Mayıs 13, 2021

The Secret Life of the Gods

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Story Characters:

Zeus — Supreme God of all Greek Gods. Zeus had at least 15 divine wives and lovers and as many as 28 mortal ones

Aphrodite – Goddess of love, lust, and beauty. Daughter of Zeus, Ares is her lover. Most beautiful of the Greek goddesses

Ares – God of war, murder and bloodshed. Brother to Athena, and is a son of Zeus. Has an affair with Aphrodite

Athena – Goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts and reason. Sister of Ares, and is a daughter of Zeus. She is the wisest of the gods

Demeter – Goddess of fertility, grain and harvest. Demeter is the sister of Zeus

Dionysus – God of wine, parties/festivals, madness and merriment. He is a son of Zeus


Aphrodite was not in the best of moods. She had walked out of the Victoria’s Secret without buying anything and was pressed for time before she was supposed to meet Ares for dinner and a night of hot sex and wickedness. Ares put on a show of always being tough and ready to pick a fight but Aphrodite knew his secret side, his little fetish for her panties and other items of enticing lingerie that Aphrodite wore with great effect. If the other gods knew that Ares liked to run around wearing her little pink thong he wouldn’t be the God of War for very long. This gave Aphrodite a lot of power over Ares and she used it to her advantage when ever possible. She would try one more store before giving up and selecting something from her extensive wardrobe. Something that she knew would have Ares hard and begging to please her as soon as she stepped out of her dress. Aphrodite liked to have control and power over Ares and Ares knew that she would sell him out in a heart beat so he was always on his best behaviour when he was with her. To tell the truth, Ares liked to give up control to Aphrodite. Being the God of War was a major undertaking but when he was with Aphrodite he like to leave that behind and let her be the one to take charge.

Aphrodite crossed the street and spied another of her favourite lingerie shops. This one also had a selection of adult toys and that gave Aphrodite an idea. ‘Tonight’, she said to herself, ‘I think I’ll fuck Ares up the ass with a new strap on cock. That means I need crotch-less so when he puts them on I can still fuck his ass and not ruin my new panties.’ Aphrodite was feeling particularly nasty and she really wanted to make Ares whimper and beg her to fuck him hard. If he gave her any trouble she may start off by spanking his panty covered ass just to get things going her way. Tonight was going to be fun.

Dionysus and Demeter

Dionysus sat in the kitchen sipping tea with his Aunt Demeter. He had had a young man’s crush on his father’s sister for as long as he could remember and Demeter had taken his virginity when he was barely old enough to know what to do. However over the years she had taught him the finer points of physical pleasure and Dionysus was a very capable lover especially with his talented tongue. Demeter loved to be licked. She kept her pussy hair free and very smooth which always drove Dionysus crazy when he parted her thighs to make love to her cunt with his mouth. Just thinking of it made Demeter wet and horny. She glanced at the clock above the stove, there was time for a quick one but she would have to move fast.

“What have you been up to Dionysus? I haven’t seen you in over a week.”

“I’ve been planning a major function for a big client.” Dionysus was a social planner extraordinaire. He ran the most successful catering and party planning firm in the city and everyone who was anyone had their parties catered by Dionysus. “This one is big, over 200 guests and the client wants ice sculptures, live background music, a ten course meal and to top it off he wants the waiters and waitresses to only wear thongs and a little see through sarong. The girls are to be topless with gold chains hanging from their nipples. This has orgy written all over it and I bet the main table doesn’t make it through the fifth course before someone is getting fucked in front of the host.”

Demeter squeezed her thighs together feeling the heat in her pussy expand into wetness. “That sounds like a wonderful party. I wish I was able to be there as a fly on the wall.” Demeter was visibly glowing and Dionysus knew his aunt needed some personal attention.

“Are you alright?” he asked with a slight amusement in his voice. “You look a little flushed.”

Demeter eased herself back and opened her legs wide, pulling her short dress above her waist. She was wearing a very small blue thong that was pressed tightly against her wet and swollen pussy lips. “I want your cock in my mouth and my pussy in your face. I want to suck your cock and lick your balls. I want you to fuck me with your tongue.”

Smiling Dionysus said, “I don’t think I can right now aunty, I have so much to do with the party and all. Maybe another time.”

Demeter looked horrified but then she saw the grin on his face and she knew that she was being teased. “Please Dionysus I need your hard cock. You know how much I love to suck it and have you cum bahis firmaları in my mouth. Don’t make me beg.”

That was exactly what Dionysus wanted her to do. He loved it when she whimpered and begged him to fuck her. “Well I may be able give you a few minutes of finger fucking if you really need it. How badly do you want me to touch you? Tell me aunty; tell me so I know what a horny slut you are.”

Demeter reached down pulled her panties aside and rubbed her pussy with the palm of her hand. “Fuck Dionysus don’t tease me I need you to fuck me and fuck me hard. Stick your tongue up my pussy and shove your finger up my ass.” Demeter was half serious and half feeding the fantasy started by Dionysus. She loved to play the smutty, sultry and slutty mature aunt who tries to dominate her young nephew but ends up falling under his control.

“Open your pussy for me, I want to see how wet you are.” Dionysus was now hard and fully into the moment. “That’s it dear aunty show your sweet young nephew your wet smooth hot cunt. Use your finger to rub your clit. Is it hard and sore? Do you need me to kiss it better? Do you need to feel my tongue on your clit and my lips teasing yours?”

Demeter was now moaning in anticipation as she spread herself open for him. “Fuck me with your mouth. I want you to make me cum. I’m such a horny slut and I need your cock.”

“Have you been a bad girl today? You know what happens to bad girls don’t you aunty.”

“Yes” she groaned.

“Tell me what bad girls need. Tell me what you need you bad slutty girl.”

Demeter couldn’t reply, her eyes were closed and he fingers frantically rubbing her swollen pussy. Dionysus firmly but gently slapped her face. “Stand up slut, stand up and strip naked. I want you naked and ready to be punished. If you obey me to my satisfaction I will let you suck my cock and swallow my cum.”

Demeter stood and removed her robe, the lace bra and was about to slip off her panties when Dionysus said “Stop, leave your panties, I will remove them when I’m ready.” Dionysus unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. With a snap of his fingers he ordered Demeter to her knees and told her to finish undressing him. Demeter obediently did as she was told and when Dionysus was naked he told her to stand and remain still. He sat down on the kitchen chair and pulled her across his lap so her panty cover behind was prominently displayed.

“Now tell me aunty, what happens to bad girls?”

Demeter was groaning and she whispered “Bad girls are spanked. Bad girls must be punished with a proper spanking.”

Dionysus raised his hand and brought it down firmly on her luscious bottom. He repeated this several times making sure that he covered every inch of her exquisite and lovely ass. He loved the way her firm belly pressed against his hard and throbbing cock and when his hand make contact with her ass she squirmed and wriggled which send ripples of pleasure surging through his cock. Dionysus let his aunt rest for a minute or two before resuming his punishment. This time he pulled her panties down just below her ass cheeks and slipped his hand between the folds of her wet hot pussy.

“My aunty you are very wet today. Tell me what has made your old cunt so wet.” Demeter could no longer control herself and she was squirming so hard that Dionysus had to take his hand out of her hot pussy and smack her behind several times to get her to stay still. As much as Dionysus enjoyed this little game he too needed some attention and he pulled Demeter to her feet and dragged her into the living room. He lay down on the deep piled carpet and positioned Demeter so her wet sloppy cunt was directly over his face. Without any need for further direction Demeter pressed her pussy into his face and he began lapping hungrily, eager to taste his aunt’s pussy juice. Demeter moaned loudly and grabbed Dionysus’ long had smooth cock and shoved it greedily into her mouth. She knew how to suck a cock and drive a man crazy with her mouth. After all she had hundreds of years of practice and had long ago lost count of the number of cocks she had drained with her capable and talented mouth.

Dionysus was lost in the wetness of her pussy and as he pushed his tongue deep into the inner recesses of her womanhood he spread apart her wonderful ass and shoved a finger up her tight little hole. He felt more than heard her moaning as he thrust his cock deep down Demeter’s throat. He knew she was a great cock sucker and he loved having her take all of him without any resistance what so ever. He continued to bite, suck, nibble and attack Demeter with his mouth and tongue. He pulled his finger from her ass and replaced it with his mouth. This was something her loved doing, licking her ass and having her do the same to him. Right now though her needed her to suck his cock because he knew that in a very few minutes he was going to unload his sperm and she was going to swallow every drop. He resumed his oral onslaught of her quim and waited for the flood of pussy juice that he always loved to taste and drink directly from the source.

Demeter kaçak iddaa moaned loudly, squeezed her thighs together and came with such force that Dionysus thought his head would be pushed through the floor. Great gushes of wet pussy cum burst from her pulsating hole and Dionysus tried in vain to swallow as much as he could but it was impossible. He felt his own orgasm peak and he shot spurt after spurt of sticky white cum into his aunt’s willing and waiting mouth. Demeter savoured the sensation for as long as she could but eventually she let his now soft cock slip from her lips and she rolled off and onto the carpet exhausted but very, very satisfied. Dionysus reached over and took his aunt’s hand in his, closed his eyes and drifted off for a well needed rest.

Zeus the God of Gods

Zeus stared into the bowl as the images of Demeter and Dionysus faded from view. A smile formed on his lips and his cock was hard from watching the amorous coupling of his sister and his son. To be a God was very satisfying but to be Zeus was the ultimate aphrodisiac. He waved his hand over the bowl and the scene changed to Aphrodite’s bedroom. Zeus watched with interest as Aphrodite stripped off her outfit and readied her self for Ares’ arrival. Zeus was well aware of Ares’ little panty fetish but he wasn’t about to put a stop to his bent because it excited him to watch Aphrodite hold sway over the God of War. As he watched his beautiful daughter’s naked body his cock seemed to grow even longer and harder. He would have to do something about that in a while. Maybe a slave to fuck or perhaps a human female to impregnate and give him another half cast offspring. He had had fun with human women in the past but currently he liked to keep things in the family.

Reaching out he summoned a slave waiting patiently in the shadows. “Get me Athena”, Zeus demanded. He then returned his gaze to the bowl and watched as Aphrodite slipped on her new thong and bra. Too bad he thought, seeing her naked was always a pleasure. He noticed something else that Aphrodite had purchased, a new nine inch strap on cock. Zeus chuckled; if Ares knew his secret was no secret at all he would be mortified. Athena walked into the chamber and joined her father at the viewing bowl.

“I see Aphrodite is getting ready for someone special”, Athena said with a note of sarcasm. “I wonder who it could be.”

Zeus replied, “Don’t be like that Athena. You know perfectly well who is about to show up. What you don’t know is what he is hiding from you or trying to hide anyway. Stay and watch, I can assure you that you will enjoy the show.” The liquid in the bowl grew still as glass and they watched as Ares entered the bedroom.

Aphrodite and Ares

Ares stood in the doorway to Aphrodite’s bedroom, his eyes fixed on the thong and perfect ass before him. He moved to enter but Aphrodite held up a hand and he stopped.

“Tonight you are not to say anything unless I ask you to speak. You will call me Mistress and you will submit to me fully. Do you understand?”

Ares was silent for a moment but then nodded his head and replied, “Yes Mistress I understand.”

“Good. Remove your clothes and put on the outfit I have laid out on the bed. If you put a run in your stockings I will not be pleased.” Aphrodite sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Ares undressed. Ares removed his jacket, shirt and began to undo his pants when Aphrodite said, “Not so fast Ares. I want to enjoy the show.”

He opened the waist and slowly unzipped the fly exposing a hint of pink underneath. Aphrodite smiled, the pink panties he had on were hers, of course, but she didn’t know that he had taken them after their last session. She would punish him for that just to add some more excitement to the moment.

“Are those my panties?” she asked knowing full well that they were.

“Yes Mistress, I hope you are not displeased.”

“Remove your pants and come here,” she said firmly. Ares did as she ordered and stood in front of Aphrodite, his cock coming to life inside her lacy pink thong. Aphrodite reached out and placed her hand on Ares’ stiffening cock.

“You did not ask me before you took these did you Ares?” Ares mumbled a weak reply. “What happens when you steal from me Ares?” He said nothing and Aphrodite stood and gripped his face hard in her hand. “You are punished” she said firmly, “Now turn around and bend over. Don’t move and do not speak.”

Ares turned around and obediently bent over gripping his ankles to steady himself. Aphrodite ran her hand over his smooth behind and tugged the thong from between the cheeks of his ass. She then walked around in front of Ares grabbed his hair and pulled his head up so he could just see the vee of her panty covered pussy. “If you hope to see anything more than just this”, she said. “You had better be a good boy and take your punishment without a sound.”

Aphrodite let go of his hair but lingered for a moment teasing Ares by slipping her hand into her panties and rubbing her already wet pussy. She removed her hand and trailed her fingers kaçak bahis across his face so that he could smell her wetness. She then went to the bed and picked up the strap on cock stepping back in front of Ares so he could watch as she stepped into the leather harness. When she had adjusted the straps and the cock was firmly in place she let it dangle in front of Ares’ face.

“Open your mouth slave”, she commanded. I want you to suck my cock.”

Ares raised his head and placed his hands on Aphrodite’s perfect behind. She was ok with this. She wanted Ares to remain still so could easily fuck his face with her new rubber cock. Ares opened his mouth and took the tip of the cock into his mouth. Aphrodite moved her hips slowly back and forth pushing the cock in and out of Ares’ willing mouth. “I bet you would like to suck the real thing wouldn’t you Ares. You would love to have a real cock in your mouth so you could behave like the sissy slut you really are.” She pulled out and slapped his face with her pretend cock. Ares was moaning with pleasure as she used the strap on cock to slap him on both cheeks.

After a few seconds she stopped and went behind Ares to administer her punishment. She spread his ass and placed the tip of the cock against his puckered anus. Ares tensed and Aphrodite slapped his behind with her hand. “Don’t you dare make this hard for me”, she said stepping back. “If you want it rough I’ll make it so rough you won’t be able to sit for a week.” She went to his side and proceeded to give him ten firm slaps on each ass cheek. His cock grew hard and he desperately wanted to touch himself but knew that he was not allowed. Aphrodite could see that he was really enjoying his punishment. It was important that Ares felt that he could open up to her and that she would cater to his fantasy of being dominated. His secret was safe with her.

There was something Aphrodite wanted to do that she had never done before. She wanted to taste his ass. Ares had often tongued her asshole and he would do it for hours if she let him. It always felt good when he rimmed her ass and she wanted to see for herself whether giving was as good as receiving. She dropped to her knees and opened his ass wide. She leaned forward and placed the tip of her tongue on his little brown hole testing to see if she really wanted to continue. Ares gasped as her tongue touched his most intimate of places. Aphrodite flicked her tongue over his anus and ran it up and down between his ass cheeks. She was enjoying this a lot and she returned to his hole so she could probe him deeply. She pushed her tongue as far into his ass as she could. She loved the smell and feel of her nose buried between his ass cheeks. She licked and pushed into his backside savouring the taste and feel of eating his ass.

Ares was in heaven. Aphrodite had never taken things this far before and he did not want her to stop. He was her bitch. Her sissy panty boy. He would do what ever she commanded and he knew she was doing it for him. The feel of her tongue in his ass was almost more than he could handle without cumming. He knew she would be angry if he came without her permission so he closed his eyes and allowed the feelings to wash over him.

Aphrodite could not believe how wet this was making her. She had always enjoyed it when Ares licked her pussy and then strayed down to tongue her ass but she never really understood the pleasure he took from doing this. Now she did and she wanted it all for herself. She was totally taken over in the moment and she aggressively began to fuck his ass with her tongue. She would stop and bite the insides of his ass and then shove her tongue once more into his dark little hole. She reached around and grabbed his cock pumping him in time with each thrust of her tongue. She was torn between licking his ass and sucking on his marvellous cock. She knew Ares was aching to cum and she wasn’t going to waste a good load on her hand so she stopped and forced Ares around so his cock was in front of her face. Greedily she took him into her mouth and sucked hungrily on his cock. She would fuck his ass later but right now she wanted him to cum in her mouth. It only took a few thrusts before Ares froze with one final push and flooded her mouth with his sticky cum. Aphrodite swallowed as much as she could but some leaked and dribbled down her chin. Ares fell to his knees and leaned forward to lick the cum from Aphrodite’s face. Together they shared his sperm, each tasting the other with their tongues. They fell back against the bed, exhausted but satisfied for the moment. The evening was young and Aphrodite still had plans for Ares’ ass but that would come later.

Zeus and Athena

“So what do you think of Ares and his little secret?” Zeus asked.

Athena had been transfixed and silent as she watched the scene unfold between Aphrodite and Ares. Now she wasn’t sure what to say. What could she say. Ares was the God of War. He would destroy her if he knew his secret life was threatened, or try to anyway. Zeus would never permit things to go that far. But she did not want an enemy in Ares so she replied’ “I don’t really think that this is a big deal. We all do things that we would like to be kept secret. How many of your human concubines or the slaves here are keeping secrets for you father?”

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