Mayıs 23, 2021

The Shower

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I hear you coming in the door of the hotel room. I am in the shower; you are walking through the first room of the suite. You flip on the television and see if there’s a game on, then you hear the shower and come to investigate.

I hold my breath listening for your heavy footsteps. A linebacker on your high school football team, even in your mid 30’s you maintain your huge form. Broad shoulders chiseled chest, muscular arms and legs. I have always been partial to a man’s thighs, and yours, drive me wild.

I listen for your hand on the partially open door of the bathroom. You come in and I watch you through the glass shower door. I watch you with my sensual eyes, as I stand there waiting for your reaction to what I am about to do next.

The hot water is cascading down my lithesome body. There are droplets of water across my shoulders and on my large breasts. My nipples have hardened because of your presence, and the water streaming down on them. My hips flare out in a direct compliment of my tiny waist.

I raise my hands above my head, arching my back pushing my tits forward so you can see them clearly through the door. I watch your eyes as they dilate. You watch me intently to see what my next move is. I take the wash cloth and soap it liberally, rubbing slowly down the length of my creamy white body. I stop underneath my tits raising them up slightly, showing off my large pink nipples to you, and then my hands continue on to the dark curls at the junction of my legs. I start soaping the curls. I drop the cloth and moan softly as my fingers interlace with those dark curls and electric sensations start flying through my body. I rub my soapy hands across my bare buttocks, bending over towards the glass door. I rub my ass with my hands, soaping it up, making it slippery. Finally I bend over a bit more and spread my legs. I hold my ass cheeks in my hands, easing them apart, showing you my tight little asshole.

I glance furtively over my shoulder, catching your eye, watching your reaction. I can tell from the bulge in your jeans that your cock is hard and I ache to take it in my mouth and taste it.

I stand closer to the shower, allowing the water to cascade down my body once more. When all the soap is gone, I open the shower door. The steam billows out when I do, and my nipples pucker even more with the rush of cool air. I smile at you and then I sit on the floor of the bathtub. I spread my legs far apart and brace my feet against the sides güvenilir bahis of the bath. I start to slide my finger into my pussy. Just one finger, slowly, slowly making its entrance into my hot wet insides. I withdraw my finger, moaning softly and slide it into my mouth. I catch your eye and smile. Your hand is rubbing up and down on the outside of your jeans, rubbing your hard cock through the material, feeling the precum as it starts to drip from your cockhead.

Once again, I bring my hand down to my cunt, this time finding my clit and rubbing it gently. My other hand cups one of my tits. I look at you and ask, “would you like to suck me?”

You take my hand and help me out of the shower and we embrace. I kneel down before you and start to open your jeans. I pop open the top button, and slide down the zipper. My hand snakes inside to find your hard member standing straight and tall within. I pull down your boxer shorts and jeans at the same time, stopping only to ensure that you don’t fall over as the clothing passes your feet. My hands caress your stomach and I feel the hair that covers your stomach with my soft hands. My mouth meets with your cockhead, and I slide out my tongue to lick off the clear drops of precum that has formed there. Your cock is sticking straight out and is a perfect angle for me to suck on.

I slowly lick my lips, lubricating them, and I hungrily start to slide them down the length of your hard cock. “God, you taste so good, I just can’t seem to get enough.” You remove your shirt and watch as my red tipped fingers curl around your length massaging in harmony with my lips as I take you deep into my mouth. I look into your eyes, from my position of submission before you and once again; I am turned on by the sheer strength and power that you exude.

As I kneel before you, my lips caressing your cock, my hands travel your legs and begin and upward climb on the inside of your thighs. My nails lightly scrape your hard muscles as you stand there, legs apart, watching my lips slide up and down on your hard tool. As my hands reach their goal, my right hand gently cups your balls. Lightly caressing you, my fingers first seek out one ball, the right one, and begin to circle tenderly, I hear your indrawn breath. I cup both balls in my hands as I watch your face. My tongue dances down the underside of your cock, and slithers downward to tease your balls. I get closer and I nuzzle into your balls with my face, breathing in, licking, türkçe bahis kissing and tasting all at once. I close my eyes and savor the sensations. Your hard cock is laying across my cheek as I continue my assault on you. My tongue traces the hard marbles within your sac and as I lift a little, I slide one into my mouth and suck lightly. My reward is your moan. A moan that lets me know, you like what I am doing.

You back away from me suddenly. I am confused. But you smile encouragingly, and go and sit on the couch. Sprawling lazily, with your legs wide apart you smile once again, this time to invite me to continue this feast that I have started. I crawl over to where you are sitting. I kiss your ankles to your knees and I continue kissing you with little tiny butterfly kisses until I get to your thighs. Then I start licking you. Long licks that leave wet trail marks for my fingers to slide through. My fingers are going back to where they left off. Almost as if they have a mind of their own, my fingers find your balls again, and my mouth follows in their wake.

I am determined to give you as much pleasure as in my ability to give. My tongue laps at your balls. With your new position, you are so much easier to access. I nuzzle you with my face again, this time, sliding my tongue out further and sucking one of your balls into my mouth. I take your left ball into my mouth, and lick it inside my mouth as I suck gently. I watch your face as you close your eyes and enjoy the sensations that I am creating.

I slide your ball out of my mouth, and start licking your balls as if you were an ice cream cone. Long licks, tasting all you have to offer slide up hot and wet across your crotch. My hands have long since found your hard rod, and are sliding up and down in rhythm with the licks across your balls.

My tongue goes back further, and I lick that little part that is between your anus and your balls. You inhale sharply. I look at you for direction. Not sure if I should continue, not sure if I should stop. You nod you head briefly and I happily obey your directive.

I suck lightly on that little area, unable to stop myself my tongue slides back a little further and before you know it, I am lightly tonguing your ass. Your moan makes my heart filled with pleasure. You breathing is a little faster now and you slide further towards the edge of the couch and spread your legs further. My tongue slides back even further and I spread your ass cheeks a güvenilir bahis siteleri little further apart. My tongue tickles your entrance. I slide my tongue across your ass hole a few times, feeling you, touching you intimately; licking your most intimate areas.

Suddenly I change direction, and I plunge my hot wet lips down the length of your raging hard on. You yelp and suck in your breath. My fingers remain massaging your balls and your ass. Relaxing you as I lick all the precum off your cock. Tasting you humbles me. I can’t believe you taste so good.

Your hands start pulling at my shoulders. You signal me to rise up. I stand up and straddle your hips. My pussy is steaming wet, ready for your hard cock to ram its way up there, filling me to the max. I start to lower myself down onto your cock head. Slowly, slowly my descent starts, taking you inside me inch by inch. Your strong hands grab my hips and force me down onto the full length of your shaft. I hiss as the breath leaves my body and the force of the pleasure takes over my movements.

Instinctively I move my hips, up and down, as I feel your cock slide in and out of my well-lubed fuck channel. My hands rest on your shoulders as I start slowly to make little circular motions with my hips as you slide in and out of me. Faster and faster you thrust. I meet your thrusts and love the feel of your body joining with mine so deep inside me. The sheer size of your tool astounds me, every time we fit together, I am amazed that you can get all that inside me, and yet make me feel so damn good.

I moan, and my hands travel over your sweat- slicked chest. I realize that I too, am slick with perspiration, and I feel your power surge within me. I look into your eyes and realize that you are nearing climax. Your hand slides between our bodies and your fingers find my most intimate treasure. I moan as I feel your fingers caress me so gently. As I move in harmony with your thrusts, your fingers drive me wild. I arch my back almost involuntarily and feel the throes of orgasm sweep me away.

Wave upon wave of pleasure washes over my body with each caress of your fingers. As I begin my descent from my pinnacle, your thrusts become stronger and stronger, and you too find your ecstasy. I cry out with the force of your thrusts, and with the feeling of your white hot cum shooting deep into my body. In and out, harder and harder you fuck me. Oh God, so good. I can hardly believe that such pleasure is ours.

I collapse on your chest. Both of us breathing hard. I feel your hard strong arms come around me and whisper in my ear, telling me of your pleasure and how I pleased you with my submission. I smile and look forward for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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