Mayıs 13, 2021

The Show, Act 02

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Double Penetration

I woke the following morning feeling like shit. It had been a sleepless night of tossing and turning. I staggered out of the bedroom and made my way to the bathroom to shower. Even though the hot water eased my still aching arms, it did little to ease my emotional turmoil and I wasn’t sure anything would.

After the shower I stood in front of the mirror, and looked at my grizzled face. I had a serious five o’clock shadow, and figuring that the first step to redemption was shaving, grabbed my razor and shaving cream and did so. After completing my ablutions, I threw on some comfy slacks and a shirt and headed downstairs.

In the kitchen I found Cory dressed in a loose fitting t-shirt and panties, sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee.

“Morning Daddy. Coffee’s fresh, would you like me to pour you a cup?” asked Cory, sounding way too perky.

“Uh, yes, thanks. Where’s your sister?”

“She has classes this morning. How’d you sleep?”

“Not well.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Daddy. Amy and I slept like logs.” She then passed me a steaming cup of hot black coffee.

“C…Cory, we need to talk….”

“Can I ask you a question?” she quickly interrupted.

“Um, yeah I guess.”

“Why did Mom leave?” The question stung and it was a question that I hadn’t really dealt with.

Vicky and I had been married for almost twenty years and I thought we still loved each other. Then when she decided that she wanted to get her Masters of Business Administration, it was something I supported to point of paying for it. Had I known that less than a year later, I would get a Dear John letter from Belize stating she wanted a divorce so she could marry her extremely rich boss, I would’ve not been so eager to pay for her education. That was almost a year ago, and I’d managed to keep the whole episode emotionally buried in my psyche until now.

“You know why. She found somebody else.”

“Do you still love her? You haven’t dated anyone since she left, why?” Pressed Cory.

“Jesus Cory, I dunno why! It’s just been an emotional time that’s all!” Cory sniffed, obviously not satisfied with my answer.

“Cory,” I continued, “we need to talk about last night.”

“Did you enjoy the show? I know Amy did, and I sure as hell did! I’d never had a cock in my ass before and yours is so big, I really didn’t think I’d get all of it in me!”

“Cory, I don’t know what got into you girls, but what happened last night must never happen again. In fact, I think it’ll be best if we never discuss this again.”

“What do you mean?” Cory asked in almost a whisper.

“I think you know what I mean.”

“No. No I don’t think I do know what you mean! You need to explain it to me.” I could see she was getting angry as her voice rose in volume and pitch. “Was Amy right? You really don’t love us?”

“Don’t be silly! Of course I still love you. I always have and I always will, but what happened last night was wrong. Parents….Fathers, if they’re any good, don’t go around making love with their teenage daughters. It’s called incest and it’s wrong, morally and ethically wrong.” I got up and walked over to the sink where Cory was standing.

“Who says so? Society, religion? You always told us that the physical relationship between two people was the ultimate expression of love!”

“Yes, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but I wasn’t thinking that I would be the person you and Amy would choose!!”

“Why not? You raised us virtually by yourself, while Mom was off at school or out partying with her friends. Don’t you think we don’t know the sacrifices you made on our behalf.”

“C…Cory..” I tried to interject.

“So who got hurt? No one. Then you come out all high and mighty, totally prepared to break our hearts and worse, acting as though you’re ashamed of us. Well you know what? Fuck you!!”

“Cory, fer Christs sake….”

“Let me tell you something about last night. That was all Amy’s idea. Yeah, that’s right. Sweet, Innocent, demur little Amy. For ages we’d fantasize about what it’d be like fucking the most important man in our lives. We’d listen to Mom’s moans when she’d let you have her, and we’d wish that were us. Lord knows, you’d never have to fight us to get us into bed. Anyway Amy wanted to lose her cherry, but not to just anyone like some fumbling boy she met at school, but to the man she loved more than anyone, that’s right, you!! But she knew that if she just came out and asked, you’d turn her down flat. So she came up with this elaborate plan, figuring that if you experienced our love, our bodies, then you wouldn’t have a problem taking her virginity, and we’d all get what we want and live happily ever after!”

“Cory I….”

“But no, that’s not gonna happen. Why? Because you’d rather sit in your study pining after phantoms, ghosts. Well let me tell you something. She’s not coming back….ever!!! A limo came and picked her up and in less time than it takes to boil an egg she decided that there’s something better out there than you!”

“Cory, now just…..” My own temper was beginning to rise as her words felt like whip lashes on my insides.

“Well maybe she was right to leave. Amy wanted a man to take her cherry, but you’re not really a man, are you? You’re a lonely, frightened little boy. An empty, unfeeling, pathetic, husk of your former self; Hardly deserving of the love Amy and I are capable of giving you. It’s good Mom left, so she can’t see what a loser you’ve become. Amy and I are leaving too. If she’s going to have her heart broken, I’d prefer to be the one to do it and not some selfish coward like you!!”

“Now just one goddamn minute!!” I bellowed grabbing her arm.

“Let me the fuck go. I don’t owe you a fucking thing,” she screamed, “so fuck off!!!” She wrenched her arm free of my grasp and then swung, smacking me squarely across the face. After that everything seemed as though it happened in slow motion. All I remember was seeing red as I grabbed Cory with her arm behind her back as I forced her over my lap.

“I’m too old to be spanked you pervert!!! You wouldn’t fucking dare!!!” She howled as I pulled up her shirt and ripped her panties off, throwing the shredded piece of fabric aside. I looked down at the quivering cheeks of her ass and could see the lips of her cleanly shaven pussy poking between her legs.

“Let me up you sick fuck. You don’t have the guts to do anything! Vicky would though, wouldn’t she?” Mocked Cory. That’s when something in me snapped, and all I felt was this unreasoning, pent up rage. I raised my hand and brought it down güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hard on Cory’s lily white ass cheeks.

“Ooooowwww!!! You fucking pansy. Is that all you’ve got? Vicky could hit harder than that in her sleep, when she’s not fucking her rich husband!!!” The next one was harder and the one after that harder still. As Cory’s ass went from white to a deep shade of red, I could feel my cock getting rock hard as it pressed against Cory’s abdoman. Cory herself, was also getting aroused as with every smack, more of her pussy juice would leak out staining my slacks.

“You fucking bastard!! You don’t have what it takes!! I’ll bet Vicky lets her rich husband fuck her ass, but not you!!!” Somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I could hear her voice crack with sobs, but by that time I was so consumed with the anger and hurt of the past year, I wanted her, Vicky not Cory, to feel my pain, to be punished.

My hand was getting sore. I don’t know how times I’d smacked Cory, but her entire ass was crimson with my hand marks all over her backside. I stopped and then with three fingers, jammed them into Cory’s wet, clutching snatch and then twisted them roughly in her socket.

“Ooohhh fuuuccckkk mmmeeeee!!!” Cory squealed.

“You like that, Vicky, you fucking cunt!!! You stupid bitch, you’re going to pay!!” I felt Cory stiffen at the sound of her mothers name, then suddenly she exploded in orgasm soaking my hand. I watched as her legs quivered and she moaned loudly in pleasure. However her moans only served to fuel my anger.

“You fucking slag. I didn’t say you could cum. I’m gonna fuck you so hard that rich fuck won’t want you!!!!” With that I lifted Cory physically and threw her face down on the kitchen table. Then undoing the string that held my slacks, I lifted Cory’s leg and rammed my nine inch thick cock into her guts, right up to my balls.

“swwweeeeeetttt jjjesuss!!! Daddy!!!” Cory cried. I pulled almost all the way out, then thrust back in as hard as I could.

“Oh yesss, fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard, harder…..fuuuucccckkk meee!!” Cory then screamed as I started to spank her ravished ass again, as I thrust my wet, slick cock into her depths. I then grabbed her arm and forcing it back, I wound it in my arm which I put over the back of head, forcing her head down as in a half-nelson. I then started to really pound into her.

“Daaaddddyyyy, fuuuuccccckkkk, ohhhhh IIII’m cccuuuuummiiinnggg!!” Cory’s body shook as she screamed through her massive climax, I however, was relentless in my assault and continued to pound her sloppy quim. Suddenly I reached out to the butter dish that was still on the table, and scooping a good half pound of it in my fingers, smeared it all over Cory’s ass, most of it over Cory’s puckered shithole.

“Daddy what are you doing? No Daddy, not my ass…please not my ass…it’s too big….” Cory screamed to the heavens as I ignored her pleading and thrust my cock balls deep into her bowels. I then reached around and grabbing her by the neck, pulled her backwards forcing her to arch her back, as I fucked her raw, sore, ravished ass with long, powerful strokes. Releasing her, I ripped off her thin, sweaty shirt before wrapping my arm around her chest and lifting her up. Grunting like an animal, I twisted one of Cory’s nipples güvenilir bahis şirketleri roughly with one hand, while with the other I was able to reach down between her legs and rub her engorged clit as I continued to pummel her burning ass.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum in your hot ass. Would you like Daddy to sooth your ass with his cream?”

“Yes Daddy. I’d like that very much.” I groaned as my cock twitched and then pumped my sweet daughters ass full of man cream. I had just finished shooting a final drop into Cory’s bowels when suddenly the table gave way and everything crashed into the floor.

We laid there quietly for quite a while. I was under Cory, my cock still buried deep in her ass as I listened to her quiet sobbing and held her sweaty body close to mine.

“I’m sorry I hurt you baby. I don’t know what came over me. I guess a year of pent up anger and self-recrimination. I’m just really sorry. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

“No Daddy. I’m the one who ought to be sorry. All those horrible things I said, I didn’t mean any of them. You know that right.”

“Unfortunately, a lot of what you said was true.” I replied as I wiped some tears from her face.

“No Daddy. Y’know Mom left us too. It wasn’t so much that she took off, but the way she took off. It was like she took your life force and we just wanted you back. Amy and I knew that before she left you were jacking off at least four or five times a day. That Vicky didn’t like sex, and that you still had a high libido.”

“You mean for an old man like me!”

“No silly. You’re not old, to Amy and I you’re not. We just wanted to show you how much we loved you, to bring you out of your doldrums, and to give you more pussy and ass than you’ve ever had, with people you love.”

“Where did you and Amy learn to fuck like that?” I asked, feeling happier, freer and more loved than I had in many a month.

“Porno’s mostly.” Cory giggled, “We watched a lot of porn and took notes. I even wore a butt plug up my ass for a good week prior to the talent show. But Amy was the one that made it happen. God, you have no idea how nervous she was, she was so scared I thought for sure she’d flake out. But she didn’t, she went through with it, for you.” She craned her neck and I leaned up to give her a soft kiss on the mouth.

“How long have you and Amy been doing it?” I had to ask.

“Not long. Less than six months, I’d guess. Why? Didn’t you like seeing us together?”

“I loved it!” came my enthusiastic reply, “You know I think I love you two more now than I ever have. Thank you.”

“There was no altruism involved. We acted purely out of selfish reasons. That bitch doesn’t deserve you!” I had to laugh at that.

“Um, Daddy?”

“Yes baby.”

“Are you going to take your cock out of my ass?”

“Not just yet. Maybe in a little while.”

“Okay Daddy.” She giggled and leaned back until her face was next to mine, her breasts jutting out beautifully. I reached up and took a nipple in each hand and played with them between my thumb and forefinger while she, placing her feet on the ground, was able to slide her ass up and down my wet and still hard pole. I could feel my cum pouring out of her shitter coating my cock and balls in the sticky fluid.

“Oh and Daddy?”

“Yesss.” I groaned.

“Don’t fuck Amy like you just did me. You’ll ruin her for life. I’m not going to be able to sit down for a month!”

“You keep moving your ass like that and I’m going pump more cum into it.”

“Promises, promises!”

We both laughed before finally passing out, still on the kitchen floor.

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