Mart 25, 2021

The Riding Lesson

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Let me start by telling you about me. I am the proud owner of a small riding academy located on a small farm on the outskirts of a large city. I am divorced, middle aged, but still in good shape. I have one employee to help with the stables, a big black farmhand called Frank who has been with me for a number of years. In the summer months, I normally have between 10 to 20 students a week, mostly young girls whose parents want to them to learn the basics of good riding. My students are quite happy to muck out stalls and groom their favourite rides.

One summer’s morning it had rained very heavily and the students had decided to call it a day as the paddock had turned to mud. As my students packed up and left, I headed towards the office because I had a load of paperwork to catch up on. Frank was tending to the horses in their stalls, feeding them. As I passed him, I heard him whistle under his breath and mutter, “Dayum!”

I looked up and saw a lovely woman walking towards the office. To say she was not dressed for riding would be putting it mildly. She had black medium length hair, a tube top with her lovely full breasts spilling over the top, shorts so tight that showed off her long lovely legs and I could almost make out her mound through the material covering it. I would bet my farm she didn’t wear panties. On her feet were just low heel shoes.

My eyes roamed over her, drinking her in. I rushed over and asked if I could help her and introduced myself. She said she would like to find out about starting her teen daughter on lessons. She had heard that I was good with teens. She indicated that her daughter was a bit wild and needed a firm hand. I explained I do give lessons and gave her the cost for private and group sessions. She acted as if cost would not be a problem.

She then asked me about my horses. I told her I had 10 mares for the students to ride and that I kept one stud for breeding. We walked out to the barn so she could see the stock. As she wondered along, I looked her over carefully. I noticed that Frank was also looking at her, and he smiled at me. I got his drift as I was thinking along the same lines.

She turned and asked, “Would it be ok if I rode one? I would like to make sure it’s safe for my daughter.”

I replied “Sure, but in those clothes it might not be wise.”

She laughed and said “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

I told Frank to saddle up 2 mares. He did and walked etiler escort them out of the barn. She started to mount.

As she swing her leg over, I said “Here, let me help you up.” I was holding her other leg, low on her thigh, to keep her from falling. My mind, however, was on her silky smooth skin a lot more than it was of her spilling off her mount!

I got on my horse and we set out. I lead the way, from the stables, down along a leafy path skirting nearby woods. Once on the path, I then dropped back behind her, a little to her left, watching to make sure she could stay on her horse even though she had said she could ride. I was also enjoying a great view of her lovely full tits bouncing up and down as we rode.

As we rode we chatted casually, but I was getting pretty turned on. My pants were getting a lot tighter as my erection grew. She, on the other hand, was rubbing on the saddle girth and it must have had a great effect on her pussy. I watched her as she would slide up, rub on it, then slid down a bit! Man, I was in heaven watching her. Her nipples started to poke out her tank top.

She looked back at me and asked “Can we stop for a bit?”

I said “Sure.”

We dismounted and I held out my arms to steady her. She slid right into them. We looked at each other and it was then that I started to kiss her. She responded by sucking my tongue deep in her mouth, and grinding her body against me. My cock jumped up. I needed relief fast. I ran my hands down to her sweet big tits, and jerked her tube top down. She leaned back and cupped her hands on them, lifting them to my open mouth.

“Suck them.” She demanded. I didn’t wait. My mouth and hands were all over them. I sucked her nipples until they were rock hard. She was moaning “God that’s so good.”

I would pinch one lightly as I sucked its mate. Her hand dropped down, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. I could hear her moan as I worked on her tits. Her hand found my zipper and pulled it down. Then I felt her hand go in my pants, finding its way to my hard cock!

She pulled back. Her eyes glazed over. “God I want that cock”, she moaned and dropped to her knees.

I watched as her hands fumbled to undo my jeans. I helped her remove them, and my shorts. As they dropped, my rigid cock sprang out. She moaned and slid her warm hand over it. Her lips parted and she slid its thick head in her wet fındıkzade escort mouth. I felt her begin to suck and I was trying to pump it in her mouth. She rounded her mouth so I could fuck it. My cock was throbbing. She rubbed my balls and sucked it harder. I felt it building up. She sensed it cumming and sucked. My cock exploded, flooding her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop sucking it all down. I gasped, pleasure running through me. She licked its head, pulled it from her mouth and said “I want more of this big sweet cock”.

I nodded and replied “I want your pussy on this cock.”

She stood and said “Not here. Let’s go back to the office and fuck.”

We mounted our horses and galloped back.

On reaching the stables, I jumped off my horse and threw the reins to Frank. He looked surprised that we were back so soon. I helped her off her horse and excitedly dragged her in my office and stripped her clothes off. She stood there, lovely, erotic, her nipples hard, her lips wet as she licked them. She slid a hand down to play with her cunt as I got naked. Watching her, I was so hard. I wanted her right now. She smiled, laid down on the leather couch so one leg was over the arm-rest, exposing her cunt to me. I dropped down and ran my hands up her thighs. She pulled my head down. My eyes fixed on her pussy as I ran my tongue up and touched her cunt. She trembled. I licked it all over, tasting her pussy, my hands roaming. I slid a finger deep in her pussy as I sucked its soft folds. She bucked, her legs wrapped around my head holding me in place. I didn’t need holding. I loved what I was doing. I slid another finger in her cunt. It seemed to flow even more wet, sticky, juice for my probing tongue to find. My mouth, fingers and tongue were all over it, kissing, licking, sucking, finger fucking it. Then she exploded. I felt her tighten her legs on my head, her body shook and she was cumming.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Fuck… Yes!” she cried, “That’s it! Yessssssssss!”

She finally relaxed her hold on my head so I could stand, my hard cock bobbing up and down. I grabbed her legs, spreading her wide open, that lovely wet cunt before me. I plunged in. It was so wet I slid right in up to my balls.

She moaned “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

I started to fuck her. Pumping it deep in her. She was fucking me back. Riding my cock. We were locked in a hard, sweet fuck göztepe escort when my office door opened suddenly and in walked Frank. He stopped and stared. We continued to fuck. I was past caring whether anyone was watching.

She didn’t know Frank but she looked up at him and said “Do you want some of this pussy? Get it out…”.

Frank simply nodded and dropped his pants. His monster cock leapt out. Her eyes widened.

She said “God I have never seen a cock that big. Come here!”

He walked over to her. I was still fucking her hard while she started to try to get Frank’s cock in her mouth, its head just managed to fit in between her lips. She licked it and did her best to suck him off. I was close to cumming. I leaned back and with my cock throbbing, I spurted cum deep inside her. I pumped a bit more, and then told Frank to move in and fuck her with his cock while I stood back to watch; cum leaking from my spent cock.

Frank replied “Ohhh yes!” and took my place. He was slow getting it all in her, due to its large size. She moaned and screamed as she felt him push his thick cock into her. Then he stopped, letting her get used to his size and then shoved again. She gave a small cry as she felt that long, thick pole stretching her cunt. Even though it was dripping wet with my cum, and her own cunt juices, it was slow going for Frank. He held her legs wide open and started to fuck in and out of her in earnest. She was moving her hips up, trying to get it all in.

He said “Dayum.” He plunged in deep and hard. I thought for a minute she had passed out, but then I heard her begging “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Frank did. His cock was a blur, pumping, fucking, ramming it in her cunt. She started to cum as I watched them. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream. Her breath ragged. Her body trembled and she started to cum on his cock. Frank was right behind her, he groaned as he spilled his cum. He shot it out, flooding her cunt. I watched cum dripping down her thighs as he fucked her hard, still spitting gobs of hot cum in her before he collapsed on top of her.

With a smile on her face, she said “That’s the best fuck I have ever had. You guys are great!”

We helped her up and she said “I’m signing my daughter up for riding lessons but I want more like this one myself. Can you manage it?”

Frank and I looked at each other and grinned. “Hell! Yes! We sure can!” we said.

She laughed and got dressed.

“I have to go now or we would fuck some more!” and with that, she dressed and left us.

I sat with Frank in the office contemplating what had just happened. I offered him a beer and as we sat there drinking I remarked “You know, Frank, this could be the start of something good!!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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