Mayıs 23, 2021

The Session

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She had led me into the bedroom blindfolded. Once there she quickly stripped me of all my clothing leaving me with only my eyes covered. Then she made me stretch out on the bed face down. She slipped a pair of Koss headphones over my ears, the sounds of some light smooth jazz filling my head, as she knelt astride my thighs.

Warm oil splashed onto my upper back between my shoulder blades, and I groaned as her strong fingers kneaded the oil into my skin as she pushed and pressed my spine into alignment. My mind began to drift as the warm sensation of the oil lulled me. Her strong hands moved ever down my back, pressing and pushing, caressing and stroking. A pool of warm oil in the small of my back was soon spread liberally across my buns and dripped into the crack between the tight hemispheres. Her hands glided over my flesh, caressing, stroking, pressing, poking, kneading. Down my thighs and over my calves. Even my feet and toes were massaged and oiled.

She gently forced me turn over and then she guided my left arm above my head to the headboard. Click. The sound did not pass the jazz echoing in my ears but the feel of the restraint was irrefutable. She moved my right arm upwards and soon it too was bound. She shifted on the bed grasped my right ankle, pulling my leg out to the side and wrapping the soft cuff around it. Once she’d also strapped the other leg, I was firmly and completely shackled to the bed, spread-eagled and exposed.

As she moved back to my side I expected to feel the oil. I was surprised when I felt…fur. My breasts were being stroked with fine, soft fur, She was suing the rabbit gloves, a pair of men’s winter gloves that had a rabbit fur lining. By turning the gloves inside out, we had a very sensual toy to caress and stimulate each other with. The soft passage of the fur across my nipples made them harden and distend. It also sent a series of electrical sparks shooting bedava bahis through me, aimed straight at the core of my sex. Down my sides and then across my belly, lightly brushing the wisp of public hair atop my shaved slit.

Now the gloved hands moved down my thighs and legs along the outsides. Across the soles of my feet, provoking involuntary spasms as the ticklish fur passed the sensitive arches, and then upwards along the insides of my thighs. As the fur moved ever closer, I strained to bring my eager pussy into contact with those gloves, but she kept them just out of reach, dancing around my inner thighs and lower abdomen, teasing, stimulating.

As the fur continued to pass along my inner thighs, I was stunned when warm oil sprinkled upon my breasts and a pair of skilled fingers began to caress and pull on my engorged nipples. Who? Thoughts and concerns about who this stranger could be vanished under the combined assault of their four hands. The sensuous torture on my nipples, combined with the luxurious fur caressing my inner thighs, was bringing me closer to an orgasm. I could feel it building inside me, like the steady winding of a spring. Closer, closer, almost there…wait, don’t stop!

The ropes attached to the soft cuffs on my ankles and wrists were loosened and my two assailants shifted my down on the bed. My ankles were soon retied to point high on the old four poster while my arms were once again stretched above my head. I knew that my ass must be right at the edge of the bed now, with everything below fully exposed to view.

One assailant moved back above my head, shifting her body so my head rested in her lap and she resumed her caressing and fondling of my breasts. She spread more oil upon my chest and slowly caressed me, blending the oil into my dry skin while making every nerve ending ten times more sensitive. The breeze from the ceiling fan bedava bonus brushed my erect nipples, making them even harder in anticipation o9f her touch. She bent her head and took one long nipple in her mouth. Ahhhhhh, energy raced between my core and that nipple as she suckled. Her breasts brushed my lips and I eagerly tongued her hard nipple, trying to get it between my teeth for some more aggressive attention. As if reading my mind, her teeth clamped down on my nipple and she lightly scraped it as she pulled her head back.

My attention was so focused on her ministrations that I was not expecting the tongue which touched me at the point exactly between my vagina and my anus. The hardened tip of that tongue slowly began to move upwards, dancing long the way, until it moved along the edges of my inner lips, teasing along the upper slit and then around the outside of my clitoris. Suddenly her lips closed about the hardness of my clitoris and she applied heavy suction, drawing it even further from under its hood, and flicked it with her tongue.

As my mouth opened to scream in reaction to this overwhelming sensation, the second assailant introduced a gag between my teeth, stifling my screams to muted whimpers. Sharp pounding waves of pleasure washed over me as she sucked and flicked my clit while the other woman suckled my engorged nipples. The woman at my groin began to slide a finger around the edge of my vagina, slowly moving the finger inwards. Finally she plunged the finder inside of me.

My back arched, trying to press more of my breast into the upper one’s mouth while I tried to push my clit deeper into the lower one’s mouth. Her finger moved out and down, rimming my anus and sending sparks of sexual heat shooting through me. My entire awareness focused on my nipple, my clit, and that finger’s teasing passage. When the finger moved away, intense disappointment deneme bonusu moved through me – a disappointment that vanished as I felt the hard latex of a plug come into contact with my anal ring. She spread K-Y jelly all over the plug and along the inner edges of my anal sphincter. Slowly she forced the plug inside me, deeper, stretching me as the plug widened. My ring closed around the plug as it once again narrowed. She switched it on. The vibrating plug transmitted its throughout my body through its incidental contact with my pelvic bones.

My upper assailant was now beginning to bite and pull on my nipples even harder. Alternating, she had both in a super-sensitive state. The slightest tough pushed them even harder and made them ever more sensitive. Her strong fingers kneaded my breasts as she suckled and bit them.

Her lips again sealed around my clit, my lower assailant began to slowly insert her fingers into my pussy. First one, then a second. A third. Filling me. Plunging deep inside me, touching my cervix, stroking the fluted shape within me. Now a fourth finger. She curled her thumb against the palm of her hand and slid her entire hand into me, filling me completely. She opened her hand, stretching my vaginal space and teasing the walls in search of that elusive G-spot. Reaching high up the inside front wall, almost directly behind my clitoris, she found it.

My brain exploded in a cascade of stars, swirling colors, and extreme pleasure. Every inch of my flesh was a conductor of sexual expression. The pressure of her hand, the hum of the anal plug, the scrape of her teeth on my clit and the other’s teeth on my nipples, conspired to send me crashing over wave after wave of profound completion, tumbling along like a piece of flotsam in a flood tide. Higher and higher, the colors ever brighter, the sensations growing stronger until my mind could handle to more.

It was dark when I awoke, unbound, and covered by the comforter from the quilt-rail. There was no sign of my lover or her accomplice. Would I ever know who she had been? Did I want to know? Would you want to know or leave the mystery as one more part of the sublime experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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