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The Rogue’s Harem Book 3, Chapter 16: Epilogue – The Rogue’s Loving Harem

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The Rogue’s Harem

Book Three: The Rogue’s Passionate Harem

Part 16: Epilogue – The Rogue’s Loving Harem

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Forty-Six: Crowning Achievement

Princess Ava – Echur, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My hands smoothed the smooth satin of my blue gown. It hung over the layers of petticoats beneath, giving my figure the shape of a bell, a tight waist that then flared out over my legs. I shivered, my small breasts rising and falling as I struggled to control my nerves. My stomach twisted and churned, reminding me of my morning sickness the last few days.

But I knew this wasn’t morning sickness. Today, a month after destroying the amulet, I was being crowned Princess of Kivoneth, ascending my dead father’s title and inheriting the war he was losing. There was so much to do after today. I had my family to help me get through that.

“You look perfect, your Highness,” Greta said, wearing her own gown of green satin. It wasn’t as fine as mine, but she looked lovely in it, her blonde hair spilling in curls around her youthful face, her large tits about to spill out of the low-cut bodice. “You’re going to look so majestic.”

“Yes, she is,” Sven said as he slipped into the room. He looked so roguish in a dark-gray doublet, his blond hair combed back, his blue eyes hungry. His clothing fit him well. He sauntered towards me, his smile wolf-hungry. “Just look at you.”

Sven’s presence helped to calm the rippling in my stomach. “You think so. It’s not too much?”

“There’s a large group out there,” he said. “You need to impress them all.”

“I am aware of that,” I said as he stalked around me. “What are you doing?”

“Just making sure you’re ready,” he said.

He stood behind me. I felt him there, a wolf about to pounce on me. A wicked heat washed out of my pussy. I trembled. I looked over my shoulder at him, my strawberry-blonde hair swaying around my face. His smile only grew. A twinkle gleamed in his eye.

“What are you doing, husband?” I asked as his hands grabbed my skirt.

“You look a little nervous,” he said. “While I think you need to glow.”

Greta giggled beside me. “Master, you are going to ruin her dress.”

He drew up the satin skirt. It rustled and shifted over my petticoats. I shivered, the heat growing in my pussy. That molten passion swelled. My hands clenched as he exposed more and more of the lacy petticoats beneath.

“Let me help, Master,” Greta said. She moved up before me, her own skirts swishing, and clutched at the layers of petticoats, lifting them. “She’s going to glow.”

“You are such a wicked husband, Sven,” I groaned as they exposed my legs. Then my rump. I found myself bending over anyways, that heat burning in my pussy. My face pressed into Greta’s cleavage. I rubbed my face into her soft breasts as my naked ass pressed into Sven’s crotch.

I felt his cock tenting his pants. I groaned, rubbing my rump from side to side across his bulge. He groaned, his hands gripped my hips. He humped against me, making me feel so hot. My pussy clenched. Juices leaked down my thighs.

“You are going to ruin my coronation,” I groaned.

“I just want your subjects to see you in your full radiance,” he said, his hand moving for my hip. He shoved down his tight, woolen hose. His naked cock popped out, smacking my rump. I groaned at the feel of his girth.

“Master, make her glow!” Greta said as I kissed at the slopes of her tits. My fingers pulled at the laces of her bodice, opening them up so I could properly bury my face between those large boobs. “She wants it.”

“Just letting her subjects know the real Ava,” Sven said, the tip of his dick sliding down my right butt-cheek. His precum smeared across my flesh. I groaned as he nuzzled it into my bush and found my hot, silky snatch.

He slid his cock up and down my slit. I shuddered and whimpered. Greta’s bodice came open. My face nestled between those big breasts. My bedmaid, my submissive wife, groaned as I squeezed her pillowy boobs about my face. I kissed at her inner slopes while I trembled, Sven’s cock teasing my pregnant pussy.

Then he thrust into me.

My eyes widened as his cock buried into the depths of my pussy. My cunt clenched down on his dick as the silky friction burned in my nethers. A ripple of heat washed through me as his balls smacked into my clit, his crotch spanking my rump. My skirt and petticoats rustling as I moaned out in delight.

My husband was in me. My prince-consort drew back his cock and then slamming back into me. I shuddered at the pleasure burning in my pussy. Sven fucked into me hard. My cheeks warmed with the pleasure. My nipples tingled in my bodice.

“Ooh, yes, yes, make her glow, Master,” moaned Greta, her hands clutching at my skirts and petticoats, keeping the cloth out of the way so our husband could fuck me.

“I’ll make her shine!” Sven groaned. “You’re about to be a ruling princess!”

“I am!” I moaned, my hands squeezing into Greta’s soft breasts. I rubbed my face back and forth. She smelled so sweet, felt so silky.

My fingers pinched her nipples, twisting them as Sven pumped away at my pussy. His thick dick churned up my pregnant pussy, the rapture rippled through my body. Juices ran down my thighs, flooding out of my cunt.

He grunted as he thrust into me. His crotch smacked into me over and over. His hands gripped my hips as he thrust into me. My cunt squeezed around his dick, massaging him. Waves of delight rippling through me. I whimpered. I groaned.

I loved it.

My husband was with me. Sven was here in Echur. We didn’t have to worry about my father. Everything was changing. He would help me rebuild from the rubble my father left behind. I groaned, clenching my cunt around his shaft, giving him as much pleasure as I could.

He saved me from my father. I would be having his child if it wasn’t for Sven, used and abused. Now I had joy. With Sven. With our wives. Our sex slaves. It was so wonderful. I sucked at the inner slope of Greta’s breasts as the pleasure built and built in the depths of my cunt.

My eyes squeezed shut as I groaned, “Make me explode, Sven! Make me erupt.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Master,” moaned Greta, her voice so sweet. “Love her pussy, Master.”

“Always!” he groaned, his dick plunging so hard into me.

His shaft rammed into me, churning me up. My pleasure built and built. I trembled, drinking in more and more of the rapture of my husband’s cock. My cunt squeezed down on him while I moaned into Greta’s soft breasts.

His balls smacked my clit. My pussy clenched hard around his dick. The friction increased. That wonderful, silky plunge of his shaft buried into me. His crotch smacked into my ass, pressing me into Greta’s tits.

“Slata’s hairy cunt, but your pussy is molten, Ava,” Sven groaned, his voice so thick. “You’re going to be crowned Princess of Kivoneth with my cum dripping out of you.”

“Good!” I moaned, my heart pounding. The ripples of bliss fluttered out of me. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure burst out of me. It was just so wonderful. It was amazing. “I want that! It’ll make me feel so naughty!”

“Yes!” he grunted and buried hard into me.

His balls smacked into my clit. Sparks shot through me. A wave of heat that flowed throughout my flesh. My eyes squeezed shut. Stars burst before my vision. I groaned as the pleasure rippled through my body. I was on the verge of erupting.

Sven’s hands squeezed my hips, his grip strong and rough. He held me with such passion. Such possession. I was his princess. His pregnant woman. His dick rammed to the hilt into me. The friction stimulated my flesh.

I gasped into my bedmaid’s breasts as the rapture detonated in me.


My pussy convulsed around my husband’s plunging dick, massaging him as he thrust in and out of me. He grunted, his hands tightening on my hips. He fucked me even harder as the waves of rapture shot through me.

Stars burst in front of my eyes. I squeezed Greta’s breasts. Waves of darkness rippled across my vision. I moaned and groaned. I sucked on Greta’s flesh while my pregnant snatch went wild about my husband’s cock.

“Gods, your pussy is so hot, Ava!” he groaned. “Pater’s mighty cock!”

“Cum in her, Master!” Greta moaned, her voice so throaty. “Anoint her with your seed! She’s a princess!”

“My princess!” he growled and buried his dick into me.

His cum fired into my depths. My pregnant snatch welcomed his jizz. My flesh rippled around him, massaging him. I felt every hot spurt of his seed splashing against my inner depths. It spilled around inside of me while my flesh convulsed around his dick.

More pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars washed across my vision. I clung to Greta, swaying. Juices flooded down my thighs as Sven grunted and groaned with every blast. My pleasure peaked as he spilled the last of his seed in me.

“You are going to be amazing,” Sven groaned as he pulled out of me. “You’re going to change Zeutch and put an end to the Strife.”

I shivered at his confidence. I wanted to bring peace and security to my country. To build something where the princedoms didn’t fight each other. Where they cooperated. A system where no one could become Kaiser. There had to be away.

A union of the princedom… A council…

I lifted my face, my cheeks burning. I shuddered. I felt like I glowed. Cum ran down my thighs as Greta smoothed my skirt. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so amazing after my orgasm. I could just float away.

The door opened and Kora slipped in wearing her pink robes. It clung to her lush body. I felt so close to her since we were both pregnant with Sven’s children, sharing in our morning sickness together. Her blue eyes twinkled as she looked at me.

“Of course you slipped in here and fucked her, brother mine,” she said, amusement tinging her tone.

“Just making my princess glow,” Sven said, offering his arm to me. “Is it time?”

“It’s time,” Kora said. “They’re all waiting to see the Princess of Kivoneth and her prince-consort.”

“Shame she can’t have a bunch of princess-consorts,” Sven said, winking at his sister. “Then I’d have to make you all glow.”

Kora laughed as Sven escorted me. I felt so light I floated out of the room. I glowed as I faced the nobles of Kivoneth. I had no nerves rippling through my stomach at all. Not with Sven at my side. He would help me transform my father’s domain and make something magnificent out of it.

Chapter Forty-Seven: Inspiration Strikes

Kora Falk

Three days after the coronation, I felt inspired as I stared at the block of black marble sitting in the center of the courtyard, the summer sun shining down on it. Veins of white rippled through the midnight stone, giving it such an interesting pattern. I shuddered, ready to perfect another art form. Priests and priestesses of Rithi were always driven to new way to express our passions. I had been trained in all of them.

Now that I had a chance to stay in one place, I was eager to make so much art. I had spent the last month painting everything from scenes of our family fighting various monsters, to the various members of Sven’s harem in various states of undress and sensuality, including a lovely capture of Zanyia feasting on Aingeal’s pussy, the faerie’s wings spread wide.

I slipped out of my robes, folding the pink silk and setting it on a bench. I shuddered, loving the warm kiss on the sun on my naked flesh. My nipples poked hard before me I was so excited to begin my work of art. I had to put my all into it.

However, I hadn’t sculpted in over a year.

Despite that, I wasn’t afraid of making a mistake. I could feel the Goddess whispering to me. Inspiration burned as I could see the figure inside the stone. I would wrought something so beautiful today. A tingle raced through me. An excitement burned inside of me. Creating always made me wet. It was such a sexual act to bring something of beauty into the world, the meeting of the esoteric mind with the physical world, combing them to form something almost preternatural.

“Mistress, your tools,” Carsina said. The equally naked priestess of Krab walked out, her skin that lovely shade of Valyan blue, a pale tinge that infused her flesh. Her scarlet hair spilled about her smiling face. She held a collection of chisels on a black pillow. “I forged these myself. They are balanced to perfection.”

She sat them on the work bench, the sunlight glinting off her glasses. She smiled at me, a creamy glimmer between her thighs. She picked up a large chisel. “Shall we bless them, Mistress?”

The tool’s handle was round and smooth, made of gray-black steel. The tip looked sharp, the end blunt like the head of a cock. I smiled as I sauntered to her, the heat building in my pussy. Juices ran down my thighs.

“And… I assume I have to quench this tool in your… passion?” I asked her, stroking the smooth handle. “I can’t help but notice how sleek you made these tools.”

“How else can my God’s blessing reach through my body?” she asked, giving me a naughty look. Her thighs spread wide, her bush bright-red and dripping with her cream.

“You are a naughty one,” I said, kneeling before my sex slave. “I love it.”

She giggled. “Of course you do. You are Sven’s sister.”

I winked at her then breathed in the inspiring beauty of her tangy pussy. That scent made me hunger to eat this Valyan human. I leaned forward and brought the blunted butt of the chisel to her pussy, eager to use it as a makeshift dildo.

She gasped as I rubbed it against her hot flesh. She trembled at the cool kiss of the metal on her. Delight twinkled in her ruby eyes. She bit her lip, her glasses slipping down her dainty nose. I loved teasing her, watching the chisel slide through her pink pussy lips, her folds clinging to the metal.

Then I jammed it into her.

Her head snapped back and she cried out, “Krab, let my passion spill into these materials and allow me to bring the finest craft from them!”

I felt the blessing of her God surging through her as I pumped the chisel in and out of her cunt. Her juices coated the metal, the tool tingling in my hand. I shuddered. My snatch grew hot and juicy as I watched as it slid in and out of her depths.

Her whimpers were so delicious. Her breasts jiggled as I fucked the tool in and out of her. I leaned closer, breathing in more of her musk. The juices ran down to my hand gripping the chisel right above the point, her cream warm against the cold metal.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, Mistress!” she moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. Her round breasts jiggled as she shuddered. “Mmm, we’re going to make sure you have the best tools. You will make such an amazing statue.”

I smiled at her, thrusting harder, ramming that dildo deep into her cunt. Then I leaned forward and licked at her snatch. My tongue fluttered against her clit. I sucked and nibbled on it. I swirled my tongue around her delicious bud, gathering her tangy passion.

It dribbled down my chin. I sucked on it. I loved it. She whimpered louder. Her hands squeezed her tits as she groaned. My hands jammed the tool into her depths. I stirred her around, twisting the tool as I fucked her, loving her.

Her moans were so sweet. I was creating such a beautiful art with her, a prelude to the carving. My pussy clenched as I nibbled on her clit. I sucked on it, my lips latched on it. Her cream ran down my chin to my neck.

“Krab’s skilled hands and mighty tools!” Carsina moaned, her hands digging into her tits. Her dark-red nipples thrust out from the pinnacle of her breasts. “Oh, yes, Mistress. I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Mmm, good,” I moaned, twisting the tool, stirring it through her pussy. “I want you to explode on it. Bless it! Bless my tool with your naughty cunt!”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her face twisting. “It’s so good, Mistress!”

I nipped her clit. I sucked hard. My sex slave priestess cried out in rapture. Her scarlet hair danced about her face as her pussy juices gushed out of her cunt. They bathed my hand and the chisel with her blessing. The power of her God burned through her snatch.

I lapped it up, shuddering at the delight of experiencing her divine magic. Her tangy cream filled my mouth. My breasts jiggled. My twin braids swayed down my back as I shuddered. My pussy burned with delight.

She squeaked and shuddered. Her body swayed. She blinked her ruby eyes. “Oh, Mistress, that’s the first chisel blessed.”

I pulled it out of her cunt, staring at her cream coating the steel. “Mmm, yes, we’ve got more to do.”

She reached out and grabbed another one, its tip finer, needed for the more delicate details. “Just lie back and let me do all the blessing.”

“Lie back?” I asked as I leaned down onto the courtyard’s cobblestone. “What are you going to do?”

“Work a different sort of magic, Mistress,” she said.

The azure sky burned above. I gripped the pussy-soaked chisel in my hand, bringing it to my breasts. I smeared her pussy juices across my tit, smiling as she leaned down. She licked her lips. I could see the hunger in her eyes as she knelt between my thighs.

She jammed the fresh chisel into her blessed pussy as her head lowered. Her bespectacled face stared up at me as she nuzzled into my shaved pussy. I groaned at the hot contact of her mouth against my feverish flesh. Her tongue licked across my lips, gathering the tangy juices coating them.

She tasted delicious.

Her tongue fluttered through my pussy as she fucked the chisel in and out of her cunt. She plunged it over and over again. I groaned, bursa escort my hips shaking from side to side. She pressed her mouth tight against my pussy, her tongue jamming deep into me.

“Slata’s hairy cunt!” I moaned as her tongue danced around inside of me. I shuddered, the rims of her glasses rubbing on my twitching thighs. “Bless that chisel with your cunt and make me cum! We are making such beautiful art.”

“So beautiful, Mistress!” she moaned.

She fluttered her tongue through me. I groaned as she loved me. Pleasure surged through me. My free hand grabbed her scarlet hair. I gripped her silky strands, holding her in place as she feasted on me. Her tongue fluttered through my petals, licking up my juices.

I groaned as the pleasure built in me. I brought the chisel to my mouth. I licked at her tangy cream off of it, moaning as her lips nuzzled at my clit now. She nibbled on it, fluttering her tongue over it while her fingers, the ones not occupied fucking the other chisel in and out of her cunt, jammed deep into my snatch.

I groaned at the plunge of her delicious fingers into me. They stirred around in me. Loving me. I shuddered, my hips wiggling from side to side as she fucked them faster and faster into me. Her tongue sucked on my clit.

My pleasure swelled.

“Carsina, yes!” I groaned. “Oh, Gods, you are such a wicked thing! Mmm, yes, yes! We’re making such beautiful art!”

“We are, Mistress!” she moaned, her own voice throaty. I bet she was driving herself towards another orgasm.

My eyes squeezed shut. It was such a naughty delight to experience. Just so wicked and wonderful. Pleasure shuddered through my body. My heart pounded in my chest. I groaned and gasped, my hips wiggling on the ground as she thrust her fingers faster and faster into her snatch.

It was so amazing. So wonderful. I gasped out in delight for all to hear. My passion echoed through the courtyard. She moaned about my clit as she loved it. All these amazing sensations swirled in my nethers, feeding my impending climax.

“Rithi!” I gasped, crying out to my Goddess. “Oh, Rithi, we’re going to make such beautiful art! Yes!”

My orgasm exploded through me.

My pussy convulsed about Carsina’s thrusting fingers. Cream gushed out around her digits. She licked and lapped at my folds, moaning. Stars danced across the summer sky. I clutched her hair in one hand, the pussy-soaked chisel in the other as the pleasure consumed me.

I rode it. I gasped and moaned as it rippled about my body. I groaned, my head tossing from side to side. It rippled through me. I panted and shivered. My heart thundered in my chest. I groaned and whimpered. My eyes squeezed shut as the ecstasy peaked in me.

“Rithi! Yes!” I cried out as my orgasm died into buzzing delight. My eyes fluttered open.

Sven stood over me, a roguish grin on his face. “You are making something beautiful. I heard you on the other side of the castle.”

“Good,” I panted. “Mmm, are you departing?”

He nodded his head, wearing his black armor. Carsina had mended it after the gruesome wounds Prince Meinard’s claws had torn into my brother’s flesh. He knelt down over me, leaning so he could give me an upside down kiss.

I loved the rasping feel of his stubble.

“I’ll miss you, brother mine,” I groaned when he broke the kiss.

“It’ll only be a few weeks,” he said. “When I get back, I expect to see the statue done.”

“It’ll take longer than a few weeks,” I groaned. “That’s marble, Sven.”

He shrugged. “When I get back.”

I shook my head, buzzing from my orgasms. “Not even with my blessed chisels.”

“Is that why Carsina’s got one jammed into her cunt?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” the priestess said in that gushy tone of worship all his sex slaves had around him.

“You be safe,” I told him. “Don’t let Prince Reinhold do anything tricky.”

“The negotiations will be fine,” he said, giving a dismissive wave. “Ava will talk circles around him, and if he tries anything…” He gave me a wink and a grin.

I giggled despite the nervous fear bubbling in my stomach. I would miss my brother, Zanyia, and Aingeal on their diplomatic mission. But the war had to end. The mess Prince Meinard made of Zeutch had to be undone if Ava’s dream of a peaceful nation was to come about.

Chapter Forty-Eight: Zanyia’s Mission

Aingeal – Qina, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I wrapped myself up in spirits of enhancement, making myself invisible. I flitted on ahead of the party to make sure it was safe. That there was no trap that would endanger my husband or our slave-wife, Zanyia. I left Sven, riding at the head of a column of Kivonethian soldiers, behind. He looked so impressive and handsome. Zanyia riding behind him somehow enhanced his masculinity.

Having a naked, lamian slave girl could do that.

In the field ahead, a large pavilion was raised where the negotiations would be held. It stood alone. The enemy encampment was a good half-mile beyond, a hundred or so domed tents with a larger one in the middle. Dusk was falling. We were here to bring an end to the war with Prince Meinard’s enemies to the east. Ava was more than willing to release large chunks of her father’s conquered land in exchange for peace.

She had this sweet dream of the princes all working together in a council to govern the large country of Zeutch together, electing one of their members to serve as the head who was then advised by the others.

She was dismantling her father’s dream.

My will directed spirits of abjuration to scout through the edges of the forest, making sure no hidden armies lurked to threaten us while I descended to the main pavilion to spy on Prince Reinhold. The soldiers and camp followers moving through the tents had no idea I was here.

I loved sneaking.

My wings fluttered as I landed behind the large, canvas tents. Moans and gasps bled through the fabric. A man grunted. A woman whimpered. I shivered in delight. Enhancement spirits rushed out, turning the thick cloth before me transparent from this side.

Prince Reinhold was a burly man, the type who had been strong and muscular in his youth but now age was sapping it. He had a softness to his stomach and a puffiness to his flushed face as he rammed his cock in and out of a young girl’s pussy.

She was eighteen or nineteen, her tits ripened into a pair of firm, round mounds that jiggled as he plowed into her. She moaned out her pleasure as he plunged into her again and again on his fur-covered bed. His blond hair, streaked with gray, fell about his face, hiding his eyes from me.

“Oh, your Highness, yes!” squealed the girl. “Ram that princely cock into my cunt.”

A grin spread on my lips. My wings fluttered. I loved watching mortals have sex. It was such a naughty thing to witness. It made my pussy feel all juicy. A mischievous impulse shot through me. Enhancement spirits, bouncing green around me, responded to my will.

They surged into the room, draped in violet, and plunged into the prince as he plowed into the girl hard. He groaned, his hips thrusting. The girl let out a moan and then her face furrowed. She glanced down her body.

“Your Highness?” she asked, her voice tight.

“Gods damn it,” he groaned, pulling his now limp dick out of her snatch. “Las’s putrid cock. Get me hard.”

“Y-yes, your Highness,” she said and grabbed his pussy-soaked cock, stroking it.

I giggled. He wouldn’t get hard until our negotiations were done. He’d have a limp dick whenever he got near a woman he wanted to fuck. He’d be hard the rest of the time, aching to fuck. Distracted. It should make peace talks go smoother.

A guard looked around as I winged into the air, my laughter ringing out over the camp. I loved it. I would have so much enjoyment on this mission. Every time he would glance at me and see my big, naked breasts, he would get so hard, but his whores and doxies would never get him off. He would be brimming with cum in his balls and be unable to release it.

No masturbation would provide relief.

I sped back off the column. In moments, I was descending from the sky. I let my invisibility bleed off of me as I hovered before Sven’s horse. He arched an eyebrow at me while Zanyia peered over his shoulder, her tawny ears twitching.

“Well, wife?” Sven asked.

“I made it so he can’t cum, my husband,” I said.

Sven blinked his blue eyes. “What?”

Zanyia chortled, her tail swishing back and forth. “For how long?”

I gave an impish grin.

Sven shook his head. “Captain,” he said, turning to face the officer riding to his right and behind him. “Ready our camp.”

“Your, uh, wife didn’t report if there was any danger, your Highness,” the man said.

“If there was, she wouldn’t be talking about her newest prank,” Sven said, heeling his horse.

I giggled. “Nope! It’s safe, Captain! Now deploy your men and tents!”

“Of course, your Highness,” he said, his voice tight. No one in Echur quite knew how to take having a prince-consort who was married to more women than just their ruling princess. But they swore their oaths to Ava at her coronation over a week ago.

“So he won’t get to cum at all?” asked Zanyia. “Not once?”

“Not once,” I declared. “Reinhold will be soooo motivated to conclude these negotiations as fast as possible. He’ll think it’s the stress of the meeting. He’ll be so eager to cum, well, he might agree to any number of things.”

Sven laughed and Zanyia purred.

“We’re going to have to tease him, Aingeal,” Zanyia said.



Zanyia – Echur, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I was glad to be back from the negotiations. They went smoothly. Aingeal’s method proved quite effective that she used it when negotiations with the other princes that Kivoneth warred with. It made all that boring stuff go by so fast. As it was, Summer was nearly over when we returned to Echur yesterday.

Kora had made progress on her statue. A shape was forming, but it was rough. She was happy, and so was Ava. She gushed at the treaties Sven signed, not minding at all that she ruled a smaller country now. Beyond returning conquered land, Sven also had to agree to release a few conquered princedoms, allies of the various men. Even better, they all agreed to meet in Az in a year.

Ava hoped that would be the start of her dream of a united Zeutch. The Princedoms, she called it.

I would leave all that boring politics to her and Sven. I had more important things to attend to. Now that I was back, there were more maids that needed to be hired. But they had to be just perfect, willing to serve my Master as his sex slaves.

I wanted to fill Echur with pretty women devoted to loving my owner and husband.

Greta and Nathalie flanked me as the three of us walked nude into the antechamber. The three peasant girls, all eighteen or nineteen, gasped at the sight of our naked flesh. That was something they would have to get used to. I never went clothed, and I was showing Greta and Nathalie just how exciting it was being nude and ready to please our owners at any given moment was.

All three were Zeutchian girls. Lydia and Bianka both had blonde hair while Seraphina was a brunette. Their figures were slender, though Bianka had a nice bit of roundness to her bust, cupped in the low-cut fabric of their blouse.

“Oh, my,” Lydia blushed, looking down.

“Y-you’re naked, my ladies,” Seraphina gasped.

Bianka flicked her eyes from me to the other two sex slaves flanking me, something gleaming in Bianka’s blue depths.

“Yes, we are,” I said. “If you want to work in the castle, you need to be ready to serve as sex slaves for the prince-consort.”

Nathalie nodded her head, her blonde pigtails dancing, her firm breasts jiggling. “It’s a very important duty.”

“Very,” Greta nodded, her large breasts swaying as she put her hands on her hips, fixing her gazes on the girls.

“Sex slaves?” Lydia whimpered, her cheeks rosy bright. “So the… the rumors are true?”

“The rumors are true,” I told her. “He’s a man with great a appetite and an amazing cock.”

“He’s a man who knows how to love a virgin and make her explode,” Nathalie said, her voice full of gushing passion.

“And did he truly fight monsters and kill them?” Seraphina asked.

“Truly,” Greta said. “I was there. I watched him. He fought through so much. None are better than he is with a sword.”

“Or a cock,” I added. I had the most experience with other men so knew the truth of those words. As a lamia slave to the nagas, I was used by many of their servants before Sven rescued me. “He is a man you will want to serve. It’s why you’re here.”

“Yes,” Bianka breathed. “I saw him riding yesterday, looking so gallant with you hugging him and the faerie flying beside him. He truly tamed a faerie with his cock.”

“Yes, he did,” Nathalie said. “She loves him. She’s his wife.”

“So, if you truly want to be his sex slaves, then you need to strip,” I told them. “You must be ready to please him or his wives at a moment’s notice. No hesitation. There can be nothing between you and his pleasure.”

Bianka’s fingers already worked at the laces of her bodice. Seraphina whimpered while Lydia asked, “But… there are others in the castle. Don’t you… feel embarrassed being seen naked?”

“Why would any of us feel embarrassed?” I asked. “Do you see how sexy we are? All the men who see you will groan knowing Prince Sven owns you. That he’s the only man who gets to touch you. It’ll make you feel so special. So juicy.”

“You are beautiful girls,” Greta added. “And Prince Sven loves it when beautiful girls are proud of their bodies.”

“You saw Zanyia riding naked behind him,” Nathalie added, her hand sliding down my back to cup my ass. “And Aingeal flying naked beside him. They weren’t ashamed. And neither can you be.”

I loved how bold Nathalie was. That shy virgin had blossomed into a wanton sex slave. I wanted to help Lydia and Seraphina have that same transformation. Bianka already had her dress off, her nipples puckered hard atop her round breasts while her golden pubic hair gleamed with her juices.

Seraphina groaned, then she began unlacing her bodice, her fingers fumbling at the knots. Lydia closed her eyes. Her hands trembled. Her body swayed. Then, with a whimpering moan, she attacked her dress’s ties.

I cupped both my fellow sex slave’s rumps, pulling Nathalie and Greta close to me as the three potential submissives stripped naked. Their bodies were so lovely. Lydia and Seraphina both had small, firm breasts, though Lydia’s nipples were a puffy pink, her areolas as engorged as her nubs. All three had cute bushes and lithe legs.

“Now, on the table are butt plugs with doggy tails attached,” I said glancing at the stained dark table nearby. Three butt plugs, made by Carsina from dark crystal, waited. The tapered cones were all polished to a glass-smooth finish. “You will shove them into your assholes now.”

“R-really?” Seraphina asked.

“Never done a bit of anal?” asked Bianka. Her round breasts bounced as she marched to the table. A purr rose in my throat as I watched her grab a butt plug. She stared at me over her shoulder, her blue eyes gleaming, then pressed it between her butt-cheeks.

My pussy clenched as I watched her work the sex toy into her asshole. She groaned as she slid it deeper and deeper into her. Then she gasped when it popped in all the way. The furry dog tail swayed behind her as she shifted.

Lydia darted over, her firm tits jiggling. Seraphina groaned and followed after. Greta and Nathalie squirmed beside me, their skin so warm against mine. I kneaded their asses, smiling as Lydia and Seraphina buried their butt plugs into their tight assholes.

“Oh, oh, that feels so weird,” groaned Seraphina.

“It’s stretched me open,” panted Lydia, her blonde bush soaked with her juices.

All three of their scents filled the air, mixing with Nathalie’s, Greta’s, and my own. I loved the heady bouquet, my purring rumbling louder. My tail twitched with excitement. The three potential sex slaves wiggled their hips.

“Now, to prove how much you want to be Prince Sven’s,” I said, “you will march down those stairs and go out to your right into the courtyard below. You will walk around it at a slow and stately march, your heads held high.”

“The three of us will watch you from the balcony,” Greta added, her hand joining Nathalie’s on my rump. “If you try to cover yourself, if you try to hide your beauty, if you don’t walk with your head held high at a languorous stroll, then you are not dedicated to serve Prince Sven.”

“We want only the most loyal girls,” Nathalie said. “You are giving yourself to the prince-consort. And in exchange, he shall treasure you for the rest of your lives. You will be a part of his harem, serving him and his wives with your nubile bodies.”

“We will,” Lydia said, her voice surprisingly bold. It was Bianka who looked pale-faced now.

“B-but there are men in that courtyard,” Bianka said. “Soldiers.”

“Yep,” I said. “And they’re going to say all sorts of nasty things to you.”

“Get going,” Nathalie snapped. “Or remove your butt plug, get dressed, and leave the castle.”

Lydia and Seraphina scurried for the stairs, their cute tails swaying with their naked rumps. Bianka swallowed. Then she stared at me. I nodded to her, my purr humming low and steady in my throat. She drew strength from me. She marched with such determination towards the stairs.

“Ooh, they’re doing it,” Greta moaned. “Let’s go watch.”

The three of us scurried through the curtains into the late bursa escort bayan summer sun. We stared down at the courtyard. Kora’s statue rested in the center. It had the rough shape of a woman. I couldn’t wait for her to finish. It would be so beautiful.

The soldiers whistled and whooped as the three girls emerged, naked, their heads held high. They trembled as they walked forward, trying to look so graceful even as they huddled together, shifting their positions as they began their circuit, none wanting to be closest to the guys.

My hands slipped down my fellow sex slaves rumps to cup their furred pussies from behind. My fingers ran through their silky strands soaked by their passion. I understood. I was drenched. This was just so hot to witness.

“Zanyia!” Nathalie whimpered as my fingers rubbed up and down her slit, sliding through her juicy folds.”

“Mmm, Saphique’s sweet pussy, that’s nice,” Greta moaned, her hips wiggling as her juices soaked the fingers of my left hand.

“Just look at them,” I yowled, staring down at the three as they made their first circuit, their firm tits exposed to the lusting men, their rumps wiggling. Their tails swished behind them almost like mine. “Aren’t they just yummy?”

“Uh-huh,” moaned Nathalie, her hand sliding down my stomach while her other squeezed my rump. “Just so cute. They’ll make Master so happy.”

“And his wives,” Greta said, her hand joining Nathalie’s, their fingers dancing through the silky folds of my pubic hair.

I grinned and purred louder. My eyes were fixed to the three, watching as they relaxed, their backs straight as they made their stately promenade around the perimeter of the courtyard. The soldiers’ coarse words all blending together into a general shout.

My hips wiggled from side to side as I thrust two fingers from both my hands into my fellow sex slave’s pussies. They were both hot and tight and silky, but different. Almost the same and yet they had such wonderful textures unique to each of them. They both groaned, their snatches squeezing down my digits.

Their fingers found my clit and pussy lips. My purrs swelled in volume, rumbling through my throat, through my body, as they caressed my labia and bud. They teased me as I fingered them, their other hands kneading my rumps with such passion.

“Yes, they are just so cute,” Greta groaned, her pussy growing hotter around my fingers. She kept squeezing down on my digits every time I buried into her. A momentary spasm that pressed my two fingers together.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, the sparks bursting in my pussy. Their fingers kept striking more and more bliss that burst inside of me. My eyes whimpered. I let out a groan of delight, interrupting my purring. My tail swished behind me. “They’re perfect.”

My pleasure built and built as my fellow sex slaves, my nubile wives, thrust their fingers into my depths. I groaned as four fingers stretched out my tight sheath. They thrust them into me almost in unison, caressing the inner depths of my pussy walls.

My tail slashed the air behind me as my pleasure built swiftly. All three of us were moaning and groaning, filling the air with the sound of fingers plunging into wet pussies. It was such a wicked sound. I loved it.

My ears drank it in even as my pleasure built and built in my pussy. Dizzy pleasure rippled through me, leaving me swaying. My yowls echoed as their cunts clenched and relaxed on my fingers, their juices soaking my hands and wrists.

“Oh, Zanyia,” whimpered Nathalie beside me. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, I’m going to explode.”

“Me, too, Nathalie!” Greta moaned from the other side. “Zanyia, your fingers…” She let out a squeal of delight as my digits plunged deep into her. “They just know where to reach. Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to make me explode!”

“Good,” I purred, my bare toes curling against the flagstone. “Me, too. I’m going to erupt.”

“Yes, yes, spill your cream over my fingers,” whimpered Nathalie, her digits plunging faster into my cunt, moving against Greta’s in my slippery depths.

All of us were gasping and shuddering. I had no idea which of us would explode first. We were teasing each other, loving each other, while watching the three maids continuing their promenade, the three girls’ thighs slick with their pussy cream.

Then Greta’s fingers dug into my rump. Her pussy convulsed around my fingers. Hot juices gushed out of her while her tart musk seasoned the air, filling my nose for a brief moment as her passion overpowered Nathalie’s and mine.

“Saphique’s naughty fingers!” she howled, her large breasts shaking.

Then Nathalie joined her. The petite slave-girl gasped as her cunt went wild about my fingers. She jammed her digits deep into my twat, wiggling them around while her pussy convulsed. Juices flooded down my fingers, her fresh musk tickling my nose.

“Las’s amazing cum!” I yowled as I joined them.

Rapture burst out of my pussy. My cunt spasmed about their twitching fingers. Juices gushed down my thighs. I grew dizzy as my sweet musk mixed with theirs, forming such a heady perfume. Stars burst across my eyes.

I loved it. I loved being with my fellow sex slaves. I was so glad Sven owned me. That he owned these two delicious girls gasping beside me. Our passion sang out through the air, making something beautiful and amazing.

It left me buzzing as my pleasure died.

I scampered through the castle after that, almost floating from my rapture. The three maids walked behind me, all eager to meet their new Master. Their naked feet padded with their excitement. The moment I finished cumming, I had leaped off the balcony and landed below in a light crouch. I gathered them up and hurried them away from the leering soldiers.

I burst into Master’s study without knocking. He had a map of Zeutch before him, new markings on it showing the changed borders to Kivoneth. He looked up at us, his blue eyes narrowing. Then he groaned.

“Already? You haven’t even been back a full day.”

“Yep,” I said. “Here they are. Just say it girls.”

“We’re your new sex slaves, Master,” Lydia said, her voice so breathy.

“We’re here to serve you, Master,” Seraphina moaned. She fell to her knees. Lydia quickly joining her.

“We’re all yours, Master,” Bianka said, her cheeks burning, her flush extending down to her round breasts. She knelt on the other side of Seraphina before his desk. “Please, please, let us serve you.”

“You know the rules, Master,” I said with a smirk.

He sighed and shook his head. “You’re going to fill the castle with sex slaves, aren’t you?”

I winked at my owner, my husband, then backed away. “Enjoy them, Master! They’re so dedicated to serve you.”

I closed the door and smiled, glad I lied to my Master all those months ago. I was even happier that he chose to believe me and pretend he didn’t have a choice but to own me or Nathalie or Greta or all the others. Those three brought it up to eight new sex slaves I had procured him.

But the castle needed more girls. I’d have to find more nubile, submissive slaves. Licking my fingers clean of Nathalie and Greta’s juices, I scampered off to do just that.

Epilogue: The Rogue’s Loving Harem

Kora Falk

With a gentle tap of the hammer against the delicate chisel, I knocked off a tiny flake of stone from the black marble. The tiny shard tumbled down from the face of the statue, landing on the perfect breast before slipping off the edge to fall to the courtyard’s flagstones. I shivered, my heart pounding in my chest.

I stepped back, my milk-heavy tits swaying before me. A year of carving and sculpting, of slowly peeling back the exterior of the stone block to find the art beneath, was finished. I had translated that image of beauty in my mind and conjured it into real life.

I set the chisel down, enchanted by Carsina’s pussy juices, on the table with the other tools. The sun shone bright around me. My breasts ached. It was almost time to nurse my daughter with Sven. Katriana was born at nearly the same time as Franz, Ava’s son with my brother. They would have siblings soon. Zanyia and Nathalie were both pregnant now, their bellies growing round and firm.

I wasn’t sure why was I thinking about that now as I stared at my statue, studying the shape. I was truly seeing it for the first time. It wasn’t just the labor I had toiled on for the last year, working on it every day, progressing with every precise tap of hammer upon chisel. It was now an image of what our family had lost.

Tears burned in my eyes. I had captured Ealaín’s strength and beauty in hard marble. She stood naked and proud before me. I captured that intense drive of hers combined with that natural grace she possessed. I looked her up and down, from the round fullness of her breasts topped by her puckered nipples to the smooth shaft of her girl-dick thrusting from her crotch.

She was just perfect.

“Ealaín,” I whispered. I trembled. I swallowed, taking a few steps forward. Emotion surged through me. It bubbled up through me, exploding through my body. I groaned at the sudden pain welling through my soul.

It was like I had stopped up my grief. By focusing on carving the statue, I didn’t have to face the awful truth that she was gone. I fell to my knees before her. I wanted her back so badly. Tears fell down my cheeks. I trembled, staring up at her face as I grasped her smooth shaft. I stroked her the way I used to, fisting up and down the hermaphrodite’s cock.

My mouth closed around the tip. I sucked on it like it was real, like I could bring her back just by nursing on this stone dick. I moaned as my body shook. My breasts swayed as I slurped on the dick, tears flowing like twin rivers.

“She’s beautiful,” Ava said. Her hand touched my shoulder.

She was.

The tears fell hot down my cheeks as I bobbed my head. I slid a hand up the statue’s body to squeeze that hard breast. It was unyielding. It was not her. I couldn’t bury my face in between those tits and find any comfort in them. All I tasted in my mouth was stone. No precum. No ability to spurt salty jizz.

“You created something so amazing,” Ava continued.

Aingeal soared overhead. Purple rained down from her. It spilled over the statue as Ava’s free hand reached out and took Ealaín’s hand. I shuddered, sucking hard, so desperate for Ealaín to come back, missing her so much. My brother’s hand squeezed my other shoulder.

“Ava’s right, she’s gorgeous, sister dear.”


Ealaín – The Adamant Palace, The Astral Realm

The afterlife lurched around me.

I gasped as the crystal walls of the Adamant Palace twisted to strange angles. I stumbled as the reality created by my mother’s will swirled and blurred around me. Something seized me. It sent me reeling. I screamed out in shock. What was happening? Something sucked at me, drawing me down and away from the peace and rest of my mother’s palace.

“Mother!” I screamed and then the world fell away.

I rushed through darkness streaked with lights. I fell downward, screaming but no words came from my voice. I didn’t understand what was happening. I was beyond any concerns. I shouldn’t have to be afraid of anything. What force had summoned me? I felt this powerful suction. It gripped my entire body, building and building at…

My cock.

My soul slammed into something.

My eyes opened. I fluttered, groaning, shaking. I had… a form. Flesh. I shuddered, tits heaving at the bottom of my vision. My breasts, but different. Instead of my normal, midnight-black flesh, I saw a shiny black that was veined and marbled with streaks of white. My eyes blinked and I let out a groan. I felt warmth on my shoulders and…

A mouth sucking on my girl-dick.

Kora knelt before me. She sucked on my futa-cock, bobbing her mouth over a shaft that was the same stony look as the rest of me. I flexed fingers, my eyes flicking up from Kora to Sven standing on her right and Ava to her left, both as naked as Kora, the princess’s looking the same but… her breasts were plumper.

“It worked!” Ava said, a beaming smile glowing on her lips. She held my hand, squeezing it. “How does it feel?”

“I…” I spoke words from this new body and… “Oh, Kora!”

Pleasure surged down my cock. Kora bobbed her head, tears streaking down her cheeks. She sucked so hard, her mouth working up and down my cock. It was… made of stone. I was made of stone. Of black marble. I had so many questions and…

“Kora, yes!” I gasped as she stroked the lips of my pussy. It felt so real, like my body had in life. My head shook, my breasts moving like flesh instead of rock. They slapped together and jiggled like they should. The pleasure felt so good. I squeezed Ava’s hand as my head leaned back.

Aingeal hovered over me.

“Rithi’s inspiring gaze!” I moaned. It was so wonderful to feel such pleasure again. I had just… existed in the Adamant Palace, drifting through its many rooms in an endless daze of peace and relaxation. “Oh, Kora, you carved this body, didn’t you? You made me and… Gods, yes, your mouth!”

My ovaries felt tight. I… somehow had ovaries and…

Kora thrust fingers into my pussy. My flesh stretched around her digits. She pumped them into me, pleasure rippling through my body. Rapture surged through my body, waves of delight that washed tingles across my thoughts. My snatch clenched on her digits, increasing the pleasure.

“Make her cum, sister dear,” growled Sven. He squeezed his sister’s shoulder. “Worship her.”

“She is,” I said, smiling at Sven, glad to see his roguish smile. He wore finer clothing than he had last time I saw him, looking dashing and rakish, his blue eyes burning with lust. “Oh, Gods, she’s sucking so hard.”

“She missed you so much,” Aingeal said, buzzing overhead as she flew in circles, her big breasts swaying beneath her.

Kora thrust a third finger into my pussy. My toes curled. My back arched. My strange, thick hair swayed about my shoulders. I gasped and moaned. The pleasure washed over and over through my body. The pressure grew and grew at the tip of my dick. Her cheeks hollowed. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such hunger.

Her fingers plunged so deep into me. They wiggled inside of me. Her tongue swirled around the tip of my girl-dick. Her head twisted, loving me with such passion. It was incredible to have a body again. To feel such rapture.

My ovaries boiled over. I groaned. My back heaved before me. I gasped out in delight and…

I came.

My pussy convulsed around Kora’s fingers. The pleasure rushed through my body to my mind. Ecstasy fired from my dick, rushing throughout my body and… And my cum fired out of my girl-cock into Kora’s mouth. My charge, my wife, swallowed my spunk.

I had cum!

She gulped it down as stars burst across my vision. My moans sang out through the courtyard. I shuddered, gripping Ava’s hands as I shifted. My stony body drank in the bliss as Kora kept sucking, drawing all my cum out of my dick, draining my ovaries of all my girl-jizz.

“Oh, Rithi, yes!” I panted. “Pater’s cock, that’s incredible, Kora.”

She sucked out the last of my cum before she popped her mouth off. My spunk stained her lips. I shuddered and bounded to my feet. Her breasts, looking larger, her nipples darker than I remembered. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I hugged her tight, pulling my hand from Ava’s. I held my charge as she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her with a hungry delight as our naked flesh pressed together. My nipples tingled as they rubbed into her full tits. I tasted my own cum on her mouth, loving that salty delight.

My hands slid down and cupped her rump, my fingers reveling in clutching her again. It was wonderful. I was back with my family. Emotion welled through me, a joy that mixed with the euphoria of my orgasm. I broke the kiss with Kora, my head swaying from side to side.

“This is… Kora… This is amazing,” I said, staring into her eyes. “You did this?”

“Not alone,” she said, her blue eyes sparkling, tears clinging to her lush eyelashes. “I just made your form.”

“I figured out how to form a phylactery,” Ava said. The princess gave me a big smile. “Carsina helped me realize it. She’s quite knowledgeable about these sort of constructs. Then Aingeal’s magic let the statue act as a proxy for you, letting your soul puppet it like it was your own body.”

“I made sure you could ejaculate!” Aingeal said as she fluttered above, her pink butterfly wings blurred as she circled around us.

“Thank you,” I said.


Sven Falk

I nodded to Ealaín as my sister broke away from her. It was Ealaín. I could see it in the expression in her face, the way she held herself. Her thrusting girl-dick shrank like it could before. Ealaín stared down at her shaft then up at me. The joy on her expression flickered.

“I was wrong, Sven,” she said, her voice that same smoky timber. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to cause so much harm to you all.”

I took her hand. “We’re all wrong sometimes.” My thumb stroked the smooth stone of her hand. She had a warmth now that the statute before had lacked. It was just like Ava in her stone proxy, feeling like real flesh. “Even me.”

A smile played on her lips. “That’s it. That’s all the apology you need.”

“All the apology I need,” I told her. Then I grinned at her. “So, we haven’t shared Kora in a while?”

A shiver ran through Ealaín. Her eyes flicked to my sister. Kora looked gorgeous, her breasts plump with her milk, her flowering vine tattoo wrapped about her left tit. She shifted from side to side, her smile so compelling as she cupped escort bursa her breasts, arching an eyebrow.

“Lactating…” Ealaín said. “How long has it been?”

“Little more than a year,” I said, taking my wife’s hand. I squeezed her then took Kora’s. “Shall we?”

“Yes, yes, let’s,” Kora said.

“You three have fun,” Ava said, a big smile on her lips, her blue eyes sparkling. Aingeal hugged her from behind, my faerie-wife’s pink hair spilling across Ava’s strawberry-blonde locks as they kissed over the princess’s shoulder.

“We shall,” Ealaín said. She didn’t resist as I led her and Kora into the Echur castle.

Sometimes it felt strange to walk through these stone halls. This was the domain of my enemy, but over the last year my family had slowly made it our own. Zanyia was populating it with submissive, young women to serve as our sex slaves. It was her goal to have the entire castle’s staff replaced with them.

“Master, Mistresses!” a serving girl said, the corset of her dress lifting her breasts into a delicious, inviting mound, her nipples on display. Lydia wore her blonde hair in a pile of curls that fell down her face. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Ealaín.”

“It is,” Bianka said, another serving girl, her tits also on display, a dazzling smile on her face.

“I see the harem’s grown,” Ealaín said.

“It’s Zanyia’s project,” Kora said. “Oh, we have so much catching up to do.”

“Yes, we do,” I said, glad to see such joy in my sister’s eyes. I was glad the plan worked. That the last year wasn’t a waste.

That something good could come from the mad Vebrin’s knowledge.

“How are Katriana and Franz?” my sister asked.

“They are both taking a nap, Mistress Kora,” Lydia said. “ Seraphina is watching them. Enjoy. We will make sure your children are loved while you… celebrate.”

Becoming a father helped to curb my wanderlust. I feared I couldn’t stay in one place forever, but I found things to occupy myself. Zanyia brought new girls to enjoy while I had a purpose. I was working hard to make the Princedoms a reality for Ava, only traveling when I had to. But I was always eager to return home to my family. To my children.

I had to build a better future for them.

“Ealaín!” Zanyia purred. The pregnant lamia waddled up, her hands rubbing her belly. She was a month or so away from her delivery, my lamia daughter growing inside of her. “It worked!”

Ealaín smiled, her stony lips parting to show her teeth. “Well, aren’t you just glowing, Zanyia?”

“I know!” the lamia said, her tawny ears twitching. “I’m just so sexy pregnant! Master loves rubbing my belly as he fucks me.”

“Mmm, he does love that,” Ava said from behind. “He rubbed Kora’s and my bellies all the time.”

“Just feeling the proof of my prowess,” I said, a big grin on my face.

Ava giggled. Zanyia purred in delight as she strutted before us, her tail swishing back and forth. Greta and a pregnant Nathalie appeared, both as naked as Zanyia. Nathalie’s belly was just starting to swell while her breasts had almost doubled in size, now plump titties, lovely handfuls instead of her budding mounds. The girl looked radiant as she smiled back at Zanyia.

Carsina was the last to join, the priestess of Krab as naked as the other sex slaves. She nodded her head in satisfaction at Ealaín, her glasses slipping down her nose. She pressed up the wire rims, her spectacles flashing for a moment.

“You are perfect, Ealaín. Such lovely craftsmanship.”

“I know,” Ava said. “Kora has as much skill as Gerhard, who made my old proxies.”

“And those were works of art,” I said. I smiled at Ealaín. “This must be every aoi si’s dream, huh? Becoming a living work of art?”

“But we already are,” Ealaín said. “Just like you are a work of art, Sven. And Kora, Ava, Aingeal, and the sex slaves. Every living creature is sublime beauty. They are all living, breathing embodiments of the Gods inspiration, but now I’m Kora’s art. I have utterly fulfilled my role as her muse if she created this.”

“You inspired me,” Kora said, her voice cracking. “So much, Ealaín. I’m so glad you’re here.”

Ealaín smiled. Then she leaned over and kissed my sister on the mouth, the pair’s stride pausing I stopped, too, watching them kiss, loving the passion in them. My cock was so hard. It throbbed before me as I watched Kora’s hand cup Ealaín’s large breast. It was such a wondrous thing to watch.

I groaned when they broke the kiss, lust shining in my sister’s eyes. I knew that look, her cheeks flushed, her thighs glistening with her passion. Her vulva was puffy and aching, her pink, inner petals peeking out.

We reached our bedroom in moments. Siobhán opened the doors for us, a busty, Tuathan girl with flaming hair and green eyes. “Master. Mistresses!” she purred. “Enjoy!”

I winked at her then we vanished into our bedchambers. It was a large room, the walls knocked down to expand the sleeping chamber into the sitting room. A bed, custom built by Carsina, held a mattress big enough for the core of my harem, and a few others, to sleep on, all piled around each other. Pillows were scattered all over it—my women loved their pillows—and they came in all shapes and designs, some tasseled, some covered in geometric patterns of contrasting colors, and others were soft as a woman’s breast.

Those were my favorite.

Kora seized Ealaín, kissing the stony hermaphrodite with such hunger. Their bodies were pressed tight. Their tongues worked together. It was so incredible to watch. I groaned, my dick throbbing as they backed towards the bed.

My other women spilled through the room as Kora pressed Ealaín down on the bed and straddled her thighs. They were kissing, tongues dancing. Ealaín’s marbled hands roamed up and down my sister-wife’s pale flesh.

Kora broke the kiss and grinned at me. “Sit beside her, brother mine, so I can nurse you both.”

“I can… drink?” Ealaín asked.

“You don’t need to,” Aingeal said, “But I put an abjuration spirit inside of you to absorb any food or drink you ingest. I thought of everything.”

“After I suggested it, Mistress,” Carsina said.

“Mmm, yes,” my faerie-wife said. She grabbed the Valyan priestess and kissed her hard, their tongues dueling.

I sat down beside Ealaín, my arm rubbing on the glass-smooth skin of her arm. Kora leaned back, thrusting her plump breasts at both of us. White beaded at her dark-pink nipples. Her areolas had grown larger since her pregnancy, wider rings now surrounded her fatter nipples.

“Beautiful!” Ealaín groaned. She latched onto my sister’s right breast and suckled.

Kora moaned. Ealaín shuddered. Her marbled cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Her girl-cock sprouted as she moaned, enjoying the flavor of my sister’s breast milk. For a moment, I just watched Ealaín enjoy the delight of nursing from Kora. Ealaín’s eyes closed. Her lips moved as she drank, making my sister groan.

Kora squeezed her left breast, arching a thin, blonde eyebrow at me.

I nuzzled against her tattooed tit, my lips brushing her wet nipple. I groaned at the first taste of her sweet breast milk on my lips. My mouth latched on to her. I sucked so hard. She gasped as her milk spurted into my mouth.

I drank down the warm delight. So much better than any other type of milk. It had this exotic taste. I gulped it down again and again. I squeezed her breast, her milk squirting against the roof of my mouth.

“Rithi, yes!” my sister moaned. “Thank for gifting me with my talents, Rithi! Thank you for letting your daughter’s soul join us!”

My sister’s fingers slid through my blonde hair. She held me against her tit as I nursed, gulping down her milk with the same passion as Ealaín. I heard my family gasping around us, enjoying each other, celebrating Ealaín’s return to our harem.

Kora’s moans were so delicious. My hand squeezed her tit, milking her as I nursed. Her cream filled my belly. I groaned, my dick swelled through me. It was just a delicious treat to enjoy. I nibbled on her nub between suckles.

“Oh, you two are spoiling me,” Kora moaned.

Ealaín popped her mouth off my sister’s nub. “Mmm, we’re really going to spoil you.”

Kora’s hand slid down Ealaín’s stony body to grasp the hermaphrodite’s clit-dick. My sister-wife stroked up and down the polished shaft. I released her nipple, seeing the lust growing in her eyes as she glanced at me.

“I need her in my pussy, brother mine,” she moaned.

“Enjoy her,” I said as I rose, shifting so I knelt. “Just get my cock wet.”

She grinned at me. “Always, brother mine.”

She leaned over and engulfed my cock. I groaned at the feel of my sister’s hungry mouth around my sensitive tip. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing as she loved my dick. I groaned as the pleasure raced down to my balls. Her tongue swirled around my cock’s tip, sending more delight shooting down my shaft.

Ealaín groaned as my sister lifted her hips. Still bobbing her head and working her hot lips up and down my shaft, Kora maneuvered herself onto Ealaín’s girl-dick. My sister groaned about my cock as she sank down the hermaphrodite’s shaft. Kora’s blue eyes squeezed shut. She whimpered as she engulfed every inch of Ealaín.

“Rithi’s inspiring gaze!” gasped Ealaín. “And her talented fingers! Gods, that’s incredible, Kora! I’m in you again.”

My sister popped her mouth off my dick. Between pants, she moaned, “You are! Ooh, my second favorite cock in the world.”

I grinned at that. Ealaín didn’t mind that I was Kora’s favorite. I moved behind them as my sister slid her pussy up Ealaín’s shaft. I gazed at my sister’s tight rump, loving the sight of her butt-cheeks clenching. I could see Ealaín’s clit-dick glistening in my sister’s juices.

Kora impaled herself down the shaft again, moaning in delight.

She threw a look over her shoulder, her twin, blonde braids shifting down her back. “Fuck me, brother mine! Ram that dick into my asshole! I need you both in me! Loving me! Inspiring me!”

“You are going to create such works of art!” gasped Ealaín.

“Yes, you are, sister dear!” I groaned as I brought my spit-lubed dick to my sister’s asshole. I pressed against her sphincter, rubbing in circles around her naughty asshole.

Then I thrust.

She groaned as I buried into her. I pressed deeper and deeper into her bowels. My cock plunged into her depths. She whimpered. Her eyes widened. She let out a groan of pure passion as she squeezed her asshole down around my dick, massaging my cock.

“Pater’s mighty dick!” I moaned as I worked deeper and deeper into my sister’s depths. “Gods, yes!”

“You’re both in me!” Kora howled, her head tossing back and forth. Her thick braids brushed my chest as I bottomed out in her asshole.

Her perky ass rubbed into my crotch.

“Fuck me!” she hissed. “I want you both fucking me! Make me cum! Love me as much as I love you!”

“Yes!” I growled, my hands sliding around my sister’s body. I found her tits, squeezing her breasts.

Ealaín gasped. My sister’s milk squirted, splattering the aoi si’s dark body. Cream ran down those black, stony tits marbled with white veins. Ealaín shuddered, leaning back on her arms. She thrust her hips up, bouncing my sister on her dick, shifting Kora’s bowels around my cock.

Kora whimpered and moaned, her asshole squeezing down on my dick. She undulated her hips as Ealaín thrust up into her pussy again and again. I shuddered, my own hips propelled to move by the rapture surging through my cock.

Such incredible heat. It had me groaning and gasping. My fingers clenched and dug into my sister’s tits. I squeezed and kneaded them. I loved them with such passion. My hips pumped away, thrusting into the depths of my sister’s asshole.

“Sven!” she whimpered. “Ealaín! Yes, yes! You’re back in me! It’s incredible. You’re both loving me again!”

“We are, sister dear!” I panted, squeezing her tits. I watched over my sister’s shoulder as more milk splattered Ealaín’s tits.

The aoi si sank down until she was stretched out on her back now, Kora riding up and down Ealaín’s stony cock while I reamed Kora’s bowels. My sister’s hands kneaded her muse’s heavy tits, massaging the breast milk into the glossy surface. She found Ealaín’s nipples, pulling on them. The hermaphrodite moaned.

My balls smacked into my sister’s flesh as I reamed into her. My crotch slapped her ass over and over. I kissed at her neck, hugging her tight from behind as she worked her pussy up and down the aoi si’s girl-dick.

“Rithi’s inspiring passion!” Kora moaned, adding her voice to the rest of our harem making love around us. “Yes, yes, yes, you’re back, Ealaín!”

“I am!” the aoi si moaned, pleasure crossing her strange, yet beautiful, face. The delicate pattern of white spilling in swirling lines across her face only added to Ealaín’s exotic beauty. Her tongue flicked across her plump lips. “Ooh, yes, yes, Kora, work that delicious pussy up and down my cock. You’re going to make us cum.”

“Good!” Kora moaned. “Oh, Gods, I have missed this. Fuck me! Pound my asshole, brother mine, while I ride my muse!”

“Yes!” I growled. “Pater’s mighty cock, but your asshole feels incredible, sister dear! I’m going to flood you with cum.”

“Me, too!” moaned the aoi si. “I’ll spurt all my passion into you!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” groaned Kora, her back arching into my chest, pressing her thick braids into my flesh. “Thank you!”

The bed creaked as I pounded my sister’s asshole. She groaned and whimpered, her hips undulating. She stirred her velvety sheath around my cock. Her bowels clenched about it, giving me such rapture. I groaned. My lips sucked at her neck as I massaged her tits.

More milk squirted. The air filled with the scent of her creamy treat and hot pussy. That heady mix of all my women’s cunts blending together into a melange of passion. It inspired me to thrust harder, to fuck my sister’s asshole with all my might.

My dick rammed into her tight embrace. Her velvety sheath gripped my cock, massaging it, driving me wild. I groaned at the wonderful feel of it. I sucked and nibbled at her neck, loving her skin, my balls growing tighter and tighter.

“Rithi’s inspiring passion!” groaned Ealaín. “Oh, Kora! I’m going to cum! I’m going to spurt into you!”

“Good!” moaned my sister. “Do it! Fill me with all your cum and send me into rapture!”

“Yes!” I snarled, pounding her with all my might. I thrust my dick hard into my sister’s bowels.

“Let’s cream your sister together, Sven!” Ealaín moaned.

“Together!” I growled, slamming my cock deep into my sister’s asshole. “I’m almost there.”

The pressure built at the tip of my dick. That ache demanding that I unload in her. I groaned as I buried into her bowels to the hilt. Her flesh squeezed down on me. The friction shot heat straight to my balls smacking into her flesh.

I exploded in her.

“Gods, yes!” I howled. “Ealaín! Fill her!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Kora screamed.

“Rithi’s creative heart!” howled Ealaín, her face contorting in ecstasy.

“You’re both cumming in me!” moaned my sister.

Her asshole spasmed about my dick. Her rippling flesh milked my cock. I groaned, thrusting into her convulsing bowels. The velvety delight surged my orgasm to new heights. The pleasure pummeled me. I growled out in rapture, adding my voice to all the other passions gasping throughout the room.

“Yes, yes, Carsina! Eat my pussy!” howled Aingeal.

“Ooh, yes, Nathalie, that’s so good,” yowled Zanyia.

“Your asshole tastes so good,” Nathalie purred.

“Finger my pussy and nurse from my tit,” Ava moaned. “Oh, Greta, you insatiable minx.

“Bathe my face, Mistress Aingeal!” Carsina gasped. “Do it!”

Stars burst across my vision as I savored this moment, staring down at Ealaín. My harem was finally complete again. The last member was back in a new way. She had such a huge smile of joy on her lips, returned to where she belonged.

Kora shuddered in my arms. She mewled in joy as her asshole’s spasms slowed about my cock, her orgasm dying in her. I held her. She turned her head, her blue eyes flashing. I kissed my sister, reveling in this moment.

I couldn’t believe all that had happened. A little more than a year ago, I was a fugitive with my sister dreaming of killing Prince Meinard and reuniting with Ava. Now… Now my son, Franz, would rule Kivoneth one day. It was smaller, but it would be a place of peace. The Strifelands were coalescing into something new. Something better.

A bright future for my growing family.

I broke my kiss with Kora and pulled my cock out of her asshole. Kora rolled off of Ealaín onto her back, panting, squirming. Zanyia squealed. She broke away from Nathalie. My pregnant lamia scampered to my sister. With a purr, Zanyia buried her face into my sister’s snatch, feasting. I stroked her tail, smiling at her joy.

“It’s all so different and yet the same,” Ealaín said.

I smiled at her as Nathalie knelt before me and sucked my dirty cock into her mouth, my sex slave wife eager to worship me. My gaze slid around the room to Aingeal’s butterfly wings flapping as she came on Carsina’s mouth and Ava beaming as she lay stretched out on her back cradling Greta to her breasts, nursing the blonde girl.

“Yes, it is,” I said, my hands grabbing both of Nathalie’s pigtails.

Everyday would bring new challenges, new problems my family had to face. The alliances were still fragile. The nagas still lurked across the mountains. Any number of problems could arrive that we would have to solve.

But we would do it together.

“Gods damn, but I am one lucky man,” I said as Nathalie deep-throated my cock.

“Yes, you are, brother mine,” Kora moaned, shuddering on her back while Zanyia devoured her snatch.

The END of the Rogue’s Harem

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