldn’t get enough of the sight, and Audrey smiled knowingly as she let him take in her loveliness. As he all but pushed her onto the bed, she artfully parted her legs to allow Rod to see that she was already wet, a few drops clinging to the hairs around her labia.

He descended upon her muff, lapping up those juices and causing a flood of additional fluid to flow down into his mouth and down his throat. Its sweet but tangy savor stimulated him to further action, and he seized her gorgeous bottom as he nibbled on labia and clitoris in such a way that Audrey knew the culmination could not be long delayed. She leaned her head back and all but screamed out her orgasm, not recalling when she had ever come so quickly or so intensely. He extended her climax for minutes by continuing to nuzzle her sex gently with tongue and lips, until she couldn’t endure any more stimulation and forced him to stop.

As she stared up at him, panting and gasping, he positioned himself on her body, looked down sharply at her, and inserted his cock into her pussy.

Once again she gasped—for she had never had such a big thing in her in all the copulations she had had with dozens and dozens of guys over the past seven years. He filled her up in a way she had not thought possible, and the intensity of the sensation almost made her come again. There was a twinge of pain as his cock penetrated her to its full extent, but she made sure to raise her legs and bend her knees to accommodate him as best she could. He lay at full length on her, pounding her while kissing her mouth, cheeks, nose, forehead, and ears, and squeezing her breasts and bottom with his hands. Once he reached between their bodies and toyed with her clitoris while still pummeling her, and that surprising act really did engender another swift climax out of her.

He eased up for a while as the orgasm faded, but in some sense it never did: she had entered that rare plane of experience where a woman can feel a nearly constant low-grade climax that might go on indefinitely. Her eyes glazed over as he thrust harder and harder into her, and she felt she was a helpless object—a kind of sex doll whose sole function was to give pleasure to a man.

Rod’s payoff came unexpectedly, as he shot bolt after bolt of hot, thick fluid into her as Audrey moaned continually. He lay heavily on top of her, not pulling out, as she clung to him with inexplicable desperation. Finally he slipped wetly out of her and rolled off.

“Omigod,” she said between ragged breaths. “That was—that was amazing.” This might have been the best sex I’ve ever had.

“Yeah,” Rod choked out, “it was fabulous.”

They needed a rest, but Rod couldn’t bear not being in contact with his bedmate. So he rolled Audrey on top of himself and wrapped her in his arms. She nestled snugly into his rangy frame like a little girl, appreciating the gentle strokes of his hands on her back, thighs, and bottom. She didn’t know how long it would take for him to recover, but she was already prepared for the main event.

And so, it appeared was he. Within minutes he pulled up her head and said, “Are you ready?”

She nodded mechanically.

“Do you have the stuff?”

Without speaking, she opened the drawer of the nightstand and brought out the blue jar. Melissa had made sure to inform her of their lube of choice.

She unscrewed the bottle and let Rod take a generous dose on his fingers. Keeping her positioned on top of him, he applied the stuff carefully and gently; but even so, Audrey squealed and giggled as his fingers probed that nether orifice in a way she had never done herself. She knew that Rod liked to have a girl lie flat on her stomach, so she clambered off of him and got herself into position.

He looked down at the exquisite sight of her backside, with his flaring hips and curving bottom. At first he did nothing more than stroke that bottom softly with his hand, taking in every inch of skin and muscle. Then kaçak iddaa he prepared to make his entry.

At this point Audrey suddenly became afraid and said timorously, “Oh, God, please don’t hurt me!”

He whispered in her ear, “I’ll do my best, dear.”

That simple endearment—spoken as if to a beloved spouse—reassured her more than she thought possible. She went limp as he tentatively probed the opening with the tip of his cock. He was dismayed that she let out a whimper, but she immediately added, “Don’t stop! I’m just being silly!” He felt she was anything but that, but proceeded with utmost caution. And yet, the lubricant made entry amazingly quick and easy, and before he knew it he had gotten several inches of his shaft into her.

Her eyes bulged and she took in a sharp intake of breath as she got used to the unusual sensation. She had to resist the natural inclination to tighten her sphincter in the presence of this foreign body, and it took her some time for her brain to convince her body to do just that. By this time Rod—even though he had vowed to himself only to go into her at about half his length—couldn’t help proceeding inch by inch until he was fully in.

As Melissa had done, she let out a choking cry that Rod felt indicated some pain or discomfort, and so he pulled out a bit. Audrey sighed in relief, and Rod took that as an indication that he could go in perhaps three-quarters of the way, but no more. He began pumping quite gently, but as he noted her closing her eyes and smiling softly to herself, licking her lips unconsciously, he felt he could quicken the pace. He took her breasts in her hands, and her smile broadened. Then, as he ground his hips into her, he slowly snaked a hand down to her sex, reaching the sopping area and making it still wetter with his strokes. Her eyes and mouth popped open at this, and she started emitting moans and squeals in rhythm with his thrusts. And when he shot an immense load into her, she let out a kind of inarticulate gargle that made him realize he had rung her bell also.

Again he remained firmly in her bottom for minutes afterward, until some writhing motions from her led him to believe she wanted him out. He pulled out with exquisite care, and only when his tip came out did she cry out softly in what might have been pain.

As both lay on their backs, he said, “Was that nice?”

All she said was “Mmmm.”

“Did it hurt?”

“No—not much.”

“A little?”

“A little.”

“Well, I’m glad it wasn’t too bad.”

“It was fabulous. Better than I could ever have imagined.”

With that, she flipped over and landed right on his chest, causing him to let out an “Oof!” She took his head in her hands and plastered a long, wet, sloppy kiss on his mouth, then nuzzled his neck, throat, and shoulders, leaving a trail of saliva all along the way.

And she surprised him by saying, “I want that again.”

“In a little bit, dear,” he said. Gotta give me time to recover.

Later they did sixty-nine for nearly an hour, during which Audrey again entered that constant-orgasm state while taking as much of Rod’s immense shaft into her mouth as she could. When he exploded in her mouth, she made sure not to lose a single drop as his emission slipped down her throat. And after that, he did enter her bottom again, this time spoon-fashion. One arm he placed around her neck, reaching down to grab a breast, while with the other he grabbed the other breast. He was already finding her bosom inexpressibly fascinating, although it was so surprisingly different from Melissa’s heavy if somewhat flabby breasts that there was no basis for comparison. He liked and wanted both. After almost a half-hour in her bottom, he came quietly and effortlessly, and she was reluctant to let him out.

After washing up, he came back to the bed and lay down next to her.

“Ready to sleep?”

She gave him a moue and said, “No more tonight?”

“Audrey, darling, you’re going to be the death of me!”

“We can’t have that, can we?”

“No, we can’t.”

“Okay, we’ll go to sleep.”

“Thank you.”

“Did you have a nice time?”

“Did I have a nice time? Of course! I came four times, remember.”

“I came a lot more than that.”

“Yes, I got that impression.” After a pause: “And you, um, liked rear entry?”

“What do you think?”

“I guess you did.”

“You bet I did.”

“That’s good. Let’s go to sleep.”

As he turned his back on her and got comfortable, she lay there gazing at him. He seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly. (Guys do that after having a lot of sex, don’t they?) It was only when she was convinced he was really and truly asleep that she said, “Omigod, Rod, I think I’m in love with you.”


The doorbell to Audrey’s apartment rang before nine a.m.

“Good Lord, who could that be?” she cried, trying to wipe the sleep from her eyes.

She crawled out of bed, clambering over Rod’s recumbent form as she did so. Pressing kaçak bahis the intercom, she said, “Who is that?”

“Who do you think? Lemme in and let’s make breakfast.”

It was Melissa.

Oh, God, I should have known.

With supreme reluctance she pushed the buzzer to let her sister in.

Melissa was distressingly bright and cheerful as she blew into the place. She gave a quick survey of the living room and seemed in no way surprised that her man wasn’t there. A peek into the bedroom showed a form lying comatose on the bed, and Melissa marched over there and whipped the sheet and blanket off, revealing a naked Rod.

“Are you crazy, Melissa?” he complained. “Put that blanket back. What are you doing here anyway?”

“You mean I can’t have breakfast with my dearly beloved?” she said acidly. “You two surely weren’t thinking of . . .” She trailed off meaningfully.

In fact, Audrey had been thinking of doing just that—a little morning sex before breakfast—but that was now obviously not in the cards. She had managed to throw her robe over herself while Melissa had come up to the apartment, and now, furious, she began preparing breakfast for three.

Melissa said, “Can I help?”

“No need,” Audrey snapped. “I can handle everything.”

All of a sudden Melissa felt supremely mortified. Choking up, she said to her sister, “I’m sorry, Audrey. I shouldn’t have come here. I’d better go.”

Audrey turned to her. She really wasn’t totally devoid of human feeling. Poor girl! I don’t know if I could have done what she did. I have to handle this really delicately, or else our relationship may be messed up for life.

“Oh, Melissa,” she said, “it’s okay. You can stay. Here, get the toast going.”

By this time Rod had gotten up, struggling into another frilly robe that he found in Audrey’s closet. He stalked over to the range and said, “I’ll handle the bacon. Only guys know how to cook bacon.” He seemed a bit manic, unnerved at the presence of the two women he had now had carnal knowledge of, but he tried to put a brave face on things.

After breakfast—which was a highly uncomfortable affair, as Melissa kept glaring at her sister and Rod kept trying to keep the conversation going on neutral subjects—Rod slipped into the shower. Perhaps he figured that getting dressed and vamoosing from the place might somehow allow his sweetheart to forget what had just happened. If that was the case, he was in for a rude awakening.

As Audrey was quietly cleaning up the dishes, Melissa remained seated at the kitchen table. She stared at her back and said pungently, “So, how was it?”

A jolt seemed to go through Audrey. “How was what?” she said innocently.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake,” Melissa exploded, “you know what.”

After a pregnant silence Audrey ventured: “It was . . . good.”

“Good?” Melissa said incredulously. “Is that all you have to say?”

Audrey wheeled on her sister. “Well, what do you want me to say? That it was the best sex I’d ever had? Maybe it was. Would that make you happy?”

Audrey was appalled that Melissa’s face suddenly crumpled in misery. She herself was full of a complex mix of emotions, and without warning she flung herself in Melissa’s direction, falling to her knees and burying her head in her sister’s lap, wrapping her arms around Melissa’s hips.

“Oh, God, Melissa, I’m so sorry!” she wailed. “I shouldn’t have twisted your arm into doing this! I feel so ashamed.” She took a huge breath and went on: “But I’ve been so—so lonely. It’s like nobody cares about me anymore—not even you!” Before Melissa could protest she went on in a rush: “Boys don’t even want me anymore—they must all think I’m a tramp. I’m really paying for sleeping around!”

She gazed up tearfully at Melissa. “Do you know what it’s been like to watch you and Rod together? You obviously love each other so much. No one’s ever loved me—I swear, they haven’t! No one has even said those words to me, and I know you and Rod say them all the time. You don’t even need to say them—it’s obvious from everything you say and do with each other.

“I’m not jealous—really I’m not. I’m not trying to get between you two. I want you two to have every happiness you deserve—and you deserve plenty! I just wonder”—and here she choked up—”if, maybe, I could have a little bit of Rod to myself. Just a little.” Again she gazed up pleadingly at her sister. “Maybe just once a week? That’s all I ask! I don’t know what I feel about him, but I know he doesn’t love me—and maybe he never will. But he’s kind and gentle and sensitive, and it’s been a long time since I met a guy like that. I’m not even talking about sex: I would just like to be with him a little bit, have him take me in his arms. There’s no harm in that, is there?”

Throughout this whole spiel Melissa was becoming more and more agitated, her chest rising and falling with emotion. As she looked down at the sister who was abasing herself in front of her, she didn’t know what to think or feel. On the face of it, the suggestion she was making—that Melissa share her boyfriend with her—was outrageous and offensive. Who ever did anything like that? Why couldn’t Audrey get her own boyfriend?

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