Mart 26, 2021

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 09

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I was thinking of a little different theme and came up with an idea for a “Roman Holiday” type of tryst. I realize that there are a lot of logistical problems to be solved for this kind of adventure including supplies, areas designated for personal hygiene etc. but I didn’t want to get hung up in all that detail for this story (so some people please spare me the criticisms about all of that.). So having said that , here it is.


The group decided that we needed to take a vacation trip together. The main requirement was that it had to be in such a location that we could fuck anytime and anywhere we wanted with no societal restrictions. We wanted an isolated temperate climate with a minimum of biting insects. We finally settled on a wilderness camping trip in a semi-arid environment in the PNW. We did some investigating and found a guy that had a small yurt that he would rent out near a fresh water supply (he liked to fish). The yurt was surrounded by trees and grassland and there was no reason for anyone to ever go there and it was a solid day’s hike from the nearest dirt road.

Besides our regular group of four couples, we also invited the horny pastors, Bob and Arlene Armstrong and Kay and her husband, Sam. We flew into Spokane and drove to fellow’s house that owned the yurt. Since it was way off the map, he had to lead us into it and we had paid him before hand to stock the Yurt with a week’s worth of supplies.

Our vehicles were not capable of negotiating the terrain, but he assured us that leaving on the side of the dirt road would be safe and he would check on them every couple of days. When we got to designated location, We disembarked put on our backpacks and wandered off to the Yurt.

We were a little apprehensive about the condition of the place even though photos looked good. When we got there, it was in great shape. Our host had cleaned it thoroughly, all the supplies were there as were a couple of Coleman stoves. The Yurt had a nice sized creek running past it with several pools of very cold water. The weather was glorious, blue skies, temps in the low 70’s, slight breeze.

The Yurt was about 20 ft in diameter and just one room. There were a couple of chairs and one cot. We established an outdoor kitchen and we set up a couple of two-man tents outside in case someone wanted a bit of privacy but for the vast majority of the time we would all sleep on the floor in the Yurt. We laid down tarps on the floor followed by our pads and sleeping bags.

After all this was done, Rick said,

“I think it’s time we broke this place in.”

There was some laughing but in two minutes we were all naked (and would stay naked for the next few days). Soon the laughing was replaced by a lot of heavy breathing and moaning. Penny was on her knees sucking Alan’s cock. Jim was kissing Kay while rubbing her pussy and they were slowly moving into a reclining position on all the padding.

Renee was already on her back and Bob Armstrong was slurping on her pussy. Rick and Tina had paired off as did Sam and Carol. Arlene and I were initial fuck mates. Arlene was on her back with her legs spread wide open for me to lick her pussy. Everyone was super horny and things quickly progressed to the point that everyone was having someone pleasure them with NO inhibitions at all.

While I was sucking on Arlene’s swollen clit, Kay was kissing her and sucking on her tits. Jim was licking Kay’s pussy and rimming her and somebody was sucking on Jim’s cock. Everyone was moaning and groaning really loudly.

Arlene said, “I want to be fucked senseless. Somebody fuck me.”

I pinned her legs back and pushed my blue vein throbbing cock into her dripping pussy. I started pumping away and Kay kept on sucking Arlene’s tits. By this time, Jim had lubed his cock up and plunged it into Kay’s asshole.

She moaned and hissed “Fuck me hard, you bastard. Sink that dick all the way in up to your balls.”

Alan was yelling “Fuck me, you filthy whore.” at Penny who was also on her back with her legs almost back to her ears.

Penny was hissing back, “Fuck me harder, HARDER you asshole. Is that all you’ve got?”

Arlene was going berserk with all the sensations and she was digging into my ass with her nails and yelling,

“I love being fucked, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I was too busy concentrating on the task at hand which was unloading my load of hot lava in Arlene’s red and swollen pussy but there were bodies all over the floor of the yurt fucking like crazy, legs flying everywhere, assholes being penetrated, cocks thrusting in and out. The floor of the yurt was squeaking in protest.

I heard Carol yell, “Don’t stop fucking ME, I’m CUMMING.”

Several men started roaring in the throes of orgasm and cum was shooting all over and in our willing and enthusiastic whores.

I looked at Arlene whose eyes were closed and her face had an orgasmic grimace and sneered at her,

“Does your pussy want my cum?”

“You can’t cum in my pussy, Don’t!” She yelled back.

“You’re going to take my hot cum, every fucking kartal escort drop. Every seed,”

She yelled, “No, No, No…Yes, Yes, Yes, shoot that cum inside me, I love your cum.”

With that, my seed exploded out of my engorged knob into her pussy. Her body went stiff when I started pumping my love ropes inside her. I collapsed on top of her. We were both gasping for air.

Several things that weren’t overlooked for this trip were numerous sex toys, cock rings and Viagra. I had a cock ring on. Arlene and I were sucking on each other’s tongue but I was catching my breath and I said,

“I want to fuck you in the ass.”

She replied, “Go for it, you filthy boy.”

I rolled Arlene over on her belly lubed my dick up and slowly pushed inside of her anus. She gasped and whimpered a bit but as she adjusted she started pushing her ass up as I thrust down. We both started moaning again.

“It’s so tight, baby,” I said in a low voice.

“It feels delicious, the throbbing, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She replied

The action in the rest of the Yurt had not abated either. Penny was being DP’d by Bob and Alan. Jim was vigorously fucking Kay’s mouth. Renee was cleaning Carol’s pussy with her mouth and I just got a glimpse of Carol squirting.

Arlene was really bouncing on my cock, when she exploded and shrieked in a powerful orgasm. She slid off exhausted and panting.

We all took a rest after the second round but we all kept fucking through the night. I remember that in the middle of the night, Kay was straddling my face and i was tongue fucking her. One of the guys was fucking her face and she squirted on me while cumming. While this was happening, someone was sucking my cock, I think it was Tina. She began to ride it in a reverse cowboy until I went soft.

Right about dawn, my cock began to get hard again. I was sleeping in the embrace of two of the women and I just rolled one of them (I’m wasn’t sure who) on their back and inserted my cock and we began to fuck. The movement and moaning awoke a few of the others and soon there were several men’s asses bouncing up and down in between women’s legs and pussies spread wide open.

My eyes were closed while I was thrusting and all I wanted was to shoot my cum inside the pussy I was fucking. I roared when I blew. After I caught my breath, I opened my eyes and saw that Tina was my willing lover.

We had not had anything to eat since we had arrived at the site the day before so we were really quite hungry. We had hung up some shower bags that warm the water with the sun and we alternated cleaning up while getting the food for our brunch prepared, Several people went down to the cold water pools for a refreshing dip to clean up.

We agreed that we would remain naked for the trip. We wore sandals/flip flops. We could and would fuck anytime anywhere. There were no restrictions. We decided that (with the ladies in full agreement) that the six men would gangbang two women every day.

The first two wives that were gangbanged were Penny and Tina. Both women at one point had cocks in all of their holes at the same time. Rick was pumping his cock in Penny’s cunt. Bob was fucking her ass and Sam was pounding her mouth. Jim was in Tina’s pussy. Alan had ass duty and I was fucking Tina’s mouth. This first gangbang of the week was a sight to behold because 5 out of the 6 of us ejaculated and our slut wives were inundated with hot cum. I shot a huge load in Tina’s mouth and she swallowed all the cum instantaneously.

Every night was a roman orgy and we all intermittently fucked during the course of the day in full view of the others. I had the pleasure of having sex with every woman every day. Obviously, all the men had a shortage of cum over the holiday but the toys, Viagra, cock rings, tongues and fingers helped keep the women happy.

One great scene occurred the second evening, dinner was ready and they were looking to gather people up.

Alan asked, “Where are Renee and Jack?” and they spread out looking for us.

Penny opened the door to the Yurt where Renee and I were having a good old missionary fuck.

Penny yelled back to the group, “They’re in here, fucking.” just as I shot my cum into Renee. After I stopped my vigorous pumping with Renee’s legs wrapped around me.

Penny said, “Dinner’s ready, you dirty lovebirds.”

We caught our breath and walked out to eat but cum was dripping out of Renee’s snatch and was still leaking out of my cock. Carol walked to me and said,

“Great Appetizer.” and she licked me clean. Kay took her hand to wipe the cum off Renee’s leg and proceeded to lick her fingers clean. No inhibitions.

In the middle of one afternoon, Carol and I decided to take a hike. We wore light hiking boots with socks and nothing else. I had a small backpack with some essentials and we took off. After about three miles we found ourselves up on a grassy hill overlooking the creek that ran by the Yurt.

Carol looked at me and said,

“I gotta pee.” and she just moved a foot off the foot path and kurtköy escort squatted. As she was relieving herself, I started getting hard. I went over to her while she was squatting and began to pee all over her naked body. She was surprised but loved it. She stood up while she was still urinating and we locked in a tight embrace and sucked on our tongues. We were on the verge of what only can be called a “Frenzied Fucking”. I had brought a fleece blanket and threw it on the high grass. We jumped on it and I began to suck her pussy and clit while sliding my fingers inside her.

Since all inhibitions had long since left and we were totally relaxed, she came hard early and often and even after urinating, she squirted. I positioned her on her back and pushed her thighs into the blanket and pushed my throbbing cock inside of her soaked body and began pumping hard and fast. Even though the grass provided some cushion, the ground was hard. Carol, however, was craving the pounding her pussy was taking.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Jack, Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow, Ffffffuuuuucccckkkkkkk!!”

My body was relying on a reserve of cum and I could feel the heat swell inside me. I relished feeling my swollen knob continually stroke the inside of her pussy. I craved her pussy more than anything in the world and I was going to flood it with my cum.

“I love you, Jack, Shoot that hot seed inside me,” Carol begged between her moans.

I had released her thighs and her legs were wrapped around me now. She was fucking me back with unbelievable force and passion.

Time just stopped when I had a “daisy cutter” eruption inside of her. We both screamed at the force of our orgasm and we semiconsciously heard our voices echo off the surrounding hills. We laid there exhausted but with the warm sunshine and a cooling breeze I was soon inside her again. We had mad sex for three hours up on that hill and I had my pumped my cock in her mouth and her ass. I shot a nice load of cum inside her ass.

It was getting dark when we started making out way back to camp. We were covered in cum, sweat, pee and who knows what else. We stumbled into camp after dark and we could hear a lot of loud sounds of passionate fucking coming from the Yurt. Carol and I decided that we needed to clean up and we jumped quickly into the cold water and then took a shower.

By the time we stumbled into the Yurt, the initial round of cum shots had already occurred and people were resting. Carol and I laid down at the separately available spaces and the next thing I know Kay had a hold of my dick and was sucking on it.

It took a good while before it started to respond but the girls knew our cocks were on the verge of fatigue. They were patient and with the use of cock rings, Viagra and lots of KY they kept us hard. Kay had lubed up a cock ring and slid it over my dick and scrotum. While she was gently caressing my penis we were French kissing and I was loving her immense tits. When I was sufficiently hard she mounted me reverse cowboy and started sliding up and down my cock. I lubed my finger and started to gently massage around her anus. Kay loved it and started moving faster. Like Carol, all the other women were totally uninhibited and would cum very easily. Kay was really on fire and getting ready to explode. When she was just at the edge, I inserted my lubed thumb deep in her anus. She grabbed my ankles hard and started convulsing on my cock.

Over the course of the week I ass fucked Penny several times, had tantric episodes with both Tina and Renee. We were all terribly sore and exhausted when the vacation ended but it was the most incredibly liberating experience I had ever known. Our slut wives taught us how to really satisfy them when the “equipment” was overused and/or under the weather. Quite simply, it was unbelievable.

When we got back from the trip, I noticed that I had gotten an e-mail early in the week from Marta. She was coming to town for a talk and wanted us to get together for some “dick-in-pussy” time. It was only a week or so before she would arrive. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have recovered from my vacation. A fortuitous development was that Penny would be visiting her sister in Virginia and would be out of town for a couple of days but the prospect of a limp dick was a concern.

As her arrival time approached, I could feel myself getting worked up. I was drinking a lot of fluids since I had returned and I swear I could feel the “plumbing” start getting backed up. Marta e-mailed me that day before her arrival and said that she had to eat dinner with people from the sponsoring book store and to please meet her at her room at 9pm.

I e-mailed her back and told her that I would be alone for 3 days. Her response was “fabulous”. When I met her at 9 the following night, I had a little bag with some interesting little toys and lotions. I was hoping to show her some of the “things” I had learned on my wilderness trip.

When she opened the door to her room, my greek goddess was wearing a sheer black half slip with a garter with black maltepe escort sheer silk stockings and black heels. There was no bra or panties and the half slip didn’t cover her magnificent muff. She threw her arms around my neck, drew me close and our open mouths met. She sucked hard on my tongue for the longest time. She withdrew and held me in a tight embrace and whispered,

“I’ve missed you so much, my love. You’re mine all night, no?”

“And the night after that and the night after that if you want.” I replied.

“Take me to bed and make love to me.” She cooed.

As I was removing my clothes, she took off her slip, shoes and garter. We embraced on the bed and as our tongues met, she wrapped one of her gorgeous legs around me. We kissed for the longest time and then we started nibbling on each other’s neck and ears. I started caressing her large breasts and licking and sucking on those hard large dark nipples.

She moaned and arched her back trying to push more of her tit into my mouth.

“Ooooohh, Baby, I missed that soooo much.” She hissed.

I started licking her abdomen with a very light touch moving my way down to her muff. My lips found her already wet pussy and I started making love to her inner thighs, labia, and clit. She started to grind her hips into my face when I started lightly licking her engorged love button. I started putting more pressure on it with my tongue when I slid two of my fingers inside her vagina.

She was actively humping my face and fingers. The tension in her body was rising very quickly. She reached a plateau and I decided to intensify the sensations by sucking on her clit, first softly and increasing the pressure while continuing to massage her vagina with my hand. Her body tension again slowly began to rise. She was loudly moaning now and saying things in Greek that I didn’t understand. She was humping my face hard. When I felt her tension get almost to the breaking point, I started gently humming on her clit while sucking. She just exploded and began to spasm. She just started squirting and squirting while screaming and bucking.

“Aayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!” She screamed.

I was soaked in her pussy juice.

She was still shaking and trying to catch her breath, when I moved on top of her, positioned my rock hard cock at the entrance of her cunt and lovingly pushed it into her.

She gasped and then I pushed her thighs into the mattress.

“Fuck me, my love, fuck me,” She cooed while looking me in the eye.

I started slowly sliding my dick in and out, knob to balls. The phone rang. It was the front desk. Marta answered it while we were fucking and we continued to fuck during the short conversation. I just heard her side of it.

“Yes, I am fine, there is no emergency.” She mumbled just before she let out a prolonged moan when I stroked a good spot in her pussy with my dick , “oooooohhhhhhh”. She continued, “I will let you know If I need anything, thank you.”

She placed the phone back on the hook and grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper inside of her.

“Give me that cock, baby.”

I kept pumping her pussy but I was going harder and faster. I had repositioned her legs and they were almost back to her head. She really was a flexible minx. She was babbling in Greek again as my rock hard cock was painfully throbbing inside of her.

I asked her if she could feel my velvet cock head massaging her pussy. Her response was to dig into my ass with one hand and my back with the other. The pressure inside my was immense and the heat from my building cum was almost unbearable. I had slammed my cock at maximum penetration when the tidal wave of seed exploded into Marta. I kept thrusting hard forever after I first shot my ropes of love. Her mouth was wide open and eyes shut. She had cum again.

We fell into a loose embrace and we panted, caressed and kissed each other for a little while before we fell asleep for about an hour. I awoke first and after a short trip to the bathroom, I retrieved a couple of toys and lube from my bag.

She was snoozing on her stomach and I woke her by kissing her derriere and a short tongue bath. She rolled over threw her arms around me and we kissed deeply. There wasn’t a lot of talking going on but I started gently sucking on her tits while i introduced a small vibrator to her pussy. I licked and nibbled her tits, abdomen and all around her muff while I teased her clit with the “magic bullet”.

After about 20 minutes of this, I went down on her to clean her cum-filled pussy with my tongue and inevitably began to tongue fuck her. Marta’s head was bouncing on the pillow and shaking side to side as she was reaching another crescendo. Before she came she pulled my head out from between her legs and had me lay back on the bed.

She wrapped her lips around my semi-rigid penis and began to slide her mouth up and down the shaft. I went hard in a hurry. She wasn’t in a hurry and after running her mouth over my cock, she would wrap my dick with her hand and slide it over my erection. She would occasionally stop to lick, nibble and bite my balls. My body was feeling ebbs and flows in tension. She could feel it rise and fall. When my body tension began to fall she would play with my balls for a minute or two and then put my cock in her mouth to make hard again and when it was hard she would use her hand to jerk me off.

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