Mayıs 23, 2021

The Secret Meeting

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Note to readers: This is a true story, but the names of those involved have been changed to protect their identities. Enjoy!


Allie was a good-looking, fun-loving, full-figured woman. She was average height, at 5′ 3″ tall and was 200 lbs. She was married to a man for almost 15 years. He was a real jerk and was always yelling at Allie about things that he could do himself that he wanted her to do for him. She was always being bossed around and it was making her angry. She was also sexually frustrated because her husband practically ignored her in the bedroom. She was talking to her friend George online one day and he told her about this one site online that she should check out. She went on the site, filled out a profile and put her picture on it. She hoped the site would help her frustration.

A couple days after she completed the profile on the site, she received her first message from a man who wanted to chat with her. She replied to the email he sent and they began chatting on the instant messenger. They chatted for a couple of weeks before finally setting up a time and place to meet discreetly. They agreed to meet for coffee at the local McDonald’s on a Friday morning after Allie took her kids to school, while her husband was at work. She dressed carefully, pulling on a white t-shirt over her white lace bra, and white thong panties under her tight black denim jeans and her sneakers. She brushed her long blond hair until it shone like gold silk falling down past her waist. She applied only a little bit of make-up, some light blue eyeshadow and a pale pink lipstick.

She dropped off the kids then went on to the McDonald’s restaurant. She went inside, ordered coffee and an Egg McMuffin and hash browns, then looked around to see if he was there yet. She didn’t see him so when she received her order, she went to the booth in the corner by the window and sat down to eat. She was watching out the window for a black dodge truck, which is what he said he’d be driving. She was very nervous about meeting him and a bit scared that someone she knew would see her here. She was just picking up her coffee when she glanced out the window and saw that truck pull into the parking lot right by the window where she was sitting. He was sitting there watching her and smiling. She smiled back and waved him to come inside.

He got out of the truck with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and came inside. She never took her eyes off him as he strolled right to her table and gave her the flowers. She thanked him and he went to the counter to order his breakfast. She lifted the flowers to her nose and inhaled deeply of their sweet fragrance. There were daisies and carnations surrounding a single red rose with some babies breath and leafy green fronds too. She looked up to see him coming toward her with a tray in his hands. He sat across from her and smiled, then said, “Hi Allie. I’m Charlie. It’s nice to finally meet you.” She agreed and took a sip of her coffee. She sat there looking at him and thought he was the most handsome man she’d seen in a long time.

He was well built and muscular but not too big. His hair was jet black and shoulder length but there was a stubborn lock of hair that kept falling across his forehead. Her hand itched to reach over the table and push it back for him, but she resisted that urge. His eyes held her captive with their icy blue coloring, like a summer sky. He had a firm straight nose and full lips that were teasing her with their sensuality. He had a little dimple in his right cheek when he smiled at her and his teeth were bright white and straight. She noticed his hands were work-roughened and callused but she didn’t mind that. All she could think of was feeling his hands moving over her naked skin.

He smiled at her and asked, “Are you ok, Allie? You seem to be breathing a little hard and your skin is flushed.” She looked at him, wide-eyed with surprise at being caught daydreaming about him that way, and said after clearing her throat, “Yeah Charlie, I’m fine. Just surprised at how handsome you are in person. Your pics don’t do you justice. How’s your breakfast?” He said, “My breakfast is fine, but you are much finer. Your skin looks like roses when you blush, and your eyes are like a pair of emeralds sparkling in the sun. I know what you are thinking about, Allie. It’s quite evident just by looking at your shirt.” He chuckled when she quickly looked down at her shirt to see that even through her bra, her nipples were poking out against the 2 thin layers of fabric. She blushed a deeper shade of red and quickly crossed her arms over her chest.

Charlie reached over and took her hands in his, his fingers brushing against the fullness of her chest as he removed her arms from their resting spot. He gently clasped her hands in his and said, “Allie, don’t cover them up. I like it that just looking at me gets you aroused like that. What do you say we finish eating and go for a drive? I know a nice little quiet place where we can hang out and get to know one another, if you want to.” bahis firmaları She smiled and said, “I’d like that, but what about my car?” He smiled and said, “Let’s leave it here, just lock it up and I can drop you back off here when you’re ready to go home later.” She nodded and agreed. They finished eating and threw away their trash.

They left the restaurant and walked to her car so she could lock it up and turn on the alarm, then they went to his truck. He opened the passenger side door for her and helped her in. It was a big truck so she needed his help climbing in. He closed the door and went around to the driver side while she fastened her seatbelt. Charlie got in and he started the truck. They left the parking lot and drove out of town. About 15 minutes later, he turned onto a dirt road going into the woods. About a mile or so into the woods, he turned right, into a driveway leading to a small cabin. There was smoke coming from the chimney and an old hound dog relaxing on the front porch beside a rocking chair. She looked at him and smiled, asking, “Is this your place?” He nodded and parked the truck by the small barn on the left side of the lot.

They got out and he was greeted by the dog, who didn’t bark, but did wag its tail and whine a greeting. Charlie told her the dog was named Butch and that the dog was friendly. She hesitated, then gently patted the dog on the head. Butch licked her hand in greeting. Charlie took Allie’s hand and led her inside the cabin. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the dimness after being out in the sunlight. Once her eyes focused, she looked around the cabin. They were standing in the main room, which appeared to be the kitchen, dining and livingroom all in one large room. Three doors led off the main room, two to the back of the cabin, and one to the left. Charlie went to the fireplace and tossed in a log onto the low burning flames. Allie noticed that there was a black bear skin spread out on the floor in front of the hearth.

There was a brown sofa against the wall to the right of the door with an old hand-made coffee table in front of it. In the corner at the far end of the sofa was an end table that had a lamp and a few magazines on it. There were two recliner chairs with a table between them along the right side wall of the cabin beneath a large window. There was also a set of shelves which held his television and stereo equipment by the chairs. In the far corner by the recliners sat another table with a large bird cage on it. Allie walked over to the cage to see an African Gray Congo Parrot inside. She laughed when the bird said, “Hello.” in its squawky voice. She said hello back to the bird and Charlie said, “That’s Cosmo. He was a gift from my parents a few years ago and he’s spoiled rotten. Hahaha!” Allie smiled and said, “I also have a pet bird. It’s a white female cockatiel named Pearl. She doesn’t talk though, just whistles a lot.”

Charlie took her hand and pulled her close to him, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. He released her and she continued looking around the cabin. To the left of the door was a counter top and the cooking stove and the refrigerator in the corner. On the far left wall was a door, partially open so she could tell that it was the bathroom, then there was another counter top and the sink. His coffee pot and toaster and a microwave were on the counter on the other side of the sink. The wall along the far wall opposite the door had the dining table and 2 doorways, and the fireplace between the doors. Charlie said, “Those doors lead to my bedroom and my office/guestroom. My bedroom has a queen-size waterbed, babe.” This last he added with a wink and a chuckle and Allie smiled.

Charlie led her to the couch and prompted her to sit, then when she did, he went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine, setting it on the counter before taking 2 glasses from the cupboard above the sink. He opened the bottle and poured some wine into each glass then carried the glasses to the couch, handing a glass to Allie. He sat beside her and put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his side in a tender embrace. They drank the wine and kissed between sips as Charlie’s hands slid all over her upper body, gently caressing her shoulders and arms, moving slowly across her chest and over her breasts. She gasped softly as his thumb brushed over her nipples.

He groaned as her nipple hardened more under his touch, and he couldn’t resist sliding his hand beneath her shirt to cup her breast and gently knead it thru the thin lace of her bra. He slowly lifted her arms and slid her shirt off of her, tossing it onto the coffee table. She moaned softly as his fingers quickly unfastened the hooks of her bra and that rapidly joined her shirt on the coffee table. He dipped his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth, licking and sucking it gently, bathing it with his tongue. Her hands moved up his arms and began kneading his shoulders beneath his shirt, which kaçak iddaa she quickly pulled off of him. He groaned softly as he said, “Ohhh baby, that feels great!” Her hands moved down to massage his chest, her fingers tangling in the curly black hairs on his chest. He groaned as her fingers found and tickled the dusky brown nipples on his chest.

Allie leaned her head down and flicked her tongue over his nipples a few times before nibbling them gently with her teeth and lips. She felt him move and looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his nostrils were flaring. She smiled and leaned her head back down, tugging gently on his now hardened nipples, sucking each one into her mouth as her hands slowly slid down over his six-pack abs, her finger dipping into his belly button and playfully tickling him. He chuckled and smiled down at her as she suckled on his nipples while her hands slid lower, to the buckle of his brown leather belt. Without looking down, she unbuckled his belt and slid it from the loops of his pants, tossing it over her shoulder, where it landed on the floor with a thump. She rubbed the palm of her hand over the front of his jeans, feeling the bulge of his manhood straining against the confining fabric.

Slowly, Allie unbuttoned the 5 buttons holding his jeans closed, as she continued licking and nibbling on his nipples and chest. Her right hand slipped beneath the thin cotton fabric of his boxers and she wrapped her fingers around his hardened shaft, her thumb caressing lightly the mushroom-shaped head. She smiled up at him when she felt the moisture coat her thumb. She pulled her hand free of his underwear and licked her thumb, removing the clear fluid slowly. His eyes widened as he felt himself grow harder and larger as he watched the slow movements of her tongue licking his juices from her thumb. He gently pushed her away from him and stood up, his shaft half covered by his pants and boxers. She licked her lips as she reached over and put her hands at the waist bands of both garments. She tugged and they fell to his ankles, his large erect manhood jutting straight out at her face.

She knelt on the floor in front of him and gently cupped his testicles in her left hand as her right hand wrapped around the base of his shaft. She slowly stuck her tongue out and flicked at the tip of it, licking the gathering moisture at the opening. Allie heard Charlie suck in some air as her tongue made a long sweep from his balls up to the tip of his cock and back down again and she felt his ass muscles clench with his struggle to control himself. She closed her lips over the head of his shaft and began sucking him, her lips tight and moving up and down his full eight inches. She closed her eyes and savored his musky scent in her nostrils and his salty taste on her tongue. She sucked and stroked his shaft for a few minutes before he reached down and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her long and hard, tasting the saltiness of his fluids on her tongue.

He unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them and her panties down to her ankles. She lifted her feet one at a time so he could slip her shoes off and remove her pants and underwear. He gently urged her to sit on the couch, propping a pillow behind her back and head to make her more comfortable. She sat and he spread her legs, his hands rubbing and massaging her thighs, moving ever closer to her damp neatly-trimmed patch of dark blond pubic hair. His nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply of the scent of her arousal. His fingers lightly brushed her damp curls, pressing lightly against her pleasure nub hidden between the fleshy lips. She gasped softly as his finger slipped between her nether lips and slowly stroked her wetness.

She raised her hips slightly to give him better access and he slid a finger into her wet sheath, slowly moving it in and out, and around in circles, stretching her and drawing forth more of her love juices. When she was wet enough, he dipped his head and flicked his tongue over her budding clit rapidly, breaking the flickering with several long strokes. She was tilting her hips to give him more of herself with each stroke of his tongue. He continued licking and fingering her, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. He sucked her clit into his mouth, tugging it gently between his lips and flicking his tongue rapidly over the point of it. She sucked in her breath rapidly, her breasts rising and falling quickly as her climax approached. His fingers and tongue moved faster between her legs and within moments, her love juice was flowing over his fingers and tongue. He hungrily lapped all her fluids, like he hadn’t had a drink in days.

Charlie pulled Allie to her feet and led her into the bedroom where he had her lay on the bed after he pulled the blankets back to the foot of the bed. He moved between her legs and gently kissed her inner thighs and belly as he moved up her body to kiss and nuzzle her breasts before moving up and giving her a deep kiss on the mouth, his tongue dancing with hers as he pressed the head of his cock against kaçak bahis her wet slit. She raised her legs and he slid into her with one stroke. He groaned as he felt her stretch to accommodate his thickness and he remained still inside her for a moment to let her get used to him. He started moving in and out of her wet sheath slowly at first, setting a slow leisurely rhythm as he held her close in his embrace, his cheek resting against hers and his arms wrapped around her shoulders beneath her head, so her head was resting on his forearms. Her hands were slowly rubbing his sides and back as he made love to her. He kept the slow pace for about ten minutes then began to increase his speed, thrusting within her sheath more rapidly.

Her hands began kneading his skin as her orgasm approached closer and closer with his thrusting. She wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her feet to hold him to her as she squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles when her orgasm hit her full force. Her nails dug into his back and she closed her eyes tight and screamed his name as he thrust rapidly within her tight cunt, and within moments, he too was shooting his hot cum deep in her pussy. Her orgasm increased as she felt the pulsing of his shaft as he shot his load, and she moaned loudly, her breath coming out rapidly. He collapsed on her, supporting his weight on his elbows as he kissed her deeply, his body still joined to hers. He slowly withdrew from her, and sat up to look at her beautiful pussy leaking their mixed fluids. He dipped his finger into her hole, wiggled it around a bit before pulling it out and licking it. “Mmmm finger-licking good, baby.” he said in her ear when he laid beside her.

Allie sighed sleepily as he pulled the blankets up over them and pulled her close. She laid her head on his shoulder and her arm across Charlie’s chest and hugged him. He kissed her forehead and she stifled a yawn. Charlie smiled and whispered, “It’s ok babe, take a nap if you want to. We have plenty of time for more playing once you’re rested.” She smiled sleepily and he watched her eyes drift closed, and within moments, she was sleeping peacefully within his warm comforting embrace. He smiled and also closed his eyes and rested.

About an hour or two later, Charlie woke up to find himself alone in the bed. He lay there for a few minutes, just listening. He heard Allie’s voice coming from the kitchen. He smiled when he realized she was talking to the dog, who he could hear whining happily. He quietly got out of the bed and slid on his robe, padded barefoot to the doorway and stood there watching Allie give Butch a good scratch on the belly. Her back was to him so she didn’t see him standing there watching her. He glanced at the dog, and laughed to himself when he saw Butch with his tongue hanging out and his hind leg kicking the air when she scratched his belly, right next to the dog’s cock sheath. Charlie noticed that the dog was excited sexually, and that gave him an idea of something he might want to try with Allie, if she would think about it. He walked to Allie and knelt on the floor beside her and gave her a kiss. That startled her and she fell backwards onto her ass with a thump.

They both laughed and the dog got up and started jumping all around and barking. Charlie said, “I think Butch thinks we’re playing around babe. How about we grab some lunch then take him outside to play. We can sit on the porch and let him run around.” Allie smiled and nodded, then Charlie got up and helped her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her in a big hug. His mouth came down to claim hers in a sweet tender kiss, then he released her with a swat on her butt. “Go on in and get dressed baby, while I make us some lunch.” She gave him another kiss, then turned and went back into the bedroom, pausing at the door to lift the hem of her robe and flash her ass at him. She heard him laugh as she closed the door and dropped the robe on the end of the bed. She picked up her bra and panties, shirt and pants, and her socks too, and laid them on the bed, then went into the bathroom and washed up, then she went back and sat on the bed to pull on her panties and socks. She put on her bra and shirt, then her pants. Her shoes were in the livingroom by the front door, so she went back out to the kitchen.

Charlie had lunch laid out on the kitchen table. He had made ham and cheese sandwiches with lettuce and mayo and potato chips, and fruit salad in bowls topped with a fluffy pile of whipped cream on top of each bowl. He had poured them each a glass of iced tea with lemon slices floating in the glasses. He pulled out a chair and Allie sat. He kissed her before going to his chair across from her, and they ate and talked. Twenty minutes later, they stood side by side at the sink, cleaning up the dirty dishes. The dog was waiting patiently by the front door. Allie slid her shoes on, then she and Charlie went outside to sit on the porch swing while the dog ran around the yard. Charlie put his arm around Allie’s shoulders and snuggled her close to him, then he kissed her deeply. The kiss seemed to last for hours, but in fact was only a minute or two before Allie broke the kiss to catch her breath. She looked up into Charlie’s eyes and saw the desire shining in them.

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