Mayıs 23, 2021

The School Play

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Female Ejaculation

Note to readers: This story features Miss Sarah Stevens, the voluptuous star from Zaxxon’s Summer School/Back To School/After School Aquatics series. They’re a brilliant, sexy series of stories and if you haven’t read them, go check them out now! I’d just like to thank Zaxxon for letting me borrow his wonderful characters, I promise I’ll put them back when I’m done, no promises they’ll be unsoiled though. This story is set just prior to Back To School Ch. 3, around the time of After School Aquatics. Enjoy.


“Why don’t you come and sit down here on the casting couch,” Bradley Hicks, boys’ gym teach at Westville High School gave the student standing at the doorway to his office a smirk.

“Your casting couch huh?” Tina replied. The stunning red head stepping into Coach Hick’s office, closing the door behind her. She was wearing a short red tartan skirt that flared up around her long teenage legs as she moved inside and a tight fitting white blouse that seemed to strain to hold in her ample double-D’s. The sexy eighteen year old moved in front of the gym teacher and reached out with one soft hand, cupping the older man’s crotch through his pants and giving it a playful squeeze before releasing him and walking over to the couch.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” Tina asked flirtingly as she sat down on the couch, crossing her long legs, the motion causing her schoolgirl style skirt to rise well up her thighs, displaying ample portions of her incredible legs to the hungry eyes of the Coach. “Remember how long it took you to recover the last time?”

“Oh, I’m definitely up for this,” the thirty five year old teacher replied, emphasizing the word ‘up’ as he pulled down the front of his running pants and underwear, a rock hard erection popping free, pointing directly at Tina.

The slutty redhead smiled at the sight, licking her full red lips. “Why don’t you bring that thing over here,” she beckoned, her hands raising up to cup her big boobs through her blouse and give them a tempting squeeze.

Bradley Hicks didn’t need to be told twice, he stepped out of his pants and underwear, dressed only in a t-shirt as he walked right up in front of where Tina sat. The Coach stepped up with one foot onto the couch beside where Tina sat, lunging forward as he guided the head of his hard cock towards the beautiful redhead’s full, inviting lips. Tina smiled as he brushed his cock across her lips and then opened her mouth, taking her teachers organ into her hot mouth.

“Oh shit yeah!” grunted Coach Hicks in pleasure as Tina started to suck on his cock. He lunged further forward, pushing more of his cock into the eighteen year olds mouth as her tongue swirling around the underside of his shaft. Tina gave a moan of her own as she hungrily sucked on his cock, her head bobbing back and forth to meet the Coach’s thrusting penis, sucking him deep into her mouth.

“Oh God, your mouth feels so good!” he groaned, both his hands moving to the top of the beautiful students head, grabbing handfuls of her long red hair as he pulled her mouth further down on his cock. Tina hummed slightly around the big mouthful of manhood, her nose nuzzling against his pubic hair as she sucked him deeper, right into her throat.

“The whole time I was laid up last year I was thinking about you and your hot little body Tina,” he groaned, pumping his cock rapidly in and out of the mouth of the school’s pretty tennis captain.

Tina’s hand stroked up the inside of the Coach’s back leg, her fingertips reaching his dangling testicles and gently toying with them as he face fucked her lustfully. The middle aged gym teacher moaned as he hammered his cock into her mouth, amazed at how easily the young girl seemed to take it, somehow her tongue was still moving in the most incredible manner as he pounded her face.

Caught up in his arousal, Coach Hicks stepped up with his other foot onto the couch, pulling the lovely red head’s face into his groin, as he stood right up on the couch. Tina’s head never stopped bobbing over his cock as he moved, his balls slapping against her chin as he repeated fed the full length of his organ into her hot, wet mouth.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” he told her, his back arching as he pulled her face tighter into his loins. With a loud cry his cock exploded, abruptly flooding Tina’s young mouth with his seed. He must have leant back slightly too far in his orgasm as he suddenly lurched backwards, losing his center of balance. He gave a cry of surprise as he fell backwards, his still shooting cock popping out of Tina’s mouth with a slurping smack.

The Coach’s arms windmilled wildly as he tried in vain to regain his balance. He gave a cry of agony as he landed heavily on his back, his cock giving a final weak spurt as he rolled over, clutching at his lower back.

“Oh no, not again!” gasped Tina, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Hicks grimaced in both pain and embarrassment. “Call an ambulance…this time I think I illegal bahis really broke it!”


It had been a long day, Sarah Stevens gave a loud yawn, stretching her arms high above her head and arching her back. Under her shirt, her ample 36DD’s jutted out impressively, the material stretching taut across her mind-boggling bosom. Sarah was the girls’ gym teacher at Westville High School and was nearing the end of her second year at the school.

And what a couple of years it had been. Her first year had seemed to go well, Sarah had been somewhat nervous at first, she barely graduated college and thought she’d been unprepared for teaching, but the school year had passed without incident much to her relief. That summer however, the school’s previous principal, Jack Harry, had ordered her to take Summer School maths of all things!

After an initial bad start, Sarah had found the appropriate motivation for her three male students, her flawless, voluptuous body. Sarah was an incredibly attractive 25 year old; she was 5’7” and possessed a tight, athletic body that made both students and fellow teachers weak at the knees. She had a full, firm ass, long legs and fantastically large breasts. Unsurprisingly they had passed with flying colors, although the stacked teacher had gone a little further with the three eighteen year olds than she had planned.

Sarah’s second year had been even wilder. After the boys’ gym coach had injured his back and been unable to work, the voluptuous blonde teacher had found herself in charge of the boys classes as well as the girls. Her college slut personality had come out and she’d somehow found herself in the arms of a number of her young male students, not to mention the school’s busty nurse.

Westville High School had been investigated by the superintendent for misconduct and Principal Harry had been fired and replaced by the sexy, and buxom, Principal Schwartz who had been hot on the case of Sarah Stevens. Fortunately, with a little help from one of her enamored students, Sarah had been able to convince Ms Schwartz not to fire her.

Most recently Sarah had started an after school aquatics program, which, while not being wildly successful, had led Sarah on a fun ride or three.

Sarah was about to go and grab a coffee from the faculty staff room when there was a knock on her office door.

“Hello Miss Stevens?” came a somewhat timid boys voice.

“Come on in,” replied Sarah, turning to see two of the school’s senior students, Scott Riley and Corey Grace. Both of the young men were eighteen and both were rather geeky looking. “What can I do for you?” Sarah asked in a friendly tone.

The two boys exchanged nervous glances, and then Scott spoke up. “We’ve come to ask you a favor Miss Stevens,” he said.

“Oh yes?” Sarah noticed that Scott was not meeting her gaze and put it down to nervousness. In reality however he couldn’t lift his gaze up from the blonde teachers substantial chest, swelling against her tight fitting shirt.

“Well as you know Coach Hicks has injured his back again,” Scott told her. Sarah nodded at this. When she’d heard the news she had been worried she was going to get roped into taking the boys’ gym classes again, but fortunately Principal Schwartz had arranged for a substitute. Sarah briefly wondered how it was that Bradley Hicks kept on putting his back out, he should probably be more careful. “Coach Hicks was helping us out with the school play,” Scott said.

“Coach Hicks?” Sarah remarked in surprise, he was hardly the artistic type.

“Um, yeah,” shrugged Scott.

“It was Tina’s idea,” added Corey, who up until this point had been silent. Tina was probably the hottest senior at Westville, a sexy redhead, rumored to be somewhat of a slut.

“Tina’s helping you with the play?” This surprised Sarah as well, she hardly expected the popular girl to have anything to do with this two geeks.

“This year’s school play is a bit special,” explained Scott. “We’re making a film instead of an play, Tina wants to be an actress when she graduates so she practically begged us to let her star in the movie.”

“I see,” said Sarah. “So what does this have to do with me?”

“Well because it’s a movie we’re using the schools video equipment, but we need to have a teacher to supervise us. With Coach Hicks out of action we were hoping you’d help us out?” Scott said hopefully.

“I don’t know…” Sarah hesitated, what did she know about making movies.

“Please Miss Stevens?” begged Corey. “We’re almost finished, only two days shooting left to go.”

“We’ll do most of the work,” Scott promised. “We just need to have a teacher there so we can use the video equipment.”

Sarah sighed, with her after school aquatics program she’d have a pretty full plate. But they seemed like good enough kids, and what could two days of filming hurt? “Ok then, I’ll do it,” she said at last.

“Yes!” Corey whooped for joy.

“Thanks Miss Stevens, you won’t regret illegal bahis siteleri it!” added Scott.

Sarah smiled as best she could, wondering briefly if this new endeavor would turn out like everything else seemed to since she had come to Westville High School.


The next day, Sarah headed to the school’s drama room straight after school for the filming of the school play. She was still dressed in her gym gear, a pair of rather tight fitting track suit pants and a low cut tank top that displayed a lot more cleavage than was perhaps appropriate for a teacher. But then again Sarah Stevens had a lot more cleavage to cover than most teachers. She paused outside the door a moment, taking a deep breath, when she heard voices from inside the room.

“I can’t believe Miss Stevens agreed to this!” said a boy’s voice.

“I know!” replied a second voice, “this is so cool! Miss Steven has the most fantastic set of knockers I’ve ever seen!”

“Tell me about it,” the first boy agreed with a groan of mock frustration. “Whenever I see her, I can hardly help myself from grabbing onto those big jugs and having a squeeze.”

That’s enough of that, Sarah gave a frown and reached for the door handle, making sure to jiggle it around a bit before turning to give the boys warning of her approach. He stepped into the drama room and was a little surprised to see only Scott and Corey sitting there, with no camera equipment or other actors around.

“Where is everyone?” she asked.

“Oh, they’re at the school hall,” replied Scott. “Today we’re filming the ball sequence so all the gear’s over there. We just need to finish our makeup.”

“Oh, right,” replied Sarah. She noticed for the first time that both the boys were already in costume. They were dressed as what looked like eighteenth century noblemen, complete with white wigs that looked a little like they were borrowed from some English judge. “Nice outfits boys,” she said, standing in the doorway still.

“Thanks,” replied Corey. “The play is a period drama, you know, like Dangerous Liaisons.”

“Oh, I see,” Sarah replied. “Shall I meet you two over at the hall?”

“No, perhaps you could help us with our makeup?” suggested Scott. “We don’t really know what we’re doing,” he added with a shamefaced grin.

“You’re a pretty girl so you must know,” added Corey with a blush.

Sarah smiled at his complement, “thank you Corey,” she said, entering the room and heading over to where the two eighteen year olds sat. They had a couple of small mirrors set up as well as small makeup kits. “Ok, who’s first?”

“Me,” said Scott quickly, beating his friend to it.

Sarah pulled a chair up in front of Scott and grabbed the makeup it.

“You need to make it darker than normal because of the lights,” Scott helpfully suggested.

“Ok,” she said, biting her lower lip as she leant in and began to apply the makeup to the geeky looking young actor, resting one hand on his shoulder as she worked.

Scott’s breathing immediately quickened as Miss Stevens leant in close to him, the smell of her perfume filling his nose, God she smelt nice. The angle of her body and the low neckline on the tank top she was wearing also inadvertently displayed a good portion of her bulging cleavage. Scott’s eyes widened slightly as he glanced down and took in the mind-blowing, mountainous scenery before his eyes.

Sarah finished with the makeup pen she was using and leant over to the desk to grab a brush. As she reached for it her right boob accidentally pressed up against the outside of Scott’s arm and he moaned audibly. The feel of her massive tit squashing against his arm was incredible.

“Are you alright?” she asked as she sat back in her chair.

“Um, yeah, just not used to makeup,” he managed to stammer in surprise. Had Sarah looked downward she would have seen his crotch bulging.

“We’re almost finished,” Sarah smiled and then leant in again to brush on some more makeup, Scott’s stare immediately dropping back down to her gorgeous melons in the tight white tank top she wore. As the gorgeous gym teacher started to briskly brush his face with the makeup brush her big tits began to jiggle and shake inside her top and bra, Scott’s jaw dropped at the sight.

“Keep your mouth closed, I don’t want to get any of this in your mouth,” she told him, completely oblivious to the staggering display she was giving him as she applied the makeup. After a few minutes she finished, “all done.”

“Thank you Miss Stevens,” Scott managed to croak. As the busty blonde teacher dragged her chair over in front of Corey, Scott reached down and rubbed his hard crotch through his pants, she had really got him worked up. “Uh, I’ll meet you two at the hall,” he said, quickly getting up and rushing off towards the bathroom so he could relieve some of the pressure that the sexy teacher had caused in his pants.

“Ok Scott, see you over there,” Sarah replied as she picked up the makeup pen canlı bahis siteleri and lent in towards Corey to work on his makeup. Just like Scott, Corey’s eyes immediately widened as he looked down the front of Sarah’s top into her expansive cleavage. The view was incredible, Corey could see the swelling tops of both of Sarah’s delightful jugs and a hint of the lacy cups of her bra, which unfortunately for him concealed her nipples from his gaze.

Sarah leant past Corey and pressed her bosom against the young man’s arm as she reached for the brush. Corey’s eyes rolled back as he felt her boob rub against his arm, he was sure that he could even feel the hard point of her nipple on his bicep.

As she applied the makeup brush, Sarah leant even further forward. Corey gave a little whimper as the view down her top improved considerably. He could now see even more of her bra, her massive breasts bulged above the lacy piece of lingerie and they looked as though they were threatening to tumble out at any moment.

Unable to control himself, Corey reached out and slipped his trembling hand down the front of Miss Steven’s tank top, his hand cupping one of her big breasts, only her bra separating his hand from bare skin. At first Sarah didn’t even notice the young student feeling her up, and he wasn’t subtle or gentle about it either. His hand eagerly squeezed and kneaded Miss Stevens immense boob, it felt so full and firm through her bra he almost creamed his pants.

It wasn’t until the horny teenager had given Miss Steven’s big tit about half a dozen squeezes before she actually realized he was groping her. With a gasp of surprise she jerked back away from him, his hand slipping out from the neckline of her tank top as she pulled away.

“Corey!” she said with a startled intake of breath.

“I..ah…sorry Miss Stevens, I…I couldn’t help myself. I…they’re just so big!” Corey stammered, immediately blushing deeply as he seemed to realize for the first time just what he had done.

Sarah was rather stunned, although Corey wasn’t the first student to come on to her, his grope had still taken her by surprise, he had seemed like such a shy lad. She paused a moment, wondering if she should tell him off, and then thought better of it. “We’d better hurry,” she said at last. “The others will be waiting for us in the hall.”

Corey nodded mutely, he could scarcely believe he’d actually gotten his first ever feel of a woman’s breasts, and what a fantastic pair to be his first. The way Miss Steven’s had jumped back like that he was expecting a slap or detention or at least a telling off, but she didn’t seem all that pissed off at all actually, more just surprised. He didn’t have long to ponder this however as he hurried after Miss Stevens towards the hall.

“Wow,” remarked Sarah as they entered the hall. As well as Corey and Scott there were about a dozen other students, all dressed in a similar eighteenth century style. Whoever had made the costumes had done a fantastic job.

Standing near to the front of the group was the plays two stars, Scott and Tina. Tina was dressed in an absolutely stunning ball gown. The dress was made of a thick, pale blue, embroidered material and flared out widely from the beautiful redhead’s slim waist, reaching all the way to the ground, with hints of a lacy white petticoat beneath. The top half of the ball gown had a tight, laced up bodice with a low, square cut neckline that displayed ample portions of the upper swells of the eighteen year olds mouth-watering melons. From the way her big tits jutted upwards above the neckline of the dress Sarah guessed she was wearing either an old style corset, or a very effective push-up bra, not that her young boobs needed any help fighting gravity.

As Sarah and Corey entered, Scott stepped forward and handed her a very thick stack book of papers, bound in one corner with string. “Here’s the script Miss Stevens,” he told her. “Today we’re doing the ballroom scene.”

“What do you need me to do?” she whispered under her breath as she accepted the script, she didn’t want the rest of the cast to know she had no idea what she was doing.

“We pretty much just need a teacher to supervise so we’re allowed to use the video gear,” said Scott, pointing over to where a film camera was set up on a tripod. “Coach Hicks usually did a little bit of directing, but not much.”

“I think I can manage that,” Sarah said with a smile as Scott headed back to her place beside Tina.

“Okay, hit it!” Scott called out. To Sarah’s left there was a boy standing beside a stereo. He pushed a button and the room was filled with the sounds of an orchestra playing a waltz. As the music began all the students started to dance, Tina and Scott at the front of the group.

Sarah smiled as she watched the group of senior students waltz across the dance floor. All the girls wearing majestic ball gowns made them seem so graceful.

“Ow!” yelped Tina suddenly. She stepped back from Scott and gave the geeky looking young man a shove.

“What is it?” asked Sarah, signaling for the music to stop a moment.

“He’s got two left feet!” complained Tina, to which Scott shrugged helplessly. “He keeps stomping on my feet,” she added.

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